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Walmart Grocery Shopping

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  • Current Version: 7.3.0
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Walmart Grocery Shopping App

What’s available? Fresh produce, baked goods, meat, pantry items and more. What’s the cost? Most in-store pickups are free. Delivery is a little extra. Where’s it available? Use your location or enter your ZIP Code to check availability. How does it work? Simply register, select a convenient pickup or delivery time, and build your basket. If you pickup your groceries, we’ll load them into your car when you arrive for free. Key features • Add items from the app and check out from another device • Browse or search aisles by department • Fast reordering with "favorites" • Convenient pickup and delivery times. Same-day pickup also available. • No subscription charges, markups or hidden fees. The app monitors your location only while you use the app. You can let the app use your location to determine the store closest to you and to provide accurate and timely service when you pick up your groceries.

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Walmart Grocery Shopping app reviews

  • THINK! 2/5

    By Suzee Duzee
    Had a fairly large order. Most EVERY bag was stuffed full of heavy items & 2 bags broke & fell all over the floor. UGH! 75% of remaining bags had rips/holes cuz they are such poor quality AND overpacked. EX. One bag had lg velveeta cheese, bag of flour, large jar applesauce, 32 oz bag of nuts, 4 cans & ripped as soon as I picked it up. WHY would anyone put that much heavy stuff in one bag? It also was so heavy to carry. 1. Get sturdier bags 2. Retrain staff on how to pack
  • Online shopping 5/5

    By Lynn Smith Hodge
    Please don’t ever cancel this app. I am 71 and I can make a list, go to app, pick my date and time to pick up groceries and take my time picking my groceries. I even have some time to add to it. I am able to buy more groceries this way than trying to walk around the store. My produce is fresh and Milk and bread have long use by dates. I have knee problems and this has been a God send. Thank you Add
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Jpat332
    I use this everyday! Love love love it!! The only complaint is about the new update. It’s almost as if someone has hacked it and set the algorithms all screwy!! When you search an item, all kinds of things come up except the correct item! It’s not in everything, but it’s a bit annoying!
  • I like the app, but it could be improved 3/5

    By JL-pie
    I love using the grocery pickup service with the aid of this app. If you use the pickup service you have to order really far in advice, usually 6 or more hours so it’s hard to get same day pickup. I am disappointed I can’t always buy food items I know are in the store. I can’t understand why when I buy k-cups I can only buy small boxes when I want to buy the largest - 96 count box.
  • Love this service but hate the app 3/5

    By Josette88
    The service is wonderful but the app will not let me zoom to look at the ingredients.
  • Useless!!! 1/5

    By Truth2.675
    Worst decision ever!! I hated it. Their incompetence is disgusting. I received my groceries a day late. They were still late on the second delivery. Items were missing. I had cancel all my plans and wait for them for 2 days. All I got was excuses and lies, “it’s on it’s way, it’s not, no one is here, 30 more minutes “ stories upon stories. Never again!!!
  • Always something missing 1/5

    By Rosemarycruz0511
    At first i loved the service but recently my order is always missing food ! Last time my daughters formula was missing from the order ! It’s aggravating when you get home and want to cook and realize they canceled items or just forgot to put them in the bag !!!
  • Pickup and Delivery 5/5

    By Kitty1954
    Love, Love, Love, this . Also home delivery in the winter is great. Thanks Walmart!!!
  • Something is wrong 1/5

    By Lynne9659
    When I tried to sign on under my account, it keeps saying wrong password and tells me to change it. Will not work with any password I put in new or old
  • Online Grocery shopping 5/5

    By 1LadyBenjamin
    Awesome & Everything
  • Very bad experience 1/5

    By laylaneo
    I have used this service in the past with no issues. But I used it last Friday (Aug 9th) and I did the normal got my list together and picked my time slot for pick up between 7-8 pm. Well at 4:30 I get an email that my order has been cancelled. I called customer care line and was told that half of the items I ordered were not in stock and it brought my order down to under 30.00 which is order minimum. So they cancelled my order. My order started at $112.00 which they take out immediately out of my bank account. I was given $120.00 for weekly groceries from my husband. I was told that my money would be back in my account in 3-5 days. Well this would have been all fine and good if I hadn’t just got back from vacation and only had the $120.00. We are broke with no food in house and $8.00 to our names. All Walmart could do was tell me to call my bank and see if they could speed it up and O and they will send me a $10.00 off my next grocery shopping service. Also told me that they wouldn’t blame me if I didn’t want to use them again but that it was good for 1 yr if I wanted to try them again later after bugs fixed in service. Also found out that they have to leave half of stock in store for online but that I could probably go to store and find all my items on my list. Well that would have been nice if they didn’t have all my money. Bank could not speed up payment and I just got my money back in my account today Aug 15. This is unacceptable. They could have called/text me and ask about substitutions or even let me picked different items. Not just canceled my order and left me with no food. I will not be using their service again and I advise others to think twice about using it.
  • Walmart pickup 4/5

    By Volleyball allstar♨
    I love it, since I don’t like shopping for groceries.
  • Pay with EBT? NOPE! 1/5

    By smile4ever16
    I was so excited when Walmart said we can pay online with ebt for pickup, ummm no, you still have to pay HALF the amount on a credit or debt card, I am sorry but if I (or anybody) is on food stamps, it’s because we don’t have the money to spend on food, there is no way I can afford to pay half without food stamps and I am pretty sure I am not the only one with the same problem, so thanks for wasting my time Walmart!
  • Shopping for two 5/5

    By Lg123juh
    Boy, I wish I had this service when my children were small. I would’ve used it all the time. But now I just shop for me and my husband and even with that small amount of groceries it really is a godsend. We add items to our list all week and is soon as we hit $50 or so I schedule a pick up time and never get out of the car.Love it!
  • Choose item from cart 3/5

    By AstralDarkstar
    I should be able to tap items from the cart to see the item and item information.
  • No online check in? 1/5

    By Daniel Graham
    Walmart gets a zero because I got an email asking me to check in when I’m on my way, and rather than letting me check in, I have to download this app
  • Wait time 1/5

    By diva033
    Despite checking in on the app and calling when I arrive the wait time was long!
  • So frustrating 1/5

    By Jennfar
    I spent an hour curating my online grocery cart and placed my order for pickup the next morning. I drive 20 minutes to the store to pickup my order at the designated time slot and open the app. It says my order had been canceled. So i called Customer Service and spent 45 minutes on the phone. I am informed that because my first name is on the account but my husband’s first name is on the card I used, my order was canceled. We share a last name and bank account. I question: why wasn’t I contacted? Why just canceled? I can use a different card or put his name on my Walmart account easily. She says it’s automated by the system. The customer service rep was professional and friendly; went over all the grocery items that required substitution and gave me $10 off my order. She changed the order to delivery and ensured I would have my order delivered today (6 hours after what my pickup time was supposed to be.) So 3 hours before my delivery is supposed to be here, I get another email saying my order was canceled. Surely this is just a lingering email from this morning? I call again to be safe, and no - my order was canceled. She says it’s because it was changed from pickup to delivery. Also there are no pick up or delivery options available today; cannot have my original slot back. I’m also informed that the charge will not be taken off of my bank account for 2-3 days. So I have to rearrange my schedule, go to a different grocery store, and call my bank to make a dispute to get the charge off of my account before spending that on groceries at a different store. Deleting this app and never trying to use this service again.
  • Trouble checking in!! 3/5

    By Rachael 505
    This is my second time using the app and picking up my groceries and I love it EXCEPT the app isn’t letting me check in for my stuff 😒
  • OTW 5/5

    By dnk47
    Walmart service is OTW (out of this world)!! They choose fresh produce & dairy...follow exactly what I’ve ordered. Couldn’t be more pleased!
  • Where have you been all my life! 5/5

    By jessjohn317
    I can’t even tell you how much I love Walmart Grocery Pick Up. I love that I can choose whether or not to have items substituted. I rarely have items out of stock. Super friendly and prompt employees
  • Good when the employees show up 3/5

    By Nonick9700
    Sitting here waiting. Again. Tired of hearing how, because of call offs, my order isn’t ready. You can choose a window, mine being 6p-7p tonight. It’s now 6:50pm and my order still isn’t ready. So much for saving time, I could’ve shopped and been out of the store by now. I would cancel, but of course you don’t have that as an option.
  • Love it 5/5

    By bellestar76
    Great service!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By bfbdvbdbdb
    I LOVE this app and service! super convenient! They are very friendly when they bring your grocery out and super fast! I love everything about this and highly recommend it!!!
  • Terrible App!! 1/5

    By Sally Customer
    Change is not allows good as in this case. The app is way too small you should have kept it the way it was!
  • First order 3/5

    By Jonni36
    I can say that the young lady that assisted me with bringing out my pick up order, was really nice. The app unfortunately did not do its forthcoming. There was NO “on my way” status at all. No click here option, so that they would be aware when I was arrive. When I also asked. She was also shocked that the button was not on the app. After going through my items later, I noticed that I ended up with a head of cabbage that I did not order. And even if I go into the app, it still shows “preparing” and I’ve already received my email receipt. Definitely a few more things to work out.
  • Makes my life easier!!! 5/5

    By S Trest
    I have a physical illness that makes shopping so hard some days! But ever since I discovered Walmart Grocery Pick-up service it’s made shopping for me quick and painless!!! Love it!!!
  • Defeating its purpose 1/5

    By Cantu51
    Where do I start? This is a total waste of time. Convenient? Not. Yes you can order your stuff online but it doesnt mean its available. Also, the last 3 times I went to pick up my stuff, I waited 45 minutes in my truck! I could of just gone in there and get the stuff myself in that amouny of time. They sent me a message saying my order was ready for pick up and it wasnt.
  • So convenient 5/5

    By lahold
    Today was my first time doing grocery pick up and it couldn’t have gone better! Employee was so helpful! I can’t wait to try delivery!
  • Bad Customer Service!!!!!! 1/5

    By #justsayyoudontwantbadcommitd
    I received email at 3:46 informing me groceries ready for pickup when I could not check in through the app I called 800 number where I was informed the email said preparing not ready. I tell him you just called me a liar where he informed me he had to hang up on me because I was abusive and I said you called me a liar I ended it this is a recorded line they hear! I then pulled an associate aside to show him I didn’t lie I received it and then the girl that brought my groceries out 45 minutes later said they have had trouble with new app! So after this rant I rate it less than one star and the customer service on the other end of the 800 number I rate negative 100
  • Walmart’s employees are lazy !!! 1/5

    By cheetah mommy
    I’ve been ordering stuff from this app for 2 months .. I order almost the same stuff every week I’m tired of staff not being bothered to walk to the other end of the store to pick up items I order .. why bother shopping like this ..I’m giving them a 1 star on their app .. I complain to the Mgr that does nothing .. over this service .. or lack of..I will use insta cart .. and pay 5$ at least I’ll get what I need ..
  • I love no lines, I cannot lie 4/5

    By MsJetta
    I’m giving this App less than a 5 because I had to navigate all over just to add to my order, normally it’s an easy process but just not today... 😬 I would have given the only Walmart I’ve shopped, in Chehalis, WA. a 5+Star rating, because they get my order correct, every single time. The shopper checks the eggs, it’s all packed right, and they’re SO courteous. It’s a GREAT way to shop if you hate long lines, and/or shopping with kids 😬 (especially during the day) Takes a little bit of planning so you get the time frame you want to pick up your order.
  • Wasting my time 1/5

    By BMH2255839
    I was supposed to pick up my order between 5pm and 6pm so I got here at 5pm then got an email saying my order is delayed so I have been waiting in the same spot until 6pm and still nothing so I call and the customer service side of Walmart is terrible the lady told me the order was canceled and I must have done it. Which I responded by telling her I didn’t cancel anything and told her my app and email says the order has been delayed. So she goes let me check it out then hangs up on me. I’m waiting here for over an hour with my daughter in the car. Worst customer service. I don’t understand why Walmart would just cancel my order without telling me.
  • Damaged items 1/5

    By stepppph_13
    Usually like ordering my groceries do to me being a stay home mom it makes it easier for me! But my third time ordering my avocados and bananas came smashed almost looked bitten too. I would really appreciate if the person who picks out groceries would actually take the time to make sure everything is good and not give out foods like that.
  • Great app 4/5

    By ChibiBagel
    Needs the option for “pay at pickup”
  • Very helpful and Kind 5/5

    By Love and pick up drive-through
    The associate who loaded my car it was a very sweet nice kind and helpful and always had a smile so kudos to her and I appreciate her help with my order thank you :-)
  • Don’t Waste Your Time! 1/5

    By knjkjlhjhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
    Spent 2 hours using this ap making a list and checking it twice. Checked out, picked my time made the 30 minute trip to get my groceries. Was pumped! Don't have to drag 3 kids through the grocery store! Ya, too good to be true. Order “cancelled” while I was in route. Called customer service, resolved the issue, picked a new time (2 hours later), continued on my way. Ya, too good to be true again. Order “cancelled” once more. Called again. Resolved again. Cancelled again. Went across the street to Aldi instead. I hate my time wasted. Lost a customer for life.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Susnduke
    My Wal-Mart #981 has always been wonderful! I never get anything I didn’t ask for. If I order meat or produce the associate always show me and gets my approval. If I don’t like the way it looks they will either run go get another or remove it from my order whichever I prefer. If you don’t want something substituted then that is a choice you make when you place your order. But if substitution is okay then they have always shown me what was substituted and gotten my approval. For instance: I ordered a box of 4 frozen strawberry yogurt popsicles. They were out of the specific brand I ordered. They did have a box of 6 in a different brand (more expensive) that they substituted. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! I was charged for what I ordered but got a more expensive brand at the same price. I have always had a good experience. They even bring me a bottle of cold water on hot days! I love this service!!
  • Two problems 3/5

    By Ah Bl
    First, why do you have 2 apps, one for Walmart and the other for Walmart Grocery? Second, who the heck decided that items in cart are not clickable? Pretty bad.
  • Wait time and Place in line 2/5

    By RomanGarcia
    Hello, one suggestion is to put a feature that shows wait time and place in line...
  • Hit or Miss 3/5

    By Teersouza
    I use this app bi weekly because I do not have a car. So apps like this and instacart are essential for getting our groceries delivered. I am a mom of 2 so this makes my life really easy. With the delivery aspect it can go really wrong. I am vegetarian and they have substituted items with meat, rendering them useless to me. I wish in this regard they were more like instacart and more interactive. If I could choose what items are acceptable replacements or be able to have the person picking my food contact me and notify me and either refund me or let me pick my item I’d like to replace it with. Another BIG ISSUE I’ve had is where the driver delivered our $300 grocery order to the wrong apartment. I Live in a complex and they delivered it to god knows who. The person signed too. The driver was completely uncooperative and Walmart accepted no responsibility. So essentially they can just give your order to anyone and as long as the person signs it won’t make any difference! This is wrng! I was pregnant when this happened so you can imagine how upsetting this was. They should require to show ID for the person who placed the order to avoid this happening
  • Love it but the zoom in feature was removed 4/5

    By Anaid816
    I use this app at least once a week, the service varies by store. I’ve had good and bad experiences. The app itself is very convenient and a time saver!! Very easy to use, with minor improvements that could be made but still user friendly and straight to the point. The most recent let down for me was that the zoom-in feature was removed. For some items I need to read the ingredient list/allergen info or the nutrition info because it is not always available/correct under the description, so I would zoom in on the photo and be able to easily read what I needed to know. But it’s been about 2 months since this feature was removed. Another issue I’ve had since I started using the app is that when I search something specific it will not find the item sometimes unless I look for it under departments and add filters which to me is not the biggest issue. FYI, after you’ve made an order it says you have until a certain time frame to make changes to your order, initially I thought this meant that I could go back and maybe add an item if I forgot it. Well you can’t do that, so I find it’s a bit misleading. You can only change the quantities on the items already on your order. These are just some improvements that could be made though and I don’t think it impedes it’s main function so I’m still rating 4 stars because it’s still convenient, I can still make my orders every week, and I don’t have to get off my car and stand in line and the employees are usually very friendly.
  • Most convenient!! 4/5

    By ~Kimber
    The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is because I can’t tell them I’m there when I send my husband or kids!! The tracker only tracks my phone!
  • Love the pickup service!! 5/5

    By Pickup patron
    I have had nothing but great experiences when I have used the pickup service! Employees are friendly and helpful. I have never had a problem with a substitute item and if I don’t want the substituted item, they have taken it off my bill. Great service especially from Bob!!
  • Very handy highly recommend 4/5

    By Bsnwrk
    Just make the iPad app user friendly. It reduces the screen size and turns it 90 degrees.
  • Great Time Saver! 5/5

    By Lv2pc
    Shopping with the app and making a quick stop is such a great time saver. I can opt out of substitutes that I don’t want and the shoppers do a good job with the produce. One suggestion: I use reusable grocery boxes and put the items in them when I do my pickup. I don’t need or want plastic bags. It would be nice for the app to let me “opt out” of plastic bags.
  • Loved it until the update broke the auto tracking 3/5

    By Jimboshippos
    Used to be able to check in through the app. Now it only offers check in through my email, which takes me to the App Store for the Walmart grocery app. Then I click open and it takes me to my order details. No where is there a ‘check in’ button, which used to track my progress on my drive to the store. Every time I have to call to tell them I’m here to pick up they kinda act like they weren’t expecting me. Even when I show up in my scheduled window. Bring back the old feature please! I love this service, but it’s not as easy as it once was.
  • Pickup not so quick 1/5

    By wheresmyorder
    My husband picking up for me today, has been waiting for 1:10 minutes outside store . He’s tired from working all day . And would really appreciate someone bringing order out to him. They took everyone that has pulled up after him. This has happened to me on several visits. Not so quick pickup...
  • App not usable in Canada 1/5

    By annoyedincanada1394
    We used to use this app all the time in the US. It's easy and simple and well designed. Even the US website for pickup and delivery is fairly easy and intuitive to use. There is no app at all for Canada, and the website you're forced to use is terrible. It's ridiculous to me that other shipping apps like Amazon have the ability to switch from US to Canadian easily. If Walmart really wants to compete with Amazon, they need to figure out how to offer a decent app in Canada because this is ridiculous.

Walmart Grocery Shopping app comments

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