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  • Current Version: 8.3.3
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Vudu - Movies & TV App

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Vudu - Movies & TV app reviews

  • Love 5/5

    By B Rigsbee
    Absolutely love
  • Your video site it’s great easy to watch and a great value for the money thanks jrh56 5/5

    By tuff guy 1956
    A great site easy to use downloads on a lot of different phones love 2 use it at work
  • The best!! 5/5

    By befuf
    Vudu has a truly expansive collection of movies and tv shows for purchase. I’ve been with them for over a decade and they have become better and better! I’ve spent over $1100 with them and any mistaken purchase has been refunded. I love trusting them with my 600 plus movie collection. Thanks VUDU!!
  • Can't seem to update! 3/5

    By Foxtrot girl
    I have an iPad 2 whatever year... And luckily I was able to download the app but there isn't an update for my software. Please help me.
  • Good app 5/5

    By this has alexa games on it
    You can get best of the guess for free
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By TriggerHapppy84
    It won’t let me convert dvd to digital with iOS! It keeps saying “turn on location in settings”. I’ve done this and it keeps saying the same thing!
  • Trash 1/5

    By dino diono
    Just trash that’s all
  • Vudu 5/5

    By ghnmbff
    This is the The best downloaded movie place
  • Vudu Rocks 5/5

    By HominyPrancer
    I have had Vudu for years. It is a great way to watch digital videos. Also, it has a good deal for converting DVDs to digital, which means you spend less time finding old DVDs to watch a movie.
  • Likes to make you keep paying for things 1/5

    By Hopeiiy
    A total waste of money. Only use if you apart of the wealthy.
  • Not worth it! 1/5

    By babannwjxb ensx
    I don’t know whats happening to this app but it used to work great about a year ago. I recently rented 2 of the Harry Potter movies and I was barely able to see it once since it keeps constantly freezing and stopping. My internet is not the issue other apps work just fine. It was sooooo frustrating no being able to watch the movie in one sitting it stopped every 3 min (not joking). I will no longer buy any movies in this app!

    By magsnanna2012
    terrible that Vudu doesn’t make a Firestick app....even Roku makes their channel available for Firestick.....not everyone has a smart TV, iPad, iPhone or Roku stick.......come on🙄☹️😡 already
  • Worst app.. 1/5

    By imtz86
    11/21/200: Worst app out there. It takes 2 or more touches to pause a movie or tv show. Can not pause either one with my headsets. Continue watching still fails to keep track of what watching.. thumbs down for me!!
  • Can’t login account 1/5

    By siltate
    Whenever I make a new account I can’t login it says login failed pls help me I need this.
  • Yup. 4/5

    By ~Lazy queen~
    It should be free. I honestly thought this could be my dream app!! But nope.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By S0ccerM4x
  • Really bad 1/5

    By jaciml
    I can’t sing in, my email and password are correct but i can’t sign in... i dont know why! Fix that please!
  • Parental controls are pointless 2/5

    By Mlg12347
    I wanted to set up a PIN on my account so movies can’t be purchased without it. However, unless I log into every device and choose a PIN for every device, it doesn’t work. My son uses our account when he spends the night at his grandparents or goes to his dads. I obviously can’t walk in there and demand to put a PIN on their tv. He unfortunately is no longer allowed to use it other than home. It would be nice if a PIN was set by the owner of the account it was in place for the entire account/all devices.
  • VUDU 5/5

    By Mr. lucky 😎
  • Can't update an old iPad so you're going to make me Netflix? 1/5

    By Scam Alart
    Since Apple won't let gen one and two iPads update and won't fix the issue with running older version apps, I guess I'm going back to android and Netflix!
  • Allow older versions to run 1/5

    By AliciaIrene87
    I think it's absolutely ridiculous that the App Store explicitly allows you to download an older version of this app for older devices that can't get iOS 10 but then within the app itself VUDU then cripple the app saying you need to update to the latest version. Make up you mind, either you're supporting older versions or not (I think you totally should since that's a major market you're neglecting) but the conflicting information just makes VUDU look bad. Especially since many parents give their older devices to their kids and then suddenly it can't play your movie collection on a long car trip or something and you need to listen to them screaming.
  • Overall Best App for movies 5/5

    By Jakebel11
    Even tho there is ads, the ads are like 30 seconds long for 1 ad. Even you have to pay for some movies they have some good movies for free and good tv shows, Netflix might be a little bit better but this is a rly good app... I recommend this app if your not trying to spend any money.😁
  • Spider-Man digital copy needs fixing 1/5

    By Jfl188
    A white dot appears half way when watching Spider-Man 2002 on Vudu which is wired it last for a second
  • Bad 👎🏻 1/5

    By haydar87
    Bad App and spam
  • Need to allow in app purchases 3/5

    By Soundhead18
    Quite slow start up. In-App Purchases need to be added. Amazon Prime has it. So, why can’t Vudu?
  • Is the app free 5/5

    By hhjtjbfnfiu
    Is the app free ?
  • John Wick 1 5/5

    By Spartacus, the True Leader
    Great action movie, was liked by just about everyone who saw it.
  • Wasting Away! 4/5

    By TeaCake79
    Mexicali here, Long time listener first time caller, didn’t give five stars only because I don’t get a blue ray disc along with my digital purchases, but I do get a digital copy with the disc... just weird that isn’t an option. You know what I’m saying? Also I do like that there is free movies for me to watch, “Tiny Rick!!”
  • Needs an update!!! 1/5

    By ELFB931220
    Movie and audio don’t match up!!!
  • A few changes would make it great 2/5

    By Kdnvnjeoekdmcmmd
    Giving two stars because I like most everything about the app. I love having my movies in one place, and I love the disc-to-digital feature. The app has been overall, pretty user-friendly. A few simple changes that would change my rating to five stars: The biggest issue I have is with the lack of ability to hide certain types of movies or even specific movies. I’m an adult and have been one for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that I want to see extremely violent and sexually explicit movie covers all over the place when I’m browsing and trying to find a movie. It’s especially uncomfortable when we have family or friends with us watching on our big screen TV and I pull up the app to watch a movie on Vudu and most of the movies that pop up are XXX or disturbingly violent images. I get that you’re going for an extensive collection, but it’s a pretty basic idea to not be constantly trying to force-feed everyone movies from genres that aren’t even close to being movies they’d be interested in, especially genres that many people find offensive or, at the bare minimum, aren’t necessarily wanting to advertise to their children, young niece, parents or grandparents. The worst part is that there’s no way of avoiding it. Would love it if I could make My Movies, my Watchlist or my Wishlist the homescreen instead. The other changes are along the same lines: presenting movies to us that we actually want to buy, rent or watch. I would love to be able to rate, or at the very minimum, to mark a movie as a movie that I like or don’t like on whatever device I’m on. I would also love to be able to filter movies based on different criteria. Rather than the date I added the movie to my collection or the year it was released, or what other users think about them, it would be perfect to search or filter my own movies or movies I would like to buy or rent based on criteria like the MPAA rating, my own rating of how much I like the movie, how recently I’ve watched the movie, which movies are trending, or which movies have stood the test of time (movies released many years ago that are still watched often by lots of people) or classics. I would also like to see a search feature that includes or excludes films based on their target audience. For instance, to turn on or off movies with kids as their target audience, or to turn on or off films that have adults as their target audience.
  • Cant even log in 1/5

    By Starscream1017
    Trash app.. make an account then cant even log in. Selected forgot password and set a new one. Still cant log in. Doesnt seem to work
  • List tweaks 1/5

    By Antithesis666
    I really like the addition of the lists, but I think a few tweaks need to be made. First and foremost they need to work in the Apple TV app. I’d like to see the lists be able to be edited more than now after it’s finished. The custom order is great, but it only goes by the order you put it in the list. Then it only shows it in descending order. A chronological order option would also be a good addition. Release date once movies are in a list works well, but it still puts prequels after. Edit. As of June 28, 2020, still no lists for Apple TV. Add that function in will get five stars. Having to remove a star for “are you still watching”. If you want to do that on the free stuff fine, but please don’t do it for purchases. Also still anxiously waiting for list to be added to the Apple TV app. I really do like Vudu. It’s one of our main sources for purchases. Again, fix these two things and my review will be upped to five stars. “are you still watching” is still going. I’m fine with this for “free with ads”, but please take it off of purchases.
  • Chromecast 5/5

    By lene551
    Ever since updating I can no longer cast to my chromecast
  • Can’t find purchased movie 1/5

    By qwertyswitzer
    I purchased a movie, it showed up on my bank transaction but I can’t locate it anywhere. Sent an email, no response so far.
  • Enjoying the App! 5/5

    By KaiHendo
    Even if you only watch the FREE movies, the ads aren’t super frequent & it’s been a nice change from Netflix & Hulu.
  • Tarzan 5/5

    By thomas Alfred gibson the third
    It’s quite first movie cgi good great there’s a sequel Tarzan 2 might make in year 2021
  • Horrible 1/5

    By baldi124
    I cant watch movies for free and have to pay to watch and im a kid trying to watch Harry Potter movies do i dont have money and this app is horrible! Do not download!
  • Has a bug for downloaded videos 1/5

    By WBBaglio
    Every time I try to scroll to the end of the downloaded video, an error shows up. Please fix this!
  • Fantastic app but problem on apple 4/5

    By Batmanfan14
    I've been using this for years and never had a problem on my android. But since I switched phones for apple it wipe not let me purchase or rent movies and shows. Seriously needs to be worked out because I am not going to apple store for that kind of stuff.
  • Vudu lies, your movies aren’t available anywhere! 1/5

    By disappointed in Vudu
    I was fine with this app for the last 12 years until I recently decided to watch MY movies ANYWHERE as written in the App description. I bought these movies, paid for them while in the United States, and now I visit another country and Vudu doesn’t allow me to watch MY movies. To me that’s a lie in my book. False advertising, buyer beware, your movies will not be available “anywhere.”
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By McFaddenaider
    I love vudu! I invest a lot of money in vudu. I love movies. Vudu is easy and fun to use. Suggestions. 1. Tv shows; at the end of an episode choose to go to new episodes 2. Combine all same movie into one tile 3. Members after they spend some much get free movies as a gift for thanks Anyways like I said I love vudu! All my movies into one place
  • Worst free movies 1/5

    By Shane58
    The free movies are bottom of the barrel titles and are rehashed over and over from one month to the next. I don’t use it anymore mainly because I’m sick of looking at Ralphie Mays fat ugly face. And how long is “Daughter of the Wolf” going to be on there. 🙄
  • I love Vudu 5/5

    By Abba Palm Beach
  • Vudu 5/5

    By Redemption50
    I love Vudu it’s easy to watch movies here than buying on dvd to put in the DVD player
  • Expired session “security” 2/5

    By Okiep
    Please remove the automatic logout in the AppleTV app. This is totally unnecessary and very annoying.
  • Being human no mystery 5/5

    By looksthesame
    Ai for the most part is taking place in un charted territory but 10,000 years of written human existence is well documented. We know what humans will do, but not Ai.
  • Won’t cast 1/5

    By A Tenshi
    I can’t get this to cast to my Chromecast. It shows as being connected but the movie plays on this screen. That makes this app useless to me. Android app works. It’s only this Apple version that doesn’t
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By JabemupKc
    I had a movie disappear and it took them over 2 weeks to respond. They claimed “it was never on my account or I have another account.” Which neither is true and they are refusing to help. Their technology messes up and instead of owning up to it and help their customers, they decide they will continue to blame those that is buying from them. I have used them over a year and loved the product. I saw reviews from a lot of people that what happened to me has happened to them as well.
  • Won’t stay open 1/5

    By tsnowtiger
    The app won’t stay open. Really annoying. I open it start looking for movies to watch and it closes.

Vudu - Movies & TV app comments

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