Walkie-talkie - COMMUNICATION

Walkie-talkie - COMMUNICATION

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Walkie-talkie - COMMUNICATION App

*kkrrrsshhtzz* Do you copy? This walkie-talkie app allows you to communicate quickly and easily with your friends. Go to the same radio frequency, push to talk and that's it! Enjoy! Over and Out. *kkrrrsshhtzz* Powered by Dolby.io. Created by Picslo Corp.

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  • Walk-in talkie 1/5

    By innocent american.
    I’m sorry but I hear people talking on the public frequency. I cannot add a friend for private. Spent several hours trying to figure it out but cannot. What can I do. How do I connect with one person on private.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By ShierenH
    Unfortunately doesn’t work
  • Kicking 4/5

    By PUPPYCAT:):):):)
    Can you please add a kick button on this app? I met so many inappropriate idiots on this app and keep joining our rooms. It’s very annoying.
  • Help 3/5

    By one1chance
    I’ve invited some friends and they can’t install because it doesn’t accept the verification code
  • READ THIS 3/5

    By zammy rock
    be careful if you have children on this app , supervise their use because there is a lot of adults on here , predators, racism, and hate . Other than that it’s a pretty fun app just wish that children weren’t on it or they had a setting to only allow people of your age to talk to you .
  • Child predators!!! 1/5

    By KarleyTheConcernedMom
    My daughter wasn’t on here for twenty minutes before an older man sounding at least 40+ asked a bunch of kids on this app if they like x rated material, I ran to the phone so fast to chew him out and he started back peddling so I switched channels and sure enough some weird Indian accent guy is talking about are you old enough to talk sexy with me. SUPER CREEPY APP KEEP YOUR KIDS AND TEENS OFF THIS APP ITS FULL OF MALE PREDATORS AND THEY ARE AFTER OUR YOUTH!!!!
  • Needs Apple Watch Support 4/5

    By BuddhaBr0wnies
    Even tho the Apple Watch has actual Walkie-Talkie support, it would be nice if this app added an Apple Watch app.
  • Kind of dangerous 3/5

    By dolisten1264
    I was on this app and out of nowhere someone started listing what I looked like and what I was wearing. Super scary considering there aren’t camera features on the app. I immediately was scared out my mind and deleted this app
  • Hate crime 1/5

    By ratrod1992
    Hate the app know body likes American or blacks or gays haven’t met anyone good on this app
  • dumb and fun 2/5

    By AlishaLover1
    i like it but i got banned out of nowhere for a whole day when i’m nothing but nice to people.
  • My review 5/5

    By ScarletWiz
    The only bad thing is that you have to be 13=<
  • Cheated 3/5

    By wolffurry
    Somehow I feel cheated because I haven’t used this app in a long time and I paid to unlock everything and now i’m asked to pay again now I have to pay for a subscription when I already paid to Unlock everything along time ago

    By dislok8
    Very first thing I encounter when using this app the very first time is a channel where there is a grown man talking extremely inappropriate and predatory with a very young girl. why are there no protections in place? Why is this able to happen on your app?
  • Again the same updates being sent over and over 2/5

    By JleeSon
    What’s the deal with this? I forgot I had already sent a review about this but it keeps happening. This is something new. Time passes, I see another update for the app; when I read the informaron; it’s the same update. I don’t get it. And no body is responding or saying anything. What’s the point of sending the same exact update over and over again and with no explanation as to why? This has been happening with other apps. I be looking forward to reading what’s new in the update and it keeps being the same thing.
  • It is a great app 2/5

    By Jets Communications
    Why u guys create the app for Mac and not for windows
  • Error 9009 2/5

    By Ghostly noob
    I tried to enter to enter to talk in any frequency and it doesn’t let me it keeps popping the same error code and yeah if you can tell me why it doesn’t let me and help me I’ll give it 5 stars
  • PARENTS BEWARE!!!! 1/5

    By that cowboyin chic
    I disgusted with this app. I downloaded it for work to use to communicate with my boss. I was scanning through the channels and came across a 27 year old man trying to convince a 12 year old girl to come and see him so they could get a hotel. This app is NOT SAFE!!!
  • Xo 5/5

    By Bae_Ross_.436
  • Hide and seek 5/5

    By Amarlon0
    Perfect v just ecoy
  • Broken 1/5

    By anynamethatsnotaken
    Love this app normally use it all the time but recently it’s stopped working completely
  • Best app 5/5

    By KitOnStuff
    So i download this a while ago but. It has evolved so much i met a new friend and somehow on the channel that represents my birthday cool right?
  • 丢你老母 5/5

    By 哈哈哈洗一下
  • Gdmffjs 5/5

    By robuxgenoratergives robux
    Gdlorwr Musky Stjtufhxhxkfh Gab B gg C F V
  • I need help 2/5

    By magiedpiano
    I don’t understand how does this App work using public or private? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Ooooooooooo 5/5

    By saewv cgj
  • No la recomiendo 1/5

    By Samy Sonty
    Es una basura
  • Irritating, already purchased, but keeps trying to get me to purchase again!!! 1/5

    By rakohlman
    I’ve already purchased this app for $3.99 once. Now, it keeps trying to get me to buy it again and I’m not supposed to have commercials, yet it keeps popping up commercials and cutting me off on my Walkie-talkie conversations. This is so annoying!
  • Not easy to use 1/5

    By LuisSantacruz
    Overcomplicated, it should be simple but somehow it’s not.
  • 💙💙💙💙💙 5/5

    By Kqiix
    💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Nobody play this 1/5

    By Cazzaster
    It is really bad you don’t even know who it is talking to you it creeped me out and I tried to turn off the phone it did not work they just kept talking so I had to delete the app as fast as I can
  • Muy buena 5/5

    By most-wanted-
    Es muy buena, cumple con su función
  • Best app for metting ppl 5/5

    By Alilyibra
    having this app for almost 4 years and its grear meet a lot of ppl on it
  • Great but…. Too many ads. Disrupts deep conversations. 5/5

    By Lesaren
    Other than that, fun.
  • eh 1/5

    By Workaholic Gal
  • Good 4/5

    By novak1934
    Met some cool people to talk too on here
  • My feedback 4/5

    By max great
    I enjoy using the app, but I wish there was an option to remove certain users from the channel.
  • Walkie-Talkie is by far the best communicating app there is. 5/5

    By mx_chelle
    Love it.
  • The Best Thing Ever 5/5

    By Luckymom32112
    This app is the best thing if I get hurt or anything I can just use the app and and call my mom so dad and I do not have to scroll for people names and I can just talk when I want To. Thank you so much and it is fun to play on
  • Bru this a 10/10 🙏🙏💯 5/5

    By crystalramirez🤠
  • Makes no sense 1/5

    By ballerhaller21
    It doesn’t make sense to make something that is the same thing as calling them, it just wastes more of your time and space
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By alwaysqualified
    This app was working perfectly last year. I recently purchased an Apple Watch for my daughter. When I send her an invite from my watch it says she did not receive the invite and to make sure I am logged in to FaceTime. Same when she sends me an invite. So what happened??
  • Too much cussing 3/5

    By isvaidfsbixgxvdjsi
    You need to find a way to delete those that are constantly cussing
  • Walkie talkie talk to friends app scam do not download 1/5

    Do not download this app, this app keeps taking money from you’re account without you’re permission charging you a fee every month. I never submitted a to there app.

    By Lucas Rasengani
    This app is a god given gift, it’s SO FUNNY on here. and I got to make new friends on here that I could’ve never made if I had never downloaded this app -I LOVE IT They just need to update with more languages that’ll be GREAT I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP MY FAVORITE APP
  • Love the app lol 4/5

    By yvonn.e
    A CHAT (text chat) FEATURE SHOULD BE ADDED. That way when you make friends and add them, not only can you share your frequency/ channel with them, but can separately text them.
  • The sad story of my talkie color 5/5

    By p_bryan
    I used to be so cool and join channels with a great conversation start and one day it all changed. My walkie color used to be dark black and would catch everyone’s attention. One day i joined back and it was gone😢. My username is papi_bryan if anything can be done to get it back.
  • People aren’t able to hear me 1/5

    By YeetAt_You
    I hold the button down and talk but nobody can hear me. I tried reinstalling a few times, but it hasn’t worked. Please fix this.
  • Doesn’t work keeps losing connection 1/5

    By speedracerlo
    I even paid for the app and it keeps disconnecting
  • Vengo por parte del patrón leo gallegos y su Banda 5/5

    By masturbandamax2
    Vengo por parte del patrón leo gallegos y su Banda