Walmart ReliOn Life

Walmart ReliOn Life

  • Category: Medical
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  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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Walmart ReliOn Life App

Our new ReliOn™ Life Patient Mobile App is a free tool for ReliOn™ meter users to track their blood sugar readings, activity, diet, and mood. You choose what to log and how much detail to add. Add context to your logs with optional note details or share your blood glucose readings with your healthcare provider. Find patterns by digging deeper into your reading history to understand ways to adjust your diabetes management. ReliOn™ Life is only compatible with the following ReliOn™ blood glucose meters: Premier BLU, Premier VOICE, Confirm, and Prime.

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Walmart ReliOn Life app reviews

  • Graph would be nice 5/5

    By Danny3591
    Nice app and easy to use. It would be nice to see some form of graphic to indicate trends.
  • Isolated Tracking App 2/5

    By Ballcap64
    The ReliOn product and this accompanying app is good for casual tracking and logging but cannot sync with Apple Health App. So, it’s effectively not useful for collecting and aggregating data readings in one place. It’s a stand-alone app.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By _Edubez
    App asks you for serial number to sync to meter, but won’t work if you enter the first two characters (the part of the s/n in parentheses). It would be extremely simple to specify this in the instructions the app provides, but it fails to do so. There are barely any providers to connect with and it is not compatible with the Apple Health app either. It’s great to have a Bluetooth model for the ease of logging, but what good is it if I have to manually log for my healthcare provider anyway?
  • Wrong number on app 3/5

    By mbchrist1216
    The number on this app goes to a fax. I had to look up online for support. The correct number for support is 855-776-0662 IT IS NOT 866-776-0662 Please update your app with correct number,
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By jasakugdfrfgr
    1) using an iphone 10x, could not get bluetooth to work 2) suddenly app required signing into website after using it for 3 days using password. 3) password vanished from where it was saved separate from app/website. —So if you wish to waste time getting the bluetooth to work (not!), entering all data manually, then lose all the data without warning, this is truly a magnificently constructed app. Oh, and I have no idea whether my personal information was also stolen/hacked. Buyer beware.
  • Meter will not sync to IPhone 1/5

    By erock9611
    The meter will not sync to my iPhone.
  • Will not sync my progress 1/5

    By 1jsin4e
    Will not sync via Bluetooth to my iPhone 11Pro. Defeats the purpose of spending more on this device
  • Only supports IPhone 6 and above. No iPad Support 1/5

    By ExMacHWEvangelist
    Suggest you return the ReliOn Premier BLU Bluetooth meter UNOPENED back to WalMart. If it is opened, WalMart will only give you a Gift Card as a refund. Horrible IOS app. Buggier than a bedroom in a Pay-By-The-Hour Cheap Motel. 1. Under CONTACT US in the app an INCORRECT PHONE NUMBER appears that shows a Customer Service Number of 866-776-0662. This is the WRONG number. Correct support number is on the Meter and on the paper manuals. 855-776-0662 Reported to support on 05-22-2020 2. App on an iPad 6th Generation will not generate a pin for Bluetooth pairing and will not sync with the iPad 3. If you enter in the full serial number when registering meters on the app, it will fail to generate a PIN for pairing and will fail to pair. Example: serial number is (21) G123456K7890 If you register it as 21G123456K7890 it will accept the meter serial number and appear to be okay, but will fail to pair and sync. You need to correctly register it as G123456K7890, per the manual, and then disable the previously registered meter serial number. 4. Box instructions and packaging make no indications that only the iPhone is supported, and only iPhone 6 and above are officially supported. Old iPhones like the iPhone 5 or iPhone SE are not supported. IPad is not officially supported at all. Wearables like the Apple Watch are not supported officially. 5. App does not support landscape mode, only portrait mode, so if you tilt your iPhone or iPad, the display is still portrait mode. Defeats the purpose and added cost of having Bluetooth on the meter and a tracking app when in fact, you will need to enter in blood glucose entries MANUALLY if you cannot sync. 6. Horrible diagnostic and error codes that can force you to power down the iPhone/tablet when the app hangs. Courteous support, but even they recognize that this app is poorly written and recognize the issues in implying a device is supported properly when it is in fact, not supported. Phone support consists of basic WalMart support, plus a handoff to the company that originally made the device (WalMart bought it and remarked it under the ReliOn brand name). When you have to return the device, you have to hang up with the Tier 2 manufacturer support and call back WalMart on the 855-776-0662 number to get instructions for returning the device. Bluetooth devices should simply work and pair seamlessly and pas data to the phone or tablet app. This app is really bad and in need of major engineering revision. Recommendation: Return the Relion meter. Buy another meter and use generic glucose tracking apps since you are going to end up entering in the data manually, anyway. Big problem here is you also cannot easily return any opened test strips, lancets, etc. 7. One thing which should always be questioned when you buy consumer health apps is where is the data stored and persisted? Many consumer health apps upload to cloud locations which may or may not be secure and HIPPA compliant. Data can be stolen. Environments can be hacked. No guarantee of privacy. Contact info can be sold by device or app company to other companies as marketing list info. Know your provider and their data architectures before you buy.
  • Device and App not worth your time 1/5

    By XForceM
    The app stores your data somewhere, possibly in a secure manner, but who’s to know? The App does not provide exports of your glucose information: no email transfer, no export to csv, no save to a folder - nothing. Neither the app nor the device allows you to edit or remove errant readings (e.g., a spouse used your device). Capturing daily data for reporting with this App is actually more cumbersome than using pencil, paper, and the glucose meter.
  • Feel ripped off 1/5

    By so jhguhhhf
    Will not pair with iPhone which was the reason I bought it.
  • Motivators section not accessible to the visually impaired 4/5

    By Lizzies_little_sister
    The app is useful and lets you log a lot of information. I had some problems with the bluetooth at first but now everything works fine and I don't seem to be having problems with the bluetooth. I'm having problems adding motivators to the My Day section of the app. Every other part of the log works fine except the Motivators section. It isn't accessible if you have VoiceOver on. VuiceOver is the screen reader built into iOs devices for the blind and visually impaired. Please fix the accessibility issue in the Motivators section of the app. The inaccessibility of the Motivators section with VoiceOver should be fixed because accessibility is a right, not a privlage. I have the right to have access to the Motivators section of the app, just like any other person. Please fix this.
  • Reporting 1/5

    By NewMexicoPTXfan
    I don’t see the point of having a monitor that will sync if you cannot produce reports or listing that show your levels over a period of time. I bought this thinking I could sync and send the information to my physician since I am unable to get lab work during the lockdown. This is useless.
  • No password recovery 1/5

    By Rjgun
    Ok so after a lot of messing around it was working for a few months now locked out of my account due to password can’t track my sugar I demand they add a forgotten password function
  • No reporting functionality 1/5

    By LawKar032
    This app has no real use. I am not able to export any of my reading to a report, like I can with my old bayer meter. This makes it useless for me as my doctor is not set up to receive my readings electronically. The reports would allow me to print my readings and take them to the doctors office with me. Please add reports and CSV export files so that we can better utilize our data! Also, add Apple Health support!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Really!?! This is awful!!!!
    I was trying to enter my newly generated password from my password site and this app deleted my old password so I cannot use it. I tried to recover my password but it doesn’t accept my security question answers. I know they are correct. I tried to sign up for a new account but I cannot register the meter because it’s already registered. So I paid extra for it because it was supposed to work with my cell and I wasted my money.
  • Could be made amazing...... 1/5

    By Mark Bohland, M.Ed.
    Please add: weekly, monthly, 90 day averages. Please add: average by fasting, pre-meal, and post meal..... Otherwise why can we tag our readings with those categories? Please add the ability to print those averages to give to our doctors. And if you have time, please add (for us visual people) printable graphs of all of those averages. This meter and strips is no more expensive than the ReliOn that doesn’t have an app, so ...... no harm, no foul........ But you could make this concept an amazing value added feature. Thanks for what you have done so far, but please make it worth using.
  • It’s More Accurate 5/5

    By $horty82
    Just started using this app with the Relion Blu meter. It took a few times to get Bluetooth to work, so only use the 12 characters when adding the serial number to link to the app. The first use I took one sample and used both meters, my old was a relion prime. The Relion Blu was 121 and the prime was 143. So the Blu is more believable with the way my sugar/diet runs, which is why I suspected I need a new meter. Thank You!
  • Bad product. ReliOn premier blue 1/5

    By rabbit 54
    I been trying to connect to this ReliOn premier blue meter,and it does not connect to my iPhone. I tried to call the phone number they left to call and it doesn’t answer. What a waste of money. This product that you in trust to work is why old Technology can not be replace. They don’t no how build things right anymore.
  • App Won’t accept Password or allow a reset 1/5

    By Bleueskye
    I have a month of readings stored in the app and it logged me out. I used my login and password to get in but it says there was an error. Then I tried to reset my password several times and each time it wouldn’t take the correct answers to my security questions. Really disappointed and now have to start over with a stand alone app that won’t auto sync. I wouldn’t have bought this thing if I knew the app wouldn’t work I just wanted the auto sync. 🤬
  • Not an easy app to use. 1/5

    By 1085864
    I don’t like to have to type in my user ID and password each time I want to update my readings. I don’t update my blood sugar readings daily. Also the security is great users have to change their password every 3 months.
  • Cannot log on 2/5

    By RustyCordle
    I have use it for 6 months and then all of a sudden it will not let me sign in or change the password. Needs some serious work to make it work right. I uninstalled the app.
  • Concerned 1/5

    By TheCharlesCain
    Have the app on my iPhone and was working good for several months. Then yesterday, it stopped working. No ability to log readings automatically nor manually. Meter synced up fine, just couldn’t save them in the app. So your server that the app sends your data to is DOWN. And your customer service number? It’s a fax machine answering, not a human being!
  • Just Stupid app! 1/5

    By SamGryz
    Have never come across such stupid design. If you forget your password, you are doomed especially when it asks you to reset password every 3 months. there is no forgot password link. Just can’t believe someone actually designed this app!!
  • I can’t change my password!!! 1/5

    By EquiNance
    This app is crap! After 3 months it’s forcing me to change my password, but I cannot remember my current password, and there is NO option for “forgotten password!” Unless I can remember it, I can no longer use the app. FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Crashing 1/5

    By nalabdu
    The app will not even load. It just crashes every time I try to launch it.
  • No Apple Health Support 3/5

    By jadehamster
    Please add Apple Health support. Thanks!
  • Just Say No 1/5

    By Sgtyeesgrl
    I have used the ReliOn Prime forever and loved its ease. I upgraded to the PremierBLU Bluetooth meter because I was excited at the prospect of an affordable monitoring system that would automatically sync my readings to an app. Ha! After setting the app and monitor up with little issue I attempted to sync them. It did initially sync for about 3 minutes, however, it will not remain connected no matter how many times I try. It also logs me out of the app constantly, so even if the app was synced with the monitor it wouldn’t be seamless because you have to login and start over. I ended up manually adding my blood sugar readings to the app which defeats the purpose. And its not even a comprehensive app to begin with, even if it worked perfectly. Save your money for a better meter, or use the Prime meter - its all manual but very reliable and super affordable. Developers, please fix these ongoing issues or stop making the Premier meters.
  • Junk!!! 1/5

    By djdidnybsic
    I just bought this meter because of its capability to connect to Bluetooth. I had it connect ONCE! And 10 min later it will no longer connect. This is a piece of crap!
  • Use paper 1/5

    By veetsphone
    All app basically does is record your readings. App does not give you ability to download readings, does not give 7, 14, or 30 day readings. With no downloading, what is the point of the note feature?
  • Could be good 1/5

    By -kell54-
    You can view daily averages but not averages over time. It keeps a history so it wouldn’t be hard to add. The actual meter will give you a 7,-4,30 day average. Most apps enhance the user experience not take away from it. This makes it seem kind of gimmicky not a great tool to track sugar levels.
  • No print option 1/5

    By Ccastlem
    The app doesn't save me any time because I still have to manually record my readings- you would think the need for the ability to print would be a no-brainer - very disappointing
  • How to rate a non-existent app? 1/5

    By Rosi Topi
    My app won’t even open much less track data. I acknowledge that when the system works its a great way to keep on top of your glucose. But priorities please. Fix it, acknowledge that it’s not working. Then fix it 🙄
  • Keeps closing me out 1/5

    By melegomez
    App is horrible!! I would log a reading and when I go back to add the next one, nothing was saved and I’d have to start over! Please fix this!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By NoSleepIQ
    My phone and the meter would not pair during initial set up. There is no way to go back in and pair them later if you decide to give up when it doesn’t pair on the first 20 attempts. When I tried calling the number for help I got a fax machine. Typical Walmart stuff. Demanding that the manufacturers cut costs by 15% each year and they customer ends up paying for it. Cannot return this meter once purchased.
  • Could use some improvements 3/5

    By Tikaice
    It was very easy to get phone to connect with meter. I had no problems syncing either. It would be nice it the app would send the information to the Apple Health app like other apps do. This app does not have a graph of any kind. It would be nice to see daily, weekly and monthly data on graph and even averages.
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Stinks a lot
    The blu tooth does not work after multiple times trying to get the unit (ReliOn Premier Blu) to pair up to an iPhone 6s+ with iOS 13.3.1. The phone number for the help desk is to a fax machine because all you get is multiple tones. I would not recommend this unit or software to my worst enemy.
  • Too much trouble 1/5

    By hamshack
    Won’t keep password. Crashes. Hard to connect. Far from a complete product.
  • Impossible password procedure 1/5

    By bigtexunn
    You MUST change password frequently. You MUST use a password that is difficult to remember or enter on a phone because it requires the use of every class of character, including special characters. Password must be written on a stickynote attached to your phone. The passeord must be entered every time you use the app, no matter what... and touch id is not supported. If you cant remember your password, you cant reset it or use the app any more. App is NOT useful. No doctors in my large city are members of the app’s login, and it is not possible to invite doctors in my city to join the network. How many ways is it possible to fail? Have we missed any? I could go on with other app issues, but i cant enem log in so the rest of ghe bugs are irrelevent.
  • Tough to connect and data doesn’t transfer 2/5

    By Tame Type 1
    This has been the hardest meter ever to connect to my phone! Took a few tries. And once I got numbers on here I realized that it doesn’t sync to Apple Health, like every other blood sugar app does! Come on guys, this is basic stuff. Please add the option to sync numbers to apple health, itd make a big difference.
  • Bluetooth never worked 1/5

    By Easy game
    Would give it a 0 but 1 Star is all it has, Bluetooth never worked. Return it as soon as you can. Half the strips error with 4. Nothing good to say. Waste of money
  • Very Basic 2/5

    By smokey 1981
    It’s nice that the app syncs up with my meter, but no weekly, monthly, etc averages. No graph, and no way to print a report for the doctor makes this app just about worthless.
  • Something is not working 3/5

    By Jenlittleasmom
    Have loved the app in the past, but keeps shutting down when I open now.
  • Not able to access 1/5

    By Trisha Y.
    Can’t get in the app, continues to force close. When I’m in the app I can’t even register or unregister my meter.
  • Relion premier Blu 4/5

    By charliewu9m
    Ok update I could not get this to pair for nothing found out the first two numbers 21 should not be entered into the serial number take that out and it works great on my iPhone 8 plus
  • Absolutely worthless 1/5

    By xxxzzzzccccbbbb
    This app is absolutely worthless. Meter will not pair with any of my devices. Can not remove meters from app; only can turn it on or off. Don’t waste your money on this meter and don’t waste your time installing this crap app.
  • App needs update 1/5

    By Daedaluze
    This app does not work on iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Pls shut down this app. This is garbage. 1/5

    By Bigpapa13
    In this day and age For your to creat a app this bad, you should get a award for being the worst app creators in the App Store. Zero star for wasting my time
  • Great 5/5

    By Harrison.usa
    Please fix some of the bugs in the app, IT WOULD BE GREAT!!!
  • Promising app 5/5

    By HaileParker
    Promising app, can use some improvements :)

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