Walmart InHome Delivery

Walmart InHome Delivery

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  • Current Version: 1.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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Walmart InHome Delivery App

Available today in Northwest Arkansas, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Atlanta, Phoenix, and parts of Southeast Florida! Walmart InHome is a new delivery service that gets the to-dos done. InHome uses smart entry technology to let our full-time, safety-trained associates deliver Walmart groceries and household essentials beyond your door. You can either set up your home's own keypad or get a smart device installed by our team to let associates bring in and neatly put away items into your home (even into your fridge). Head to to sign up and get started. How to use Walmart InHome: • See if your address is eligible, then sign up for InHome membership at • After you've joined, place your order for store delivery in the Walmart app or on and make sure "InHome Delivery" is selected at checkout • Your first order will arrive at your doorstep, so you can meet our team. Then, schedule an installation of a smart device (or set up your home's keypad) in our app to enable delivery into your home. Key Features of the Walmart InHome app: • Track the status of your Walmart store delivery orders handled by InHome • Customers with devices set up can watch a video recording of every delivery into their home—they’re available as soon as 15 minutes after delivery completion, and are watchable for up to a week after • Get notifications at every step of your delivery—including when your order is on its way to your house and when the delivery has finished • See the InHome delivery associate who'll deliver your groceries Do Not Sell My Personal Information Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link

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Walmart InHome Delivery app reviews

  • Ni lock at home 1/5

    By bluegumtree0
    This app requires a keypad lock on the front door for one to enter. There are people who are disabled and at home who can open the door but need assistance putting the groceries away. So changes to app to allow for the delivery person to knock on the door or ring the doorbell.
  • This App Isn’t Working 1/5

    By Protesting by review? Sad.
    The InHome app hasn’t worked properly for me in 3 weeks. Emailing Walmart customer service was a waste of time. They gave me canned responses & seemed to think that you could use InHome from their website. I have sent them screenshots. They claim it’s just my phone. So, I sent them ones from my iPad & my daughter’s phone. Now they are just ignoring me. This app needs to be fixed. I can no longer see when or who is delivering my groceries. I cannot leave feedback. I cannot watch the video. I just get a message that says “Sorry we’re having trouble connecting to the server. Try again later.” This has been happening for THREE weeks.
  • Working out kinks 2/5

    By EarlWBach
    People are great but app still has kinks to work out before process goes smoothly
  • meme 3/5

    By TYHMC
    So far I am needed need to this happened and it appears add last week and the delivery to 8803 an E. 99th St., Avenue they just hang it on the gate and and he’s got to see you I am in stage COPD and I can barely walk 3 feet anyway it laid out there and it’s sitting on the gate for light down to three hours and there was frozen food in there and finally add another girl came out and I am then gonna put the stuff away for me so anyway then I had the in-home delivery I’m just the other day and my cream cheese danish was it was bad it was like that like what you give to you know that I’ve made a giveaway and when it’s in the past year whatever you give it away to the Food Pantries. You also brought Sugar free Sherbet. I haven’t had a chance to eat any meat that was ordered. I am confused also my order was not delivered In home!!! The driver was really nice. In home needs to get it together! No communication between Walmart membership $12.95 . Then I pay $7 to In home. I have a lot of deliveries & I live 5 min from Raymore Walmart??!!TYHMC
  • Great service 5/5

    By 1988sel
    Soooo going into Walmart I always see the ladies standing toward the front telling people about in home. I already pay for the Walmart delivery so thought I didn’t need it. One lady told me just to try to in home Walmart and if I don’t like it I can cancel since there is a trial period. I can’t say it enough. This is by far the best. The customer service I receive, the consistency in always getting all my groceries, and the driver even knows my dogs name and always says hi. I’ve only had 2 drivers and they both are very pleasant. Thank you Walmart for your great customer service you provide weekly.
  • Delivery 1/5

    By Tatootsiegoodby
    Twice I have ordered from Wal Mart’s “In Home”. service and I am completely dissatisfied with the time it takes to deliver. Both times I ordered I was given a window of time you would deliver and both times you were several hours late. Your regular delivery service is perfect so I’m just going to stay with that until you can work out some of the problems with your In Home service.
  • Absolutely great! 5/5

    By MommyLonglegz
    Love this! I spent the small extra dollars to get the In-home benefit and the Walmart employees have done an excellent job. I would recommend this subscription to anyone!
  • Alan 5/5

    By MnMsMimi4
    Best customer service ever!
  • Don’t do it!! 1/5

    By trv FCC
    Don’t even bother this in-home service is the worlds biggest joke the app is never updated even with itself it is certainly not synced with the online portal you wait nearly all day after getting updates that lead you to believe your items coming in the morning so you waste your entire day waiting for a delivery they either don’t knock or they don’t bring your items today I was missing four major items a shower caddy a candy bar an expensive carpet cleaner as well as toothpaste I’m not quite sure how something like that happens especially when they don’t bother to email you telling you that it was unavailable and then they don’tTell you that it’s shipping later so you basically just got ripped off and then when you try to go online and process a return there’s not even an option for I didn’t get my item so you have to play phone calls and call people that are in some foreign country that you can’t understand and can barely hear I literally close my account today and will not shop with Walmart ever again
  • In Home Delivery (at my doorstep) 5/5

    By Mrs.Cjspin
    I love the convenience of in home delivery groceries. I didn’t think I would. You place your order and you have several hours to add items to that order that you had first forgot about when you placed it. It’s just so wonderful and I do think it saves money because you don’t end up impulse buying. I do like like Walmart prices so I don’t mind not bothering with coupons. When I do go to other markets I find I do have to use coupons because their prices are much higher In Home Delivery is the Bomb! It saves time and money!
  • Love it 5/5

    By anathaj
    I have been using this app for about three years. I don’t like going to the store being around people my anxiety want let me shop in the store so when I found out Walmart was delivering. my grocery come to my front door best thing ever could have happen for me. They do a wonderful job shopping for me everything I need and the delivery people are always on time finding my home my address is hard to find i can track them to see if everything is ok if not i will call them and let them know they’re going the wrong way. Shopping on line is the best.
  • Wasn’t “InHome” at ALL! They left everything outside and didn’t even knocked 2/5

    By Elylunar
    Bad impression

    By ronaldmorgan135
    Thank you so much Miss Tammi for the personal service Thank you Walmart for people like this
  • Personal care for sure! 5/5

    By Pinkchux
    Tanvir delivered in perfect time! I really appreciate his care to deliver exactly what I ordered. He kept the meat covered prior to putting it in the frig to keep my refrigerator clean. He asked about items that needed replacement if the replacement was ok. He’s even remembering that I prefer green bananas instead of ripe bananas! That is the epitome of personal customer care! I really like that the delivery individual is the same person. It’s building a friend relationship meeting my family! : )
  • First time Try 5/5

    By mathew . Amaya
    Loved it!!! She was amazing and the service was great 👍
  • Very Kind and Great Customer Service 5/5

    By LAG 3
    Very friendly and accommodating!!
  • Julie! 5/5

    By Sandi1951
    Julie T. delivered my grocery order, prompt and courteous. She had NO problems finding my home, she read the explicit directions on my account. She wore a mask which is what really impressed me. She read on my account that I am immuno compromised and she is as well. She really turned my mind around to ordering through Walmart again. Julie is the reason for retaining me as a customer. Many Thanks to Julie! I want to request that she delivers my groceries from now on.
  • Hours late 😓 1/5

    By Kelso's Mom
    The estimated delivery time changed every hour. The order was finally delivered at 8:03 aft2 hours after the 9 hour delivery window!
  • Love the new delivery service 5/5

    By chicloveran
    Customer service is awesome
  • A must have Walmart service 5/5

    By AlexRosa
    A must have Walmart service
  • Colleen! 5/5

    By RLA88
    Colleen is wonderful! She does a fantastic job!
  • In Home 1/5

    By Gogrango
    The delivery was set on the front porch. Nobody rang the doorbell or knocked on the door. I’m a little upset that thing set up on the porch for two hours. Is it hard to ring a doorbell or knock on the door?
  • Frozen food is left in 90 degree weather 1/5

    By Tbrogan222222
    This food has been left on the doorstep delivery in 90 degree plus weather and was in a plastic bag ( ice cream) and the second chance was left in a paper bag(frozen dinners). This was not packed as I was told it would be. It is supposed to be packed in an insulated package to keep it cold. This was their second chance to get it right and they failed! Not going to be using this service ever!
  • Horrible customer service. 1/5

    By maclizard77
    Placed an order and received a different order. No way to contact anyone of mix up. Tried my local Walmart and they refused to do anything about the issue.
  • My first AtHome delivery 5/5

    By Cheri joy
    William was friendly and efficient. Answered all my questions. Put perishable groceries in freezer and refrigerator. This is a great service and so helpful for me because of mobility issues. I love it!! Thank you William
  • App not working 1/5

    By ElisabetTX
    It kept sending me over to Walmart+ and I ended up having to tip again. Cost an extra $15 instead of saving me money. Tried to get help and wasn’t helped at all. Rep suggested I could drop the tip to $0. Obviously I’m not tipping $0 to a 3rd party driver. Frustrated.
  • Easy Peazy 5/5

    By Volleyed spider
    Great service, saves time for my family!
  • Super confused 2/5

    By dksnwi
    What’s the point of having this lock and delivery service if they delivered can’t open the door? She had to leave the groceries out on my step.
  • Glenda Chef GG 5/5

    By Glend G
    I love y’all home deliver everything be so neat in the bag. And my groceries come right on town . I love y’all service 100 stars for Walmart
  • Love the InHome service: 6 out of 5 stars but 3/5

    By MasonHM
    This app really needs to be iPad compatible for maximum convenience. Hard to manage while grocery order on iPhone screen alone
  • Awesome 5/5

    By blushingbadgirl
    He was clean courteous and very respectful. I think I’m gonna like this.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By infogoneblackwhitw
    I ordered a VR headset from walmart ON CHRISTMAS. (For my son) But instead I got plastic container. This is un unacceptable. This is a scam. I would give it no stars. Do not download, unless you want a terrible christmas Just go to Target, Much better.
  • Above and beyond. 5/5

    By Jtuckspill
    Jorge was great with the delivery, I am so grateful this service is available. I have to give a shout-out to the InHome device installation team, Phil and Kevin!! They went so far above and beyond to make sure the InHome delivery would work! I had a temperamental garage opener and they worked together to figure it out! I have never seen service like this! Thank you!!
  • Feedback on Grant 5/5

    By jfb18
    Very well pleased . Everything was put in order in front of my door. All items I ordered were received . Thank you
  • Fabulous experience 5/5

    By J&PKuhr
    Our first in home delivery!! William is fantastic!!!! I had surgery and can not do much ….this service and William made things much easier for us! Thank you!!!
  • My experience with Walmart groceries delivery 1/5

    By joycengary
    I am extremely disappointed in this app.! I did not have an order, but I put some things aside, but one day one of the items I put aside was delivered, a package of cookies. Couple days later same thing happened another package of cookies, . Then a dictionary, then hair ties, it was item s that I didn’t want at the times they were delivered. It was just put aside. No matter my messages no response. You can/ should look into this for me! I would be appreciative. Joyce French Phoenix I’m looking for help
  • Used to love this app until.... 1/5

    By gabby06281988
    I downloaded this app about 2 years ago and have been a member of Walmart + in which I pay $12 monthly for certain features such as scan as you go bc it’s easier as a mother of 2 when I’m in the store trying to check out. I opened my app the other day trying to scan my 1st item and it won’t let me continue unless I do a software update to a 13 which I cannot do bc I have a older version iPhone 6 at the moment & am only at a 12.5. So basically I’m paying for a app that I cannot use bc it’s only allowed for costumers with a new iPhone or software which is frustrating.
  • InHome delivery 5/5

    By Indika K
    I tried this for the first time. I could not believe the service they provided, they were well organized and delivered all our stuff properly.
  • It’s not free 1/5

    By javetave
    why do I have to pay a trial
  • Best Grocery Delivery Membership 5/5

    By kool_steve_77
    I love the Walmart prices but hate driving all the way out there. The app tells me when the store employees are about to drive my goods here. It’s great! They’ll even unlock the door & put them in the garage fridge if I’m too busy to answer.
  • It’s a great service...when it works 4/5

    By New Yorker07
    It’s a great service when the items you add to your list are actually in stock. I seem to keep putting out of stock items in my cart- you don’t know that the item you want so badly is out of stock until after you pay for it and then receive an email 2-4 hours later. That makes me a bit frustrated and unhappy. Why not take the out of stock items off the website until they are back in stock. One thing I can say is, the delivery drivers are very good at what they do. I feel very safe using Walmart InHome.
  • Great experience! 5/5

    By gretch2003
    We had a great first experience. We don’t have the lock yet, so we had our items dropped off on our doorstep. Our Walmart delivery person (Joshua) was very nice, professional, and super friendly. We will definitely be making more orders! My only complaint is that I would like to pick what time to have them delivered/dropped off…even if it’s a 3 hour window, but that’s only because we don’t have the lock, so I have to be there to bring my items inside. Out of all 3 services (pickup, delivery and InHome) my favorite so far is InHome, then delivery, then pickup.
  • Not free 1/5

    By xxgjnvdr
    It’s not free
  • Love this service!!!! 5/5

    By Ad0586
    Absolutely in love with Walmart In-Home delivery service. Placing orders are super easy, delivery is done the very next day and team members are so courteous. As a busy mom who works full time, this is a must have! Thank you Walmart:)
  • Constantly not working 1/5

    By Jenstep032785
    This app is constantly showing oops and errors. Customer service never can help and I can’t get orders in. Currently trying to add a few items to my order for tomorrow which can be changed until 1 am tomorrow .... and it won’t let me. It wants me to start a new order. So frustrating. If this continues I will cancel for sure.
  • First Timer 5/5

    By Preciouspie26
    Grant did a great job, bags were neatly placed at my front door and everything was packaged neatly. I received a call when order was on its way as well as an updated message in the Walmart app. I got a knock at the door when everything was done so I knew when to open the door safely. Truly appreciate this service. Thank you!
  • You don’t deliver when there’s a Walmart four miles away? 1/5

    By draco.argentum
    There is a Walmart right here in town. If there is no in-company drivers, set up something with one of those deliveries apps that you are emulating.
  • An app that is not convenient for me yet 3/5

    By DHazelton
    I love the idea of this app and when the service works it works wonderfully as far as Walmart grocery. My problem is that voice over support is still very poor in my opinion. You still have a lot of images and there’s just a lot of information here that is not set up well enough to navigate by someone who uses voice over. It is a huge disappointment and I hope it gets better. While it would be very nice to have the delivery part of the service in this area, to be inconvenienced still by the voice over lacking in the grocery portion of this app I am an an inconvenienced regular customer who will have to take my business elsewhere.
  • Nope 1/5

    By christine051367
    I am disabled and am not able to get groceries. I also have ebt. I signed up for the monthly delivery. No matter what I do or who I talk to they have no idea why it won’t let me use my card. I am cancelling them because I can’t afford to pay for a service I can’t even use.