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  • Current Version: 8.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Vudu - Movies & TV App

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Vudu - Movies & TV app reviews

  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By Guyanese Critic
    Love it
  • Great app. 5/5

    By danold80
    Greatest App ever.
  • The Vudu that you do 5/5

    By urrutiadh
    I have had this app for a few years now! I have collected almost 200 Movies and enjoy being to take them on the go. Never have had any issues with the service. Very satisfied!
  • Mac app 3/5

    By Jfl188
    Ed’s a Mac application in the Mac app store
  • Lol wow 1/5

    By Zeta Sigma 1036
    Vudu used to be great. You could download videos to watch offline on desktop but the feature has since been discontinued. I own about 600 movies. No more business from me. Glad I kept my pirated collection. Back to used hard copies.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By MC Paully
    It lets me watch my movies. Enough said. And accepts all titles from what I understand. No matter what the distributor. And y’all let me change my email on my account very easily, I appreciated that :)
  • Picture issue display 4/5

    By Zack E Blount
    Ok, so I love love love this app. But one thing has been bothering me for a very long time. When you open the app and click on a movie there is a little picture on the top of the screen above the information. The picture has been slightly cut off and that really bothers me and I would like for you to fix that issue please. Please! 😊
  • This app doesn’t work on my television 1/5

    By msBlue8220
    Every time I go to watch, I can’t get in and I’ve done everything asked of me
  • Bad 1/5

    By John Zhuravel
    Can’t watch movies
  • Worst Batman movie to date 1/5

    By see~eye~aye~exposé
    Almost 3 hours of predictable see eye aye retardation.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By Magda k
    My baby bought a movie by mistake, I turned it off right away. They wouldn’t refund.
  • Black screen with subtitles only 1/5

    By John89123456789
    Trying to watch Live Die Repeat and I can only see a black screen with subtitles for the entire runtime. This is happening on bot the Apple TV box and iPad. Customer service live chat seems deserted.
  • The best 5/5

    By The Ben Man
    Been with Vudu over 10 year’s and love it.
  • Not so hot 1/5

    By WarpedStik
    Cannot make purchases on iphone. They deleted my wish list twice. If you just want to watch trailers I guess its ok. I took it off my phone. Just eats up memory space from my perspective.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Eggfarm
    I was watching an episode of a tv series yesterday evening and stopped to do something else. Five hours later while I was sleeping the app turned itself back on and I was blasted awake. I don’t understand how an app can just turn itself on when no one is touching the device.
  • No longer compatible with iOS 12 1/5

    By Mommyk5
    App says you need to update, but won’t update for iOS 12
  • Horror movie commercial on kids movie 1/5

    By Mommy :0)
    Why would a company put a horror movie promo as a commercial on a kids movie this is ridiculous
  • Buggy app 3/5

    By Sidewinder-
    Only giving this app 3 stars because sometimes I get errors for downloading certain movies I own and it’s super inconvenient. Wish this would get fixed.
  • VUDU for VR is Missing the Point 1/5

    By Epcott
    I was excited to learn VUDU was created by Fandango, a company I’ve used for years. I was even more excited when I viewed their extensive library on my iPhone. I was excited to learn VUDU was on Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 when I picked one up… until I searched several films that had 3D releases in theaters and discovered they weren’t available on VUDU. Such a missed opportunity, I cannot fathom why this isn’t an option on VR platforms. Please make the 3D releases available for purchase, and offer a “full screen” viewing option (similar to how Youtube VR handles video”). Not only are you missing out on potential sales… you’re not even utilizing the format to it’s full potential, especially when competition does 2D and 3D films already (but with an annoying simulated cinema screen).
  • 1st day of the year 2030 5/5

    By shirin kashani
    Thank you for free with add movis
  • Tarzan 5/5

    By thomas Alfred gibson the third
    It’s quite first movie cgi good great there’s a sequel Tarzan 2 might make in year 2021 Batman the animated series is great it needs and Friday the 13th 1 and Friday the 13th part v A new beginning superman the animated series 3 musketeers you’ll be great for sequel 4 musketeers return of the musketeers asylum film series
  • Horrible 1/5

    By dafdynddvh
  • an option to request refunds 2/5

    By qeyojdiosbdbrksowgdyrnsowgdbw
    there is no option to request a refund on purchased shows/movies…
  • It’s good 5/5

    By Forcer12
    It turns out 3d movies are still here on vudu and they work with a quest 1 and 2 and psvr I tried it and works and if you have movies anywhere it is handy too, also I do love the app
  • Free movies 4/5

    By rgenhtgtbr
    Would be nice if they weren’t all porno
  • Ridiculous App (And Customer Service) 1/5

    By MNM815
    The app is pointless. You CANNOT see the prices of the movies & TV Shows that you’d like to rent and/or buy in the app; you have to go to Vudu’s website to actually see the prices of any movies or TV Shows that you’re interested in renting and/or buying. AND you CANNOT actually rent and/or buy ANY movies and/or TV shows through their app either; you also have to go to their website to do that. So honestly, what’s the purpose of the app? A video catalog with incomplete information?! The ONLY things that you can do in the app are browse for movies and TV shows, add movies & TV shows to your watchlists, and watch any movies and/or TV Shows that you’ve previously rented, or bought…through their website! I don’t know about you guys, but anytime that I rent or buy a movie, I’m going to watch it on my TV, not try to peer at a movie and/or TV Show on my phone through an app. And when I’m traveling, yes, I’ll obviously watch movies & TV Shows on my phone then, but I’ve downloaded the movies & TV Shows to my phone in advance (just in case poor connection or busy connection in flight, etc.). Also their whole merger with Fandango is HORRIBLE! One doesn’t know what the other is doing! I’ve earned some rewards and was emailed my specific promotion codes along with instructions on how to redeem my promotions and apply them to my account…and guess what…Vudu’s ‘Promo Code Center’ website doesn’t recognize THEIR OWN individualized promotion codes! I called customer service, and I was told by the CSR that I spoke with that he sees my two account credits, and even though I couldn’t seem to get them to apply correctly, and I, myself, personally could not see any of my account credits on my account, I was assured that when I go to check-out after renting and/or buying that my promotional rewards account credits will be there. Anyone want to guess whether or not that actually happened?! 🤦‍♀️😡
  • Great app, dislike buying process 3/5

    By 30mpc listener since day 1
    Love the app and used it for a lot of my movie rentals and purchases. However, I now use my iPhone and Apple TV 4K for all my movie watching instead of my xbox. Vudu doesn’t allow me to purchase in app on the phone or 4K AppleTV. Since I can’t easily click to buy, my business has slowly gone to other companies that allow me to click a buy button and confirm and it’s ready to stream. I have to go to website for vudu and it’s just inconvenient. They fix this, I’d give the app 5 stars and they’d have my business back.
  • In-app downloads on Android not working 1/5

    By ReefhhQ
    Any movie from my library I try to download just says "pending" but never starts. The downloading notification comes up but the movie doesn't show up on the "downloads" page in the app. I have 44gb free of internal storage and 54gb of SD. I'm running the latest version of the app on android 7.0. My device is an Asus Zenpad 3s 10 with a 2.1GHz processor and 2048x1536 display.
  • تطبيق فاشل 1/5

    By HASANEN007
    حذفتوا القديم ليش؟
  • Makes you update 1/5

    By Get real annoying
    I have an older iPad so it gives you the option to download the latest version but then when you go in the app it won't let you use it unless you update the app which I can't do because of the older iPad. So frustrating!
  • I love Vudu 5/5

    By El Nolo83
    But Never gotten a free Movie to own on my account I’ve loyal customer bying movies I have friends who are members and they free movies they tell me send me feed back
  • Can’t even login 1/5

    By Sykomimi
    I keep tapping both on my iPad and phone and it won’t let me login
  • Does not keep track 1/5

    By Transporter 13
    This vudu app keeps asking for a review so here it is. I dislike the App due to the fact that it does not keep track of my Tv shows where I left of. Always have to find the episode where I left of manually, Netflix is better and Hulu as well. This app is a thumbs down for me.
  • Like it but 1/5

    By JamoJayy
    App is very difficult to. Need to be more straight to the point
  • Try your luck to get it start 1/5

    By Prof Alain Prost
    This app cannot even get itself up and running. Piece of junk!!
  • Good but not able do download purchased movies 4/5

    By DOLPHIN2121
    Not happy because it doesn’t always work to watch movies
  • Absolutely horrible 1/5

    By bobbqbbob
    Disney, Netflix, YouTube all fine. I can’t go more than 3 minutes on Vudu before it crashes. I then download a movie, but wouldn’t let me cast onto my tv.
  • Korean tunnel 5/5

    By Evertyparty
    I like . They have sub English. Good job
  • Signing in to app? 5/5

    By GWM538
    Just updated to latest IOS. And now can’t sign in to the app. What gives?
  • The actual worst streaming app 1/5

    By thedressagequeen
    This app is infuriating, the user interface is horrendous- there is no option to start things from the beginning, and it’s super frustrating and not easy to rewind things on the TV version.
  • When time permits 5/5

    By ckddc
    Always fun to watch movies
  • No purchases? No list? 3/5

    By jheath3
    This must be the only app of 2022 that doesn’t allow you to make a purchase! And i can’t even add a movie to my list to easily find it later on my desktop or TV. What on earth are you doing, Fandango??
  • Freezes 1/5

    By angrry2!
    Every single time I tried to open this app, it only gets to the first part of just saying vudu. I cannot get past that part, to view any of my movies or try and find any to download. I’ve had to delete the app at least twice to see if I could get it to work properly. With no success!
  • Junk 1/5

    By App-sucks#9
    This is by far the biggest piece of GARBAGE in the whole App Store!!! Take my advice and pass on this massive massive waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can’t log in via app 1/5

    By Ron.On.Apple
    App has stopped accepting my pw no matter how many times I successfully rest my pw or reinstall the app
  • Needs work 3/5

    By eZoOYKRhhOgA
    1. Need to be able to “hide” titles, e.g. if you’ve separately purchased “theatrical” and “extended” cuts of the same, or if you originally purchased on HDX and the studio has re-released the exact same title/content in UHD in order to sell it at full price again vs an “upgrade” (looking at you, Disney/Aladdin). 2. Need to be able to wishlist ANY/ALL titles, even if they’ve already been purchased (e.g. in HDX) in order to more easily watch for newer/updated versions (e.g. UHD).

    By Emilykacha
    If I could give zero stars, I would. I’ve bought 33 movies through VUDU. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2017. Each movie cost $14.99. I have also spent money on renting movies which go for about $4.99 and lasts about 3-5 days (I forget). But I am writing a bad review because all these years, they movies I purchased worked. Up until last week, none of my movies worked. I contacted customer service for help. They gave me trouble shooting tips and I’ve tried them all but nothing has worked. So I ask for a refund because I bought those movies. That’s $494.67 (plus rentals) total investment that I’ve lost because VUDU’s app no longer works. I am disappointed because I love watching my movies. I don’t care about the money, I care more about being able to watch my favorite movies.
  • Do Better 1/5

    By ike91!
    Shows/movie often unavailable stops playing after 3 watches with no interference via tv mobile casting stops after 1 show fix these issues
  • Siesta key 1/5

    By vudureview
    I bought season 5 and the first episode I can’t watch because it only has subtitles. No picture or sound!