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Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters

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Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters App

Wag! is the #1 dog walking and pet sitting app for pet parents. Get convenient pet care in your neighborhood with the Wag! app. Whether you’re looking for daily walks, planning a trip, stuck in traffic, or just want your best friend to have some company - any day, anytime care is available through the app. Here when you need pet care. On-demand and scheduled dog walks based on your and your dog’s needs. Boarding and sitting overnight care in your home or the pet caregiver’s. Daycare for dogs who prefer (or need) a little company during the day. Drop-In visit for dogs who don’t need a walk, but could use a potty break. Safety is serious business. Each pet caregiver with Wag! is vetted and must pass a comprehensive background check. Our services are insured and covered by $1M in home liability insurance. Support is standing by and available to you and your pet 24/7. All about convenience. GPS-tracked walks so you can follow along with your dog’s walk in real-time. In-app messaging so you can easily communicate with your pet caregiver. Receive live pee/poop notifications and a detailed report card at the end of your service. Book and pay for your services securely within the app. Wag! lockboxes are available for simplified home access. We’ve been around the block. Our community of 300,000+ pet caregivers nationwide are dog people, and it shows. Pet caregivers with Wag! have a trusted record of experience with over 8 million pet care services across 3,374 cities. We’ve donated over 10 million meals! A portion of our proceeds from the walks you book help to feed shelter dogs in your area.

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Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters app reviews

  • Great service 5/5

    By elizabethwhite125
    I have been using wag for about a year. I have two dogs that typically go to daycare, but I work in the ER and sometimes leave before my daycare opens. I use Wag on these days. I have had great people whom my dogs love and I trust coming into my home!
  • Rude 1/5

    By Nicole07194
    The actual local walkers are fantastic! The actual Wag customer service are rude and act like they don’t have the time of day to help you. My concerns were answered with accusations and a smart tone. I feel if they focused more on customer service they would benefit. Before my interaction with Wag customer service I was telling all my friends and family how great they were. They were signing up and one of my friends even signed up to be a dog walker with Wag. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I am happy they showed me their true colors before I kept using them. I will be using Rover or some other dog walking service now.
  • Walkers are Flakes 1/5

    By Shmmyshmmy
    Walkers have cancelled several times during or near the walk time and customer support has a very “whatever” attitude about it.
  • I’m a Walker 4/5

    By dinofaiiry
    I love Wag, I really do. I’m a small person so sometimes i’m a little nervous to take on the larger dogs because I don’t know their behavior but nothing bad has happened 😇 BUT I have a problem with some dog owners. specifically dog owners who don’t explain they want things done a certain way or they want you to do extra things before they leave and then complain about you in a review. like if you have specifics please include them.... not only does Wag have sections in your dog profile and whatnot for you to include that but you also have the opportunity to get into contact with the Walker to ask them. I’ve had many owners contact me and it all works out in the end!
  • Worst experience 1/5

    By Fresh Nature
    Worst product and customer experience of any app I’ve used. I really tried to like it after spending tons of money on Wag, but kept running into problems with a buggy product and frustrating customer service experience. The last straw was the walker not showing up and leaving my dog hanging without any notification due to Wag not finding a replacement or even letting me know. When I complained they offered nothing but a refund, but then made it impossible for me to get the refund. Now spending hours trying to deal with their customer service process to get the money back for a walk my dog didn’t get. Great idea, but this company needs a new person to lead their product and customer service. It’s not rocket science, and they just can’t seem to get it right.

    By @RCTHAT
    Don’t work for this company and don’t hire them. Save yourself the trouble and stress that their lack of responsibility can give you. Here’s why. In the state of California, Wag states that they are not liable for any damages or injuries caused to and by the customer and the walker. They not only provide terrible service by not helping an injured walker who walked and allegedly got bitten by my dog, they also refuse to help me as the customer get information to help with a claim that is now filed against me and my renters insurance. The walker had to cover her medical bills without any help from Wag and now we are dealing with this claim and wag has not gotten back to us to help with any questions. They took 2 weeks and countless phone calls before getting back to us with an answer which was pretty much “we cannot help you and we will not cover any of the walkers medical bills. You will have to do this without our help.” THEY hire people but they take no responsibility for aiding them. To simplify this, if you’re a walker who care about your liability and you’re a dog owner who wants to make sure your dog and you are insured in the event of an accident, FIND ANOTHER COMPANY that is responsible and will provide detailed information regarding liability, insurance coverage and proper customer service!
  • Bad 1/5

    By klc099876
    The walkers constantly cancel at the last minute.
  • Use Rover 1/5

    By HarrisonP1900
    They had a meet and greet with one girl but they went out a different person every time so what was the point. I had to explain things to different people. Sometimes they would double charge me and I would have to argue it. Too many bugs. There is an app called Rover that is way better.
  • Deleting after 4 years 1/5

    By Lis Brooke A.
    The app used to be pretty good at finding a walker near you quickly, booking, scheduling, etc. However, if you ever have an issue that needs customer support, be VERY VERY patient...it takes a while to get in contact with anyone. Emailing support apparently does nothing; I’ve emailed twice and never gotten a response. There is also no way to block a certain walker, which is bad if you book a walk and then get assigned that walker—no choice but to cancel and be charged cancelation fee!?! Needs to be fixed. I’m done with Wag.
  • No way this app is getting 5 star reviews 1/5

    By SC519109
    This app is terrible. When selecting a preferred walker, one that I trust and know is taking good care of my dog, the app doesn’t show her actual availability so she often gets double booked. Even after she’s accepted the walks, the app sends me notices that there was no available walker, even if she accepted it DAYS before and has checked in that she’s on her way to my house. I’ve gotten the notices even after she’s checked in that the walk has started. The app also doesn’t allow you to check on a walk you requested, it’s like it disappeared into thin air...just sends you the notice that no one was available when it’s too already too late. I also noticed on someone’s negative review the developer wrote a “we’re glad you’re so happy with the app” which shows a total lack of professionalism as it was either sarcastic or completely ignoring the issues the person mentioned. There’s no way they’re getting 5 star reviews from legitimate users. This app is seriously the worst and if my favorite walker was on Rover, I’d delete this app faster than you can say Wag.
  • Used to be great - went downhill 1/5

    By Kate Kate cahill
    These guys she’s to be awesome! You could get a walker easily and schedule walkers easily. Now? All it ever says is no walkers are available. In Detroit. In the meantime, friends who live near me and work with wag say there are never walls available. So that’s cool. Don’t do it. Just don’t.
  • Límited services 1/5

    By 1235mcm2453
    Not sure why they won’t visit cats when they will only have to check there is food and water just like a dog
  • Saved my dog and my sanity 5/5

    By Pokey'Mon
    I consistently find reliable and loving people through this app. That’s for walks and boarding. It has helped my dog immeasurably.
  • Great, but waited too long to confirm that the first walker wasn’t coming. 5/5

    By shmeathe
    I ended up getting an amazing walker. The first one never showed and I didn’t find out until the walker actually didn’t show. I had to immediately request a new one. I think Wag should find a way to confirm with the walker along with me.
  • A SCAM!!! Don’t download 1/5

    By aerocool2000
    A whole scame to steal personal information and if you try to apply to become a walker it’s a long process and when it’s all done they ask you to pay a $25 fee and get this IS NOT REFUNDABLE EVEN IF YOUR APPLICATION GETS REJECTED like can you believe this bullsh**t like how are you gonna ask me to pay you for a job I’m applying.
  • Left in the dark 1/5

    By Notoriouswilly
    I have been suspended as a dog walker since Dec 2. when a dog i was walking slipped its harness and ran home. I was told the investigation would take no more than 2 weeks (this would make sure they could get a detailed account of the incident and see if i had a record of this, which i dont). It is now Jan 17 and i have reached out to their customer support over 20 times (everytime i do they say they are sending my info to the investigation team and they’ll get back to me). I have not heard anything from the investigation team. This was my main source of income but they cut me off without a second thought and have left me in the dark about why or when they will ever get back to me. absolutely ridiculous.
  • Best App for Dog Lovers! 5/5

    By Nbowmanxo
    I love using wag when I’m in a bind at work or need some to take my pup out on demand. The walkers are always vetted and take great care of my pup!
  • Good app 1/5

    By Makayla1998
    This app is overall expensive. I am an actual walker and when you pay for your service I only make more than half. One dog escaped the bone and they deactivated my account completely while their app wasn’t even working. They take money bonuses away and will leave you dry. They are incompetent and refuse to take responsibility in their own app faults. Go somewhere else for your dogs. Cuz this app has so much fraud in it, it’s ridiculous.
  • Messages don’t send 1/5

    By topher33x
    This app bugs out when u try to talk to ur walker. This is what happens when amazon meets SoftBank. Absolute garbage. My dog missed 2 walks in the first week because I couldn’t connect with the walker, who couldn’t read my notes on the account. Thankfully she was sweet and came back the next couple days and I didn’t have to do the whole process again.
  • Great App 5/5

    By BlackStar**
    This app is amazing. It helped me find a trusted person to help me with my little pup. And ensure he gets out and about every day.
  • From a walker’s perspective 4/5

    By SFhorseperson
    I’ve only used Wag as a walker, so I don’t know what it is like for customers, but I thought I’d share my experience. I’ve walked for wag almost 2 years now, and i have to say that overall, I’ve really enjoyed it! There’s certainly been a few bumps in the road, but luckily I haven’t experienced anything too serious. I definitely feel like the service has improved greatly from what it was 2 years ago. As far as the vetting process goes, it took me about 2 weeks to get approved and that was after getting recommendations and taking several tests. I also had to get a background check. At first, the walks were very few and far between, and there were a few times people didn’t seem to understand that they had requested a service. The thing that keeps me at Wag is the customer/walker service reps. I think the maximum time I’ve ever had to wait was 20 minutes, and that was awhile ago. They’re always super friendly and they can usually fix the problem in about a minute or 2. Anytime there’s a bug or any problem with the app, they say that they’ll log it. And I believe them because usually in the next day or two I’ll get a notification of an app update. I understand that the app isn’t perfect, and some people have had some serious problems with it. But by and large, I feel that Wag provides an excellent service for a growing need. What I’ve been struck by with Wag is their adaptability and growth through the years. It has allowed me to do what I love: playing with puppies! I hope you consider using Wag for your pet care needs!
  • Works great for me and my pup 5/5

    By Estioko
    I’ve been using wag for almost 3/4 years. Yes I have had issues in the past. And yes customer service was pretty sloppy. HOWEVER, they have improved so much since they started. I have 5 preferred walkers that I’m comfortable with and met. One time a walker got a little too comfortable and almost didn’t give me back my dog. I contacted wag and working 10 mins I got a phone call, a new lock code and reimbursement on my keys. Stuff happens. It’s not the app. It’s the walkers. ANY dog walking app has its bad apples. But for ME and my pup, I have been super happy. I used it when I broke my foot, when I get bronchitis, when I work both my jobs. At times I rely on this app and I am very satisfied with how the changes for the company and app is coming along. I WISH I could look at walkers profiles and comments to see what others say, but I’m happy with the Walker I favored.
  • Annoying 3/5

    By scorpiogal1026
    The app if full of glitches and customer service takes forever-if you even hear back from anyone. The walkers themselves have been great. It’s just a shame they can’t fix the app.
  • Address identification issues 1/5

    By West N.
    I’d like to use the App, but it won’t let me move past the address screen due to it not recognizing my address. The development is over a year old, and I get deliveries, etc. it definitely is valid 🙄
  • Taken a dive 1/5

    By Tmarq
    This service has so much promise. it is expensive, but you can get a dog walk under a variety of conditions. A last minute meeting pops up, no problem. Unfortunately, it is not reliable. More and more often, it is difficult to find a walker. Or someone will accept the walk then cancel last minute. This has now happened to me three out of the last 5 times I have signed up for a walk. Unfortunately, if unreliable, then it is worthless.
  • Great service 5/5

    By jackieg89
    I’ve been using Wag for about six months now and have had a wonderful experience with trustworthy walkers.
  • Terrible service - great app 1/5

    By johnnybravo109
    Up until today I was a wag customer. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and the service is generally terrible. I’ve had an ongoing problem that’s recently got worse. A walker will confirm my request for a walk then either not show or cancel after the walk has supposed to start, replacement walkers do the exact same thing until it’s happened 3 times in the same day on multiple occasions. Wag support is useless as the only thing they want to do is offer 20 wag credits which aren’t enough to buy a walk and they expire before I get around to using them so it’s an empty gesture, to make matters worse after the 3rd walker canceled on me today I requested that wag stop all future walks. Later that evening when my baby was sleeping a walker I don’t expect or request rang my doorbell and woke my sleeping baby. I’m beyond disgusted with the ineptness of wag customer service support. I felt bad sending the girl away and she was apologetic but i had already walk the dog myself following the previous no shows/cancellations. I asked wag why this happens in multiple occasions over the past year but they offered no real explanation I also asked how to make a formal complaint and after the 4th time of asking I was told to do it via the “app tips and feedback” section of the app. Totally unacceptable as we all know that my complaint would be ignored in that forum. The CS agent gave the usual canned “I’m sorry you’ve experienced this” responses but I felt he was listening to respond and not listening to understand! Also, after previous no shows they continue to find replacement walkers that could take hours to confirm and then show up, unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow me to sit in all day waiting for a dog walker that may or may not show up (I won’t give a stranger access to my home) yet if I cancel after the 3rd no show in a row on the same day they want to charge me a $10 fee....bad, bad business model, terrible customer service and most importantly the majority of the walkers are unreliable. We have never seen the same walker twice no matter if I mark them as preferred or even if they are local. I’m going back to using the local neighborhood walkers that aren’t associated with wag as they show up
  • Convenient animal abuse app 1/5

    By jaxcson kane
    Four walks in a row the walker assigned didn’t show up, and the walk in two instances finally happened 2/3 hours late, and in the other two I was forced to drive the three hours home to walk my dog because they have literally zero accountability. In none of the missed walks did they attempt to reach out to me, I had to constantly monitor the app for updates that never came. Customer service answers quickly but has exactly zero things they help with. After me using their app I feel like I am mistreating my dog, and continuing would absolutely be tantamount to animal abuse.
  • Let users opt out of ad push notifications 1/5

    By Sheygatz
    Love this service and it’s a great app but you should let your users opt out of receiving push notifications with marketing. I want to leave notifications on so I can be updated about my walks but I don’t want a notification every day telling me to “book now.” This isn’t 1990s TV, I don’t want forced informercials. Thanks!
  • Careless 1/5

    By marie 565
    I absolutely hate this service so careless and non empathetic. I only use them when my normal dog walker is out of town and this is the 3rd problem I have had with them.
  • Beware! 1/5

    By Paulack79
    I hired someone through this app to watch my dog for two nights and three days. The guy didn’t spend the night like I paid for and the only took my dog on FOUR 5 minute walks in THREE DAYS!!! Needless to say my poop baby had pooped and peed in the house when I returned! Worse the guy had 5 star reviews so I thought I was getting someone good. Don’t trust this app!
  • Terrible service, can’t trust them 1/5

    By Stardandilion
    I used to use this service a lot and didn’t really have any issues and now I had someone come to my house, claiming that they were lovers of all breeds even pit bulls and say they were unable to walk one of my dogs because they couldn’t harness them. My dogs are both under 10lbs and I’ve never had issues or anyone else that came to walk them. They spent an hour at my house playing with one of my dogs and completely ignoring that the other one needed to be walked. When I came home hours later I found that my 3lb dog had been helplessly left on the couch where she is unable to jump off or could have fallen and she couldn’t even drink water. I was a bit horrified but thankfully she seemed fine. This was a warning to me to stop using the app before things got any worse.
  • Wag walker stole over $10,000 in cash and jewelry from our home 1/5

    By Tim Harney
    Wag let a un vetted thief into our home who stole my wife’s jewelry and cash from our room. Even worse they stole our front door key. My wife was so scared by this we had our door locks changed and we moved from that apt building due to the fact that wag walkers still had access to our common areas. Wag refused to take any action other then “suspending” that walkers privileges. An “insured” company that is taking zero accountability for there employees actions is morally apprehensive. Do not use this service!!! Be warned! They are letting dangerous people into your home
  • Two Walkers Canceled While We Were Out of Town 1/5

    By Cairiss
    I used Wag a total of two times, and will never use it again. My husband and I did a short, over night trip, so we scheduled one walker for the evening and another for the next morning. About 30 minutes before the evening walk, Wag told me the walker canceled and that they would find a replacement. They never did. The next morning, the walker simply never showed up. I contacted customer service, and the best they could do was to “keep an eye on the schedule” in hopes of finding a replacement. Needless to say, we had to return home immediately and forego the remainder of our plans. WAG, figure out a contingency plan. Until then, I will not be returning.
  • Easy peasey 5/5

    By Emersonpickle
    Happy with the app layout and usage! The free lockbox makes it easy to have folks come in without much coordination before hand. I’ve always been happy with my sitter. It would be nice to not have to pay for a service before booking it. I’d like to know more about the available sitter before shelling out all that cash. Wish WAG allowed for cat sitting too!
  • Horrible! Never using it again. 1/5

    By kimr6
    I dont usually write a reviews but I had to do for this one. I’ve been using wag for a while for my dog. Despite all the incidents I saw on the news about wag, stolen/injured/killed dogs, I didn’t think it would be my story. Last month when I was at work, I used wag to walk my dog. And when I returned back home my dog couldn’t wag his tail. It was drooped down and seemed like my dog was in pain. His tail is usually curled up even if he’s not wagging his tail. I would’ve have not consider this as a big deal if my dog was active and hyper and would injure himself all the time. But he is very shy and quiet. I was so shocked and called wag right away. I was connected to “priority team” who told me that they would investigate. I took him to the vet the next day and was told that he got a ‘limper tail’ which usually doesnt happen often with my dog’s breed but can be caused when someone yanks the tail. It has been about a month since that happened, and just got a call from Brianna (the most rudest person who works in customer service I’ve talked to) in the priority team today and was informed that there’s no direct evidence that wag is involved in the injury. Knowing my dog’s personality, nothing was changed in my house except for his tail (no knocked over furtinure) and nobody came to my place other than the dog walker on that day, I can’t explain the injury without getting wag involved. At this point, however, I just regret I didnt install a dog camera at my house for “direct evidence”. But I’ve learned my lesson now and will never use wag again. They are very irresponsible for their service. So anyone out there who wants to use wag for you dog, you’re at your own risk. This could be your story.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By TuckB0701
    I’ve been using Wag for well over a year now. It started out great but I think it’s ridiculous that a walker can cancel right before a walk. Not the day before but an hour before. At that point I’m not even near my home. They really should have a policy in place that the walker can’t cancel the same day, because I can’t, I still have to pay for or reschedule the walk. I don’t get to just cancel. This isn’t just a one time occurrence but it’s happened at least the past 4 times I’ve booked with you. I’ll never use the service again and I’m sorry but definitely wouldn’t recommend the service either.
  • Was told only men can walk big dogs 1/5

    By HeidiHe
    Started out great. My dad is getting older and has hip problems so we had used the app to walk my parents dog 7-8 times whenever my mom was out of town, and had great experiences. Recently, I had scheduled 3 walks because we left for a long weekend. The walks were scheduled with a female walker we had used several times before. About 12 hours before the first walk, I received a cancellation notification. No worries, they rescheduled us with another walker. Then the walk was cancelled and rescheduled 6 times!! The 7th time, they were unable to schedule a new walker and it was past the time we had requested. I called the help number and, at first, they tried to say it was the walkers who were cancelling. Then I was told THEY (the company) were cancelling the walks because I had written that our English Lab was a “gentile giant who needs someone strong” to walk him. As a result, they felt like he really needed a MAN to walk him and only female walkers had been accepting the jobs. I told them the first scheduled walker (a woman) had already done it 3 times and was fine with him. Of the 7-8 walks we’d used Wag for, only 2 were done by a man. Not to mention my petite, 75yo mom (5 ft/ 120lbs) walks him regularly with no issues. They were sympathetic but refused to allow a woman to do the job. A supervisor was supposed to follow up with me and I was told I’d get a credit but none of that ever happened. Not like we would ever count on their service again but, if you say you’re going to do something, do it! In the end, they left us hanging and we had to cut our trip short to come back and take care of this. Fortunately, we found someone in the neighborhood to help out going forward.
  • Wag Walker App 4/5

    By Vccfyigdgjhgffdxghjbcs
    The interface on the wag walkers’ app have some minor problems. It’s a little difficult to communicate with owners when boarding. The message center is laggy and sometimes won’t let you send messages, is there a way so that we can communicate with owners via text?

    By marcus336
    This is the worst app I have ever downloaded in my life. It’s a total scam and all they are doing is ripping people off for there money. I initially signed up to be a walker and after finishing the process they Popup with this $30 fee which was supposedly for a T shirt that I never asked for in which I still paid just to become a walker. After paying the fee I thought that was the final part of the process but apparently it wasn’t and they asked for more personal information in which I wasn’t interested in doing because this wasn’t stated in the initial requirements to become a walker. When I contacted Wag! Dog Walkers they gave me the run around and basically told me I was sol with getting my payment refunded after I done literally paid for NOTHING. I advise anyone who has intentions on doing any type of business with this company to PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE RIPOFF AND ITS DEFINITELY UNPROFESSIONAL.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Tyler0628
    I just signed up. Said first walk free. It just sends a request out and said it would be $30 before I agreed to any pricing. I hit cancel and it said I could be charged for canceling! You don’t get to review who is coming and it doesn’t tell you price up front. Your first walk obviously isn’t free either. You just have to take some random person without talking with them or discussing your dogs to see if they would be a good fit. I wouldn’t recommend this ap. Read the bad reviews.
  • Wag lost my dog twice! 1/5

    By HeymynameisMarkTwain
    I initially got wag to take my recently rescued pup on walks. First walk was a success and I was happy I finally found an app that would help me care for my new dog. A few walks later and I have someone from the leasing office tell me that she found my dog walking by herself across the street with the walker nowhere to be found. Most recently on Christmas Eve I decided to get a sitter for 4-6 hours as I attended a dinner. I thought she would be okay in a home that’s in a gated apartment community. I’m at home getting ready to head out when my girlfriend gets a call from someone who found my dog running through the street at night dodging cars on a super busy boulevard. That woman was so kind as to bring my dog home to me. Another wag walker let my dog run loose. My dog is a small/medium sized energetic pup. I don’t know why anyone would not firme grab a leash when walking her. I should’ve stopped using wag after he first incident, but decided to give them another chance and then this happens. I’m done with wag! If you care about your dog, don’t use wag.
  • For someone who works a lot 5/5

    By Jaimie Morris
    I was very hesitant about this app. I work at a restaurant do peak season means I’m home a lot less than I’d like. This app really helps my pup and I. Very trustworthy. My dog, who scares easily, loves it. He gets walked so there are no accidents in my apartment while I’m gone. I love it!
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Kuceebaby
    The first 8 months of wag was awesome. In the last 5 months I’ve had MULTIPLE walkers who were 30+ mins late, one a whole hour and 28 mins late and no replacement, a guy who went through my things then texted me making advances and this last time 2 days of no shows. I will never recommend them to anyone. They pay walkers very little and with this cold weather it seems ppl aren’t willing to come out in the cold so your pets are left unattended. I wish I could give zero stars for the dozen hassles that pulled me out of work dealing with these ppl for no solution. NO NO NO!
  • Poor Service, Horrible App 1/5

    By DerekMalonePhoto
    I’ve used this app twice before and had no issues, however, today was very frustrating. Today I booked a walker to let my two pups out. After a short time, the walker cancelled claiming to have a “schedule change.” A second walker picked up the job and an hour or so later, she also cancelled with a “schedule change.” From that point forward when trying to book again, the app would automatically change the time of my request from 9pm to 11pm. It did this several times and I couldn’t get the app to select the correct time, so I decided to contact customer service. I selected the “phone call” option as it said the wait time was less than 3 minutes. After three minutes of waiting, the app then said the wait time was 35 minutes or less, so I decided to use the “chat” option (the app said it was 1 minute wait or less). Guess what!?!?! I waited for nearly 10 minutes before someone came to the chat. After the two walkers cancelling on me and the stress of not having a walker available for my dogs, I am now having to leave work to go let the dogs out, and on top of that, they charged me $10 for the cancellations. I had no choice but to cancel the request because the app changed my times to 11pm every-single-time, which is not the time I wanted. I need reliable coverage for my pets when I am away. I won’t use WAG again!
  • Used to be better for small dogs 3/5

    By khhyixitxjtxjtxtkz
    When I first started I could make 20 min walking. Appointments within an hr for 14 dollars then it got upped to 17 if I wanted a specific hr now it’s 23 for a 30 min walk within an hr..... first off my dog is 12 lbs and it’s currently snowing... if she is outside for that long even with a coat she becomes a popsicle. I’m really disappointed in the changes they make it harder for people win small dogs with less flexible schedule.
  • Terribly designed app and webpage 1/5

    By dogowner47362727
    I have never struggled so much to get an app and webpage to show me the information I need to see. The site isn’t intuitive and is extremely frustrating. Would recommend Wag take some notes from Rover.
  • So many cancellations 1/5

    By HelloWorld109
    I love this service for being convenient and the walkers are generally nice and trustworthy but YOU CANNOT TRUST IT. I live in a super thickly settled area with plenty of walkers and so many of my walks have been cancelled at the last minute due to a scheduling change on the walkers side and no one else is available to take the walk by then. I have a 9 month old puppy so the difference between getting walked and not getting walked is huge to her. Moreover, if you cancel within 24 hours you get fined — if the walker cancels at the last minute nothing happens. I even called customer service and there is no protocol for reporting this type of thing. So if you were hoping to rely on this app for your weekly walks DONT.
  • My Wag walker 5/5

    Emily was great with Max .......thank you Emily for Max’s great walk....he’s sleeping now

Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters app comments

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