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Walgreens App

It's your Walgreens - shop and manage your prescriptions. Prescriptions • Refill in a snap by scanning your barcode • Track order status for you and your family • Stay on track with pill reminders to help you manage medications day-to-day** • Get FREE prescription and general health advice 24/7 from a pharmacy expert in a live chat Walgreens Find Care® Find the right care, right when you need it. Connect with doctors and healthcare providers from your phone or in person.*** Shop & Savings • Shop for all your essentials and get your Pickup order in as little as 30 minutes**** • Earn Walgreens Cash rewards as a myWalgreens member and clip personalized, exclusive deals just for you***** • Easily clip coupons and save even more with our Weekly Ad • Scan products in-store to clip coupons and save at checkout • Find your nearest store, and view store and pharmacy hours Photo • FREE Same Day Pickup for faster photos—print from your phone or tablet • Personalize your Photo Cards and Gifts, and create custom Wall Décor for your home Earn Walgreens Cash rewards when you set and meet myWalgreens health goals. Automatically track your progress by allowing Walgreens to sync with the Apple Health app. iOS Permissions: How the app uses device permissions • Location: Find nearby stores and enable in-store savings • Photos: Access pictures you’ve taken that you want to print or share • Camera: Take photos and use features that require scanning • Microphone: Speak to a healthcare provider over the phone or video, or to search for products and coupons using your voice • Apple Health app: Connect with Health app to track and share health and fitness information The Walgreens App is free to download, but specified rates from your wireless provider and other fees as noted in your Walgreens account agreement(s) still apply. * Walgreens is following CDC guidelines to provide safe access to COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccines will be subject to availability. State-, age- and health- related restrictions may apply. ** Pill Reminder only available on phone *** Walgreens Find Care® health service options available in select states **** For Walgreens store locations that are not open 24 hours, orders must be placed at least 1 hour prior to store closing in order to be eligible, otherwise order will be ready following business day. Customer will be notified via email when order is ready for pickup, and will be provided instructions for a drive up experience that complies with social distancing guidelines. Orders are not guaranteed to be ready within the 30 minute time window, and may be subject to change or substitution depending on product availability at time order placed. Orders with age restricted items may only be picked up in-store. Prescription orders not eligible but may be ordered through Walgreens Express. To find the location and hours of a Walgreens store near you, visit Walgreens.com/FindAStore or use the Find a store feature in app. ***** Must be a myWalgreens™ member. Walgreens Cash rewards are not legal tender. No cash back. Walgreens Cash rewards good on future purchases. Rewards cannot be earned on photo orders not picked up in store, alcohol, dairy, tobacco, gift cards, sales tax and shipping, or items or services sold by third-party partners. Rewards on prescriptions and other pharmacy items and services cannot be earned in AR, NJ or NY. Only prescriptions picked up in store are eligible to earn rewards. Other exclusions apply. Complete details at myWalgreens.com.

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Walgreens app reviews

  • Items not listed + order cancel 2/5

    By TheHistorianDMV
    The app did not have items that were listed as being available on website. Plus the store canceled my order a few minutes before I was scheduled to pick it up.
  • Did you find your IT guys? 1/5

    By Moee---
    What in the world is going on at Walgreens?? Why is that I am not able to see the Walgreens cash that I will be earning at the end of the order like before… I don’t want you taking all my money and then not giving me Walgreens cash in return if you have that program… Stop fooling customers with the bait and switch!
  • Coupons 1/5

    By Mcm_62
    The mobile coupons never get applied !
  • Coupon codes 3/5

    By Redxgb470
    Photo coupon codes are misleading.
  • Walgreens - Chesterfield Parkway & Olive 1/5

    By kmkr187304
    Pharmacy will provide you with excellent customer service as long as that means extreme wait times, giving you the run around and they will hang up on you if you ask for your prescription to be available the same day it is called in. I mean seriously. I have worked in fast food and provided people with a higher standard of care than I just received at this pharmacy.
  • Ad is no longer user friendly 1/5

    By Mango7754224789
    Please revert back to your old way of displaying the weekly ad. I would like to scroll through each page and not be forced to select a category. This makes my viewing more difficult and will make me less likely to stop in for my sale items.
  • Most frustrating app ever 1/5

    By namastebia
    This app pisses me off every time I have to use it. Doesn’t recognize your logged in when you are. Keep selecting the wrong store won’t switch between shipping formats correctly I could go on but it will be about as much of a waste of time as the app is
  • Auto refill is broken 2/5

    By Vaulimere
    3 RX we’re not refilling. Turned it off, waited a while, and turned it back on. It refilled one of the three, but the pharmacy said the other two were still off, even though the app shows all of them on. If it’s broken for RX, then the app is pretty worthless.
  • Why bother? 1/5

    By Duane Cochran
    How does anyone get anything done on this app? It remembers nothing. I booked my booster shot, got a confirmation code, and now it says I have nothing scheduled. My prescription NEVER show up on the app. Using this is maddening. Almost as bad as their phones answering system.
  • Scheduling is impossible 1/5

    By Lstairs
    Just try to get an appointment to get a pneumonia vaccination. Just try it I dare you. It is impossible. I finally did it but to this day I can’t figure out how I did it and I have over 200 apps on my phone that I CAN use. Walgreens must be out of their mind to put an app out like this.
  • Change the weekly ad back 2/5

    By racergorl9&
    Since changing the weekly ad to the “new” format in October 2021, I have stopped shopping at Walgreens. It is so confusing and I can never tell what is on sale. I have been a loyal shopper (several times a month) for years. Please change it back! I have seen several other people online complaining about this as well. The app itself is okay.
  • Health goals doesn’t work 1/5

    By erjiay
    Since the switch from old to new program, health goals has not worked. It’s useless to have it in the app if it’s not going to work.
  • App having issues 2/5

    By marykibbons1966
    I filled some refills the other day and clicked one that was refil to soon although it never stated that, but it just kept saying order received and I cancelled the prescription and it's still showing cancelling days later and it won't let me do anything.
  • Christmas card 2/5

    By need errands
    In trying to do an Xmas card on the app there aren’t any filters to be able to select to fit the picture you want to use.It should be so easy to download the app and then use your photos but without filters or without the abilities to save your work, it’s worthless. I’ll go back to the computer. Disappointing
  • I tried. 1/5

    By chrsldwgstrton
    No one helped. It was a majo sh. Sh. ! I don’t see me ordering here unless it comes easier. It’s a joke. Just to buy a lip stick. I think I’ll be going to Walmart to order. Not to mention the people who work here are sullen and lazy.
  • App to Store Communications are horrible 3/5

    By Sickntiredofthis
    I dearly loved this app until about 4 months ago. Still can’t determine if it’s the app or the Walgreens brick and mortar we use; but prescriptions don’t update; status is not always accurate; dr transmitted new scripts don’t update accurately in the app; etc. I can’t speak to non- pharmacy use of the App as we don’t use that part. I really hope the Development Team can correct these issues. As with so many order local store related apps, inventory never matches well. Hoping the same type thing isn’t the case with the Walgreens app!
  • Non-native piece of garbage 1/5

    By b6f0479ae87d244975439c61245927
    A formerly great native app was destroyed and replaced with non-native garbage. Now it’s bunch of WebViews and “cross platform” components that look and feel awful - and are buggy. Why?
  • Chris in photo 5/5

    By hagifi
    Chris is photo is the best. Very, very helpful. Helped with all my questions and took care of everything!!!!
  • New Update is absolutely terrible 1/5

    By shenelle88
    I have been a customer for years and always loved how easy it was to use the app but since this new update I may switch pharmacies all together. Had 3 prescriptions sent into the pharmacy. I have contacted the pharmacy as well as went online and used the app with no avail. At first the ones called in was not showing at all and then when they did there was no option to have them filled. Whoever released this update should reverse it. After seeing the reviews I am not the only one.
  • Frustrating & Time Consuming app 1/5

    By Lex.Talionis
    This is the worst app I’ve ever used. You’d expect a National brand to have a top tier app, but not this one. Buttons that don’t take you to the right place, transitions that take you in endless circles, having to restart multi step processes over and over again to finally accomplish the task, and overly sensitive touch selection areas vs pinpoint touch areas: you’ll figure out what I mean soon. I hate this app.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By Dapapassa
    It’s hard to believe this app is rated so high. My experience has been terrible. I am using Iphone 13Max Pro with latest IOS. The app crashes alot and many features just doesn’t work period.
  • Auto refills 3/5

    By Speed_5150
    I’ve only used the app for prescriptions. I have five prescriptions on auto refill. Nearly half the time, one of them (randomly) will not be automatically refilled and refills are available. I will receive an email telling me this particular prescription refill is “in process” yet if I go to the pharmacy or check the app, it shows that prescription was not automatically refilled and I have to manually refill it on the app or in person. I’ve let this go once for two weeks, everyday receiving an email saying the refill was in progress when in fact it was never auto refilled to begin with. Not sure if the problem is with the app or with the Walgreens computer system, but it happens on a regular basis.
  • Sorry excuse for an app 2/5

    By fatcityfan
    I downloaded this app because I thought it would be the most efficient way to get things done at Walgreens. Trying to schedule an appointment for my Covid booster has been nothing but a headache. I tried to schedule an appointment at my local Walgreens that is right around the corner from my home and it kept scheduling my appointment at a location miles away on the other side of town! I finally gave up.
  • Not user friendly and misleading prescription section 2/5

    By v8n4no1
    Hard to navigate, crashes and doesn’t reflect prescription status accurately.
  • RX Order Status not Updating 1/5

    By iMDB90
    This app has been pretty reliable but since the last update the orders section is not updating and reflects medications no longer in the status shown nor are any new RX sent in appearing in order to allow me to track the status of any of my RX making this useless. I have deleted and reinstalled the app but no change. When I login the web it reflects the correct up to date RX with proper status so there is some issue with the applications sole function I relied on. 👎🏼 Please fix this bug! 🐜
  • Issues just started. 1/5

    By Nick Med
    I love the Walgreens app, since I have memory loss, I tend to forget when the doctor prescribes new medication, that I have to send someone to go get it, and know the status of it. Starting this week, I noticed that after the doctor sent the medication, it won’t appear on the app, when it’s ready , it won’t even show up, all those new medications won’t even appear on the app, I called the pharmacy and told me that I have to go and get those meds or they will disregard my order, and didn’t even know I was prescribed new medication. This app has really helped me out after my accident, but I don’t know if you guys make any changes lately, but please, please, go back to what it used to.
  • Worst app ever! 5/5

    By Halp8005
    I use this app for my prescriptions and NOTHING is ever accurate with what they have at the pharmacy. It is a major barrier to communication between myself and the my physician as well. I don’t understand how it could be so off!
  • Latest version 1/5

    By CCandRC
    I have always loved this app and have used it for a few years, but this newest version will not crossover my refill requests and does not show the prescription just submitted by my physician today even though I received a text that it is ready. I have a prescription locked on the screen from 11/25 saying “order received” and the pharmacy never received it on their end. It has since been filled, will not update on the app. I have even deleted and reinstalled the app.
  • Please fix this app!!!!! 2/5

    By Maherd
    I don’t know if the problem is this app or the pharmacy staff who don’t know how to use it. For some reason about 70% of the time I can’t just pay for the rx through the app and order it to be shipped. I have to call the pharmacy and request it. Sometimes the app actually works and I can pay for it and go through the whole process smoothly. But most of the time I have to call. I’m wondering if there is something the staff is forgetting to do at their end in the finalizing of the order. Some individuals do it properly so it works on my end and the others are completing the order incorrectly so it does not work for me. Maybe the IT department should make sure that all staff is properly educated in use of the app. If this is not fixed I will have to go to a different pharmacy chain because this is driving me crazy!!!!!
  • My Walgreens credit card integration 2/5

    By Douglaswilson
    The My Walgreens credit card integration needs work. Once you go into the credit card section to see your balance their is no way to go back to the app without exiting out and going back in. It needs to be more intuitive and easier to find.
  • Walgreens and Covid 19 antigen for travel 1/5

    By sadgramma
    Unable to schedule a test. Live in Iowa but I could go to Virginia. Remove your ad since it is useless Personnel at pharmacy when went to talk were rude. Refused to help. States all appointments are filled. Hard to believe for a drive through test we need in 9 days. We were told by cruise ship co that Walgreens was so helpful. May have to pass this info to them.
  • Latest update does not work 1/5

    By bobjames1948
    My refills are not showing up as ready. I had to call the pharmacy
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By PapaMordecai
    I have used this app for years. Over the past year or two it’s gotten more and more frustrating. The mobile app status often doesn’t match what the pharmacist tells me over the phone. For example, I have a script that has a generic available, but we use the brand and the app can’t handle this.
  • Ads 1/5

    By sad and old
    Miss printed ad and getting the ad up on phone is hard CVS does a much better job so know it’s possible
  • Horrible App/Pharmacy 1/5

    By DAnnettaM
    I had this app for years, now all of a sudden someone in NY who has my name and similar birthdate now has their information mixed with mine and all of my med history has been erased and replaced by this person. I’ve changed the info in person in Walgreens and it’s still happening again. I deleted all of my info and updated MY info in the app again with my birthdate, and they still keep crossing this woman’s info with mine and replacing all my info with hers. I’m so sick of this. Very agitated.
  • This app is horrible! 1/5

    By Luvthisapp789
    When you drop off a Rx, the app NEVER updates that it’s ready. It will only update when I go to counter and ask for it, has happened a few dozen times. Time to go to a local pharmacy.
  • Latest update again has issues 3/5

    By Sharpie2501
    This app is horrible for ordering refills. It accepts the order and then cancels it all within a matter of minutes. It has you prepay for faster service, but issues a QR code that doesn’t scan at the register. That said it is so nice when going over your meds with your doctor having everything in one place without having to drag a grocery bag of pill bottles with you.
  • Push notifications 3/5

    By anonymous987654321000
    I noticed the push notifications are turned off within the app, and I’m thinking it is due to the recent update, because I got them before. I tried to turn it on, but it says an unexpected error has occurred and to try again.
  • Auto Fill 1/5

    By BulldogThunder
    After repeatedly asking to have my Rx’s removed from auto fill and turning them off on the app, they were still being filled automatically. I had enough and left for Express Scripts. It’s cheaper and they send it to my house. I don’t have to pick it up when Walgreens tells me to.
  • Total Garbage 1/5

    By crazycat41
    Sends notifications problem with Rx every tome, but I call pharmacy and no problem, nobody will fix!
  • Dana 5/5

    By TinaWeldy
    Dana assisted me with patience, friendliness, and great efficiency. I’m so grateful! Kathryn Weldy Photo Dept Customer
  • Please Make COVID-19 Info Readily Available 1/5

    By F = MA
    It is egregiously disappointing that as many employers and other organizations start requesting proof of COVID-19 vaccine information including dates of dosage, Walgreens hasn’t made this readily available to the customer. Ironic cause the previous update had this information accessible at one point in time. Please fix. This is very disappointing for such a national chain pharmacy.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By stupid walgreens
    Walgreens app isn’t working and has the medicines in crazy order so you can’t see the one canceled or the ones that are ready. Use to like this app but no anymore. Can’t even tell what needs to be minority filled or not filled and it leaves to many orders up that you aren’t filling.
  • Issue with photos 1/5

    By Sarah Ell
    Whenever I click to choose my photos to get printed it says “loading” forever and never progresses past that. Very frustrating
  • add rewards card to apple pay 1/5

    By wallstreetvets
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By Tayrae22
    You have to create a separate “Find Care” profile within Walgreens app to manage appointments. However, you can make appointments without having a “Find Care” profile. I should be able to access my appointments and be able to edit them just as easily as I can make appointments. The purchase history shows that I haven’t made any purchases, but just last week, I received notifications from the Walgreens app that I had a digital receipt from 2 separate purchases I made. Very inconvenient as I need to make a return, but now need to see if I can locate the paper receipt, if I even have it. Also, to find purchase history, you have to scroll down under the shop & savings tab. I also don’t see where you can check your rewards status. There should be somewhere to see where you are after purchases are when your contact info is provided. This app needs to be more intuitive and easier to navigate. In an app, I expect to know where I can find what I’m looking for right away because the tabs are obvious. Also within the tabs, subcategories should also be quick & easy to locate without having to scroll and search.
  • Apple Wallet Support Removed 1/5

    By Tls5
    Nothing like removing very useful functions in the name of improvement. MyRewards is no longer supported with Apple Wallet. It makes no sense to remove this. It was nice to just tap my phone to enter my number. Now I have to enter a phone number on the pin pad? How stupid.
  • Pros and cons 2/5

    By Rosaa
    Pros: you can schedule appointments and vaccines Cons: health forms that need to be filled out for appointments are not being received by the physical location. One solution isn’t enough in case that solution isn’t accessible. For instance, please add links to forms that need to be filled within the appointment info page of the app. One pharmacy technician said that an option is given at the time the appointment is scheduled on the app to fill out the form (I filled it out at that time), otherwise they need to be filled out in person. When I reviewed my appointment info in advance of the meeting, the forms were not accessible. And if they were accessible, I could’ve printed them in advance of the appointment. I know there’s always tech issues, which is why I have filled forms online and then printed them to speed up the appointment duration. Thanks
  • Does not show my vax appointment, endless loop when scheduling. 1/5

    By Chicago Dan C
    I made a vaccination appointment from the app, yet it is not showing there. I did receive the acknowledgment email and reminders, and the nice lady on the customer service line (telephone) has assured me that the appointment is valid. Separately, when recently making another vaccination appointment, the flow takes me back to the beginning of the request process after I select one of the open times, as if I had done nothing. So overall, I currently cannot make or track vaccination appointments in the app. I’ve tried logging out and back in, deleting the app and reloading, etc.