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Walmart - Save Time and Money

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Walmart - Save Time and Money App

Our award-winning app saves you time and money. • Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below. • Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online. • See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store. • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services. • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills. • Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone. Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35. Save money. Live better. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link

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Walmart - Save Time and Money app reviews

  • Bad update 1/5

    By Dutchess22
    Online grocery won’t work correctly. I’ve updated When I go to check in, it takes me to the APP store. APP says to open. Hit open, goes to APP. Order says in progress. I’ve gotten both a text and email that it’s ready and to check in. Keep going in a loop. No check in option, no more recognition that I’m here and no way to choose parking spot. Something is not working.
  • Overall it’s ok....but can be a bit confusing. 3/5

    By JasonJohnson
    Not really sure if this is an app problem or a Walmart website problem. When you look on the order update, if you have multiple items coming from different locations, the process bar should be relocated so it doesn’t look like a dividing bar separating each item. Furthermore, each item should not have the misfortune of been mistaken for either the item above or below,because the process bar is in the wrong place.
  • Worst App Ever Used 1/5

    By NewYorkgal1
    I cannot understand why this app is “updated” in what seems like several times a day, and then all of a sudden reverts back to its previous state. What is the point of having an app that allows you to access grocery ordering within the app one day, and then eliminates that option the next? It’s pathetic that a developer cannot sustain an app that is consistent and reliable in its functionality.
  • Pick up service 5/5

    By Linda🎈
    Absolutely the best
  • Hey it’s Toni was your birthday today 4/5

    By Pah watching
    Hey it’s just
  • Absolutely poor performance resulting in headaches.... 1/5

    By Hometown Tucson
    Their digital performance is terrible. Just signed up, and I am deleting the app, and likely never shopping at Walmart again. Here’s my experience with this: I secured an in demand delivery spot during this crisis. Had to get up at 4 AM to do so. Filled a cart checked out saved my payment method, and then it fully refreshed and lost all the information, and my spot in line. Had to redo everything. Was able to wrap up a little bit before 5:15 AM, after over an hour of effort. But honestly i made the mistake of following through with at all. When I picked up my order, five items (about half the entire order, and all of the essentials that I needed) that had been noted for substitution, had not been substituted. I never would’ve completed the purchase if I knew these items or their substitutes were not in the bags. I only got the notice nine minutes before the pick up time, so saw it much later. And, get this, in addition to not substituting items, one of the items that I had noted for no substitutions, had been substituted, in the worst way possible! That was a bag of three Romaine heads of lettuce, which they substituted with a moldy ONE head of iceberg lettuce, for the same price as the three Romaine. ICEBERG Fricking Lettuce! I’m trying to get nutrition here! Their app is super glitchy, And so far their front facing team and their digital team have been terrible in responding. As in, saying they will do things and then not doing them… Leading to a follow up… Which leads to them saying they will do things which they don’t do... Leading to a follow up. Just avoid them! They are price gauging and trying to take advantage of COVID-19 to roll out and promote their freaking app. Gross in so many ways, and not just in the “WOW, that iceberg is moldy, brown, and gross” kind of way. Gross in an immoral kind of way. Tucson Marketplace is the location noted here.
  • Where is my package 1/5

    By fusabsrqxqx
    I placed my order, got tracking # was told it would be delivered by end of day 4/2 never received it. Then the next day I looked it up and it said it was delayed. Where is my package order # 356200773405318013. Going to Bangor Pa.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By listen you!
    My first time w Walmart Curbside. Had trouble ordering online. Then when I got to pickup they only had two of the items although they were “in stock.” Walmart has dropped the ball on this!
  • Complete uncoordinated 1/5

    By Nathaniel Alberto
    After spending an hour completing a shopping list, the app failed to process our card, removed our reserved time, and then said that there are no times available in the next seven days.
  • Don’t shop or get the app 1/5

    By _derek9867
    I said that in the title because I have a lot of reasons to give my statement a one star review. So the first thing is that when you want to return an item on the app you have to go through all of this stuff just the return that item, second thing is that I know the items in the store and the items online are cheap but that are bad quality and on the other hand Meijer has expensive prices but good quality.
  • Mrs 5/5

    By Phillyjo1
    No touch just scan your phone. It keeps your receipts for you and if you don't use Wal mart pay you can scan your receipt into your phone for safe keeping.
  • This app is doing something strange 1/5

    By True Review2018
    I have an iPhone 11 pro max. This app is doing something real busy in the background when open. My phone starts running slow and it starts getting extremely hot. I will uninstall this app and never use it again. Not to mention you shop for things that should be available on line and they want to to come into a crowded store in the middle of Covid 19 pandemic. I really do not know what to say except this is pretty lousy.
  • Walmart online pick up services 1/5

    By Brenda k326
    I place an order before 2:00 pm and they emailed me to tell me my order will be ready by 8:00 pm here it’s 8:04 pm and they are telling me items I ordered is not available.
  • Fraud!!! Identity Thief 2/5

    By zinasnow40
    In the last month someone from San Diego California has been using my account to make purchases, I live in Dover De. Figure that one out.
  • Shows items in stock that aren’t. 1/5

    By Alext514
    Walmart has moved to pushing this app for store wayfinding and often as a replacement for in store signage. It would work well if the items shown as in stock at the local store were accurate to what the store had in stock.
  • I love it !!!!!! 5/5

    By Jackson.o.
    It’s so Amazing for example I want a Apple Watch I can look in Walmart app in stead of going there so thank u walmart for making this app
  • School uniforms boys youth 5/5

    By Shretta
    School uniforms boys youth
  • Needs updating for the times we’re in 2/5

    By Pea- A 43
    Hello Specifically regarding pharmacy: Walgreens stores my credit card / HSA&FSA information so I don’t have to physically do anything anymore. I’d like for this app to catch up to the COVID-19 situation we’re in. If the Walmart app can’t do this maybe y’all should do a completely separate pharmacy app. Thank you!
  • Lost orders 2/5

    By Katiemf
    I can’t view the orders I made in the past and just the other day I purchased diapers and I can’t view it to track my order. I do not like this update.
  • Easy to use, no issues 5/5

    By kneeboots
    Great app. Easy to use, well-organized. At first, downloaded app, to try and buy certain cleaning products bc of CV19. I then discovered how much more they had to offer and was quite pleased. Being out of stock or delayed shipping, is not the fault of this app, which appears to work seamlessly. If I could ask for one thng, it would be to be able to move items from one list to another. Say, you want to redecorate and move an item from one room to another room list. Thanks
  • Bad service 1/5

    By martbetz
    I ordered an item that showed they had in stock got a confirmation email and was waiting for an email for pick up which was slow coming so I decided to call only when I called while on the phone they sent me an email that they didn’t have one. The managers passed me around from department to department only so they didn’t have to deal with the situation. How sad!
  • Stranded - Doesnt support apple pay 1/5

    By Michael Petruzzo
    Just lost all my groceries because they force you to use walmart pay. Great move during the corona virus i just waited an hour on line to get these groceries now i cant buy them.
  • ? 5/5

    By jjjjjjjjjjjhgrssbjk
    Is the receipt scanner not on here anymore?
  • Useful but not very green 3/5

    By Tylrnlsn
    Love that I can schedule grocery pickup, see what’s in my store and where, and even order from all in one place. I only wish I could opt out of plastic bags for grocery pickup! One item per bag is ridiculous! For now, just bringing my own bags and asking to leave the plastic bags. That’s the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars.
  • Walmart Employees FIRST! 1/5

    By Mugwort72
    I love how all the Walmart employees get to go in and do their shopping FIRST before the public EVERY SINGLE MORNING... at least all the Walmarts in North Texas anyway. So they are always out of supplies when we go. Way to go Walmart!! Thanks! And your app?... absolutely useless. The app has never matched the store inventory, even before Covid-19. 🤬
  • Pandemic fail for Walmart 2/5

    By Catbrossart
    At a time when we should not be gathering in stores, making items available “in store only” instead of available for delivery is just wrong. I don’t care if it is two days or weeks for delivery, being forced to go find it in person though makes Walmart part of the problem instead of part of the solution by using their distribution experience to get high demand products to customers with the least amount of contact possible.
  • Very weak on customer support 2/5

    By My3Pugs6038 is usually out-of-stock on most things I need to order. If you have a simple problem such as receiving the wrong item, there is not a way to resolve it without waiting for hours just do do an online chat to fix it. There's not even a way to return it. It's just not worth it. Find someplace else to do your online shopping.
  • Love app, hate order history tab 3/5

    By meldmcg
    If there are multiple shipments within one order it is very difficult to delineate one from the other. You need to separate the orders better so that the customers can better understand the status of each. It is currently hard to tell which status goes with which shipment, etc. Love the app overall but this really irks me.
  • They are great!! 5/5

    By Mareekh5
    The people were very helpful!!!!!
  • Walmart Pay 5/5

    By WM Clay
    I use Walmart Pay in the Walmart App. I would like to delete my purchase history. Presently I can not delete my purchase history. Let me know if this will be a future option. Clay Wayne. 304-483-7187.

    By Curioio
    It’s a really really great app i ordered Pokémon cards on here it said it would come in 1 day it really did the shipping is great you can buy anything you want if u don’t want to go to Wallmart. The same price is the same to its a really good app i think u should download it. If u think this is a bot please don’t think that
  • Weak app 1/5

    By Clarence Boddicker esq.
    Very sad app, probably developed by high school students Says items are in stock when they clearly aren’t, classic bait and switch. Might consider a class action lawsuit. It’s the 21st century, we have IoT and other computers to track stock. Just driving to drive feet into store without regard for customers’ time or health or safety. Time to pay up, big W.
  • In this time of need things need to change 1/5

    By 70412
    Look I know you guys deliver in all but in this time of need can you guys deliver a little more than what you do most of the items on your app are either unavailable or you have to pick it up in store it would be nice if you guys would ship out more food so people don’t have to go out and risk getting Covid-19 please take this into consideration and think about this you could be saving tons of lives by just making more items available to be shipped instead of forcing people to go out to buy what they need again think about this more
  • Glitches? 5/5

    By DRGlvsEKM
    I never buy anything on here through any seller except for Walmart. I made an order of several items on 3/20 and I noticed after ordering that several items were sold by sellers other than Walmart, which was weird because I always check and make sure I’m ordering everything from Walmart. I then noticed today (4/1) that an item that previously said it was sold by another seller, now says sold by Walmart. I checked the 2 other items and they now say sold by Walmart too? I’m confused who I bought my items from now or what’s going on with the app if this is a glitch.
  • Waited 2 weeks for Walmart to cancel my order 1/5

    By danielgoddu
    Let me start off by saying. I understand hand sanitizer and other items are in short supply at the moment. However, I work in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities and having it in supply is an absolute must. I had a 40 OZ bottle already in stock. Managed to order some on the Walmart app and was told it would be 2 WEEKS before it arrived. After waiting the entire 2 week period I receive a message saying “sorry, your item is on back order and has been cancelled”. Now, my supply is almost completely gone and I just found out I have none on the way at all. It’s awesome that health care workers can’t get the supplies we need even when we order weeks in advance.
  • Horrible Pickup System 2/5

    By Joe Yoder
    I ordered an $89 barstool set to pick up in store. When I picked it up they put the box into my cart and “dispensed” the order. Meaning the $18.99 picture frame they gave me which I was charged $89 for had to be taken to customer service. Where I had to explain that I was returning an $18.99 picture frame for what should have been barstools. Customer service said I’d have to come back the next day because the order was not showing up returnable yet. I tried calling the corporate office twice. Waiting 30 minutes the first time with no luck reaching them. 20 minutes into the second time I was given the option to get a call back when it came to my turn in line. I never received a call back.
  • My First Order - 4-1-20 5/5

    By Murphys Dau
    Checked everything when I got home, everything was perfect. Really loved this. I may never shop in person again. Online is great. Alisha brought my stuff out, carefully put it all in the back seat and wouldnt even take a tip. She was very nice and should receive a bonus that the store gives out. Enjoyable experience. Jeanie Rouse
  • Much Much Better 5/5

    By NYC NO ID
    This app has GREATLY improved over the last several months !
  • APP NOT SECURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By istronglyhatethisapp
    My credit card was compromised through this app!!!!!!! I made an order on March 21st and got charged for this on my credit card then 4 days later I got a charge for a purchase I didn’t even make!!!!!! FIX UR SECURITY!!!!!! Don’t buy from them online!!!!!!!
  • Declined for security reasons 1/5

    By takennme
    The dam thing worked once and now it just says declined just use Apple Pay already dam
  • Love online grocery shopping 5/5

    By leac09
    I knew Walmart grocery online shopping long time ago but never tried because I liked to walk in the store and look around. Now with covid-19 situation I feel that social distancing is important & if less ppl in the store that’s safe for everyone & reduce the pressure of hospitals. So I started using Walmart grocery app, online shopping and I drove to pick up at my local (Salem NH) store, I like it very much. It’s very convenient and Walmart Salem NH store staffs do an excellent job picking food, they select good produce, and I feel very grateful!! Thank you very much!! It takes a bit learning at beginning, like download app, learn to order stuff online, check emails and check in etc, but it’s not difficult. Once u know it’s actually saves a lot of time.
  • Ordering on-line 5/5

    By Magoodi
    What a disaster! My whole purpose for ordering on-line was to avoid being around people. I have been in the WalMart store more times, trying to get my order WHICH an email said was ready for pickup, and still only have pieces of my order. Every day I get the same email saying to pick up by April 1, but when I went to the “orange kiosk” ( sent there each time by “grocery” pick-up) they say I already picked it up!! I’ll try HyVee next time. I’ve wasted a lot of gas, a lot of my time. I will be 80 years old this Summer and have Asthma & nodules in my lungs. I tried to self quarantined but that did no good. I’m in WalMart more than ever on ordering on-line.
  • Out of stock item shows available all the time 1/5

    By Maxinktomy
    The app is well known for showing out stock items as available, once you place the order then they will confirm order is cancelled, if you need some item available in some store for pick up, you made all the effort to go to the store for buying, the item is not there at all and the employees over there complaints about their own app. It happened to me that the Aisle mentioned in the app is not even there in the store.
  • Greedy Walton’s, pissoff & bye bye 1/5

    By BayColonyWoman
    Walmart is NEVER going to be Amazon. I ordered items quite frequently for years due to health issues. Then Walmart decided to become more greedy than they already were. Prices are ridiculous. Very few products are in stock to ship. I’m not the only person who can’t drive to Walmart to pickup an order. Thanks for discriminating against people who supported Walmart. Now the only sellers on the Walmart site are weasels trying to screw over anyone they can. WALMART AND SAM’S ARE NOT AMAZON NOR WILL THEY EVER BE.
  • Beyond Awful 1/5

    By GSD_Fan_10
    I placed a number of items in my cart and when I went to check out, I continually received messages that items were not available. I had like 25 items in my cart and by the time the app was done telling me the items were no longer available (it did this two at a time, so it took like 10 times) I only had like five items for checkout. I went back in the app and it would let me add the very same items it was telling me were unavailable at checkout. Such a frustrating experience.
  • Never works 1/5

    By iphoneuser1989hateapple
    Never works
  • Never again. Amazon Fresh all the way 1/5

    By WhyIsntItBetter
    The Walmart apps (Walmart and Grocery - why two???) are soooooooo bad. So buggy. No interaction between them and the emails and websites, or they are buggy. Clicking a link in an email confirmation yields disaster. Checkin is impossible. Items become out of stock that were confirmed at time of order. It’s a waste of time. Seriously whoever is both designing and maintaining the IT is TERRIBLE AT THEIR JOBS. This can’t all be explained by COVID. Just poor infrastructure and quality control. I am done shopping on Walmart. Amazon Fresh is where it’s at. I’ve placed 30 orders with them and 100% of the time I checkout, those items come to my door. Also, the guys bringing the bags to pickup aren’t wearing gloves 100% of the time? I could go on and on. Bottom line - rotten.
  • Not intuitive 2/5

    By Ron123466789
    Impossible to cancel an order. Unlike in Amazon, can't store an order until you are ready to buy. Too easy to make a mistake and order something which can only be picked up at a store. Too difficult to find something you had previously ordered.
  • 5 estrellas ⭐️ 5/5

    By Dianelys06
    No tengo palabras para calificar el servicio para mi , los mejores de todo USA

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