Walmart – Shopping and Saving

Walmart – Shopping and Saving

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  • Current Version: 18.19.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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Walmart – Shopping and Saving App

Our award-winning app saves you time and money. • Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below. • Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online. • See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store. • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services. • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills. • Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone. • We put the difference from any lower prices in your area on an eGift card! Savings Catcher compares your eligible in-store purchases for you. Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35. Save money. Live better.

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Walmart – Shopping and Saving app reviews

  • No more Savings Catcher 2/5

    By Capt'n D
    Savings Catcher is going away unless you use their Walmart Pay. What if I prefer to pay with cash, or Apple Pay? Well, you’re boned. A total pain in my in my hindquarters, I might say. Oh well, Amazon can get even MORE of my business than they’ve already taken from WM. Too bad.
  • What happened to search? 3/5

    By My Grandbaby's Gigi
    Today, I tried to search for oatmeal, Quaker oats, rolled oats and a couple more combinations and could never get Quaker Oats as a response. Similar searches return nothing close to what I searched for.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Joseph & Lisa
    Stopped logging me in all of a sudden. Not a password issue. Getting an error.
  • The app lies about stock in store 1/5

    By chef Efraim
    Over and over again your app says one thing and when I get to the aisle in the store I find something else. This kind of crap is why I've been going back to Amazon. By the way, I tried to make this comment on the Feedback portion of your app, but you apparently don't want to hear from the customers since that feature is turned off.

    By Mammers1981
    After your second to last update, your app now closes after approximately 30 seconds. I’ve contacted Walmart by FB Messenger twice and via the app. Even after the latest update, it’s still doing it. And no, it’s not my phone. No problems with any other apps. Very annoying.
  • New update is total BS!! 1/5

    By Lizzypoo1975
    I order from at least 4/5 times a month. This last update I can no longer purchase ANYTHING unless I buy multiples of the item!!!! It’s absolutely BS!!! I always buy my baking supplies for the holidays at the mid/end October to beat the rush and now I can’t buy ANYTHING!! There’s no more 2 day shipping! I clicked one item and it told me I have to go to to order it! I WAS ON THE WALMART APP!!!! I follow the link and it takes me to an open browser window that takes me back to the APP!!! I stopped! This is total crap and if they don’t fix it back I’m no longer shopping at Walmart!!! Greedy Grapes!
  • Savings catcher 5/5

    By SS1971
    It would be nice to add a yes or no option to ask if you would like to use your savings catcher credit at checkout. I like to build up credit over time.
  • Updates broke it 1/5

    By Anna748263
    Used to work great. Now it redirects you to in order to add things to your cart. Makes the app useless since I still have to go to the website to shop...
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Imrodsangel
    Ever since they changed how you use the app it doesn’t work! I have over $200 on it and I can’t even get it to load in the store to use it. Manager was no help! I will be uninstalling the app!
  • Don’t order from Walmart.con 1/5

    By JimboXStrewt
    I tried out to buy an item, they sent the wrong item. I went to return it at the store but they refused because apparently it was through a third-party, so they called online care who then had to contact this other company...and a day later we’re still going through the return process. I don’t understand why they’d make items available online but not have the stores set up yet to handle returns...seems like a nice try to be like Amazon but a big fail in my book.
  • Recent Changes Awful 1/5

    By Sincerely Me 00
    Why is every item now bulk? 2-6 packs? Not only that, it sends you to for everything now! I dont want to use a pc, ipad, or web browser for i have the app on my phone for a reason. The app used to be easy simple. Hey i need foil, boom foil in my cart. Now its 4 pack of foil + sends me to on web browser. Fix PLEASE!!!!!!
  • bad 1/5

    By nekocatgirl38
    savings catcher recite september 28 still hasn’t. Gotten no lower price found or you got this amount on the recite. It’s now a month later and nothing. called them and they straight up lied to me. I like shopping on the app with my savings catcher. Money but now I can’t do that. Cause of this reason and problem. that is why it gets a low star rating and review.
  • Fix Please 5/5

    By Lilly2179
    Please fix the Savings Catcher...I upload the receipts but have not yet seen the results of how much I have actually earned so far. Please Fix as soon as possible. Everything else in the app works great.
  • Bill pay 3/5

    By Travis kf
    We need bill pay on this app.
  • New changes 2/5

    By Oldplayer1
    Ok so beginning in late October we must use Walmart pay to submit a receipt to savings catcher We’ll in my Walmart that’s not possible we have no connection with the metal roof it makes it hard to even sign in on the app and the WiFi in the store is horrible, so I guess some app users in my area is no longer going to be able to participate Also I just helped some of my elderly relatives set it up on their laptop so they can earn without smartphones yes not everyone has a smartphone well they will no longer be able to participate Finally some of the employees informed me that we will longer be allowed to save it that once we scan at the register it will automatically take what I have saved, well well now isn’t that special Why can’t y’all just stop trying to make the app better it was fine like it was Well after this disaster you might wanna start trying to make it better
  • Stupid changes 1/5

    By njhgcxddgh
    Savings catcher worked beautifully, but now it feels like your customers are getting screwed. Will we no longer be able save up our funds and use them when we CHOOSE, since scanning with Walmart pay automatically deducts what’s in there?? What if our phones don’t work at the time of checking out?? Savings catcher is literally the only reason I still shop at Walmart! HEB is closer to where I live, so maybe it’s time to switch stores.
  • Needs higher age rating 1/5

    By anoon1234567899
    This app has content not appropriate for children under 17. The rating needs to be changed to 17+
  • Go back to old version 1/5

    By ncbps2007
    Where do I start. 1. I enter in what I’m searching for and u get completely different items never what u want. 2. Start a return than decided to not return item but u took away option to cancel return now notification stays on the app for 95 days annoying. 3. Order items and now I have to bounce from app to website just to order. 4. Items showing on first search screen as out of stock but if u click on the item it’s in stock able to order and it shows up on your door step. 5. Savings catcher says receipt invalid don’t exist unable to scan have to go to actual Computer to enter on website. 6. Put item in my cart and now says can’t ship none of my items to me due to state regulations. All food items. Had to go back to website to complete my order and yes items were delivered. 7. Says item is at my local store. Gives incorrect isle number as I’m looking for a cleaner and I’m standing in stationary. After asking mgr come to find out store never carried product but the app says they do. Mgr checked if was coming in store never or in future will be.
  • Absolutely Useless 1/5

    By CatRandy
    Absolutely useless now that they have remove the ability to put items on a shopping list. You can still create a list, but they removed the option to put items you’re looking at on that list.
  • From best to useless in one update 1/5

    By macike
    Great job wm. You took one of the best shopping and paying apps and made it useless. 1. Wm pay not working 2. When doing a return at the counter scan barcode can no longer open receipt. This took three minutes to find. I am sure I will find more features.
  • Useless! 1/5

    By 1stimom
    Terrible app! The old version of the app was great but the new one is useless! It doesn’t display products even though they are in the store. Also, no accurate aisle info or no aisle to find products
  • Food items now unavailable via app 3/5

    By QuirkyCarter
    Suddenly you have to order food items through the website, meaning 2 different orders. This is an unacceptable change.
  • Dropping receipt scanning 1/5

    By LinHens
    I’m very unhappy with the fact that you are eliminating the ability to scan my receipt for myself. There are many scenarios that I could cite where scanning is required, but most importantly without this ability, we will no longer get the lowest price. No, I don’t care that the majority of the time Walmart is the lowest, I will miss the times that Walmart isn’t the lowest. In the last year, that amount for me was $142. A great loss!! So, without having my phone and activating Walmart pay, I lose! I will delete the app now, thanks for nothing!!
  • Item/SKU Number !!?? 1/5

    By Unknown Apple Client
    Where the hell is the item or SKU number!? No where in the app for any item. 🙁
  • rewards are not added to my account 1/5

    By disapointed by walmart
    When I first started using this app it worked fine but now it is not loading my rewards to my account so they can be used Walmart needs to go back to comping sale adds because this is not working!!!
  • Savings catcher not working 1/5

    By KR0388
    For almost a month now all my receipts I have submitted say “Receipt received”. I have contacted Walmart help more than once and have gotten nowhere! HORRIBLE customer service! I will be deleting the app.
  • Saving catcher change 2/5

    By 739538532
    Absolutely not linking my debt card to Walmart. Savings catcher was hacked, so November I will be deleting my account.
  • Saving catcher problems 2/5

    By GermanGalFl
    Have been using the app for a few years now but since the last 3 days it wouldn’t log in neither to saving catcher nor Walmart pay - your recent update didn’t solve the problem neither
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Patch4ever
    This app is terrible. I’ll try and find an exact item (ex: Ball canning jar) and end up with cleaning supplies and toys. How about stick with ONLY what I’m searching for. Totally worthless and time consuming app. Please fix the search so it’s relevant to what search words are. You get a zero star from me, but a 1 for at least having an app - and while not items in store are in the app, the ones that are, are helpful with Aisle #.
  • Please Fix Savings Catcher! 2/5

    By jenannrooney
    On this last update on the savings catcher section you can no longer see which receipts have been processed, how much you get back on each receipt and which products you got money back on. Doing those things was some of the best features on the whole app. PLEASE please please fix it :)
  • Savings catcher 1/5

    By myctenor
    Savings catcher never works. Always says connection error
  • Needs more integration 2/5

    By rdogg125
    Can I ask Siri how long the checkout lines are? How about when a Safer solution will I’ve implemented where I don’t have to give Walmart my credit card number?
  • Siri “busy store” option isn’t working 3/5

    By Weluvkats
    I’ve tried repeatedly to get the new Siri option to work, and it won’t. I followed the instructions exactly, and it just asks me whether I want directions to the store or to call it. It won’t tell me anything about how busy the store is.
  • I use to love Walmart... Not a fan anymore 1/5

    By tena_redbug93
    I miss my paper receipt. The new Walmart pay is great for some things, but not everything. I miss REAL PEOPLE checking me out at the register. You want me to spend money there and take my time to check myself out? I miss the old customer service. If I want to shop with a robot, I’ll shop online. You are missing sales from my household.!.!.!
  • Don’t take away receipt scanning! 1/5

    By Bab859
    I actually love the app but the move to force me to use Walmart pay is shady. Scanning in my receipt in the app is convenient and allows me to pay in any method. I also like to use my savings on larger chunks and don’t want to use them immediately. This is not good Walmart! Makes me want to shop elsewhere.
  • Savings catcher 3/5

    By Turkeypoop
    Please bring back the receipt scannable savings catcher
  • Savings Catcher 3/5

    By Short lo
    It won’t load. Keeps saying check internet connection which is fine. Use it on everything else. I’ve tried it on data and WiFi. Fix it please!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Vitoo0o
    The update before this recent one made my app crash every time I tried putting my 4 digit password on. So I had to put in my password all the time. And with this recent update my app completely crashes seconds after I login to the app. Please fix. This is horrid.
  • Not working 2/5

    By Missyw_4
    Savings catcher hasn’t worked for over a month now!
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Mirrax5
    I am unhappy with a lot of things on the app. I really dislike that the only way we will be able to use savings catcher is now with Walmart pay. I have a card on file but I do not and will not use it for all transactions. October 29 will be the last I use the app and Walmart pay.
  • Walmart Pay 2/5

    By Suebee7856
    After getting an email stating that savings catcher will only work with Walmart Pay, I set up cards on my phone app. I went to Walmart, pulled up Walmart Pay, scanned the QR code. Declined Visa card. Had to void the transaction, changed cards on the app and re-rang the sale. Declined Discover card. So I stuck my Discover card in the chip reader and it automatically recorded receipt into Walmart Pay. My question is what good is Walmart Pay when you have to pull out your credit card and stick it in the chip reader anyway? Where is the time savings? Is this a one time thing to verify that the phone owner is also the card holder? A bit disappointed in the way this app works.
  • Where is Chase Pay option? 2/5

    By xhmnba
    Walmart App on Android phones has the Chase pay option under Walmart pay tab. But where is it here on iOS?
  • Savings catcher too successful? 2/5

    By ackerbily
    Seems Walmart is making savings catcher more difficult to use? We love the program but my wife can no longer scan our tickets? What’s up with that? This was the greatest program ever till they started messing with it! Not trusting Walmart anymore! Also, what’s up with $3 milk when all the other chains still way under that? Something to do with Walmart’s new milk processing center going online?
  • Why change? 1/5

    By Kaytee1
    Well I have liked the app and been using it for a while? So why are you changing how you submit your receipts, that's not fair to your customers!! Guess that's one way to stop giving deals to your customers! Not everyone has a smartphone and can only add on the internet!!
  • App is ok 3/5

    By MrChickleSack
    The app isn’t bad, other than the fact that I can not filter by products available at my store only, no matter what I set my filters at it always shows me online vendors or shipped items. Sometimes I just want to find a store that has it right now, and that’s annoying.
  • Compran2 5/5

    By computa2ra
  • It keeps crashing 3/5

    By blackgirl504
    I updated the app today to iOS 12 and now the app keep crashing Everytime I try to login or do anything else with it
  • Terrible after last update! 1/5

    By KrystalLynn21
    10-13-18 : after this past update, I can’t do anything in the app besides login. It just kicks me out! Please fix this and so another update!
  • Ridiculous, misleading. 1/5

    By Longhorn5555
    Says you can transfer money via the app, so I download it and then it says you have to go into a store to complete a transaction. That’s just stupid. DELETE.

Walmart – Shopping and Saving app comments

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