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  • Current Version: 1.23.0
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  • Developer: Green Dot Corporation
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Walmart MoneyCard App

Easily manage and access your money on your Walmart MoneyCard at any time. • View balance and transaction history • Find nearby Walmart stores and ATM locations • Pay Bills • Stash money in the Vault For Cardholders with the Walmart MoneyCard with Cash-Back Rewards, you can also: • View Cash-Back Rewards balance • Deposit checks using your smartphone • Order paper checks OTHER CARD BENEFITS INCLUDE: • Shop online or in-store everywhere Debit MasterCard® or Visa® debit cards are accepted in the U.S. • NO overdraft fees • NO minimum balance or credit check to get a card today Questions about your Walmart MoneyCard? • Log in to & email us through the Contact Us page. • Call us at the number on the back of your card (24/7 support). ATM access only available on personalized cards. ATMs may incur a $2.50 charge, $0.50 for balance inquiries, plus any applicable ATM owner fees. Visit for more info. Technology Privacy Statement: Terms of Use: Green Dot Corp adheres to PCI DSS compliance. The Walmart MoneyCard is issued by Green Dot Bank, Member, FDIC. Green Dot Bank operates under the following registered trade names: GoBank, Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank. All of these registered trade names are used by, and refer to, a single FDIC-insured bank, Green Dot Bank. Deposits under any of these trade names are deposits with Green Dot Bank and are aggregated for deposit insurance coverage.

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Walmart MoneyCard app reviews

  • Setting up 1/5

    By ThatGuy5662
    Doesn't let me log in through this app. I did everything correct and it tells me too log in through the website which makes no sense why can't I log in through the app
  • My app is not letting me log in 1/5

    By jerry1132
    My app does not let me log in
  • Help 1/5

    By Logan Marcus
    It says I have to log into Walmart money when I already have been I can’t log into the app it’s so frustrating can somebody help me?
  • Was great for 4 years 3/5

    By Stef3827
    Loved my Walmart MoneyCard but now the bill pay feature is gone. If they don’t bring it back I’ll have to go to another company.

    By first comedy queen
    This bank needs to be fully investigated by the federal government! They will keep your money and lock you out of access to your money!!!!
  • Why is the Bill Pay feature gone now???? 3/5

    By momthebomb86
    I have been happy with the app and did not have any problems until now. Green Dot Corporation why was the Bill Pay feature removed from the app? When will it return?
  • Ehhhh 2/5

    By Add mypark
    So I try to log into my account, and it says “you have to log into” to access my card info on the mobile app and honestly I’ve been logged in online for like two weeks, why can’t I log into my mobile account
  • App Wont Let Me In 1/5

    By pnthor
    Every time I try to access the account, it says I need to use the website, all I wanted was to change my pin for ATM usage, but the website wont let me get into my account unless im on thr app. this puts me in another loophole and I cant access my app to change by balance or PIN.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By Britt is Disappointed 😡
    This is the absolute worst account I have EVER HAD. You have to pay to use even a FREE ATM. Then if the atm has a fee, you have to pay that fee PLUS ANOTHER $2.50 from Walmart. When I tried to submit my email so I could deposit a check, it wouldn’t let me. Called customer service a woman named “GEORGE” was not helpful and here I sit with no help still. Even at Walmart the atm is not free. I HATE THIS CARD!!!! WALMART WILL NOT GET 1 MORE DOLLAR FROM ME
  • Walmart Debit Card 5/5

    By cALiFoNiAgurl
    Fast, easy, better than having a regular bank account. No monthly charges and doesn’t let me overdraft lol
  • They LITERALLY STOLE $500 From Me!!! 1/5

    By Parrhediastes66
    4 cards , loaded $500 each while traveling with too much cash . One card lost within 2 hours of purchase and registration. Called, canceled, agent told me she would not send new cars until I had proven my new address. Now , WHEN I MANAGE TO GET THROUGH, THEY DENY THAT I EVER HAD A THE CARD. CRIMINALS
  • This is sad 1/5

    By tanjanita
    My card stay telling me to up date when I do it lock you never can talk to correct people they take days too get back too you my money stay stuck on the card there app never work properly I am always calling because it want work right I lock the card and then I can not unlock it this is ridiculous then I got to go through this every month
  • This is crap 1/5

    They dont even have a live person who you can talk to ,also a very limited automated system menu , PLEASE PEOPLE DONT BUY THESE CARDS on any store
  • Have not release my money 1/5

    By miss nikki 50
    I made a reservation for a prepaid room I had until the next day to cancel the room if I wanted to so the at the end oh the day Walmart has not given me my MONEY YET!!!! they owe me $120.00

    By hostage101
    Put money on a card and due to health issues, ended up in the hospital for a week. When I got out. My card has been completely drained of all cash!
  • Check cashing 2/5

    By Toshaj256
    I had to take the picture of the check about 30 times before it was accepted. Had it not gone through I would have had to wait on a replacement since the check was signed first. Also, it takes about a week to deposit. Paypal gives you the option to deposit immediately. This feature is definitely not worth the trouble!
  • The downfalls of a Walmart prepaid card 1/5

    By crazy at this point
    I’ve used a Walmart prepaid card for a year no problems, now it has expired and a new one was sent I was allowed to deposit money on the new card only to find out that although they say it’s activated it is not !! I have spent the majority of a week and talked to customer support over 20 times and no one can figure out how to activate this card and when I call the on line guy says it’s activated but it is not , when I downloaded the app I keep getting a message that says due to technical difficulties they can’t do anything now they have my money and I can’t access it I feel like I’ve literally been robbed since I can’t take off my money, the card is not functional and no one knows a darn thing , now I have to get an attorney to figure out how to proceed from here to get my money back plus I’m so ready to sue them for emotional distress !!
  • Safe 4/5

    By Travere
    Everything is good with the card. Customer service on the phone seems like they work for an entire different company. And they do not give any credit. The five dollar a month fee is not too bad, I guess.
  • The app is useless 1/5

    By juckname. enjehecelis
    I had the app on an old phone. Phone ended up broken and when I attempted to register my card on this app on a new phone it continuously will not work. Ridiculous! Get it together people it’s 2020 now.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By ttrhc
    Great card and the app is also very easy.
  • Terrible card 1/5

    By texrider73
    Don’t get this card if you need to use it anytime soon. I bought it and loaded it today at Walmart. After registering online it said I had to wait 2 business days before it was activated. I called customer service and that was a waste of time. All customer service did was tell me it would be 3 days instead of 2 because of the New Year holiday. They can’t activate my card before then but they can charge their $5 monthly fee in one day. That’s just wrong.
  • 2 thumbs down!! 1/5

    By Stephsteph13
    Husband works out of town, someone got a hold of his debit card and paid bills that weren’t ours, AT&T 2 charges plus some random charges that wasn’t ours and 100.00 for a dating site that we’ve never been too long story short they do not care! We never received our money back even though there was an “ investigation” why?? Who knows why would they investigate when all they had to do was look and see it wasn’t us. Had to cancel the cards order new ones, in the mean time we can’t touch the money because they canceled old cards before we received the new ones 🙄 and said it would take 3-5 days so then Fed-x says it was undeliverable and sent them back so another week without having money! No I do not recommend this card! I haven’t received my check early yet and we’ve had this card for 2 years! Making the switch!
  • Garbage 2/5

    This app and website are garbage I can’t log into the app I can’t log into the website I will be switching cards soon to a non Walmart MoneyCard the app just won’t even let me try logging in or anything I can’t check my balance or anything and the website keeps saying reCAPTCHA validation failed. Please try again
  • To many issues 1/5

    By 2 Glamm
    Walmart needs to cancel the card they have been having technical issues for hours and you can’t access your funds and all they can say is they’re sorry it’s holiday season and all my money is on my card and I can’t use anything
  • It helps a lot 5/5

    By 32Amr
    I actually love it because there’s no hidden fees and I don’t ever carry cash so it helps me a lot
  • Can’t use the app 1/5

    By VMendigorin
    I been trying to use this app and login my account but when I login the account it always said that “you need to go to to access your account” and I went there and I login my account and it went well but when I try to login to the app it’s still won’t work and say the same thing. I need help for this!!!!
  • So far so good 5/5

    By bluevenn
    Been using the card for a few weeks, beyond some initial registration problems, I see no faults moving forward. My 1st direct deposits hit in January. Old bank card charged me huge fees getting cash because their only free ATMs were over 50 miles away. Now with this card I’m always assured a Walmart store is nearby.
  • Nothing but problems 1/5

    By @nnie🐠
    I planned on getting a plain old prepaid visa as a gift for a friend. I brought one of these money cards up to a cashier and asked if it would be good for that purpose. She seemed sort of confused but said it would be fine. After reading into it a little, I decided to keep it because it was too complicated for a gift. Monthly fees, re-loading. This was definitely not it. I’ve had nothing but problems with it. First of all the set up was obnoxious. Now I can’t get onto the app, and can’t seem to find any answers to my questions. All I want now is to just cancel it and throw it out, but I don’t know if it will start sending me bills for the monthly fees if it eventually runs out. This was honestly the worst thing I have ever bought. Should’ve just given cash as the gift.
  • 2 stars for now 2/5

    By Ehh, soso
    Have had 2 refunds of 4 due back to me not show up in my balance for over 2 days now. It takes less than 3 seconds for them to remove the money, but claim 3-5 business days to credit it back?? What kind of garbage is that?? Also, the latest app update dec/19 I keep having to hit the use Touch ID twice to get it to actually want to log in. Massively infuriating when you know $140 is hanging in their accounts to get them a bit more interest, but not in my account for me to spend it save how I choose to.
  • Ms. Saunders 5/5

    By Gailbsaunders
    I love this app and my debit card account! Never any overdraft fees and I have my paycheck two days earlier than my payday!
  • Surprised!!! 5/5

    By Scentedtree
    A few months back I lost my card and thought I would have problems replacing my card in a timely manner, but I received excellent customer service care and my card was expedited for me at the cost of the card only. I’m very pleased with my Walmart card.
  • I can’t figure out where to find my log in information😫 2/5

    By uhhhhhdaddy
    All it asks me to do is to put in my 16 digit card number and my cards expiration date and it’ll tell me that i’ve signed up but it won’t tell me my ID number or my password and i’m absolutely stuck😭 I honestly feel as though this is a mistake or a slowness on my part but may someone please help me?
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Dreadsoul96
    Works great, no problems. Very simple app to use
  • What’s the fuss about 5/5

    By nitabeat33
    This is my first online bank ever and after even trying a few others green dot/Walmart is the best and easiest account I have ever had. I get paid a day early it’s easy to withdraw and deposit checks through the mobile app. I don’t see myself leaving this bank for a long while. It’s crazy to see so many negative reviews 😬 but either way my experience has been pretty exceptional. Only request is to have the ability to choose a different looking card/color and maybe get a chip in the cards in the near future? Just some ideas other than that I am gooood! 👍
  • ATM 1/5

    By LifetimePioneer
    Your App is not up to date with ATM locations. Where you say I can use my card(Republic Bank) no longer exists. It now says Limestone Bank. The bank changed. Now the ATM says $3 to withdraw my money. This is ridiculous. The idiot I spoke to on the toll free number said I needed to update my app in the Apple store. 42701 Elizabethtown KY. ATM IS NEEDED IN THIS AREA.
  • Green dot will steal your money!!! 1/5

    By Bodessa
    I have had my money stolen From my account twice!! First time for $550 and the second time for $2000!! The service center has denied me my money back. You cannot understand the customer reps, they barely speak English. YOUR MONEY IS NOT SECURE AND THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOUR DISPUTED TRANSACTION!! I HIGHLY DISCOURAGE THE USE OF THIS MONEY CARD!!!!! IF I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS I WOULD
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By rnhehheh
    This app used to work great. Now you have to reinstall it every day to be able to use the touch part and you must sign in every time. Someone please fix this!
  • Loyal User 5/5

    By RogNikWilCo
    I have been using the Walmart MoneyCard for 13 years and have never had a problem with it. I highly recommend it to every I know, and I work in the payroll/banking industry.
  • I need help 1/5

    By 69idk69
    When I login on the app it says I need to log in on I did and it still doesn't work. Help me please 🥺😔
  • Wishing -10 stars was an option 1/5

    By Hate
    The first review I read was absolutely right. They keep your money hostage and have no care or concern about the customers. Customer service is extremely rude and unhelpful. Please never lose or damage your card because you have absolutely NO WAY to get your money without it. Then it takes at least a month to get a new one. I’m not sure yet because I still haven’t received mines. I’ve had this card for years but definitely about to close this account and let everyone know not to get this card or any card from green dot or Walmart.
  • I love my card 5/5

    By Brandon 33
    Just wish I could get one with a chip since everyone is kind of going to the chip reader
  • Worst prepaid card 1/5

    By TinyHouseAdvoate
    I was initially happy with this card until I realized there were a few flaws in their system. For starters you can’t change any of your information with this card including updating your address or email address. And if you happen to have a different address on your check they won’t allow you to cash it. It’s ridiculous. Especially when it’s your own money. When I asked customer service about it they told me to cash my check elsewhere.... so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. You no longer have me as a customer.
  • Absolutely Wonderful Bank & Customer Service 5/5

    By Tami6666
    We opened our account a year ago & I’d been in/out of the hospital for roughly 13 months & I wasn’t home to open the mail to get my new card, so my temp card was shut off! We still had our previous ckn acct open & plenty of funds in it, but all of our info from our cards was stolen while I was in the hospital by one of my nurses (yes she took a pic of our cards & driver licenses, when we were asleep in my room), she gave our card info to the owner of a Exxon gas station 11 hours away & he purchased lottery tickets w/our cards-he used them as credit purchases since she sent him our zip code, they drained our acct’s in less than 4 hrs) (yes we filed a police report after my husband tried to use every card we had access to & all of them were declined, we cancelled all the cards & our bank told us that we had to wait till all the charges cleared our acct & once they recvd the police report they would investigate it & we might receive our funds back, it would depend on the outcome of their investigation) at this time we are 3.5 hours away from home & I can’t leave the hospital after another major surgery, so I call the customer service # & tell them the issue & that I can verify that I’m in the hospital & my husband isn’t able to use the temp card to buy fuel to get home & get the new card & the gentleman I spoke to approved the card for a 1-time fuel purchase & my husband was able to make it home successfully. Both of our direct deposits had gone in & we were pretty much screwed if they hadn’t assisted us. We’ve had nothing but great luck so far with the money card acct! I love that you earn money on purchases thru Walmart & Murphy, it’s a win win for us. Yes they do put a hold on your acct when you order online thru Walmart but once I learned this it’s made me manage our acct much better & to be prepared for the hold. It’s also wonderful that we can shut off our cards asap if necessary & there’s no monthly acct fee if you have direct deposit. Our direct deposits go in early every month & that’s also something none of our past banks ever did (if anything they actually went in late if it fell on a holiday or wknd) After having my identity stolen 3x in 5 years & our past 2 banks that we had accounts w/for over 15 years, honored all the fraudulent charges & it took 18 months & several police reports to get everything corrected & our money given back to us, we decided that the MoneyCard was a better way to go, since we have more control over our account & cards! Yes you can’t have bills set up on autopay on the debit card but you can on your ckn account #, which is just as good & makes sense to us.
  • No problems 3/5

    By chegea
    I’ve finally got all the kinks worked out and I don’t have any issues with my card or the app. The only issue I have is that it takes 6 to 7 days to deposit a check using my mobile phone. Do not think I will use this option again
  • Dont work 1/5

    By jouslian
    This app those not work it keeps saying their is problems
  • app does not work 1/5

    By SJordan18
    The app is busted
  • App 1/5

    By kaytee93
    Card works fine but I can’t get the money card app to work. Not sure why.
  • Out of country customer service 2/5

    By vareha m
    They sent me a new card to get the rebates and such when I got the new card I cut up and disposed of the old one so.. my direct deposit went to the old card why did you send me a new card and put my money in the old one so now it’s Friday I have to wait 3 business days for a new card again and my money will be on that I’m losing my mind I want my money why couldn’t they just transfer it onto the new card? No they have to send me another card and half the time I don’t understand what they are saying all the money Wal-Mart makes and you have to call the Philippines aaarrrggghhh
  • App not working!!! 1/5

    By ToniNay
    I’ve had the same Walmart card and account for years had no issues with either I upgraded my phone now the app does not work, the new update says it’s compatible with the IPhone XR max. When you click on the app it says there was a problem connecting to Walmart Moneycard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Walmart MoneyCard app comments

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