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Vudu - Movies & TV App

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Vudu - Movies & TV app reviews

  • Worst app 1/5

    By shodehinde
    This app is useless every time I try to create an account they keep saying the email address has been used and I tried 4 different e mail it is still saying the same thing and I can’t even watch any movie what a waste of data
  • Thee most greatest 22’ extraterrestrial movie yet 5/5

    By ayella01
    We loved it! Give us more!!
  • Do not invest! 1/5

    By Moooooveeeees
    As the title says, it’s not worth it. 1) They removed the pc offline client. 2) Suddenly I can’t login to my accounts. On an old iPhone XR I can login. On my new phone and on pc I can’t login using the EXACT same login and pass. tested multiple times and on multiple devices. I even logged out of the XR and logged back in and it worked just fine. Not on my pc though where I currently need to login. Doesn’t work! These companies care nothing about your access, they only make it easy to buy their high quality “stuff” so they can lock you out at some other point. I’m currently waiting over ten minutes for a password reset email. Yep still waiting…. Who’d have thought dvds would outdo streaming? We’ll Vudu has made this possible. I sincerely regret investing money into this movie collection that is so hard to get access to. And I care nothing for the app creators response. While I’m here I’d add it’s nice to give these smaller companies business to get away from the monopolies that run all of our technology but at least the fruit company doesn’t block me from downloading offline or you know just basically logging in to my account. No more purchases will be spent on Vudu that’s for certain! Good luck and reconsider long term investments into a company that gives no basic access to the items YOU BUY from THEM. Update: Also now they don’t allow a vpn. Update: And also now, I am being told that I cannot use my current browser (Firefox) to stream from their website. Seriously HOW MANY ISSUES CAN YOU COME UP WITH. Trash. NOT USER FRIENDLY.
  • This APP is bomb. 5/5

    By jamothabial
    But not perfect, I’ve had it for almost 10 years now and while I love Vudu… the continue watching feature is such a pain and they need to rework how the app works.
  • Such a wonderful show 5/5

    By Asiangirly83
    Love this show since i was a kid! This is still funny to me and worth watching
  • Old Henry 5/5

    By Road mauler
    Good movie with a nice twist at the end William Bonnie died a man not a kid;:!!??
  • I talk English and I can hear and see 1/5

    By funmony
    Please fix this problem
  • Heartbreakingly Beautiful 5/5

    I don’t usually write reviews but there is something special about this movie. I’ve never read the book, had zero expectations, and honestly only gave it watch because of the press surrounding this film. With zero exaggeration I can tell you that you will be taken on a ride and tears will be shed. A quarter into the movie I was quietly crying and by the end I was sobbing. Loved this film.
  • Only 2 stars until a solution 2/5

    By cottagegal
    I have emailed Vudu several times (like 4) in the past 6-8 months, asking for a password reset. I got a response telling me someone will respond within 5 days. That was 3 months ago. I get emails advertising the latest movies etc but that’s it. I’ve forgotten my original password, making the reset essential to watching again. So Vudu, are you going to send me the code for a password reset please?? A month delay, I can understand but not 6 months. I’ve been in customer service for many years and this is not what I consider good service.
  • No longer works with IPad Air 1/5

    By JoesiPhone1234
    The app forces an update. But the latest version doesn’t work unless you have IOS 14? Or higher. But it states that you can download an older version of the app. Wrong. It won’t download and I cannot use the app until I “update” it.
  • Junk 1/5

    By newssnoop
    This app has more junky over time !
  • One of the best decisions 5/5

    By Sonny011873
    I have had Vudu since 2017. I can’t say enough good things about this app. My dvd collection always got scratched, put in the wrong case, or borrowed without me knowing. Now I have access to all 800 and counting movies in my collection at a moments notice. Love this app
  • Pretty good shows 3/5

    By mr jess02
    Like many of the shows and content but getting tired of to many commercials and the length and repetitiveness of them
  • Service is worse now under Fandango 1/5

    By Ftooley77
    For starters their is hardly and customer service, it’s almost impossible to report issues. When you try by phone you’re just put on hold for hours. Movies you purchase has degraded quality, become pixilated or won’t play at all on Vudu. And it’s only their platform, because with movies anywhere I can play them on another streaming service but not Vudu where the movie was purchased. I would like to see them fix the problems they have, but most importantly give better customer service. I have been using Vudu since it began, with over a thousand movies in my library, but will not purchase another one on Vudu until they fix their problems! Took 2 months for customer service to answer my email about a movie that I paid for that wouldn’t play, even then the email did nothing to help resolve the issue!
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Aliash57457
    Bad customer service. Would not recommend.
  • Apple TV 3/5

    By liesse00
    The Apple TV app has bug where you can’t pause and fast forward.
  • Needs some updates… 3/5

    By MadMom20172021
    I have been using Vudu for many many years. Lately, there have been many bugs. 1. When I am done watching a show on my iPad, I pause the movie and exit the app. Within a minute the shows audio starts playing despite my iPad being in the “sleep” mode. 2. While watching a show on my iPad, quite often the video will skip scenes and the audio will stick with the current scene. So the audio and picture do not match. Extremely frustrating when watching shows. 3. They did an update on the app for the Roku. It makes it more difficult and cumbersome to get to your shows/movies. While scrolling through your movies/shows it takes a while for them to load which makes it annoying when scrolling through. The third point is more of a personal preference, however, the first two are annoying and are more recent issues that need to be addressed.
  • VUDU ripped me off for 125 bucks 1/5

    By AvaNads
    VUDU support team told me that after my account was hacked and people purchased videos that were never watched, they were going to refund me and they never did. I’ve called six times and talk to support staff, I even have documentation proving that they were going to pay me back and they never have, stay away they are crooks! Shame on you VUDU
  • Why is this version of the app limited? 2/5

    By SeenTee1
    What is the reason you cannot make purchases through this app?? I have to go to android or the actual website now. It makes no sense! Grrrrr
  • Great!! 5/5

    By Cocacolabear
    I love this app thanks to the ability to buy the movies I have many of my favorite movies and show especially the Big Bang theory I watch that every day now I suggest just that show very strongly
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By enclosed car hauler
    Love downloading my movies for when I’m on the road traveling.
  • Best movie app EVER!!!!! 5/5

    By callentaylor3
    I buy and keep my movies only on Vudu. Thanks for being so great Vudu.
  • Overall my favorite streaming app 4/5

    By Justg83
    Please fix the glitches of the custom lists — I went to move one movie over 1 space and it erased almost the entire list. I went from 39 movies in a specific order to 4 in random order and now I gotta redo it.
  • IPad issue 3/5

    By csmom515
    I’d give Vudu 5 plus stars but it no longer works on my IPad. Tells me it needs an update, but then says my IPad isn’t compatible and I can download the last update that’s compatible. The update will not download and the app will no longer open. I have movies I have purchased downloaded to that IPad that I can’t watch now, because we don’t have internet.
  • I love it 4/5

    By Joshua Horowitz Xavier
    I love it and the reason I put a 4 star is that you have to pay for the videos
  • You can’t watch any 1/5

    By kharusi1979
    When you want to watch something it says you need to sign in but when I create an account it says failed for no reason what a waste of time
  • App is dated. Keyboard functionality 1/5

    By nnnnnnnunya
    I have had this app for years, and I’ve been impressed with the feature selection compared to some of the ‘more prestigious” competitors. That lead has shrunken, especially when it comes to the actual interface. My main gripe however is the lack of keyboard support for the iPad. Even my dedicated media control buttons don’t work. Fast forward pauses and plays for some reason. They work most everywhere else, except HBOMax I think. If that could be added soon my review would definitely be 4 stars or higher
  • Retailer Of Choice 5/5

    By Retro Ron
    I am a collector and have used several different movie/TV streaming services. Years ago I decided on building my collection in VUDU over the others. VUDU has the NICEST LAYOUT..AND ..You don’t have to worry about something you had in your queque disappearing when you finally get around to watching it. With VUDU you OWN the streaming version in your library…it will always be there when you want it. You can build your collection economically, as well. Redeeming Digital Codes from your hard-copy disc inserts costs you NO ADDITIONAL MONEY to place them in your streaming library. VUDU also has some great sales each and every week. Gift cards are always available and you can give them TO YOURSELF to save even more money! - RetroRon
  • Very Good!! Once in a while issues 5/5

    By WPol77
    I love that they have huge selection of movies, they will just about have all your favorites and more Great Selection of shows from: Grimm, Soprenos, Billions, Flash, American Horror Story, Dexter, Originals, and more. The List is endless on both Shows & Movies!!!!! Great Pic Quality: Standard, HDX, UHD. Yes, there are some issues but they are very small and not horrific Do not believe some of the Reviews and read them carefully. Everybody has their own complaint but for me, it’s the large selections, quality, and playback; furthermore, other stuff is really not bad as people claim Bonus. If you have a blue ray collection at home, you can get copy of that movie for like $2-3 dollars-instead of buying it again for $15, simply by scanning the barcode on your blu ray.
  • Older version software doesn’t work 3/5

    By Attamom43
    If you’re not going to allow the older version software to work, please have Apple remove the message that misleads you into believing that’s still an option.
  • NOT FOR IOS 1/5

    By EastLA13
    Doesn’t work for iPhones to stream through app you have to use safari browser super dumb.. point less to have due to apples app terms and agreements
  • Crashes during playback regularly 2/5

    By BeholdTheSon
    Crashes every few moments during playback
  • Generally love it, but new bugs cause problems 2/5

    By DKHens
    Lately, since 9/1/22 the playback of steamed videos is janky. It will scan forward like it is being fast forwarded and then resume with mismatched audio. Very difficult to make it through a video.
  • I need more. 2/5

    By Johnn rpg
    The movies don’t translate to Spanish.
  • IOS 14 only?! But my old android tablet works... 1/5

    By Nwheshian
    STUPID. Why am I unable to use the Vudu app on IOS 13? Yet my old android galaxy S1 8.4 tablet works fine? My iPhone is more powerful. I can’t access my media. I’m about to delete from all my devices and use Movies anywhere for most my ultraviolet content. Idiocracy.
  • great service but bad 2/5

    By Hells Critic
    A lot of times I get movie unavailable messages but I bought the movie, and want to watch them. Think there is a issue that needs fixed.
  • No Power 😭 From Bad Storms 5/5

    By Stylen1
    I'm so happy that I can watch movies on my phone during these three days that we've lost power from a storm. This app helps make the nights and days go by faster when there isn't any power to watch from the TV. Thanks Vudu!
  • Never ever get this app 🤮🤮🤮🤧🤮🤮🤧 get Tubi 🤔🫠🪬 1/5

    By incpuon founfr
    So it’s bad because literally there’s copies plus it says three movies I rather use tu be then this plus I wanted to what and plus literally I wanted to see if there’s cash for the girls oh there’s only ghost the little ghost like whoever asked for that I’ve copied they called copies on deer how do you the one good movie not even one good movie but even one good show believe in anything that’s good
  • Bargain Basement 1/5

    By Hzmdkyckhd
    Vudu is the virtual version of the bargain movie bin outside every Walmart movie section. The old, stale, poorly made $1.99 specials no one ever heard of, meant to entice customers into paying $25-$35 for a movie once they quickly tire of the same old “free” movies Vudu shows over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Not worth the space to download this app. PASS
  • Forced upgrade 😡 1/5

    By Proud Father18
    I let my 4yr old use our old iPad mini 3 as a streaming device and since the recent update, I can no longer use Vudu on this device. Please release a legacy version of the app usable on older iOS devices!
  • Love it!!!. 5/5

    By arleenrojas
    Great movies and excellent prices!!!. Highly recommended!!!.
  • Can’t make in app purchases 1/5

    By venustrappp
    What’s the point if I can’t use my phone to rent movies?? Why make it difficult to make money? Don’t understand
  • Buffering 2/5

    By nickname 0745
    Every time I watch a movie, it gets paused numerous times to buffer. I've already troubleshooted it across different devices and internet and still the same issue. I don't ever have buffering issues on any other streaming apps.
  • Can’t download my old version of Vudu, 5/5

    By Casper0721
    I want to download my old version of Vudu but it doesn’t download. My iPad Air has OS12.5 how can I watch all the movies I brought & also watch new movies if I can’t use my Vudu account. Please help?
  • Why can I not purchase movies? 3/5

    By EgnarMD
    I really hate the absurdity of only being able to watch movies in the Vudu iPhone app ((cannot purchase) and only able to purchase on the website (cannot watch). The Vudu app on my Samsung TV allows you to purchase and watch from the convenience of a single source. Why does the iPhone app (and website) not offer similar convenience?
  • Buying option 5/5

    By filmbuff1024
    Need to let us buy on iPhone app , still an amazing app
  • Top Gun 5/5

    By chugghead
    Tom Cruise best movie made so far!
  • Quality issues 2/5

    By Viewer216778
    Sound level keeps jumping up and down, getting the “movie unavailable” message for no reason now and then (with steady signal)
  • In app purchases 3/5

    By feebersjeepers
    Wish i could purchase items in app :(