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Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters

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Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters App

Wag! is the #1 app for pet parents -- offering 5-star dog walking, pet sitting, vet care, and training services nationwide. Book convenient pet care in your neighborhood with the Wag! app. Whether you’re looking for daily walks, planning a trip, stuck at work, or just want your best friend to have some company - any day, anytime pet care is available through the app. Here when you need pet care. On-demand and scheduled dog walks based on your and your dog’s needs. Boarding and sitting overnight care in your home or the Pet Caregiver’s. Drop-in visits for dogs who don’t need a walk, but could use a potty break. Veterinary consultations to answer your pet health questions from the convenience of your home, available around the clock. One-on-one personalized in-home and digital dog training sessions for puppies & adult dogs to learn tricks and basic commands. Safety is serious business. Every Pet Caregiver with Wag! is vetted and must pass a comprehensive background check. Wag! services are insured and covered by $1M in home liability insurance. Support is standing by and available to you and your pet 24/7. All about convenience. GPS-tracked walks so you can follow along with your dog’s walk in real-time. In-app messaging so you can easily communicate with your Pet Caregiver. Receive live pee/poop notifications and a detailed report card at the end of your service. Book and pay for your services securely within the app. Wag! lockboxes are available for simplified home access. Chat live with licensed veterinary professionals for expert pet health advice. We’ve been around the block. Our community of 150,000+ Pet Caregivers nationwide are dog people, and it shows. Pet Caregivers with Wag! have a trusted record of experience with over 10 million pet care services across 4,600+ cities. We’ve donated over 10 million meals! A portion of our proceeds from the walks you book help to feed shelter dogs in your area. Making Pet Parents happy is what we do best -- 99% of Wag! services result in a 5-star review

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Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters app reviews

  • Wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy 1/5

    By Ngillig2
    Today is the 4th time that the app has changed my scheduled walk to 2 hours earlier then planned. The 4th time!!!! The icing on the cake is when my regular walker doesn’t show up (knowing the walk should be 12:30pm) they send a random stranger to walk the dog. My dog needs a meet & greet with all new people, she is a rescue that gets nervous and snips. Wag’s customer service team is useless, they can’t seem to get this technical issue fixed and will not credit my account for these unacceptable changes.
  • Racism? 3/5

    By nina_bear32
    I was match with white person then switched to black girl because I am black ..I’m all for peoples comfortability but that’s sad.its abt the dog not the owner .
  • Great 5/5

    By suesaloo
    Alexandra Herrera in Santa Clarita is fantastic! So wonderful with my big dog. Alexandra is so kind , gentle and trustworthy. I only let Alexandra care for my dog!!!!
  • Crashing app 2/5

    By Ryeeb
    First off they made me buy the $30 shirt to become a walker.. The app is always crashing and the only time it works for me when I click to claim a walk someone gets it before me. What a waste
  • Awesome app /PAWsome walkers!! 5/5

    By lola's human
    Easy to use app and I can track the walk (with useful info ONLY a “dog mom” would ever want to know!!). Pictures and a note from the walker at the end. I found Jacob through the app and he is super sweet and patient with my 13yr old dachshund. Clearly understands dogs. Responsible and reliable. Highly recommend using WAG!!
  • They have lost my dog TWICE 1/5

    By FitnessPalGal
    Do NOT use this service! Their team is horrible at emergency response and they will let anyone walk your dog! My dog was lost and the walker WENT HOME! All the support team did was call and give me a $20 credit. Luckily I found my dog myself. Will not be using their service again.
  • Christina’s the best! 5/5

    By FureDog
    Christina is so energetic and loving...Just the right prescription for my puppy...Really anyone’s dog! She cares for dogs as if they’re her own! Very compassionate and attentive to their needs. She has a pleasant demeanor as well. I highly recommend her , as she is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Martha Littlefield 5/5

    By Ben Gene
    I recommend Martha. She is a reliable person in everything she does.
  • Only for Emergencies 3/5

    By SundanceRain
    Dog sitters kept leaving my dog alone to walk other dogs else where. I contacted support to see what the guidelines were when sitters were requested. They didn’t give me an answer and instead set me up with a new sitter that could stay. My dog has isolation anxiety and can’t be left alone. The next sitter they set me up with left as well to walk other dogs and was given the ok to leave personally by Wag after I had expressed to support that my dog has isolation anxiety and could not be left alone. When I contacted support about the sitter leaving and me asking for my dog not to be left alone another support agent advised to me for the first time that sitters were okay to leave a dog during a sitting for up to three hours. I have a camera in my home and I had this issue with a few sitters. They would just show up, walk the dog and leave. If I didn’t have a camera I would not even know that my dog was being left alone because the sitters never let me know. Will only use this app for emergencies from now on and I was able to find better communication and service via The ROVER app.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Theroc801
    Crooks not the walkers but the admins are thieves

    By Nonnietumtum
    I was charged for a “premium service” that I did NOT agree to and was charged for $9.99. I called and asked why was I charged for this? They said I signed up for a “premium service” for $9.99/month which I most certainly did not! I asked for my money back and they absolutely refused! They said I could have credits towards walks but my dog refused to even go on the one walk I tried to hire someone to walk him bc I adopted him from a rescue and he had been abused. He was terrified of going out of my house with anyone. Why would I want to have credit for walks that Id never use?? I had to call my bank and report this charge as a fraudulent charge. But, they argued with me for at least 20 minutes and didn’t seem to care that I didn’t sign up for this program. I honestly feel like they’re trapping ppl into this so they’re getting $10 extra from each customer that no one can get back unless they call their bank and file a claim. I really feel bad for the walkers bc they’re totally innocent in this. My walker was fantastic and tried so hard to get to know my dog, make him feel comfortable and take him for a walk but it just didn’t happen. I used to love this service when I had a puppy with way too much energy and needed her to get that energy out. But, now I thought I’d give it a try for my dog that I knew would have issues with strangers but I broke my ankle very badly and couldn’t take him on walks like I needed to. I really appreciated him trying. But the customer service ruined everything and I am never going to use this company again!
  • Kirby Thompson 5/5

    By Jcson117
    Kirby is the only dog walker we trust! She is a great wag employee! Super responsible, and very caring!
  • WAG IS A SCAM 1/5

    By Katie7070404
    DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS APP it’s a complete scam they ask you for a background check you have to pay for then you pay for a t-shirt which the never send. The creators are crooks and sit in there mansions in Beverly Hills from this money scheme and profit off honest people. I am not the only person I know who’s been scammed by this company. I was warned before but figured it was just a mess up with their orders.
  • Suspicious Behavior, Wag Didn’t Care 1/5

    By hbmack
    We had been using Wag for a couple of months and were satisfied until an unsettling happening took place and Wag did little to make it right. A new walker came over to walk our puppy. She did not indicate when the walk began or ended, nor if our dog had gone potty. Later we saw on our door cam that she was not alone and had brought someone else on our property and into our home. Thinking this was suspicious, we checked to see if our house key was still in the lockbox provided by Wag and it was missing. We contacted Wag and the police, and immediately called a locksmith to replace the locks. Needless to say we were alarmed. According to Wag’s investigation, the walker “lost” the key. She never informed us of losing it, and left us to believe the key was still safely in the lockbox. Suspicious. Since this person was deliberately deceptive, and caused us to get an emergency locksmith to replace our locks, we believed we were entitled to some sort of compensation. Wag said that the walker agreed to help with the cost and that we would have to contact her directly. We were hoping Wag would have the courtesy to facilitate this exchange, but they refused to mediate and said we would have to contact this person directly even after we said we did not feel comfortable doing so. Once we did, she all but accused of us fraud, claiming an emergency locksmith shouldn't cost so much (it was $258). She has outright ignored all further communication, and Wag has said they will not move forward in assisting us since it clearly states in their policy that they are not responsible. Yeah, but the walkers that you personally vetted are, and yet you do nothing to enforce that policy. For all we know this walker could still be out doing this to other families because Wag has never stated otherwise. Wag doesn’t care about the safety of your pet or home. They allow this suspicious and deceitful behavior by not enforcing their own policies, and then refuse to help their users to a reasonable solution. Will never use Wag again. Have already told our friends and neighbors who will also never use them again. Keep yourself safe.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Crissyalanna
    I walk this dog every day during the week m-f at 1pm and every single time he sends the request for 1pm it shows up on my app as 10am. I have to contact support almost everyday to fix the time. THE APP SUCKSSSSS
  • If you want to make money or even walk dogs, this service won’t help you 2/5

    By elizavida
    Wag has an algorithm to pick walkers for each available walk, and to make certain walks available or invisible to different app users, which they claim factors in a bunch of variables to make it fair for everyone. But what really happens is you barely see any available walks at all because the majority are hidden from you—half the time there are “no services available”—and when you do request a walk you get declined with no explanation, up to 20+ times in a row. This happens if you have good recommendations, 5 stars, and if the walk is within a mile of your location—it doesn’t seem to matter. As for the app itself, there aren’t a whole lot of bugs, but one thing I have noticed is that the notification system doesn’t notify you of an available walk until after it’s been up for over 10 minutes. If you are thinking of becoming a walker, don’t, you won’t make money and you won’t even be able to meet any dogs.
  • Do Not Use the App 1/5

    By TL2671
    Useless customer service
  • Wag Walker app review 1/5

    By CPip
    The walker version of the app is not viewable here and so there is no way to leave public feedback, and the feedback function on the app has been malfunctioning for months, so I’m leaving my feedback here. Wag is a fun and easy way to make extra money, and I have enjoyed my experience in general, but the app itself has several issues that been problems for years and have not need fixed. - There is no way to view dog notes before accepting an app. Which means you may accept a walk, see notes saying the dog is aggressive or the neighborhood is unsafe, and you have to choose between cancelling the walk (which hurts your standing in the app) or putting yourself in an unsafe situation. - There is no running clock when at a drop-in visit, so you have to remember to set a separate timer to ensure you’re there for the full time. - Once you accept a boarding, you can no longer see the start and end times (only the dates). - While you are on a walk, the app does not allow you to view the details of the next walk, such as how far away it is. - You do not get a notification when a walk has been accepted, so you have to keep checking the app while waiting for the owner to respond. - Once you hit “I have arrived”, the access information comes up but the address is no longer visible. This is an issue when you have to reference an apartment number after getting in the building. You have to force close the app and reopen to see that info again. - The GPS frequently malfunctions, making it look like you didn’t walk anywhere while with the dog. - The help chat is almost always unhelpful. In two years I have never spoken to someone who actually addressed my concern or answered my questions. I’m not a programmer, but most of these seem like daily easy fixes, but they persist despite user feedback. Please address them - I want to keep walking, but the app makes it so difficult!
  • Zero customer service 1/5

    By LDP2264
    Wag is great if things go as scheduled. Walker shows up on time etc. But when your Walker reschedules repeatedly and you have to cancel, they charge a fee. If you need to communicate with Wag that feature doesn’t appear to exist. They have a help box and customer service box that you can type into, but you receive an auto reply with policy notification only. They literally take you to the FAQ page only. Makes me worry that if I had an issue or concern regarding my dog while on a walk, there is ZERO customer service to step in and help you.
  • Constantly getting cancelled 1/5

    By Vecky89
    The walkers book and cancel at the last minute. It’s such an inconvenience and when we called customer service they said they can’t do anything about it. We tried giving this company another chance but the same thing happened. I don’t have these issues with Rover so I would highly recommend to use Rover and forget about Wag!
  • Incredibly frustrated 1/5

    By PicassoPoet
    I was looking up a potential health issue with my cat, when I was directed to Wag’s site and invited to ask a vet a question. I asked my question and provided as much detail as I could regarding my cat. I received an email asking me to download the app which I did. Then it asked me to enter information about my dog. Well I don’t have a dog! Anyway, 24+ hours later, I receive an email saying the vet has replied and to look in the app. I open the app, but I see literally nothing different (logged in with the same email the question was under). I even go to the original page that I asked the question on and while there are new vet responses, my question is not on there. I keep on getting prompted to pay for Wag! Health, but I don’t trust the app or the company at all. It has been misleading the whole time. I understand it’s a valuable app for dog walkers and dog owners, but then don’t advertise health advice for cats and not provide a place to receive that advice.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Shadymicshadez
    Extremely unreliable dog walkers on this application. So many last second cancellations or just no shows. Countless times my poor pup had to go without a much needed walk due to this application. DOG OWNERS BE AWARE
  • Difficult to become a walker 1/5

    By jujudwy
    The concept of the app is awesome, but it’s so hard to use if you’re trying to become a walker. There is no way to track your application on the app once you have submitted it. It’s extremely frustrating.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Nnnmmmmmmmm
    This is the WORST walking service. I request a walker ASAP, told I will get an update in 10-15 minutes, and then an hour later, STILL NO RESPONSE. And when I have to cancel because no one responds, I GET CHARGED!
  • Dishonest Company 1/5

    By PVBMsifit
    I signed up to be a walker for wag and they ran a background check which came back clean and took my $35 for a t-shirt which i never received and never heard from them again. Multiple emails later they have not given me access to work for them and have not refunded my money. SHADY COMPANY
  • I’m a walker- This app is trash 1/5

    By She who doesnt leave reviews
    This app is trash. It glitches out all the time, isn’t intuitive to use, and the app is difficult to use if you’re a walker. This app and the customer service for walkers is garbage. I wouldn’t recommend using this app or walking for Wag. Go use Rover, they actually allow you to set your availability so that you don’t get requests or notifications during your off times or requests outside of your set area. Also, I have recently stopped getting tips even though I get 5 stars for each walk. Not getting tipped makes it harder for me to continue walking with this company.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Therese the dog friend
    I have been a dog walker/care giver for wag for a year now. I have to say that their attention to their clients and dog walkers:care givers is superb. Support is always there to help with any difficulty or concern.
  • Application fee 1/5

    By hhhahavei
    Have to pay $30 to get a job? I’m confused
  • Excellent 5/5

    By liberator4jesus
    Tara is thoughtful, kind and a dog lover
  • Never using WAG again/ switching to Rover! 1/5

    By lisstarine
    I have used WAG consistently for over 8 months. On the 8th of Sept my 11month old puppy, Milo; who is very sweet and would never hurt a fly went on a walk with a dog walker and during this walk my dog and another dog who was behind a fence got into a confrontation which led to my dog being bit pretty badly on his nose. The owner of the dog did not physically see the bite but was there to break up the situation as it was happening. He in fact had to tell the dog walker to pull Milo away from the fence. The dog walker failed to notice both dogs barking at each other (or just didn’t care) and allowed Milo’s nose to go through the fence. Furthermore she did contact me telling me milo was injured but failed to mention anything about the encounter and about what could have possibly led to the injury. When I got home I asked some clarifying questions to the walker (did you encounter ANY other dogs on the walk? Etc) she replied with NEW information I wasn’t given earlier that she did pass by aggressive dogs, Walker: “we did not get close to any dogs. One barked on the first floor but behind a fence. I saw that he pulls so I did not get close to any dogs...” I realized what happened and put two and two together by then got a statement from the dog owner who verified what happened. In the investigation through Wag they had everything they needed for the case but a a physical video or photo of the ACTUAL BITE IN ACTION. So because they don’t have that but have EVERYTHING else timestamps of when I left the house, when the woman took Milo, and a picture of a fresh gash that was not yet bleeding minutes after she took him out of my home. WAG is telling me there is nothing they can do. It is very clear this injury happened while Milo was in her care and she continues to say there was no contact and that she was nowhere near the fence and that he must have had that when she took him out. (Why would my neighbor say that his dog bit my dog if he really didn’t)This all happened in the matter of 8 minutes. She is trying to cover her own ass because she lied and tried to cover the fact that my Dog got injured under her care and was negligent. On top of that Wag is not doing anything to take care of this situation, they are keeping the dog walkers account active and at 5 stars. Let’s face it, I know accidents happen but it’s another thing for an ADULT care giver to lie. And on top of all that, WAG customer service is saying that it’s basically her word against mine so not much can happen. What if this was someone’s child that got injured under the negligence of another person (and I do consider my dogs to be my children)Would they care then? wish I could post photos on here to show you gu I will definitely be using the Rover app from now on ( my friend has had great experiences) and they treat your pets like their own family. ❤️
  • Lost the Key, Didn’t Apologize, Didn’t Offer to Compensate 2/5

    By Cusif
    Title says it all.
  • Wag pays less than minimum wage to walkers 1/5

    By wagreview2020
    While charging pet parents premium prices, they take a huge chunk and leave walkers with less than minimum wage after taxes.
  • Slow Response-misleading 1/5

    By Kathryn.2020
    First off, there are so great walkers on the platform. Folks who take good care of my dog. I have an issue with the bad platform and their neglect in holding those non good walkers accountable. First, it’s rare that I get notifications when walkers have arrived or when the walk has been accepted. It’s not like Uber where it shows up on your main screen and tells you who is driving and when they will be there. Instead I rarely get notified, then I have to dig. Multiple times it won’t even show me who will be walking my dog. Additionally, what is extremely frustrating is the walkers ability to push out the walk as they are late. I understand having to drive to my house, but if someone accepts my walk for 2pm, they shouldn’t have the ability to say they will be there at 2:30, then 3:15, then 4pm, then 4:30. It’s so unfair to my dog who is sitting at home waiting to be walked. If you can’t make it to your appointment, let someone else walk. One time it was almost 4 hours they pushed out the walk time. It says I’ll be charged for canceling, but at that point I don’t need a walker. I’d be home. The app needs updating, and they need to hold their walkers stricter to times. I’m getting off and switching to a new app after this happened again today. Very frustrating
  • Money pit 1/5

    By SamShula
    Website indicates I get to ask a free question if I download the app. Asked a question about my parrot, downloaded the app. No answer to be found. App is all about dogs. I put a lot of detail into this question hoping I could get a topical ointment suggestion instead of waiting until the vet is in tomorrow and now I just find I’ve wasted a half hour of my time because I received no help.
  • Bug in the app 1/5

    By LFC65
    I love the WAG walkers. They are fantastic. I’ve never had a bad walk or an issue with a walker. The app however is a different story. Consistently for the last year, if I edit a walk or sometimes if I schedule a walk by requesting a past walker, the walk is booked 2 hours earlier. This happens a each and every time and I have to call WAG and jump threw several hoops to get the time corrected. This happens EVERY time. The support techs tell me to delete the app and download it again, turn my phone on and off. Nothing works or helps or changes. WAG tells me that this isn’t a bug that they see from any other clients. I don’t know if that’s true but this causes me so many issues. I spend half my day fixing the walks I set up instead of doing my work! It’s a serious problem and they seem unable to fix it.
  • Poorly managed company with no way to talk to management. 1/5

    By Itunesisgreedy
    This company is the most poorly managed company I have ever seen in my life and I have done a lot of managing in my career. I have attempted to get in touch with management and not only are they the most difficult people to reach but most of the customer service representatives don’t even know how to reach them. This company takes 40% of every service- do you think your dog walker is going to do the best job possible if their paycheck is being cut by 40%? Something to think about. The fact that you cannot get in touch with any form of management, and they refuse to email you back is ridiculous. Do NOT trust your dog to this company. All the care about is money, NOT the safety of your dog. If you actually love your dog, do NOT use them.
  • This company is dishonest! 1/5

    By Hpsnow
    We had a family member pass away and needed a sitter the same day. They do not book anything like Rover. You do not get to pick the person and then if you don’t want them you have to pay a $25 cancellation fee. They also charge your credit card for your whole trip before you ok it. So now I have $600 pending on my cc because we decided on someone else. So infuriating! Thanks for adding to the stress and financial burden of a funeral Wag!!!
  • Great Job 5/5

    By 48Rose
    Sophia Hampton was our pet sitter when she lived in NM. She cared for 3 dogs, a cat, chickens, hummingbirds and our large garden area plus went to work. She was dependable and trustworthy. We wish she was still here.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By rhiiine
    App flaws
  • Users balk on their tips & Wag doesn’t care 1/5

    By princesadapraia
    Wag used to be great about a year ago.. I’m finding now that as a walker, Wag users are balking on their tips. They bait and switch- luring you into a walk with a promise of a tip, then giving you 5 stars after the walk, and leaving no tip! And during a pandemic!!! Wag has been unresponsive to this happening to me several times and they do nothing about it- literally telling me that user can technically do this and there is nothing they can do. They do not protect their good walkers, and the users in my area are increasingly becoming jerks- requiring a lot for minimal pay + no tip. DO NOT get into this if you are trying to supplement or make a living- you can earn more as a cashier at a supermarket or fast food joint. Wag doesn’t care about its walkers.
  • Just disappointed. 2/5

    By BigMammaC
    Well, I am a walker for wag and I’ve always loved the idea here and touted it to everyone. However, I am consistently disappointed in my inability to get a walk for my dog. Any walker that accepts my walk never shows up and tonight, I had a stranger come to my house at 11:30 pm, a solid 6 hours after I requested it, cancelled my date, came home, and was falling asleep. The criteria has obviously taken a serious decline. The walkers are totally unreliable and unpredictable and customer service is increasingly difficult to get a hold of. Thanks anyways wag. Nice try, do better.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Kobe••Kakes
    Don’t use wag they are horrible they have no care to continue to let walkers be scheduled that don’t notify you that they’re not coming. I’ve had to leave work early multiple times due to them canceling.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By missohara2
    Please do not use wag. Their customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen of any company in my life. The dog walking services are unsafe and unreliable. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with them.
  • Preying on person owners for health info 1/5

    By theopuppy
    I was looking up articles on dog health and was asked if I wanted to communicate with a free remote vet service. I was sent a link to download this app in order to have my question answered. When downloaded, I was scraped for info and created an account. I was then told I couldn’t have my question answered unless I signed up for premium membership. This is so misleading!

    By Fitbit102
    I loved wag and loved the concept of the wag tag until they discontinued it. Wish they would bring it back.
  • The best 5/5

    By any0001
    So trustworthy and dependable! Prices are great!
  • Pamela Wusthoff 5/5

    By pamwusthoff
    Lauren Malmgren is awesome with my pet!! she is kind, considerate, punctual and My dog loves her. I would recommend her with highest regards. Sincerely Pamela Wusthoff
  • Martin Dowd 6 stars!!! 5/5

    By Micky's parents
    We have used Martin a few times and he never disappoints. His love of dogs is unquestionable. Communication is key and Martin is all over it. Very conscientious about providing txt and video updates of his dog visits and walks. Knows and remembers the requirements and quirks with our dog. Regular updates on food and water intake and amounts. Particularly focused on making sure the dog is in comfortable surroundings- especially good during those 90 degree days !!!! Micky considers him one of the family now. Highest recommendation for Martin Dowd
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By geo4891
    Overall Wag and wag walkers have been good but every so often a walker doesn’t show up and by the time a new request is placed it’s late at night and no one else will pick up the walk. I’m a nurse and work 12+ hour shifts, tonight the walker never arrived and then messaged me her phone had died and she didn’t know what time it was. No one else has picked up the walk so it looks like my dog won’t get to pee tonight.

Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters app comments

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