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Walmart Wellness makes it simpler to take care of yourself and your family. Easily manage medications, keep track of your health, and store important information in a single, easily accessible place. SIMPLE MEDICATION MANAGEMENT: - Always have a list of medications with you at the clinic or in an emergency. - Easily create a detailed med list by scanning prescription labels using your phone’s camera. - Get reminders when it’s time to take a medication or order a refill. HEALTH TRACKING: - Keep track of medication adherence, vitals, and symptoms. - View statistics and set target ranges - Track progress over time with charts HEALTH PROFILE: - Safely store medical history, contacts, allergies, and health conditions. - Record observations and doctor instructions in a health journal. FAMILY & CAREGIVER MANAGEMENT: - Create profiles for multiple people (and pets!) - Privately share access to selected profiles with family, friends, and caregivers PERSONALIZED DASHBOARD: - Your personalized dashboard prompts you to record when you’ve taken your medications. - View recent activity and health tracking trends. - Get recommendations to improve your health. Health tracking options: - A1C - Blood Glucose - Blood Pressure - Body Temp - Cholesterol - Cough - Headache - Height - HIV Counts - INR (PT) - Meditation - Mood - Nausea - Oxygen Saturation - Pain - Respiratory Rate - Seizure - Sleep Duration - Weight If you previously used CareZone you can access your CareZone information by linking your Walmart Wellness account to your CareZone account. Disclaimers: • The information and tools available for your use via this mobile application are intended for informational purposes only. Nothing included in this application is a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Walmart Inc. does not endorse any specific product, service, or treatment, and makes no guarantees regarding accuracy, performance or availability. Always ask a qualified health care provider if you have questions about a medical condition and do not delay seeking medical assistance based on information you receive on this application. • Do Not Sell My Personal Information: please scroll down to the footer of our Privacy Policy below to find the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" link:  • Walmart Wellness is only available in the United States.

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Walmart Wellness app reviews

  • Great App 5/5

    By BibbyRobi
    Wonderful way to remember the times to take your medication thru the day.
  • Keeps me on Track 5/5

    By PWTH62
    The app is a reminder when my meds should be taken. I do remember to take them more often than not but it is a good backup measure.
  • Mrs.Warren B. Groves 5/5

    By Bockenauer Maedel
    Appreciate the Alarm when it’s time to give my Husband his Meds. Also a great tool to let Family know what Meds he takes and when , in case I am not available.
  • Needs updating 4/5

    By Anita0201
    If I forget to take at scheduled time I need the option to amend the time.
  • Wellness app 5/5

    By Abc lucky
    This app is very useful to remind me to take my meds and when refills are needed. It also allows me to have the names of my meds when needed.
  • Billmigs 5/5

    By Billmigs
    Great app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Nana Luz
    Helps me keep on track and keep my list of meds at the ready.
  • Wellness app 3/5

    By Grandpas Farm
    Many times I the app would not allow me to enter data. Other times I was not even able to bring up the field to enter the data. This could be improved.
  • Love my Wellness!!!!😊😊😊 5/5

    By GarfieldSashaPatch
    Great thing, anyone who tracks their health and activities at all should use!
  • Wonderful Reminder 5/5

    By 2inthecape
    I love the convenience of this app. I’m able to keep up with the important information I need. It’s handy at Doctors visits. Thank you for this app.
  • Wellness 5/5

    By catlady634
    Fantastic reminders
  • Mr M Dean 5/5

    By Mikie Dn
    Love it
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Cocorrodri
    I’ve been using the app since it’s early CareZone days. I’ve used to help me keep track of my 86 yo mother’s medications as well as her medical records. The app helps me keep all of her information available in one place and makes it very easy to respond to doctors when questions regarding her past conditions are asked. I’m not sure there’s any other app that as many useful record keeping capabilities in one place.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lhallesy
    Keeps me on track
  • Review 5/5

    By mrs. ponsell
    The only thing I wish I could change about the app is I wish we could request refills through it.
  • Everything in one place 5/5

    By Jim Hargreaves
    The app keeps me organized with appointments and medications Messaging in the app is quick & easy and staff get back to you quickly.
  • George 5/5

    By Acscadd
    Works Great
  • The Best 5/5

    By Tweety☮️💜
    This is the Best Appt to remind you about your meds Love how it keep record of everything ♥️♥️👍🏼🎉🙋🏼‍♀️✌🏼♥️
  • Perfect to reference when filling in dr forms 5/5

    By DMD22
    I make sure I always keep it up to date with info and this makes filling in the forms for doctors so much easier. I use the journal each time I go to any dr appt. so I am able to look back at what that visit was for and why we might have put me on meds or stopped them. I Make sure to put why we stopped the med and date on the list of meds when I make it inactive. I wish it had category tabs like surgeries, bloodwork, shots, etc. so I can just add information under that topic. So I created different notes for each one and add the information. (Makes it easier to do quick reference then scrolling through my journal) As a Mom I have my kids and husband set up in my app too. I keep their information up to date since everyone comes to me to ask these questions. (My kids are in their late 20s.). Created one for my mom and brother and asked them for their medical info so I had this information for dr forms under family health.
  • Needs notification to tie to “take” 2/5

    By JackPitluk
    App is ok. Still maturing. Needs to connect ‘notifications’ with the app to register when doses are taken. Needs far fewer misc ‘boxes’ on main screen without being requested
  • Wellness 5/5

    By Spiritchaser63
    I love it, 9 I have all of my medical information in one place.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mhartwill
    Well, planned out app. Love the reminders portion
  • Staying on top 5/5

    By Ms. McGue
    This app helps me to stay on top of taking my meds as well as other things that are important to my health.
  • Good health diary 5/5

    By Anybook
    Nice way to keep track of Health data and medications.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By greeneyesrose
    Fantastic way to keep track of your vitals
  • Rate ***** 5/5

    By kiyrduhchj
    Love this app. So easy to use and the reminders are great.
  • Printing 3/5

    By AllMyKin
    Medications simple list is left hand margin missing the first few characters of the list.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jinny0297
    I’m been using this app since it was caer zone. It’s amazing
  • LOVE this app!! 5/5

    By Cori6321
    I can keep track of everything I need in one place. At doctors I just go to the phone and show what my sugar, blood pressure and oxygen have been running. No bulky books to carry and write everything down on. So convenient!!
  • Sallytech 5/5

    By Sally tech 1
    Helps me keep track of my meds.
  • Enjoying 3/5

    By Penny821
    I enjoy the fact it helps me keep up with my weight and my medication
  • Love the app 5/5

    By tweetynana
    Keeps me reminded
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Manuel1953*
    Great app helps me keep track of my data
  • Mrs. McIntosh 5/5

    By Sis. Mc
    I like the app very much. It helps me keep track of all my medicine, when and how much I should take. So when I go to the doctor, I have all the dates and times on my cell phone.
  • Long time user 5/5

    By bopeeps62
    I started using this app back when it was CareZone. My first husband had numerous medical concerns and it was invaluable for keeping track of medicines, etc. I also added my mother as she aged, I was her primary caregiver but her other children lived out of state. It offered a wonderful way to communicate with them concerning her health needs. Now my new husband and I are aging… both have a few medicines but we also take supplements. The ability to print out the med and supplement list, keep track of procedures already completed and even scan the bloodwork results, are all invaluable!
  • Best health app I have found! 5/5

    By SandyFite
    I track meds three times a day and I have also set reminders for them. I monitor my blood sugars 3-4 times a day. I also log my A1c everything three months and my cholesterol every six months. I am able to share my three month blood glucose readings with my doctor. This is a great app and I have recommended it to my friends and family. My doctor is also impressed and recommends it to her patients.
  • Helpful app for diabetes and others 5/5

    By beaderdeb
    This app has helped me not to forget about taking my meds. Also reminds me to check my blood sugar plus many more helpful things. Great app!
  • A very good app to keep track of medications. 5/5

    By Midge2525
    I have been using this app for several months now. Once you add in medications wether by hand or by taking pictures of the medicine containers with a phone, it is easier to keep track of when you have to take your meds. It can also track other things like blood pressure if you have a device or blood sugar readings if you need that. I also like that I can add non prescription meds like Tylenol or ibuprofen to keep track of when I took them to help with pain so I don’t over take any medicine.
  • Wellness check 5/5

    By smooth rop
    I have had a good wellness over the past year. Since March when I was diagnosed with Myeloma I have a good Medicine staff, At Mississippi Cancer institute and At UMCC. Bone Marrow transplant. 8/19/2021
  • Walmart Wellness App 4/5

    By swedishartist
    I have been using this app for years and it is wonderful. You do not have to remember you medications when you go to the doctor. All you need to do is either print out a list or email it to the doctor yourself. It has wonderful reminders for you to take your medication. You can also set up other windows to track various medical issues like A1C, blood pressure, sleep, and weight etc. My only grievance with the app is when you take medication as needed there is not way to record as needed or PRN.
  • Update 4/5

    By millsaps4
    Need site for pc/laptop.
  • My Health Journey 5/5

    By RMS#1
    This app is just what I needed. I have a terrible memory and this app reminds me which meds ti take and when. Awesome!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By nnmkkjhvcfhjiutesvnkiugfcv
  • Wellness 5/5

    By fit gale
    Love that I’m able to see the chart. You can tell at a glance if you numbers are stable or up and down.
  • Review 4/5

    By Dirty shoe
    I enjoy the app!! I can keep all my important health records on this app
  • Love it 5/5

    By audiboy808
    Makes it so easy for me to keep a log of meds, mood, weight, and sleep.
  • Good app 5/5

    By drewly1977
    Very easy to use APP
  • One of my favorite apps! 5/5

    By peymano3
    I use this app every day to track my own meds. I also use it to track health info for my kids and my parents. I ❤️ having everything in one place.
  • Wellness app 5/5

    By Chris boo boo
    Great app for everything concerning your health. I use it everyday for BP tracking, medicines taken. The journal is great for keeping track of doctor visits, shots, test and much more.