Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout

Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout

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Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout App

Waitr Food Delivery & Carryout Welcome to the Wonderful World of Waitr — where great local food meets convenience! Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner; have your favorites delivered. Whether it’s a small coffee or a four-course meal, you can have it delivered for a flat fee, or order Carryout and pick it up for free. Browse restaurants in your area to find new favorites or order from the ones you already know and love. See your food like never before with our professionally photographed menus. Order the way you like with our customizable menu items and special requests feature. Start a Group Order to eat more conveniently with family, friends, and coworkers. Track orders in real time, receive alerts when your food is on the way, and so much more! Do dinner a favor, download Waitr today! Features: • Delivery and Carryout options • No minimum or maximum order size • Flat delivery fee • Photographed menus • Search by restaurant, cuisine, or item • Web and mobile ordering • Simple, secure mobile and online payment • No hidden fees • In-app Help & Support • Real-time order tracking • Group ordering Waitr You’re going to have a hard time finding an easier way to eat.

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Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout app reviews

  • Orders not accepted 1/5

    By beth 330
    This is the 2nd time recently that I have tried to use Waitr and was disappointed by not receiving accurate information. On the first order, I waited an hour and had not order update in app. I texted the help line and they placed the order. Delivery was delayed because they never acknowledged the order. Tonight’s order was placed and again at an hour prior to promised delivery, I checked the app and there was no update. I reached out to helpline and again (different city/ different restaurant), the helpline texted to say they were working on it. At my latest scheduled delivery time, I received a call to ask if I wanted to cancel delivery or wait for restaurant to accept order! This is unacceptable, now I have to place another order and wait at least 2 hours. Waitr needs to work harder to watch orders. If I wouldn’t have checked twice, I just wouldn’t have received my order!!???
  • Richard Delyon 1/5

    By tomuchmoney666
    I ordered for the first time to try it I payed for the order and they never brought the wings with the order I was told it would be refunded so I payed 30 dollars for a little ceasers pizza and 2 garlic dips no wings .
  • Slow service and no visibility 1/5

    By chinatown warrior
    This is the only food service app without real time updates on where the driver is. It’s been over an hour since I ordered, and I have no way to see where my driver is or how to contact them. Other food delivery services at least call when they’re running behind. It’s unfortunate my favorite restaurant has chosen to partner with this service rather than grubhub, door dash, or bite squad 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Orders not received 1/5

    By alyssamarina9
    I have tried and tried again with Waitr. Tonight was the last straw. I placed an order with Waitr, and it NEVER arrived. I did not receive a phone call from the driver either. Instead, I open the app to find that the driver marked the order as delivered. I spoke to support and they refunded me, but that is not enough. This is the third time that this has happened to me. I should be able to see the driver, be able to contact them if necessary, and track them until the order is delivered. DO NOT USE WAITR. Their delivery drivers steal from customers. Use UberEats, Grubhub, literally anything else.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Kalibayne25bug
    Absolutely horrible service! If order delivered is wrong you can’t get in touch with ANYONE to get it fixed or anything. App is pointless better off getting it yourself.
  • Best food delivery service 5/5

    By DanandKeri
    They do the best job bringing your food hot and fresh. They have a large insulated bag that keeps everything very hot.
  • Love, Love, LOVE 5/5

    By maceegirl
    I love Waitr! It is quick, convenient, and the people are so nice! I use it when I don’t have the time to go get my own food because I have too much to do and don’t have anything at the house, and I love it! Definitely recommend!!
  • Don’t order through here 1/5

    By dancetink27
    I ordered through here and never received my food! They won’t give me my money back! I will never use this service again!
  • Overpriced 2/5

    By lesstb
    Several of the restaurants I’ve noticed are significantly more expensive on Waitr than in the restaurant itself. I don’t mind paying a delivery fee and tip, but if I’m already paying 30% more for menu items that’s just ridiculous. It’s convenient but not worth over inflated prices. There are too many other delivery services that are trying to compete and have lower fees. I would urge them to verify prices.
  • Missing items! 1/5

    By whereAREtheWings
    My order was incomplete. I wrote to the support & received no reply. Thanks, but I am sticking with PostMates.
  • Use a competitor 1/5

    By Jjjjjjjjjjjjbbbbb
    Your food will come super late if it comes at all. Customer service is pretty incapable of resolving problems. Never had issues like this with doordash or grubhub or ubereats or postmates.

    By rachleahcar
    I placed an order and not even 30 minutes later my card information was compromised. I received 3 different charges from online purchases, this was the first time using this app and my first time someone had stolen my card information. I tried calling the “support center” phone number but it’s apparently no longer in service. I’ve also sat in their online chat for 20 minutes waiting for someone to even acknowledge me. Will never be using this app or their services again.
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By kaylaarlee
    Takes for your order to be accepted and the delivery drivers come a hour later with either the wrong food or cold food !!!
  • Need to make changes 2/5

    By etc10987
    I have had some great experiences with Waitr but I have had a ton of terrible experiences. Waitr shouldn’t be allowed to overload the drivers with late orders. You should have updated arrival times after you are told it’s running behind. If your order is going to be 2 hours late... then just don’t accept it or tell the customer that on the front end so they can make a better decision. The pre tip option is way too high for you go have to do it blindly. I would never tip 20% for a service that was terrible.
  • Waitr is the worst 1/5

    By gkwade
    I hate waitr. Worst food delivery app. They take 2 hours to bring you food because they stop and pick up other orders on their way to bring you food so they can make more money.
  • Sooo Bad 1/5

    By Tyler2389
    I ordered over $40 worth of food recently and it took 2 hours and 20 minutes for my food to arrive. There was no notification as to why it was taking so long or what the new wait time would be. It took over 15 minutes to get a response from the “live chat” and then the guy told me that Waitr doesn’t even have a way to know if the restaurant was closed or not but somehow it will still let me order the food and wait for hours on end? After trying to get a refund they conveniently stopped responding to me on the live chat. I ended going out and getting food after coming to the conclusion that my food was never coming and then I get a notification that the food was finally picked up. I ended up spending over $60 that night on food because of this trash app. I will never use this again and would recommend everyone trying an alternative to this service. I still have not received a response on my refund status and that this point I just assume they never will pay me back.
  • Too many issues 1/5

    By sjacks62
    I have too many issues with the service of waitr. I’ve had food not come on time and end up being 10 minutes late. By that time I don’t want it anymore and when I request to cancel my order and earn a refund they say it’s nothing they can do about it. Order is always wrong, you would think the workers (drivers) would check the food also but no they wait until your food is delivered for you to see that it’s screwed up and nothing you ordered. Not pleased.
  • Worst thing ever 1/5

    By Mak101028
    Food is delivered late 90% of the time, you don’t get responses back to your chat (the only way to contact them now), when you do get your food? It’s cold and soggy.. and usually wrong. The drivers? Usually stand by their car and wait for me to come and get it. Seriously? Delete the app and go pick the food up yourself. It’s well worth the hassle of this.
  • AWFUL 1/5

    By jayrey2013
    2 hours behind when we live 5 min away? I have a newborn and don’t feel comfortable leaving my house and it was convenient (or so i thought) i called the restaurant and the food has been sitting there for an hour. Then another hour to pick it up and drop it off? Not okay with me. Of course once 2 hours has passed I wanted to cancel my order and it’s impossible to get in touch with customer service. What’s even worse is you have to tip BEFORE you even have the experience. So now that i get terrible service they still get a gracious tip? Doesn’t make sense. I’ll never use this app again and I’ll be sure to tell everyone i know not to use it either. Also disputing with our bank.
  • Bad service Unprofessional 1/5

    By Radio Guy Tyler
    They never delivered my order! Very rude and nothing but a scam! Don’t use them , you will regret it!!!!!!!
  • Not what it used to be! 1/5

    By Darwechie
    This company is absolute garbage! They don’t even have the decency to call a customer when they have voided their order. They also do not help fix issues with any orders. They customer service process is a joke that takes forever. Deleting this app and sticking with DoorDash! Very sad what Waitr has become. Ridiculous prices and unreliable crappy service!
  • Bad 1/5

    By Will.D.D
    Took about a hour and a half to get my food and when I got it it wasn’t my full order either wouldn’t recommend
  • No Bueno 1/5

    By 888lbf888
    Never waiting 1 1/2 hours again for food. Terrible.
  • Poor poor service nowadays 1/5

    By Dee 1985 washington
    The order are always late. The drivers are delivering multiple order at one time. I once love this vendor but the services is unbearable. All the other apps allow for tracking the driver or contacting the driver not waitr You can only contact customer service and that normally will take 20 minutes to respond. All these review are from Baton Rouge area
  • No driver? No Support? 1/5

    By MoMark54
    Nice that the app takes the order regardless of have any drivers available. So you order and don’t get any food. Not working for me. Tried to cancel order via chat. Nobody home.
  • Just use door dash 1/5

    By leafpubes
    If I could rate it 0 stars I would this app is complete trash, save your money and order from a different delivery app 3 hours for my order that was never placed to me canceled . I use to use this app frequently never again.
  • Ehhhh 1/5

    By Xco²
    the food is usually more expensive on the app than in the restaurant and Waitr doesn’t even try to get the restaurants to adjust their prices( that’s initially why I stopped using the app) if I could give a half star I would I use to love this app
  • Takes way too long 2/5

    By becky122345
    So I ordered chick fil a on the app for a second time to give one more shot. The last time I ordered it took over a hour and a half to get to me. It said it was supposed to be here by 6:04 but it didn’t arrive until after 6:20. Maybe make a update where we can see how long the actual wait time is before we place a order and wait a hour for our food to get here cold. Or hire more drivers so there’s more people to get us out food. If I pay $5 for a delivery fee I expect it to get here on time.
  • Cold food 1/5

    By I Say Yes!!!!
    Wanted pizza delivered, for my elderly mom and me. Called the pizza restaurant and they said there were two app that deliver. I asked which they recommend, they said waitr, so I downloaded. The pizza place a 5 min drive away, so I was surprised that it was going to take 50 min, but was ok with that. I watch the app for updates, and it took 15, then 20, the 30, then 40 min and the pizza was still “being made” . I called the restaurant and asked when I might get the pizza. They salsa is the driver hasn’t come. So I asked, “so the pie has been done and is just sitting there?” They said yes. At this point I knew I was going to get a cold pizza. Sure enough, the driver picked the pie up 10 min later, the pie arrived stone cold 20 min later. Clearly this was a screwup on the part of Waitr. If you don’t have enough drivers to deliver food at the temp it’s supposed to be, just say driver not available, so people can find another option. My elderly mother struggled chewing the cold rock hard pizza, and the special moment that I flew across the country for was ruined. I talked to the customer support, and she gave me the 5.00 delivery fee, on the 25 dollar pizza. That’s just unacceptable. I pointed all this out to her, and that was it. She refused any further refund, for a cold pizza that was clearly their fault. I sincerely hope that people consider a different choice for their delivery, as the delivery, attitude and customer service has all are bad. Thanks.
  • I waited over 2 hours for my food 1/5

    By jordon jay m
    I will never use to company again they took over 2 hours just to deliver one meal from Chick-fil-A! How do I talk to someone about this problem?

    By nsnebne
    I would never recommend this app to anyone. Firstly they claim to had come to my home and I was never contacted by anyone. The customer service was terrible and they refused to give me any reimbursement for the order I never received.
  • L 2/5

    By kg1000
    Waitr is too expensive. The restaurants jack their prices up, on top of a 6$ delivery fee every time. Hardly any promo deals and always slower than need be, especially when dealing with customer service. I’ve had to wait nearly a week to receive a response on an issue, which should’ve been mostly immediate. Would be nice to have some type of incentive for using the app and also would be nice to be able to track the couriers. Should never need to pay 20$ to get 2 tacos delivered.
  • Hate to see what the beta test was like 1/5

    By flymigsdoc
    App constantly prevents multiple orders and group orders. Crashes regularly during orders. Needs further work to perform as reliable as the prior version
  • The worst delivery app ever 1/5

    By verifieduser98
    Every time I order with this app there is some type of issue. This time my order was over an hour late, my food was cold, and I was unable to contact any support to see what the problem was. I will never use the app again.
  • I hate signing in every time 2/5

    By Please accept this nickname!
    It is absurd, are they trying to make the app difficult to use, if so they have succeeded.
  • Super amazing👍 5/5

    By Koren Inuzuma
    I have to say that my experience has been amazing with this app!! I had the opportunity to receive an order from a great driver called Brittany in Biloxi Mississippi. Her outstanding approach to customer service shows that she has care for her customers, and that she will take the extra mile. Also, I would like to say thank you to James, her dispatcher for his fast action in attaining and relaying a future order that I had. They have been amazing, and I really appreciate their service. The service quality that they provided was top of the line👌
  • Nice 4/5

    By Jon14:6
    Good support and customer service. Deliveries always on time or early. Willing to try and add restaurants suggested that are not on site.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Cope65
    I place an order 20 hours before I needed it delivered for lunch as an employee appreciation! The day of the order they started preparing the order at 1:47 and the estimated delivery time was 2:48, an hour after I needed it and almost at the end of their lunch. I tried customer support on the app with no response! I am beyond mad and DONE with this my first and only order with WAITR, so enjoy it!!!!!!
  • Interface needs work 1/5

    By Gush/
    Brilliant idea/concept and oddly enough i was lucky enough to have competent drivers at my location which for the size of my town was beyond my best hopes. But the app itself still has a ways to go. It’s annoying it won’t keep me logged in. It waits until I’m trying to checkout then makes me sign in all over again which is a minor annoyance but now I’m stuck with the thing setting its own times for delivery. I always want the food as soon as possible but since the last update it’s setting my delivery time for 2+ hours later and the live chat is worthless. It’s simple fixes needed. Its just aggravating past the point of dealing with when your starving and expect the food to be here and you realize they haven’t even started it yet when you try to check. It worked fine until this last update
  • Do not use this service, wait another year or so 1/5

    By Evatatus
    Although the system is convenient, you will run into random unexplained issues where your order cannot be delivered the day you order it, yet they take the money right away and offer no explanation, no way to cancel the order, and no support WHATSOVER. I have been burned 3 or 4 times like this and I have come to the conclusion that their service and app is no where near as streamlined as it should be for a service which people rely on to feed their family. Lots of improvements needed before I use waitr again
  • Caution 2/5

    By LD5683
    I have spent a lot of money with this service and 50% of the time I’m missing items I’m assuming they don’t check the order when they pick it up.
  • Cool 4/5

    By Rfl4931
    Been waitin on somethn like this. Keeps logging me out but its good. I used to use it daily
  • I’d give it no stars. 1/5

    By Plurtle
    My order was missing an entire meal! There’s no number to call and only a text bot that’s trying to see if a re-delivery is possible. A re-delivery not being the first thing done in this case is beyond me. My order was already 30 minutes late, taking an hour and 30 minutes to get to me. I could have gone to the restaurant, order, and eaten in that time. This is the worst service ever.
  • Tipping 3/5

    By Kru on Mt Meigs
    Some really good drivers. Some that are awful. It’d be nice to tip afterward. Customer service response is glacial in speed. It generally takes 45 minutes to an hour to get a response. By then I’ve moved on with my day. Every third order is wrong, especially from a fast food place (Burger King in Montgomery Alabama, I’m looking at you). I rely on waitr as a small business person stuck waiting for deliveries on certain days.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By iiiamdenise
    Every time I want to order something off this app it always says I have trouble processing your order...please get this fixed ASAP because obviously the update isn’t making it ANY better
  • Fewer and Fewer Local Restaurants 1/5

    By Patrioticmedic
    This service was fine, until recently, when tons of local restaurants stopped doing business with Waitr. According to the business owners that I have spoken with, Waitr tried suddenly changing their agreed upon Terms of Service, with the restaurants, increasing their fees and required percentages: this caused many of the local restaurants to drop Waitr. Where I used to have tons of local choices, only a handful still remain. Also, Waitr did away with the ability to reach a Customer Service Rep by phone, and even their so-called service via Text Msg doesn’t work. I see a bankruptcy in Waitr’s near future unless they drastically improve things.
  • Customer Support 1/5

    By HalfSizedDragon
    The order didn’t change to my current address for some reason even though I changed it when I got into the app and customer support never responded to me. If this is the way your customer support treats it’s customer then I don’t wanna use an app like this.
  • Terrible experience 2/5

    By Spaders
    I shouldn’t have to contact support to cancel an order that was never received by the restaurant. How frustrating. I waited for about 10 minutes and I couldn’t even get through to your support team for help. Terrible first experience, probably won’t use again. Definitely won’t recommend.
  • Worst company ever 1/5

    By tasha1290
    Don’t order from them I order from them 3 days in a row 2 of them never gave me my food the order one was 30 minutes ago they told me to come get my food when I got there someone just walk passed me with my food . The manager told me she don’t no why they did that and when I got home the lady pulled up behind me smiling saying she just seen me so I message Waitr and nobody call are replied back . Worst company ever

Waitr—Food Delivery & Carryout app comments

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