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Walmart - Save Time and Money App

Our award-winning app saves you time and money. • Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below. • Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay. • Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online. • See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store. • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services. • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills. • Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone. • We put the difference from any lower prices in your area on an eGift card! Savings Catcher compares your eligible in-store purchases for you. Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35. Save money. Live better.

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  • Keeps Getting Worse: Savings Catcher & Apple Pay 1/5

    By amjice
    Feb. 22, 2019 Edit: Still no Apple Pay payment option and removing savings catcher unless one uses Walmart Pay - again with no Apple Pay as a payment method: all it is is just a tokenized credit card account - which does not work consistently since WP requires data access and Walmart Wi-Fi barely works and I cannot always get a consistent cellular data signal, WP is essentially useless. ===== So I get it that the erstwhile Savings Catcher requires the use of Walmart Pay: it’s supposed to increase compliance and usage of their payment system. Only problem is their free Wi-Fi doesn’t always work and the last three times at two different stores, Walmart Pay failed to work with no useful error message: it just didn’t work. On the first occasion, we asked the sales associate to scan the barcode for the gift card we bought through our children’s SCRIP program and they gave us a hard time about not usually doing it … like customer service was somehow a favor or privilege! The second time Walmart Pay failed, we happened to have a harmony of the barcode for the gift card and that was … NOT convenient. Third time, we just exposed our credit card and stuck it in the chip reader: who knows how safe that really is. Still no Apple Pay, which has proven to be more convenient, does not need Internet connectivity, and is far more secure due to its tokenization technology and the account numbers are not stored in my iPhone, nor in Walmart’s servers, nor in Apple’s servers. I don’t understand why the Walmart app does not integrate Apple Pay into an iOS app?!? There are some merchants like Rite-Aid and Walgreens that incorporate their rewards program AND still allow Apple Pay … if – and they do – Walmart desires to monetize our buying habits for what turns out to be palliative, paltry savings … which makes the use of Walmart Pay, and shopping at Walmart altogether, a losing value proposition. Get your act together, Walmart, because I like the savings, but not at the cost of my account security or the rigamarole to which you force your loyal customers into submission.
  • Grrr? 2/5

    By Susanzeb
    Just give me a fully functioning grocery shopping list.
  • Needs to show everything not half the items 2/5

    By @zeus
    When you try to find things in the store or scan things that are in the store because you just bought it and you want to buy more but your home not at the store it acts like it can’t find it or it’s not there even though if you go down to the store you can find it but it will show you the item that cost more so if I wanted to preset a few things for walmart and pick it up I wouldn’t be able to because according to the app Walmart don’t carry it but I can go to walmart look right at it and what do you know it’s there plus I can scan it to price check it or order it then and with the same app it then shows that’s it’s at walmart. Plus they needs to make the savings catcher work again since they stop price matching it stop working and if they plan not using it they should get ride of it. Other then that the app works fine as long as your willing to go to the store to look for 90% of what you want even though your looking on the app so you can order it not go wondering around walmart or your trying to buy something for family, Walmart needs to list everything in there store not half of it.
  • Too confusing don’t bother 1/5

    By goget-her
    Savings catcher was a great idea but then Walmart butchered it. Now it would take Steve Jobs to figure it out.
  • Savings catcher was the key to this app and they have taken it away 1/5

    By Dan Petrie
    I was using this app for the savings catcher, now that they have taken this away I stopped using the app. Why would I give them free stats on how I shop for free? STOP using the app to bring back savings catcher

    By Alleyeah
    We used to be able to take pictures of our receipts and get money back if lower prices were found elsewhere. They took that option away so now if I want to get money back I HAVE TO pay with the Walmart app. If my phone is dead at the moment or I am paying with cash then it’s not possible to do savings catcher. I have multiple apps where I scan receipts and get money back but with this Walmart one it keeps my receipt disabling me from being able to take pictures of it for other apps and I like to have digital copies of my receipts but I can not with this app now, it cuts all the items off. I have also just discovered that using Walmart pay does not even automatically upload the receipt to savings catcher!!!! You have to do it yourself!! I have missed out for months and my balance is zero but should be higher!!!!!!!! I AM DONE USING THIS APP.
  • Walmart pay 1/5

    By scdmeg
    Wal-Mart has made it very difficult to earn rebates using its new Walmart pay plan. The pickup feature will not allow this and when I have tried to use it, it will not work. Additionally, the very nice Wal-Mart people do not know how to use it either. Savings catcher was so much easier for customers. I have called and emailed Wal-Mart asking them to return to former system but to no avail. This is such a step back for the Walmart customers who faithfully shopped Wal-Mart to earn these bonus dollars.
  • Photo Prints 2/5

    By jarvisfin
    Photo prints do not work. It keeps telling me to check my internet connection. I can use the rest of the app just fine with my connection.
  • Savings catcher 1/5

    By TJD[
    Why should I be FORCED to use Walmart pay just to load for my Savings Catcher ? You are not using fair business practices for those of us who wish not to use our accounts like a checking account . I don’t pay anything online and am Not comfortable using Walmart pay !! I shouldn't be FORCED into this just to get to use Savings Catcher ... that is unfair business practices for those of us choosing not to put all Our financial business over the open air networks that can be captured by anyone with a capturing device. I have an RFID case for my cards and also in that I also carry and RFID blocker card to protect my cards from Being scanned and used ... that’s how protective I am of my financial information
  • Pharmacy app not working 4/5

    By mscici41
    For the past few months, I have not been able to use the Pharmacy portion of the app or the web page to see my prescriptions. The last one showing is no longer a valid RX# and it can’t see what’s ready to refill or to pick up. But, funny how it took the barcode I scanned from the bottle to submit for a refill. Please fix this!!!
  • It’s great! 4/5

    By PritiC
    Good job on the app! Specially reducing paper usage for receipts by using Walmart Pay. It’d be totally awesome if you used TLS instead of SSL though. Another awesome feature is creating and adding to lists and finding the list items in my store. Totally, totally awesome!
  • Icons 3/5

    By Daze13
    I agree .. was better before.. don’t like how savings catcher is only Walmart pay!! I usually pay with cash.. don’t penalize us for cash. We are still loyal to shop there just because we don’t charge.. the app is useless to me now!! Please accommodate us.. back to the way it was.. always used it!!
  • Not getting receipt in Walmart Pay 2/5

    By Bay Area Girl 408
    This is the 3rd time I used Walmart Pay and all times, did not get the receipt so I can not submit for savings catcher. Also, please bring back the manually adding/scanning the paper receipt as sometimes I do not pay with Walmart Pay.
  • Constant nagging ads 1/5

    By kdupuis777
    I turned off all notifications inside the app except for purchases and receipts, yet I’m still bombarded with 3-5 advertisement notifications daily. My $1000 iPhone is not being subsidized by Walmart ads, so bye bye Walmart app. I’ll load your website I. safari when it’s needed.
  • Will not allow me to login 1/5

    By The other Waingro
    Will not allow me to login although I’m using the right credentials.
  • Walmart Pay is NOT Apple Pay. Not even close. 1/5

    By Jeca K
    Not a very good app anymore. The only reason Walmart uses Walmart Pay is because they don't want to accept other mobile payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. Competition. Doesn't make a lot of sense because the money is still being spent in the store regardless. The Savings Catcher part of the app is a joke. No matter how much money you spend they never seem to be able to find a lower price at any of the other stores nearby, so they don't have to bother giving you the difference on a gift card. Hmmm, how convenient. Think before you download this app and just shop at Target instead. ..... they now accept Apple Pay.
  • Savings catcher doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By Silliness42
    I’ve been trying for over an hour to scan this receipt, but now it’s telling me I need to do it “in store.” The FAQ says you have 7 days to enter the receipt. Which is it? This is a mess. I’m going back to Target where I get 5% off my purchases using my debit card. Walmart messed up. See you later Walmart. Byeeeeeee.
  • Savings Catcher is a joke! 1/5

    By DianeShopaholic
    I live very close to the local store. I thought the savings catcher was a cool idea. Eventually we were forced to give Walmart our credit card information to use it. They limit you to submitting only 7 receipts a week. If you shop more than that it’s like you are penalized for spending money there. Many times I’ve had to visit 2 Walmart’s in one day because of out of stock items. You would think they wouldn’t limit the receipt submitted if they truly appreciated the extra business!
  • One reason I liked going to Walmart was for the saving catcher 1/5

    By aja10243
    Walmart says there all about the customers but that must not be the case. Cause one since they changed saving catchers I have had nothing but problems. They need to bring back where we can scan our own receipts. I have lost so much money now due to either the app not working or the machine won’t let me scan it. So now like last night when going to Walmart the app wasn’t working and I couldn’t scan the machine to save my receipt to get money back. So now again I’m loosing money cause I can’t scan my own receipt. I’m not the only one that doesn’t like this new process and should go back to how it was. If it’s not broke than don’t try to fix it. So give the customers what they want and bring back scanning our own receipts.
  • Used to love the Walmart app. 3/5

    By Chi Chi..
    I loved this app. My favorite was the savings catcher. We used to be able to scan receipts but now they want you to use Walmart Pay in order for your receipt to be added to the savings catcher automatically. Besides that it’s not bad but now there’s no use for me.
  • Receipts scan 2/5

    By Peanut713
    I’ve been using this app for a long time now and I agree with others about the update of getting rid of the scan. I don’t like to use the Walmart Pay I’d rather scan a receipt... especially since there’s no physical one to hand to customer service they won’t do returns without a fight about it since it’s through Walmart Pay. Bring back scanning!
  • The End of Savings Catcher 1/5

    By Thatxjguy
    I now have to use Walmart Pay to earn anything with savings catcher. I used to make it a family tradition to scan our receipts and accumulate savings. App is useless to me now. Deleted.
  • New app update 2/5

    By Teresa RESCHKE
    Don’t like the update
  • New Updates often STOP Savings Catcher 3/5

    By Oh, well.
    Twice this year, after an app update, the app will not connect at the register to acknowledge and accept my receipt. Yes, I know now Walmart will eventually fix it, but I loose the opportunity for Savings Catcher rewards. Again.
  • Bought Expert Gardner southern Weed and Feed 1/5

    By Ricki Johnson
    I bought the above mentioned product from your store on Wharton, Texas yesterday. I called the number listed on this bag with some questions this morning. A young lady answered the phone. I found I was calling Walmart. I asked my question. She asked me what product and where. I spelled the name of mY town, WHARTON, TX, three times. She never could get it. She told me you didn’t have a store there!!! I had to hang up. She just was no help. Come on!! In attempting to send this I had to enter 5 nicknames because they have been taken. I have never written you! Still trying.
  • Walmart Pays is Horrible 1/5

    By nthk67
    Disappointed in the new process. Used Savings Catcher for years and had no problems. Once Walmart moved to Walmart Pay I’ve had nothing but problems. Sometimes it worked, but it has several glitches. When I asked Walmart associates, they didn’t know and when I called they weren’t any help either.
  • Hacks 5/5

    By dale mcfart
    It’s nice to use the scanner on sales and Black Friday so you will really know the price if it’s really in sale or not, such a money saver
  • I have lost a lot of money using this app! 1/5

    By kalu25
    I HATE this app! Since the policy changed where you have to use the app to save your receipts to get money back for the Savings Catcher, I have lost a lot of money! The app WILL NOT load in the store the past 3 times I’ve shopped there! I hate it and the cashiers hate it! Can we please scan our receipts???
  • Bring back scannable savings catcher. 1/5

    By Jineyb
    You are being unfair to those who prefer using cash.

    By areyoukiddingdude
    Since I can’t match prices in store anymore, I shop at TARGET. Savings Catcher is no longer any good to it’s users, so I shop at TARGET and other grocery stores. Walmart is dead to me!
  • Wish it could be better 2/5

    By KJ 2008
    The app would be better if Savings Catcher was brought back how it originally was. Not everyone uses debit/credit cards. Some people prefer to use cash instead. Otherwise the app itself is okay to use just to look at something or for the fliers. Only thing it’s good for now.
  • Wal mart pay ZEROOOO STARS 1/5

    By Eagleriver81
    Wal mart pay is a joke. Every time I tried using it would just tell me for security they couldn’t process the transaction, and to make things worse there’s not even help on the wal mart support for these issues if you call
  • Savings catcher doesn’t catch 1/5

    By Vinkoe
    Found out after three months of purchases that savings catcher doesn’t work for your Walmart app pay receipts unless u go in and manually submit it. Total crock scam to save Walmart more money
  • Savings Catcher 1/5

    By Number 1 me
    BRING BACK THE UPLOAD FOR RECEIPTS ON SAVINGS CATCHER! Those of us who pay with cash are being discriminated against. IT IS NOT FAIR!
  • Convenient 4/5

    By Toots_3
    I love the app. It makes things easy when I shop, especially when I forget my debit card because it is set up in Walmart pay. My only problem is that it doesn’t use my receipt to look for lower prices when I just scan the receipt in. You HAVE TO use the Walmart pay to make to make the purchase. I don’t always use the card I have set up or I use cash. I would also love for the app to have digital coupons
  • App - Change for the better? 3/5

    By MuziclovesMe
    I’m not fond of the changes that have occurred on the app. I couldn’t scan my receipt as I used to. My savings catcher balance has been $0.00 for the longest which I find it hard to believe that lower prices haven’t been found over the last 6 months. I really enjoyed how the app was set up BEFORE all the changes. Also, TEACH YOUR EMPLOYEES HOW TO USE THE APP. If I ever have a question, they seem clueless. Not a good look.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Rose408
    Savings catcher can only be used with Walmart pay. Ok but it usually doesn’t work in the store.
  • Walmart Savings catcher 1/5

    By ayz nana
    This ‘new, easier’ app is so hard to load/scan your receipts. It was so much easier to do before this new app. Why didn’t y’all just leave it alone? 95% of the time I can’t load the app in the store. I’m starting to think why I ever downloaded it or why I shop her.
  • Mr 2/5

    By Photomaxium
    Latest up date does not work and continues to drop off
  • Scan receipts 3/5

    By ....scanner
    I love this app....but don’t like that we can’t scan receipts anymore !! I think you should bring that back!!
  • Savings Catcher secret fix!! 😁 2/5

    By TechTalkGuy
    Click Account, Purchase History, the plus button in the upper-right corner, then scan your paper receipt. 🧾 Now you can finally use paper receipts for the Savings Catcher. 😁 👍🏼 Price Check is not accurate. Please fix and I will be happy to rate 5 stars.
  • Items repeat when browsing 3/5

    By Boopsie55
    I use to love using your app. But you did a major revamp that causes major frustration when trying to browse, under all categories! At least 3/4 items come up every four or five times. So you go past 10 items, then 3/4 items come up again. Those repeat for about 20 items, then it changes to start repeating another 3/4 for 20 times etc. I get so frustrated trying to browse I often just give up! There is no reason for items to constantly repeat, no other app I shop from does this. Also no reason to keep showing the items in all colors. Once with color options is the normal for well designed apps Also when you brag about 2 day shipping, you need to state AFTER your order finally process. I have never gotten an order in under a week :-(
  • Savings catcher 3/5

    By mantis preying
    I too used savings catcher religiously. My husband doesn’t like using phone apps. You only get the savings if you do that. So we miss out on the savings we could be getting by not being allowed to manually enter his receipts. I don’t like feeling being “forced” into using something in order to benefit from it. Not taking into account older customers who don’t know how to use all of this electronic stuff.
  • no me gusta 1/5

    By Tapatia 19
    Nunca puedes entrar al la farmacia para ver como va tu orden Te preguntan muchas cosas y siempre dice que no son correctas las respuestas aunque sí están bien NO ME GUSTA
  • Needs Apple Pay 1/5

    By lumaximuz
    Apple Pay please
  • Would have been five stars …… four months ago. 3/5

    By ccprstuff
    Mostly love the app. Use it to find products in store, including aisle number, and that I can scan item for prices without having to hunt for the price checker. Also great, I am not in the store, can search for product and can see if what want is in a different store, and the price. Not a fan of the changes made to Savings Catcher in October 2018, which required me to start using WalmartPay. I guess I’m sorta okay with the change of having to use Walmart Pay to be eligible for Savings Catcher. But, what I don’t like about Walmart Pay: 1. The point of sale register should print out a line-item hard-copy receipt. You get nothing printed. 2. Okay, I can print out the receipt on my computer at home, except that due to there being a picture of each item purchased, it takes way too much paper to print. A recent 22-item purchase that I used WalMart pay took seven pages to print. Would have been nice to have the option of printing a line-item receipt, no pictures. Would save paper. Also regarding the Walmart Pay receipts: The coupons you use are not listed. No way to know how much you saved, except by doing some math involving the printed subtotal, tax and amount charged items and from the final amount charge. WHY???? One small advantage of having your receipts stored in the app is the survey ID fields (store number and receipt number) for the chance to win WM gift cards are already prepopulated. But it’s no big deal to input that information manually.
  • Have been trying to refill a prescription for days 2/5

    By cebfam
    I loaded this app mainly to manage my family’s prescriptions. Was great for awhile. Now every time I try I get a message that they are having problems and try again later. Eventually I end up having to call the refill in.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By pcalender
    This app is horrible they allow other sellers to sale on there app money was stolen was charged for things it’s crazy shame on you Walmart shame on you though I was getting a good deal on shopping on your app because shopping in the store the last 3 years are horrible the staff have no customer service skills if you ask and that’s if you can find a worker a question it’s as if your annoying them or wasting there time Walmart you have most likely lost a customer for life smh target is over priced but way better to shop at smh
  • Bring the old Savings Catcher back!! 1/5

    By Lovesteph93
    Caption says it all. I had a personal friend get his credit card info hacked from walmart pay so I refuse to put my info in. Bring the old system back.

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