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Try the all new VZ Navigator FREE* for 30 Days and then pay only $4.99/month thereafter, or use it when you need it for just $0.99 for 24 hours of use. VZ Navigator is a premium navigation application that provides the most complete, accurate, and easy-to-use navigation assistance available. Enhanced 3D maps, intuitive local search and natural turn-by-turn voice guidance get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. Advanced features such as Doppler weather radar, gas prices, and movie showtimes give you valuable information to help save time and money. Simple and Adaptive Maps With a focus on optimizing the user experience, the map has been totally redesigned. Every feature, from the advanced gestures and unified color scheme to the high-fidelity landmarks and transparent 3D buildings has been expressly composed to balance simplicity and capability. Customizable map layers include real-time traffic, satellite view, Doppler weather radar, and favorites. Personalized Local Searches Search has been enhanced and is now better than ever. With TripAdvisor ratings and reviews integrated into points of interest, choosing local places to visit is a snap. With our improved Gas Station search, effortlessly view and compare all nearby stations and prices on the map. Our Movie search has also been overhauled to be easier to use, whether you’re just browsing or looking for specific movie or theater. Additionally, you can add any store brand or place category to your Explore panel, allowing one-tap to find your favorite places no matter where you go. Streamlined Navigation Helping you confidently and safely maneuver around streets and highways on your journey is our primary goal. Visual & Voice Lane Guidance and Realistic Highway Signs ensure you’re always in the right place at the right time while preparing for maneuvers. Natural Voice Guidance provides references to real-world landmarks like stop signs and traffic lights to help you make turns with confidence. Our navigation experience has been refreshed with real-time traffic integrated into your route, along with one-touch access to your upcoming maneuvers and route overview. Plus, take advantage of our customizable Speed Limits & Alerts to stay safe – and possibly even avoid a ticket. *Offer valid for new VZ Navigator subscribers. Limited time offer. Customer will automatically continue with the $4.99 monthly subscription after the 30 day trial period ends. Unsubscribe anytime using the “My Account” menu option in the app or by calling 1.800.922.0204 within 30 days of downloading the app to avoid being charged.

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  • Really going downhill 2/5

    By Jlynn1020
    I’ve been using this app for at least the last 7 years. It got me right to the door of where I was going. Now it’s not any better than Maps or Google or any of the other GPS Apps. I had no problem paying for it back then because it got me where I was going and I trusted it. Not anymore. It gets you in the general area and then says “you’ve arrived at your destination” which you clearly haven’t because you are next to a house, not a business, when looking for a business. Also, if it doesn’t recognize an address you put it, it will automatically change it to one it does recognize, but it doesn’t tell you that so if you do make it to where the app is telling you, it’s still the wrong place. I don’t go to any crazy off the map places. Nothing is so new that it’s not on GPS so I don’t quite understand this either. And at LEAST tell a girl you can’t find that exact address!
  • Not working right 2/5

    By adubs30
    It use to be working great even with the truck options and I got the new 11 pro and VZ navigator isn’t working it’s saying I don’t valid subscription but when I call Verzion they tell me I have one and then when u go and search for a address it comes up no results found.
  • Verizon GPS 1/5

    By SanderiaWow
    App used to be reliable but now just trying to get to unfamiliar locations locally has not been accurate. I’m Considering switching; can’t afford to keep getting lost.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By alwxandergaber2134
    The routes are off. Always gives the slowest route
  • Canada 4/5

    By Ol' BanjarPicker
    Overall great app but wished it worked in Canada. I cannot seem to make it find locations and navigate.
  • VZ Navigator unreliable 2/5

    By Starr from the 1970s
    I used to love this. It’s no longer reliable, and I have stopped using it. Verizon makes it very difficult to cancel it on my plan too. I now use Google Maps. It works like VZ Navigator used to, and it’s free.
  • Canceled my subscription 2/5

    By Wayne N.
    I’ve used this app for several years but decided to cancel my subscription due to a growing dissatisfaction with performance. The app has become noticeably sluggish. Takes a while to initially orient itself and then to reorient itself after you miss navigation instructions that were slow in coming. During a recent trip to San Diego I decided to use Google Maps instead and found it to work better than Verizon Navigator. In a couple of instances, Google guided me to take routes that were less complex and a bit quicker compared to Navigator. I didn’t mind paying $5 a month for Navigator when it performed well. Now there are better (and free) alternatives.
  • Used to be much better 2/5

    By jemfour
    Have had the app for about ten years and it used to be very reliable but it has gotten glitchy. Cannot find me in places it never had trouble before. Have to almost always retry getting directions to get it going. Seems more sluggish now. Contemplating ending my subscription.
  • Pointless and disappointing 1/5

    By Nikeerika
    It was my best navigation app. Now it is a total let down. Not getting what I pay for. It no longer gives turn by turn, it is Forever trying to find me and never recalculates the routes now. The app needs a software update quick!!! Or else I’m gonna have to remove it from my bill.
  • Not Worth it 2/5

    By Rob depot
    To Many errors on giving directions not finding directions or making you go the wrong way. Purchase because started new job driving a comercial truck. Not happy😫
  • Not worth buying 1/5

    By Diamond197
    Literally beeps if you go a mile over the speed limit and keeps beeping very annoying . Not as good as google and apple maps which are free. Just ok . Save your money until they really improve this app
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By The MF Bird
    Don’t know what is going on with this app. Used to be great for a long time. Previously I would have given it 5 stars. Didn’t mind paying $5 a month because it was worth it. Lately it takes forever to get going and seems to have a lot of problems. Looks like it’s time for me to find a different navigation app.
  • Can’t get rid of this app! 1/5

    By Bruce the Mighty
    I discovered this service charging me $5 a month so I tried to remove it. The app refuses to access my account so I can’t disable it. It says the servers are not responding. The online Verizon site doesn’t give the option to remove the service, even when the FAQ says it can. Is it an old app Verizon forgot to upgrade, or is it just another fee scam to tack a charge onto my bill? Same result either way.
  • No good 1/5

    By Reaper 7
    This app is absolute trash.. It often cannot reach servers, and gets confused easily...
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By Ddoxox
    Used this app for at least 10 years. Used to be by far the most reliable GPS out there and didn’t mind paying $5 a month even when there were free options. But since getting the iPhone X it crashes constantly. Takes 2-3 times to find your location. Have to restart constantly. When it works it works well but are they kidding?!? In an era of multiple totally free options this needs to be spectacular to warrant the cost!!
  • Only one thing is good about it 1/5

    By Chocolyle
    It probably would be a top contender 12 years ago. The voice directions sounds like they were made with a Speak & Spell. The only good thing for it is, in CT and NY we have small highways, (Parkways) NO commercial vehicles. I’m not driving a big rig, just a commercial van and will get a ticket on those roads. This will let you chose truck routes and it did bypass the Parkways. However: It was constantly confused or changed it’s mind/route. It showed to take the next exit including the highway sign but just as you were about to go that way it then showed to correct exit that was 6 miles down the highway!! Also sent me past the location I was going to twice today. Dropped it the first day. Back to IOS Maps and looking for something with the truck option.
  • Not reliable anymore 2/5

    By SalCres
    This used to be my go to navigation app. But in the last year or so I canNOT rely on it to connect to the server and give me directions. Had to start using other navigation apps on a regular basis.
  • Declining Verizon service 4/5

    By Pathminder
    The app is subject to the connection to the internet and I’m finding Verizon has less coverage than they used to. More dropped calls and lost connections than ever. From almost never to everyday. Gonna be looking for better service...
  • Always 5/5

    By Darth-Bama
    Always - great to know that this app - “has my back” Always - get where I’m going - easily. Always - thankful for warnings as I drive. Always - will keep this app.
  • Why would anyone one pay for this service 1/5

    By PK070205
    Really ~ $4.99 a month. 😂 I tried the free one month trial. I was curious why anyone in their right mind would pay 💰 for a service that you can get for free. There far better mapping navigation services for free. Google Maps, Waves Maps, Here Maps, Apple Maps...
  • Outstanding Rating ❣️ 5/5

    By Easton Jaymes Granddad
    Outstanding, accurate, dependable, reliable & a Godsend ......! I love my VZ Navigator 👍
  • Send me around the state for my destination 2/5

    By yourgamekindasucks
    Sometimes good, most others horrible marathons
  • It got me lost 1/5

    By Dwight D.
    It got me close to where I needed to be. Then it got lost. Kept having me make legal upturns. I finally found where I needed to be without it.
  • Incorrect speed 3/5

    By Ring.P
    Good 2D,3D view Multiple way choices But my car speed show wrong.
  • What am I paying for? 2/5

    By BaldemortIA
    When developers can't be bothered to optimize an app for a very popular high end phone, and that phone was released last November, that's a problem. If I'm paying, I expect to get value.
  • Love the app!! 5/5

    By Nurseyrose
    Love the real time traffic which at times is a real life saver.
  • It’s stuck trying to my gps 1/5

    By Christopher855
    It’s get stuck to my gps...I tried to delete and reinstall it but it still does it..maybe the app update will fix it..but it has been 10 months since you update the app how many more months before you fix the problem when you update the app again...iPhone X and it his updates with the software
  • Fix crash 2/5

    By Blacksixxx
    It crashes a a lot and it seem to have a weaker signal than Apple maps
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By ForensicRN
    This app navigated us along a very rural route that had absolutely no cell coverage for over 200 miles. Definitely worth every penny!
  • Driving 5/5

    By SCoopies0123
    This the best! I am very faithful to Czech navigation I recommend this app to everyone!!! It’s a must to have!!!
  • Update 1/5

    By DB38762
    Are you guys ever going to update this app. You guys app team is just collecting a check. We need this updated for iPhone X. Like the gps but it is out of date.
  • Back up GPS 5/5

    By Trauma Don
    When GPS gets confused I use Verizon Navigator and it’s almost always the correct direction/route to take.
  • Needs major improvement 1/5

    By Sailorinthewild
    I am driving between Houston Texas and Memphis TN every four weeks. This app does not give the shortest or fastest route. Other free navigation apps do a much better job. Don't bother to use or download.
  • Its gotten a little wonky 3/5

    By Sandra499
    Used to be great but in last yr not as reliable as it used to be. The directions work great most of the time but It gets confused every time u are driving on a bridge over another street cause it cant tell anymore which youre on. Lots of the time itll tell me it cant locate me but that didnt used to be a problem. Got me all the way down to an address in Spring Hill TN but that night when I left it wouldnt work. I drove a little on my own thinking I might remember how to get back to the expressway and got lost... and then asked some guy in a truck at a stoplight surrounded by lots of land and trees. Lucky for me he wasnt a psycho. Verizon if you really cared you would fix this stuff.
  • A 4/5

    By brother truxker
    The app is good because it gives you commercial routes if you are driving a truck however there are glitches at times with not being able to get route as quick as possible
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Mcrippen
    The easiest navigation tool I’ve used!! Bravo Verizon!!! Thank you for making so user friendly!!!!
  • VZ Navigator has stopped 2/5

    By Biker3131
    There is something wrong with VZ navigator app on my phone. I have worked with Verizon and Apple and both agree it is an app issue. I use this app constantly and need to get functioning. I am running current software on phone and have tried 3k different things that Apple and Verizon had me do. PLEASE HELP
  • Finding my location...still loading 1/5

    By mochadream22
    Lately the app can’t find my location. Please fix
  • Ipad 2/5

    By Justin112789
    This app should be available on iPad as well with iPhone
  • Not worth $ 1/5

    By kjdpt
    Doesn’t locate unless you’re in motion. Hangs up at the most inopportune moments. Dangerous
  • Needs to be fixed 2/5

    By Deba.thomas
    This app always has an error and doesn’t load fast anymore!!!!!
  • It’s OK 3/5

    By drjeff0001
    It’s better than most but it is not well designed. It just quits whenever it wants to. The voice is annoying but still mutable. It’s worth the price but not by much.

    By Chicago Speed
    So far so good. It gave me a different and cooler way to Orlando from Chicago. Easy to understand after a couple days.
  • Perfect App 5/5

    By AngelEyes670
    Simply put, this is the most accurate and put together navigation app. I have used several different ones, since I travel quite a bit for my business. This will be the only navigation app I will ever use again!!! Perfect navigation, at its finest! Thank you Verizon!!!
  • Very accurate in time arrival and maps 5/5

    By LTAlvarez
    Navigation was simple and map are accurate. The time of arrival was great and accurate too.
  • Great GPS 4/5

    By MKRM1977NY
    It’s a great app!!! This is the only app I can use helps avoid the HW my vehicle is not allowed on!
  • VZ Navigator 3/5

    By gsoma
    Today the app told me I was not a subscriber. Then 2 hours later. I'm a subscriber again. The app loses connection with server. Close then open the app and still the same problem. Good app but has bugs.
  • Disappointed !! 1/5

    By It's 5o'clocksomewhere
    I don't know who all these people are that think this app is awesome but I just downloaded this app because mapquest needed wifi & on the road traveling did not have available so I thought since I have Verizon service this would work..WRONG!!! Only worked when I lucked out and got in where could use personal hot spot..Frustrating & scary,,am deleting Totally useless,,, If you are not connected to WiFi absolutely no help, and when you are traveling who has access to WiFi on the road?? Deleted!!!
  • It’s great when it works. 3/5

    By A Creature of Habit
    It’s a great app. However, lately it has been shutting off prematurely. Also, it takes a little too long to recalculate. This is problematic when traveling to large cities like New York.

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