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Walmart - Save Time and Money App

Our award-winning app saves you time and money. • Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below. • Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online. • See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store. • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services. • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills. • Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone. • We put the difference from any lower prices in your area on an eGift card! Savings Catcher compares your eligible in-store purchases for you. Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35. Save money. Live better.

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Walmart - Save Time and Money app reviews

  • Not Worth The Space 1/5

    By Perris
    Used to love this app but 90% of its convinience was the savings catcher. The other 10% was the store map it gives you when you're in the store. They got rid of the savings catcher so delete. No use going here. The last reason I don't go to Publix.
  • Sort and filter does not work 1/5

    By leslymomof4
    It’s so frustrating looking for anything when the filters don’t work. Go to departments get to where you want to be, for example baby shoes, filter from 1,766 shoes to baby boy shoes should get to 563 shoes but I’m still looking at high heels for women! Useless! Can’t buy anything if I have to look through 1,766 items! Impossible!!!! Back to Amazon it is 😑
  • Not Smart Walmart 1/5

    By Dantrux
    First you change the way the savings catcher worked … Had to use the app. Now you’re totally discontinuing savings catcher. I only used the app TO SAVE MONEY!! Now you self-proclaimed Walmart is the best price so savings catcher is no longer needed? I will be shopping around for the best prices now. That’s MY DECISION.
  • Meh. 2/5

    By spock74
    I like the reorder history but the search is pretty much useless and shopping by category is no better. At least half the time when I click on a filter it doesn't actually narrow it down at all, and when it does it appears that about 75% of the merchandise is miscategorized.
  • No More Savings Catcher 3/5

    By 1995JEEP
    Received notice via e-mail the other day that Walmart will be stopping the savings catcher program . Message said that Walmart had the lowest prices already essentially. I have seen only a few cents added to my Acct using Walmart pay since they changed that part so back to coupons.... . I’ve also noticed the 12pk of dog food I buy has gone up right at $1.00 so far since the first change in savings catcher making it still a few cents cheaper than other stores. Dreading seeing more prices rise..
  • Savings catcher 1/5

    By margie427
    I liked the old app better when you could scan your own receipt .i go to Walmart a lot less now ..
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Teenavatar
    App has tons of errors, erroneously changes prices, etc.
  • Savings Catcher 2/5

    By lyrainoxford
    Don’t do away with the savings catcher. An email I received stated Walmart’s prices are consistently lower than competitors. However, I am almost always owed money back. So it doesn’t seem to me that Walmart is the low price leader and that doing away with savings catcher is just a way for you to no longer attempt to beat the competition.
  • garbage 1/5

    By jaydenleung114
    No longer Walmart any more
  • No more savings catcher. 1/5

    By baumer354
    I loved savings catcher when it first came out. Then the reduced the amount of stores they compared to. Then you had to use Walmart pay to submit a receipt. No more scanning. Now they will no longer offer savings catcher. Lost a customer. Already went shopping at giant eagle this weekend.
  • Has become so useless 2/5

    By Pea- A 43
    Used to the app was amazing!!! You could narrow your search down with true precision. Not anymore. For days I’ve tried to search only Walmart products and it always fails and gives me other retailers. I’ve tried to search women’s bathing suits but unfortunately, children’s and men’s show up in my ‘women’ search. It just frustrating. Wastes time.
  • Time wasted 2/5

    By Tsgna
    Frustrating checkout month and year of card expiration NOT USER FRIENDLY. PLEASE FIX!!!
  • Bring back receipt uploads 1/5

    By Doingmybest123
    I made a point to always shop Walmart first because I knew the reward of receipt upload brought me some money I could bless others with. Now the new process isn’t right!!! Security not considered!! Cash purchases not considered!! Customer service, not considered!!! Ordinarily I would rate 5 stars but for this issue, even 1 star is too much.
  • Walmart pay needs TouchID or FaceID 3/5

    By AZ_Doc
    The app is very good except that it asks for a password each time one tries to use Walmart Pay. Fir those of us that regularly change our passwords and use duper complex passwords it becomes impossible to remember so Ive never been able to use Walmart Pay. Please ask Apple how to incorporate TouchID and FaceID into your app for sign in and for Walmart Pay authentication. This would make the app 5 stars especially in competition with Amazon and Kroger. Thanks
  • Savings Catcher being discontinued!! 😳 1/5

    By TechTalkGuy
    Effective May 14, 2019, Savings Catcher will be discontinued. It is only a matter of time until Walmart closes stores and goes out of business. This app was the best reason to shop at Walmart. After mid-May, it’s over. Price Check is not accurate with store prices (a known issue). This is NOT competitive!! I usually prefer to shop at Walmart because the local markets have seriously rip-off prices & slow long lines at the front registers. Savings Catcher allowed me to shop with confidence. Oh well.
  • You’re Really Taking Away The Savings Catcher? 1/5

    By &)54()76(!
    You state you know you’re achieving your goal of ensuring your stores are handing out the lowest prices but my saving catcher gift card of the last year disputes that. I accumulated well over $250 because Walmart does not in fact sell at the lowest prices. I wonder how many other people are in similar situations as me and have high amounts on their gift cards as well. Why don’t you just tell the public the truth: you don’t want to pay out money anymore.
  • Why keep the app after may 14? 1/5

    By Deepbugging
    Savings catcher was the reason I downloaded the app. Then I had to use the app to pay to use savings catcher. Now I get an email saying they are ending it on May 14. That it doesn’t find lower prices because Walmart is lowest? Are you kidding? I get money back every week I shop. Guess I’ll be back to shopping at multiple stores again to get the best deal. Good thing Publix and Kroger are on the same intersection as Walmart. Disappointing.
  • App is not that great 1/5

    By Bail e
    I only downloaded the app for the savings catcher. At one point, you were able to submit printed receipts via the app. Then, it was changed to where you have to use Walmart pay to get rebates on competitors prices. Some weeks, no prices were better. Other weeks I was getting several dollars back per receipt! Walmart released an email yesterday stating they would end this in May because their prices were often cheaper than their competitors. I feel that is a lie considering I usually get cash back from the app on 3/4 of the receipts submitted. I will use the app until May but after that I will delete it and shop with the competitors as opposed to doing all my shopping with Walmart. Most of the said competitors allow digital manufacturers coupons on their apps or loyalty cards. Walmart doesn’t have a loyalty card or an option for digital coupons on the app. It is virtually useless as I can do anything else from the app on their website. Once savings catcher is gone, it is a waste of space.
  • Sad news!! 3/5

    By Birdgirl52
    I have to lower my rating. I'm sure it's due to greed that they are discontinuing the savings catcher. That was a big draw for me to shop at Wal-Mart. Now I will be more inclined to go to other grocery stores in addition to get the lower price. I do like the app, the fact that I can check a price or locate where they stock what I'm shopping for but this is a huge disappointment for me because the money that accumulates on my savings catcher was always my grocery money on vacation. They are a multi-billion dollar business already but it's never enough for them, is it?
  • Losing me as a customer 1/5

    By Recmm
    They are discontinuing Savings Catcher. Don't bother. That was the only reason I had this app on my phone. Bummed out...deleting app today.
  • Doing away with savings catcher! 1/5

    By Clgadd
    I knew when Walmart said they were no longer allowing comp-ads that it would just be a matter of time before they did away with savings catcher. Sure enough, they changed to not allowing manual receipt uploads. Then they changed to auto sending savings to Walmart cards, so that you could no longer save up and make meaningful purchases with saved cash, (ex. $20 birthday gift). Now they’re doing away with savings catcher all together. They gradually made it harder and harder to use any method of saving money until they did away with it altogether. It doesn’t surprise me but it still makes me mad. Highly disappointed with Walmart.
  • Loved the app until... 1/5

    By Socrmom11
    I’ve used the Walmart app for years. Especially the savings catcher portion. Today, I receive an email stating Walmart will not support savings catcher after May 14, 2019. So, the whole reason I used this app is now pointless. Walmart took a great thing and ruined it by putting their greed in front of consumer savings. Their claim that it has worked by lowering prices and now the savings catcher is no longer needed is a bunch of bunk. Because just this week I got back just over $3! Bye bye Walmart app.
  • Jenifer Sumter SC 5/5

    By clemson1015
    Was great. She did a complete job with correct substitute item. Friendly, polite and nice
  • Where are the dimensions??? 2/5

    By miranda.2102
    The app is nice and all, but i am trying to buy a small kitchen dinning table and most of the tables have no measurements. How am I supposed to know if it will fit my kitchen?? I am very dissatisfied and disappointed. I now will probably have to go through the process of returning it. I’m kinda just playing guessing games. It’s very frustrating. I have to check reviews to see if anyone has written them down because they appear no where under “about this item” or anywhere else.
  • Discontinued the main perk of this app and the store 1/5

    By gibby'sNessa
    As a shopper, a mother, a women on a budget I valued the saving catcher aspect of this Walmart app more then words can say. So when they discontinued the option of scanning your receipt into saving catcher last year I was beyond bummed! With the extra effort of having to make sure I open the app during checkout to use Walmart pay to submit my receipt to saving catcher was a bit of a nightmare especially when over half the cashiers seemed beyond lost that I was only scanning the code for that purpose with intent to pay using another method (and honestly they were never any help). Now that the email has been sent out that the program will be completely discontinued May 14, 2019 I honestly have really no reason to mess with Walmart anymore. I’m sure the company is truly under the impression that they are saving everyone money since I’m sure half the people stopped messing with savings catcher after the receipt submission was changed. But between (A) the program ending and (B) their door stoppers that want you to stop at the door and show a receipt when your leaving... WELL I PAY FOR SAMS CLUB AND WALMART IS NOT SAMS CLUB PEOPLE! I refuse to be treated as a thief when I pay for every single item!!!! Their employees lack the effort of paying attention to customers in the store or offer any help once so ever! Simple fact that if a customer is acknowledged in a store by an associate the chance they will shop lift drops dramatically...DRAMATICALLY WALMART!!! But their “ten foot rule” has never been applied beyond training. So discontinue your savings catcher while also hassling and harassing your paying customers as they leave...I’m a Target girl now!!!!!!!!!
  • Becoming very disappointed 1/5

    By Hoosiergal77
    *update* I find the app completely useless now. The feature to help save money with savings catcher has been cut back a few times and now it basically being discontinued. I have started moving towards Mejiers because of all this. The app seems to be getting worse. More and more when I scan a receipt, it is having problems reading it. I am either forced to type it all in or at minimum the date. It used to just scan so easily? Also it has been a VERY long time since I have earned any money back on a receipt. How do I really know if prices are being matched honestly? Anymore I just use it as a way to store my receipts, so I have access to them incase I have to return items. *its been a few months and nothing has changed. Same issues. I've deleted the app now. It's become a waste of space for me. 10/30/17 *the new way to redeem your reward dollars has gotten more complicated. I truly believe they keep making this app worse so that people won’t use the savings catcher as much and Walmart keeps that money! Ugh!
  • Savings catcher done 1/5

    By Gloy1970
    Savings catcher is gone may14th. They slowly destroyed a great app until it was finally gone way to go walmart. This is one customer you just lost. Your shelves are always empty, you only have one line with a cashier open and make me self checkout without paying me a salary. You are going from being a power house store to a soon to be out of business company. Good job!!!!!
  • No Savings Catcher 🤬 1/5

    By Great Dain
    Deleting app after this review. No reason to keep it without the Savings Catcher. I will never use Walmart Pay!
  • Savings catcher is going away 1/5

    By Terry Lackey
    I just deleted my savings catcher and my Walmart app as of May savings catcher is going away. Side not every since Walmart went to scan only epay I have not gotten a single cent back . I know I’ve seen stuff at Kroger cheaper. FYI I couldn’t keep up with my epay receipt anyways. So I deleted the whole Walmart app. 2 thumbs down!!!!
  • Savings catcher going away 1/5

    By RustieV2006
    The reason they say is because they beat out the competition. How come I have saved over $200 in the past year with it. They are trying to cut costs. Ugh.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By xaxx.
    They are getting rid of savings catcher soon. Terrible decision. The only reason that most people use Walmart pay is to use savings catcher. The map to find things in stores is hard to use and it’s a waste of time since it shows you 3 or 4 spots for the same thing. It’s slow in the store.
  • Eliminating Cash Savers 1/5

    By fbicking
    They are eliminating Cash Savers because “their prices win”. Guess the $176 I have saved since December don’t count. Well Walmart I will start taking the time to go save that money directly at those stores. Horrible decision!!!
  • No more savings catcher? Uninstalled 1/5

    By Incognitoeffect
    This program was great. I used it and got money back when they compared prices. Roughly 3/4 of the receipts I submitted netted me some sort of cash back. Now that they’ve done away with that there is literally no reason to use this.
  • Alright 3/5

    By Nothing new here
    App is alright with a few occasional glitches. Savings catcher was the best part, but I guess after loosing money on it for a while, they decided to discontinue that part. In their discontinuation email they stated that often times their prices were the best. Even though I got money back every single time I shopped with them -___- Now it’s only good for finding the aisles where items are located, and online shopping, which isn’t as great as Amazon’s anyway.
  • Typical Walmart!! 1/5

    By Annoyed1512
    So many complaints about not accepting regular receipt uploads anymore and only doing savings catcher through Walmart pay. So their response, “Were doing away with savings catcher.” Typical Walmart. Or maybe they can use the extra time to put more cashiers to work. 😂😂
  • Walmart Pay not working 2/5

    By corinne iphone 7
    As of a week ago while checking out in line, u must have a credit card on file in order to use savings catcher. We went to customer service as the lady in front of us also couldn’t use your app either. Just got email they are doing away with savings catcher and Walmart pay, about time !!!
  • I don’t use this app. 1/5

    By sherden24
    I’ve always liked this app but now that there is no “Savings Catcher receipt submission” then what’s the use? I never used it after you couldn't take pics and submit them because I didn’t want to link a card. They say it’s because their prices are lower but I do think Walmart was losing money overall. Our Walmart’s just always have way to much attitude and this digital age with hacking is not trustworthy for me to be linking my card. Plus, I rarely get anything back anymore. I think the only thing I use it for is to find out where things are located because I can’t find a worker so I’ll just take my chances.
  • No more Savings Catcher 1/5

    By iPhone2007Owner
    No real use for the app any more! I’ll just use my debit card since my this behind-the-times company isn’t accepting Apple Pay!
  • No more savings catcher... 1/5

    By Karanaida
    Without the savings catcher, there’s really no more reason for me to shop at Walmart. I get money back on almost every single receipt I submit, so I will be shopping where it’s not only cheaper, but more convenient for me. Shame really, because it was making my life a little easier despite being out of the way, but I have to save money, and Walmart isn’t the cheapest on everything. Amazon wins again!
  • Savings Catcher 1/5

    By alyssajeanie
    Originally got this app because a friend told me about all the money she got back with Savings Catcher. I used it religiously until you took away the option to scan physical receipts. I got an email today saying you were getting rid of it all together because your “prices are already unbeatable.” Sounds to me like Walmart is just tired of paying people back for overspending.
  • Walmart app 1/5

    By LIL-E45
    Does not work and I have a iPhone 6s. Can’t event use the app and it says sorry try again later and signing in to my account says error try again later I’m uninstalling it be carful this could happen to u to
  • Higher pricing in store. False advertising! 1/5

    By iPhonePhive
    Why do most products say check in store pricing? Don't give the phone app acess to your location. If you do the app raises the listed prices based on the store you visit. This is so shady of Walmart!
  • Savings Catcher 2/5

    By Amaiyah.dawson1
    I miss the savings Catcher.
  • Was great, now it’s worthless 2/5

    By Rix6ix
    I can’t even use my savings catcher, there is no cell service inside the 2 Walmart’s I go to. So I can’t even load the app to scan at checkout. Absolutely worthless and frustrating. Bring back the scan recept!!!!!!!!
  • Literally the worse shopping app I’ve ever had 1/5

    By Wbelise---
    This app is useless and getting deleted. I don’t understand why everything on here is the same crap as on Amazon, but with much less detail and horrible picture quality. Amazon shopping is so much better and I’ll just stick with them since it’s all the same anyway. The filtering options are awful. The worse. This app is a joke.
  • 1 major flaw. 3/5

    By DaAuMiCoRe
    App is great all together, so many features and things you can do that make your shopping experience so much easier. However if you’re like me and ready reviews on every product before you purchase sadly the app doesn’t show customer review photos like you would see on the regular website. If this wasn’t the case however then 5 stars.
  • Walmart Pay still doesn’t work 4/5

    By Clinton1223
    After today’s update (3-14-2018), Walmart pay Siri shortcut still doesn’t work. I use Siri or type in the spotlight search to use WalMart pay shortcut but it only opens the Walmart app and doesn’t go to the Walmart pay function like it used to.
  • Walmart at York Commons Dayton Ohio 1/5

    By Roberta Mount
    I just left the Walmart on York Commons in Dayton Ohio! Every time I go to this store, I swear it will be my last! Well, today did it!! It denied my card not once but THREE times! I was in the self checkout lane, I motioned for the cashier I needed help, she look straight at me and walked off!! So, I went to a regular check out lane,(only TWO cashiers!) It Denied not only my card but my daughter-in-law’s card also! The cashier said there was a problem between their system and our bank’s system!!! Are you kidding me!??! LAST time I will go to this Walmart for ANY THING! I will go to Kroger or Meier!!!!!!
  • I ordered a 50$ gift card in 1/5

    By Euler zhu
    It’s a birthday gift card. You cannot see the balance in the card. But I give another gift to my friend because it arrives a bit late. Then last week I use it to add some gas and I find the balance is actually 20$. I go to a Walmart Supercenter to check it. In 2.6 it’s loaded 20$, in 3.6 I use it to add gas. The gift card number is 6162068973928829. I called their customer service. But I got an email said that “per our records, the gift card ending in 1888 was loaded 50 the used in store 127 in malvern at on 2-24 for 28.2 and 2-24 for 21.8. They don’t make any call to me. I live in ok, they mean that I spend the gift card in ar and then want to cheat them! That’s ridiculous, what a company! What a customer service! They asked me to provide the number of the gift card. I take a picture of the gift card I received and they said it is purchased by others, they ask me to let the purchaser to contact them. So there is nothing you can do if they cheat you! I am fairly angry about that!

Walmart - Save Time and Money app comments

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