Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers

Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers

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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers App

Wag! is the #1 dog walking app to book a dog walker on-demand, or at your convenience. Experience every step of your dog’s walk through text updates, live GPS tracking, pee/poo notifications, and photo report cards. Wag! dog walkers are thoroughly vetted and tested on dog handling experience. Wag! services are insured and bonded with customer support around the clock. Your pup is sure to love all of the amazing Wag! dog walkers. Get a Dog Walker Whenever You Need ASAP (dog walkers arrive in as little as 15 minutes) Scheduled (dog walkers arrive when convenient for you) Peace of Mind at Every Step of the Walk Leave dog notes and home access instructions for dog walker Live GPS tracks dog walk in real-time Live pee/poop notifications Walk report card with photo Securely pay and leave optional tip directly in app Publicly rate/review dog walkers Prioritize favorite dog walkers to use again for future walks NEW- instantly book your favorite Wag! Walkers for sitting and boarding! Overnight in-home dog boarding Drop-in visit house sitting Daily photo and video updates Pickup and drop-off available for additional fee FREE Wag! Lockbox Provided free of charge on request Securely store spare keys for dog walker Book walks for your dog while at work, or away Experience why Wag! is the most pawesome dog walking service ev-fur!

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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app reviews

  • There’s better options.... 1/5

    By pawsondemand
    I’ll start by saying that I’ve used wag as both a walker and to obtain walks. I’ve had some super good walkers and some really bad ones hence this review. The best thing and only nice thing I can say about this service is the free lockbox (cheap online) and truly on-demand access to walkers. Beyond that, you get a complete dice roll. They do almost nothing in the form of training and certifications for walkers (we’re talking 5 minutes of YouTube videos and an exam with easily googled answers). They also pay their walkers dirt rates. Can confirm again as a previous walker. The app interface is okay. As a client my worst scenario was involving a walker who my dog got off leash from (my dog is super easy to walk with no pulling - lab). Several walkers have put his harness on backwards and one decided to steal my food from the fridge. Basically, it’s not worth it. Take the time to go to another app that actually trains its walkers and they have proper certifications. Most important, MEET your walkers. This is important for both your mindset and your dog’s even for one walk. I understand emergencies happen but many walkers on other apps are still properly certified and will respond to such requests. I’ve just heard and seen too many horror stories to recommend this one to people. If you must do this, at least get a camera or echo device that can ensure your walker actually shows up and gets out the door and back safely with your dog.
  • Great service, lousy app 5/5

    By Rockinrq
    The walker I chose was fantastic! I would highly recommend her. I met her in my community, wearing a WAG t-shirt, she was happy, handled the dogs well, and offered references. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She gave me her promo code and updated me on app. The app was not able to add additional dogs or a specific walker to my account. My disappointment was the fact that I needed to CALL for assistance, and three different times. The customer service was helpful, but the idea of an app is to make the process easier. I should have allowed me to add additional dogs and a specific walker (especially since I had her promo number). Also, my walker was informed that she would NOT be receiving the $50 new customer bonus because I was taking advantage of my first walk being free. (And who wouldn’t) AND I didn’t get my first walk free, I was charged the entire amount plus tip. This service was great. My walker showed up on time, the app showed a map with their walking path, it also showed the dogs peed or pooped. The service is a great idea and I would give 5 stars. The app needs further updates and fulfillment of promises to their employees, so 3 stars, and I’m being generous.
  • Bad customer support 1/5

    By Ashleyysilvva
    The app glitches constantly and support is no help. If you ask them a question they will avoid answering and take you in circles. Communication between Customer and Walker is difficult because their provides text service hardly ever works.
  • Ruff Ruff 5/5

    By hsggxbkj
    How do I become a dog walker ?
  • Love this 5/5

    By Ocenapurple
    Punctual, friendly and reliable service!
  • 25$ fee 1/5

    By Wack will
    25$ fee to apply at very last step of wag application. ripoff
  • App Needs A lot of Work 1/5

    By Ella764
    Lots of problems with the app. Customer service is by text and there is a huge delay in response time. Can’t block bad walkers on the app. You have to contact customer service.
  • Work 5/5

    By nikkuwzadeh
    How can I work with Wig team?
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By 1aga
    Last minute cancellations of previously confirmed walks are very frustrating. Then they send you a text and tell you they are trying to get someone else and literally leave you in limbo until they find someone so you can be waiting for hours for a dog walker. Then you have to try and contact support and that’s another frustrating experience.
  • Terrible Usability for Walkers 2/5

    By KDubCO
    Wag! Walker here... This app/concept could be so much better for Walkers than it is. Starting with the worst offense: there was a period of time when I was receiving excellent reviews but no tips. I figured the owners weren’t aware that it was customary, but then some tips belatedly showed up in a payout WEEKS after the review (and theoretically the tip) had been left. I still don’t know if the other non-tippers were truly not tipping, or if the tips never made it thru. Less egregious (but still annoying) is how difficult the app makes it to be efficient. I set my notification radius to 2 miles, but 90% of the notifications I received were outside the radius. Made it a useless feature because I was either constantly looking at my phone to see which notifs were “valid”, or ignoring it altogether. Wag! couldn’t figure out why (all my settings were correct), so I decided to turn text notifications off and keep app notifications on... but you can’t do that in the app. I had to contact support and submit a form... it took 18 DAYS to “process” the form. Wag! takes a pretty big cut from each walk, which I knew going in and initially had no complaints. But for that big of a cut I expect a much more supportive and trustworthy platform.
  • Super Easy & Convenient 5/5

    By Broitsfergie
    I love Wag and their app is super user friendly! Also, if you ever have an issue with the app or service their customer service is and actual person and they are very helpful/nice!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Jadeselena
    I’m a dog walker for wag! The pay is good, walking dogs is amazing! And the wag app is great too. The Wag staff is always there when there is any type of issue. Thinking about trying out wag? Here’s my code! JADE62726 if you’re a new user you can use it to sign up and get $50 walk credit!
  • Do not use for pet sitting!! 1/5

    By Kelson3
    Our friend stopped by to check on the house, our “sitter” was having a party. He wouldn’t leave when she asked and since we were on the east coast we were sleeping and she couldn’t reach us. I called and asked him to leave in the morning and he did (our friend stayed with the dog the last night). The house was trashed, he hosted his party with our alcohol, stole pain meds that were in our medicine cabinet (I just had a baby). He wasn’t even supposed to be sleeping there. It was so upsetting to come home to this. I’ve reached out to Wag customer support but have not heard back. I’d like to report him to the police for stealing the narcotics.
  • Unable to contact dog walkers. 2/5

    By tesssss555
    It is frustrating that in the “contact walker” section the phone numbers for walkers are not their real phone numbers. I don’t feel safe having my dog walked by someone and I’m not able to contact the walker. Owners used to be able to contact the walker. This problem has been going since at least early December 2018. Will be looking into other options for our dog.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By EveRoseStone
    This is a great service and one we will use again! Katarina was very nice and our dog went right to her. Dogs know a good person! Thankful to have this available to us.
  • Security isn't a priority and the app stopped working. 1/5

    By bandits17
    I've had a walker not lock my doors when he left. I've had another walker not lock the lockbox when he put the key back. They don't know how to put on simple harnesses. And the app stopped working so I wasn't able to rate or block walkers. I do not recommend this company at all.
  • !!!! GET THE APP NOW !!!! 5/5

    By Bellas town
    Love this app..... I’m not a robot lol
  • Good 5/5

    By carmeloamir
    This app is awesome The person can walk your dog train it
  • Dog death coverup? 1/5

    By Benny Badman
    Will Sara & Nick Moore ever get the truth about their dog Winnie’s death while with one of your walkers? I don’t think I want to be the next one in their position.
  • Support 3/5

    By Flappy hack
    Great help support they are very helpfull and nice!!!!
  • This app stinks. 1/5

    By Smurphy777
    I still use it because the value is obvious. But for being in the city, it should be more reliable. Walkers come 3 hours after the app said they would, walkers cancel all the time. The walkers themselves are great with the pup but the app is just so crappy. Also. Stop making me say no 20 times to your filters. Do you know how annoying that is? I wish they had a legit competitor.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Speck-Tacular, Inc.
    First my walker didn’t put my pup back in her kennel. The dog chewed my leather couch to pieces. When I told wag they didn’t credit my account or reimburse me after they said they would. I called 4 times regarding the matter and nothing happened. Then they charged my $300 for something I never signed up for. After that, they increased my daily fee from $16 to $25. I called repeatedly to inquire and resolve the issue. They said they called me but I didn’t answer. In an age of scam callers, maybe leave a message.
  • Execution Fail 2/5

    By DBrown4BBL
    Worked great until the last update. Since then I can’t see report cards, past walks or gps track the walker.
  • You don’t love your dog 1/5

    By VonKuzniczci
    If you care about your dog, use an independent walker or a company with a good reputation. Hire someone that has experience and is committed. Hire someone that loves working with dogs and knows something about dog behavior. Hire a professional, and stop being cheap. I’ve only encountered one good walker from Wag. The rest don't seem to know what their doing or care. If you love your dog, don’t use Wag.
  • unreliable dog walkers 1/5

    By shaunkess
    Four consecutive times, my walker has cancelled at the exact moment that the walk was supposed to start. This is unacceptable, as I cannot entrust my dog in the hands of non-committal walkers.
  • No show 1/5

    By jdavidjones1
    I’ve been using Wag for a couple of years now, only a few hiccups, however last the walker had to cancel and they couldn’t find another one. From 7:30 - 11:30 they couldn’t find anyone! I had to cut my trip short and come home first thing in the morning. If you use Wag, have a contingency plan, they don’t have one! Maybe stick to a traditional kennel.
  • Love wag! 5/5

    By Mairani415
    Love using this app to walk dogs and to have my dog walked. Very convenient, since I’m not always home. I make sure to take care of dogs as my very own. I would recommend this app to anyone!
  • Bright, Inviting & Basic 5/5

    By Chadwick's Mom
    So easy, a dog could use it!! Pun intended! Excellent dog walking service 😃
  • Great app 5/5

    By MalecShipper
    I love working for Wag and I love hanging out with all the dogs, everything about that is fantastic however I do have some constructive criticism. - As many other people have mentioned the walker support is really bad and unhelpful, they take a very long time to get back to you and I feel that they only care about the customer but not the employee. Once a very large bulldog was growling pretty aggressively at me and another time I went to a building only to arrive and find that there was nobody there under that name and the walk had been a scam. Both times I tried to contact support and depending on what could have happened, those could have been unsafe situations, and support did not answer for a very long time both times, and the second time they put me on hold for like ten minutes. There could have been some person there trying to hurt dog walkers that requested a fake walk, and support put me on hold. - You should be able to change the radius of walks that are visible in the app. I know you can restrict notifications but opening the app and seeing a bunch of beautiful huskies and German shepherds that are all 10 miles away is so sad. Aside from that I love the app!
  • Inconsistent App Performance 2/5

    By jojajinn
    When WAG! works well it’s great. But there have been several times that the App glitches and I couldn’t contact walkers or follow the status of a walk or even see what was scheduled. The headache isnt worth it. Changing to local kennel/walking co. In the end it’s worth it for peace of mind.
  • Taking my money 1/5

    By Main-/)'two
    I work for this app as a walker. About two months ago the app somehow malfunctioned and chose a random dog who lived by me who must have requested a boarding. I wasn’t using the app at this time, I was out of town. A notification on my phone popped up saying I had completed a dog boarding in zero minutes and walked zero miles. I was payed over $250. The worst part is some owner out there lost over $250 and I have no clue if her dog was even taken care of. I contacted all different kinds of customer support, finance teams, various emails. I have screenshots of it all. They told me that the owner would be refunded, (thank god) but that a “dividend” was put in my account. So basically I have to walk dogs until I’ve walked enough to make about $260 and I don’t get any of it until the amount of the boarding is cleared. This app is taking my tips as well. Unacceptable. I used to love working for them. Now every time I see a walk pop up all I think about if more money they are taking from me and a missed opportunity to walk a dog.

    By Moosebasss
    First time using the app to get a walk for my dog, got CANCELLED ON last minute by our first walker (Jared) after being late for the scheduled walk at 130pm. I even made sure to give Jared a text a day prior on some tips on how to enter the apartment complex. Got a notification at 140pm on the day that he couldn’t make it and another person was going to walk the dog (Seiya) at 155pm. I waited until 205pm to call Seiya to see where he is at. He answered the call and sounded like he just woke up and told me that he “didn’t mean to accept the walk” and that he cannot make it to walk the dog and just hung up. So let me recap: first time user to the app, waited since 1pm for the dog walk to come to our place to walk our dog - gets cancelled on TWICE by two supposedly “vetted” / “responsible” dog walkers rated by your company. I don’t understand how these walkers are allowed on your platform or the fact that your company vetted them and called them responsible. If they are not trustworthy enough to live up to time expectations or even fulfilled appointments how are we as dog owners supposed to trust them when walking our dogs? Will a 30 min walk be a 15 because they felt like it? Will I be paying for an hour walk but only to have them walk 30 and shrug the rest off? I am very disappointed in this service that I have received - an first impressions are usually the most important. Wag: if you’re reading this please do something about your personnel and have more stringent policies in place for such things. I don’t think anyone will appreciate your app with this type of service.
  • Great first experience! 5/5

    By DonnaLH
    I was reluctant at first but my daughter uses Wag! and loves it. I decided to give it a try. It sure takes the worry out of rushing home to let your dog out or not finding the time for the walk your fur baby so deserves and needs. I will definitely be a regular!
  • Not responsive 2/5

    By Wicked fun and fast!
    Initially I really liked this app. I thought it was really cool how you could track your dogs walk in real time. However, I found that I have to wait hours for a walk to be confirmed. If they are unable to find a walker for my dog I do not hear from them so I am unable to find other coverage. I requested a walk for my dog at 6:00 am and still had not heard confirmation by 12:30 pm. I called customer service and they said they are still working on finding a walker. I eventually cancelled the request because it was well past 1:00 pm and they still had not found a walker. Disappointed.
  • Walkers confirm then cancel 2/5

    By Olivialove78
    I love the idea of this app, but the walkers are inconsistent. I schedule two walks a week at least one will cancel. I will sometimes receive a text stating a walker is in my area would I liked my dog walked. I agree, they schedule someone and they cancel. I understand things come up but this is ridiculous. If the walker confirms and they cancel, there should be a penalty just like if I cancel. You count on these walkers for particular situations. Very disappointed in the service of wag and their walkers.
  • Terrible service on the employee end 1/5

    By learn_client_satisfaction
    I paid a fee to become a walker. We ended up having to move out of state quite suddenly and unexpectedly with our four month old baby. I have requested a refund of my initiation fee and I have yet to even receive a reply to a kindly written email. I called and spoke to a gentleman who informed me he would have the Finance Department reach out to me. I have heard from nobody. This is a very poorly run company who has zero regard for wrongfully taking money form people.
  • Super unlawful firing 1/5

    By yoanisanchez
    100% 5 star rating for a year and I hadto go through a whole pile of piss soaked items to not find a leash that there's still no evidence ever existed and I get fired for it. Of course I called the dog owner 1 million times and she did not answer and she did not call me like she claims to have but my word made no difference. AND ofc I called Wag but they take several hours to ever answer and then can only give you extremely vague answers. I asked them to send a photo of this supposed leash I never found after sorting everything in that disgusting apartment and they just ignored me.

    By annoyedxx15
    So i’m not able to do use my 40$ credits just because someone that lives in the same address as me (2 family home) owes a balance on THEIR account ! what type of sense is that ? disappointed ! i don’t get what that has to do with my account
  • Fraud 1/5

    By La francaise!
    Fraud in so many ways. Yeah yeah, it’s convenient and all, and if you ended up with a dog and a busy schedule and want to go to that after-work-drinks why ruin your night, call a last-minute-wager, right? WRONG. I’ve had way too many incidents to ignore of wagers who started the app before they even arrived in the apartment; who returned the dog and ended the walk on the app even up to 7 mins after; and of walkers who were standing outside my building for 10 mins until they hit 30-min mark. Yet, I’m paying among the most expensive walks in the city. Well, I gave you way too many opportunities for 2 years Wag! Now Wag! away! Cheerios!
  • A Walker’s Honest Opinion 4/5

    By BroadwayBrittany
    Alright, so I noticed that pretty much all of the written reviews on here are VERY dated, and as someone who’s been a Wag Walker for nearly a year now, I felt the need to clear the air. No, I was not paid to do this, it just bothered me seeing so many old reviews angrily complaining about issues that have long been fixed. Is Wag flawed? Yes, of course. No app or company is perfect. But since I started back in April of 2018, they’ve SIGNIFICANTLY improved their customer service both for walkers and owners. It used to take me at least an hour to get ahold of someone, but now it takes at most five minutes. And when I do, everyone is always incredibly helpful and they’re able to resolve the problem super quickly. They’ve continued to update the app at regular intervals, constantly adding new features and streamlining the service. For example, owners and walkers can now contact each other ahead of the walk in case one party has questions or concerns. Owners can also pay their walkers a custom amount for the tip, so if a walker gave you out of this world quality service, you can fully show your appreciation by giving more than normally recommended. Are all walkers great? No, and I’ve admittedly heard some crazy stories. Which honestly, doesn’t make much sense to me considering that all walkers are given video instructions and take tests regarding how to properly handle different situations. To anyone out there who had a bad walker experience, on behalf of everyone, I offer my apologies. Personally, I have a 5-star rating with 261 reviews (as of this writing), and I know that I at least always do my best to go above and beyond for both the dog and the owner. I know I’m not the only good walker out there, and I’m willing to bet that there’s many more than there are bad ones. As far as competition like Rover goes? I don’t know anything about what the experience is like from the customer’s end, but I can safely say that for walkers, Wag is much more fair and considerate. I’m speaking from second-hand experience, but to my knowledge, Rover does far, far less to support their walkers and seems to generally make their experience much more stressful. So if you’re an owner and you’re trying to decide between the two apps, please take that into consideration. Overall, like many other services, Wag is flawed. However, many of the other reviews on here were written back when Wag as a service was still fairly new and still trying to figure things out. Now, it’s improved dramatically on pretty much all fronts, and I know for a fact that if I myself had a dog, I’d probably use the app.
  • More of a headache than help 1/5

    By christinaaa123
    One star because: - Security issues. How do they prevent previous walkers from saving the code to your key box? - Poor quality control. One dog walker no-showed but marked the walk as completed so I still got charged. Took several communications to get a refund. - Variable service. Some walkers were great, but some have no idea how to properly walk a dog (ie they let the dog walk them). - Onboarding was a pain. I was given a promo code but it took half a dozen emails/texts to get it to apply.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By PAWrent
    If you are a dog lover and pawrent this app is highly recommended
  • Flawless! Almost... 5/5

    By kyler Grace
    Wag is brilliant and beautifully designed. When I was referred to Wag I couldn’t believe someone could make money walking dogs! It seemed too good to be true. Now I’ve gone through the process of applying which was fairly simple In itself the last thing to do is submit the last of my info to complete my registration. I was slightly taken by surprise when it prompted me with a Wag t-shirt option and a one time payment of 25 dollars. Respectively I chose a size and proceeded to the next step with shipping options.. A additional 5 or so dollars to ship the t-shirt to me. Now I’m not entirely turned off by this detail but it was never mentioned to me which is the reason I was surprised in the first place. I’m not too worried considering I’ll be able to make back that one time fee in the first couple walks. Ultimately disregarding the unexpected fee I’m very excited to be a Wag Walker! I’ll be sure to follow up with another review once I’ve gotten a chance to really experience Wag. I encourage everyone give it a chance it’s a great opportunity! Respectfully, Kyler Grace
  • Had High Hopes 1/5

    By Luis201980302
    Seemed super convenient - an easy trap to fall into. Used the boarding service during a vacation. We had to come home early as our dog started changing hands and we didn’t know where he was. Customer Service claimed “no problem,” but we had to pay for an inept handler who passed our puppy along to someone else and, for quite a few hours, we had no idea where our dog was or with whom. So we came home. Shouldn’t have trusted our best friend with strangers, so that is my fault. But customer service took no responsibility for the problem and I can’t trust them to be any better in the future.
  • Do Not Board 1/5

    By AlyCat222222
    We left our dog for the first time EVER. Using Wag! In the past, I had expected them to provide phenomenal boarding services. I was wrong. They connected us with a boarder who lived in a STUDIO apartment that was no larger than 400 square feet. They expected me to leave my super active 65 pound lab here?! That was the first strike. They promised me live updates of the entire boarding trip. I have received ZERO updates. That was strike two. The third strike was when I reached out to the boarder for updates and was met with a “he’s doing fine” text. No pictures, no updates, nothing. I am now 8 hours away from my dog for the first time ever, with no idea at all what he is doing or how he is doing. If you want to keep your sanity, please do not use this app for your fur babies.
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Gianna 🤩🤩
    My dog was super lonely because I was at school a lot and when a friend told me about wag. I downloaded it and now it’s my favorite walking app for my dog! Thanks wag
  • Super simple to use 5/5

    By Gregarious66
    The app is very well done and easy to use. I was able to register my dogs within a minute. They are sending me a free lockbox for my keys so that the walker can get in my house. I look forward to using this service regularly for my dogs.
  • Awesy 5/5

    By mel570
    I love this app❤️❤️ Two 🐾 paws up
  • Service has gone way down 1/5

    By Sien34
    Very upset with the app. Used to be a great app but now had them cancel two walks with no replacement. Very unprofessional, poor customer service. Will no longer be using this app.

Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app comments

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