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  • Current Version: 1.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Walmart ReliOn Life App

Our new ReliOn™ Life Patient Mobile App is a free tool for ReliOn™ meter users to track their blood sugar readings, activity, diet, and mood. You choose what to log and how much detail to add. Add context to your logs with optional note details or share your blood glucose readings with your healthcare provider. Find patterns by digging deeper into your reading history to understand ways to adjust your diabetes management. ReliOn™ Life is only compatible with the following ReliOn™ blood glucose meters: Premier BLU, Premier VOICE, Confirm, and Prime.

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Walmart ReliOn Life app reviews

  • Not very good 1/5

    By MAKtheRED
    The date in the app is wrong at night when I check my sugar. Just checked my sugar at 930 pm on 11/10. It says it is 11/11. It has been fine all day long until now. It makes my averages and dates and times all messed up. Needs to be fixed.
  • Not good enough 2/5

    By magordj
    This app doesn't work very well at all! My meter always has a hard time connecting and I always get error messages on my app on my phone. I got this because I'm horrible at writing down my glucose readings and since it doesn't work well enough, I’m still at a loss
  • Joke 1/5

    By GellySam
    Maybe not advertise the compact meter as app supported when it’s not.
  • Crashes on my iphone 7 plus 1/5

    By ShaanKash
    I am not sure why but it keeps crashing always. As soon as I open it one of the reasons to get this glucometer was the bluetooth capability but now that does not even comply.
  • Almost there 4/5

    By Fredschulz
    Everything syncs fine and the times of my readings are all right on. One anomaly: I take 4-5 readings a day. For reference suppose it is November 5th. When I hit “today” to see today’s readings toward the end of my day it always comes up reflecting November 6th and it states no readings have been recorded today. I think it has something to do with the fact I live in Hawaii and while it is the next day on the mainland it is still not the next day here in Hawaii. If I select history the calendar shows and I can hit any day before the 5th but I can not select the 5th. The 5th looks selectable but nothing shows when selecting the 5th. All this said, if I want to see all my readings for the 5th toward the end of our day here in Hawaii, I cannot see them until the 6th actually arrives here in Hawaii. Then I can see the 5th’s readings. Earlier in the day of the 5th I can the see the readings for the 5th but not later on in the day for the 5th. I haven’t tried looking at the same days reading each hour as the day progresses to midnight to determine the hour that days readings are no longer available until Hawaii’s day actually changes. It seems the app uses a fixed time zone for when the next next day occurs. My readings still keep the correct time and date after all is said and done. It just drives me crazy if I want to see the days readings later on in the night I cannot until after midnight here in Hawaii. One other item would like to be able to do is look at list of readings for a week or even a month. I can only see data for one day at time.
  • Stopped working on my XR 1/5

    By ab052
    The app stoped working when I upgraded my phone from a iPhone 6 to an XR. It needs some way to export the data so that I can give the data to my provider.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By dragon3463
    The app won’t pair half the time with the your machine! Also when you do get it to sync at 10 Or 11 at night, it is on the next day!! Why??? It’s not even midnight yet, so it shouldn’t be on the next day. On every entry, when you get the meter to sync with the up it wants you to go log the same entertainment as previous? Again, Why? Also on the history tab. It will not let you look at the current days reading? This app needs someone that knows how to program and maybe some one that is a diabetic that knows what is need to make this a great app!!!
  • Stops working after a couple syncs 2/5

    By bigrsmith
    App is horrible. It is a great idea to go along with the meter but doesn’t work anymore for syncing. I have uninstalled and installed several times. Re setup the Bluetooth with no luck. Meter no longer will sync with the app
  • Does ReliOn even care about these reviews? 1/5

    By Digital Homeboy
    2 Major problems with this app ... • The sign on logs you out almost every day.. and doesn’t even remember your user name, so you have to type the username & password every day just to use this app. If my grandmother had to do that she’d just say forget it! • NO GRAPHS!!!! I seriously have to tap EACH and EVERY day on the calendar, then plot my own data on a physical calendar to get an idea of any trends forming. How out of touch can you guys be with the diabetic community??
  • Really?!?! 1/5

    By Agreen9813
    Really, five security questions to protect my blood sugar readings? If you’re going to have us go through Fort Knox level security, at least make it work. I’m kinda not in love with this app, but I love the meter. Concept is spot on, but execution is woefully lacking. I get the feeling that the one or two five star reviews are from the developer trying to do damage control. I work for a living, and sometimes my work takes me too locations that my phone has absolutely atrocious service, and you guessed it... I still take my blood sugar readings, and... give them developers a gold star, I can’t get the app to work. As has been stated before, enough times the horse is now glue, for a company such as The Umbrella Corporation, I mean Walmart... five stars to the first person to make the app worth while. That being said, I love the meter.
  • Why do they collect users’ data? 1/5

    By evpier
    This is one of the most amateurish apps I’ve used. The “manual” does not adequately explain pairing or using the Bluetooth feature. In addition, the app will not function unless you open an account, giving up private information. What do they do with that data? The meter itself works well and the test strips are economical, but beware of the Bluetooth feature.
  • So frustrating..... 1/5

    By sha8675309
    Installed app, used meter, set up meter in app, but can’t get meter to sync readings to the app. Read and re-read the instructions in the pamphlet, the book, & on the app. Still can’t get it to sync. 😡
  • Needs Improvements 1/5

    By petie95
    Sometimes syncs with my iPhone 6 I have quit using the app because it does not work. If I would have known the app was this bad I would not have spent the extra money on the glucose meter.
  • Needs help 1/5

    By Brmkeb
    While the app downloads easily- it needs help. The are numbers of problems staying connected to my IPhone 7. Bluetooth has been a struggle. But what I am most disappointed with is the inability to text or email myself my tracking history. The reason I am doing this is primarily to keep my doctor in the loop of my blood sugar history. To need to go back a physically write down every days readings is ridiculous. But what choice do I have insurance won’t pay and these are the only strips I can afford. Catch 22
  • Needs work 3/5

    By rc105
    This App is close to being a great App. First, there is a problem with time/calendar that will not allow you to see current day’s input and if you got to “MyDay” late in evening it takes you to the next day. Would also like to see a week/monthly average.
  • App works but needs work 1/5

    By Wolfe970
    Syncing can be difficult at times and confusing. Had to remove batteries to get meter to sync a couple of times in first month. The app seems to be more focused on gathering your data for them to use than making it easy for you to access it. If you want to look at previous readings you have to look at each one individually by tapping the date. Would be nice to have a list to share with your doctor. The most annoying part is the fact that you must log in every time, doesn’t even remember your user name, and forces you to change your password every 3 months. My phone is password protected and I don’t need every app to be. It’s not my bank account it’s just glucose reading. Will probably return the meter and buy a different one just because I really don’t like the app at all.
  • Can’t sync & date issues 2/5

    By RenitaM
    I have not been able to sync my data yet and the date is off. Today is Sunday but the app thinks that it’s Monday. It seems to change to the next day at noon instead of midnight. I’m going to just delete the app and find another tracker.
  • Like the app overall but it needs some integration. 3/5

    By ncjewels
    First off the Apple app needs to be able to import readings into Apple Health. This should be a no brainer. Also it seems the healthcare provider listing is totally limited. Would be nice if there was more options. It would be nice if larger health groups were included I can’t find a single group here in Phx Metro area such as Banner or Honor Health. It’s a good start but needs to be further integrated.
  • Mixed bag 3/5

    By GoalieEd
    It does what it says, but it would be useful to add Apple HealthKit support so the data could be transferred to other apps with better reporting and analysis.
  • App Does Not Sync 1/5

    By Joey D Rei
    Hey Walmart, you can see what people have been saying for some time now. Isn’t it time that you fixed this? Or people will start posting on social media, to stop buying ALL ReliOn Products.
  • Poor App and Meter! 1/5

    By b. morris 16
    I have never wrote a review, but maybe I can save someone time and aggravation. This app does not work with the meter, and even has the wrong date! No Bluetooth connectivity, and trust me, I did it right. I hope someone reads this, as it is very disappointing to buy something and it is not even close!
  • Unable to set up. 1/5

    By john the grouch
    Four attempts to set up your app. All sorts of difficulties. The developers should hire some experienced professionals to set up apps. The users need input into the design. My bank and other health programs are easier to set up. I haven’t been into the program yet, but the pictures in the App Store look promising. I have been in the app, actually entered data. Three days in a row. WOW! I can no longer get into the app! Apparently I don’t know my mother’s maiden name. One or more ansrwers are wrong. Not worth the money (it was free). I still can’t get in to the app. I can get into my bank app with just my fingerprint. I can get into my prescriptions by taking a picture. Why do I need a username and password to get into this app. Yes es this is a continuous complaint.
  • Time messing up UPDATE 1/5

    By MissyMichele
    Updated. App won’t even open. I reinstalled it and everything. Please fix this. That is why I spent the money so I could have an app that reliably syncs so I can report it to my drs. I have had numerous issues with the app freezing, not syncing with meter, and the most frustrating one of all... date not correct and changing readings. I need an app to track my readings. This one is putting them on the wrong days. Or disappearing all together. Please get a new update and correct your bugs. I gave you two stars because I feel this could be a great app. I will update my review when bugs are fixed or at least addressed. .
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By toserveyoubetter
    If I could give it a negative star I would. The app doesn’t work, the Bluetooth doesn’t sync. It’s the “do NOT ReliOn” app for sure. Doesn’t even have the date and time right and there’s no way to fix it. So that being said, how reliable is the glucometer this app is supposed to sync with??? 10 to 20% difference from the reading on my Contour Next. Very frustrating to say the least.
  • Many Problems. Needs an Update 1/5

    By MichaelFrenchRN
    First, the app thinks the current day begins around 7PM or so. If you do get it to sync, the reading can’t be seen until after midnight. As far as syncing, this version has many problems. However, I downloaded the app on my old Android device and found the Android version syncs great. After I have at least one reading on my glucometer, I remove the used strip and turn it off. I the turn it on going into setup. I get to Bluetooth in setup and go to pair. I then, with the Life app open on my Android device, I sync. The two devices pair together and readings are synced. I then go to my iPhone 8 Plus and log into the Life app and all the downloaded readings are there. This method works great for me. They obviously need to work on the iPhone version of the app. Also, it would be nice to have the Life app work with the Health app.
  • Where the data goes 1/5

    By Pangnos
    The terms of use are virtually unreadable when viewed on a smart phone. I suspect this is intentional. When I checked them on the website I discovered that the data collected is not stored on your smart phone but rather on a “Secure location” in the cloud. The data is treated as the property of the app developer. There is no good reason the data shouldn’t be transferred directly and exclusivelyTo your smart phone. Between this and the technical problems that others have experienced I didn’t even bother to activate an account..
  • Please please give this app a memory 2/5

    By Scremped
    I am tired of having to sign in to this app every couple of days. Either have it remember my log in or allow me to use the thumbprint ID. Come on guys!
  • Does not connect to iPhone X 1/5

    By Gr8vreet
    C**p. Don’t buy. You will be disappointed especially that Walmart doesn’t accept returns for these devices.
  • Does not work well 1/5

    By Nidever
    After I sync 2 readings it does not sync anymore. And the day changes by 8:00pm. So while today is aug 27. The app says it is aug 28. Very disappointed because I was excited to sync it once a day before bed and not have to log each test. But it isn’t working well at all. The app needs lots of work.
  • Let’s talk about syncing 3/5

    By Holokai7
    So I think I figured out a way to sync the device. It appears that you need to take your blood sugar first. Then open up the application on your phone or whatever device you’re using. Then pull the glucometer strips out of the machine. Then sync your machine and it should be fine. I have noted that when the strip is in the machine the Bluetooth signal is not activated. And when you take the strip out you can see the Bluetooth icon. It would still be nice to log on with touch ID. Or Face ID. But one other thing that will need is to be able to sync with the health app that is already on your phone. If they could do that would be great.
  • Why 2/5

    By phantombass
    Why do I have to use a password to use the app. It is stupid I already have one on the phone. The least you could do is give me an option to turn off the pass word.
  • Worst App ever! 1/5

    By Kennz4q
    Hard to sync, it doesn’t seem to know the date & no way to change it!!! Don’t waste your time it’s cheap and it acts like it’s cheap!!
  • Awful!!! 1/5

    By no name - all taken
    Couldn’t sign in - says wrong password. Tried to reset password. Asked me security questions on which I answered while prepared the initial setup. Now it says wrong answers - it looks like I don’t know my parents names or the place I was born and now I can’t track my blood sugar levels in prospective. It is really embarrassing! I would give it 0 stars if it was possible!
  • Needs fixing 1/5

    By Ann Lib00
    My second day with the app worked great yesterday today won’t let me see my readings for today. When I go to my day it goes to next day... frustrating... please fix I would like to use this app in the future.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Pastord73
    So anytime I sync after 2:30 in the afternoon I can't see the results until the next day. For some reason it thinks it's tomorrow and won't sorry everything out till the next day. I've checked all the settings my time and date are correct to my time zone. It would also be heart of this showed a weekly average or a date range average rather than just a daily average.
  • Bluetooth 1/5

    By /;:()
    Figured out the blue tooth. If you hit the sync meter button on your phone just before you eject your test strip, eject your test strip, then it will sync
  • App does not work more than 24 hours 1/5

    By kpt60
    This app worked for 24 hours. I now manually enter my blood sugar info and it will only save about 25 percent of the readings. I love the meter and price of strips but I bought this meter due to bluetooth compatibility with my I phone. It’s a shame they can not get app to work.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By MacPro89
    Can’t add meter no matter what form I put in the meter’s (ReliOn Premier BLU) serial number. So what use is this garbage app.
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By feelingrippedoff56
    I bought this meter because it had Bluetooth capability. The meter works just fine, but the app is useless. It can’t keep up with the correct time, loses some readings when sinking, places readings on the wrong day, and does not give averages. Very sad attempt at a useful app.
  • Unable to connect 1/5

    By KmDreitz
    As if it’s not frustrating enough to have to test the meter doesn’t actually sync. Tech support is no help. They tell you to uninstall app and reinstall which doesn’t fix the issue. If you go threw iPhone Bluetooth settings to connect it connects and then immediately disconnects. Very irritating that tech support is unhelpful. And a product that they rave compares to other brands does not. I’ve never bought ReliOn before and truth be told I wouldn’t recommend or buy another one myself. Living with diabetes is hard enough without meters that don’t do what you pay for!
  • Easy 4/5

    By Alii Kealoha
    I like my meter. The app syncs well unless I skip a day and it logs me out. It’s a punishment for skipping a day. I wish there was a way to email the data to my doctor and my wife. If that was added I’d add that last ⭐️.
  • One star is too many! 1/5

    By sparezo
    Horrible experience does not link and nobody is helping...worthless as linkable to lousy phone app waste of money and lots of time! And they won’t take back the worthless meter...
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Fierywench78
    Switched from another app because I bought the Bluetooth enabled meter. This app is very basic. Maybe they will add features. Does not provide averages over time, does not sync with other health apps, syncing with meter is hit or miss.
  • Needs Improvements 3/5

    By TheRealPorkchop
    Installs easily (of course). Syncs every time, no issue (remove test strip first). Seems to have a problem keeping up with the time however. Before the day has officially ended (midnight), it wants to start on the next day. I check my sugar level several times a day, sometimes 6-12 times a day. Fix this app so it can keep track of the time. Also it would be nice if you could click on any day on the calendar in the app and see the levels, especially the current day. Would be nice if Touch ID was supported or used. I don’t know if the ReliOn meters are as accurate as my AccuCheck but it’s cheaper and I like this app. Needs to be able to sync to the Health App also... that would be nice.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Southpaw89
    Takes multiple attempts to sync each time and sometimes it never syncs. I should have gotten the One Touch but decided on the ReliOn since the strips were cheaper. Huge mistake and waste of money. Once I use all the strips, I will discard the machine and buyOne Touch.
  • Bluetooth Failed 1/5

    By ZoooDog
    Worked fine for a few weeks. Now the Bluetooth won’t pair. Deleted/installed the app. No way to delete the meter and reinstall or reset the meter. Don’t bother getting the one with Bluetooth.
  • I like it .. most of the time 3/5

    By Phantommxr
    It syncs pretty reliably for me every once in a while it will have a missed sync but in catches up later.. My major problem is that everyday at about 8pm EST it goes to the next day and I can’t review the current day any longer...please fix this
  • What a disappointment 1/5

    By ds1949
    I had gone to buy test strips when I saw the new Bluetooth tester with a reporting app. Nothing works. I’ve wasted my money and can’t get a refund because it’s a blood product. You should remove this app until it works and the report is useful.
  • Good first impression 1/5

    By Kendadk
    All said the idea is great but this app lacks execution. Says it has synced but no readings show up in app. Walmart must know of the problems as they were very Shute to make sure I could not even return an unopened package.

Walmart ReliOn Life app comments

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