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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers App

Wag! is the #1 dog walking app to book a dog walker on-demand, or at your convenience. Experience every step of your dog’s walk through text updates, live GPS tracking, pee/poo notifications, and photo report cards. Wag! dog walkers are thoroughly vetted and tested on dog handling experience. Wag! services are insured and bonded with customer support around the clock. Your pup is sure to love all of the amazing Wag! dog walkers. Get a Dog Walker Whenever You Need ASAP (dog walkers arrive in as little as 15 minutes) Scheduled (dog walkers arrive when convenient for you) Peace of Mind at Every Step of the Walk Leave dog notes and home access instructions for dog walker Live GPS tracks dog walk in real-time Live pee/poop notifications Walk report card with photo Securely pay and leave optional tip directly in app Publicly rate/review dog walkers Prioritize favorite dog walkers to use again for future walks NEW- instantly book your favorite Wag! Walkers for sitting and boarding! Overnight in-home dog boarding Drop-in visit house sitting Daily photo and video updates Pickup and drop-off available for additional fee FREE Wag! Lockbox Provided free of charge on request Securely store spare keys for dog walker Book walks for your dog while at work, or away Experience why Wag! is the most pawesome dog walking service ev-fur!

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Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app reviews

  • RIP Winnie 1/5

    By Brooklyn11236
    I just heard about Winnie, who was tragically killed while in the care of Wag. The company refused to even pay for burial expenses because the owners posted about the experience on social media. Dog lovers beware.
  • Mystic’s first walk with Wag 5/5

    By godesspussy
    Tonya was awesome! Mystic responded wonderfully with Tonya and I felt safe and assured she was in good hands.
  • #Winnie 1/5

    By HugoBoss281
    The way you handled the walkers negligence in walking Winnie and letting her get hit by a car and die with the family never seeing her again or knowing exactly what happened is unacceptable. The way abandoned Winnie and the family, made a ridiculous self serving settlement offer, and simply showed no remorse is enough for me to never use your service despite prior successful uses. Shame.

    By BrandonsReview
    #JusticeForWinnie - A Wag Walker is responsible for killing a dog and lying about it. The owner received a call from Wag who offered them compensation, but they would have to never talk about the situation again. They have told their story. Wag handled this poorly. If Wag kills your dog, they will not handle the situation properly. Download ROVER!
  • No Information Whatsoever 1/5

    By Evanescence67
    This app is useless, as is Wag’s entire service. I scheduled 30 min walks M-F, same time everyday. They confirm that it will be one walker, then that walker cancels and suddenly they are sending a different person daily, expecting me to let multiple strangers into my home when I’m not there on a daily basis. No thanks, as I highly doubt there is ANY vetting going on as they claim. Next I’m told I’ll get “15% off” my walks since I’ve scheduled them weekly, yet am never told “15% off” what exactly?? because, even after you book a walk, the only information regarding payment is that walks start at $14. $14 for what? 5 min? An hour? Nobody knows!! Gotta love hidden fees, unexpected bills, and never knowing what you’re paying for! Wag needs to be a lot more transparent in who they’re hiring, their exact rates, and who they’re sending to their customers homes. Maybe then I will reconsider my review.

    By andrews.ryanj
    After my dog was abused by a dog walker and my neighbor found me to say the walker was dragging my pup by the neck, My keys were then lost because the wag walker did not lock my lockbox. After dozens of calls to customer service not one single responded within seven days.. keys were then lost a second time on the following walk. I HAD TO REPLACE MY LOCk AND KEYS 2X IN A WEEK!! Lastly, a walker canceled a walk without notifying me or the app. My dog is on medication so needs to be walked 3x per day (I work). When the walker bailed without notice my dog pooped in the house and my roomba ran it over. Lost a $750 robot and my poor dog... All in all in 3 weeks my dog was abused. My keys were lost twice and customer service wouldn’t even call me back. They did offer a $20 walking credit though - as is that makes up for anything. Never been more let down by a service.
  • Super easy 5/5

    By Monica Chaparro 83
    Wish I had known about this app sooner; genius.
  • Possibly Dangerous App 1/5

    By Sam Gewertz
    I had used Wag in emergency situations when our regular walker is not available. 70% of the time the walker doesn’t show up and the app has to re assign another walker which isn’t triggered until 30 mins after the scheduled walk time. This is especially true if we try to schedule in advance. Basically we get punished for planning ahead. This delays my dogs’ walk time by over an hour each time. They do not comp the walk or offer anything more than “sorry about that.” I commonly see wag walkers outside walking in Los Angeles and they are nearly always on their phones, not paying attention to the dogs, walking into busy streets. After our negative experiences and how I see the walkers behave I have deleted the app. If you read the reviews on the App Store there is an alarming number of well articulated complaints from both walkers (employees) and wag customers.
  • Support the most exploitative contractor of independent dog walkers. 1/5

    By Ronathon63
    As an independent contractor it’s up to you to withhold taxes, so that 30 minute walk you did? Yeah here’s 12 bucks. Now take out your taxes, so maybe what 9.50? If we include the travel time, gas, parking, and dead time when you’re approaching and leaving the house. Greeting and familiarizing with your pet, securing the walking support (leash,harness, etc) & securing your home or doing the additional tasks often asked of like feeding, water, and more.... you’ll be lucky to operate with a net profit of 7-8 bucks an hour? The tips at least incentive you to get out in the rain, snow, heat, potentially get hit, bit, fall, and much more without any support from the company. One that we as walkers could right a column in the NYT for how horrendously atrocious the experience is. For a tech company their software is..ahem... lacking. I only do this occasionally for fun money and get my steps in. I’m a Veterinary nurse by trade, and have spent 9 lives caring for, and walking dogs.

    By Shaotnsondnmwmsmmdmxnnxm
    They don’t care about your animal and will end him killing them
  • History of killing dogs 1/5

    By Barr12112
    Do a quick search on this app and you’ll find Wag allows fraudulent walkers and in some cases have led to the death of pets. Don’t use.
  • Watch out!!! 1/5

    By KristaMay
    If anything tragic happens to your fur baby they will not do anything about it. You can’t ever put a price on losing a loved one.
  • Goodbye Wag! Lousy app. Update! 1/5

    By Troy Meyers
    Read the most recent reviews. Something is terribly wrong at Wag. They offer the same answer to every bad review. I took then up on it and emailed “woofsupport”. Still no answer. We have used Wag a few times. The app just keeps getting more buggy. The most recent service was never closed as the walkers app crashed and lost the details. She was unable to close the visit out or give us a rating. We cannot see the visit in the app or rate the Wag walker. Customer Service was little or no help. They assure me that despite the failed app, they will be sure and bill me manually! No real apology. No attempt at service recovery. No follow up. Moving back to Rover.
  • App froze from promo pop up 1/5

    By Lindawtx
    Well I wished I could say I could have at least used the app. Their promotional pop up froze the App and there's no way to close it. I've tried reinstalling with no success.
  • Wag! Is an awesome app! 5/5

    By Karainfla
    We got a new puppy and wanted to make sure she was getting plenty of exercise while we were at work. This app paired us with a caring, honest, and reliable dog walker! We are so pleased and have so much peace about scheduling! Our dog walker sends us updates, pictures and videos! Thank you!
  • Hide your money 1/5

    By just_terrible
    A wag walker stole money and food but the company has yet to do anything about I just advise you to have cameras when using wag!
  • Satisfied Customer 5/5

    By C 930
    Always a great experience with Wags. I’ve also used the overnight sitting and was very pleased with the way my pip was cared for while I was away. I love the updates during the service!
  • No accountability 1/5

    By ppower1986
    A walker stole $900 from my apt. The company took no responsibility in the actions of their walker. Refused to remedy the situation, no resolution, nothing. To add insult, Alex the customer service rep hung up on me.
  • Demands Cell phone # to see prices etc 1/5

    By Vstrojan
    I’m sure this app is great for those who want a dog walker. I was thinking about it and wanted to check out the prices, etc prior to signing up. Unfortunately when you download this app, it does not allow you to search anyone or even see prices without giving your cell phone number. Furthermore, it states by giving your cell phone, you agree to marketing texts/phone calls. Not cool when all I wanted to do was see what they offer.
  • Incompetent company 1/5

    By hateWag
    The company is so incompetent that I’m switching over to another service that charges higher price. Wag constantly overcharges me for my walks. I have same walks scheduled for several weeks out and they process my walks as One-Time, which has higher price. Wag, can’t you just look at my account and scheduled walks and see they are recurring? Such an incompetent company!
  • Do Not use Wag! 1/5

    By 737pilotbrian
    The random people they hire often No Show. I’ve had 3hr delays from the orig scheduled walk. They don’t put the dog back in her crate. Fun stuff like that. Customer service is non existent.
  • horrible sign up process and customer service 1/5

    By merdi
    Im trying to become a walker and have spent hours filling out different applications, doing the orientation process, and calling support trying to figure this out. The customer service is no help at all and repeats the same script about emailing an address that doesn’t reply to my emails. Wasted $25 on registration for nothing. Such a scam.
  • Wag takes no responsibility 1/5

    By T_Marie89
    I chose to not use these services as the terms say they won’t take responsibility for anything their walkers do to the animals or your home/ property. They put the responsibility on you and use terms like “As Is” service and things that use at your own risk. What kind of business that asks you to let strangers into your home would think this is okay?! You don’t reassure that this is safe at all instead you do the opposite and try to act like you won’t be responsible for what happens. 👎🏽
  • Great app 5/5

    By R Dizzle GSoM
    Fun and interactive app. Great design. Easy to use
  • as a dog walker.... 4/5

    By graceemma17
    i’m a dog walker for wag and one complaint I have is how high of a percentage they keep of the money we make walking the dogs. 40% is excessive and it would just be easier to get your own clients. I do like the fact that it’s really easy to find clients whenever you need the extra cash. something they really need to work on is communication. I had a first time client who had never used wag before who didn’t leave the key where they said they would. and I was on hold for a LONG time with customer support before I got to talk to anyone. and I was on the emergency line- so what would happen if a dog was in danger and I wasn’t able to get in contact with the support line? Just makes me wary to continue walking.
  • Very useful service! 5/5

    By Katged
    It is great for couples like us who have irregular schedules, and often forget to set up a walk until the night before. We’ve met some walkers that we really like with the app, and you can select them as favorites. Would be nice to have an option where you give preferred walkers a few hours to respond (can’t expect them to be next to their phones 24/7), but I understand that’s also part of the deal for them to bring in new walkers. Some technical issues with the app, (walkers not being able to see access codes despite the fact that they are there in the app) but they are usually resolved fairly quickly by the managers.
  • Beth 1/5

    By Mad🐺🐺🐴🐴🐴01
    The service is fabulous. The walkers are wonderful. The website and app are horrible. Several times I get called if there is a problem verifying whether or not someone worked or the site is down. The site is a turn off. Not user friendly. It prompts you to post a photo or notice on social media that your dog was walked by wAg after EVERY walk. That is daily for me. You can’t move on to scheduling screen until you do that. It’s just not for me.
  • Find a job 1/5

    By Cruiser305
    It a process I went Thur the Application and take the test and get them references you have to give them about 6 of them and when you are done. Wait. I did not have a dog. So if you have a dog is a plus
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Tglacier
    Top notch
  • Do the employees speak English. 1/5

    By Sipora
    The text messages for the helpline make zero sense. If you call they call you back and they don’t speak english. I’ve had one bad wag walker that made me even need to speak to customer service where it all went downhill. Wag walkers are great they are all just dog loving people trying to make extra income and really do care, but the company is terrible they take 40% of the walk and then out source the company so that the rich get richer. Big bad business.
  • Much Better Now! 5/5

    By Zman2nd
    This app has gone through several iterations. Was a bit clunky 6 months ago, but works perfectly now!
  • Wag walks 5/5

    By Djniecy
    Wonderful service easy to use app. Great for when your away.
  • Dog Abuse 1/5

    By thesonofjah
    One of their dog walkers was caught on video kicking and whipping a dog in Danville, Ca. You cant trust anyone they hire to walk your dogs!!
  • Horrible Experience!! 1/5

    By Maddyser
    I tried to use my first free walk and the dog walker never showed up. I then received a notification after the walk was to start that the walker had canceled. The next time I tried to book a walk to actually use that free walk, the app indicated I had already used it. IN ADDITION, no matter what this company says, employing animal abusers whether they are independent contractors or not is disgusting and you should be ashamed. How cheap are you to allow something like that to happen. I would give negative stars or 0 stars if I could. DISGRACEFUL.
  • No show on first two walks 1/5

    By topperistheonehere
    I was planning to be out for 6 hours, so I scheduled my dogs to go On two walks while I was gone. I went to check on how the first walk went and realized no one showed. Went home to check on the dogs and walk them. Believe it or not no one showed for the second walk either.
  • Was going to try, now doubtful. 5/5

    By irundnc
    So, was that guy that’s gone viral been arrested for animal abuse? For repeatedly beating a dog and hides behind the ruse of showing dominance? And you think a refund with change the feeling of the owner and the damage you’ve caused to that dog? I was going to give this app a try until I saw this video. I know he was 1 bag egg out of the rest of the wag walkers. But you need to step up and accept the repercussions of your negligence.
  • Wag is just awesome 5/5

    By Sharanya_rao
    The walkers in my area are so good. I have never had any bad experience with their service. I have read a lot of reviews on social media about how the walkers are bad, don’t care for their dog and cancel the walks last minute, I’m sorry that happened to you all but just wanted to let you know that not all the walkers are same. My fur babies just love all their walks and always look forward for it.
  • Terrible app, decent service 2/5

    By Dawn Kopecki
    The idea for Wag is great—on demand dog walks 24/7. But the execution and the app leaves a lot to be desired. The app is horrible, it’s double and sometimes triple booked walks on the same day, sometimes at the same time, whenever I’ve tried to make a schedule change. It gives me updates on walks that are days or weeks old with no way to tell when exactly the walk happened. And it doesn’t allow you to go back and review or adjust ratings for the walkers. I’ve left ratings for one walker, thinking it was another because it’s difficult to tell who’s walked your dog when. And their walkers have left my apartment unlocked 3 or 4 times.

    By cicnojncm
    The only app I would use!! Amazing and very fast for all animals! They do a great job !
  • Outstanding Service 5/5

    By Magenie
    I love the app, their customer service!!! So far everything is going great!! The respond it was very quick from the moment I enroll.. the attention is unbelievable!! Good to find people trustworthy nowadays!!
  • Neglectful sitter 1/5

    By About Speak of Love
    I waited for a month for someone in charge to respond to the below (w weekly calls asking for an update)... insane. I am done w Wag and you should be too Lorianne Solms Nov 29, 12:29 CST Owner submitted a 1 star review for walk ID 16000823: "I am contacting you to express the disappointment I experienced with our last WAG sitter. We have utilized Wag services for the past year, both walking and overnight dog sitting. Both services have been excellent and the overnight sitting services provided us with the assurance that our dogs were being well cared for. We were sent regular text and photos by previous sitters and their care for our dogs was witnessed by Leilani Arre, who we employ to help us with our house. Until our last wag overnight service we never had a doubt that WAG employees provided the care and attention our dogs deserved. The last request we had on WAGS was for an overnight sitter from Nov. 16th- Nov. 25th. The request was answered by Ines, a dog care giver with a 5 star rating. Ines agreed to meet us for an orientation, something all overnight sitters have done to clearly understand expectations and become acquainted with the house and dogs. Upon arrival Ines was surprised by our overnight expectation and claimed that was not clear in the posted request. Upon review it was clearly stated that we required an overnight sitter. Ines expressed concern about that level of commitment because she had 3 dogs of her own at home. Nonetheless, she seemed to think it was possible if her boyfriend could also stay. Because of the importance of having a person in the house, we have anxiety prone dogs who need to hear and see people regularly, we agreed to this arrangement. Ines left us with the reassurance that she would be staying at the house. On Monday the 19th we received a call from Leilani. She expressed concern about the dogs care as she found the dogs sitting in crates with urine soaked blankets. She informed us that the area that holds the crates had a urine soaked rug, and that nothing was cleaned or sanitized. That towels used to wipe up urine at some point were discarded on the floor. She also mentioned that there was absolutely no evidence that anyone had been staying at the house; no personal items, no food, no drinks, no garbage. The room Ines was to stay in was exactly as we had left it. Leilani has been witness to our 2 previous sitters, she was in contact with them regularly, saw them at the house regularly, and is familiar with what an overnight sitter in our house looks like. She assured us each time that the sitters were excellent. My husband called Ines directly to inquire about the dogs and the sitting arrangements. He wanted to emphasize the importance of someone being there overnight. Ines claimed emphatically that she was staying at the house, she was just very tidy. We believed her, we wanted to believe our dogs were being well taken care of and we had no previous experience that should indicate this was not true with this sitter. Ines did not initially contact us until 2 days after we left. After my husbands call she made a greater effort to communicate with us and text photos. She told us she was taking the dogs to her doggie daycare work and would bath them. We doubt that this ever happened. Leilani, reported that she stopped by the house everyday for a couple hours and regardless of the time she arrived or left there was never a sign of Ines and the dogs were always found in urine stinking crates with urine soaked towels disagreed in the laundry room and once on top of clean laundry. Leilani cleaned and sanitized the area everyday. Ines never cleaned the dogs or their crates or our bath towels she used to mop up bigger puddles of urine. It should be know that our dogs are not prone to peeing in their crates everyday. If they are urinating in the crates or just outside of them it is because they have been in the crate for an unacceptable and unreasonable length of time. Ines was well aware that Leilani would be in and out of the house through out the week. In fact Leilani stopped by Thanksgiving night, concerned about the dogs. She found them, as always, in urine stinking crates, clean up towels thrown on the ground and alone. She left lights and the tv on to comfort our dogs. Ines called concerned about the lights and tv. We explained that Leilani had been there and cared for the dogs. We were so thankful for Leilani, and can’t imagine what we would have come home to had she not stepped in. We trust Leilani implicitly and it was very obvious to her that nobody was every staying at the house and that our dogs were neglected. We believe that Ines took on a job she wasn’t capable of handling. That instead of admitting this she lied and deceived us at the expense of our dogs well being. We believe our dogs suffered because of Ines lack of honesty. We even expressed our willingness to supplement the dogs care with other walkers if she was finding it to be too much. Instead of thinking about our dogs and taking up this offer she maintained her story about staying at the house. Ines did not stay at the house. The dogs were left in crates for long periods of time, they urinated on themselves because of the length of time and the anxiety of being left alone. Wags has been a wonderful and helpful service for our family. We trusted that the companies vetting and review platform was an assurance of the capability, character, and integrity of its employees. After our last experience I am hesitant to rely on this service and the company. I am hesitant to refer this service to others as I have in the past. I am happy to discuss this further. My number is
  • Wag 5/5

    By Shreklv
    Wag is an amazing app because it supplies trustworthy dog walkers who are very experienced in the veterinary system. You can also track where your dog is and contact your walker which is very convenient.
  • Need to start WAG WALKING IN UPSTATE NY 1/5

    By cbuggers122
    Would like to become a walker but you don’t offer it in UPSTATE New York!
  • Truly furrific 5/5

    By tish girl
    Very easy to use and fast response. Staff is very polite and understanding of your needs.
  • Great 5/5

    By Robear1004
    I did a great job app works great nice touch with the pictures and comments the walkers make!
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By kbye123
    Signed up recently, needing someone to walk our dog over xmas. Wag agrees to walk the dog xmas eve and xmas day. A few hours before the first walk, wag texted me saying the walker backed out. Ultimately, wag simply said no one was available, and the walk was canceled without any refund or credit. When we arrived back in town, we see the dog peed and pooped all over our place. To top it all off, I’m now bombarded with invasive texts every day about how someone in our area wants to walk our dog. I do not know why I should even have to remark about what a serious invasion of privacy that is. There is probably some sort of fine print I could opt out, of if I hadn’t already deleted this god forsaken app. DO NOT USE; Wag clearly feels they have NO obligation to treat your animal right, and WILL NOT do anything when their service fails.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Hrd24gt
    I tried dealing with dog walkers on a personal basis and they didn’t always work out. Wag is great because if somebody has to cancel out they find somebody else to Walk her.
  • Excellent First Impression 🐶 5/5

    By laurenAndemma
    I just downloaded the app, had an issue with updating my address as it was saved incorrectly. I had the pleasure of texting one of their CSR’s and received help immediately. I have my scheduled meet and greet tomorrow and already requested my FREE lockbox. I’m extremely excited to see how this all works and so is Miss. Emma! Woof woof! More to come....
  • Great concept but terrible app & customer support 2/5

    By (ucas
    I have used Wag for over 6 months. App is awful, what should be a simple process to schedule a walk is cumbersome and lacks key functions. I have two dogs, sometimes only one needs to be walked however there is no ability to select that option. I am always charged for two dogs being walked, and I have to contact customer support after every walk with one dog to ask for a refund. Customer support is unprofessional and does not understand the product/services that Wag provides. There is also no reward program for repeat customers. At no point did I feel like Wag valued my business. Lastly the quality of dog walkers has dropped drastically. I was shocked to have several walkers who did not know how to use simple harness or refused walks due to barking when they entered the house.

Wag! - Instant Dog Walkers app comments

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