Walmart - shopping & grocery

Walmart - shopping & grocery

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  • Current Version: 20.20
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Walmart - shopping & grocery App

The whole store and more, now at your fingertips.  Our award-winning shopping app helps you save time and money.  Shop anytime, anywhere • Millions of items available with free delivery or store pickup.  • Easily re-order favorite items purchased online or in-store with just a few taps.  • Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills.  • Find, create, and manage a baby registry.  • Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork with Express Money Services.  • Free delivery on eligible orders $35 and up. Smart in-store shopping  • Save time shopping at your local Walmart with store assistant.  • Use Walmart Pay for touch-free checkout. • Quickly locate items and Rollbacks with store maps.    • Create and share shopping lists. Fresh groceries and more  • Choose grocery delivery or curbside pickup.  • Reserve a time that best works for you.  • We’ll do the grocery shopping.  • No markups or hidden fees. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link

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Walmart - shopping & grocery app reviews

  • Disappointed 1/5

    By gben90
    I downloaded the app. I started to use it and would often get kicked off in the middle of my shopping. Recently I tried to make a purchase of an item. The item was in stock and when I tried adding it to my cart I kept getting directed to login, which I kept doing. After about 7 tries, I gave up and deleted the app. I am done with the walmart app.
  • They still haven’t gotten it right... 2/5

    By Blerta B
    There are too many bugs in this app. Not sorting correctly, getting stuck when trying to go back, and a lot of items show available and then get an email with cancelled items.
  • App crashes every couple minutes! 1/5

    By coconutcracking

    By cardi😘😘🤫
    I think that y’all should put the aisle number on each item even if it’s of stock just in case 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Grocery app 1/5

    By Cterdil
    I have used the old Walmart grocery app for many months now. I really liked it. It was so easy to add items to the cart, pay for them and schedule a pickup time. When the app was updated to combine both apps it seemed like nothing had changed. Boy, was I wrong! I still add items to the cart, but when I go to check out the app closes. I can’t not purchase my items. I even tried scheduling my pickup time first and check out and the same thing happens. Please fix this! I loved the convenience of ordering my groceries and then picking them up.
  • Where in the world is Walmart Pay? 1/5

    By Fxr91
    This app used to be good. Now it isn’t. Stop asking if the purchase is in-store or online. And will someone please tell me where to find Walmart Pay. I spent 20 minutes looking for it and still can’t find it.
  • Barcode Scanning No Longer Works 1/5

    By Rigellian79
    Since you have combined the two Walmart Apps into one, the Barcode Scanning Option under ‘Pickup & Delivery’ no longer works! Please fix this! I am not going to hand type everything I need to order! I do not go inside stores at all during the COVID-19 pandemic as I have ‘high-risk’ family members in my home. I need this critically. Other info that may aid you to fix: the option to order for ‘’ still allows the barcode scanning to work, only ‘Pickup & Delivery’ is not working. I have deleted/reinstalled the app and it still won’t do barcode scanning on this one option. UPDATE 5/26/20: I just downloaded your update from 5 days ago, and the above mentioned issue still isn’t fixed. Please fix this!
  • Once Great Now Useless 2/5

    By Skpress213
    Ordering pickup was great until they merged their grocery app with the regular Walmart app. Now, I spend an hour filling my cart but when I go to check out, there’s only a couple things in it. One order I had to reload all of my items 3 times before it stopped deleting them and I could checkout. It did the same thing tonight and I’m not going through that again, I’ll just order from Kroger or go shop at Meijer. This is so frustrating.
  • Does this app ever work? 2/5

    By Rey Simone
    Update: can’t edit order or add to order. I mean if it’s not slowing down, it’s force closing, now I can’t even check out because “something went wrong” over and over again. Should’ve just left the grocery app separate. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it !
  • Walmart Grocery is Awesome! 5/5

    By Nathan013487
    I’ve been using Walmart Grocery for about a year now and it is great! It saves so much time to not have to shop in the store for all my groceries. And now with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, I don’t have to worry about spending so much time in the store. I still usually go in to get anything I may have forgotten to add to my order or to get fresh produce, but this service still saves a lot of time. I also like how, if an item that you ordered is out of stock, they will either give you a similar item and give you the cheaper price of the two, or they will take it off your order total. The Walmart app itself is very helpful when I am trying to locate a product while in the store, as it will show you the exact aisle number where it can be found. Because of the Walmart app and the Walmart Grocery service, Walmart is now my go-to store for groceries! Not to mention that Walmart has great prices that beat out pretty much every grocery store near me.
  • Worse 2/5

    By dawn riordan
    Another useless update that has not helped us
  • Hate the new grocery app 2/5

    By SunflowerShack
    Not user-friendly!
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By nonamegarden
    The new app did not move all of the info from my account on the old app so I don’t see it doing what you claim. Very confusing and now I can’t use the old app.
  • Great Service! 4/5

    By Butta_flyhere
    We actually just started 2 months ago and although some foods aren’t available they try to substitute as close as possible. We’ve been very pleased with the online shopping as well as the encounter with the employee upon pickup.
  • Change it back! 1/5

    By Ac1969
    What happened? I wrote a review about a year ago about your app stating how I felt it was literally one of the best apps I’d ever used!! With this last update, I don’t even want to use it at all. It first asks how I want to shop. I want to go to refill a prescription! Or scan a product or look at feature items, or browse, or whatever, and even going to categories won’t take you there!! To say I’m frustrated is an understatement! So much so I’ve been going to Target! Loyal customer until this change...
  • Shuts down 1/5

    By Johnnyreb1973
    It is constantly shutting down or closing out. I didn’t want the update until you got all the bugs out. But of course you did not give us an option. Please fix. There was nothing wrong with the two separate apps one for food another for merchandise.
  • Previous version was great - latest update not so much 3/5

    By TomInTN
    App was good to scan and get price check. Now every time I try to scan an item or do a price check the app crashes. I have already deleted and reinstalled the app and it still crashes.
  • New app stinks!! 1/5

    By CynthiaC13
    Why would you get rid of the grocery app and replace it with the crap app that never works!! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • Useless app. Just go to the store 1/5

    By jabes69
    This app is useless. It’s okay for browsing items but DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THIS APP. The inventory is never correct. Choosing pick-up is worse than ordering. They’ll lead you on and make you believe you’ll be able to pickup your item and then the bomb is dropped and you learn your item was never in stock for pickup. Cancelling your order is a nightmare. Help and Support instructions lay out step by step what to do. Get through the first three steps okay. Next step and the buttons they say to tap don’t exist. No way to contact support through the app. Have to go onto the website and hunt for Contact Us. Then someone calls you. That process is great till it’s time to issue refund. Gas Pumps hold Card authorizations for 24 hours. Walmart holds card authorizations for 5 days. This as punishment for not waiting 5 days for your item to arrive in the store to be picked up. Apple really should require companies they don’t take their 30% from to have in place consumer protections to prevent crap like this from happening. In the bigger picture, I won’t use an app again that doesn’t make clear their cancellation policy’s in plain English before a customer finalizes a purchase. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THIS APP. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR ITEMS AS EXPECTED. YOU FACE A DELAY AND CANCELLATIONS WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY FOR AT LEAST 5 DAYS. It’s sad that the McDonalds app has the best online ordering features of any app in the App Store. Every company with an app offering same day pickup should be required by Apple to use the model and example of the McDonalds App. Screw Walmart. You’re the reason Amazon rocks!
  • Error message at check out 1/5

    By mdhsinwb
    I keep getting an error message when trying to check out with EBT. This is so difficult to shop for food now:(
  • Grocery 5/5

    By teajude
    Just did my first pickup order. I am so happy. It was quick and easy. It is all correct with no outs plus I used the $10 off offer. I will definitely use and refer to my friends. Thanks
  • Substitution 4/5

    By Momoebe3
    Only complaint with the app is once you start adding items to the cart after the initial order you can not request no substitutions.
  • Groceries 1/5

    I have been using the grocery app now for a year without issues. Now that you have converted everything into one app I can not order groceries. I have updated app and phone! When I attempt to checkout it just closes the app out!! Very frustrating!
  • Love the concept, poor execution 1/5

    By ilovestevienicks
    I really enjoyed the Walmart grocery app and now I’m forced to use a glitchy all inclusive app. Fix it please. This will likely be the thing that gets me to subscribe to Instacart... come on y’all.
  • Separate was better 2/5

    By Frondfondler
    I’ve been trying to checkout for the past two hours. Yes, I did the update. I hate this combined app. But what’s really steamed my buns is that the stock is neither accurate nor complete. I know for a fact that more flavors of Hot Pockets are sold in my chosen store than can be found in the app’s grocery inventory. It’s expected that one or two items might be off but it’s starting to get ridiculous. Some items (ex: Campbell’s Chunky Roadhouse Chili) don’t come up in a search...even if I’m standing in the store with the can in my hand and have just scanned the barcode on it. What the hey? The separate grocery app had problems but the combined app is super buggy.
  • Appears to be rushed 1/5

    By Eriss - the original
    Many bugs in this app including the requirement to “Update” every time I open it. The app - and the website - does not handle the tip option well, with the result that the delivery person may not get a tip. Walmart support is essentially useless in resolving problems as the customer service people don’t have support.
  • Bring back the grocery app. 1/5

    By A.m.b.23
    Not sure why they changed it when it was perfectly fine. Now doing my groceries is a pain. It it takes forever to check out and won’t let me add things.
  • Not user friendly at all 2/5

    By fudgewatersnaples
    The Walmart app is great for seeing what isle the things you need are in, but that’s about where it’s usefulness ends. Ordering anything off the app is a nightmare whether it be a delivery order or for pickup. I’ve had my pickup orders confirmed then cancelled last minute, and on my delivery orders I’ve had them delivery it to the wrong house or have the packaging it’s in completely destroyed with things missing. If by some modern miracle I was able to contact someone through the app, which feels like running in circles, the representatives are less helpful then staring at the home page of the app.
  • Unable to get hold of shopper 1/5

    By foxmulderjr
    How come other apps let you cancel an item if a substitute item is not what’s needed. Other apps let you talk or chat with the shopper to see if the substituted item is good or not. I tried to call the store to cancel a substitute item because it’s not what I wanted but instead I have to go back to the store and return it after I received the item. This defeats the purpose of not going to the store and have items delivered. This app is flawed. It should be allowed to cancel a substitute item before the shopper buys it. Or at least be able to chat with the shopper. This app is feckless if I have to go to the store and return the item I could’ve deleted before it was purchased. Please fix.
  • Fddfggg 5/5

    By shrvtdhehdyyuj
  • App crashes 1/5

    By stinkbean88
    App crashes every single time I go to check out. Major bugs need to be fixed. It’s really ticking me off.
  • Upgrade a horrible 1/5

    By Texlilmom
    The upgrade on this app is horrible. It constantly crashes and I can’t get it to accept my order at check out. It was better before the upgrade.
  • Buttons are too small 3/5

    By lfisher1991
    The “buttons” are too small and have to be touched over and over again to be recognized.
  • Grocery App 1/5

    By Chronicrain_79
    They moved the grocery app into their other app, and it crashes every time I try to schedule a pick up time. It’s done this for over a week now. Very frustrating.
  • Check out 5/5

    By PatcBlessed
    Every single time I check out with the new app I get “loading” and then it goes back to my home screen. Very irritating. Friday order was placed with help from Walmart support. Tonight its 2330 hours. Wanted to pick up tomorrow but I’m having the same issue.
  • New Combined App Crashes 1/5

    By Jen2838
    Bring back the separate Grocery app! Now that it’s combined it crashes constantly. Not cool!
  • Funny 5/5

    By realbigoledaddydoggye
    Walmart has never left me a bad taste. Altho they have given me stuff I didn’t order and yes I gave em back. Not fond of the substute items tho. They are always on time and show on phone when there here. People drivers have always been polite
  • Favorite Way to Shop 5/5

    By Nanna0823
    I love shopping Walmart grocery online! Prices are decent and selections of meats, fruits & vegetables are good. Also, the personnel delivering groceries to my car are courteous & helpful. Thanks Walmart for this awesome experience catering to your neighbors & the convenience along with providing reasonable prices. Stay safe & healthy!
  • Bad decision 1/5

    By loss of buisness
    Hate this new way to order groceries can’t figure out have to mess with it to long very inconvenient! Wish could have left it alone it was easy!
  • Bring back the grocery app 1/5

    By Wearying dying
    This app doesn’t work! Constantly shuts down when submitting my pick up order. I can no longer place a pick up grocery order! Frustrating!
  • Grocery Pickup Need Feedback 5/5

    By Kevin don't like your UI
    There is no feedback when you park your car in the spot. In the check in section, the app ask you the spot you are in and the color of your car. However, there is no submit button or warning window telling the user that the app successfully receive the information. In the end I have to call to ensure the store clerk I am in site. Talk to your UX designer, I am sure they can knock it out in couple hours.
  • Merging the apps was a terrible plan! 3/5

    Since you have merged the grocery app into the regular Walmart app, it never works! I always get kicked out of my order and after 3 days I finally got it to go through. BUT when I tried to check in it didn’t work on that part either so I called and no one answered. I finally had to flag down one of the employees and they said it’s always giving people trouble now. Just go back to having 2 separate apps!
  • Where did wal mart pay go??? 1/5

    By kdurks
    I can’t find it anywhere in the app...
  • The best shopping with pickup function 5/5

    By Vincepine
    I used a number of grocery store shopping app since the outbreak of COVID 19 and found Walmart is the best. It allows to edit after placing the order till the day of pickup, and I do not need to call them after I arrived. Everything is fresh and no mistake in what I want. The seaminess experience is something Amazon can not offer.
  • I hate this app since the merger 1/5

    By Meredickson1307
    I LOVED the convenience of the Walmart grocery app alone. Ever since they’ve combined the two I’ve had nothing but problems. It shuts down mid what I’m doing, it couldn’t process my payment that has more than enough on it, & now after updating my cart that I had waiting to process is GONE! And my substitutions are terrible! I order a 4 pack of yogurt (because it’s cheaper that way), they give me a different 4 pack of a completely different flavor. When I go in the store before picking up there was plenty of the flavor I ordered in individual cups. What happened to substitutes that are the same product packaged differently or a BETTER product? Not impressed lately at all.
  • New app is awful. 1/5

    By Ufon777
    New app is awful. Lacks the intuitive functionality of the old app. Scanner is very difficult to use.
  • Constantly crashing 1/5

    By cherrytart89
    New app constantly crashes. Hate it.
  • Setting up New Account 1/5

    By Gunnar1956
    Everything was fine until someone decided to change what was great.... Why is it that when things work that’s not enough... If this isn’t “fixed”, good-bye Walmart! It was a pleasure 👎 Beverly & Gunnar Oien
  • Need to fix 3/5

    By Me3EeGiL
    Check in at pickup is not working when you select car color and parking space number. The ad shows but no next or continue button. I was forced to call.

Walmart - shopping & grocery app comments

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