Walkie Talkie: Talk to Friends

Walkie Talkie: Talk to Friends

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Walkie Talkie: Talk to Friends App

The best Walkie Talkie app for you to chat with friends and feel connected at a distance, get emojis while chatting. Stay in touch with your friends or meet strangers during this special time. Don't have to leave the house or join the squad, just stay home and use this walkie talkie app and have a live chat with friends. It simulates real walkie talkie devices based on online services, featuring an online one-click PTT walkie talkie function. Highlights - Widget for iOS 14 users. You can access channels directly by using this amazing widget feature. - Push to talk: one-click to start talking - Live group voice chat: chat with people on the same channel - Customizable Walkie Talkie channel name: gather up for the same topic or the same interest - Public channels for unlimited users: get to know more friends and inspired by new ideas - Browse the channel lists: focus on what you like and pop in to have fun - Emojis dropping while talking: find out the trigger words together - Report, Mute & Block others - Manage your following and followers list - Text free: get closer with others purely through voices - Smooth and clear: guarantee high-quality voice chat with almost zero latency - Available 7*24: always here for you when you want to find someone to talk to - Share your channels: invite friends to your channel from other social networks and chat apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Messengers Hidden Feature - "Emoji Showers" It is activated when users say one of more than 200 commonly-used words. An emoji shower is activated, where many emojis float and fall from the top of the screen once the secret word is spoken. For example, when the word "hi" is spoken, smiley face emojis will fall from the top of the screen creating an "emoji shower". This can make chats more exciting. *Meet one-of-a-kind strangers: In this Walkie Talkie app, you can even talk to strangers. By simply entering numbers or words randomly, choose the Walkie Talkie channel and your chatlive starts. You may find friends who share the same thoughts with you at the moment. Isn't it amazing to have someone who is like-minded and you never met before? Walkie Talkie makes it all possible for you to make friends all over the world. *Have a closer connection with people you met online: Want to keep in touch with new friends you met on Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitch, or Kakao, and to have a better understanding with each other? Invite them to use Walkie Talkie. Whether they're new friends you met on Kik or Houseparty, or teammates in mobile games and video games, or longtime friends on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Messengers, TikTok and other social media apps, just share Walkie Talkie with them, tell them your channel ID, invite them to use this Walkie Talkie app and enjoy real-time chatting with each other together just like having a face-to-face chat! *Create private communities for games or clubs: Want to have a secret squad? Use Walkie Talkie to speak and play as a team. Use your team name as the Walkie Talkie channel name, and ask your friends to join. This channel is totally yours. No one would interrupt unless you invite them. Team up and this is for the squad only! *Explore more possibilities of Walkie Talkie: It could be your communicator just like Discord when you play games like PUBG or Rules of Survival in a squad; It could be your voice meeting room just like zoom when you need to discuss something with our friends; It could be your chat room just like Skype when you need to voice group chat with others; It could even be your study lounge with study mates, your own radio station, your audio live stream channel, your online band music space... We always aim at eliminating boundaries of distances and get people connected to the world. Just talk now. Start to experience the new way of chats with one click. Privacy Policy: https://walkietalkie.live/policy.html Terms of Use: https://walkietalkie.live/term.html

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Walkie Talkie: Talk to Friends app reviews

  • Worst app 1/5

    By Jejshdhjenwndnjd
    This is the worst app because I try to enter but there was a man walking for personal information do not download
  • Apple Watch? 5/5

    By reek ashley
    Does this work with a Apple Watch?
  • They ruined it 1/5

    By pull a 50 wit it
    Bro what is this knew update u guys ruined it
  • Profile settings??? 1/5

    By Monameee
    Can’t even put my birthdate in! Surely you have users in their early 50’s???? UGH!!!🤦‍♀️
  • Wow!!!! 5/5

    By Lacjr-051423
    It’s awesome better then calling and messaging
  • Do not let your kids get this game because strangers will ask bad questions like Home w 1/5

    By cg CFC ugggvgc
    I rather go and to a short walk then leting my kids play this game
  • What does it want with my clipboard? 1/5

    By ذهن منحرف
    Thanks to iOS 14 after opening the app it just showed me a banner and said blah blah copied from notes Why does it have access to the clipboard?
  • Don’t get 1/5

    By bsjjzjn
    Why get this app there is one where you don’t need to pay and it does everything this one does
  • NICE 5/5

    By aiyani soshahi
  • Didnt buy this 1/5

    By ffgffg87778
  • bad 1/5

    By GoodBoiLikai
    a five year old cane in and called me a b*****
  • How do u talk on Walkie Talkie 5/5

    By Rose of the qwine
    I have a question how do talk on Walkie talkie otherwise its great 👍
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By toya 93
    Nothing goes threw
  • Bruh 3/5

    By MysticHyD4aW0lf
    I hate how u can’t just press it, it takes so long to hold down.
  • Vulgar 1/5

    By It_caveman
    Vulgar language when first opened. Should be pulled from app store
  • Horrible 1/5

    By william sabbagh
    I signed up for the 3day free trial and got charged 31.79 for a year of WalkieTalkie talkie I don’t want feel Luke I got scammed
  • the playground 2/5

    By KC3CDU
    Looking for a playground with unmonitored young boys and girls? If so, welcome to Walkie Talkie from Cuddle live. Creepy sounding isn't it? Well, that's exactly what's happening here. Paedophile's best friend. This app should be removed from the app store immediately. It's good in that it does what it's supposed to do but still... very creepy.
  • Just OK 1/5

    By Dickie_Dawson
    Can’t leave Pitt on. Have to hold w finger
  • What is good for you 5/5

    By jaden carterz martin 123
    You can communicate with people you know all you have to do is make a secret chat i rate this app a 5/5
  • Needs a hit mic. 3/5

    By JChris40
    Want to use this during bike rides. Would be nice if it had a hot mic option. I don’t want to have to puss the button while I’m riding.
  • Offline WalkieTalkie 3/5

    By chubgiw
    So I really like this app but the most thing I hate about it is that you can’t turn your Internet off, if not the walkie-talkie is not gonna work I wish the developer could improve this situation because I wanted to talk to somebody in Africa she uses mbyts And she doesn’t want it to finish so I was telling her to download the app to see if it’s gonna work but when I did it didn’t work it requires Internet I wish they could do it in off-line walkie-talkie that would be great😢
  • Best app ever must have 5/5

    By Jagjit Everett
    I have tried many walkie talkie apps, but this one is the best one I think, and it amazed me, it worked so well, I have talked with friends from other countries, thanks!
  • This costs how much?! 1/5

    By Icabald
    In the App store, no price was listed. Selected the app only to learn that there is a monthly/annual subscription fee. Very unclear in instructions.
  • New update not good 1/5

    By Mbonill
    New update not good you should keep it how it was before
  • WalkieTalkie 5/5

    By TeacherBobbi
    Fun app! Even an old lady can use it!
  • Not ok for kids 1/5

    By NopeNotOk
    Promotes ability to talk to strangers. Definitely should not be rated 4+
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Tiawni Hutcheson
    I got this around 2 days ago and I am in love with this. It works better than anything. Overall is 10/10 :)
  • Please reverse 1/5

    By Marycdel
    So just was browsing in the App and next thing I know it’s charged me for 49.99 lifetime and can’t get to NO SUPPORT TO REVERSE IT! And it’s still asking me to download pro which technically I just bought’ please help do NOT WANT THIS UPGRADE OF $49.99 and can’t seem to get ahold of support....
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Elizabrth26
    I had so much fun with siblings. It makes it so much more fun playing in different rooms!
  • Wilson 5/5

    By Wilson Haslam
    Best walkie talkie app!!!!!
  • Interesting 5/5

    By Sabrina JiangJiang
    Best WalkieTalkie for indoor/long distance use.
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