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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers

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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers App

Wag! is the #1 dog walking app to book a dog walker on-demand, or at your convenience. Experience every step of your dog’s walk through text updates, live GPS tracking, pee/poo notifications, and photo report cards. Wag! dog walkers are thoroughly vetted and tested on dog handling experience. Wag! services are insured and bonded with customer support around the clock. Your pup is sure to love all of the amazing Wag! dog walkers. Get a Dog Walker Whenever You Need ASAP (dog walkers arrive in as little as 15 minutes) Scheduled (dog walkers arrive when convenient for you) Peace of Mind at Every Step of the Walk Leave dog notes and home access instructions for dog walker Live GPS tracks dog walk in real-time Live pee/poop notifications Walk report card with photo Securely pay and leave optional tip directly in app Publicly rate/review dog walkers Prioritize favorite dog walkers to use again for future walks NEW- instantly book your favorite Wag! Walkers for sitting and boarding! Overnight in-home dog boarding Drop-in visit house sitting Daily photo and video updates Pickup and drop-off available for additional fee FREE Wag! Lockbox Provided free of charge on request Securely store spare keys for dog walker Book walks for your dog while at work, or away Experience why Wag! Is the most pawesome dog walking service Ev-fur!


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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app reviews

  • Good but not great 3/5

    By sidekick555
    I’ve been using wag for a while now. The idea is a great one but there’s a few annoying points. The main screen is cluttered and it can be hard to find what you are looking for. I wish the app was a little more user friendly. My biggest problem is with the cancellation fee. I understand if I cancel a scheduled walk that’s been on there a while, and I wouldn’t mind so much the fee. But today I tried to schedule a walk just after 6, waited an hour to hear it wasn’t going to happen until 8. We were going to be home by then so I tried to cancel. Now the walk had literally just been scheduled. I shouldn’t have to pay a cancellation fee for canceling something so quickly after being notified of the schedule. There should be at least a ten minute window to allow us to cancel, especially since we have no control over what time is offered.
  • Incredible! 5/5

    By Chaidorsey
    User-friendly interface. Love that I can easily upload a picture and special information about my four-legged best friend. Someone responded to my rather last-minute request almost immediately. The person who came and walked my dog sent two videos and a picture of my happy pupper on their walk - 😍. Last but not least, the person filled my dog’s water bowl in the house so that she would have plenty of water after a hot day’s walk. If I could give this app 1000000 stars, I would.
  • Love this Service 5/5

    By Xn. Trick
    If you need help looking after your puppos, this is a great app! They are thorough and send you updates so you know what your woofers are up to all along the way. Lots of care options. 10/10
  • Reported wag to the Better Business Bureau- unethical practices and completely incompetent 1/5

    By rileyjames1988
    To call wag reprehensible and utterly inept would be a huge understatement. Their app and website both feel like they're being run by an 8th grader in 2005 as part of a computer science class. The simplest things that should be automated are manual (constantly having to update your dog's age, for example), making edits to ANYTHING is near impossible (such as notes for walkers), there is no integration whatsoever between the app and website (any changes made on one have to be made in the other; you have to rate all walks twice in each system), there are new random unexpected glitches every day (the gps feature barely works, which is really the main thing they even offer). While there are CONSTANT technical issues, this isn't even close to the worst thing about them. There seems to be no record-keeping on wag's end, zero inter-office communication between different employees, and a general cluelessness among everyone about standard practices or company policies. Due to yet another surprise glitch in their app, my walker wasn't able to see my notes and instructions, so my dog wasn't fed as he should have been. I complained to wag about this, and they offered to give me a refund and also $20 worth of credits for a new walk. It has now been almost a month and I'm still waiting for my refund. Throughout that time I've repreatedly reached out to customer support, and was assured by 4 different reps that my refund was "being processed". A month later their finance department finally answers my 3rd email to say they can't issue a refund because the walk was paid in wag credits. After days of having to explain the situation to a thousand more different people and point out that they’re obligated to honor their word, they finally agree to issue a refund, only to then take away my credits. Honestly I can't express how little integrity this company has, how untruthful and generally clueless all their representatives are, and how little care they have for their customers. The worst part is that the walkers barely get any of the money from the walks. I have truly never hated a company more. Do yourself and favor and use rover. Trust me, wag will lie to you, steal your money, put your dog at risk, and then deny any wrongdoing.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Vikki in nc
    I am so excited my friend told me about this service. Working a lot it’s hard to fit in walks. Now I know they will be happy and healthy.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Snorlaxatemyhomework
    They sent me a free lock for sitters and the app is SUPER easy to use. I would like to see the app add grooming service options!
  • Best dog app 5/5

    By musicluvah123
    This has been such a lifesaver for me with my new job. A free lockbox is a huge plus so I don’t have to leave a key unsecured. I love getting videos and pictures knowing my dog is loving her walk.
  • Wonderful relief to know my pup is in good hands! 5/5

    By BossPup
  • Beware of theft from walkers 1/5

    By Kim08901
    One of the walkers broke into my bedroom. After changing my locks, building code and lockbox, he still made repeated attempts to access my condo. My Wag! Experience has been a nightmare.
  • A complete bumble . . . 1/5

    By Birdr246
    My daughter sent me a link for 3 free walks which was a godsend for me after bi-lateral knee replacement. While I was recuperating at my daughter’s home, I ordered my first wag walk. From the first moment after my walk confirmation, I was inundated with a barrage of text messages from different people and different phone numbers. It’s literally like they were all sitting in a room, bored and decided to start flaming a new customer! On the good side - the walker was right on time, polite, efficient and gave our puppies a great walk. Then “customer service” decided I couldn’t have the introductory free walks because I was at the same address as another account holder. Never mind that my billing address and home address are different from the pick up address. Never mind that I’m only staying here while I can’t walk!! They just wiped my credits. They couldn’t leave it at that - they continued to text and email me. Just learn from me - save your frustration and use Rover. It was so much easier to schedule a walk for tomorrow - and they gave me a weeks worth of free walks.
  • Great app and great service 5/5

    By Audreysmom
    Great service
  • 5 star app!!! 5/5

    I never thought having a dog walker could be so easy!
  • Crashing consistently 1/5

    By sunstar007
    After the newest update, the app seems to be crashing consistently as soon as I open the app to check on my dog's current walk that is in progress. The app was fine when I booked the walk, but doesn't work when a walk is in progress. Please fix!
  • Wag Walker. 1/5

    By AngryWalker468943
    I won’t even say the app is trash so much as it is the company that’s trash. When I started this company had barely any reviews and now they have thousands of five stars? Hard to believe it’s not faked. I was a dog walker with a ton of five star reviews in a location where you can’t get many walks to begin with. Customer service is terrible and if you’re in trouble don’t rely on them. You can’t take days off. It has to be an “emergency”. I once was asked why I was taking the day off and it angered me so much I straight up told them in detail about my bowel movements. Sometimes people get sick but apparently that doesn’t matter. This is a little thing though. What angered me most is getting bitten by someone’s untrained dog, and them pretending to look into it then doing nothing. These people literally don’t care about your well being. In the end I had to cancel two recurring walks because I’m literally moving out of the area and it angered them so they removed me from existence basically and I can’t even sign in because my email doesn’t exist. So much for continuing after my move. Please move over to a different service instead of these guys. I was already rehired by someone better so don’t be afraid walkers.
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By buttstuffSD
    If you want an app that sends a walker to your home 3 hrs after canceling it, and entering your home without your knowledge, forcing you dog out of his kennel and charging you for it. This is the app for you. I used this app and ended up not needing a walk and canceled it. It gave me no option through the app, I assumed because it was late. I wake up the next morning to find out that a walker entered into my home at 1 am, forced my dog out of his kennel, and when I finally heard back from support they showed little to no concern of the situation, until I pointed out the lack of sympathy and concern. I suggested using rover or any other walking service. They clearly take no responsibility
  • The best app there is!!! 5/5

    By Jesskiza
    Wag has changed my life! I have been a loyal to the app for a few years now and everything about it is pure magic to me. First, they provide users with a FREE lockbox. Then, whether I want to schedule a boarding or sporadically order a walk, all I have to do is press a few buttons and violá! My dog is cared after. The best part? I don’t have to coordinate meet-and-greets or deal with walkers myself because if someone ever happens to cancel, Wag support will automatically find a replacement. How easy is that? Not to mention the credit packages are very reasonable and they even text me offering same-day walk discounts from time to time. This app is hands down genius and every dog owner owner should be using it if they aren’t already!
  • Amazing service 5/5

    By Jimmy cee3
    All the walkers have been phenomenal. Would highly recommend.
  • bad 1/5

    By jnhhhhhhhhh
    worked with them for a couple months, customer service is horrible and so is the app itself
  • They lose so many dogs. 1/5

    By Roger6798
    A ruthless company who lose so many dogs daily it should be illegal.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Dah Doo Dah Lover
    Didn’t let me make a Wagmoji
  • Great service and app! 5/5

    By BeckyCinNewarkCA
    Wag! has been great so far!! The walkers are all very friendly and professional! My doggo comes back happy and with a lot of his excess energy burned off! It’s great for busy mornings when I’m short on time too! I LOVE the pictures they take and sharing the map of the walks. It’s nice to know where your doggo is. Thanks!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kimmy54123
    I’ve been sick and haven’t been wanting to go out so I’ve been using wag a lot this week and it’s honestly so helpful I really recommend if your to busy to walk your furry best friend to download wag
  • Don't trust this app to walk your dog! 1/5

    By Atira
    I have used Wag 20+ times, so I am speaking from genuine experience. Here's what finally made me delete this bad app: 1) A scheduled walker DID NOT come and claimed her GPS and camera on her phone were "broken" so she still got paid. I have yet to be reimbursed for this walk, though I have both spoken with and texted customer service about it. 2) I scheduled three cat visits during a backpacking trip and the "walker" only showed for ONE of them. I had no cell access and had no idea my poor cat wasn't fed for two days. Their customer service is terrible and their reliability is worse! Don't trust this app with your fur kids!
  • Wag PROMO Code: “PAUL84564” 1/5

    By 1800paul
    Just finished a dog walk on Wag! Use my promo code "PAUL84564" for $25 of FREE Wag credit plus a FREE Wag Lock-Box!!
  • No Walker Showed 1/5

    By MFT14
    Used the service for almost a year. Recently moved from to SC to VA. Updated address and had scheduled three walks which at first they still scheduled a walker from SC and I contacted customer support who never spoke to me or contacted me but switched it. On third day my walker cancelled less than 24 hours and they rebooked but another walker from SC. I called and texted but got no response back. It showed up my dog was being walked when no one was there at all. Got through to customer support and was given no explanation how things would be changed. My dog spent 14 hours without going out. All walkers have been great but doesn’t seem like customer support or business at the core has their stuff together and that seems to put my dog’s personal health and safety at risk.
  • 3 dogs 5/5

    By jay&heather
    Caitlin is wonderful and highly recommended. She is friendly and did great with our dogs. We have a beagle a husky and a Rottweiler.
  • Great People and Customer Service 5/5

    By LoLo0519
    I’ve been using Wag for almost a year now and it has been a fantastic service. The dog walkers all seem to be great. Customer service has been amazing to work with. I also like the text message updates to let me know when things are happening. I also like the interactive map it uses! One time I bought a Groupon for wag credits and customer service made it so easy to add them to my account. Great app and great people!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Lawmanskiki
    I loved the first free walk. I was apprehensive at first but this was phenomenal! My dog walker was on time, I could track their walk and their progress right from the app. I had a wonderful walker who took pictures and kept me Updated the whole time!
  • Review for WALKER APP 5/5

    By Saraaaaduh
    Okay I love wag. But I HATE the app!! Please fix the walker app! I always get “_____ wants you to walk ______...” alerts and every time I click them it says “walk already booked.” Or I’ll get “new walk tomorrow at 10am” notifications and click on them in half a second and it will say “walk already booked” or not show up at all. It’s extremely frustrating especially when I rely on these notifications so I don’t have to be inside the app at all times. I also have been having trouble with requesting walks. I will be with a dog owner and they will post a walk in front of me, I’ll click “request,” but it says “confirming” for minutes while on their end I never show up! THEN another walker will request that walk and my screen will still say “confirming” for hours or until I log out and log back in. This glitch prevents me from getting walks. I would really love these issues to be looked into further especially the notifications. I enjoy being a wag walker when the app works but I do not recommend it to people because of these major issues.
  • Great Walks,Bad App 1/5

    By Aislin6
    The walkers are great. The app used to schedule walks with specific walkers at specific times is terrible. It doesn’t easily allow multiple bookings the the same walker. Because you can’t look at already scheduled walks, it is easy to double book! While using the app, some selections are covered by the confirm button with you can’t get rid of the see what the selection is. Also, when writing an email to customer service about needed improvements, after the first few lines typed, you can’t see the page but can continue typing your message. The large SEND button and the keyboard block it and they can’t be minimized so you can see what you are typing.i wish they would improve the app so booking walks was easier.
  • Failure to communicate. 1/5

    By Annebelle258
    App works great and provides a wonderful service as long as nothing goes wrong or you try to communicate with them, then forget it. I’ve had multiple texts go unanswered, have even heard from a few dog walkers they have problems with communication. To resolve an issue I’ve had to call, sitting on hold for long periods, to talk to someone who did more apologizing than listening. Then had a walker cancel an hour before she was supposed to walk my dog. After several “we’re trying” texts I received one saying couldn’t find anyone so we’re cancelling the walk. When I attempted to contact them I received no response to my texts, and did not have time to sit on hold forever since I was responding to back to back 911 ambulance calls. They did say they would work on finding a walker in the future, that’s great but doesn’t help when I’m in the middle of a 12 hour shift and no ones coming to walk my dog. Bottom line, although I have found a few good walkers management s just horrible. If I could find an alternative to wag I would believe me.
  • Walkers are good, customer service is awful 1/5

    By kmgk20
    I’ve been using wag for about a year. At first I really liked it but in the past four months I have had an awful experiences with their customer service team. I’ve had walkers not show, or show up super late. I also had one issue that took over a month to resolve and kept getting passed around to different customer service reps. I wish the company would do a better job at helping their customers.
  • Issues with communication 3/5

    By JMatBoggs
    The app is generally great, but I can never use the “contact your walker” button. Like, ever!
  • How do I leave a 0 review? 1/5

    By jillburnett24
    This service has without a doubt gotten worse and worse over the years, AND they're stealing money from you. That's right- becoming a higher priced service than just hiring a dog walker to work for you WHO ACTUALLY HAS EXPERIENCE, and replacing them with someone who doesn't have the experience. I actually applied to be a walker (and got it, easily because I have experience), but they ask you multiple questions that you can google online to complete the assessment. When you go to the open house they have (in a park), they make you sit on the ground with 30 other people who also got approved to walk... These do these orientations multiple times a month which means they are consistently bringing on walkers without actually learning more about the walker. The walker does have to pass a background test, however doesn't have a real interview or place to express their experience. I was not really interviewed but answered a few questions on the phone prior. When I met in person, they added me to the app and I was ready to go. Back in February, a dog walker was improperly walking my dogs. A leash cannot extend more than few ft. by Los Angeles rules and maybe other areas. My dog walker allowed the dogs to extend as far as they wanted without a lock, to which my Jack Russell jumped on an older woman. BEFORE the walk even happened I reached out to my walker to note that Jack Russells can sometimes be aggressive towards strangers and that my dog was one of them. I strictly told him to walk her on a tight leash right by his side BEFORE this walk even happened. Later my dog was accused of biting this woman which started a lawsuit, attempt to get me kicked out of my apartment and phone call to animal services, of which costed me a hefty penny to fix. This was back in FEBRUARY! I immediately deleted the app, and must say I had been a committed customer for over 4 years when the app first started, and talked directly to Jason who assured me the walk would be taken care of. I submitted all of the legal documents presented to me and ultimately got charged $9 for the walk even when he said it was free. NOW in July am getting charged $25 for the walk that ultimately destroyed my dogs lives. After the app being deleted for such a long time I never expected them to still be ABLE to process my information for something I was informed would be FREE due to the stress and complications I went through. So not only did I get charged $9 for a walk that should have been free, but $25 IN ADDITION!!!! When I presented this to Wag Finance, they refused to communicate via phone and persisted to communicate through text which all of their staff receive. Originally I was told the charges were from that walk, now I am being told the charges are unrelated, BUT they don't know what for. STEALING MONEY!!!!! DO NOT LINK YOUR CARD!!!!! BAD COMPANY!!!! THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE REVIEWED BY THE BBB.
  • Great idea! Great app! 5/5

    By CkGomES
    I read several reviews on this app after seeing a commercial. I read mostly the poor ratings from the walkers but didn’t see any poor reviews from the costumers. So I gave the app a try. For 7 months I’ve been very satisfied with the services. I got my credits back when my dog got hurt. The walkers are attentive and great. It’s easy to get a hold they costumer service via text or call. I’ve never had an issue. Plus they send tons of free gifts!
  • Request dog walker 4/5

    By tanya hathaway
    Would like to be able to request a dog walker as when you are a first time user and know dog walkers it is impossible to find them on the app. I called customer service and appreciate how helpful and easy it was to request a walker via text! Thank you
  • Bad customer service 4/5

    By Sprocket Lopez
    They’re struggling. The quality of walkers has gone down.
  • Great app for dog lovers 5/5

    By Delta Girl 30
    We use it frequently - always good people who love dogs
  • AWFUL app & customer service 1/5

    By Coco Cannatti
    I am cancelling all future walks with Wag as they have THE WORST app scheduling system & even worse customer service. I have spent more time on the phone with them than I have in getting walks. I would rather spend this time walking my dog on my own. Their phone system works by you leaving a voicemail and them calling you back, but they do not return calls and just let the customer fret over the situation so technically I have spent more time leaving voicemails than on the phone with them. I will only be using Rover from now on.
  • Amazing APP 5/5

    By StephanieSantiagoRolon
    Wow I can’t thank you guys enough because I was able to go on a last minute work trip thanks to you all!
  • No support 1/5

    By mgnader
    There is no support at all, takes forever to get back to you
  • Great service! 5/5

    By YVal805
    The app is extremely easy to use and the service is great!
  • Use Rover 1/5

    By Sad Personal Assistant
    I booked my first walk today with the app, thinking it would be similar to rover-NOPE. My walker called me, basically screaming at me that they needed a phone charger and got very frustrated with me when I couldn’t understand them. They never showed up and of course customer service never answers your texts. Forget this app, I’m going back to rover.
  • I worked for wag until... 1/5

    By ckp26
    I worked for wag for only 3 months and had over 80 5 star ratings. I accepted a walk that was asap for the same day. I got an alert from Wag that the owner changed the time to the walk for later on that day at 5:00. I drove to it when I got another alert from Wag that the walk changed to next week. I drove back home after an hour and a half passed when I received a message from Wag asking why I wasn’t starting the walk yet. I explained it was in my schedule for next week. They realized they made a scheduling mistake and confirmed it was for the same day. I told them I could no longer walk the dog because I just drove there and had no more time to drive all the way back. They pretty much fired me and didn’t pay me my last 2 paychecks over that I couldn’t walk the dog anymore due to their own scheduling mistake. I would advise anyone not to use or work for wag! Not only did they steal my last paychecks they got their scheduling wrong and the poor dog had to suffer by not getting his walk. They pretty much covered up their own mistake by blaming it on me and firing me. I recommend using local dog walkers or Rover which both have lower prices then Wag!
  • Very fun & rewarding side job! 4/5

    By Vina56
    I just joined Wag as a Wag walker a few weeks ago and I love it! I love seeing all the dogs and being able to be there for them when their owners can’t be. I love everything about it but my only complaint is the support service that is provided to the Wag on call team. I had a problem getting into a client’s house and called them and had to wait 20 minutes for someone to answer!! Also I was very sad to see in other reviews how irresponsible some other walkers can be! I personally have had dogs my whole life and would treat anyone’s dog as if they were my own but not everyone has the same mindset. I felt like my screening process was strict(because it took a week for it to process) but it’s sad to see that there are some walkers on the app who aren’t as responsible as they should be. Overall very good app but need to fix customer support.
  • Crappy 1/5

    Crappy app. Wag takes too much money from walkers. Rover is better.
  • Great app and customer service 5/5

    By Rainbowseller
    I’ve had great Wag walkers. They really do arrive in about 15 minutes on demand! 5/5 stars also for their great customer service! They are easy to call or text and talk to and I’ve never had to wait to talk to a representative. I also love all the pictures and videos walkers send while our dog is on her walk. I do recommend this to any dog owner!
  • Love love love it!!! 5/5

    By 🚌👍🏾
    I love this app!!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By LC92993
    This app is great and helps so much with working and owning a pet! The walkers are awesome and will help get some energy out of your pet if you can’t be home to do it!
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By anonyy111222333
    My second walk with Wags was nothing short of a nightmare. The walker was completely inexperienced, and somehow (still waiting on a full story) my dog ended up biting a pedestrian. I have zero proof of it occurring (no pictures) and now have to pay animal control, out of pocket, for a Rabies Observation Report. So if for some ungodly reason you have to choose this piss poor company for a dog walking service, pray to God you get someone who has a f*** brain not to let other dogs interact with each other.

Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app comments


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