Walmart Grocery Shopping

Walmart Grocery Shopping

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  • Current Version: 7.22.0
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Walmart Grocery Shopping App

What’s available? Fresh produce, baked goods, meat, pantry items and more. What’s the cost? Most in-store pickups are free. Delivery is a little extra. Where’s it available? Use your location or enter your ZIP Code to check availability. How does it work? Simply register, select a convenient pickup or delivery time, and build your basket. If you pickup your groceries, we’ll load them into your car when you arrive for free. Key features • Add items from the app and check out from another device • Browse or search aisles by department • Fast reordering with "favorites" • Convenient pickup and delivery times. Same-day pickup also available. • No subscription charges, markups or hidden fees. The app monitors your location only while you use the app. You can let the app use your location to determine the store closest to you and to provide accurate and timely service when you pick up your groceries. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link

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Walmart Grocery Shopping app reviews

  • Update times 4/5

    By True_80
    Is it about time to update the grocery pick up farther than two days so we have a better chance to get a time reserved?
  • Still not working 2/5

    By OperationMommy
    At least before the update we could still get suggestions for out of stock items. I’m this time when things are crazy out of stock it would be nice to see the other options.
  • Failing when we need it most. 1/5

    By AR Cubby
    I loved this app for over a year. But now that corona has happened the app has become useless at a time when it is needed most. We can no longer see a full week of available times but only two days. For over a week there are never any spots open. It says they have new times every morning. I am not up at 5 am to try and get a spot two days from now. The app never shows you what is out of stock most of the time till you click on the item. Many times items don’t show at all that are out of stock. This app is totally useless during this emergency. I’m forced to go to the store and go in. Oh and yes as others have said it shows items out of stock that when I was at the store an hour later the items were on the shelf.
  • Great App needs adjusting for COVID 19 4/5

    By Teresa Renee
    I love the Walmart app and use it often. I recently had an issue trying to pick up items that an elderly neighbor had ordered. He is home bound l, in poor health and lives alone. I couldn’t “check in” to pick up his order as it is linked to his phone GPS. I waited for more than 40 minutes after calling the store to confirm the order number, name of my neighbor and that I was listed as his alternate pick up person. It would be great if you could “check in” without linking to GPS, when considering the threat to elderly or other at risk persons during this time.
  • Worst app ever. 1/5

    By emilyrenee98
    I have tried for the past week to get everything I need so I wouldn’t have to go in the store with everything going on and of course everything is either “out of stock” or they all of a sudden don’t carry that anymore.
  • Enhancement Request 4/5

    By t2stric
    Allow customers to sync with family on the WALMART GROCERY app for the cart as the shopping list. For example: If I have a bunch of items in my cart used for going ordering online and then my hubby winds up completing the order either locally at the store or through the app, we don't have to do a bunch of re-entry.
  • I’m scratching my head. 2/5

    By Drats1
    I understand no hand sanitizer, toilet paper and hamberger among other items but Dish Washer Powder? I don’t see it. How many boxes of this are people buying????
  • Does provide a complete list 3/5

    By Lyllye1
    I love this app except there are items in my local grocery that I know are not on the app. For instance some of the corn meal mixes and even Honey Nut Cheerios. I know that my local Walmart carries these but they do not show up in the appropriate depart or in a search of the app.
  • Great service. App has major issues 2/5

    By Mayamea
    Great service and the attendants at the store are awesome! The app however needs major work! Favorites only work about 10% of the time and will only load 20 of my 400 favorite items. I can add things to my cart and then they are removed. Some items are always out of stock??? Such as 12 pack of Diet Coke... it forces you to buyer bigger things at times or physically go in the store your self to get them which defers the purpose of the app.

    By iPhoneUserApple
    DELETED THIS APP TRIED DAILY FOR TWO WEEKS SUPPORT LOCAL INDEPENDENT GROCERS! THEY ARE COMING THROUGH WITH DELIVERY AND SHOPPING WHEN WALMART IS FAILING! Seriously no frozen veg? No pasta? No meat? These items are on the store shelf you are denying food to the most vulnerable through this app Seniors need meat and frozen vegetables not your $$$$ wagyu beef and hipster BS food!!! Could be a good service but not now when we need it the most
  • Deli change 4/5

    By skkirrrrrtttttttt
    Overall I really love the app, but one thing I hate is I can choose the thickness on the lunch meat. The cut is always super thick which my family will eat but we don’t prefer. I end up having to go inside every time I go to the store to get meat instead of just being able to pick up. Other then that it’s been really great!
  • Multiple carts feature 5/5

    By valoritowe
    During this time the online shopping and pickup is great! I’m so happy my local store recently implemented the pickup option. With some elderly family members not knowing how to do an online order or not having internet access, can you add the option for adding extra carts. Then I could have one for my grandma, one for my neighbor, etc. It would be great way to keep everything separate.
  • Walmart grocery app 5/5

    By the woodles
    Thank you for having this app. I’m unable to physically shop for groceries and this way I can order, then go pick up , then family unloads and we get put away. This way I don’t have to ask daughter to shop for me as she works 12 hrs shifts with a family and a home to maintain. Thanks for this app so very much.
  • First Pickup 5/5

    By sepcc
    Love this service and especially loved the associate who shopped and loaded our groceries. She was so nice and uplifting, her name was Renee at the Jacksonville, IL store. Thanks again!
  • Time consuming 1/5

    By supercallifragelistic
    Every time I put my order in, there’s at least 5 items that were part of my order but never make it to my vehicle. No I don’t get charged for it but why advertise something then be like oh wait never mind. Corona got it now I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ set stipulations or something. And the gift bag don’t make up for what you lacked. But I will continue to use it because I’m not trying to get germs from everyone.
  • Nice App...Terrible Delivery 2/5

    By Im Suzy
    Nice app to use, but in my area there are never any available delivery times or pick up times. I’ve been loading and unload my cart for 2 months within the app and have yet to be able to schedule an appt for pickup or delivery for groceries. So have been forced to place orders with their competitors and often get groceries within just a couple of hours. Although many of the competitors deliver through 3rd party vendors, like Shipt, Instacart and Postmates, I’m quite okay with it and never had a problem. Perhaps Wal-Mart should look into outsourcing their delivery as well so they can stay competitive and keep up with demand.
  • Fed up 2/5

    By nice_tryace
    I’m so fed up with this app. It worked great the first three times I used it but then it wouldn’t allow me to check out. I deleted the app and reinstalled it several times and it still didn’t work. So I got myself a new email address and tried again. Now I’m not able to see the butter I like or any chicken, beef or pork to add to my cart. Totally fed up!
  • Time wasted 1/5

    By Susan13inTexas
    In spite of the fact that the pick up crew knew I was there I didn’t get my groceries for an hour. The app indicates an unmarked space which I clicked on because we couldn’t find a numbered space. No one in the delivery area bothered to let us know we couldn’t get our groceries unless we were in a numbered spot. I finally had to go to the door and demand to speak to a manager. When we finally got our groceries they still didn’t have everything we ordered. The only up side was the young men who finally got them to our car were very polite. As a first time user of this service I am very disappointed. The app needs fixing in another way. My original order was for $179. Each time I hit “PLACE THE ORDER “ there was ONE item unavailable. This went on until my order was down to $38. Just tell me all the unavailable items at once. DON’T WASTE MY TIME.

    By miraclegro321
    Do NOT purchase the delivery subscription thinking you will be able to stay at home during any kind of self imposed quarantine or state lockdown due to the virus. They have MANY out of stock items that are not properly reported or simply missing altogether from the app. Complete waste of money and they will not refund the subscription for lack of service!
  • Substituted items 3/5

    By MATT_MAN22
    There should be an option to approve or decline a substitution and also choose a different substitution while the shopper is shopping. Some substituted items don’t make any sense. This leaves me still going into the store for something if it is absolutely necessary. FYI: deodorant is not the same as antiperspirant!
  • Pick up service, first time! 5/5

    By crawferoo
    What an awesome service! If you request an item that is not available they will substitute, if you don’t like the substitute, you can have a refund. Great customer service. I am very pleased.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By cx5 456
    Thank you so much for your the app to order ahead and pick up without needing to go inside the store. A special shout out to Terry who brought out and loaded our groceries! She was so nice and took care when loading the groceries into the car 😁. It meant a lot to have a kind person in the midst of this pandemic!!
  • 2.5 stars 2/5

    By The hamburgerlar
    Be wary of scam to get you to place unneeded orders. Every order has something out. The store doesn’t sub. When I call, I am told that I didn’t check to allow substitutes. I go out of my way to be certain that I have checked for subs knowing this will be there answer. They tell you sorry nothing we can do. It is their way of getting you to place another order to get what you need. With a $35 minimum you have to order stuff you don’t need. Will delete after this order and use my local store delivery only from now on.
  • Poor quality, just like Walmart 1/5

    By Ten feet deep
    This app worked decently enough when I started using it a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I am forced to do some of my family’s shopping at Walmart due to lack of options in our small town. Each week it seems this app eliminates items I’ve put in my cart and by the time I go to pick up, they’ve not been shopped for. The search function never can find items I’m searching for or suddenly changes from week to week (something I found last week is unable to be searched for this week or vice versa).
  • Great service 5/5

    By FE&S
    This was our first time utilizing this service. It was absolutely great. From the ordering to pickup. We congratulate Walmart for offering this safety first service during this very difficult time. Thank you Walmart.
  • No delivery times 1/5

    By aali---
    No delivery times even when I check back in the morning. Not sure they even exist....
  • New update crashes 1/5

    By Onthee
    Every time I search and pick a few items to add to my cart, the app crashes. This did not happen before I got the most recent update.
  • Pick up service 5/5

    By buzzardflats
    Really happy with the service and our lil girl Alaina was a big help with information made the pick that much better
  • Happy Gma 5/5

    By goodwins8
    During this terrible time , it is mice to have such a great service available. Thanks for helping to keep me safe. I’m am 66 with respitory issues. Thanks again!!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By ed00112233
    Spent 30 minutes adding groceries to the cart only to find out that none of the Walmart stores are in the mood to collect the items for me to pickup or for them to deliver. Won’t even give me options to select a different date. At least Amazon let’s you know upfront. Walmart is cheap... not just in prices but also service... and now in their technology too! No regard for customers time. It’s all about them.
  • Needs a better system 1/5

    By LAR076
    Obnoxious and annoying that it will allow you to spend the time filling your cart only to find out all the time slots for pickup and delivery are filled and tells you to check back in the morning.
  • Still not working 1/5

    By smdcreek1989
    I update this app each time hoping it will start to function again. After several months, it still remains useless and I’ve stopped shopping here all together because I’d rather pay more and use a service whose app actually functions.
  • Needs ipad vereion! 4/5

    By MinnesotaMatt2
    I can’t rave about this enough. But needs ipad version asap!
  • First time 5/5

    By Tup&Penny
    Today was my first time using Walmart’s pick-up service. With COVID-19 causing the need to be smarter in the way we shop. This service is exceptional. It went as advertised without a hitch. I ordered ice cream that was still frozen. I was notified when ready. I was met at my car. The Walmart employee loaded my car. There were no substitutions. Very quick and very professional. I look forward to the next time.
  • Not an iPad app 3/5

    By JP2023
    I would definitely five star this app if it were functionally usable as an iPad app. I hope this doesn’t affect the iPhone app because I actually enjoy it’s use and convenience. But on the iPad I was hoping to be able to use multi-tasking in landscape mode so I could punch on from a growing grocery list but alas I will stick to the iPhone because it is nothing but inconvenient to use on the iPad.
  • COVID-19 update 1/5

    By Mr Bo Jangels
    Completely broken shows item in stock BUT ITS NOT F U WALMART. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥you get 5 Pinocchios for wasting our time and $.
  • Delta,CO Walmart 4/5

    By flower gift
    The service is great even when these employees are overwhelmed by the demand for this pickup service during the Covid-19 outbreak. Thank you for providing this service in our community.
  • Pick up not what it said it was. 3/5

    By stuffy#
    I put in order on Tuesday to pick up Wed. Wed. Was kicked off till Thursday. Thur. Was kicked off till Friday. Fri time was great but then was kicked off til Sat. Hopefully I will get my groceries on Sat. This system needs work.
  • No P/U or Delivery Availability 3/5

    By all nicknamez taken
    I have been trying to place an order for days. I spent all the time building my order only to find the 5 Walmarts around me have zero delivery or pickup times and I cannot checkout. I get things are overwhelming right now, but if the stores are constantly unable to take orders, state that earlier in the process.
  • Terrible. Buggy. Checkins don’t work 1/5

    By WhyIsntItBetter
    When you have orders are multiple Walmarts and try to check in for a certain location it defaults to the earliest pickup not the one you’re trying to check in for. That’s the the beginning of how Walmart’s pickup software is buggy and lagging Amazon etc. I will never use Walmart again.
  • Pickup is the best! 5/5

    By crystal70510
    With times of questions of Coronavirus this is the only way I feel “safe” getting my needed groceries. Easy ordering, no coming in contact with other shoppers but of course when I got home I sanitized my things as best I could. I tried to offer the sweet employee (Tristan) a tip but he refused it.
  • Can’t check out 1/5

    By Capt'n D
    Simply doesn’t work. Every time I try to check out, it just goes back to my cart. I try the other Walmart app, and it crashes when I try to check out with my curbside order. Can’t place an order.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Its still leaking
    Great app. Easy to use and the updates are useful and fast.
  • App needs some improvement but service is wonderful 4/5

    By SDPepere
    Thank God this service is available so I can use it during the pandemic! We are 96, 71 & 69 in our household so keeping us safe is critical. Only wish I could recall past lists to reuse and be able to edit the substitution and bagging selections after the initial order is submitted.
  • Online order quick!! 5/5

    By Decordar
    First time I ordered groceries from any store. It was easy and at pick up I was notified my order was ready, signs helped me find where to go, convenient place to park, keyon came out immediately, he was polite and professional, helped us with the groceries, and off we went total time was about 3 minutes!! Great job! Keyon!! Thank you!
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Xpysoztpyzdyp
    I never have used this type of service because I like to pick out my fruits and vegetables. I tried the service and was very pleased. My fruits and vegetables were excellent. I may never go in a grocery store again .
  • Awesome 5/5

    By rhonda.w2561
    Used it for the 1st time and I have to ask myself, why did I wait so long to try this. Fast and convenient.patrick was efficient and nice. This is how I will shop from now on
  • What happened? 1/5

    By monstervoodoo
    Last update completely destroyed the app.
  • Bug issues! 1/5

    By Frustrated Previous Loyal user
    Please please fix these issues! Almost every item I add to the cart, it takes it back out. I know not every single item is out of stock so that can not be the issue! It's been happening for weeks, and yes I have updated the app (as of today). Kind of hard to self quarantine and do grocery pick up when I can't get the items to hold in the cart in the app!

Walmart Grocery Shopping app comments

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