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Walgreens App

It's your Walgreens - shop and manage your prescriptions. Prescriptions • Refill in a snap by scanning your barcode • Track order status for you and your family • Stay on track with Pill Reminders to help you manage medications day-to-day • Get FREE prescription and general health advice 24/7 from a pharmacy expert in a live chat Walgreens Find Care® Find the right care, right when you need it. Connect with doctors and healthcare providers from your phone or in person at participating locations. Shop & Savings • Shop for all your essentials and get your qualifying pickup order in as little as 30 minutes.* • Earn Walgreens Cash rewards as a myWalgreens member and clip personalized, exclusive deals just for you* • Easily clip coupons and save even more with our Weekly Ad • Scan products in-store to clip coupons and save at checkout • Find your nearest store, and view store and pharmacy hours Photo • FREE Same Day Pickup for faster photos—print from your phone or tablet • Personalize your Photo Cards and Gifts, and create custom Wall Décor for your home Earn Walgreens Cash rewards when you set and meet myWalgreens health goals. Automatically track your progress by allowing Walgreens to sync with the Apple Health. iOS Permissions: How the app uses device permissions • Location: Find nearby stores and enable in-store savings • Photos: Access pictures you’ve taken that you want to print or share • Camera: Take photos and use features that require scanning • Microphone: Speak to a healthcare provider over the phone or video, or to search for products and coupons using your voice • Apple Health app: Connect with Health app to track and share health and fitness information The Walgreens App is free to download, but specified rates from your wireless provider and other fees as noted in your Walgreens account agreement(s) still apply. *See Walgreens.com for details and restrictions.

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Walgreens app reviews

  • Covid shot pharmacy Hartselle Alabama 1/5

    By Shelialalala
    My son needs his covid shot the last thing he needs before he can get his kidney transplant. We went into Hartselle Alabama Walgreens pharmacy to check on getting one face to face and they would not help us. They said go make an appointment on the internet. Even my doctor will make an appointment face to face. Who do they think they are? Better than the dr office? My son does not have the means to get on the internet. I was very satisfied with CVS they weren’t too good to help him!!!!!
  • This isn’t an app, it’s an abomination. 1/5

    By Its That End User Again
    Prescription management is abysmal. Some examples: ✖️Customer side data is constantly incorrect, mismatching the data that the pharmacy has. I have to call the pharmacy EVERY TIME to manually check that they received the correct requests. ✖️Had a prescription billed under an insurance plan I never signed up for, let alone never agreed to use. The app does not show the full insurance provider name, and I am still trying to sort this out. This was done without my consent, and I’m in the process of filing a complaint to a higher authority. ✖️I’ve had multiple prescriptions auto-refilled without my consent. App fails to give any notice. ✖️The chat function is insecure; doling out my DOB and transmitting data about my health and prescriptions based on a web SSL cert is crazy.
  • Photo department 5/5

    By Mary Wiltjer
    I am not good at the photo kiosk and your employee, Obed, was so helpful in getting all the pictures I needed for our school. I couldn’t have done it without him Thank you, Mary Wiltjer
  • Pharmacy section needs improvement 2/5

    By True615
    I like this app very much except for the fact that the medications that are ready for pickup are displayed in a huge bubble in giant letters at the top of the page, as soon as you open the pharmacy section. So anyone can see if you’re in public. I checked to see if I could hide it but There’s no option to do this.
  • More hoops to jump through 1/5

    By kschwarz219
    My local walgreens pharmacy keeps decreasing the hours they’re open. Everyone is understaffed these days, I get it. But I essentially only have a half hour window to pick up my meds on only 4 days a week. Was excited to see that delivery was an option, was less excited to see that there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit the delivery address, so I’m just left with an error message that my pharmacy won’t deliver to an address in another state and I need to edit the address but there’s no way for me to do that.
  • Vaccine appointments 2/5

    By JerryG63
    While the app functions well for most things, it doesn’t show when you’ve made an appointment to get a vaccine. So you can’t change, re-schedule, or cancel a vaccination.
  • Walgreens notifications are out of control!!! 2/5

    By Nekidkat
    I have turned off all of my notifications but I am inundated with push, text, calls and emails every day for every step in the ordering process. I get notifications for the order being received, they are going work on it, they’re still working on it, you have another being put back, we’re actually filling it, it’s about filled and yes, we filled it. The only notifications missing are to let me know the pharmacists are going on a bathroom break and what they had for lunch while they weren’t working on it. You get the picture. And I repeat, I have disabled ALL notifications. I’m beginning to wonder if I should find another pharmacy that isn’t so intrusive. For the love of God, make it stop!!
  • Prescription functionality is terrible 1/5

    By Yogi bear23445
    My employer’s insurance made me switch from cvs to Walgreens. No problem, right? Omg huge problem. Walgreens is in the stone ages compared to the cvs prescription functionality. Every time I try to do something on the app it tells me an error occurred. There are too many problems to list. I came back here thinking maybe there is a separate app just for prescriptions that I needed but nope, this is it. Super unhappy at having to call the pharmacy all the time. I’m sure they’re super unhappy answering unnecessary calls all the time, too.
  • Not good 1/5

    By pendesami
    Pésimo servicio hoy que no avía quien quisiera ayudar
  • Pharmacy is a joke 1/5

    Have tried 2 times now to bring my prescriptions to Walgreens, yet Walgreens refuses to do anything about it. Mediocrity at its finest here!!
  • Payment options are nonexistent 1/5

    By big-Jay-dub
    I bought a mug which was reasonably priced with a discount. However, when I got to the checkout part of the transaction, it only offered Apple Pay as a choice. I don’t want to pay with Apple Pay, and so I will not be using Walgreens for any future photo purchases.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Marksmith8028
    Here’s a suggestion...your pharmacists should tell us when they’re out of a medication
  • Nightmare store 1/5

    By MaggieMay60175
    Prescriptions never ready, lines of 5+ or more every time, rude and harassing techs, bare shelves, disgusting.
  • If it’s not in stock, don’t say it is 1/5

    By Laurin H.
    I’ve been trying to buy the devil cow squishmallow, and the app has the green “in stock” text below the shipping option. How is it not available?!? Even if I could buy it, I can’t use the Apple Pay feature because it isn’t available. And most stuff isn’t even available for shipping. I don’t have access to a car, how am I supposed to get an ounce of serotonin?!?
  • Records disappeared 1/5

    By Nitzaqd
    I had several covid vaccines at my local Walgreens. It was great because I had the records on my phone so I didn’t need to carry my vaccination card. And then 1 day they were gone. WTH?? Where did those records go and how can I get them back? No one knows. I’ll get future vaccines at CVS where they know how to preserve records.
  • Glitchy App 2/5

    By JustMe1618
    This app has been glitchy since I downloaded it a year ago and now it’s worse. Did an update and the app waiter closes or anything put in cart says out of stock.
  • Horrible customer service and order issues 1/5

    By Mcubed_
    Horrible customer service. I had a chat ended on me and called a representative and was told my order did not exist even though I had multiple emails saying otherwise. I’ve reached out multiple times to try to resolve an issue and nothing has been resolved. Ultimately this is Walgreen’s issue and I won’t be ordering from their site again.
  • Love the app, but please change back this feature 4/5

    By B10nary
    Everything about the app helps and has been great, developers please add back the feature when your medication is getting filled you can see the brand of medication as in what type of pharmaceutical company etc the med in the process of filling is. This feature used to be there now it’s not and it helps cause I can’t take one type of the many 15 or so generics of one of the medications I get and and it’s like I don’t know till they already filled it and are ready to check me out then I’m stuck and have to pay more have them thrown out and have the doctor call it in again and resent to another Walgreens and pay again. The old way would show the brand of generic being filled so I knew to let them know not to fill it if it ended up being that 1 out if 15 generics for that medication and could fill it elsewhere if so, as sometimes they switch generics due to supply. Please add this back.
  • Express Pay? 4/5

    By xmyopic
    What’s the point of using express pay to avoid the lines? I arrived at the pharmacy only to find it was the only register open. I needed the meds, so I waited but I was annoyed. This is not the first time this has happened. The app does what it’s supposed to do but there’s no follow-through at the store. All of my other experiences (refilling, cancelling prescriptions) with the app have been very good!
  • Unprofessional! 1/5

    By Saints row number 1 fan
    If you like spending way more than necessary, & you like rude employees, then shop Walgreens!
  • Walgreen’s failure 1/5

    By stgga
    Our Walgreens pharmacy was already closed and you can not submit a refill for a later pick up. Poor CX, Walgreens. App/ Walgreens should have the app ask when the refill is needed and if not urgent allow refill to get processesy
  • You Broke It 1/5

    By Zinnirit
    This used to be a great app. Please roll it back. All the “improvementsl” have made filling scripts impossible. I can tell from the reviews its not just me. It’s making me want to goto another pharmacy. Also on a side note why is the outside of the pharmacy so gross and disgusting. Trash left out all over the ground. The dumpster has rotting plastic bags all around does no one pick up the trash? What is wrong you guys cant pay for trash pickup?
  • My Walgreens credit card integration 1/5

    By Douglaswilson
    The My Walgreens credit card integration needs work. Once you go into the credit card section to see your balance their is no way to go back to the app without exiting out and going back in. It needs to be more intuitive and easier to find. ***** This last update broke the ability to check my MasterCard balance from the app. Please fix it. Also when using the my Walgreens MasterCard in Apple Pay at Walgreens the transactions do not show up in Apple Pay??? That seems strange!!
  • I don’t trust this 1/5

    By Knitwit357
    Since I downloaded this app I have been getting SPAM and SCAM texts pretending to be from Walgreens.
  • Walgreens app 1/5

    By FatBob24
    Tried making an appointment on app totally useless had to call
  • Not intuitive 3/5

    By OwnedbyCorgi
    I find the website difficult to maneuver. Even using the app, I sometimes am denied access. Trying to place an order, I find it difficult to locate products or scroll through products. I find such difficulties with the app for both iPhone and iPad that I sometimes avoid using it and try a different site.
  • I love Walgreens! 5/5

    By ItsSelenabae
    Love the app love the deals in the store love being a loyal Walgreens member!
  • Restore My Walgreens Card in Apple Wallet 2/5

    By DrewMerkle
    2022-09-20 When deciding what store to visit, it makes a difference whether that store supports the security, convenience, and the sanitary touchless usability of Apple Wallet. It is simply too cumbersome to ask shoppers to store their credit cards and loyalty cards in each merchant’s different hard-to-use “wallet”. Furthermore, entrusting payment card info to multiple apps is just bad cyber security because it dramatically increases the potential attack surface for each user. Just stop doing it, please. Finally, since this is also about usability for seniors who are less able to juggle esoteric app features while trying to manage medical needs, this is also an accessibility problem. Restore My Walgreens card in Apple Wallet.
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By pl13579
    App is garbage. Today this crappy app removed all my pill reminders.
  • Pick up pass 1/5

    By 1234_ugh_every_nickbame_taken
    Pick up pass is not working… you have no problem charging my credit card but don’t give me proof of payment to show the cashier at time of check out
  • Taking my money but not making my order 1/5

    By cenixhxu
    I did express pick up for my script the app took my money but did not give me a code to pick up and I had to pay I know that it only put a hold on my money but still I had to do exactly what I was trying to avoid 😒
  • Don’t bother trying to pay online doesn’t work 1/5

    By 5 Minute Marketing Plan
    Prepaid my Rx so my wife could pick it up. She got to the pharmacy and they told her it hadn’t been paid. Checked my account online and it clearly had been paid from my account. Kinda defeats the whole convenience part of prepay.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Jazmine Mercedes
    Do not believe that they offer same day delivery!!! After you take your time to add items into your cart, there will be NO option to pay. They give you the option to only use PayPal or Applepay, and even when you use those options and think you may have successfully payed….the app just continues to stay on the same checkout page.
  • Great app 5/5

    By fammodi
    App is awesome. Easy to navigate through everything!
  • Documentation of my COVID booster 2/5

    By yuyyyhhyhhh
    I have the app. How do I get documentation?
  • Where to Begin? 1/5

    By TLooHoo
    Sometimes no amount of search terms will result in what I’m a looking for. Other times it drops all my saved payment methods. Now lately despite showing product availability, at least 2 out of 3 local pickup orders get either cancelled or get delayed for no explainable reason. This needs serious attention and remediation. And somehow it got worse. I waited for 15 hours for a 30 minute pickup order to be ready. When it never was, I walked into the store and found my products on the shelf. Went to a manager who then check me out. Just now I realized that though they were FSA items and I entered my FSA card as primary, they charged my regular debit card instead. Walgreens, seriously? Why even offer an online/pickup experience of this is how it is executed?
  • Better and worse than before 3/5

    By rkayman
    App features in updated UI are more thoughtful and more easily found. Dropping Balance Rewards for new program meant dropping Apple Wallet support - bring this back!!! It takes forever to open the app and find out what my rewards are and there is no way to scan new rewards card, I have to type in my phone number… this is a big drawback and has caused me more than once to go to CVS which supports Apple Wallet for their rewards program.
  • Order doesn’t go through 1/5

    By XTCBE
    Spent the time entering all the info TWICE! Order just spins and doesn’t get placed. I’ll try CVS.
  • No privacy 1/5

    By Holbrooke Webster
    It’s criminal the app doesn’t support recaptcha to prevent sale of personal information.
  • Ok for reminders but notices can be vague 3/5

    By suburban mommy
    I’ve used this app for a few years now. It is easy to request refills, they are generally good about letting you know when something is ready, however I wish they would put more specifics into some of their messages. When a prescription is delayed, there is usually no reason given and anything that forces you to call the pharmacy and wait on hold for 20 minutes to talk to a live human being is not good. I’d also like to see them put a date for how long the prescription will be available so I don’t have to get daily reminders to pick up my script.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By gffoodie
    This is clearly not made for the smaller iphones. One cannot do anything at all on this app.
  • Mfr Coupon not on app. 2/5

    By Sanjay Panjnani
    Many mfr coupons do not appear on the app. It’s available on website for online clipping and in-store. App is hence a disadvantage. I wish i could post images comparing app and website. Buyers should check other sites and walgreen site on browser for manufacturer coupons before buying on app.
  • iOS se doesn’t fit the screen 2/5

    By Princess leía 667
    About 25% of the web page is cut off on the app. For want of a better term. It doesn’t fit the screen completely. Fix it developers!
  • can not log in this app 3/5

    By 娇2
    try to log in many times,and i still can not ,feels bad
  • App doesn’t necessarily know store stock 1/5

    By gonif
    Ordering for pickup or delivery is completely hit-or-miss. The app doesn’t always know if an item is in stock at a particular store. It’s a real pain to get nothing but delay notices and go to the store at closing, only to find out the item isn’t even there. If the app isn’t reliable and doesn’t save me any time or effort, what purpose does it serve?
  • Picture function unusable 1/5

    By LeyLeeUguuu
    I got the app to submit prints for pick up. However there’s no resize or crop option so the app is completely worthless to me. Really hope they fix that soon
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ryan122387
    This app is the most useless app I have ever used. Information is NEVER correct or up to date. If you turn off auto refill it will not reflect on the pharmacist side and it will still get refilled. Constantly tells me things are in progress or done when they are not. I have had the app delete prescriptions for no reason at all. This app is not dependable and terrible to use if you are severely visually impaired. The CVS app is much more reliable and dependable and I will most likely be switching pharmacies due to this.
  • Lacks apple wallet integration 2/5

    By schleppp3
    Wish I could add my Walgreens cash to the apple wallet and not have to type my phone number in every time I check out
  • Worst coding I’ve seen in years 1/5

    By almhuss
    Tried to put order for pickup at using the app. Kept getting error message saying “some payments cannot be used with gift card”. Except — there was no gift card. Called Customer Service - rep said “clear cookies and browser history” I told her I was using the App, not a browser. She had no idea what to do. Suggested using another input device. I tried to complete the transaction using the web browser on my desktop computer. Trying to pay using a credit card elicited the same error message. Finally completed the transaction using PayPal. Gave the order number to the friend picking up the order, but the store kept asking for a bar code. No bar code was ever provided. Took 20 minutes to find the picked order in the store. One of the items ordered was 1/2 gal of milk. It was sitting out - not in refrigeration. Walgreens needs to come into the 21st Century with their IT. Right now, they aren’t ready for prime time.