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Walmart - Save Time and Money

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  • Current Version: 19.1
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Walmart - Save Time and Money App

Our award-winning app saves you time and money. • Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below. • Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online. • See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store. • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services. • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills. • Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone. • We put the difference from any lower prices in your area on an eGift card! Savings Catcher compares your eligible in-store purchases for you. Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35. Save money. Live better.

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Walmart - Save Time and Money app reviews

  • Changes 1/5

    By Would buy it again!
    It forces you to pay with the Walmart pay to save money. Stupid and inconvenient
  • Will not scan the QR CODE 1/5

    By ttay8603
    it seems like Walmart doesn’t really check their work when it comes to making updates to the app. It would not scan the qr code at two different registers in Walmart today. So that means that it will not do the saving catcher and I couldn’t pay with the app. I guess this shows you that this company doesn’t care much about the customers. #PoorService #BadApp #NotASavingApp #NotASavingStore
  • Savings Catcher still broken 1/5

    By Soylent Bob
    They ruined Savings Catcher and now have broken the Walmart Pay they’re forcing you to (try to) use! Stuck in line trying to re-verify card info that a) hasn’t changed, b) isn’t scheduled to change c) is already correct d) cannot be verified by THEIR (and only their) system and d) NOT BEING USED FOR THE TRANSACTION because it’s set to GIFT CARD ONLY! It’s bad enough NONE OF THE CASHIERS HAS A CLUE AND TYPICALLY CANCELS THE WALMART PAY ANYWAY! Price scan still designed for web use only. Scanning an item IN THE STORE frequently results in an error stating not available for purchase online, in-store purchases only. The app has location detection, and it tells me I’m in the store with a splash screen that takes too long to go away. I know I’m in the store. The app knows I’m in the store. Price Check can’t seem to grasp it. Keeps telling me it’s time to restock. Unless it sees I’m buying a jar of pickles every week, maybe it’s safe to assume I don’t need to restock 2 days later. And you can’t tell me about the 1-day sales in advance? Why do they magically happen the day after i shop (but only if I used the app), don’t appear in the paper, and don’t actually seem to be happening in the store if I happen to go 2 days in a row?
  • The best app ever 5/5

    I love this app, it really make everything so easy and fast. If you’re a Walmart currently customer you should have it.

    By Cfherna
  • Poor vendor used by Walmart 1/5

    By DBirder
    The item is not trackable, but the card is charged. No way to request a refund if not delivered. DO NOT ORDER FROM WALMART. Amazon is better
  • Walmart pay 2/5

    By viper121212
    Downloaded the Latest update for i8+, now it won’t scan the barcode for Walmart pay. Doesn’t even read it or acknowledge it.
  • RA 1/5

    By sdrobin
    The Walmart Pay does not work. The last two times I tried to scan the QR code at the register it would not work and since we can no longer scan our receipt for savings catcher I got screwed.
  • Savings catcher 2/5

    By dylanylee
    I really wish I was aware that you could no longer scan in receipts for the savings catcher function... there should be a transition period to allow the user to realize it before spending large amounts of money!
  • Search is infuriating 2/5

    By Maggie_Mae123
    Every time I search for something and use the filters it just resets itself.
  • Not the same 1/5

    By TheAlyG
    I used to be a huge fan of Savings Catcher when it allowed us to upload receipts by using the paper ones. But know all that struggle of having to pay with Walmart Pay by adding our Debit Card is a no for me. Especially at my local walmart we need to show an actual paper receipt when exiting the store.
  • New update removes only useful feature 1/5

    By Barbaric6
    The Walmart app was great to be able to snap a picture of your receipt and instantly submit it to savings catcher. However they removed that feature and made more stipulations. Now you must pay with Walmart pay to be able to use savings catcher. They took something good and made it useless.
  • Start a return and skip the line 5/5

    By deadeye12z345
    Not sure how it works. Today I had a return and used the app but I still had to stand in line for about 15 minutes. Got a cash refund?
  • Savings catcher 1/5

    By Calicole7908
    Please bring back savings catcher I can’t use it anymore because I’m not linking my debit card to the app it’s just not gonna happen so Walmart is now losing my business bc I can’t save money like I use too hello Kroger!
  • Walmart pay not working what’s going on with it won’t scan at the register please fix the problem 1/5

    By johnlisa13
    Fix the problem
  • Latest Update Needs a Fix 1/5

    By Multi platform Gamer
    Walmart Pay QR scan not working since last update
  • Money services 1/5

    By mf91739
    I’ve used it 3 times to receive money and hasn’t worked even though the clerks swear another lady earlier used it 5xs. Went with a friend who I recommended the app thinking maybe it’s my phone...nope didn’t work either!!! So I guess it’s not only me. And these clerks still give you attitude!!! Sent a message to technical support the first time. Still doesn’t work!!! I guess I’ll take my money elsewhere.
  • Love this app until it stops working 2/5

    By julesagogo
    Edit: went to return an item purchased with the app and they told me to come back another time because the main system was evidently down. Pros: Easy simple search Easy to pay with Walmart Pay Easy to keep track of receipts Con: Changing a word in the search means resetting refinements each time Can't write reviews on the app
  • Not scanning 5/5

    By Raemae85
    Loved this app until I did the update. Now it will not scan at any Walmart that I go too. Please fix this.
  • What happened?? 1/5

    By Hourly watcher
    App was great, then they took away being able to scan in receipts, now with latest update, can’t get the Walmart pay to scan o iPhone XS, which is only way to get a receipt in to see if lower prices found, please fix
  • Walmart Pay not working on latest version 1/5

    Walmart Pay not working on latest version on iPhone X If you could get that fixed that would be great so I don’t look stupid walking away from basket of bagged groceries due to leaving cards at home. 🙄
  • Savings Catcher 5/5

    By uni 19383$36
    I would like Walmart to put savings catcher back on I shop everyday sometimes 2or more xs a day and loved getting the savings back it adds up and now it no longer works please put savings catcher back on
  • Stops working 1/5

    By Jeannebean51
    Walmart pay is no longer working for me. At checkout, it indicates it’s connected yet the cashier says it is not. Then afterwards, a receipt shows up as if the app worked. Happened at 2 different stores. SO ANNOYING!
  • Walmart Fails and Customer service horrible letdown!! 1/5

    By Jboston 990
    I placed an order for Xmas and it was said that it would be ready for pickup on December 18 2018! Due to my bad choices I wasn’t able to go get it till the 23 rd which when I got there I waited forever to be told that it already had been picked up!! I explained that there was no one else that could of picked it up and that it was true that they would have to show identification in order to pick the order up which they stated was true!! On my app and in my email it still showed available for pick up!! The order was almost 500 and it had already been paid for!! I have spoken with numerous Managers CSMS customer care you name it and not only did I not have the money to buy again my son was without his big presents!! I’m being told that I have to make a complaint with my bank to make a dispute and they are telling me that it’s them who should be refunding it all!! Also a month and half ago I bring back a 100 dollar blue ray the lady takes the blue ray and gives me some receipt back and I said where is the cash back cause it was a debit card she said it will go on the card!! I’m still fighting to get this money back and it’s never been on my card but being charged twice for the Blu Ray!! Something needs to be done!! Going Crazy!!
  • No Save! 2/5

    By Jordann1229
    I used to LOVE this app! I never had to worry about coupons or anything else but now I have to have my phone on me EVERY time I shop because you have to scan the little thing on the register and use Walmart Pay to be eligible for Savings Catcher 😩 being a mother of two that NEVER let me check out peacefully, it doesn’t happen. I loved I could scan my receipt later on when I left but now that you can’t this app is borderline useless 🤷🏻‍♀️ Price check in store is not accurate. Nothing is ever where it says it is because they move the store around so much! I would have otherwise recommended this app.
  • This app is just okay. 2/5

    By Devon1754
    When we could submit our receipts after leaving the store, I saved a ton of money. Not all the time but, a fair amount and I was satisfied with how it worked. All of the sudden, you could only submit them at the store while using the app. Well, I don’t always use the card on file so now, I’m losing a lot of money and it doesn’t matter where I shop. Why shop at Walmart and use their app if I’m not benefiting from it? It’s a waste now unless I have to buy something with my card which, I rarely do since I have other assistance. I’ll just do my own comp shopping or maybe go to Aldi which has lower prices every day anyway. Sorry Walmart, you screwed up in your greed.
  • You broke it 1/5

    By Hatethissomuch!!!
    It no longer accepts information to narrow down your search. For example, if I only want the retailer to be Walmart & I click on that, and I want the item to be blue & I click that, it just reverts to all retailers & all colors & erases any other specifics I click on. I tried deleting the app several times & re-installing it. Still the same hot mess. It is now virtually useless to me. This & many other reasons are why I’m now using your major competitor. I still shop in my local store, but even that is become less frequent. If you don’t do something soon, don’t think you’re too big to go the way of other large chain stores.
  • Walmart Pay won’t connect in store 1/5

    By BamaHoren
    Today is the second time since it became mandatory to scan the code at the store that I wasn’t able to get Walmart Pay to work. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a credit/debit card stored in the app, but I shouldn’t be forced to do that. I usually have to use multiple forms of payment per transaction to pay for my items when I do a heavy shop so it doesn’t make sense to store my cards. It was so much easier when I had the option to scan a code on the receipt afterwards so I wish that was still an option for the times when Walmart Pay won’t work in store.
  • Walmart pay stopped working 3/5

    By gbux54
    After the last update the Walmart pay stopped working
  • Savings Catcher a joke! 1/5

    By Maui Kid
    You can no longer use the savings catcher part of the app if you use cash! Stupid. Always got about 8 cents back on average from savings catcher!! (Sarcasm) Ugh Deleting App and Walmart Pay! Give us Apple Pay and stop the games. 1 Star!!
  • Broken App!! 🥺 1/5

    By TechTalkGuy
    It appears that Walmart Pay no longer works whatsoever. I’ve restarted my iPhone, can’t use Walmart Pay. Without Walmart Pay, I can’t use Savings Catcher. I am forced to shop elsewhere! If Walmart values their customers, they will fix this very serious issue immediately.
  • Money Services 4/5

    By FixThee
    This app would get a 5 star if I knew you had to go to the store regardless to send money using the Money Services option
  • Not a fan 3/5

    By kd0116
    I like that items can be scanned in store however I don’t like that the app/website pulls items from other retailers. I just want to find items at Walmart without having to apply a bunch of filters.
  • Upset with new update 1/5

    By .........;(
    This new update stinks. I was previously able to use the Walmart Pay without having to have my debit/credit card linked and now, with this latest update, I can’t get my Savings Catcher to work because I will not link my card.
  • Walmart shopper 5/5

    By Apa 48
    I use this app not only to price items at the store or online but to locate hard to find items. It gives you the isle number and quantity in stock.
  • No mechanism throughout all Walmart properties to re-submit an electronic receipt 1/5

    By Sistah1
    I purchased 100+ dollars in groceries and use savings catcher in Walmart pay to submit my receipt seconds after the purchase. I receive erroneous notification that my receipt was invalid. I checked the Walmart app to determine if I could re-submit the receipt there and was informed that I have to submit it online. When I contacted online support to re-submit my receipt, they told me to use the Walmart app. This is the quintessential roundabout very frustrating given that my receipt was valid and the grocery bill was over $100. Therefore there's a strong potential I lost several dollars in savings catcher earnings. Please Fix this Broken experience.💩💩💩
  • Can’t get Xbox cards with gift card 1/5

    Walmart won’t let you buy any thing digital with a gift card because they have at least 3 chromosomes missing
  • Why is Wal-Mart promotions app , 1/5

    By trueth walker
    Keep popping up and I can’t get it to just stop popping up with this $ 1000.00 reward card with survey after survey after surveys no matter how many fill out it won’t and can’t be remove help Wal-Mart
  • You broke it!!!!!! 1/5

    By aaron_iphone
    Walmart pay no longer can scan QR codes. At least on my iPhone X. Started happening on version 19. I can scan in other areas of the app. For example, if I click scan at the home screen, it’ll scan a QR code for Walmart pay, then say I have to use Walmart pay. So click open it and rescan code, but code won’t scan. BROKEN
  • Savings Catcher 1/5

    By ann33081
    Just updated my app today and was at the store and my phone wouldn’t scan the savings catcher. Tried resetting my phone and app multiple times and still wouldn’t work. Everything else worked on the app today except the savings catcher.
  • Love the app disappointed in the store 3/5

    By demonlover1234567
    I ordered a laptop online for my birthday and it said it came with a charger... when it showed up it was dead , no charger and didn’t turn on for 3 days after I had to order a charger from amazon.... they gave a run around about this laptop. So I’ll never order electronics off of the Walmart app again
  • Walmart pharmacy 1/5

    By A new camper to Normandy
    I don’t see anything on the Walmart app about picking up prescriptions Or helping you save time at the pharmacy picking up prescriptions. How is this app supposed to help me at the pharmacy?
  • Pick up Orders. 1/5

    By cree0926
    I had to make 3 trips for one order due to the incompetence of the pick up department. Was told my whole order of 4 items was in the sealed box, but when I got home there were only 2 items. Had to make a second trip and again told that my order was now complete. It was a except the wrong items were you n there from a previous order. Spoke to a Manager and was assured that I could change them for the right products when I reorder . She said she would see to it. Well I did that and guess what? Manager could not be found so I ended up with keeping and paying for all the items. Please do not use this service unless you have plenty of time to waste.
  • Scan receipt no longer accepted 1/5

    By papakerry
    Walmart no longer allows you to scan your receipt for additional savings as in the past. They will only give you credit if you use your phone to pay. This is totally unfair to those if us who are not familiar with using if have a smartphone. If we are shopping at Walmart they should not penalize us
  • Was the best app for saving money at Walmart 1/5

    By Super rage1990
    You need to bring back receipt upload like A.S.A.P!!!!!!!!
  • Cash saver 2/5

    By Helltwotheyea
    We need this back
  • At scan 1/5

    By mystifire
    The QR scan doesn’t work. Tried two different registers at the store and it wouldn’t scan the QR code at the register. And since they don’t let you scan the receipts any more I have missed out on this transaction.
  • No way to print a receipt 3/5

    By rh5969
    I had to convert to Walmart Pay to continue to use Savings Catcher. In the process, this change caused me to lose a printed receipt at the checkout. At first, when reviewing receipts in the Purchase History section I could use the options and print my receipt to my wireless printer. Now the printing option has disappeared! The only option now is to email a pic of your receipt to yourself! Please fix this!!!
  • I used this and it’s ok. 4/5

    By Not giving info to the web 😄
    I was using it and honestly I don’t need it but it helps when you don’t have time to go to the store but FYI it’s prices are sometimes different then what they actually are

Walmart - Save Time and Money app comments

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