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Walmart MoneyCard

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  • Current Version: 1.19.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Green Dot Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Walmart MoneyCard App

Easily manage and access your money on your Walmart MoneyCard at any time. • View balance and transaction history • Find nearby Walmart stores and ATM locations • Pay Bills • Stash money in the Vault For Cardholders with the Walmart MoneyCard with Cash-Back Rewards, you can also: • View Cash-Back Rewards balance • Deposit checks using your smartphone • Order paper checks OTHER CARD BENEFITS INCLUDE: • Shop online or in-store everywhere Debit MasterCard® or Visa® debit cards are accepted in the U.S. • NO overdraft fees • NO minimum balance or credit check to get a card today Questions about your Walmart MoneyCard? 1. Log in to the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app, select account, select support, and email us through Contact Customer Care. 2. Log in to & email us through the Contact Us page. 3. Call us at the number on the back of your card (24/7 support). ATM access only available on personalized cards. ATMs may incur a $2.50 charge, $0.50 for balance inquiries, plus any applicable ATM owner fees. Visit for more info. Technology Privacy Statement: Terms of Use: Green Dot Corp adheres to PCI DSS compliance. The Walmart MoneyCard is issued by Green Dot Bank, Member, FDIC. Green Dot Bank operates under the following registered trade names: GoBank, Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank. All of these registered trade names are used by, and refer to, a single FDIC-insured bank, Green Dot Bank. Deposits under any of these trade names are deposits with Green Dot Bank and are aggregated for deposit insurance coverage.

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Walmart MoneyCard app reviews

  • . 5/5

    By ComeOnApple
    Can’t say I’ve had too many issues other that it taking forever to login. This new feature being able to lock your card is cool. I doubt it will ever happen but get rid of the monthly fee!
  • Easy 5/5

    By kwcurry
    Its free and easy
  • Love card 5/5

    By Shakethebabyass
    Love my card. Suggestion: Turn card off/on without logging in each time. Kind of like the swipe to view balance feature!
  • Reliable until it isn’t 3/5

    By OkieLane
    It can be counted to have your money in the account right on time until the day you need it in your account on time
  • Not good business 1/5

    By Caitlynn35
    It won’t let me log into my account on the app, only online. I have tried calling for help and can never get through. They say I have a temporary card that I need to buy a whole new one and then it will be my own card. This whole thing is just messed up
  • Greed Not Banking 1/5

    By Stargilly
    I used to really like this card. I never minded the fee in the past because I have never had direct deposit until now. The fee is supposed to be waived with direct deposit but I was still charged last month. Also, the fee was waived if you deposited $500 but now it’s $1000. If I am charged on this month coming up, I am canceling this card and taking my money elsewhere. Also, bill pay says that you will send the money for free but I am am being charged money for it. I took a screenshot of it for proof where it says it is free and where I am being charged for it.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Naybcruz
    The only complaint I have is: why does it take 7 days for a check to clear? Other than that it’s great especially that I get my direct deposits 2 days early!
  • If I could put zero stars I would. 1/5

    By reginabrake
    The first direct deposit was Friday April 12 and you blocked my account. We are a one income household living paycheck to paycheck with 2 small children and you are holding our money hostage. I will forever be telling people to not get this card. Your customer service people are useless. They can’t tell you anything and won’t transfer you to anyone else or even a manager or supervisor.
  • 4 STAR 4/5

    By bigmamashewolf
    I rated this card a four star only because you can not connect Apple Pay with this card!! Other than that I LOVE IT BUT MAY HAVE TO LET IT GO CAUSE I WANT APPLE PAY
  • App doesn’t work!! 2/5

    By Ktbach
    Even though it says you’ve updated for users with an iPhone XS Max (it’s been over 2 months), I haven’t been able to use this app since I got my phone. I cannot keep up with my daily balance and it is a struggle! I hope this gets fixed soon! I have never had any problems with my Walmart money card, until now. Not happy!
  • New card? 5/5

    By Wizdomslot
    I got anew card but I still have 12 $ in my old one. I don’t even see how to put the new one on your app. ? Help me pull the 12$ off the one that is old and help me set up my new on in your app . Also my phone number is different now and I can’t change that either. Other than that I have enjoyed the card for over 4 years with no problems at all.
  • Giving Walmart Green Dot card one more try 1/5

    I quit using my Walmart card in August of 2018 due to several reasons!! The main reason was they kept Messing with my money and every time I called I was connected to a CSR THAT COULD NOT SPEAK ENOUGH ENGLISH TO BE OF ANY HELP TO ME, WHATSOEVER!!!! I am trying direct deposit on my card one more time but rest assured if I have so much as even a minuscule of a problem I will cancel forever and report it to the BBB ASAP! Please, please don’t let me down again!!!!!! Here we go..........
  • Worst Card Ever. Greendot is trash. 1/5

    By Sassafraswww1979
    The worst experience ever. Been a customer for years. Moved, lost my wallet and needed to update my address. They froze my account. I’ve sent emails with my new ID, utility bills, passport and they still won’t help. All my money is just sitting there because they refuse to send a new ncard to my new address. Customer service is awful. Send them new emails and they take 2 days to just decline documents again, saying they can’t read them. I can’t believe Walmart would risk their name having Green Dot be their card provider. Tech lied and said she didn’t have a supervisor above her. They read from a script and anything outside of that is like talking to a 3 year old. Last representative got upset and said is that it, and hung up. They don’t care about keeping their customers and they will hold your money hostage without prompt resolution. Just beware. You could have all of your money held up for who knows how long or if you’ll ever get it back. They take advantage of the fact that no one has anywhere to go to get their money from them. Don’t listen to their replies saying they try to contact you and resolve anything. They don’t. I even was hung up on twice. I’ve sent the documents 5 times now. Luckily I remembered my PayPal was linked and I just withdrew it all and changed my direct deposit so NEVER again. There is a big reason the reviews and comments are turned off on their Facebook pages. Anyhow 3 weeks without access to my money and ZERO resolution help from them.
  • Literally Made me Punch a Hole in my Wall 1/5

    By Extremely Salty Snake
    actual garbage app, imagine not being able to program signing into an account properly
  • There is no customer service agent 1/5

    By very bad bank service
    When you buy this debit card, if you get anything wrong, so forget it, only computer answer and ask you a few questions, and then you will got: thank you and goodbye! Even not responded any problems or questions. Very very bad experience. Hope can give 0 star if I could!
  • Information 2/5

    By scorpioxcv
    Okay I love the Walmart and how easy it is to get and use I never had a problem with it until recently. I have notification set up to where it notifies me what my daily balance is and if my balance is below zero etc but I haven't received any nonfiction and when I try to speak to an agent I get stuck with the automated service and it's frustrating when you don't offer options to speak to someone
  • I love Wal-Mart. 5/5

    By Lada Q.
    Keep up the good work.
  • It doesn’t work on Iphone 7 Plus. 1/5

    By zenginerkan
    It doesn’t work on Iphone 7 Plus.
  • I’m ok with the app 1/5

    By Shayna cartee
    Sometimes the app says I can’t log in but I saved my password to my phone so it’s not the password. I just found out that I can send money to family and friends who has the Walmart card with just their email nice add on but I can’t use my card for the cash app which is a bummer because my check goes to the Walmart card but I can only use it with Walmart online I can’t use it with the Uber app either which is a bummer because I am a truck driver and if I stop in another city and want to tour it I can’t because I can’t use my card for the app. I wish they would partner up with other apps so I can use more of my money to have fun bummer please do better green dot bank
  • App doesnt let me log in to my acc 1/5

    By Moesha16
    Everytime i try it, right after I verify by a text, it says looks like something went wrong with the app try again later
  • Walmart money card app 1/5

    By passorpaul59
    It won’t open when to get started on it
  • What the heck happened while this app was unavailable March 31 and April 1 1/5

    By dolson17
    Since I can login now: since the 1st of April, the information in my acct isn't correct. The dates of debits are incorrect. Purchases that I made today, April 2, show the transactions as happening on April 1. This app is a mess now!
  • Black Card 5/5

    By M-Clements
    This is the only banking system I use they came out with a black visa card years ago probably about seven years ago now I’ve had this card I’ve never had a problem with it I can use it anywhere they except visa you can rent cars with it use for Redbox things that some prepaid cards won’t let you use it does not cost any money to load the card and you can transfer money to other people by using their phone number and as long as they have a Walmart or green dot card they are all set.
  • Would not recommend 1/5

    By ant2018mfh
    I can not log in to access my money our account do not recommend this for anyone
  • App glitches 1/5

    By robg55
    Please fix this app, the latest update keeps glitching and won’t let me log in on iPhone
  • App is not working 1/5

    By Tanya LEVEILLE
    The app is not working today. Is there an issue with anyone else??
  • What seems to be the PROBLEM 2/5

    By Jsr75
    When the app works it works. But for the most part I always have issues logging in it never has the correct balance when you unstash money or when you stash money. Do not depend on this app if you’re in line at a store and you’re going to unstash money real quick. Because this app will leave you standing there with your thumb up your rear. I myself need to move on and bank with a company that keeps there apps up to date and working correctly. So peace love and granola Walmart money card app Siya
  • 0 stars, awful app. 1/5

    By jskuu
    I’d complain a lot more about the app itself but I don’t even have the luxury of being able to log into my own account more than half the time. All I get is an error message basically stating something went wrong and I can’t log in. The card also cannot seem to remember my login info EVER so what’s the point of even making it an option. It’s a gamble when your money is actually going to be deposited, it could be 2 days early, it could be a week late who knows. Anyways I’d go on with a lot more detail as to why both Walmart and green dot are awful companies for hosting such a service with almost 0 customer support and 0 knowledge of how to make a functioning app but I literally can’t log in as you read this. Ps, Greendot, if you’re going to reply to this review. Do not tell me to call the number on the back of the card. It gets me nowhere and is useless. Considering you use the same couple reply templates just shows the amount of care you have for customers trusting you of all companies with their money. If you aren’t going to directly help me when you reply, do not reply at all. I cannot wait to cancel this account.
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By srtks78
    I’m trying to move money from my vault to pay my rent and I keep getting a message saying that my account can not be access at this time! I’ve noticed that people have been complaining about not being able to log in since early March and it’s still not fixed?! After I can access my money I’m closing my account and switch to a different card. Which is sad because I’ve been a customer for three years!
  • Unsatisfied 2/5

    By mar150300
    The app won’t let me access my account always an “error”.
  • Slow 1/5

    By selaaurora
    It takes fooooorrrrrrrreeeevvvvveeeerr!!!
  • Crap 1/5

    By Skinnytown
    It never works when you actually need it and the customer service people can’t do anything, completely useless.
  • Don’t use this card nor app 1/5

    By SouthsideJamaicaQueens
    This card issuer is a scam!! They advertise early deposits however I haven’t even received my deposit that should hit on the 1st yet and they cN only day sorry it’s not posted yet. Imposters. Just use a regular bank, this is not worth the headaches n problems it creates. Everything I pay monthly for is on the 28th my early deposit however this month everything is defaulted as I’m still waiting my deposit and it’s April 1, I guess it’s an April fools joke but I’m not laughing
  • Lies about sending replacement card 1/5

    By LBKID94
    I have been waiting on a replacement card for almost two weeks, with out the card you can not do anything AT ALL! Pretty horrible customer service I called 12 times in one day because everyone kept hanging up after “I’m going to transfer you to my manager”. Very upset. Interested in hiring a lawyer and making this a legal matter. I have been lied to too many times by you.
  • Fraud on my card 1/5

    By Jem0579
    Why is it that someone in Michigan used my card to order 50.00 worth of stuff and yet when I call to dispute it I’m told to look into it myself? And when I said that’s not my job please fix it they look into it and deny me but when I call back snapping they look into it again and reimburse me then take it right back..I don’t live in Michigan nor have I ever been to gave me a new card now I want my money back!!!!
  • Very Happy 5/5

    By iamsandee
    Have been using this app for years. Never had an issue. Only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t work with Zelle And it’s not recognized as an actual banking institution by some creditors like CFNA.
  • Cannot log in 1/5

    I have an XR, this app will not work on my phone but will work on my wife’s phone. She has the same phone. What’s the issue??
  • Walmart money app 1/5

    By lexi200115
    I recently got the Walmart money card a few days ago, it’s activated and I used it once and my mom was trying to send me money but it won’t let me receive the money or log into my account without “personalizing” my card which I can’t do either way.
  • Wont let me add money to my card 1/5

    By Jennekan
    This app was great before now I don't know what happened. My mother used to always be able to send me money by phone number and I was always able to load it on to my paypal now it won't let me it says “you don't have enough money on your card. Please select a different amount” I called Walmart money card and complained they said they'll get back to me in 1 business day and its been 2 weeks. This is unbelievable.
  • This WAS a great app and prepaid card 2/5

    By MAE_8
    I have had the Walmart MoneyCard for 7 months now. The first 4 months everything was great. I always received my check 2 days before. I would receive consistent updates about my balance, deposits, and spending. Fast forward to January 2019 and an update changed that all! My spending notifications are delayed sometimes up to 24 hours. I NEVER receive deposit information. And I am no longer receiving my paycheck 2 days early. Everything that kept me with this card and the app has disappeared. Some days the app glitches so badly it force closes multiple times and I have to call to get my balance information. Slide for balance never works. Most days I have to refresh my balance 2-3 times to see an updated balance. I always have an issue moving money from my stash. There always seems to be a glitch, I just wish this could go back to being the easy to use, accurate app that I first downloaded.
  • Help 1/5

    By EVEN COOLER!!!!
    No one can help me get into Mobil app everyone passes the buck
  • Easy App 5/5

    By Adpeyton08
    App is user friendly. I use it as a checking account. Makes bill pay easy and I love the cash back rewards.
  • doesn’t let me log in 1/5

    By djaoxkxnx
    It’s not letting me log in fix the app!!!!
  • Do not use this service 1/5

    By sjdnxbfnfkdmdndndndn
    Slowest bank if you even want to call them that in the world and don’t even bother calling customer service all they can tell you is what they can read off the screen.
  • Garbage app and card is JUNK TOTAL HEADACHE 1/5

    By michael90909
    Save your time and money. This app is not working and card is just so garbage. It is waste of time and money gets stuck here forever. I will not buy this card even walmart gives me free $1000. Trash piece of junk
  • Fix ASAP 1/5

    By Tommyguns81
    Why can’t you Preapproval checks anymore needs to be fixed aasap
  • App is majorly buggy 1/5

    By the mf man
    Can you guys please fix this app? I’ve had this app on 2 different iPhones and they both have the same problem. Transactions take forever to load if they even load at at all, assuming it doesn’t crash in the process.
  • No recourse for issues 2/5

    By MamyinTulsa
    It's been over a MONTH and they haven't fixed the ability to "PreAuthorize a check" which means I can't pay my mortgage without driving to a Walmart, spending money on a money order and mailing it. I emailed and the response back was, we don't see any issues. We called and we're told a support ticket would be made to address the in app issue. Nothing was done. The button in the app is simply gone.
  • Never would use this card again !!!! 1/5

    By fayfay4
    Been over 48 hours waiting on someone to call me back about a forgot pin and I can’t even use my card !

Walmart MoneyCard app comments

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