Walmart Grocery Shopping

Walmart Grocery Shopping

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  • Current Version: 4.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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Walmart Grocery Shopping App

What’s available? Fresh produce, baked goods, meat, pantry items and more. What’s the cost? Most in-store pickups are free. Delivery is a little extra. Where’s it available? Use your location or enter your ZIP Code to check availability. How does it work? Simply register, select a convenient pickup or delivery time, and build your basket. If you pickup your groceries, we’ll load them into your car when you arrive for free. Key features • Add items from the app and check out from another device • Browse or search aisles by department • Fast reordering with "favorites" • Convenient pickup and delivery times. Same-day pickup also available. • No subscription charges, markups or hidden fees. The app monitors your location only while you use the app. You can let the app use your location to determine the store closest to you and to provide accurate and timely service when you pick up your groceries.

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Walmart Grocery Shopping app reviews

  • Friday’s shopping 5/5

    By carnepuerco
    Excellent, I truly love it.
  • 😟😟😟 1/5

    By Alexey7797
    The second week I can not log in to your account👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • Integrate With Walmart App! 3/5

    By IndianaWriter
    With the Walmart app (the one with the blue icon), I can see a list of items I’ve previously purchased in the store and add them to my cart. How handy! The problem is, this is only for shipping to my home, and I want to pick them up at the store. So I go to the Walmart Grocery app, and it doesn’t show my Walmart shopping cart, and it doesn’t show me the list of items I’ve purchased in the past. I know I can do a bunch of searches and Favorite stuff, but I shouldn’t have to do that. Integrate the two Walmart apps!!
  • Update is horrible 1/5

    By Sharkygoods
    I loved this app before the last update. You use to be able to open the app and when your order was ready select on your way and when you showed up someone came out to help you. Since the update you have to login to your account and verify it then it allows you to get your pickup. Please change it back it was simple and brilliantly easy. Thank you

    By tiktok viewer
    This app is better then YouTube literally you can pickup it up not wait for 2- days to arrive you have messages you can’t wait 2- days you can pick- it up right now literally and this is my review on Wal-Mart Grocery Shopping So Bye!
  • Fix the favorites list!! 1/5

    By Liz72701
    They stopped working this week. All of them GONE.
  • Very great app 5/5

    By GameHEADtime
    Keep improving thank you!
  • Remove Sales food delivery plz 3/5

    By WMart Lover
    Dear Developer, please fix this! This app tacks on food tax on delivery (pickup is correct). With delivery fee & tip it’s hard to pay FOOD SALES TAX NOT REQUIRED. Yes, I Like App, LOVE delivery people. I’ve made many calls & most just don’t understand (CSR telling me get license for exemption). Others say ‘just don’t use it. Yup, more than once. I’ve called their tax Dept as well to no avail
  • Convenient but not the best quality 3/5

    By NoTaR31
    Convenient if you don’t have time to shop but you have to be willing to sacrifice the specifics as items are often out of stock and not the best pick. For example, got some cookies that were all broken and the produce is the older stuff, not what you would pick for yourself. Trade off for sure!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By TheScienceofGlitter
    I love this app and service and use it at least once a week. I highly recommend it! The only thing I would change is the fact that if you have someone else pick your order up for you, because something comes up and you’re unable to make it, you can check in for them when they’re on their way but since your phone isn’t with that person, you can’t select the slot number when they arrive. So there’s no way to let the store know they’re there to pick up your order. Not a major issue, just the one thing I’d adjust. But seriously though, this is a well functioning and extremely helpful app.
  • Fix 4/5

    By wmdirj f
    Only thing I didn’t like about the app is that it didn’t allow me to click to take off substitutions that I didn’t want. Otherwise great!
  • Terrible customer service, inconsistent app 1/5

    By kmac_03
    Used the online grocery ordering feature 2 times. The first time, the order was filled in the wrong store and didn’t learn this until I arrived at the correct store. The second time I placed the order 8am Saturday and scheduled a Sunday morning from 8-9. When the order should have been ready for pickup the app said it was delayed. Having not been contacted by anyone from Wal-Mart I called customer service twice. First I was told the order would be ready by the end of the day. Later in the day when the order should have been ready, the next rep told me my order was stuck in the system with no time frame for completion, and nothing could be done. Finally I contacted the store and suggested that I buy the groceries and cancel the online pickup charges. So finally 10 hours after I ordered my groceries I can buy them. Still no refund for the online order yet...
  • Demasiado tiempo de espera 1/5

    By 182763538939765'vx
    La primera vez que ise mi pedido todo bien pero la siguiente vez tardaron demasiado en traerme mi pedido de verdad fue casi una hora ☹️ la verdad fue una pérdida de tiempo y no solo yo sino las demás personas también les tardaron mucho en traerles sus órdenes muchas personas 😡 enojadas deberían tener mas personal trabajando para entregar sus ordenes la verdad dudo mucho volver a pedir en esta app
  • Why Bother 1/5

    By quetcy 7
    I can go in do my shopping quicker than waiting in the car for an hour. I guess it’s okay if you don’t want to go in and be around the crowd... but i rather run in and get what I need then wait one hour in the car. Not efficient with time at all.
  • Online shopping 5/5

    By Texas Great Grandmother
    Very happy with the service given free! It is hard for me to manage the grocery shopping by myself. As we used to say, Grandma’s slow but she’s eighty! Being 82 this is so convenient for me. Thank you so much. This enables me to buy the huge cat and dog food bags without having to lift. My son then brings it . Texas great grand Mother
  • No inventory 1/5

    By Invisible78
    Why use the app when Walmart doesn’t stock 30% of the items they have listed. A $200 order ends up finalizing at $150 every week due to items out of stock. I place an order and have to go to another store on my way home to get all the items Walmart doesn’t have. Don’t waste your time.
  • Love This App 4/5

    By Mama Katz 1962
    I love this app. It’s easy to use and I don’t have to leave my car. I only gave it 4 stars thought because the only thing I disliked about it was something I noticed in the payment part. This app could be utilized so much more if you had an EBT (snap) payment option. Most people that are in the SNAP program have kids and this app doesn’t help them at all. Just a suggestion to help others that could utilize you app a lot more.
  • Maybe the best since Sam came up with Wal mart 5/5

    By cobs wife
    I ve lost my balance over the yrs and can t walk the store and elec carts r never around.. This helps me in soooo many ways, if I could just take one of the very nice deleivey people home to unload and put things away for me life would be Complete
  • Great service 4/5

    By Jack mathieson
    Live the service, no complaints. The app, sometimes it lets me check in and sometimes it doesn’t. Would like to always be able to check in.
  • Good as Long as No Changes after Checkout 3/5

    By b_tuna
    This is a good app for grocery shopping but has major issues once you “checkout”. You supposedly have time after checkout to edit your order until 1:45 am the day of the pickup or delivery but it has problems every time I do this. Frequently items added to the order after it’s submitted will show up in the order in the app but you never get a confirmation email with the changes and then you find out those items were never actually added to the order when it’s delivered/picked up. And frequently it tells you to wait a few minutes to make additional changes then it never lets you make any more changes. So week after week we end up having to go into the store to pick up additional items that we should have been able to add to the order. This is a major issue! If it doesn’t get fixed next time we will be ordering groceries from another grocery store.
  • Great app one minor flaw 5/5

    By tazman3001
    We use this app every week for our shopping, the only problem is after you check out you can’t go back to add anything. You can change the quantity of items but if you forgot something and try to add it it starts a new shopping list. Please correct this
  • Let me choose 4/5

    By shylow101
    The app and the service are great. I would suggest an addition to the selection process, add away to select slice thickness when ordering deli meats and cheeses.
  • Grocery pickup 5/5

    By cpearson13
    Service was amazing!! I will definitely use this from now on!
  • Password 4/5

    By Brandon.g.R
    Every time I try and get on it tells me my password is incorrect and I know it isn’t, I have to reset the password and it will let me on and the next time I have to reset again to get back on
  • Good Idea Poor Service! 1/5

    By SD5477
    Ten Mile Store in Meridian, Idaho. Second time I have gone towards the end of my pickup time and the order has not been ready. Not good enough.
  • Full access 1/5

    By BlkWolf12
    Not everything that is in the store shows up in the search. Instacart and other services provide full access to the store and even offers replacements if the item isn’t available or is low in stock
  • Great service but missing features? 3/5

    By SlightlyDizzy
    So we finally decided to give this service a shot last weekend. I was given a $10 off referral bonus so it was a no brainier, plus the lines had been pretty long the last couple of times I went into the store (is this by design to move more customers to online pickup?). Adding items to my cart and placing the order was amazing, super simple and super accurate (at least where I live). The problem came at the end. I always use Walmart Pay on my iPhone when I buy things in the store because A) it allows for Savings Catcher submissions, and B) it allows me to print out my receipt from home so that I can submit my purchases to iBotta and Coinout. Well, after a lot of research and contacting customer service we discovered that all of these options are currently unsupported with grocery pickup. I love the app and that $10 off coupon made it worthwhile, but I average about $5-10 off per visit due to iBotta, and if that’s gonna go away then I guess I’m back to standing in lines at the store. If they ever implement Savings Catcher and a way to actually print my receipt (instead of the version in the email) I’ll move this up to 5 stars. Fingers crossed!
  • Love the app but needs iPad version 4/5

    By ssauls0613
    I love this app but we need an iPad version also.
  • Can’t Login!! 1/5

    By blind_access
    I haven't been able to login to this app for months. I've reported issues to EO about accessibility issues. They corrected the input field. However, now I get a message “Something went wrong on our end”. I’ve sent screenshots. I’m Done!! I have Vons and Smiths that can deliver. Walmart can’t get it together, they’ve lost my Grocery business. Delete... Next!!

    By Mollypollypocket
    This app has no way for employees to use their discount and no way to submit receipts to the savings catcher 😡
  • It’s great, but..... 4/5

    By *MaNdErS*
    This is new this week to my store and I’m super excited! My only issue is I have started using my own bags when I go grocery shopping! I wish in the app there was an option to choose that or at least a note to whoever is going to do your shopping for that you’ll have your own bags when you come to pick it up!
  • Great service 4/5

    By kjenning655
    Rarely get substitutes and Neil as well as other empowering are always very friendly.
  • No iPad Support 3/5

    By ChrisBlaze
    I love the regular Walmart app because I can do all planing on my iPad. Please update this app to support the iPad.
  • 🙄 1/5

    By Hater!!610
    Make it search by location and not by zipcode, impossible to order if you’re not from that area.
  • Convenient service!! 4/5

    By Pilatski
    I used pickup for the first time today and it was awesome! Super convenient for a busy mom! My only complaint is I wish I could pay with Walmart Pay and use Savings Catcher. Hopefully they will offer that option someday.
  • Save yourself the headache 2/5

    By Wenl27
    Just save yourself the headache and go somewhere else. I’ve tried 2 different Walmart’s now and both were horrible. They’re always out of numerous items. This time it was 10 items to be exact. If I’m gonna have to go into the grocery store anyway then what’s the point??? Some of the things they were out of they could’ve given substitutes but clearly just didn’t want to take the time.
  • Great Experience! 5/5

    By Smurf-lex
    Jeff, my personal shopper was very nice and professional!!
  • Definitely a time saver 5/5

    By BhavikGudka
    I used the Walmart grocery app first time and really loved this feature. My wife was also very happy with the process. She put the order on Saturday and scheduled pick up for Sunday morning as we were busy on Saturday. The app sent a reminder via text on Sunday morning, 15 mins before the scheduled time. The message had a link to checkin. We enabled location tracking so that store employee can know when we reach the store parking area. We parked the car in the pick up lot and the associate came with our groceries in less than 2 mins. I would recommend this app and the whole experience to anyone who wants to save time 30-60 mins per visit. This can be more if you visit the stores on busy days.
  • I love this FREE service! 5/5

    By MrsMoMo
    I absolutely love this free pickup service. The staff is always so nice and professional. The substitutes always work for me and it always takes less than 10 minutes from pull up to leaving. Occasionally an item will be out of stock , but overall it’s a great service. Thank you Walmart! 👍🏽
  • Changes my order 3/5

    By Lady Defender
    Several times, I have sent my order to Walmart Grocery and it has been changed by the website or app. There are things that are somehow transformed into similar, but not the things that I ordered. I don’t know if this is a software problem or another sort of problem. However, it drives me nut.
  • Bug fix not fixed!!! 1/5

    By Peblsflnston
    I like the idea behind this but you need to get it right. You do it correct at Sam’s. Please fix this. To big of a company not to get it right.
  • Use of app and pickup does not work with savings catcher 1/5

    By Clearvisions
    Very disappointed. Using this app means you cannot submit and reap the benefits of Walmart’s saving catcher program...Even for those who use the Walmart credit card. Why?
  • Impossible to use! 1/5

    By DrDoug7
    Store 3456 is mot appearing in app, even though parking lot and store are FILLED with order online advertising and signage. Bummer. Ive made 3 phone calls with people that don’t seem to be concerned with business. I am disabled too, but I don’t expect special concession. I just want to use my closest store where I also use Rx pickup. I do not want to literally drive past two other Walmarts to get to a third where the app lists!!!
  • Great experience, but some improvements still to be made 4/5

    By Teh Kyle
    Love the app and the service! Here are my two biggest requests: 1. Create an iPad version of the app, I would use it more frequently than my phone 2. Some way to specify permissible substitutions or be asked if a specific substitution is ok would greatly improve the service. Sometimes I order a specific flavor of an item that I like and when it’s out of stock it gets substituted for a flavor I don’t like and I could easily deny this in advance so I don’t waste the employee’s time getting an item I don’t want
  • Great for new mom! 4/5

    By BethAnne356
    This app is almost perfect. I love this service so much now that I’ve had my baby—it allows me to shop from home for what I need while I can see what we’re out of, gathering things as I think of them in my cart instead of in an unorganized list. Then it prevents me from impulse buying, since I’m never actually entering the store. And it allows me to sit with my son in the car instead of taking him in with me and caring for him while I try to gather everything from my list which is inevitably not organized enough for a quick trip through the store. My only complaint is that I cannot pay with gift cards, as that’s what our friends and family have been sending us to help us new parents. If that were an option, this app would be true perfection. Still, I’m so thankful this exists!!
  • Don’t expect to receive everything you order! 3/5

    By Puzzle lover 2014!
    Every time I order, at least 3 of the items aren’t in stock. So frustrating to me! They have it as in stock on your website.
  • Limited options 3/5

    By AST4897
    It doesn’t give more shopping options, just the stuff they wanna sell.
  • Convenient 4/5

    By Mandigrl09
    Love this feature. My only complaints are that it has its own app instead of sharing with the regular Walmart app that I use to pay with in store. And I hate that it doesn’t submit receipts to my savings catcher account. Other than that I love the convenience of not having to get my kids out of the car to go inside and shop for an hour. I just add stuff to my cart during their nap time and I’m good to go!
  • Wait is way too long 2/5

    By amw630
    I have done this twice in 2019 and each time took over 25 minutes to bring the groceries out. This is not going to work out if y’all take this long for everybody every time. And there needs to be a place on the order for special instructions like Kroger has. Green bananas, ripe avocados, etc.

Walmart Grocery Shopping app comments

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