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Vudu - Movies & TV App

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Vudu - Movies & TV app reviews

  • The Worst 1/5

    By Gdujopcjnkersa
    What’s the point of a mobile or tv app if you can’t use it to rent/buy movies. No general search feature at least on Apple TV. Interface could use a serious overhaul.
  • Scam 1/5

    By @officialbriana
    This is the worst app ever. I had to get my email resent to verify my account over 10 times. I had a five dollar credit to my account through fandango, VUDU is not accepting my fandango account details, I have had the email verified and resent more times than I can count. At this point I am considering this entire application a scam I’m unable to use the five dollar credit that I have worked to receive I’m going to quit fandango quit Vudu and just work directly with the movie theaters that I am interested in because you work hard buying through this application to get discounts and then you are unable to even get access to the discounts it’s a scam and I’m getting rid of it I also have pictures and emails to prove anything and everything.
  • Vudu discriminates against visually impaired customers 1/5

    By Ya no sé qué nombre escoger
    I am unable to view the movies and tv episodes I purchased. After typing my email and password, a pop-up appears. It’s supposed to verify you’re a human. But the pop-up is black. On the rare occasion the pop-up is not black, it’s still a problem for me. I’m visually impaired. I’m sure I must have made a mistake and I got the black pop-up again. Vudu won’t let me in my account to use the content I already paid for. But I keep trying to log in. I even reached out through their social media. Vudu did nothing! Vudu does not care! I was lucky once and didn’t get the black pop-up. So I chose the option to listen to the clue. That didn’t work either! It’s been months since I haven’t been able to watch the stuff I already bought! I spent money on Vudu and they won’t even allow me to log in! This is a huge problem! And Vudu isn’t doing anything about it! Let me in my account or give me all my money back!
  • Play from beginning 4/5

    By The Food Stamp Messiah
    This app is very easy to navigate, but does not have a “play from beginning” option from what I can tell. Sometimes I won’t finish watching something and the place where the movie stopped has been held for several months. That’s a good thing for a few days, but it is unnecessary and sometimes annoying several months later. Everything else is perfect.
  • Great 5/5

    By Paradise1962
  • Download failed at 99% WOW 1/5

    By cooking Jedi Knight
    Need I say more?
  • Otherwise a great app 1/5

    By Ben Salazar C
    App signs me out and when I try logging back in, the CAPTCHA screen is black and won’t show the prompt so I can actually login. Can’t get into the app anymore.
  • Cannot access app (that is required to view movies!) 1/5

    By Tall Tom San Diego
    I want to watch a movie. It redirects me to App. I try to set up account. It generates blank popup. Can’t move past this popup to use app. Major fail. Apparently this is a common problem—look at your recent reviews. (You understand if your customers can’t use your app you will have no revenue and will go bankrupt? FIX IT!)
  • What… 1/5

    By Hunthamonius95
    So uhhhh…are you joking? I can’t buy movies from the app? What a joke. I had a pixel and could buy movies and do pretty much everything else right from the app. It would also be beneficial to have a feature that notifies me when a movie I have in my wishlist goes on sale. Both for your guys sake and mine. Lastly, what’s with the terrible security? I have own a VERY large collection of movies, and you guys don’t even have something as basic yet effective as 2-step authentication. Come on Vudu. This is pretty basic stuff
  • Service is worse now under Fandango 2/5

    By Ftooley77
    For starters their is hardly and customer service, it’s almost impossible to report issues. When you try by phone you’re just put on hold for hours. Movies you purchase has degraded quality, become pixilated or won’t play at all on Vudu. And it’s only their platform, because with movies anywhere I can play them on another streaming service but not Vudu where the movie was purchased. I would like to see them fix the problems they have, but most importantly give better customer service. I have been using Vudu since it began, with over a thousand movies in my library, but will not purchase another one on Vudu until they fix their problems!
  • too many advertisements 2/5

    By Random54357'n
    too many advertisements
  • Movies 5/5

    By posinebegxhdjnrne
    My family has over 400 movies and it's actually great that you can download them. It may take a while to download btw but you can also see the behind the scenes
  • You don’t actually own what you pay for. 1/5

    By cuzndave
    You can not download the movies you purchase onto a external hard drive or another platform that is owned by you. I am mostly in areas in which there is no internet, sometimes with only enough room for an external. I’ll never buy anything from Vudu again.
  • Decade behind app 1/5

    By Monsour pilot
    What was cutting edge at the time 10 years ago when it came out but unfortunately they have not done much of anything since They have so many bugs, it’s not even funny. I’m a software tester by trade for 25 years and I literally can spend a month identifying bugs on this program. it’s just too bad they’re not willing to spend the small amount of money for a professional like me to do the job to help the customer. Proof of this fact is they intentionally moved the ability to write reviews from the homepage of the App Store so you couldn’t write a review unless you’re creative enough, like I am, to find how to do it. literally you have to call Jacques Cousteau to help figure out how to find the review that’s the reason why millions of people use the app but most of the reviews are a year old or older. I was just not using this application unless it’s your last resort. I’m going to bet if they’re this far behind on normal day one teaching high school functionality that they’re probably not up-to-date on their data security or encryption either.
  • Just a suggestion 5/5

    By JWolferman
    Love the app, just wish I could hide/unhide movies/tv shows that I already own. Some movies I own in my collection have different quality of the same movie. I don’t need to see multiple copies of the same movie essentially
  • Vudu 5/5

    By Fjd if bddndn
    It’s a good app it just can be annoying paying money for one movie or show but overall it is a good app for family I would give it a try
  • Uhh ? 5/5

    By ✨✨waffle house ✨✨✌️
    Will it cause a virus on my phone
  • Lots of free movies - with lots of commercials. 4/5

    By SirenKnight
    I gave this 5 stars when I could watch free on the TV, but that feature seems to only be available on devices now. Add to that, the more you watch, the more commercials you get. Since I use it to watch mostly B horror flicks the number of repetitive commercials can get quite annoying. (That’s my reason for dropping a star.) That said, there is a decent selection of free movies. Additionally they offer specials and sales on purchases and rentals. They are less glitchy and quality consistent than many pay services so that’s a plus.
  • So far, so good... 5/5

    By quinncarer
    Just downloaded the app and so far it’s been enjoyable; finding everything from forgotten oldies from childhood to more recent shows I never knew about. The only issue is that unlike other streamers, the commercials don’t have a countdown, and just pop up, which can be a bit jarring. But, small price to, it’s back to my wishlist :)
  • Could be updated and be better 3/5

    By its Hope bruh
    Vudu is great but some titles arent added yet which is fine. The one thing for sure would be great if it were to get fixed/updated is if a different language like Spanish or other was available to hear the movie or show in.
  • CAPCHA Loop 1/5

    By jongmiller
    Can’t get past the login screen. CAPCHA goes black screen and I can’t click past it. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. No avail. Guess I’m a robot or something because I can’t log in!
  • Can’t even rent movies through the app 1/5

    By Saltasauraus
    I downloaded it to watch a specific movie, only to find out you can’t even buy or rent movies with the app. Very annoying 🙄🙄
  • One of the best streaming apps 5/5

    By Blfirman
    This is one of those streaming apps where you can find both classic films and modern films.
  • Used to be great but now doesn’t work 1/5

    By #vfyvc,gjccluf
    Used to use to watch movies I owned that downloaded for trips but then it just stopped working for downloaded content. Got it to work once but then tried again 3 days later and downloaded movies don’t work even if connected to the internet. Not sure what they broke but very disappointed
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By humberto59z
    Can’t play with airplay, crashes every 2 minutes.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By aassddffee
    No option to search on the fire stick app. So I downloaded it to phone where I can search for a specific movie and add to watchlist. Back on the fire stick app, it does NOT show up on the wishlist app! Why not? I search for way too long for the specific movie I wanted to watch and couldn’t find it. So I removed the app from all devices!
  • Can’t download anything 1/5

    By dk8991
    No matter what network speed no matter if it’s Wi-Fi or mobile data I cannot get anything to download like it should. I’ve tried restarting my phone as well as reinstalling the app. Fix the problem pls
  • Can’t log into app 1/5

    By MrHugh25
    Can’t give nothing better than a one star rating on this app until the developers fix the log in issue. I log in and a verification window appears and there’s no images to click on. I know I’m entering the correct username and password too. Fix the problem guys! (And yes, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app too. No luck).
  • Lies about storage 3/5

    By SuperShoeDiva
    Constantly tells me my storage is full when attempting to download a movie. When I go to my downloads the movie downloads with no issues.
  • Great, but one problem. 4/5

    I wish there was a search bar within my owned titles.
  • Vudu not working right on the PC app 4/5

    By vhff he cbn
    It’s pretty good on the iOS but when I tried to sign in to my account on Vudu this evening my password kept saying invalid invalid invalid over and over again can you please fix that issue on the PC app?
  • App Needs Updating 3/5

    By RedSunDestroyed
    Would be great if you could buy/rent through the app. But overall, I enjoy the app and look forward to future updates.
  • Decent 2/5

    By iron maiden3
    I have no problems watching the movies I have on vudu but the problem is you can’t get new movies on the app & the price of the movies are ridiculous!! 95% of the movies and tv shows are the same price to more than the dvd or Blu-ray versions!!! That’s way over priced for something you will never in your life touch!!! New releases should be no more than $7.99 & older titles should be under $5!!! Also they used to have a disc to digital on the app that worked and was only $2 & then they removed it!! It did work because I did do a couple of my movies that way so I could watch them while I would be camping!!! Update, since Fandango took over, it’s nothing but problems now!! Try to watch something & keep getting can’t play or unavailable!! Really tired of not getting a response either from fandango!!
  • Customer service 2/5

    By Octotrader
    You can’t send any questions directly to customer service. I have tried many times on my computer. I fill out the form. Hit send. And it just says not successful every time. Super annoying.
  • Does this even work? 1/5

    By Nanosparkz
    The app wont even let me log in.
  • Love Vudu 5/5

    By Abdelmumin
    I like Vudu app get to see my movies and shows plus get some free movies not so many ads like the anime they offered
  • Doesn’t work well on iPad 2/5

    By EmbraceTheSilly
    I like Vudu, I use it all the time, but for some reason on my iPad it freezes the picture often.
  • Loved the app till now. 1/5

    By Gamer6565578
    Every time I log in now the captcha goes black and freezes everything. Is there a work around? Loved the app till this began recently
  • App 4/5

    By Behind Android version
    Wish you go just buy movies right on the app. Also you all need to have it where we can combine profiles to see each other’s movies within the same household.
  • Collection Getting Bigger! 5/5

    By DMP👍🏻
    I love the great Titles of Movies and TV shows available on Vudu, and have a wishlist a mile long.I usually wait for the sales to purchase titles and add to my library - but if I really see something I like, I’ll buy it to watch right away. Prices could come down a little in my opinion, but other than that- it’s a good platform to start your digital collection and have your favorites available anytime or anyplace!
  • You cannot log in on iPad 1/5

    By Shearstress
    Only app I’ve ever seen use a Captcha on login. Captcha goes black and the app freezes. Stream elsewhere.
  • The Best VUDU Movie Library Ever! 5/5

    By Rod Eirk.
    I been a VUDU member since 2010. I love it so much. Ever movie that I buy on blu-ray, always use the digital code to redeem on VUDU a lot, I always buy movies on VUDU in SD and HDX. When it came out with disc to digital, I love it a lot. Each barcode on blu-ray and dvd scan it through my phone each movie and then pay on disc to digital. When UHD 4K movies first came out. I start buy the disc with the digital copy use it to redeem on VUDU. Also I been buying UHD 4K movies on VUDU. The movies playback very good on my 4K TV on HDR10 andDolby Vision. When Movies Anywhere came out can buy movies from any streaming services that awesome. I been collecting about 1,300 movies on my digital collection.
  • Won’t work now after downloading shows 1/5

    By Robertjs3
    Downloaded a few episodes now won’t load up. Even after uninstalling and redownloading won’t work
  • Atten Devs: Questions 1/5

    By nekocatgirl38
    Are you or aren’t you selling shows & movies? Or did you quit selling shows & movies? What is going on? I could buy movies before now all of the sudden it. Says how to watch here? You need to fix this immediately thank you.
  • Access Denied 2/5

    By Sj_dub
    I can’t even sign in when I travel. Typically I like using Vudu, because there are no subscriptions and you can pay for only what you want. Amazon prime has a similar collection to Vudu, and you can purchase those movies too. I generally like to use Vudu instead of Amazon prime, mostly to stick it to Amazon because they are already a mammoth company. I’m traveling right now, and i’m on a different continent than usual. When I try to sign in to Vudu, it tells me that access is denied on this server. Considering the nature of the global economy today, should probably not prevent your users from signing in from a different place than they normally sign in. No, I’m not using VPNs or any fancy stuff, I’m just trying to log into the app. Consider this a feature request.
  • Will be my go to movie when lazy going out for Redbox 😊 5/5

    By gr33ndragn
    First time I opened this Vudu…rented out 3 movies in one day!
  • Great App, but some bugs… 4/5

    By Luke Brink
    I used this app for over 2 years now, and I’m just now experiencing a bug. As I was watching A Quiet Place Part 2, in one of the scenes the audio cut out for the rest of the film, I am hoping that this bug will get fixed soon.
  • I hate this new update 1/5

    By PrincessLauren87
    I can’t watch my movies I’ve bought or my tv seasons. This was much better without rearranging everything. Thanks for the mess up I’ve had vudu when it came out. Since fandango purchased vudu nothing looks or works the same. This is my second time where fandango ruined my movies and my tv shows. If it happens again I’ll stick with movies anywhere than this messed up app.
  • Time to move on 1/5

    By Wayne and Diana
    I actually liked it 3 days ago. This latest update has rendered it completely useless. If I’d known this change was coming I would’ve never spent a penny here. Looks like Amazon will be getting my money from now on.