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Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters App

Wag! is the #1 app for pet parents -- offering 5-star dog walking, pet sitting, vet care, and training services nationwide. Book convenient pet care in your neighborhood with the Wag! app. Whether you’re looking for daily walks, planning a trip, stuck at work, or just want your best friend to have some company - any day, anytime pet care is available through the app. Here when you need pet care. On-demand and scheduled dog walks based on your and your dog’s needs. Boarding and sitting overnight care in your home or the Pet Caregiver’s. Drop-in visits for dogs who don’t need a walk, but could use a potty break. Veterinary consultations to answer your pet health questions from the convenience of your home, available around the clock. One-on-one personalized in-home dog training. Safety is serious business. Every Pet Caregiver with Wag! is vetted and must pass a comprehensive background check. Wag! services are insured and covered by $1M in home liability insurance. Support is standing by and available to you and your pet 24/7. All about convenience. GPS-tracked walks so you can follow along with your dog’s walk in real-time. In-app messaging so you can easily communicate with your Pet Caregiver. Receive live pee/poop notifications and a detailed report card at the end of your service. Book and pay for your services securely within the app. Wag! lockboxes are available for simplified home access. Chat live with board certified veterinary professionals for expert pet health advice We’ve been around the block. Our community of 150,000+ Pet Caregivers nationwide are dog people, and it shows. Pet Caregivers with Wag! have a trusted record of experience with over 10 million pet care services across 4,600+ cities. We’ve donated over 10 million meals! A portion of our proceeds from the walks you book help to feed shelter dogs in your area. Making Pet Parents happy is what we do best -- 99% of Wag! services result in a 5-star review

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Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters app reviews

  • Difficult to become a walker 1/5

    By jujudwy
    The concept of the app is awesome, but it’s so hard to use if you’re trying to become a walker. There is no way to track your application on the app once you have submitted it. It’s extremely frustrating.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By Nnnmmmmmmmm
    This is the WORST walking service. I request a walker ASAP, told I will get an update in 10-15 minutes, and then an hour later, STILL NO RESPONSE. And when I have to cancel because no one responds, I GET CHARGED!
  • Dishonest Company 1/5

    By PVBMsifit
    I signed up to be a walker for wag and they ran a background check which came back clean and took my $35 for a t-shirt which i never received and never heard from them again. Multiple emails later they have not given me access to work for them and have not refunded my money. SHADY COMPANY
  • I’m a walker- This app is trash 1/5

    By She who doesnt leave reviews
    This app is trash. It glitches out all the time, isn’t intuitive to use, and the app is difficult to use if you’re a walker. This app and the customer service for walkers is garbage. I wouldn’t recommend using this app or walking for Wag. Go use Rover, they actually allow you to set your availability so that you don’t get requests or notifications during your off times or requests outside of your set area. Also, I have recently stopped getting tips even though I get 5 stars for each walk. Not getting tipped makes it harder for me to continue walking with this company.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Therese the dog friend
    I have been a dog walker/care giver for wag for a year now. I have to say that their attention to their clients and dog walkers:care givers is superb. Support is always there to help with any difficulty or concern.
  • Application fee 1/5

    By hhhahavei
    Have to pay $30 to get a job? I’m confused
  • Excellent 5/5

    By liberator4jesus
    Tara is thoughtful, kind and a dog lover
  • Never using WAG again/ switching to Rover! 1/5

    By lisstarine
    I have used WAG consistently for over 8 months. On the 8th of Sept my 11month old puppy, Milo; who is very sweet and would never hurt a fly went on a walk with a dog walker and during this walk my dog and another dog who was behind a fence got into a confrontation which led to my dog being bit pretty badly on his nose. The owner of the dog did not physically see the bite but was there to break up the situation as it was happening. He in fact had to tell the dog walker to pull Milo away from the fence. The dog walker failed to notice both dogs barking at each other (or just didn’t care) and allowed Milo’s nose to go through the fence. Furthermore she did contact me telling me milo was injured but failed to mention anything about the encounter and about what could have possibly led to the injury. When I got home I asked some clarifying questions to the walker (did you encounter ANY other dogs on the walk? Etc) she replied with NEW information I wasn’t given earlier that she did pass by aggressive dogs, Walker: “we did not get close to any dogs. One barked on the first floor but behind a fence. I saw that he pulls so I did not get close to any dogs...” I realized what happened and put two and two together by then got a statement from the dog owner who verified what happened. In the investigation through Wag they had everything they needed for the case but a a physical video or photo of the ACTUAL BITE IN ACTION. So because they don’t have that but have EVERYTHING else timestamps of when I left the house, when the woman took Milo, and a picture of a fresh gash that was not yet bleeding minutes after she took him out of my home. WAG is telling me there is nothing they can do. It is very clear this injury happened while Milo was in her care and she continues to say there was no contact and that she was nowhere near the fence and that he must have had that when she took him out. (Why would my neighbor say that his dog bit my dog if he really didn’t)This all happened in the matter of 8 minutes. She is trying to cover her own ass because she lied and tried to cover the fact that my Dog got injured under her care and was negligent. On top of that Wag is not doing anything to take care of this situation, they are keeping the dog walkers account active and at 5 stars. Let’s face it, I know accidents happen but it’s another thing for an ADULT care giver to lie. And on top of all that, WAG customer service is saying that it’s basically her word against mine so not much can happen. What if this was someone’s child that got injured under the negligence of another person (and I do consider my dogs to be my children)Would they care then? wish I could post photos on here to show you gu I will definitely be using the Rover app from now on ( my friend has had great experiences) and they treat your pets like their own family. ❤️
  • Lost the Key, Didn’t Apologize, Didn’t Offer to Compensate 2/5

    By Cusif
    Title says it all.
  • Wag pays less than minimum wage to walkers 1/5

    By wagreview2020
    While charging pet parents premium prices, they take a huge chunk and leave walkers with less than minimum wage after taxes.
  • Slow Response-misleading 1/5

    By Kathryn.2020
    First off, there are so great walkers on the platform. Folks who take good care of my dog. I have an issue with the bad platform and their neglect in holding those non good walkers accountable. First, it’s rare that I get notifications when walkers have arrived or when the walk has been accepted. It’s not like Uber where it shows up on your main screen and tells you who is driving and when they will be there. Instead I rarely get notified, then I have to dig. Multiple times it won’t even show me who will be walking my dog. Additionally, what is extremely frustrating is the walkers ability to push out the walk as they are late. I understand having to drive to my house, but if someone accepts my walk for 2pm, they shouldn’t have the ability to say they will be there at 2:30, then 3:15, then 4pm, then 4:30. It’s so unfair to my dog who is sitting at home waiting to be walked. If you can’t make it to your appointment, let someone else walk. One time it was almost 4 hours they pushed out the walk time. It says I’ll be charged for canceling, but at that point I don’t need a walker. I’d be home. The app needs updating, and they need to hold their walkers stricter to times. I’m getting off and switching to a new app after this happened again today. Very frustrating
  • Money pit 1/5

    By SamShula
    Website indicates I get to ask a free question if I download the app. Asked a question about my parrot, downloaded the app. No answer to be found. App is all about dogs. I put a lot of detail into this question hoping I could get a topical ointment suggestion instead of waiting until the vet is in tomorrow and now I just find I’ve wasted a half hour of my time because I received no help.
  • Bug in the app 1/5

    By LFC65
    I love the WAG walkers. They are fantastic. I’ve never had a bad walk or an issue with a walker. The app however is a different story. Consistently for the last year, if I edit a walk or sometimes if I schedule a walk by requesting a past walker, the walk is booked 2 hours earlier. This happens a each and every time and I have to call WAG and jump threw several hoops to get the time corrected. This happens EVERY time. The support techs tell me to delete the app and download it again, turn my phone on and off. Nothing works or helps or changes. WAG tells me that this isn’t a bug that they see from any other clients. I don’t know if that’s true but this causes me so many issues. I spend half my day fixing the walks I set up instead of doing my work! It’s a serious problem and they seem unable to fix it.
  • Poorly managed company with no way to talk to management. 1/5

    By Itunesisgreedy
    This company is the most poorly managed company I have ever seen in my life and I have done a lot of managing in my career. I have attempted to get in touch with management and not only are they the most difficult people to reach but most of the customer service representatives don’t even know how to reach them. This company takes 40% of every service- do you think your dog walker is going to do the best job possible if their paycheck is being cut by 40%? Something to think about. The fact that you cannot get in touch with any form of management, and they refuse to email you back is ridiculous. Do NOT trust your dog to this company. All the care about is money, NOT the safety of your dog. If you actually love your dog, do NOT use them.
  • This company is dishonest! 1/5

    By Hpsnow
    We had a family member pass away and needed a sitter the same day. They do not book anything like Rover. You do not get to pick the person and then if you don’t want them you have to pay a $25 cancellation fee. They also charge your credit card for your whole trip before you ok it. So now I have $600 pending on my cc because we decided on someone else. So infuriating! Thanks for adding to the stress and financial burden of a funeral Wag!!!
  • Great Job 5/5

    By 48Rose
    Sophia Hampton was our pet sitter when she lived in NM. She cared for 3 dogs, a cat, chickens, hummingbirds and our large garden area plus went to work. She was dependable and trustworthy. We wish she was still here.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By rhiiine
    App flaws
  • Users balk on their tips & Wag doesn’t care 1/5

    By princesadapraia
    Wag used to be great about a year ago.. I’m finding now that as a walker, Wag users are balking on their tips. They bait and switch- luring you into a walk with a promise of a tip, then giving you 5 stars after the walk, and leaving no tip! And during a pandemic!!! Wag has been unresponsive to this happening to me several times and they do nothing about it- literally telling me that user can technically do this and there is nothing they can do. They do not protect their good walkers, and the users in my area are increasingly becoming jerks- requiring a lot for minimal pay + no tip. DO NOT get into this if you are trying to supplement or make a living- you can earn more as a cashier at a supermarket or fast food joint. Wag doesn’t care about its walkers.
  • Just disappointed. 2/5

    By BigMammaC
    Well, I am a walker for wag and I’ve always loved the idea here and touted it to everyone. However, I am consistently disappointed in my inability to get a walk for my dog. Any walker that accepts my walk never shows up and tonight, I had a stranger come to my house at 11:30 pm, a solid 6 hours after I requested it, cancelled my date, came home, and was falling asleep. The criteria has obviously taken a serious decline. The walkers are totally unreliable and unpredictable and customer service is increasingly difficult to get a hold of. Thanks anyways wag. Nice try, do better.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Kobe••Kakes
    Don’t use wag they are horrible they have no care to continue to let walkers be scheduled that don’t notify you that they’re not coming. I’ve had to leave work early multiple times due to them canceling.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By missohara2
    Please do not use wag. Their customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen of any company in my life. The dog walking services are unsafe and unreliable. I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with them.
  • Preying on person owners for health info 1/5

    By theopuppy
    I was looking up articles on dog health and was asked if I wanted to communicate with a free remote vet service. I was sent a link to download this app in order to have my question answered. When downloaded, I was scraped for info and created an account. I was then told I couldn’t have my question answered unless I signed up for premium membership. This is so misleading!

    By Fitbit102
    I loved wag and loved the concept of the wag tag until they discontinued it. Wish they would bring it back.
  • The best 5/5

    By any0001
    So trustworthy and dependable! Prices are great!
  • Pamela Wusthoff 5/5

    By pamwusthoff
    Lauren Malmgren is awesome with my pet!! she is kind, considerate, punctual and My dog loves her. I would recommend her with highest regards. Sincerely Pamela Wusthoff
  • Martin Dowd 6 stars!!! 5/5

    By Micky's parents
    We have used Martin a few times and he never disappoints. His love of dogs is unquestionable. Communication is key and Martin is all over it. Very conscientious about providing txt and video updates of his dog visits and walks. Knows and remembers the requirements and quirks with our dog. Regular updates on food and water intake and amounts. Particularly focused on making sure the dog is in comfortable surroundings- especially good during those 90 degree days !!!! Micky considers him one of the family now. Highest recommendation for Martin Dowd
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By geo4891
    Overall Wag and wag walkers have been good but every so often a walker doesn’t show up and by the time a new request is placed it’s late at night and no one else will pick up the walk. I’m a nurse and work 12+ hour shifts, tonight the walker never arrived and then messaged me her phone had died and she didn’t know what time it was. No one else has picked up the walk so it looks like my dog won’t get to pee tonight.
  • Eleanor Rainbolt 5/5

    I highly endorse and recommend Eleanor with your dog. She is great with animals.
  • 1st appointment was a no show. 1/5

    By RunFaster5150
    1st appointment my wife and I set was for a dog sitting so we could get away for our anniversary. The dog sitter was a no show and Wag offered no compensation and could not get another sitter out to us. Complete disappointment.
  • Money hungry company. 1/5

    By Gh0stCh1l1
    Prior to the pandemic I had deposited money into my account for future walking services. I logged in and noticed I still had $20 in my account. A request was submitted via email to Wag help to receive a refund since I would no longer needs their services; at least not during the pandemic. The first response I received pretty much said that the accounting team is no longer processing refunds so; "appreciate your understanding in this matter." I immediately replied since I didn't actually understand what was going on. The lady that was helping me replied quoting Wag "Payment Terms for Pet Owners" which state: Charges paid by you are final and non-refundable regardless of your decision to terminate usage of the Services, Wag!’s decision to terminate your usage, any disruption of the Services or any other reason whatsoever, unless otherwise determined by Wag!." I understand that I am at fault since I didn't bother to read the terms & conditions, so my review is based on the fact that they need to keep my money just because I no longer want their service. Also, they pay their walkers rather poorly compared to the amount they charge per walk. I personally did not walk dogs for Wag, but a friend of mine did for a while and ended up quitting because of the discrepancy in wages.
  • Home Security Issue - Support Page Not Working 1/5

    By 123MN123
    I have a potentially serious security concern with a walk that took place today. The help feature is broken in the app and I am unable to chat or call support, or submit the ticket... only help blog posts. This is a critical bug in the app, and a huge security risk. I do not recommend using this app unless you want to risk your home security.
  • Took my lockbox with my keys!! 1/5

    By Lbean23
    I was out of town and when I got back my lockbox was gone. It was on a fence in middle with eight other lock boxes and only mine was gone. It had my keys in it. When I contacted them the guy said they wouldn’t investigate and he kept telling me how I hadn’t used the service since March. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic!!! I have been working from home since March. Had I known they would take the box they should have told me because my keys were inside!!! I would have taken my keys and gladly given back the box. Never using again!!!!! My landlord said it happens often when people don’t use it for a while. Stay away!!
  • If I could give them a zero I would 1/5

    By dawniemarie66
    If I could give them a zero I would. Do not trust this company with your pets. I tried to apply a free promotion code for 1 dog walk and it wouldn’t go through. I never used the service, since the code didn’t work and they charged me anyway. I was on the phone with them for an hour trying to get a refund and was told it was cleared up. That was in March, and I just noticed that that never refunded for that walk AND they have been charging me $9.99 per month ever since. I called and spoke with someone named Eleazar. He said they could not refund me for the subscription, even though according to their records I have never used their services. I gave them the choice of being ethical and cancelling my subscription and refunding me for all of those months, or I would call my bank and dispute the charges and give them a review accordingly. They chose the latter. I would never use a company as unethical as this to walk my pets. NEVER.
  • App Updates 3/5

    By KM Kelly
    I love Wag. But why does the app have to be updated EVERYDAY?!?!
  • What is this? 1/5

    By Lucyny2000
    I need a vet advice, and that what I was promised for downloading the app. I don’t need a dog walker, or any other pet service! My dog is 16.5 years old, and he is suffering. So do I every sleepless night for a week. I have made an appointment with our veterinarian, but the earliest available is 9 days ahead. And you promised me and advice but offered business?! Shame!
  • No Dog, No Job 2/5

    By 🤓MelBell😎
    I really liked the app but the only problem I have with it is signing in. I don't have a dog myself but to be able to go onto the next page you need to put in your dogs information so that was kind of a bad starter for me, hope it can be changed so that people who have no dogs can actually be able to become a dog walker/sitter
  • Andrew Rauch 3/5

    By awesome fun sweet game
    Hi this app is good for 18 or older people I signed up so I could get a job and I’m 14 I looked up jobs for 14-year-olds in this app popped up so I signed up and it took me for five days to get approved I answered about 18 questionnaires and they wrote a 150 character bio about myself then I get an email saying you must be 18 and older to use this app there is nowhere literally nowhere that says that and so it made me very upset I would really hope that there is a questionnaire asking your age and saying you must be 18 and older to use this app I feel like nowadays no one trusts people below 18 to be a dog walker and I am a very caring and loving person I think that you should change the age limit also in the questionnaires it says what will your transportation be and one of the options is skateboarding biking and lots of teams like to skateboard so you’re kind of implying that teenagers can use this app
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By jesswlquen
    I’ve been a wag walker for about two years and I should start by saying, I love my job. That being said, wag as an app providing a service needs serious help. Wag works as the middle man between walker and client which leaves a lot of room for error and miscommunication between both parties because of wag. Wag has always had its glitches but since COVID it has been on another level, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on my way to a booked walk and the app with keep crashing or just down right won’t load. When you call support, they are unavailable 90 percent of the time, which leaves the client upset and the walker with zero available options but to forfeit the walk and look like a bad walker. It’s unfair to walkers and clients, I’ve also done rover for a while and they are on top of it. I’d like to see the same from wag if I am to continue working for them, until then I’ll be using and working for rover.
  • Overall 4/5

    By inkoms
    This might be late to write a review for wag but anyways I wanted to say that wag is a good app to start off and make steady income, also to get some experience to working with dogs and having a close bond with the pets and the owners. I honestly really loved walking dogs every day and also dog sitting. But sadly it came to an end because of ratings which shouldn’t be the answer to dropping dog walkers but doing something bad or incriminating should be the reason to dropping dog walkers. That’s just my opinion because other dog walking apps don’t kick off their employees over ratings. Overall I wish they change the rules for dog walkers but the wag app is very good to start.
  • Hidden Charges with no refund 1/5

    By Johnny Quale
    Be very careful with this app. Since the subscription is not handled through the App Store subscription manager they are very tricky in getting you to set up Apple Pay in your account. I had no idea I was going to be charged for simply signing up for the app. I didn’t use the app once and I’ve been charged 30 bucks for the pleasure. When I complained I was told all charges were non refundable and since it’s not managed by Apple I have no more recourse. No thank you
  • Cathy Larsen 5/5

    By Patty Antolik
    I would trust Cathy with my dog and my grandchildren. She took home a dog from a shelter because he had been there so long! #Compassion!
  • WALKERS HAVE TO BE 18+ 1/5

    By anyabananya11
    I went through the ENTIRE application process to become a walker (took a long time). I sent links for people to endorse me and everything! At the end they said they would send an email with further information. The email just said “sorry you have to be over 18”. I went through the entire process when the third question was my age? Why wouldn’t it tell me then? There is no list of requirements before you start process either!! A bunch of bs that wasted my time.
  • Danielle Skane 5/5

    By ktsandor
    Dani is a huge dog lover! She makes sure our dogs are always worn out and happy! Dani has taken care of our dogs many times, they love her of course! I wouldn’t ask anyone else to care for my sweet poochies!
  • Michelle Courtway 5/5

    By cardsfanan
    I have used Michelle Courtway since March. She is very knowledgeable and excellent with my two dogs. They both look forward to her arrival and enjoy their walk. I highly recommend her.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By lateek hasad
    Impossible to get support at certain times of the day and company skirts state law by refusing refund requests of paid credits. App is counter-intuitive when booking for a long time period
  • No dogs to walk 1/5

    By Dznjms
    Literally cannot get a dog to walk unless I’m in Manhattan
  • Major fail 1/5

    By Sha Sha 71
    I was struggling to make it home this evening in a timely manner. Twice I requested walkers and got no response. Nothing. Not even a message that no one was available. The whole point of this app is that you are counting on these people to help take care of your pet when you cannot. Epic fail.
  • Very valuable for dog owners 3/5

    By photographerdude
    The reason for the three stars is that I work in a school, but was turned down for dog walking. As a society, when did we place more value on dogs than children.
  • Fine until you need their customer service 1/5

    By ajrs1
    We’ve used Wag for a while now and haven’t had many problems. A few weeks ago was the second time that a walker has lost the key fob to our apartment while walking our dog. We know from the first time that this happened, that the walker should be leaving the key in the lockbox. This resulted in the walker and my dog being locked out of my home until I could leave work and let them back in, and left me without a key. The walker was very apologetic and obviously upset with the situation. The customer service rep? Not so much. She basically stated that the walker is a contractor and they have no control over them so it’s not Wag’s fault they didn’t follow the procedures, we should’ve left further detailed notes for the walker asking them not to take the key with them (even though, as stated, it is Wag’s policy NOT to take the key with them during walks), and we should seek out a cheaper key fob so that when? if? the walker loses it, it is less of an inconvenience to us (we live in an apartment so we don’t get to choose our keys). After some back and forth she sent us a link to their terms and services and told us we should familiarize ourselves. There is no way to delete or deactivate your account without going through some more run around with customer service who tries to offer you $10 off to stick around. If you value you or your pets safety and security or just don’t like the idea of some random person losing the key to your home and not being able to find it. Stay away! If you like customer service blaming you and taking no responsibility for things out of your control then this is the app for you.

Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters app comments

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