Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers

Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers

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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers App

Wag! is the #1 dog walking app to book a dog walker on-demand, or at your convenience. Experience every step of your dog’s walk through text updates, live GPS tracking, pee/poo notifications, and photo report cards. Wag! dog walkers are thoroughly vetted and tested on dog handling experience. Wag! services are insured and bonded with customer support around the clock. Your pup is sure to love all of the amazing Wag! dog walkers. Get a Dog Walker Whenever You Need ASAP (dog walkers arrive in as little as 15 minutes) Scheduled (dog walkers arrive when convenient for you) Peace of Mind at Every Step of the Walk Leave dog notes and home access instructions for dog walker Live GPS tracks dog walk in real-time Live pee/poop notifications Walk report card with photo Securely pay and leave optional tip directly in app Publicly rate/review dog walkers Prioritize favorite dog walkers to use again for future walks NEW- instantly book your favorite Wag! Walkers for sitting and boarding! Overnight in-home dog boarding Drop-in visit house sitting Daily photo and video updates Pickup and drop-off available for additional fee FREE Wag! Lockbox Provided free of charge on request Securely store spare keys for dog walker Book walks for your dog while at work, or away Experience why Wag! Is the most pawesome dog walking service Ev-fur!


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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app reviews

  • Love this app so much 5/5

    By Knico88
    I am a mom with a busy schedule, two kids, a husband and a one year old golden doodle! It is genius. It’s like Uber for dogs. There are many mornings or late afternoons when I have dog mom guilt and need my pup to be walked since I am late at hockey practice or husband isn’t getting home early. I have never once had a bad experience and I just got my lock box today! I love that I get reports and can see the walk the entire time! It’s genius and has made our lives better!
  • Abuses the employee’s time 1/5

    By AgileNinja
    Wag charges customers a $10 cancellation fee if a walk is cancelled by a dog owner within 24 hours of the scheduled walk time. A walker, however has to be en route to the dog owner, however, to receive any compensation whatsoever. Furthermore, location services are buggy either by being inaccurate or by ignoring requests to allot walks to a limited area. I frequently receive notifications for walks that are a 45 minute drive away when the owner wants their service in 15 minutes. Also, inventory orders for walkers are backed up by at least 2 1/2 months at this point and it’s now my responsibility to seek out a refund for purchases not delivered.
  • Charletta 5/5

    By 1D58
    Charletta is so amazing with my dogs! She treats them as if they were her own dogs. Everything I ask of her she does it with no problem. Thank you, Charletta for taking care of Sparky and Cole!! You’re the best!
  • Service is good. App is garbage 2/5

    By Swimnatius
    The service generally works fine and is very convenient. I find the app to be glitchy, poorly designed, and confusing. Looks like a 12 year old coded it.
  • The app 3/5

    By Lala_sofiya
    The idea is amazing but the wag app needs serious work. I’m always having issues trying to schedule walks. I literally cannot book a walk to save my life. It’s not convenient at all, also you can’t chose your walker.
  • DO NOT USE WAG 1/5

    By Moose's Moose
    While the walking service seems to be legit and you can see within the app where your dog is via gps, the company loses all credibility and care for animals in their haphazard approach to dog sitting. If you love your animal, I highly recommend you look elsewhere for a company that cares for their well being as this one takes no accountability for the people they hire and let into your home. My story: After using the app for walking services on and off for over a year, I felt (wrongly) safe in using it to book an in-home sitter for my dog while I was out for a week. It was clear during the week and upon my arrival home that the sitter barely spent time with my poor dog during the time I was gone (while he wasn't supposed to be away for more than 3 hours at a time). He didn't stay overnight even though I booked that within the app. He also didn't follow the instructions I listed in the app about how to feed or take care of my dog leading to him being sick when I arrived back home. I also had to call Wag twice within the first couple days because I was receiving zero updates from the sitter. After inquiring with Wag while, all they could tell me was that their people were vetted and insured. They did nothing to check on whether the sitter was actually at my home and doing what he was hired for, and I'll never know just what kind of bad treatment my 10 yr old dog went through while I was gone.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By Jayden Toscano
    I used the app 3 times before this incident it went fine the first 3 times but the 4th time i was out of town and i requested a dog walk not only did it take a long time but the walker killed my dog! I pressed charges DONT TRUST THIS APP IF YOU LOVE YOUR ANIMAL
  • Great idea, but not reliable 1/5

    By Lazylatenight
    At first I thought Wag was a godsend. I was in need of a dog walker who could come by last minute while I was in the hospital. My first walk with them was great, but then the nightmare began when I got a message in the morning that my morning walker had cancelled. I was willing to give it another try because of the ease of use and they were eventually able to find a walker to take out my beloved pooch. A couple weeks later I again tried using Wag and although given an estimated time to confirmation time of 15 minutes, they weren’t able to find a walker until 5 hours later, at which point the walk was no longer even needed. Then the following day my scheduled walker just didn’t show up and they couldn’t find a replacement. Although the idea is great and the app easy to use, the lack of reliability and poor customer service really does it in. I hope that they can improve these issues because the premise is brilliant!
  • Terrible App and terrible service 1/5

    By D.Pies
    WAG is unreliable. More than once I have tried to book a walk and not been able to schedule it. My neighbor also had the same issue. Most recently it took WAG 3 hours to confirm a walk and then they weren’t able to find a walker in the end. Another time my husband arrived home and the walker was getting into his car with our dog. It is our belief that he was going to drive around slowly to simulate the walk. There is also no way to choose your walker ahead of time. You can only say that you would like a preferred walker. The interface is not intuitive and not functional. Additionally, when you have multiple dogs there is not a way to have just one pet walked. We wanted to suspend our service but the account was automatically charged $80 in credits instead of the surplus for the walk. There is nothing good or reliable about this app or the service and we are just waiting to burn through the $80 in credits until we can be done with WAG. Although with their service rate that will be a long time, since they aren’t able to consistently provide reliable service.
  • Great idea 5/5

    By Maxwell Miner
    User interface is a little clunky but it works
  • Still have issues to resolve 2/5

    By Shellbell311
    Had to cancel my scheduled walk because they couldn’t find a walker and the start time for the walk kept getting pushed back. My dog couldn’t wait that long to get walked. I called customer service to cancel and was on hold for a very long time then they hung up on me! I called back, another long wait and again they hung up on me. Someone did call me back and said they were having problem with their computer system. Mid conversation the call hung up yet again! Are they still using dial up? They also lose stars because the app home screen shows your area map with all the walkers nearby. However this is false advertisement because these walkers are not necessarily available. I think we should only see available walkers! Imagine opening the Uber app and seeing all these drivers near you and then realizing that they in fact are just parked in their garage and are not actively driving around. Just show us the walkers available to walk at the moment we are requesting!
  • Amazing service 5/5

    By Draven2093
    Have had nothing but good experience with wag so far! This will be my 8 year old lab gray hound mix 4th walk with the service and it has been nothing but a great experience so far will and have recommended the service for anyone with a pet.
  • Wag app 5/5

    By Atwood family
    It works well... I don’t have glitches or functions that don’t work. I would like to see a function where I could get my grandpa walked... jk but they do a great job... all the walker have been outstanding. I have to trust someone inside my home and so far I’ve been very fortunate with this... I think it’s because everyone is background checked. Overall I like my dog getting around others he is working through behaviors and I noticed that they do great to help him work through his issues... Thanks Eric
  • App and service are horrible 1/5

    By TallGirl-57
    I supposedly received a free walk for writing a reference for a private Walker I had used. It took numerous text back-and-forth and several tries for the app to even reset up an account.. Some texts took over a day to be responded to, and then it was like we were starting a conversation completely over and they had no access to the prior conversation. Finally decided a free walk was not worth the irritation and I’ve gone back to using a different site.
  • This Service WAS HORRIBLE 1/5

    By JTBREmpire
    The local independent employees are perfect, however, the management team and the way they communicate with dog owner(s) are Horrible!! I trusted my golden-doodle with their boarding services for Friday through Sunday. Originally, I was assigned “employee A.” I had the opportunity to talk with “employee A,” confirm their background information, credentials, weekend plans for my dog, other animals my dog possibly would be around for social activities, other people my dog would possibly be around (a very expensive dog), because I understand everyone cannot be trusted. The employee may be fine, but not their boyfriend or girlfriend, and as a dog owner, I deserve the right to know, because at the conclusion of the boarding I expect my dog to be returned the exact way as I dropped him off..... Nonetheless, an emergency happened with “employee A” and without proper notice, without confirmation of background checks, without addresses exchanged, my dog now had been reassigned to a whole new boarder “employee B”. WHAT??? Who is this person? Where do they live? What other dogs or pets are in their house? Who else lives with them? Are you kidding me? Instead, I get a random picture of a girl and a guy saying “hi I have your dog now.” I panicked, and felt helpless and hopeless. I could not believe this nightmare. That’s like sending my child home with a random stranger. I immediately called “employee B” at 5:45 AM and asked for everything. This was the worst experience I have ever felt, especially this being our first time using boarding services! Please understand, the employees both A and B, were good, but “WAG” was horrible with how they handled this situation. Finally, they charged me in FULL for my services. But I tipped, because the “employees” were good. I am writing this 4 days later after my traumatic experience to avoid writing this in anger, and to keep it as a genuine as possible. I would recommend that you NOT USE WAG!
  • Buyer BEWARE!!!! 1/5

    By Yong1
    I purchased 100 credits ($90) for the sole purchase of boarding my dog but there was no sitter available to take in a large dog for the time slot I needed. Since I no longer need the credits, I emailed the finance dept as instructed to request a refund. I emailed them 4 times in a 1 week span and have not received a single acknowledgement. The App won’t even let me delete my payment information.
  • Best dog walking app ever 5/5

    By Antonomy519
    I’ve tried all of the top dog waking apps out there. I tried Rover as well. Not only is Wag more professional, cheaper, and have great customer service, but their walkers never fail! Rover often will cancel your walks forcing you to scramble or neglect your poor dog. I love Wag! If you download the Drop app, you also get tons of points for using Wag!
  • Walker roulette 1/5

    By MaryMo9999
    The walker left tons of gumballs in my dogs hair and he ripped them out leaving me with sticks, leaves, and gumballs scattered all around my house as well as dried mud from the mud she let them track in. There is no customer service to talk to. They make you leave a message, I haven’t gotten a call back. Don’t do it. Also! I have a puppy that chewed up some of the gumballs and now I don’t know if she’ll get sick.
  • App used to be a blessing now it’s a nightmare 1/5

    By NatalieR143
    I use the app A LOT! I schedule sittings to cover my business travel so I’m scheduling a sitter at minimum once a month with a few walks sprinkled in here and there. When I first started using the app it was amazing! The sitters genuinely cared for my pups and wanted to get to know them. I started to notice a decline in the quality of walkers. More people in it to make an extra buck doing the bare minimum of work possible. When I returned from my last trip I not only found urine soaked dog beds from my dogs who never have accidents, I also found a pile of vomit, and a fine coat of a strange white “fuzz” coating my entire floor. All the sitter had to do was walk them twice a day and make sure their food and water stayed full. Had she walked them within an hour either direction of 9am and 5pm they would not have had to urinate on their own dog beds. One thing that upsets me the most is that I always request preferred sitters AND NEVER GET THEM. It’s an option when you’re booking in the app. Now if I reached out to some of my preferred people first, did all of the scheduling work, and texted multiple Wag phone numbers to ensure only the preferred sitter I had already spoken to was allowed to take job is the only time I got a preferred sitter. And one time I did all of that and the preferred sitter STILL didn’t get the job. I don’t have time for that and isn’t that why I pay wag!? Sure enough, after this last nightmare with yet another random stranger in my house, I reached out to two of my three preferred sitters. They got zero notification that I had requested them. Another issue, twice I’ve had a sitter keep my key on them instead of leaving it in the lockbox. One time, the sitter came within a few hours to return it to me. At the time it was my only key. Here I am, suitcases in hand, exhausted from a long business trip, just dropped if by a cab, and I can’t wait to get inside where it’s warm and cuddle with my doggos. Instead, I get to sit outside where it’s freezing, with my dogs freaking out because I won’t come in FOR TWO HOURS!!! Now my second key is missing since February 22! Almost 20 days ago!!!! I’ve asked for a refund for my last sitting and for my key to be returned. Instead of answers, all I’ve gotten is shuffled around to multiple people and have to explain the entire story every time. Don’t depend on WAG to make your life easier. They don’t.
  • Bad deceiving booking policy and buttons 1/5

    By miat888
    Their app is so unclear when it comes to booking a grooming. There is no confirmation button before booking. I had just had surgery and was looking into pricing. Pushed by accident a grooming due to the fact the site does t warn u if a confirmation before the next page. I immediately called and no one answered. They had some robot texting me saying they would not waive the cancellation fee of $40 dollars. The site doesn’t allow u to delete either ur credit card in file or the account without contacting them directly. Both times they walked my dog they walker was way to confident in waking on our property so our dog became nervous. Wouldn’t recommend them. Find a private dog walker and other Moblie pet wash people before getting locked into their policies. Not cool!
  • Okay app 3/5

    By Thaaaaaaaaagurl
    Hey— love the concept, but this app looks like it should be for an iPhone 2. When I use the app, it completely drains my phone so when I go on the next walk, I’m messed up because I my phone is dead and I can’t record my next walk/take pictures, ect.
  • App isn’t easy to use. 3/5

    By Scribblebear9963
    This app is confusing and hard to use... to make any changes it’s almost impossible without having to call customer service, which is just frustrating.
  • DO NOT USE WAG 1/5

    By lnt920
    I started my Wag! experience on their Desktop site, which is possibly the root cause of my issues, but there is NO REASON FOR DESKTOP AND APP FUNCTIONALITY TO BE SO OUT OF SYNC!!! This company is awful. They send you auto-scripted texts but don’t actually address your responses. They do not answer their phone or return calls, they claim you can meet the walker in person prior to the first walk but there is literally no way to do so. They force you through the “shopping funnel” of scheduling a walk with no way to go back and make adjustments, and I just had to pay a $10 cancellation fee because of how they structure their site and refuse to be available for clients or communicate. Overall, Wag! is shady, their user experience on the site is horrendous, and I would not recommend them to anyone. DO NOT USE!
  • Just don’t trust it 1/5

    By Christy.A
    So after reading more then one story on the news about lost dogs or dog killed while under the care of a wag walker I’ve decided not to even bother with this app, rather be safe then sorry
  • Love wag! 5/5

    By KeleighSL8
    This service is such a lifesaver! I have been using wag since it started and it’s always been a great experience. I love seeing the pics and the route and of course the comments!
  • Wag rules! 5/5

    By Mynzai
    My dog is pooped by the time I get home from work everyday! The walkers are very considerate and professional and I love being able to schedule walks on the fly!
  • No control over your own walks 1/5

    By carmencita120
    They choose the walkers for you! Huge down side. You can’t meet and greet unless you want to do more then 1 walk. So a random person will just come to ur house and your suppose to be ok with it! And Prices are pre-set unlike other apps where walkers set there own prices.
  • Worst experience ever!! 1/5

    By Furtheloveofyourpet.com
    Guy came to take care of my 3 pups and took only 2 out instead of all 3! My poor dog was shaking when I got home! Horrible experience, not sure if guy hit him or what? Took two weeks for my pup to be his old self again!
  • Was great.. until it wasn’t 2/5

    By Dyang12
    Walkers are great. And I still use the app for boarding. But the asap walk feature is basically unusable at this point unless you can wait upwards of 2 hours for a walker to actually come. Basically takes the whole convenience out of it. Customer service was no help, they basically just said there’s nothing they can do about it which is super disappointing
  • Worst walkers 1/5

    By Theft666hellfire
    Meth and heroin fueled dog walkers. The app is so bad I had to contact them at least 3 times before the first walk because of the apps mistakes. And it was very hard to cancel my subscription. Do not use these junkies
  • Price 2/5

    By Chicago456123
    Too expensive to be a realistic regular option for many people. I deleted the app because of this but still receive texts and emails weekly. It's a bit intrusive. That being said, the walkers were always great.
  • Convenient but dangerous 1/5

    By aaronm67
    All it takes to be a walker for wag is a background check and a 5 minute class. You get walkers who know nothing about dogs, nothing about how to use standard equipment, and put your dog and others at risk because of it. The convenience is great, but at some point, the inexperienced walkers will cause a problem for you, and it is not worth the risk.
  • Terrible app and difficult to deal with 1/5

    By BPayne123
    Not optimized for plus model iPhones, customer service is terrible because you can’t speak to one individual person about an issue. I would recommend finding a walker outside of this service.
  • Don’t bother! 1/5

    By Spklered
    Walkers are unreliable and customer support is impossible to reach. Look else where!
  • Wag 4/5

    By jnhhhhhhhhh
    I'm a walker and I love this app! Customer service replies surprisingly fast compared to what other people had to say about it. It is hard to get walks though.
  • Great App Minus Customer Service 2/5

    By flurg23
    I LOVE the service wag provides. However, I have NEVER reached a customer service representative immediately. I will spend 20 minutes on the line, just waiting to no avail, every time. When I use the text feature, same thing. It usually takes about 45 minutes for a response that requires immediate attention. What happens if there’s an emergency and my dog is on a walk? Thats why this is unacceptable and I will keep this review at 2 stars until it’s fixed.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By V Edmondson
    Doesn’t even let me login this thing is completely useless and total crap!!!! Use Rover
  • Ok but needs improvement 3/5

    By Destiny220
    I love that it tracks my dog BUT it won’t allow bookings for walks on the half hour so every time I want a walk at 2:30 I have to request 2:00 pm and then contact support to change it. Seems like a waste of time. Should just have that option.
  • Love my walker, but... 3/5

    By usmcjen
    The company doesn’t care about their walkers and they are unresponsive to texts even though their app says that’s how to get in touch with them for event matters. Today, the Baltimore/DC area was shut down due to a really bad (hurricane force) wind storm. Offices were closed, schools closed, commuter trains weren’t running, power lines down, trees down, etc. I contacted Wag! and asked if they could cancel my walk without the $10 cancellation fee for canceling within 24 hours because the conditions simply weren’t safe for my walker or my dog. No response. My walker came and he took my dog for a quick walk away from trees and debris fields, but I’m extremely disappointed. Safety should be #1 priority.
  • wants payment before quoting 1/5

    By Timmy the Butcher
    tried to sign on but wanted my CC info before I could get quotes on the cost of services. Sorry but that is not going to happen.
  • Tons of annoying emails and texts begging for me to use the app 2/5

    By Jbravo002
    I haven’t even begun to use the app. I made the mistake of downloading and signing up for an account. I have got a number text messages that were not wanted. I have more email from wag than I do my typical spam emails from bogus companies. The fact that they text me when I haven’t needed a dog walker annoys the ever living hell out of me. The lock box they sent me said they were in high demand and if I don’t use it with 7 or so days send it back. Wow I get it you want me to use the app I understand you want me to use your service but my god it feels like someone is begging me for money. I would rather go with rover where they don’t harass and email / text / spam me constantly about getting a free walk setup. Close to deleting the app and sending the box back if they can’t leave me alone.
  • Not great 1/5

    By Sportsbabe527
    This is a great idea in theory and I was really excited to try their service. However their execution leaves a lot to be desired. I requested a walk for my dog who can be nervous around strange men. The walk was scheduled for 12pm the next day. I didn’t realize you couldn’t pick your walker and I was assigned a male walker. I contacted customer service and had to reach out twice before hearing back - but they were able to re-book and put in a request for a female walker. Problem solved, or so I thought. The next day (morning of the day I needed my dog walked) I checked my app and still didn’t have a confirmation. So I contacted customer service again and was told the request was still pending. I reached out again around 10:30am to see if any walker had been confirmed. It had not. I was told someone was working on it. So I waited and reached out again at when I didn’t hear from them. It was 11:45am and still no walker. I am very disappointed because I had hoped this service would be useful going forward but what upsets me most is that I was left in the lurch with no walker and my dog is the one who has to suffer as a result.
  • Move 1/5

    By No more fake
    if you are trying to be a walker don’t apply, you will finish by uninstalling it.. Worst customer service ever..
  • LOVE WAG! Use KATHERINE02221 for $25 free credits! 5/5

    By Katannegage
    I LOVE Wag! The energy with everyone you meet is kind and professional and the dogs and walkers are ALWAYS insured. They have $1,000,000 of insurance coverage for your dog while the pup is on a walk. I think it’s great for a person on a busy work schedule who doesn’t want to leave their pooch behind all day. Free lock boxes mailed to you ensure your security and privacy to put your key in as well.
  • Walker app is clunky, but the experience and pay is great 4/5

    By E.K.T.
    So we can all agree that Wag needs a new CS team, I have college friends who would code a better app in a week. But I love walking for Wag. I love that I can fit walks around my unpredictable schedule, and everyone has always been very pleasant to me! Wag has done wonders for my mental health, getting sunlight and exercise and puppy love is invaluable! Walks pay a decent wage considering they only take up 20-60 minutes of your time but pay well above what I make at a doggie daycare. Walkers tend to tip generously and leave thoughtful reviews. I'm so grateful for this experience and I hope Wag can stay afloat because I love my job!
  • App is buggy 3/5

    By J212121
    The service is great but the app can be a real pain. When using the app to arrange a walk random notifications are sent to your phone but there is no way to read them. Once a walk is accepted by a walker it's difficult (if not impossible) to see thier expected arrival time. You will get a text message with the walkers eta but if the walker changes the eta you'll get a notification you can't read. Again, great service but buggy app.
  • Best service ever created 5/5

    By Jjdab621
    Honestly this is the best service ever created! I’ve used it probably ten times and it continues to save my life! The app functionality isn’t great as I’m sure it’s a new app and needs more development but in terms of the service and the walkers it’s the best! Highly recommend!
  • App for walker is deceiving 1/5

    By Merrrce
    First I will say I love this “job”, I did it on the side at night, early mornings or weekends as I work full time. BUT when a client requests a walk it goes to all in the area despite getting notifications that the walker is requesting a walk from you. The notices literally read as “wants you to walk (insert dogs name)”. YOU. In actuality the request goes out to all walkers in the area and it’s first come first serve basically. I consider that to be deceptive.
  • Free walk pressure and then a $10 charge 1/5

    By Classicm00n
    Got the app thinking it would be good for my dog. Then kept getting messages from different phone numbers and names encouraging me to order a walk I didn’t need yet. Then the alerts that the free walk offer was almost over. So I booked a walk, later that day realized I didn’t need it (and couldn’t accommodate it) and cancelled. Luckily for Wag, cancelling a free walk offer means a $10 cancellation fee. $10 poorly spent.
  • Great service and app! 5/5

    By Appslovingeek
    I love knowing where my dogs are and what they’ve been up to. I had some bad experiences with dog walkers and Wag! has been reliable every single time. Really sweet walkers and watching my dogs journey through the app when I’m thousands of miles away has been amazing. Thank you, Wag!

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