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  • Current Version: 6.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Vudu - Movies & TV App

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  • Pretty good 😊 4/5

    By X manx
    One of the better free streaming apps lots of movies to watch with a better selection of movies than most, the apps performance on my apple tv is smooth and flawless and the picture quality is crystal clear streaming movie apps don't come much better than this one I highly recommend this app for movie lovers.
  • How do I remove downloads? 2/5

    By Food for cats
    How do I remove downloads?
  • Seriously?? 1/5

    By Centro17!
    It was fine until they released an update not allowing IOS users to use Disc to Digital. Might as well delete the app. I used it exclusively for D2D conversions. Thanks Vudu. More awesome customer service EDIT: I got a comment from the developer to check out the D2D on their website. I found that a few weeks ago and that’s a joke. You have to hold your phone and the movie completely still while making sure the UPC code doesn’t have glare or is too dark and you usually have to try to capture the code 3 times before the website gets it. This has nothing to do with the app losing the easy to use D2D feature. Thanks but no thanks.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Snokesnook
    Unable to rent movies in the app. Only option I have is to buy a Blue Ray or says content unavailable for purchase on this app... makes no darn sense
  • unavailable from device (iOS) 1/5

    By Billybugbob
    An App Store app where no movies are available from my phone! Awesome!!
  • Still experiencing bug were storage is not accurate with device 3/5

    By Jfl188
    iPad storage device is not arrange to what is on the device storage itself please fix this app is having storage issues with iPhone please fix this bug storage is not accurate with iPhone storage this needs fixing the storage bugs need fixing I have 45 gigs left on my phone storage and my iPhone says I only have on Vudu 0.9 please fix this bug vudu please fix the storage issue and needs to work outside USA so we can take our movies anywhere
  • Awesome App. 4/5

    By BigDus87
    My personal favorite movie app. Would be 5 stars if you can sort your library the way you want and if you had a option to upgrade the quality of a movie you own to the next step up for the price difference of what you bought it for. For example go from hdx to uhd then just pay the price difference instead of having to buy the same movie over again.
  • Great app, BUT... 3/5

    By Hunter McHen
    I love your app, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT IN A 10-15 SECOND REWIND BUTTON! FOR CHRIST SAKE! IT is so frustrating to miss three seconds because i spaced out a little bit! It might even single handedly make me stop using the app.
  • digital code 1/5

    By Jraywhite
    Redeeming my digital code of a movie was incorrect since I purchased the unrated version but putting in the code redeemed the rated version. Instead of helping me rectify the issue with the right code, I was blasted with automated responses from their “customer service” passing the blame elsewhere
  • App is crashing my IPad 3/5

    By wojovox
    I can open app, but once I click on one of my movies, the app not only freezes but my entire iPad locks up and sometimes crashes needing a reboot. That’s perhaps the worst performance I’ve seen from an app ever. This needs to be addressed immediately. Update: had to uninstall/reinstall app and is now working fine. Will update review if issue happens again. Raised to 3 stars only until I’ve gone enough time without issues.
  • Works as expected 4/5

    By Marine.Wife14
    As long as I have good wireless connection I have no problem using this app for my movies.
  • Please put skip buttons 4/5

    By Bruce wayne...
    You guys should put skip buttons because it will make it easier to look for scenes. Its to hard to find scenes by slide. Please
  • Major problems with this version 1/5

    By Angrybirdhimself
    When you go to “popular rentals”, only a few of the titles have the rental tag above them. When you select any of the “popular rental” movies, there is no way to actually rent them via the app. It simply says you cannot purchase the movie with the app. OK, so what is the point of the app if I can’t rent a movie? Do I seriously have to go to the website to rent it and then go back to the app to play it? Also, we have a Samsung 75 inch TV and the VUDU app is the worst. It frequently shows nothing when you go to different rental categories, and when you select a movie, it won’t show any details about the movie so you can rent it.
  • Why can’t we.... 2/5

    By Uchijo6
    Both my husband and I have the Vudu app on our phones which is great for watching stuff on the go, but his (Android platform) has a feature that iOS does not and it REALLY bugs me. He can rent from the app!!!! Mine, I have to go to a computer just to rent it, then I can use my phone to steam it to the TV. And this app isn’t the only app that this happens on. Apple, please let me rent movies on my phone!!!!!!
  • Constant buffer 1/5

    By Mrhutch35
    I can’t watch movies even with full signal and unlimited data! Constant buffering. Please fix this!!!
  • It’s not connecting to the network 1/5

    By kellys buttmoncher
  • If I could give a zero I would 1/5

    By DGKalz
    Movies freeze up. Also went to reset my password. Reset email never arrived. Tried over and over but still no email. Double checked correct email. Tried looking in spam. Nothing. Of course there is no customer support link on the app if you can’t sign in. Useless.
  • Logouts are annoying 4/5

    By UniBroW
    Thankfully you can download your movies in HD and play them over HDMI or airplay
  • Sessions should never expire 1/5

    By stmck
    My session, on my iPhone and my Apple TV, in my possession, should never expire. It never does on any other media watching app I use.
  • Good 4/5

    By Kiyomiae77
    Would be better if they need to put back the download back on the app for the offline movie watching on the device.
  • One complaint 2/5

    By stop pop metal in its tracks
    Why can I not make a purchase for renting yet... it’s been this way far too long. I’d just like to rent and watch a movie on my iPhone not my android tablet.
  • Can’t log onto account 1/5

    By Freaks in bikinis
    Can’t even log into my account. Changed password 4 times. Rip my movies...
  • Downloading rentals does not work using this version on an iPad running iOS 11.3.1 1/5

    By Cupper24
    I look up “can I download vudu rentals and view offline?” on Google which led to a number of forums talking how the app has had this feature since 2016. I rent a movie, hit the download button, and get an alert box stating something along the lines of “Download unavailable — We're rebuilding rental downloads and have temporarily disabled this feature.” Money back, please! Also, put a dang banner on all rental pages, or throw an alert that the user has to accept/hit ‘yes’/hit ‘ok’ after it informs them rental downloads aren’t available. Ridiculous for an app that’s been around this long to have such a poor user experience because the devs decided to up and turn off an entire feature.
  • AWFUL !!! 1/5

    By Intox9
    Casting from my phone to my new smartcast vizio TV is a constant problem ... and it’s because of Vudu. It constantly says that another device on the network is viewing my media and then stops the playback on the TV. Their customer support is as awful as their service. I’ve paid hundreds of dollars in purchased media from Vudu and can’t watch half of it. Their support is useless. Don’t bother contacting them because the extent of their technical support is reading from a TelePrompTer. Here’s their script ... uninstall, reinstall, restart.
  • Why can’t I purchase when using app?!? 4/5

    By GWrenn25
    Love that you can download movies. Great selection and wide variety of movies. It is so annoying that you are unable to purchase movies in the app.
  • Rental download not working for weeks 2/5

    By ivan6209
    App keeps saying that Vudu is rebuilding the download function and it is temporarily disabled. This error has been there for weeks. Unhappy.
  • Bring Back Disc to Digital 2/5

    By tmfish02
    Apple and Walmart need to get on the same page.
  • Update please! 3/5

    By surline3
    My in laws share their account with me but my app does not show all of the movies they have!! Really frustrating to have the access but not have everything show up. I have up dated my app several times, uninstalled and reinstalled, logged out and back in so please fix 😕
  • Bring back disc to digital 2/5

    By Amebede
    I’m quite annoyed that disc-to-digital has been removed from iOS. I’ve used it for many months now and just discovered it’s no longer available. It’s fairly frustrating since most recent model laptops do not include disc drives to try and elect into using this service and it was quite nice to be able to use my phone to take care of it.
  • Not letting me log in 1/5

    By Fwawb(fun with a weird brain)
    I have an iPad, and the website and app are not allowing me to log in and asking me to reset my password. Yet I try the password on my phone and it doesn’t work. It’s annoying when after a long day I want to watch the movies I’ve bought and downloaded, but can’t. Very dissatisfied
  • D2D location 1/5

    By Dncullen
    I too am getting the message that says I’m not a billing address when sitting in living room. Their customer service is terrible and unhelpful.
  • Parental controls turn off every time you sign out! 1/5

    By penny pinching parent
    If you log out of the vudu acct the parental controls automatically TURN OFF. If you have multiple devices that access your single vudu acct, the parental controls will not work on ANY of the devices. You have to go on every single separate device and set the devices. Kids and teenagers can get past the faulty parental controls by simply signing out of the vudu and signing back in to the vudu and then purchase any movie they want. Why would paternal controls turn off every single time you log out of the app?!? The app makes you put in your password to sign in, then put your password in again to turn on the parental controls, but just signing out turns it off. So, literally every single time you sign into the app you have to go to the paternal controls and put your password in AGAIN to turn it on. You have to do this separately for every single device that accesses your vudu, every single time you sign back in. Irritating and completely useless!! If I could give a negative star score, I would!
  • Bring back disc to digital 2/5

    By redsoxboii445
    The new update removed the option for disc to digital. That’s an option that good for people who don’t use or have access to a full computer. Bring it back Response to the developers response: Or just put it back in the app to make things easier for your customers.
  • Never Works 1/5

    By -DDC-
    Every time I’ve tried to convert one disc to digital this stupid app and website has an internal error it says and to try again yet it never works no matter how many times you try..... keep up the crap work Vudu you haven’t changed!
  • Crashing 3/5

    By ThePigeonGamer
    Crashes every 5 minutes!
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By The Universal Critic
    Disc-to-digital is worthless! The feature isn't available on iOS, and that's fine, but it doesn't work at all! I have location services on all the time, I'm at the address I have on file, and it always says I'm not. Guess you don't want my money. Smh.
  • Fiiiiiix 1/5

    By Zhvdeyn
    Ican not sign up
  • Eats data 2/5

    By jwh1991
    There’s no way to keep the app from downloading from your data plan except turning it off for the app, but then you cannot even access your downloads to watch them. The minute you turn on the data plan to access the app and watch your downloads it restarts downloading the movies. At least amazon primes app you can specify to stream and download on WiFi only
  • I love this app but... 2/5

    By AceClark
    Ok first of all I do really love using this app and it’s very easy to use. The selection is great. One of my favorite thing was the disc to digital feature, but now it’s no longer available for iOS users. I was really excited to download some of my hard copies into digital just in case, but now that I can’t do that I find that this has lost a very important aspect that was a big part of me using it. I’ll change my rating if this ever changes back.
  • Sad 1/5

    By texan hottie
    This app and all of its features and customer service keep going down hill and functions deplete. The idea is great if the product works. I find it works at best half of the time.
  • Won’t keep me logged in! 2/5

    By gyrni
    I used to love this app! I would have given it 5 Stars no question. But within the last month it has been logging me out daily or saying that my device has been deactivated! This causes me to lose downloaded content I use for my toddler to watch in the car. Which then causes me to either listen to a distracting tantrum while I drive or use all my cellular data to try and download a movie again! I never used to have this problem! I’m certainly not deactivating my device and only I have the password to my account. It has to be a bug in one of their latest updates, but calling the customer support line got me nowhere! Vudu, if you are reading this please create a way to stay logged in to the app! Help keep this already frazzled mom safe on the road!!!!
  • Great App...why is there no in-app purchase option? 4/5

    By Rawdog84
    Enjoy the app, I’ve used it for years. My only real complaint is you have to purchase movies through the website. Integrate an in-app purchase option for movies please.
  • Can’t delete my own downloaded movies? 1/5

    By Ed from WI
    I discovered that the Vudu app will not allow you to delete/remove any of your manually downloaded movies. After finally finding out why, the app says it will only “automatically” delete them “when storage is nearly full”. Really?? No, that is a horrible design and decision by Vudu. I should have the option to choose what is removed and when. I will not use or support an app that does not allow me full access to what is stored on my iPhone. As a result, I’ll be using a competitors app instead because of this poor business decision, thank you very much.
  • F 5/5

    By vhshjnekskajsnmdkzkzhshzh
    F U C K S H I T
  • Flop 3/5

    By forget it. y make this worse!!
    We r watching show but u guys gotta take out all trash. Complete downer...right at the most suspenseful, the app just spins!!!! Did all I can/know to do including getting support😫
  • Download on iPad appears permanently broken 1/5

    By AvoidChoice
    Stop working March 2018. The most key feature of an streaming service for use when traveling doesn’t work any longer.
  • Scan barcode not supported for IOS 2/5

    By SaintEshu
    If you have a lot of DVDs and you're trying to convert to digital for the smalls VUDU charges. You will not be able to do it IOS any longer. The feature is has been disabled. However it is available on Android so it must be an Apple thing. VUDU please add this feature back if allowed.
  • Vudu 4/5

    By Wutayne
    I wish I could purchase movies through the app instead of going to the website in purchasing it it would be a lot easier if we were able to purchase movies within the vudu app
  • Great, but… 4/5

    By Mr D.Hawkins
    Everything is good. The only thing I think would be nice addition would be 4K content for Apple TV 4K and maybe the updated color scheme that you have on Roku if it’s available as well the option to sort for family films only.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Flyonthewalll
    I bought a movie and it won’t let me watch it anywhere! And no where to contact anyone!

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