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  • Horrible 1/5

    By Moe2Blessed
    This app is horrible, it buffers nonstop!!!
  • Ended my movie halfway through 1/5

    By Stove Groeteke
    I rented a movie the night before and decide to watch it the next night. My rental ended halfway through the way when I tried to watch it the next night.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Jonas Blu
    Lured me in by claiming “$0.99” for my first rental if I signed up then didn’t provide the option. Trash app and bs promotions
  • Vudu app 4/5

    By FWMyt
    I like vudu it works really well but the only complain I have is my dad shares the same account as me (I’m a kid) and he can’t rent movies on his phone and he doesn’t live with me it would be a nice thing to add buying or renting movies on different devices
  • Missing movies 3/5

    By Candeart
    Why all of a sudden movies are missing?
  • So much potential 3/5

    By Squid728
    I love using this app for my movies, there is endless storage for all of them, and I can watch them on road trips. The reason for 3 stars is because when there is a certain movie on my list I wanna watch, I have to scroll through all of them (I have over 300), it would be more beneficial if there was a better organization system within this app. I’ve also noticed the last 5 or so movies I’ve bought brand new haven’t had the code for vudu, is it being cancelled? The last movie I bought had a code for another movie site but it wouldn’t work on my vudu account, can this be fixed?
  • Cannot buy anything from Apple TV 2/5

    By ajm055
    There’s no way to buy anything from the Apple TV app. You have to use a computer and come back. What’s the point of having an Apple TV app if you can’t buy anything from it? You’re losing business not offering this. I’m not going to go get my laptop, I’m just going to buy it on some other app instead.
  • Cellular data joke 1/5

    By Zeramant86
    Cant turn off cellular data to ensure downloads are made only on wifi. Has an option to limit cellular data to 675 mb per hour. That is a hilariously dissapointing joke for folks with limited data plans. Maybe update to allow either control of cellular data in ios permissions or make data per hour a user definable number.
  • Politics in everything 1/5

    By !$Aaasssdd$!
    Now there is a “strong woman” category. Keep politics out of this. Seriously don’t be Libtards.
  • Limited 3/5

    By Mrortiz825
    Pros: I love using vudu! I’ve purchased over 700 movies and TV shows. Their catalog is endless and I like that you can watch them anywhere in the U.S. Con’s: I am from NYC and took a trip to Venice. I can’t even enjoy movies that I purchased because its a US only App. Its very disappointing because Vudu has a bigger catalog than a lot of other streaming services. I also don’t like that I can’t switch languages or rate the films on the app itself. I can’t unbundle films and I am limited to how many movies I can download despite having 128 Gigs on my phone.
  • Can’t access my movies 1/5

    By Serruh
    I am linked to an account with my brother and cousin. We all upload our ultraviolets. They watch them on Vudu but I have never been able to access them from Vudu. I used Flixster for a long time but they shut down. Vudu always says my library is empty. My brother looked and my email is for sure linked... they also can see all the movies that I have added. I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve updated it, and tried logging out and back in. I’ve also tried clicking on the movie when I go to my ultraviolet account. I’m so angry.
  • Not able to play movies on iPad 1/5

    By Yo_Yoli
    For months now, I’m unable to play movies on my iPad. In fact, my movies don’t show up all. The only thing that show up is my wishlist. I have to go to another platform to watch my local movies. And sometimes the other platform won’t have the movie. Please fix this issue. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue.
  • This website doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By Novlen. B
    I created my vudu account on a browser and rented a movie. Then when pressing on “play the movie”, it sent me over to the App Store to download the app, and I did. Then I tried many times to log in to the account that I just made, it wouldn’t let me in. So I opted for “renew the password” option in a hope to redeem the account, but this website didn’t even send me the email that I’m supposed to use for password change, I kept trying multiple times but no results. So I wasted my money and didn’t watch any movie!!!
  • Love Vudu, App Needs One Thing 4/5

    By Garbagemaster
    Been using Vudu for a couple months now. LOVE. IT. Good app, too. Nice that I can watch my purchased and rented movies on the go. Deducted one star, though. I understand why I can’t purchase shows directly through the app (thanks Apple), but it would still be nice to see the price of the rental/purchase in the app. Sometimes I’m searching for something to watch, and I can never tell how much it is.
  • Disc to digital 3/5

    By ToshaP728
    I have tried numerous times to convert movies using my iPhone. Everytime I try there is issues with the camera. I have tried with my iPad the same thing happens. So Iset up disc to digital on my computer. It has issues there also. Causes my iMac to operate super slow and causes issues with other apps until I deleted it. After that all other apps work fine. Please fix this issue. I convert a lot of movies.

    By Soul Assassin41
    Refer to VUDU FORUMS FOR ALL THE TITLES AND LINK YO THE SHEET. A large group of digital movie owners are reaching out to VUDU - to get UV UHD and HD rights established for titles in our UV lockers. Again, NOT NEW UV RIGHTS, so there's no cost to VUDU - just getting existing UV rights and resolutions - so that our stuff will port in (before UV shuts down). We've prepared a comprehensive spreadsheet with 300+ known title issues. We hope that before July 2019 - when UV shuts down - these can be fixed at VUDU. And VUDU is completely ignoring the list. Since VUDU is an important passage between UV and MA ... getting proper UV porting is important to enjoying proper MA porting. We would be glad to work with anyone at VUDU - we have provided as much detail as possible (title, known resolution, studio, retailer where UV rights were issued, etc.)
  • Garbage 1/5

    By D4k074
    Can’t see recent transaction details on mobile site so I downloaded the app, but you can’t see them there either. No way to look at recent transaction details of your account from an iPhone, so 1 star.
  • Limited selection 3/5

    By Gohard12
    Very annoying they have a bunch of titles that you can look at and watch a trailer, add them to a wish list but NO OPTION TO RENT OR PURCHASE. It’s not even movies that aren’t on dvd yet, it’s just random movies they don’t have, really makes the selection limited and ultimately annoying, don’t list them if you can’t rent or buy them Vudu!!!!!!
  • Great idea but not as good as was seen in its ad 1/5

    By RoyalDiamond23
    So in the ad it shows you can watch a ton of newly released movies for free but actually the only free ones are old 2009 movies. And good movies cost like $30 to buy it. I would rather use Netflix.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Jakleor23
    Should be called doodoo. The worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Makes cable companies seem world class.
  • No 1/5

    By Aiko Tiong
    I thought they were FREE movies and turned out that none of the intresting movies were free, thwy never said you had to pay for them, might as well just go on Netflix!
  • Vudu 5/5

    By Emnmm
    I am starting my digital movies and tv shows. I enjoy using this app. And I like the free tv shows vudu has on this week. Can you please add more free tv shows like Roseanne and the original Scooby doo and old tv shows like monk and psych and cheers. I use this app all the time. This is my go to app for digital movies and tv shows.
  • Fix Issues 4/5

    By gangsteris the hood
    Great app, tho it is a bit hard to push play or pause or rewind or forward. It won’t let me buy movies on the app. The other thing is I only can use the app for 2 devices. It would be nice to be able to add more then 2-3 devices. I have my phone, iPad, Tv, and my computer. I have an Apple TV too. It’s hard logging again on the devices when I get sign out for using more then 2 devices. Would be very helpful if we can fix that problem. Specially the buying part. A suggestion - add different language for the movies. The Spanish Version. My family, which they only speak Spanish. Would make a great big difference and helpful too 👍🏻👍🏻 beside that, I think it’s a great app. It had made my life easier on looking for movies to watch 😁😂😂
  • Really? 1/5

    By Newbiemmaan
    DOESNT respond costumer service emails, has an ANNOYING habit of creating a new account if you buy a dvd through Walmart and register it through there and DOESNT send email reset passwords. Terrible terrible service. Not thought-through and generally a mess. I could make the app better and I haven’t graduated college. At this point just get Amazon Prime to rent and stream movies.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By johncurtis13
    There is no option to rent on here. If there is, it’s not easily accessible.
  • Not all that useful 1/5

    By Kattyeye
    Ever since they removed the disc to digital function I just don’t use this app at all. You can’t buy Vudu movies within the app and my phone is too darn small to try and watch a movie on it. (I tried once and the phone got hot and the battery was draining too fast and I was squinting to see it.). Considering all this, the app just has no useful features for me. I have to go to a web browser to do everything I need so I question why this app exists?
  • Don't bother if you use voiceover 1/5

    By Phoenix1216
    I've been trying to use this program for a year and a half now. The selection screen is completely unuseable where accessibility is concerned. I have contacted customer support multiple times, per their instructtions, and every single time, my emails were completely ignored. I had hoped by now that the company would have offered a fix, butt no such luck. If I could rate zero stars, I would do it in a heartbeat. Worst company ever.
  • Add facebook login 1/5

    By Fae_Bell
    I made an account on this via a web browser on my laptop and logged in via facebook. You think you’d have that option on your app, but apparently not, and that’s basically the only reason I’m giving you such a low star rating. If you add that option, I’ll resubmit a better review later on.
  • I want my money back 1/5

    By Angelrose14
    I ordered a movie and it won’t let me play it on my iPad or phone. I couldn’t order it through them either so I went onto google and signed into my account and it let me order the movie and took my money but when I try to play it I get directed back to the app and it’s nowhere to be found. I emailed customer support a couple of times and haven’t gotten a response. If I can’t watch it I’d like my money back
  • Beats some other major name products 4/5

    By Megan 1177
    So far this is my fav app for viewing with my iPhone. I love the screen gestures for volume and rewind/fast-forward. Just swipe and done. I haven’t noticed pinch zooming works as stated though. Another thing about Vudu is the movie selection. The free section is better than anything out there. The movies are actually good, not that Netflix-type good or Prime-type good, (not good at all) but human-actually- likes- this good. I noted their recommender system is better than the others, too. What I mean is the “movies like this” area. With Prime you can watch a horror flick and then the “movies like this” section offers you A Walk in the Clouds or other such nonsense. Not with vudu. I’ve rented movies from them so far but not purchased because I do not like rewatching most movies so I rarely purchase. Rental process is easy and they offer rewards with certain credit cards so I like that too. I think I would never have tried them if it weren’t for the free selections that drew me in. Now I only use vudu and no one else when I rent. Keep up the good work.
  • International support 2/5

    By Jfl188
    We need international support for when we go on vacation and needs a Comcast application and A to Z search for downloaded movies and tv shows I would love to see Vudu also allow drm free movie purchases for archival back up purposes so we can load the movies on a drive for international trips also would love to rent movies directly on my iPad Pro
  • Good app... in the States 3/5

    By cschmidt007
    This is a great service if you’re in the USA. Unfortunately, I am in the military and spend a lot of time overseas. Once deployed you cannot access your account. They told me I could access it on military sponsored internet, but that was BS too. You try to login and it fails. You change your password cause you think maybe you put it in wrong, but then the new password fails. Now your account is all jacked up and no one can watch anything.
  • Really good for free 5/5

    By Bmx bandits
    They only have free movies with ads but they have movies that some other places don't and for freeeeeeeee!! If u whant to pay for movies go to Amazon prime they r promising but so is this I loveeee this appppp!!!
  • App itself is good, customer service is not 3/5

    By Kaitlin_1996
    I rented a movie a couple weeks ago, but it never allowed me to play the movie. It would keep saying “network error” or “failed to load” a couple days after I went to try to watch the movie it said I still had 27 days before expiring, but it still would not allow me to play. Next day, movie is gone saying it expired. I emailed customer service twice now about this issue, and have not received a response. I feel customer service should be much more on top of things, otherwise I just wasted my money.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Lance Hodge2007
  • Love love love Vudu 5/5

    By Nikay Lee
    This is my #1 movie streaming go-to. I’ve never had any of these network / log in / streaming errors. If it won’t let me download the movie- it’s because my iPad doesn’t have enough memory available. If it says network error, it’s just that. An error with my router or internet provider. Only con is that I can only have 8 logged in devices. With a big family, that’s just not enough.
  • bad 1/5

    By carly_anne
    awfulll!!!!! i started to sign up and it said my password was wrong but i know it was right!!!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By [G funk]
    Poor support service for customers this app is a joke 👎
  • Option to rent? 1/5

    By calisnipe
    They make it ai difficult to rent over buy. Hate companies that do that. Havent rated an app before and had to for this one. Jut trying to rent a simple movie. Hate companies like this
  • Password reset every time 3/5

    By Mscarazo
    I do enjoy the app but every time I go to log in on my Roku or my phone I have to change my password. I wrote down the password and made sure I typed it in correctly and it always tells me it’s incorrect that my account has been locked for 30 mins or to reset my password.
  • Bad and rated 1 star 1/5

    By Spider-noir
    So I’m putting in my password and email, and keeps telling me that’s it’s not right. It’s literally the same exact password I use to sign in into this account. I was so excited but it ended up as a total disaster 😡
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By Dlostranderiv
    I would have once given them a glowing five star but not anymore seem now they have blocked using mobile data to stream ur library you must but on wife and that is coming from their useless tech support team so will not be investing in more digital movies or this service till this is resolved
  • Mad user 1/5

    By Shay babyy
    Worst app ever waited 11 days to watch a movie and have to pay for 🤷🏽‍♀️🤨🙄
  • Eh ... ok 2/5

    By cheeriegirl
    I appreciate the quick 30 sec commercials for the chance to watch “free movies” but annoyed by some of the labels. For example, the word Rental appears on quite a few movies, but there’s no option to actually rent the movie in the app, you can only do so on the web. The only in-app options are to purchase in Blu-ray or other formats, or add a movie/tv show to your wishlist. Vudu also uses the label Exclusive, which to me signifies it’s available only on Vudu (and no where else) as a rental or purchase option. Unfortunately, neither of these are true. I’m deleting this app because it serves no real purpose.
  • :( I don’t have money 1/5

    By isabella osuna
    Why do I have to pay?! My dad logged me in but now MONEY?! not cool! I just want to watch spider man into the spider verse! Thats it! I’m deleting this cuz the ad say its FREE
  • Great app ! 5/5

    By Ale1088
    Love the app. Just wish app allowed for other subtitles/languages besides English on films.
  • Disc to digital not working on browser. 3/5

    By KevSmileTime
    I’ve tried several times to upload disc to digital on your browser and keep getting the message “location not available.” I have given permission for Vudu to use my location but it still isn’t working.
  • I’m not sure. 1/5

    By Tony23lebron
    Just seem’s like a joke.
  • Constant error message 1/5

    By Troy Ford
    This app is useless. Every paid movie and free show I’ve tried to watch shows a playback error message when I try to play and I can’t get past it. I WOULD NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!!!!

Vudu - Movies & TV app comments

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