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Walmart ReliOn Life

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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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Walmart ReliOn Life App

Our new ReliOn™ Life Patient Mobile App is a free tool for ReliOn™ meter users to track their blood sugar readings, activity, diet, and mood. You choose what to log and how much detail to add. Add context to your logs with optional note details or share your blood glucose readings with your healthcare provider. Find patterns by digging deeper into your reading history to understand ways to adjust your diabetes management. ReliOn™ Life is only compatible with the following ReliOn™ blood glucose meters: Premier BLU, Premier VOICE, Confirm, and Prime.


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Walmart ReliOn Life app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By RatFink4
    The Bluetooth functionality does not stay connected to my iPhone 8plus. Called tech support and they really tried. They say this is a known issue and, they are working on an update. I hope it comes soon, or this is going in the trash.The ReliOn prime does the same thing as this since the Bluetooth, the whole reason I bought a second meter, doesn’t work.
  • Constant Sync Failures 1/5

    By baileybd1
    The concept is awesome. The practicality is that it just doesn’t work. The ReliOn monitor doesn’t consistently communicate with my iOS device. I have paired and repaired the devices several times with negative results. Even when the ReliOn monitor says the system has paired, 95% of the time it hasn’t. And once you turn the system off, you’ll have to complete the setup each time you turn the monitor back on. A big 👎👎 on this app. Hopefully the reviews will be noticed and the system gets fixed.
  • Absolute crap 1/5

    By Big b 811
    All it needs to do is keep a easily accessible record from your meter. When you have to enter your username and password every time to get in even if you choose a pin to make it easier , it’s not convenient at all.
  • Not prime time 2/5

    By HarleyBill
    I agree with x-rays comments. Iphone does not keep blue took connect, starts then fails. I was also told that it is a new product and “things need to be worked out”!? This gets done in house folks or by a beta test group of diabetic users, not by the buyers of the retail product.
  • Relion-Blu makes me blue 1/5

    By singing mountain
    Meter is advertised as using this app. In my experience the app and meter do not communicate. Only one In the past 45 days have I been able to pair the app and meter. What’s even worse there appears to be no way to communicate with the provider to determine what might be the problem. My recommendation: don’t buy the ReliOn Blu.
  • Not Very ReliOn-able 1/5

    By LindaJSki
    For some reason this app does not like to save previous data in the history. When I search back through history, oftentimes there is nothing logged for several days in a row even though I know I added readings and saved them. Additionally when I try to log a reading later in the day, the app won’t let me access the current day but keeps defaulting to the next day. At 10:00 pm I want to log a BGL reading for the day I am on, not a day that hasn’t even started.
  • Worthless App, absolutely not to be relied on 1/5

    By DBrueggie
    The only reason I chose the ReliOn Premier BLU over other meters on the shelf was for BlueTooth synching with this app. That works so poorly that I’m about to give up on it and just enter my BG readings by hand. Just horrible. By now BT syncing ought to be simple, and once set up the first time it should just work. Not at all so with this. Just horrible! Worse, it won’t even allow me to sign in on the account now. Even tried resetting the password, in case I had recorded it wrongly. And the reset password function won’t work for me either. Customer support: “I can’t handle that, I’ll have to get someone to call back.”
  • Absolutely Horrible. 1/5

    By WeazelGa
    This app doesn’t even deserve the 1.6 overall rating it has. I wouldn’t even give it one star, but u cannot submit a review without selecting at least one. Cannot get this app to even connect with my iphone or my husbands iphone (7plus & 6). Very frustrating when u opt to purchase the more expensive model specifically for the blue tooth option. But it sounds like, from the other reviews, not connecting is protecting me from even more disappointments once connected. Total BS. Wish I had read the reviews prior to buying, as u cannot return meters or test strips. Maybe Walmart can send me a gift card with my $50 back. 😂 yeah right wishful thinking!
  • A little disappointed 3/5

    By debrab45343
    I see no place in the app to record medications and increases or decreases in dosage. I would like to be able to record that.
  • Booth pairings 1/5

    By Lsammons
    Will not pair to my iPhone even after several attempts
  • Should be called DontReliOn 1/5

    By LJS Colt
    As like other people, I purchased this unit because of the test strip price. Unit seemed to work very well and test results were within 1 to 3 percent of my Contour Next One Bluetooth meter. But as with other one star reviews, the app has much to be desired. My DontReliOn meter stopped syncing with my IPhone 7Plus. In addition, the readings in the app will not maintain what type of reading was taken. Hopefully Walmart will heed everyone’s reviews and update the app and get the bluetooth synchronization working correctly. Until then, I would not recommend this app or their ReliOn Premier Blu glucose meter.
  • Very buggy! 1/5

    By clow211
    App may end up being very useful in the future, but now using it to sync within the ReliOn Bluetooth glucose meter is very buggy. I purchased the meter about a month ago and followed the instructions to pair the meter to my phone. The pairing worked well. However the next day, I could not sync blood readings to the app. The next day, the syncing worked perfectly and the next few days it continued to work. Now after a pause of taking blood readings for 4 days, the syncing is again failing. I called support but I had already performed their troubleshooting steps before I called. Still is not working today
  • Time messing up 2/5

    By MissyMichele
    I have had numerous issues with the app freezing, not syncing with meter, and the most frustrating one of all... date not correct and changing readings. I need an app to track my readings. This one is putting them on the wrong days. Or disappearing all together. Please get a new update and correct your bugs. I gave you two stars because I feel this could be a great app. I will update my review when bugs are fixed or at least addressed. .
  • Can’t figure out what day it is 1/5

    By Angiepictaker
    This app kept changing up the day on me, it wouldn’t let me log on todays date because according to it, it was already the following day. I would go to the calendar where it clearly said the correct date but it wouldn’t le me access it from there, I had to click on “today” and again it would print me to begin logging on tomorrow’s date. Very frustrating
  • I hope so? Sure but… 1/5

    By rcb604
    Access to our data! Reports that can be printed and emailed. So far you’ve locked our data behind the calendar so we can open one day at a time. At the core of this app the data is what we’ve come for not just the additional activity or diet information. I’d like to see the times readings laid out on a graphic scale with a differentiation between day and night etc. that I can print. I like what you’re doing and I like where you’re going but it would be nice if he would get there a little faster. Given the expense that you have brought to the market if you don’t someone else will And switching vendors will be no financial hardship.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Itsmejewels
    You need to get bugs fixed. One time it will sinc and the next time it won’t. Graphs, charts needed. The ability to make notes about reading and food. I bought this system (non refundable btw at WALMART) I expected better
  • This app blows! 1/5

    I thought this would be a great app. Well, it wasn’t. It worked great for the first day and a half. Then it stopped syncing. Then to top that off at about 8:00 pm it started trying to attribute my readings to the next day!
  • Not worth the headache. 1/5

    By latenightered
    This app and meter while valuable is not ready for prime time as with all the other reviewers I’m experiencing the same sync issues. The meter is non refundable and now I’m stuck with it along with the strips I purchased. I had high hopes for this meter maybe an update will fix but not holding my breath.
  • Works fine 5/5

    By Hellyes002
    The app seems to work just fine for me. I have been syncing it with the meter for about two weeks. I love it. It makes forgetting to write it down less of a problem. I have not ya d any issues with it yet.
  • Zero Pure junk. 1/5

    By Seek61
    Super dumb. Beyond super dumb. Says age 4+...I think a 4 year old programmed this app! Deleted. Never worked.
  • Needs further development 2/5

    By another corporate driver
    It’s nice for bare minimum tracking, but little else. You can’t graph or export and the share with provider function has been to date absolutely useless. Could not find anyone in a search. My opinion go big with this or don’t bother, it just makes WalMart look bad and like they don’t care and/or don’t have the talent to develop something worth while.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Barbie4321
    Until today, I was able to log in with one-touch. Asked me to enter email/password. Came back with invalid credentials. Tried to reset password and although I KNOW the answers to my secret questions it gave me an error message that the answers were wrong. Although you are required to answer 5 secret questions, it kept giving me the same two questions. There is no other way that I can see to reset it. There’s no support for the app that I can see. This app is a POS! Tried to delete and reinstall - NOTHING! Garbage. Don’t waste your time
  • A real disappointment 1/5

    By Bruce (Iceman)
    Keeps losing the security code and needs to be reset. Things that need to be added or fixed: 1. Fingerprint reader added 2. Be able to see a months numbers from one screen and print as a month 3. Fixed why it takes the security code for a few days then will not accept code and you must re-enter everything again
  • Great idea. Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Fingerpincher
    I could sync my meter to the app and record all my reading but the app locks you out of present day at 8pm. After 8 you can’t see your reading for that day. Seems like the calendar is programmed improperly
  • Not Useful (Yet) 1/5

    By WesBetty
    As with other posters, it is difficult to sync the results with the application. Additionally and when it does sync, it does not seem to be immediately visible in the history. For example I tested at 6:30 PM however the day is stuck on tomorrow (the second) rather than the first. I can see that the last sync lines up with my latest test, but when I check the day, no data. While I can manually enter in the details for he first, that makes the point of automation useless not to mention I have now manually added the results to the wrong day since the app seems to think it’s tomorrow already. For the 18 dollars, it’s a great value, now if they could just fix the app and the syncing troubles this could be a 4 Star device and app combo. If it could automatically feed health app, that would make it a 5 Star combo. Until then, I’ll be manually adding the details to the health app.
  • Bug-ridden 1/5

    By roselma
    You’re better off just typing your results into the iOS Health app. This application has many show-stopper bugs. During the first day of use, it decided to end the day around noon and start attributing my readings to the next day. The manual says that you can review and edit past days, so I tried this, but it would not allow access to the current day. Today I tried to sync the meter readings I’ve taken and now it won’t even sync. I tried to re-pair the device but it is not possible because the app won’t let you remove a device nor allow you to add one it already knows about. Also, it does not talk to the iOS Health app; while not a bug per se, this seems like a huge omission.
  • 1 star is way to high a rating 1/5

    By Mgibson74
    Wow this app is junk. Whoever the coded was for this app should be imprisoned for calling themselves a developer. Meter is ok but not accurate. Cheap test strips make up for poor accuracy. Still use a One Touch for accurate readings. The app date is 1day ahead of me reading the correct time from the phone is programming 101 for a dev to fail with something so basic its surprising that it even synced once with the meter. Walmart get a application developer from some ware besides India that has a clue.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By hamshack
    I wish I knew this app was garbage before I made my meter choice. Now after roughly $60 to change equipment, I don’t have a meter that interfaces to any of my monitoring apps. It syncs one reading a day and if I log a second reading manually, it ends up on the next day. Sometimes my evening reading shows up the following day. Whoever tested this app failed horribly. Save your money for a better meter and ignore the pharmacy suggesting this one at Walmart. Took two readings because the app failed to login so I notice the first at 144 and the second just a minute later at 161. Honestly, is that how accurate this is???
  • Buy something else! 1/5

    By Jimmy normal
    Bought this meter and waited a month before the app came out. Wasn’t worth the wait. Synced on time now won’t work. Time is off. Walmart never told me I couldn’t return it so they won’t take it back. Going in the garbage.
  • No settings 1/5

    By popsgone
    I would like to see a average more than the current day. More importantly the app must use European time zone. It switches automatically to the next day at 6 pm eastern. The only way to see the evening syncs is to change your to Paris time then look at it as history the previous day. When I go to the developer website they just want me to buy a cable! What is the use of Bluetooth?
  • High Potential 4/5

    By newsflash
    Meter works fine however, syncing app must be done after reading is taken and STRIP is pulled out of meter. Otherwise won’t connect. Very frustrating to figure that out early on. There is a glitch when taking a reading after 6:00 pm. Won’t let you see reading until next day. Time and day show to be next day on app. Day is correct however, on the meter. Would love to be able to printout history for my MD. No option to do that yet. Hopefully in future. I still like it and would recommend with the hopes of further app development in the future. Ps, ...Would also like to have ability to make notes along with quick categories. Notes only available when reading exceeds range.
  • Not ready for prime time 2/5

    By Dvjm9186
    I am having a problem with the Bluetooth connection dropping. Also I do not care for the features on the main view like entering mood, activity, diet, etc. I would instead like to see the app provide the readings similar to the meter where the readings retain the pre, post, and fasting info and allow me to see a history of the data in a spreadsheet like view and a graph like view where I can see how life style changes effect the readings over time.
  • Really? 1/5

    By Wrenchdady2000
    What a completely sorry excuse for an app! It won’t connect with my IPhone or my IPad. It is difficult to navigate thru the signup process. And is unforgiving if errors are made during sign up. I will use the meter and I hope in time and with enough feed back they can get it right.
  • Not much function 1/5

    By Jdawest7310
    I had high hopes but found it difficult to sync with my meter. Doesn’t seem to show trends, you have to manually look at each day. I was hoping for a weekly or monthly report showing highs and lows.
  • High hopes for the future 2/5

    By X-ray9
    Great idea,but it’s not ready for prime time. I love the affordability of Relion meters but this first attempt at a Bluetooth app has been disappointing. Once the Apple store finally got the app I installed and synced easily. On the third sync it was unable to sync. I followed troubleshooting steps unsuccessfully. I called their support number was told to uninstall and reinstall. No change. I installed on my work phone it worked for first sync then stopped and would not sync again. This is surely a bug in the app. Additionally it would be nice to login with fingerprint reader, current day viewing was glitchy sometimes I could sometimes not, ands scrollable view would be nice instead of having to go on and out of each day. I hope the bugs get worked out because this could be a very helpful app combined with an affordable product, a combination that is hard to find these days.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Stanthemansteve
  • Good Start, but... 3/5

    By Hart Wilke
    Doesn’t connect with the Health app. Doesn’t use the Touch ID

Walmart ReliOn Life app comments


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