Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout

Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout

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  • Current Version: 3.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Waitr
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Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout App

Waitr Food Delivery & Carryout Welcome to the Wonderful World of Waitr — where great local food meets convenience! Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner; have your favorites delivered. Whether it’s a small coffee or a four-course meal, you can have it delivered for a flat fee, or order Carryout and pick it up for free. Browse restaurants in your area to find new favorites or order from the ones you already know and love. See your food like never before with our professionally photographed menus. Order the way you like with our customizable menu items and special requests feature. Start a Group Order to eat more conveniently with family, friends, and coworkers. Track orders in real time, receive alerts when your food is on the way, and so much more! Do dinner a favor, download Waitr today! Features: • Delivery and Carryout options • No minimum or maximum order size • Flat delivery fee • Photographed menus • Search by restaurant, cuisine, or item • Web and mobile ordering • Simple, secure mobile and online payment • No hidden fees • In-app Help & Support • Real-time order tracking • Group ordering Waitr You’re going to have a hard time finding an easier way to eat.

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Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout app reviews

  • Not letting me sign in. 1/5

    By Person of persons
    Every time I press the confirm button to log in, literally nothing happens but a 2 second loading screen. Reset my password and everything.
  • Can’t do their one job. 1/5

    By Scoot_
    I live two miles from the restaurant I tried to order from, after waiting an hour for the food I call the restaurant they tell me it’s ready and it’s just sitting on the table waiting for someone to pick it up. I contact support and they tell me a driver is on their way and they’ll pick it up shortly, after I ask where they were specifically they copy and paste the same message again as if I’m stupid and didn’t get it the first time, I just gave up and went to the restaurant and got the food myself. Don’t bother with this app if they can’t do their one job which is to get food from point A to point B, it’s not that hard. Stop sending orders to drivers that aren’t even in the general vicinity of the restaurant.
  • I’m very unhappy 1/5

    By kid2261
    The prices and fees were way too much!!!
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By EthanLewis
    No phone number to call after waiting an hour and a half after my expected delivery time. After waiting for an “agent” to chat with through messages, I was told to basically get over it. NEVER AGAIN.
  • App is buggy and customer service is bad 1/5

    By Alex Oulapour
    The app wouldn’t let me add an address to my order so I contacted customer service. The rep seemed annoyed that I needed his help. By the time he back with an answer, he said the restaurant had closed. But I tried 3 different restaurants and the app had the same bug. So I’m think the rep was just dismissing me. I’ve had several issues with Waitr. Other services are better
  • Not paying the ridiculous service fee. 1/5

    By HAL726
    As if the long wait times weren’t irritating enough, the service fee was the nail in the coffin. I had no issues paying 5 dollars an order, I wouldn’t even have an issue paying a delivery fee and also a service charge but the service charge is absolutely asinine. I would rather go hungry than use Waitr again, Grubhub will get all of my business.
  • Waiter 1/5

    By bigmanofds
    I just ordered some doughnuts and milk from Southern Maid Doughtnuts on Hearn Have, Shreveport la The Waiter App told m e that my card was invalid. I just used it yesterday. The app kept putting me back to the same thing. I really would like to talk to someone about this
  • Poor experience 1/5

    By Tyler waid!
    Waited an hour and a half (and it was a 10 minutes after the estimated time for delivery) for cold food which for 65$ should be at least warm. The guy who delivered it didn’t even have it in a hot bag just a brown bag. When I contacted customer support about the wait time and cold food they issued me a refund 15$.. 15$ refund for my cold food and hour and a half wait is a little ridiculous I’m not asking for a full refund but it should have been more the 15$. Also the customer service guy just said because of the lateness I can give u a refund wait 2 days for it to come back to ur account and ended the chat. Never said sorry about it or at least asked to see if I had anything else to say. It’s sad we will probably never use this app again.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jamalafterome
    Waited two hours for food after being told it would only be a two hour way so I check and the app says it’s expected in another hour so I contacted customer service and she pretty much told me there’s nothing they can do do I wish to cancel my under after explaining I’m stuck on a military base and everything is closed bc I waited past chow time for this food they said on your food just got a driver but it still won’t be there for another hour so I told her I wanted to cancel it and now suddenly I can’t cancel my order
  • So intrusive 1/5

    By isprainedmyuvula
    Sends you up to five advertisement notifications per day. Like sometimes more than one in an hour. Ridiculous. Bye.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Carli/James
    I would never order from this place again. The customer service is unprofessional and the over all wait time is plain ridiculous the customer service rep decided to go back and fourth with me about giving me a refund that is owed to me because I refused to wait 4 hours for my food to be delivered she just out right told me she would not refund me and that I need to wait on my food. Waitr is trash just like the customer service reps they have
  • Waitr 2/5

    By tsukuyomi s7
    Definitely needs an update, I ordered food then check up on the order. I seen a white screen
  • Piece of crap app. 1/5

    By Charliedog101
    Your App is a joke. Your troubleshooting is a joke.
  • Delivery timing 5/5

    By Noxraid
    The delivery was terrible they make the food an hour in advance the driver doesn’t know when the food is made they have no idea that they are delivering garbage. With that being said the representatives (unlike most companies) were quick to respond attentive and respectful I had my refund within 30 minutes of receiving my refrigerated toasted sandwich.
  • Don’t know what they’re doing! 1/5

    By lil ladner 13
    I ordered a meal at sonic around 11:00. they told me my estimated time delivery was (12:04). it is 12:18. i immediately contacted them and they said they are having trouble locating my order. When I checked my app it had said “waiting for acceptance”. before that it had said “preparing your food”. I do not recommend this company at all. I still have not yet received my food!
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By DigZG killer
    I tried many different restaurants and it never works!! It kept saying “modify” when there was nothing to modify!!
  • Food is late 2/5

    By theheavytan
    Food is always late I’m normally waiting an hour plus when it says it is supposed to be delivered the only reason I use this app is because they can get onto the military base I’m app while the other apps can’t otherwise it’s better to just use another app
  • Please fix the bugs 1/5

    By mckenzie bee
    I literally just downloaded this app today, placed one order, after that crashes every time I try to open it
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By RayDesentz
    $8 delivery for a $13 order. And it seems like there’s always promo codes that always fail to work. No thanks, I’ll stick to door dash.
  • Sushi in the country! 5/5

    By CFuqua23
    Gregory did amazing at following directions since we have three entrances to the property. It said my food would be here in an hour and 28 minutes and I received it in 45 minutes!
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By dontlikewaitr
    They NEVER bring the entire order.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By lowkiisavage88
    Terrible app, doesn’t have contact information to contact your driver when something goes wrong. Takes wayyyy too long to deliver food, and there are very rude employees
  • Excellent 5/5

    By CCovert90
    This was my first time using waiter and I definitely will use them again. Thanks!!
  • Works the way It should I guess 5/5

    By allnamestaken234
    It was easy to use the menu was navigable and readable. Food was ready when I got there and just as I ordered. My wife and I were trying to find a menu we could read online in the car but they were all blurry and couldn’t blow up the size to make it better then I remembered I downloaded this app for lunch at work and never used it. We lucked up found the restaurant and menu we could read placed our order and a 25 min drive later we are on our way home with food we ordered. You could still call the place and get a busy tone, but if your places are like ours the virus has got a lot of people ordering take out and places are jam packed with people calling in and picking up orders It’s easy to mix something or leave something out in the shuffle. This app worked but I’ve never use another so I don’t have anything to compare it to but it pulled through this time we shall see what the next takeout dinner quest holds.
  • Good 5/5

    By lukasyar
  • Three Stars b/c I’ve had food delivered when lazy 3/5

    By Gloria Blue
    Most of the time the drivers are nice on delivery. But I have two major issues with Waitr. Most of the time you can’t modify your order properly or you don’t seem to get all menu items. That might be the restaurant’s fault for not setting it up that way. The biggest issue is the price listed is higher than it is at the restaurant. There was one incident where there was a $20 markup on the food plus almost $15 in administrative fees. I understand they have to make money but I don’t think I will be using them again.
  • trash 1/5

    By GloGirr kayy
    app does not load. they take your money
  • Best Experience with Delivery Service! 5/5

    By Annieb97
    Just went online, downloaded the app and the rest is history! Did not have ONE problem or snag! Not ONE!!! Placed the perfect order on Waitr! Food order was exactly what I ordered AND it was delicious! WAITR rocks!!
  • Longest delivery time ever 1/5

    By dtxrev
    My order took 2 and a half hours for delivery time which should be estimated before I pay. This is unacceptable. If I knew it was going to take that long I never would have ordered from Waitr. In the future I will not be ordering from this app. I cannot believe this insane wait time for a restaurant that is literally five minutes down the street and very prompt. I’m extremely unhappy and unsatisfied.
  • Super bitter 1/5

    By keis83
    Had to place group order 3 times because it kept canceling the order. Not good when you have a group of hungry ER nurses, doctors, and pharmacists.
  • App is missing basic stuff 3/5

    By NetProphet1976
    App doesn’t leave me signed in, doesn’t remember me, doesn’t use thumbprint or Face ID... these are all pretty basic necessities for an app of this type these days. No excuses, just catch up with 2020.
  • Terrible service all around 1/5

    By Mikerodrio
    I’ve spent a lot of money on waitr over the years and I’ve been disappointed one too many times. They messed up my order numerous of times. Gotten my food all messed up, cold and gotten my order hours later. I can’t even get ahold of anyone if i have a problem. I’ve sent a msg to them and it’s been 6 days since they’ve opened it. They don’t care about their customers at all so i don’t mind telling everyone to please save the trouble and money and don’t spend it with them!!
  • Not up to par with competitors 2/5

    By Bridgetejones
    This app is lesser than its competitors. It has no option for entering detailed address info, no map/tracking for delivery, constantly logs me out.
  • Orange Beach, Alabama 2/5

    By h_Hehn
    I rarely write a “feedback” because I understand that sometimes things happen! My family and I had just arrived in Orange Beach. Rather than pick up the order from the restaurant, that was less than a mile from our condo unit, I thought I would try the Waitr App. It seemed user friendly; therefore, I downloaded the app and processed my order. The restaurant ended up calling me to let me know my order was ready, and it had been taking over an hour for a driver to pick up orders that were placed. I decided to pick up the order myself... This is what irritates me: I wrote their customer service explaining what happened hoping they would respond and be aware of the issue they’re having. However, it’s 13 days after, and I’m just receiving a $3.14 (delivery fee) and $15.00 (tip) processed without any explanation or apology. Trust me, I get it, things happen. I appreciate them refunding the money they “should,” but I think some kind of correspondence in this situation is appropriate.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Ashery Griff
    Almost every order I place with ANY restaurant has an hour and a half delivery time. I’ve called the restaurants, and it’s not because of the food preparation time. They’ve told me it takes over 45 minutes just for the Waitr person to arrive and pick up the order on a daily basis
  • Do not use 1/5

    By Reviewerinaustin
    They over charge for every item you order. Each item I ordered from a restaurant was padded by almost 5 dollars which led me to pay almost 15 dollars in service fees plus the upcharged item. beware!
  • It’s like ordering out of your moms kitchen!!! 5/5

    By leonotic
    I like to eat healthy and then go ham on some good chef made food, (specially after a workout session, company with some kush) unlike grub hub mostly offers fast food chains restaurants. N e ways last night I ordered me a Chicago cut bone in ribeye with a baked potatoe and some Mac and cheese! Oh boy! I was In heaven... in the middle of a pandemic and I’m home watching Netflix eating steak with a glass of wine and some weed! Bruh, GOD BLESS AMERICA! 🙏$48
  • Do not recommend 1/5

    By ihatewaitrapp
    If you have other options do not use Waitr, they are slow and add extra money at every little corner and turn turning a normally $11 burger in a restaurant into $25 to have it delivered 3 miles away
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By ahaushbdjs
  • Beware Delivery Fees! 3/5

    By Flumaxed
    The deliver fees plus the app-suggested gratuity cost $14 on an order of food that cost $35. The restaurant is 3.5 miles from our house and it took 1 hour to get it. Knowing the asian restaurant well, I seriously doubt the delay was their doing. Am hesitant to use Waitr again.
  • Updated Review with 5 stars 5/5

    By I wanna go home
    Customer service was unable to talk with me personally, but they received my issues re: the melted take out box, my order missing an item, and the wrong order sent to me. They issued me a refund. I am thankful that Waitr heard me and helped me with my issues even though we didn’t speak directly. Thank you so much! I know it’s not Waitr’s fault since they’re delivering the food, but they still showed outstanding customer service. Thank you.
  • The most inconsistent service I’ve ever seen. 1/5

    By Jkf892
    I’ve used Waitr for a total of around 5 times and 3 of those times it took an hour and a half from the time my driver picked it up, to it being delivered. Which wouldn't be a problem, although i literally live under 10 minutes away.... Don’t understand the delay on that end.

    By mileslaughlin
    I completely understand supporting local business but I ordered food and after an hour and a half of waiting and calling the restaurant I ordered from I realized that my food had been sitting for nearly and hour and nobody was going to pick it up. I also was unable to find a way to contact waitr. I’m done with this app
  • Good to go 5/5

    By couchT8er
    Ready to order again. Thanks!
  • Great service 4/5

    By JenWin1201
    I am ill from COVID, so I can’t go pick up food. Friends would do it, but I don’t want to touch money and then hand it to them. This service is a blessing at this really difficult time. I do find it a bit high and I wish that I could order from several places at once, but I was thankful for my driver bringing the food and leaving it where I asked her to.
  • Love DoorDash better 1/5

    By energyreplinsher
    I’ve spent a lot of money using this app ! The slow deliveries and last minutes. It told me it refunded my money and never did. It waited last minute to tell me the store I ordered my food from was closed. I was hungry that night & didn’t have any more money or a ride to get food !very unsatisfied will no longer use. I need my refund
  • Easy food fast 5/5

    By Kelp60
  • Ok service 3/5

    By ksjsbsgajwbsiesvs
    Food wasn’t hot had to warm in microwave the restaurant is a short distance from house so not understanding why my food wasn’t hot but driver was nice but y’all still have so work today if we are paying money we deserve to have hot food and for it to be delivered at a reasonable time
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By Poopsman
    Used this app one time .. doesn’t send confirmation that restaurant received order or payment confirmation, doesn’t let you leave feed back on issues with restaurants

Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout app comments

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