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Walmart Grocery Shopping

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  • Current Version: 6.4.0
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Walmart Grocery Shopping App

What’s available? Fresh produce, baked goods, meat, pantry items and more. What’s the cost? Most in-store pickups are free. Delivery is a little extra. Where’s it available? Use your location or enter your ZIP Code to check availability. How does it work? Simply register, select a convenient pickup or delivery time, and build your basket. If you pickup your groceries, we’ll load them into your car when you arrive for free. Key features • Add items from the app and check out from another device • Browse or search aisles by department • Fast reordering with "favorites" • Convenient pickup and delivery times. Same-day pickup also available. • No subscription charges, markups or hidden fees. The app monitors your location only while you use the app. You can let the app use your location to determine the store closest to you and to provide accurate and timely service when you pick up your groceries.

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Walmart Grocery Shopping app reviews

  • Size 3/5

    By A Southern Lady
    Is it just me or is this app only the size of a cellphone when I’m using an iPad Pro?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By debjunie
    Ridiculous that you have to give all of this information just for them to tell you that it’s not available also how is a Fairfield County zip code the closest store is in Bergen County New Jersey more than 30 MILES away? You’re crazy screw that! Get more accurate maps:(
  • Bad update 2/5

    By mikjohav
    New version just created more problems. My app worked fine before and now it won’t let me check in to pick up my order. Just keeps sending me back to the app store as if I had never downloaded it. Very frustrating and makes me think twice about using the groc pick up service.
  • Walmart pickup 5/5

    By Momma Kelley
    Very enjoyable experience, saves me from having to get my elderly Mother out of the car, they always substitute with higher quality items, it’s such a smooth process, thank you! And thank you Ashley for loading my groceries today! Super job!
  • Superb, Superior Service 5/5

    By luvnHim
    I cannot say enough about how much I love this service. It’s personal and professional. It’s beyond convenient, it’s shopping perfection for the busy family that we are. With special needs children who can’t handle the stimulation of noise bright lights and colorful displays the online shopping and pickup service is excellence par none!!
  • Just like the website, leaves much to be desired 1/5

    By IsaacSchuyler
    No configurable page. Categories and departments don’t match the way people think about grocery stores. The sort filter feature won’t swipe away, you have to hit the done button to escape. No clean exit from the search if I erase what I’ve searched for. Needs a smart categories feature. Tag items as various things cereal, breakfast, Italian food, gluten free and have smart filter features like amazon has. Categories: no baking category to find flour cake mix, bisquick, sugar, etc No canned fruit and vegetables section to easily sort through options that are helpful. (Tomato paste is under the paste category not under tomato. Options should strip from larger categories but with shorter lists. (You shouldn’t have sorts of “Creamer” and “creamers” also, where is just cream? For heavy or light?) Don’t bunch all canned items together; that’s not how people think do canned vegetables, canned fruit, and canned meats, and other canned food categories. People are going to be willing to accept more clicks in this process to have it make more sense. Why hide all of “non-perishables” under pantry? Give grocery categories. Kick out Toys office and electronics and home and garden; this is a grocery app. Design for that’s best use. I have the ability to favorite, except there are items where I’m indifferent to when price is different. I should have a pair option under a “…” so I can create groupings to make my way through my shopping list. Also, I should be able to tag nicer versions of products to display when they are on sale, like fancy butter. Most of the time you won’t buy the expensive fancy butter, but when the price drops it might still be more than what you’d pay but you’re willing to pay more for the fancy butter, just not full price. Why can’t I favorite a category? I should be able to favorite sub categories as well. Such as ribeye steaks, I might not always want the exact grouping of ribeye shown but way to go straight and grab the version of these sorts of non-brand associated items would be great; it’s just not there. On sort and filter I should have a font show option as well as a show only option. I might be indifferent to some things but have no desire to see something great value or tide or whatever for whatever reason. It streamlines the browsing experience. Lastly, what is this prohibition on using Apply Pay, Google Pay, etc? I have no desire to use your wallet. Don’t force it onto people.
  • Can’t remove out of stock 2/5

    By lyds042
    I use this app all the time but now I can’t remove an out of stock item from my cart. When I check out it offers to remove it but then takes me back to the same out of stock screen. I can’t remove it manually either.
  • Limited Selection 2/5

    By TnEmery
    Have used this twice. No problems the first time. But the second time I wanted to buy a 12-pk of diet 7up but couldn’t. The only 7up 12pack selection that I could find was diet cherry. Couldn't even find a 12 pack of regular 7up. I know the store carries other 12 packs. WHY COULDN'T I BUY ON THE APP. If this happens on other products it make the app useless.
  • Good idea but has issues 3/5

    By chippymunk07
    I shop in my local Walmart store 2-3x per week and have use the app regularly for Walmart Pay and make shopping lists. But I used the app a few weeks ago and have seen consistent issues trying to use it again: they don’t keep the inventory accurate. A certain energy drink I buy weekly isn’t even listed in the app, and they have several items that are discontinued still listed as in stock. Which is kinda frustrating because you pay for the order before pick up, and then they inform you that they are not in stock, and then refund the $. Also I’ve noticed that produce is very limited, for example you can’t just buy one onion or pepper, the only option is a 3 lb bag of onions. So I think the idea is great but most of the items I buy regularly have issues on the app.
  • Busy Mom 5/5

    By Mellymat
    Being a wife, mom and career woman this has saved me an enormous amount of time! I love it!
  • Walmart pick up 5/5

    By b crisby
    I’m loving this service! The sweet folks that helped me are doing an excellent job! Time saver for a working mama on a Monday! ThAnks!
  • The best store in state of Tennessee Wally World 5/5

    By hamm56
    This is the best service you can get and in my book Walmart has it going on big time ......thank you Walmart. Kroger you have nothing on Wally World you might as well quite city you are not in the same zip code so you might as well quite too !!!!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Cessidee
    Lori. Windy. Best and friendliest service.
  • Help 1/5

    By Jodimb
    App updated last night and now neither my hubby or myself can log in and place an order. Our user name and passwords are saved in our phone and neither work. Please fix
  • Like ClickList better 2/5

    By JmichaelLesko
    Personally I prefer Kroger’s app better. Kroger lets me put comments in, so if I’m ordering deli sliced meats I can say how thick it needs to be or if I want it shaved. Also Kroger lets you add to your order with other products. Walmart app only lets you add or delete quantities of what’s already on the list. So virtually if you forget something there’s another order. 2 simple fixes that would win me over Kroger. Until then I’ll continue using ClickList over Walmart Grocery.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By vinjoseph75
    Placed an order early in the morning and chose 3-4pm pickup. At 4pm got an email saying order was delayed. Finally at just after 5pm got an email saying order was ready. Showed up around 5:25pm to pickup order. Sat for an hour waiting and gave up and went to a different grocery store. What a waste of time and energy. Customer service was unhelpful.
  • Doesn’t reserve time slots 1/5

    By My subscription is ending
    I’ve been using this service since it launched, and I absolutely LOVE it! Exception to the app giving away my reserved time slot randomly. For example, just today I reserved a 6pm time slot, and filled my cart, went to check out 26 minutes later (yes I keep track, because it does this a lot) and BAM! “Your reserved time slot has expired”. There are alternatives now, that the app works fine and doesn’t give my time slot away.. please fix this issue or I’ll have to move on to one of them.
  • Grocery Pickup! 5/5

    By June Moody
    I can’t say enough of what a great experience this was. My back was out and I needed grocery’s and knew the pain I was in and would have been in if I went into the store and purchased everything by walking around and pushing the cart. It’s amazing how easy this was. Jamie with the “Orange” was amazing and so kind. She did a superb job! Thanks Jamie 😍 Feeling Blessed June Moody
  • Gift card option 4/5

    By berrywhiteismyname12
    Wish you would add gift card/SNAP benefit options for payment
  • App is not ready for primetime 1/5

    By Bubs2323
    When i go to edit my billing address it says that “please enter a valid apt or unit number” (it is supposed to be optional, but whoever created the app must be dumb) What a waste of an app. I added all of my groceries and then added my credit card and then I find out that it won’t even accept my billing address. Stick with amazon prime/whole foods. This app is a joke.
  • Need improvement 1/5

    By lospoti
    Seems ok but Hy-Vee is better and has their own van w collers for the cold stuff . Walmart driver came in he’s own 1990 Honda n grocery’s on trunk if he’s car and spilled all over some bags . Not worth the 10 bucks delivery if that’s how it’s coming ice cream was melted milk was sweaty . Get your own vans instead of using employee car
  • Great service...a couple of requests 4/5

    By GrlzRun2
    I love this service. I have 2 requests for app functionality. It would be great if in the options to mark whether an item is substitutable, you also have the ability to leave notes on which brands you are willing to substitute for and which ones you are not. It would also be nice to have an iPad app that allowed for rotation.
  • Mom/wife/social butterfly on the move 5/5

    By Jackie T. Glass
    I absolutely love this app. I love that somebody else shops for me. Most the time I get exactly what I want and usually the substitutions if there Hass to be one are pretty good choices. I appreciate the fact that this helps me with my budget and keeps me within that budget because I can see what I’m purchasing inside the app and know if I’ve gone over my budget. I also love the fact that they help me load everything in my car and my biggest job is to get it home unload it put it away! This makes my day every time!
  • Convenient 5/5

    By inkman$$$
    Very helpful when u don’t have time to shop. Three items not available. Substituted one of 3. All 10 lanes full with cars but wait for my order was only 10 minutes. I dialed phone # upon arrival but now have app downloaded to let them know I’m on the way.
  • Brilliant!! Can’t say enough good things about this 5/5

    By Triscuitnut
    I’m older, so technology can be a little difficult for me. But after a fall, I wasn’t up to shopping in the store. This was great - no more pushing a cart around the huge store, no more waiting in long checkout lines, no more putting groceries onto the checkout belt, & no more putting the groceries into my car! I used the app, set up an account, chose my groceries, pickup location, date & time. When they had my order ready I received a notification via the app, so I “checked in” to let them know I was in my way; and allowed the app to track my progress to the store. There were signs to guide me to the special parking spots for pick up. The second I parked the app noted I was there, and all I had to do was give them the number of my parking spot. The very courteous employee IMMEDIATELY came out with everything, put it into bags, and put it in my car. BRILLIANT! Love it, thank you!
  • Not all that great 1/5

    By upinspace1234
    This service is just ok. The amount of time I’ve had to sit and wait for my groceries I could have gone inside and got them. Not to mention in the 45 minutes I’ve been waiting for someone to come out I’ve only seen one person bringing groceries out to people and let’s not forget I had to check in twice because for some reason it didn’t take it the first time even tho I got a confirmation saying I was checked in. No one has even bothered to come out and advise they’re working on my order.
  • Walmart pickup 5/5

    By Eaglessoar20021
    Me and my family have been very pleased with this service Walmart provides. Delivery workers are very nice. Walmart should allow them to except tip.
  • Fast, efficient 5/5

    By Ecfmg doctor
    Saves ton of time for busy people. Getting fresh groceries ready. Saves lot of time. The process is streamlined and so far no glitches. Like to see more items through this option.
  • Groceries always out of stock 2/5

    By Rhilburn
    The app shows popular items such as bread and eggs to always be out of stock online. But if I walk into the store, there are always plenty on the shelf. I don’t mind running into the store for a few items, but it never changes and now most of my regular items are never in stock on pickup. It defeats the purpose of the service. Great idea, poor execution.
  • Fantastic Grocery Shopping Experience 5/5

    By fer146876
    Talking about real people and real experience, the technology itself is great. More than what I expected. Convenient, fast, and time-saving!
  • Poor service!!!! 1/5

    By waterdoc33
    I have used the service in edmond, oklahoma multiple times and at least half of the times they do not include all of my items. One time it was 3 dozen eggs! How do you miss 3 dozen eggs out of an order. Another time it was 2 loaves of gluten free bread. When I called back in to complain about the missing groceries - she tried to say I had never ordered them. I stopped a carrier server and showed her my order and showed her that they were not in the car and in about 15 mins they came out with the 2 loaves of bread. They have you sign that you received your groceries before they even show you what they have. Another complaint I have is that the app tells you to check in when your on your way! No need to call, and put your car color in. Knowing that they are extremely slow I waited 10 mins before leaving. When I got there I called to check in and told her I had checked in with the app. She said we really don’t use the app check in we just wait until you get here. On my i-pad pro I left feedback to them that the app for the 12.9 pro turns sideways when I log in. I received a phone call telling me that I just had to log off and log back in. Well what a brilliant idea! Of course it didnt work but if you would like to call an excellent walmart resolution specialist call 1-800-924-9206.
  • Easy! 5/5

    By annoyed_lee84
    Super easy to place my order. Fast and friendly pickup. No crowds or lines!!!
  • Wal-Mart canceled my order twice in 24hrs 1/5

    By Brkwall
    I was buying food for my niece and nephew and their newborn infant for Mother’s Day and because I don’t live in the same state they canceled the order twice because they were worried about credit card fraud I cleared the card the first time that was acceptable twice in one day not acceptable
  • Love This App 5/5

    By Iammsq2u
    Saves time, checkouts and fighting crowds
  • Next Best 5/5

    By I don't want to leave
    This is the next best thing to delivery! I love the app where I order groceries it keeps track of items I buy, I can grocery shop in 15 minutes then have hubby pick it up ! Nice feature for substitution it asks you, etc
  • Terrible on iPad 2/5

    By Custom created name
    Crop is terrible on iPad. You can make it bigger but then it looks blurry.
  • Very convenient 4/5

    By Andrew1754
    I generally ahbor grocery shopping so this has been a phenomenal app for me. I can do all of my shopping on my lunch at work and just pick it up on the way home. Not only does this save a time but also saves me money on impulse buys which is a an issue for me. I’ve yet to use it to purchase any meats but have had no issue with fresh produce. My one and only complaint/recommended and the reason for 4 stars is that have to have two apps if you also use their pharmacy. Generally something is ignore but a company of this magnitude I expect a more polished experience.
  • Pickup orders 5/5

    By Cranmoc
    Today I picked up an order an all of the employees that were helping were all wet from the rain. But they were still out making sure that people were getting their orders. My hat off to these Walmart employees. Thank you
  • MOMS NEED! 5/5

    By elinore4410
    I used to dread going into the store with my boys. Now I order my groceries online and only go inside for fresh fruits and veggies. It has made shopping a much easier experience. I use it every week.
  • Where did my favorites go? 1/5

    By Riley4samson
    Now all of my favorites are gone! Very disappointed!
  • Think Walmart prices, Amazon quality customer service 5/5

    By Mom of four plus
    I really can’t say enough about how much I live Walmart grocery. I’ve been shopping with them for a year now. I’m an amazon lover for years and I still am but their prime now is not perfect- the selection is very random and limited. The other apps for grocery shopping take lots of $ in tips and service fees. Walmart grocery has the selection of a big store with all of the basic staples and much much more. Walmart really upped their game and they have now brands like so delicious.. 99% of the time there are no problems and when they replace items they replace it with very similar items that you could refuse. Once or twice when there was a problem they always contacted me and made sure to leave me satisfied and happy. Very professional customer service. The pick up is fast and simple. Instead of standing in lines. I actually just signed up for their delivery service. We’ll see how it goes. But it’s super worth it for me. 100$ a year and I have my weekly order delivered. That’s like 2$ an order. If anyone in Walmart is reading this, keep up the good work!!!
  • Can’t locate items thru app 3/5

    By Mr. EJ
    Still Can’t locate items in the store unless you open the Walmart app. Shouldn’t have to use two separate apps to locate items and another to add to cart.
  • Nice feature for the store but the app could use some help 3/5

    My biggest problem is that if we don’t make the time selected you don’t get the option to still check in. I had to call and reschedule my time, which wasn’t a big deal, however trying to check in through the app is impossible so now I’m stuck waiting forever for someone to answer the phone to let them know I’m here.
  • Inventory needs updating 3/5

    By Dnnrndp
    This is a great app and great service, my only complaint is they don’t update their inventory in the app. It’s been saying a particular baby oatmeal has been out of stock for the last 3 months. But when I went into the store to Easter shop, the shelf was stocked with it.. on 3 different occasions I have gone in the store and they’ve had it, along with a few other items the app says is out of stock. So because of this, Kroger has been getting my business. It’s inconvenient to have to go to another store and pick things up that Walmart clearly has in stock but the app says otherwise. If this could be fixed, it would be great.

    By Love me some Walmart!
    Thanks so much! Extra reasonable delivery fee and delivered to your door! Amazing !!
  • Discount 2/5

    By Estherno
    I couldn’t use my employee discount for produce and fruit not to thrilled with that
  • Great App for Phones 4/5

    By Imaddikt
    I switched from giant to Walmart simply due to the ease of using this app and the free curbside pickup. I do, however, wish that the app was responsive on my iPad. It doesn’t allow for rotating and is very small with a black frame around the app due to non-responsive design. But overall, very good app and I will continue to use.
  • Grocery pickup 5/5

    By buddymacdaddy
    I absolutely love this service It helps with time management and helps to keep on budget
  • Grocery pick up 5/5

    By Blt 55
    I love Walmart grocery pickup. The young man that brought my groceries out today was great. Top notch customer service

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