Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers

Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers

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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers App

Wag! is the #1 dog walking app to book a dog walker on-demand, or at your convenience. Experience every step of your dog’s walk through text updates, live GPS tracking, pee/poo notifications, and photo report cards. Wag! dog walkers are thoroughly vetted and tested on dog handling experience. Wag! services are insured and bonded with customer support around the clock. Your pup is sure to love all of the amazing Wag! dog walkers. Get a Dog Walker Whenever You Need ASAP (dog walkers arrive in as little as 15 minutes) Scheduled (dog walkers arrive when convenient for you) Peace of Mind at Every Step of the Walk Leave dog notes and home access instructions for dog walker Live GPS tracks dog walk in real-time Live pee/poop notifications Walk report card with photo Securely pay and leave optional tip directly in app Publicly rate/review dog walkers Prioritize favorite dog walkers to use again for future walks NEW- instantly book your favorite Wag! Walkers for sitting and boarding! Overnight in-home dog boarding Drop-in visit house sitting Daily photo and video updates Pickup and drop-off available for additional fee FREE Wag! Lockbox Provided free of charge on request Securely store spare keys for dog walker Book walks for your dog while at work, or away Experience why Wag! is the most pawesome dog walking service ev-fur!

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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app reviews

  • I’m so annoyed with this app 1/5

    By Delanemo
    I just downloaded this app to use with my new puppy. I scheduled my first walk, for free, and my walker was allowed to cancel 40 minutes prior to the walk. I didn’t have time to wait for another walker to take the walk, but it was a 10$ charge to cancel my free walk after Ive been inconvenienced. So, my puppy had to wait another 30 minutes after a scheduled walk for someone to arrive. This is ridiculous. Someone else can cancel the walk, but it’s 10$ for me to cancel a free walk when I’ve been inconvenienced? What a hassle. I won’t be using this app so I’ll be using any other method to get my dog on a walk.
  • Application fee not refunded? 1/5

    By DavidPletcher
    My application has not been fully approved and I never received a shirt in the mail. I was under the impression the $25 application fee would be refunded. I can’t seem to find a contact email and the help desk won’t respond.
  • I hate this update 1/5

    By Zanercorp
    It makes you click apple pay even when you have already bought credits and are not using Apple Pay for that walk. It’s hard to update your profile. Love the service and almost every walker I have had is great but I’m so frustrated with this app I’m going to look for other walkers
  • Excellent 5/5

    By @Vane35
    So far I had a good experience with Wag!! I had excellent service and they have great walkers. Wonderful job!! My dog is a hesitant puppy and they have been patient and excellent with him.

    By Beside fishes
    the whole process to begin with takes weeks-MONTHS to even be able to download a special walker app that you have to get before you walk the dogs. In order to become a walker you have to BUY a 20 dollar wag shirt and pay for shipping and handling as well....they say you don’t need it but still make you purchase. Customer service is a nightmare and i even got confirmed for a walk and went to the owners house, to find ANOTHER WAG WALKER ALREADY AT THE HOUSE DOING MY JOB. I was very angry because i was 100% confirmed for that walk and you get in trouble for not actually showing up, which i did. I left the house thinking the other wag walker would get charged and paid for the wag but WRONG AGAIN they paid me instead of the person who actually walked the dogs. Very confusing and interesting how that works. Do not use this app....Rover I’ve heard has 10 times better customer service.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Jah925K
    Wag started out strong. A few years ago they had plenty of walkers and it looked like a promising resource for dog owners. Since then they have become one of the most frustrating services I’ve had dealings with. They “confirm” walks then cancel them sometimes minutes before the all is scheduled. Then after a certain amount of time they stop trying to fill the walk that they schedule. This is a problem because this walk is for your dog to go to the bathroom so now you have a soiled carpet and there’s not a care in the world when you call the smug wag! customer support line. I wouldn’t waste my time on this service. They’re unreliable in a business where reliability is the most important quality.
  • App not phone friendly 2/5

    By kris hal
    Having issues signing up - not iPhone friendly. Have to restart entire application.
  • Constant updates 3/5

    By Acs79
    I can rarely open the way walker app without having to update. It’s a pain. Also, I’d like to be able to see more info about the dog breed and temperament before i accept a walk.
  • Horrendous customer service and lack of accountability 1/5

    By Chris88_NYC
    Wag - during the Manhattan power outage on 7/13, it took 5 hours for my dog to get a walk as multiple walkers couldn’t do the job given the circumstances. I do not fully blame the walkers - but I absolutely blame the system in matching walkers, and I find the lack of accountability from the customer service team and the company to be among the worst I have experienced. I had to talk to over 4 reps and a supervisor to even get a walker who was willing to jog all the way from 14th st to midtown to take care of my dog when I had to rely on the app for a wedding and I was out of town. Major props to him. But to have to call multiple times, be put on hold for 30 minutes each time, and to have the walker say they’d arrive in 30 minutes to take over an hour to get there - can’t you guys match a closer provider? I was stressed out the entire wedding, and when I asked if I should uber back home to take care of my dog at 9pm - they said no, it’ll be taken care of. My dog got walked at MIDNIGHT. I asked them to come my ride home. They refused. I asked them what can they even do. Beyond finding another walker, nothing. It is clear they are not a pet or owner centric company. Their walkers are solid - but the policies in place are a complete farce and I’m extremely disappointed in how they handled the entire situation.
  • Not available because of my location 2/5

    By jake_0000
    Cool app just not available to sign up as a walker yet not in my area at least and I’m in the city
  • Super Skeezy 1/5

    By Bill W is probably taken
    Not feeling well so I downloaded the app to walk my 13 year old lab over the weekend. Two of the three appointments cancelled at the last minute. When I went in to cancel the request, fearing that they would not find someone and I would have to do something else, I was advised of cancellation fees. In asking to talk to a person, the phone asked for access to my microphone before asking for my phone number. No unnecessary rights, no support. I granted rights, scheduled a call and then removed the rights. Call happened without issue, after all it’s a phone. Cancelled and uninstalled. An example of an overfunded, under thought through experience.
  • Awful Customer Service and Zero Notifications 1/5

    By silllysara
    I’ve actually been a Wag! user for about 2 years now, and everything has worked pretty well, with the exception of a few hiccups here and there. My most recent experience will probably cause me to delete the app and use Rover or some other dog walking resource. Last week, the app assigned someone in Florida to walk my dog...I live in California. The walker was kind enough to call me to let me know the morning of the walk, so I cancelled the walk and rescheduled with someone in CA, and by default the app charge me the $10 cancellation fee. Called customer service, it took 20min to get ahold of someone, then another 15min conversation to try to get this person to understand this simple error and my need of a refund. I asked her to put the money back on my card, but instead she put it as a credit on the app which never showed up until I scheduled another walk. Last night, I tried to schedule a week’s worth of walks for my pup, so I used the “weekly walks” feature to save a few bucks. There was no notification that it was scheduling walks for the rest of the YEAR so I cancelled and just scheduled for the next 5 days. Charged another $10. Sooo looking forward to another 35min phone call..... My patience has run pretty thin, I never get notifications anymore when someone is on their way to walk my dog or when the walk has started, so I end up reaching out to the walkers myself, sort of defeating the purpose of the app. The app is a great idea, just far too many glitches and a not very well-trained customer service staff. Update: decided to give the app one last try since I needed a boarding service when we were out of town. My dog came home with fleas, for the first time in her life, from the dog sitter’s dog....I think we’re done with Wag.
  • So cool 5/5

    By Jzeitgeist
    Wag is great! It’s like Uber for your dog! Once you set your preceded walker Wag does their best to keep the same person, but if you decide last minute you want a dog walker to come you might get someone new. All professional and good people though! Our dog loves his Wag days! It’s so cool to see where your dog goes and when they poop and pee! Nice job wag!
  • Promising then disappointing. 2/5

    By jlopa27
    Thought I had found a trusted company, had my dog walked about 10 times. Then on final visit my dog was taken from my house without my knowledge, I tried contacting the walker but didn’t hear back at all. Customer service rep started an investigation and told me she’d get back to me in a week. That was 3 weeks ago. I think their intention is good but their company’s management is weak.
  • Dog walker 5/5

    By Tom Brady 1212
    My first dog walker she was very nice and my dog Eboni really enjoy her walk. They were gone for awhile.
  • ??? 1/5

    By jzbird08
    I became a walker and already payed my fee to apply but when I went to download the app it said it was not trusted and won’t even let me open it??? What’s going on?
  • Love it! 5/5

    By yourkillerdoll8X
    I am a single mother of 2 and also care for my disabled aunt and 4 cats just recently started a new job after taking up a big responsibility Bouncer.... (a sweet loving pit) that I fostered and now in the process of adopting him. I went from having all the time in the world to being super busy. Like my kids I have to make sure he’s well taken care off and like my kids he needs to go out! Love wag! Highly appreciative and grateful. Thank you!
  • Something I NOW know 3/5

    I, as of yet, have tried their service, but when becoming a walker, they must recognize your area. I say this because there is another option which I tried (several times) and it was uncooperative. For this one you would have needed three endorsements/recommendations. That all say you take great of the animals in your charge and, show the great measure of your abilities and responsibilities. When I attempted to do this; I received an error banner. Hope in the future, that can rectify this.
  • Great service provider 5/5

    By Takennonegiven
    Great fall back when I can’t walk my fur baby. Reliable all the time
  • App is great 5/5

    By Richspirit
    Love the service and its ser up. Easy to navigate and no bugs.
  • Unreliable. Waste of time. 1/5

    By Mobeenyc
    I made an appointment at 7pm for a walker to pick up my puppy from a steakhouse I had a birthday party at. The call feature was broken. I waited on hold with customer service for an hour and now I'm missing the dinner. The one I flew into NY from LA to attend.
  • Beyond disappointed. 1/5

    By julieatk
    Horrible customer service, I do not plan to ever use their services in the future due to this experience.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By 2 apps dumb
    We’ve only gotten one good walker out of the 10 that have been assigned (a few I don’t even think walked my dog) so I was trying to change the code to my lock box after those bad walks and found out it’s broken and I can’t change it. There’s a fee to try a new lock box even though ours was broken so we’re switching to rover since customer service couldn’t help us.
  • Horrendous support and consistently buggy, will waste your time and cost you money 1/5

    By bouldermurderino
    The app is buggy and malfunctioning on a constant basis, the support team is incompetent, unprofessional and will never respond within a reasonable time frame. I have had so much time and money wasted by Wag
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nena3434
    I have back problems and I’m very grateful an app like this exists for my pet . The people who walk my dog are amazing! Trustworthy, sweet and professional. The app can be a little confusing to use specially when you have credits and it won’t tell you if the next walk you will use it. Or is it whenever you want to use it . Or if when paying you are using the credits or all your money it doesn’t tell you .After all i love it !
  • HORRIBLE. 1/5

    By dominicana1214
    my background check has taken more than two months. and no response yet. they took my $30 and change since i also ordered the shirt. I WANT MY PRIVATE INFORMATION AND MY MONEY BACK. scammers.
  • This is the worst app! They take your money under deceptive marketing practices! 1/5

    By Belicu03
    They offered a free walk and then I was charged for a 30' walk. DO NOT USE IT!!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Bdnfnfnrnnr
    I used wag due to their high reputation(5 stars) on the app thinking it would be a pretty reliable dog walking service for one night that i couldnt walk my dog due to a trip. I come back and my dog couldn’t even put his left hind leg on the floor to walk, I immediately take him to the vet. Turns out he tore a ligament in his leg, and i didnt even receive information from the wag walker regarding why my dog was limping. It was painful to see. If you need a dog walker i highly recommend using someone you personally know and trust rather than a random stranger that wont take responsibilities for their actions(obviously not all the wag walkers). Im sure they’re trustworthy walkers on this app, however i was the unfortunate one who didnt get one, and i dont advise you to take the risk
  • Too many texts 3/5

    By mclathers
    This app is great, except for the fact that I get 4 texts messages every time I get a new walker. It’s not a big deal for those who don’t use the app every day, but when my phone and Apple Watch are going off with 8-12 texts a day at minimum (with no way to opt out, that I’m aware of) in addition to the notifications I get from the app itself, I want to pull my hair out. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE allow us to opt out of texts or find a way to group the messages together instead of sending 4 for each message.
  • Wag doesn’t care about your dog. 1/5

    By KayyEllee
    I am writing this review as both a Wag! Walker and Owner. I started working for this company about two years ago and besides the difficulty of actually getting a dog walk it wasn’t so bad. I decided to board my dog using the app and although the walker herself was great, I disliked the professionalism from Wag and their customer service team. It also takes an extremely long time to even contact them, I have waited 45 minutes plus just to talk to someone. As a walker, I see the frustration of the owners who haven’t been able to get assistance from customer service and it always reflects negatively on the walkers. I also have been treated pretty poorly, not being paid on time, not receiving assistance even when it’s an emergency situation. Wag is a very quick fix convenient way to go, but beware that choosing the cheap quick option could result in you losing your loved one or losing your money.
  • More expensive than they used to be 1/5

    By marc c d
    They used to charge a certain amount for one steady dog walker. Now they wanna charge the same amount for some random dog walker you’ve never met and charge you more for having only one dog walker and they wanna call it “picky”. For me, my dog is a precious child. I don’t want some random person I’ve never met taking care of my dog, LET ALONE IN MY HOUSE. Why would they do that? I get that they are a company with insurance yada yada, but does that insurance count for petty theft? I build trust with my current dog walker and we had a meet and greet and everything. But there is no need to raise the price to now have the same dog walker every week. Give a discount for people who don’t mind strangers in their house, not make it a privilege to have the same steady dog walker. Now I can’t even change my schedule around. This is silly.
  • Apartment left UNLOCKED, dog left AT RISK 1/5

    By Babybunny929
    I had a walker named Troy. He walked my dog, left my house unlocked with the keys on the hook, not in the lock box where they were supposed to be. He left my apartment, all of my personal property, and my dog completely open for harm, theft, ransacking, damage, or worse. How high was this person I wonder? Upon further investigation I have discovered that Wag does not properly vet their walkers. They fill out a simple questionnaire online, pay a $25 fee and boom they are in your home and leaving it unlocked. I had left the keys in the lock box for my walker, he did not put them back, nor did he even lock my house. If you want your personal property and dog to be at extreme risk you could be taking that chance if you use Wag.
  • App glitches 1/5

    By poshpetaholics
    I have worked on the Wag! app for about three months now and have done over 200 walks. The app has major glitches, half of the time it will not let me accept walks due to network errors. Wag support is terrible. You’re better off walking dogs solo
  • Above and beyond super customer service 5/5

    By heidi_cole24
    I signed up for wag a while back and my dog Tiny loves being picked up the walkers were always amazing. About a month ago we lost Tiny to lymphoma, and throughout the process of losing our boy we had to cancel all his accounts. I reached out to wag to end the emails, texts and updates the person I spoke with was very sympathetic and kind. Figured that was the last of it, today I received a hand written card in the mail expressing their condolences. Outstanding customer service!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Artovator
    I love Wag, but I have never got any calls or anything. I don’t know how to share my name with my fam and friends.
  • (Updated) App is Buggy and Unusable 4/5

    By noah15020
    My original review is below. It appears their servers were down during this time. Rather than have the app notify me there was no connection, things like the dog breed autocomplete just said that there is no input in that field (even when there’s text). It’s probably because you have to select a breed from their list. Anyway. The app is great after all. Losing a star because of the poorly handled down time. They really need to add a pop up in there that warns you when it can’t connect to the wag servers. That way you don’t think you’re taking crazy pills when the form says nothing is in an input that has text. Yes, we never *expect* downtime to happen. But this is a case where it’s pays to code defensively. The original review below. I was pretty angry given I had just moved and was depending on wag while I was at work: This app is garbage. First I tried to book a walk and it kept having errors. Fair enough I haven’t used the app since I downloaded a few months ago. Updated it. Now it’s deleted my dog. And get this - I can’t add him back because their form validation doesn’t accept that there IS input in the dog breed field. Then I tried calling their customer service several times. The automated system directs you to a line that rings 4 times then hangs up. I’ll be using rover I guess.
  • Not the best option 2/5

    By dghill0001
    I’m disappointed that I don’t have the option of choosing the person who would enter my home to walk my pet. They will send a “walker” which doesn’t work for people like me who travel and want someone we can trust entering our home. Get a grip WAG. I don’t want just anyone in my house. I want to choose my dogs walker.
  • All garbage 1/5

    By f***ing garbage
    Company is garbage
  • WAG 5/5

    By ChrisyinaS
    I have been using Wag walkers a lot this summer. It helps me tremendously and the walkers communicate well if they have questions. Tex really loves the walks too!!
  • Hiring Process Is Ridiculous 1/5

    By Kaycrazy1216
    I have years of experience with dogs, as well as experience working at a doggy day care. I did spa services, puppy training, and lots and lots of dog walking. I have so much knowledge and experience with dog behavior, YET this company still rejected my application with No explanation. I’m overly qualified for this company, yet they turn away someone with my experience.
  • My dog died and they’re still contacting me 2/5

    By Iroclocs
    About a year ago my dog passed away and I took her off of my profile because there is no option to say your dog has gone over. So they would still text me about offers about walks and services and I finally had to contact them and say “please stop contacting me about my dog” and they apologized and stopped. Just today I got another text about walking offers and I’m sick of it!!
  • Very happy! 5/5

    By wendykol
    Thank you Chrissy for taking both of our dogs on a whim for a 30 min walk. She was here in 10 mins after we requested. Taking a 115lb Saint Bernard and our lab mix at the same time. Very pleased!
  • From a Wag walker 1/5

    By lafrancealot
    Wag is a good concept. As a dog owner, it is great to be able to have someone come take your dog out when it isn’t possible for you to do it yourself; however, I can hardly say it provides peace of mind. I have been walking for Wag for about 3 years now and have identified some serious issues with their company. First and foremost, as you will hear across these reviews, their customer service for both clients and employees is abominable. They are unreachable and if you finally do reach them, they are often extremely unhelpful in the present time. I have dealt with poor customer service throughout my life (as we all have), but nothing even remotely as terrible as Wag. It is truly next-level. Expect that any issue you have, EVEN AN EMERGENCY, will take 3-10 business days to see resolution. Secondly, the screening process for both walkers and clients is truly scary. It’s awesome that anyone CAN apply to work for them, but not awesome that they seem to let every single person in. The application process is a joke. References from family & friends, a series of videos + quizzes that a 5 year-old could pass, and a “background check” that they make the employee pay for! It’s scary. As a walker, I would never let another walker into my home to touch my dog because I don’t trust who they would be, and that is how every client should feel. Fortunately, there are a lot of awesome, genuine employees that truly care about their work with Wag and give their full time, attention, and care to the dog they are with, but there are many that are not like that, with little details to be able to distinguish the two. Additionally, Wag does not stand behind their Walkers. To them, every single walker is expendable. If an issue arises in any regard, it will NEVER be Wag’s fault. I went to walk an extremely aggressive dog once. I walk into the client’s home and the dog is showing all signs of extreme fear and intent to attack from his kennel (whites of eyes, hackles up, crouched, bared teeth, low growl that rose to a bark). When I approached the kennel it grew worse, and the dog attempted to bite me through the metal, despite my sitting in his presence for a long time, talking softly, moving slowly, and avoiding eye contact. I even touched his leash to see if he demeanor would change when he realized he was going on a walk, but to no avail. I left the dog in the kennel and stepped outside to call Wag. I couldn’t reach them for 45 minutes, even at the “walker support” number. This was at a time when Wag did not even give the walker the ability to contact the owner, so I couldn’t let them know what was going on! After about an hour and a half, Wag told me I was quitting on the job and would be accused of canceling at the last minute and requesting a cover because I refused to walk the dog. They were abrasive and cold towards me and my concerns. I had been a 5-star walker with them for years, and It was apparent that my safety and well-being was of no concern to them. I was penalized. After they take 60% of what I earn and don’t take care of me, it was the final straw. I will no longer be working for or using Wag. Bottom line is this: if you find a Walker who is awesome and truly dedicated to you and their job, and you encounter no issues that warrant customer support, you’ll have a good experience with Wag. Otherwise, expect the worst because you will probably get it. Do yourself and your dog a favor and work for/use Rover or a local walker/company. They all take the Wag concept and execute it so much better. My note to Wag: it isn’t hard to take care of your employees, treat them with respect, and stand by them in the midst of justified issues. You know the way you treat employees is wrong and unsustainable for a business. Do better.
  • SCAMMED 1/5

    By nancytoldyouso
    Do not use this app, I had my information stolen through their app, have had to close bank accounts and Venmo accounts! Absolutely awful!
  • We love Wag! 5/5

    By Eanna S
    Wag has been a huge life changer in our dogs life. He loves his walks! We have been very lucky with many great dog walkers. Arty walks Jack Jack most of the time and he is amazing. He goes above and beyond every time! When he isn’t available, we use whichever dog walker is available. Most have been great. We use the app 2-3 times per week for about 7 months now and have only had 2 issues. Both times a dog walker didn’t show up. When this happens, Wag notifies you and immediately tries to find another walker. Both times a new walk was booked within 2 hours. The app allows you to see where our pup is being walked and a picture to prove he really did go for the walk. I love reading the report cards we get after the walk.
  • I love walking for wag and using it for my own pups! 5/5

    By Malibooty719
    Wag has been WONDERFUL to me both as supplemental income and for care of my own dogs. Knowledgeable walkers and fantastic customer service.
  • Only one this I would change 5/5

    By SSukman
    I wish you could see past report cards. I love reading those but once you close out, they are gone! It’s also a great reminder on who you really liked and who lemon really enjoyed being with.
  • WAG! 4/5

    By Emmyybieber
    I am a walker for WAG! and I really enjoy getting to walk loving dogs. I enjoy this app, but there are some things dog owners needs to be aware of. Anybody can download this app and become a dog walker, ANYONE! All you have to do to become a walker is take a mini quiz and pay $30 for background check. So anyone who has common sense about dogs and $30 can walk your dog. Even a criminal. So, please be aware. Read the walker reviews before you accept them.
  • Bad “walker” service 2/5

    By misha2481
    I’ve recently been made a walker and it wasn’t what I anticipated it to be. It’s impossible to get any walks nearby, at least in my city, so I called customer service and asked for a refund as they take a 25$ registration fee. I called once and they told me they’d get back to me and never did. I called twice and the woman on the phone was so rude. She was trying to get me to make connections with dog owners to walk their dogs, but that’s not how the app is supposed to be designed. She was really rude over the phone in the way she said it and again told me I would have to wait for someone else to call. It’s been really frustrating and because of this I wouldn’t recommend being a wag dog walker.

Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app comments

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