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Walmart – Shopping and Saving

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Walmart – Shopping and Saving App

Our award-winning app saves you time and money. • Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below. • Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online. • See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store. • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services. • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills. • Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone. • We put the difference from any lower prices in your area on an eGift card! Savings Catcher compares your eligible in-store purchases for you. Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35. Save money. Live better.

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Walmart – Shopping and Saving app reviews

  • Upset!! 3/5

    By JSanford48
    It stinks I have to comment when I’m upset, I have used this app for over a year and I shop at Walmart like 2 to 3xs a week - can no longer upload my receipts to save what little money I can because I won’t allow my phone to have that type of access. Please change this, not fair to others that don’t car for ApplePay!
  • Not the app the store! 1/5

    By Gillterose
    I give the app a 5 out of 5 but not the pickup option. I order a vacuum cleaner to pick up. I went in there at 2 they said come at 6 they will have it then okay cool whatever. We come back at six and watch them give the product we order! To someone else. Then we told them that we ordered a vacuum and you said to come back at six. They said we’re out of order and you will have to reorder everything..NO
  • Savings Catcher Worthless 1/5

    By Strikers diva
    Savings Catcher only works when paying with the app and also forces users to use the savings first before charging to a card that you have to load in their app. Doesn't work with Apple Pay. Who's stupid idea was that?
  • Don’t buy anything from a 3rd party 1/5

    By Devogirl
    Through Walmart because if you try to return it in store you have to have a box and if they can’t print the label for you they will send you away and put your order through as you returned it at the store when you didn’t. And when you call customer support for help to reverse it they tell you you have to go back to the store. Big waste of time. Just buy at Walmart in the store or don’t buy at all
  • Savings Catcher scanning MIA!!!!! 1/5

    By xstreme10
    This app is useless to me without the ability to scan my physical receipts. Just a way to force people further into Walmart pay. I’ll just stick with Apple Pay at other stores, thanks.
  • Buyer Beware!! 1/5

    By Chef Dawnelle
    I purchased a transformer for my grandsons for Christmas. You could not tell from the website of the size. I was shocked when I opened the big box and the toy easily fit in the palm of my hand. This tiny toy cost $25 because WALMART allowed a third party to send the toy which included $5.99 for something that weighed 2 ounces!! I just received the refund for $17.91 which included a shipping fee of $7.99 and a restocking fee!!! Seriously?! I will never order anything online with WALMART again.
  • Clueless 1/5

    By The Fixers
    This app has no idea what I am talking about. I can type in the same words as on the box and it offers underwear
  • Not good anymore 2/5

    By Triplist69
    Since you have to pay with a card set up through the app for savings catcher to work. It has gone downhill. Screen freezes, won’t connect to register. Order online and sent to store for free and they ignore you when you get there.
  • Savings catcher 1/5

    By Lolabunny7178
    Please bring back scan your receipt. I don’t ever remember to scan the code when I’m paying.
  • Missing things 1/5

    By VeiledAxiom
    I really do not like this app. I clicked on women’s clothing and there’s no plus size option. And nothing shows up on the screen except your advertisements. I want the option to shop all clothing not what categories you picked out for me. I’m using iPad and even the Internet browser is the same way.
  • The Best liars of all 3/5

    By 2lucky4u
    Liars liars liars !!!! I’m standing in the store in front of a big display of boxes of these TVs and the app is telling me they are out of stock at this WALMART - I google the tv specs exactly
  • Savings Catcher new policy is horrible 1/5

    By GermanyW
    You can no longer scan your receipts. You have to scan your phone at the register for price match now. So if you forget, have a low battery, no reception, etc. you’re basically screwed out of your savings now. Good idea Walmart, make it more difficult so you’ll have less payouts.
  • Shop by category fail 1/5

    By Blindly learning
    I discovered when using the categories and filters that it can be way off. I was peaking for a thick winter coat. I clicked Clothing next Women. This did all women clothing so i filtered: coats, size 16, and sort high to low. I got mens stuff and wedding dresses also it places a item priced at $45 as more expensive then a $399 dress... lol
  • No more savings catcher 1/5

    By theFrontPorch
    It’s actually a lie that you can scan receipts. That functionality has been removed and replaced by a nearly impossible system of scanning QR code before you purchase your items. Back to Target!
  • This Is a Joke (for iPad mini at least) 1/5

    By Slo40
    Results will not filter by department. Search for men's clothing starts with sports bras and women's stretch pants. Was trying to spend $500. Thanks for wasting my time 🖕
  • .. 1/5

    By Dreamir6072
    I don’t get why it’s trying to make me out in my credit card info it’s it’s free I’ve already done that last time and it took money off my card❗️

    By Shygger
    If you forget to scan your app at checkout your screwed out if savings or a digital receipt. The bar scan fails 50% of the time when walking around the store checking prices. Leaves you frustrated and hating this store. The more improvements they make the worse it gets. HATE!!!
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By pdcali38
    Been using the Walmart app for a good six months and have become very disappointed. They took away savings catcher & it sounds like a lot of other folks are disappointed as well. The savings catcher can only be used when using Walmart pay via the barcode eith a smartphone and a previously set up debit/credit card. The other issue is when using the Walmart app you can’t use it to order groceries for pick up; it doesn’t work. Most products are listed as either out of stock or not available for pickup. Therefore ordering items for pick up can only be accomplished at Thanks for informing the public Walmart, not!
  • Out of stock 3/5

    By frequent shopper82
    I use this app because I am visually impaired and I don’t drive so this is extremely convenient for me. However, lately, it seems that nothing is available online anymore. When I go to the re-order tab, most of the items that I have ordered several times in the past are out of stock. This is extremely frustrating to me because I now have to find a ride to go into the store to get my household essentials instead of just being able to order them through the Walmart app like I’ve been doing for the past year. I hope this issue is fixed sometime in the very near future.
  • Haven’t been back 1/5

    By Romimibu
    I haven’t been back to Walmart since they changed the savings catcher program. It was the only reason I went there. I liked accumulating the savings for those times in between paychecks when my cash was low. Other grocery stores are farther away or are a few cents more expensive so it “seems” inconvenient to go to them, but they have no lines or nearly no lines, they are cleaner, friendlier, and keep their products stocked. So I just don’t have a reason to go to Walmart anymore. I did try ordering online because I thought that might be a nice convenience after I broke my ankle, but that was a joke. I tried it several different times. I’ll be writing for 30 minutes if I start explaining how that was a fiasco each time I did the online ordering.
  • Frustrated!!! 2/5

    By Norma67
    Would’ve rated it a 5 star if the option to scan receipts was never removed. Taking away the option to scan receipts was the worst idea. They shouldn’t have done that unless they were offering good WiFi for free. I just spent $111 and had no service at all in the store. The app would not load. Very frustrating. Had to pay with my debit card and now can’t even scan the receipt into the savings catcher.
  • Don’t use unless you have a fully charged phone. 1/5

    By Won't buy again.
    There is no way to submit receipts if your phone is dead when at the store. This is greed pure and simple. Making it harder to submit receipts so they don’t have to match the prices.
  • Pick up order at the Brighton CO. WalMart store 1/5

    By Zula Ann Troutner
    I got an email alert that my online order was ready for pickup. I went to the store to pick it up. The store’s computer said they had 7 in stock. The service person couldn’t find any at all in the store. He suggested I buy an alternative which I started to do until I got to self-checkout and found it cost almost $50.00 more than my original order. I left the store without my supposed “ready to pick up” order. Then I began to get emails saying that my pickup was delayed and it would be December 6. So my husband stopped by to do the pickup Dec.7. The service person again couldn’t find the order after a 20 minute wait. Usually large businesses like WalMart aren’t this inefficient. Is it just this particular store or manager? I’de love to get feed-back from the Brighton Store manager ASAP.
  • Savings Catcher doesn’t work! 1/5

    By southernbelle615
    We have to use Walmart Pay at the register to use Savings Catcher. Problems with that: Walmart Pay is cumbersome to use, sooo slow, and causes even more of a backup at the checkout, especially if you are trying to unload your cart for checkout, and then the receipts aren’t submitting into Savings Catcher. I’ve submitted feedback 3 times about this problem, and no response, of course. We used to be able to scan receipts to submit to Savings Catcher, but that stopped so we have to use Walmart Pay. Guess what? That function doesn’t work and no way to submit it by scanning receipts. Guess that’s one way for Walmart to save money, never having to pay out the difference when they claim they do.
  • The new return function did not work on online order 1/5

    By Kirakiraaki
    I was excited to try out the rerun function online. Sadly, it doesn't work on all orders. It will be a great idea if it would work and just scan and go.
  • App not working 1/5

    By DG 50
    What is wrong with the savings catcher. When you scan the receipt it does not put it in the savings. It use to work so good now not at all??
  • Fix the savings catcher issue. Can't add receipts 2/5

    By iLOVEDu88
    Why does the app close every time I go to add new purchase receipts. BULL$&$T. I shop a lot at Walmart and would like to be able to access all the features of the savings catcher.
  • Please address some very annoying issues 1/5

    By conceptR
    PLEASE LET US VIEW ITEM'S AVAILABILITY IN MORE THAN 5 STORES! It's so annoying to have to look up every single zip code in my area when we should be able to define radius distance. Also! Please let us set Walmart as default retailer when searching for something. I do not want to purchase from other retailers and would prefer Amazon or eBay for that purpose. Updated to the most recent version. I heavily use this app as I shop at Walmart very often. Some bugs I've discovered: - Cannot fully read a customer's review on a product. When scrolling down on the review the screen jumps back up. It has a rubber band-like springing action that does not allow me to read the entire customer review. - When I have multiple items saved in my cart for later purchase, deleting an item from the cart collapses the entire thing and I have to expand it again to see the rest of my items. This gets really annoying as I have a lot of items saved for later purchase. - After clicking on an item in the saved later cart and clicking the back arrow, it brings me back to the cart but to the very top with a collapsed list. It'd be nice to press back and bring me back to where I last scrolled on my save for later list, instead of having to expand the list and look for where I last left off in my cart. - When I'm within the vicinity of a local walmart and want to change Walmarts to see if another store has the item in stock, the app will not let me look at another store's inventory since it detects that I'm too close to my current walmart and will only allow me to browse that particular store.
  • Savings Catcher now an inconvenience 1/5

    By Jewel1205
    I waste EVERYONES time and annoy people behind me in line and the employee that gets stuck with ringing me out because the ONLY WAY savings catcher will scan for savings is to use WALMART PAY knowing Full well it’s going to deny and off I go to use s different form of pay REGARDLESS! Walmart pay WILL NEVER WORK BECAUSE OF BANKS NEVER APPROVING DUE TO FRAUD/ IDENTITY THEFT! Walmart it’s silly you made this once AWESOME FEATURE, Now a punishment to Employees and Shoppers it’s stupid and I’m close to walking away from WALMART ON PRINCIPLE!
  • THIEVES 1/5

    By TRuthBReaL
    They take your money and don’t deliver. When you ask them to help they don’t do anything. Horrible business! Go with Amazon
  • What you expect from Walmart 1/5

    By pmedic22115
    Not user friendly, reloads after 2 seconds, 2 day shipping, that’s hilarious!
  • Very bad 1/5

    I did not receive the item I bought, I tried to communicate with them. and they did not give me my money back . Not good
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mcjxsjiaaoixjfh
    Took my money twice when I purchase a laptop online. Never received a refund blame me that I spent money that I didn’t have in my account when I had more than enough money to buy their product. Will never go to walmart or using their app again. -1 star. Superrrrrr!!!!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Studiocher
    I had to give it one star just so I could let people know how bad this site is otherwise I would have given it a zero.
  • Savings catcher 1/5

    By adgiijf
    I use to love it before they changed it. I absolutely hate the new way. I will start shopping wherever I can get stuff cheaper now. I wish they would change it back. It was easy.
  • Used to love, Hate the digital wallet now 1/5

    By smlwoman
    Walmart has alienated customers who use cash. Those who don’t want their credit cards and bank accounts out there for everyone to get ahold of. Identity fraud is real and costly. I loved scanning the receipts and knowing if I needed to return something I had the receipt on my phone. Finding that item got easier with the updates. It was never a ton of money but I was able to save up enough that when I was short on cash I could grab a gallon of milk or some eggs. The latest updates have taken that away. Only those that want to use the digital wallet get to use the savings catcher. I used to be grateful for the app, now it’s just a waste of space in my phone.
  • Fix what you broke 2/5

    By FLF3
    I loved this app in the beginning but now you have to use Walmart pay to get savings catcher benefits, Walmart pay always declines the registered card so you have to go to the car to get it, and last but not least, you limit the receipts that can be submitted to savings catcher even through Walmart pay. I don’t know who’s running this app but they must not shop at Walmart because using this app is pure torture. I’ll agree with the other reviewers who advise against the false advertising because this app is nothing like you say.
  • Savings catcher 2/5

    By slk 4
    Hate I can’t submit my receipts when I get home lot of times just run in don’t even have cell phone.That was a real bummer for me don’t use it anymore.
  • Do not use it 1/5

    By Wt prblm wth nknm
    I ordered items by this app and after the pickup time Walmart canceled my order. Fine. I was told I can reorder it and I did reorder. After 12 days the order was canceled again. If you wanna play games with this service go ahead, but I am definitely do not recommend this app to use. Beware, do not buy, they will fail and nobody truly responsible.
  • No Apple Pay? No shop. 1/5

    By Io333333
    I refuse to use anything except cash or Apple Pay any more. I haven't been to Walmart since the CurrentC debacle. My credit card was skimmed 4 times and one of those times was at Walmart? Wanna know why Kmart and Sears died? By acting like Walmart is now with their crusty old execs refusing to understand a changing market. The market demands uncrackable secure payment methods. Walmart ignores the market like the idiots that drove Sears into the ground.
  • Walmart Pay Gift Card 4/5

    By Flint-town Bronco
    I don’t like having to open up Walmart Pay to capture and submit my receipts. Plus, I’m trying to build my gift card and they’re constantly using the balance towards my payments when I don’t want to. Very annoying.
  • Lousy service and nightmare returns 1/5

    By jazmin4510
    Ordered microwave for sons dorm, after one week broke, took to store to exchange with my online order number. They could not process but took microwave and assured me it would be taken care of. Two months later no refund!!!!!
  • Savings Catcher Problem 3/5

    By Too Small
    I love Walmart but I sometimes need cash back when I purchase items there. Now they have it where if you use Walmart pay you can’t get cash back. If you don’t use Walmart pay you can’t submit your tickets for savings catcher. This is a big problem for me. Please fix this issue.
  • Debit Card information comprised 1/5

    By DianasLesson
    I uploaded app and photo of my debit card as instructed for payment on this app and coincidentally was contacted by my bank related to fraudulent activity for the same card information at a Walmart. I had not pursued any other “online” activity or transactions using that debit card in while so my gut told me not to upload this information and yet I did. Thank goodness for my bank contacting me or who knows how much more I would have lost. I can’t prove it but I’ve lost trust in their security controls. Lesson learn/Never again~
  • Mal atencion 1/5

    By Dora*2
    Estoy desepcionada de esta tienda puesto que hordene un mueble y no lo resivi estoy tratando de llamar y no me contestan para reclamar mi dinero
  • Savings Catcher....Awful 1/5

    By Tootsie43
    Ok, they switched savings catcher receipts to be entered at Walmart Pay, soooo you go to Walmart Pay and viola! No option is available to scan receipt. Scan is only to use the gift card amount and, of course, this never works when l’m at the check out. Wow, Walmart, could you make this any more complicated and frustrating?
  • Go to eBay or amazon 1/5

    By GrimReaper42O
    It works great till you have a return. I had to buy a box just so they would take back my item. Not the packing it’s in but a box so they could ship it back.
  • No ereceipts 1/5

    By Truck89
    Have to use Savings Catcher so no paper receipt but the ereceipt from Dec 1 2018 is still not on the app so I can’t return anything. They sure were able to take my money though.
  • Do not like the new version of this app. -0 1/5

    By Tefinie
    My account was hacked all my Saving Catcher money was used at a Walmart. And nothing is has or will be done. I scanned receipts all year and saved this for my Christmas extras. Never had a problem until this new savings catcher and Walmart pay. I will not do either because I sure do not want my Information stolen if they can get my rewards they can get my card I feel. So I’m deleting my app. Walmart this is horrible. Just seen a post that had at least 3 other people with the same story. Do what you want. But this scared me. I’ve had app for 3 years. Never a problem until now. You tell me the reason everything is getting hacked??

Walmart – Shopping and Saving app comments

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