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  • Current Version: 4.3.2
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  • Developer: Digital Extremes
  • Compatibility: Android
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Warframe App

Warframe Nexus is the companion app for the game Warframe, and will be your mobile connection to the Warframe universe. Check your Inventory to plan for your next mission, build and claim items from the Foundry, take care of your Kubrow, refine Relics, and deploy and collect Extractors all while on the go! Warframe Nexus also dynamically tracks active Alert missions within the Warframe game client and notifies players when new events appear. Push notifications are supported with this app.


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Warframe app reviews

  • Should be able to save mods that you like 4/5

    By Justin Bach
    Mods should be able to save so that you can make a goal list and farm for them.
  • Great mobile app for quick actions 5/5

    By AlphaTangoFoxtrot
    This basically checks off all the things I want to do on mobile: 1. Build and claim items in the foundry 2. Deploy and claim extractors 3. Relic refinement 4. Check navigation events Suggested features that I would like to see: Be able to fill Ayatan sculptures. Some Operator/ focus school options (if possible) Edit: Music pausing has been fixed in ver. 4.3.2. Updated review from 4 to 5 stars. You can ignore what I said below but I’m keeping for history. My biggest complaint is my music pauses when I open this app. Turning the sounds off and leaving the app running in the background works without any interruptions to my music but if I terminate the Warframe app (I like to keep very few background apps running) and launch it anew, it always pauses my music.
  • Good but needs some more 4/5

    By wobble lin dingdong cho
    This is a great app for tweaking builds away from from home so you don’t have to do it when you get home but it does lack some stuff like not being able to buy things in the market or customize your weapons or warframes and companions. It would also be nice to be able to see your warframe weapons and companions when customizing them.
  • I can’t login 2/5

    By GilroyGirl
    Whenever I try to login to my account nothing happens. I’ve tried everything and still nothing. It seems super useful and I want to use it, but I just can’t.
  • Loadouts 5/5

    By Noenamer
    I love this app and it’s very useful for when I’m not at home. In fact I just claimed my Valkyr warframe from the mobile foundry while waiting for school to start. Which is great! But having an option customize our loadouts from the mobile arsenal would be much more convenient. Either way, this app still gets a 5/5 from me.
  • Good, but not finished. 3/5

    By Anon,Anon!
    I never felt the need to use this until realized I could take screen shots of my riven mods. Except I can’t: the “mods” screen never actually loads the mods. You can see the mods in weapons, except the riven mods don’t show. I’m sure others will find this more useful.
  • Great concept, bad execution 1/5

    By Creeperhunter681
    I play on Xbox and whenever I try to login, it says that I’m logged in elsewhere and then I get an error message saying: Login Failed, please check your credentials. Great idea, and I’ve heard it works, but please make better support for console gamers.
  • Needs a bit of work, but still helpful 3/5

    By Headlock1_0
    I sometimes use this app when I remember something about the game and I’m away from my PS4 (console peasant, I know)or just to take care of foundry builds. But it has plenty of problems. Yesterday I tried to use it for my foundry though, and the screen scaling was all wrong. It was zoomed in for some reason and a good chunk of the UI was off-screen. Today I wanted to check my arcanes on my phone and remembered that for some reason unbeknownst to me, arcanes don’t show up on the app at all. They’ve been in the game for how long now? Come on guys! Overall, I do get some use out of the app sometimes, and it can be handy, but it needs some fixes and improvements to get more than 3 stars from me.
  • Could be better 2/5

    By THEdissonaut
    This app is the Death Star from Empire Strikes Back... it’s operational but is incomplete and full of design flaws. Mods won’t load for me and will get stuck in the loading screen. Main purpose for me is to keep up on forma, fieldron, detonite injectors, mutagen masses, etc. Hope some updates come soon...
  • Arsenal Re-work 4/5

    By Zealous knight24
    I would love to be able to use the in app arsenal like the one in game. Being able to update my warframe mods and switch frames would be good so that I can spend more time playing. And if you can some how fit in the ability to customize the appearance like you could in the destiny companion app that would be even better, cause now I can show off my frame to my fiends out of game.
  • Great Idea, Bad Execution 1/5

    By Jordy24l
    The app needs to fit all devices, if i try to use it on ipad then the screen resolution is a bit off and cut off ,some tabs do not show text , and the menu doesn't help much.
  • Should be removed from apple store 1/5

    By Tins1618
    Have had this app a few years now. Had to delete it because it's forcing hundreds of push notifications through even if you have them all turned off. It should be removed from the apple store so the devs can be forced to fix it. But it won't, because apple doesn't care about it's users anymore than the feminists that make warframe care about theirs.
  • My Problem With This 3/5

    By AJBro54
    My problem with this app is that you can’t build warframes you can build the parts but not the actual Warframe plus you can’t even see the warframe blueprint see what you need for it
  • Useful on the go, but needs a few things… 4/5

    By dogmanharry9
    Under the codex tab, it could show the "universe" tab as in game. What certain prime parts drop from which relic. Other reviews want trade chat to, which makes sense, but difficult to execute. Since it would need to enable messaging for randoms, and be constantly updating
  • ITS GREAT, buuuut...... 4/5

    By BloodOfHurrsia
    This app has a lot! It really does accompany the main game really well, BUT, it still needs more. With how big and diverse Warframe is, the companion app needs to be able to assist! If they could add a market aspect to it, I think that would save this app. Being able to buy and trade on this app would be amazing and really help the community members who might not be able to be sitting on the game at the Relays all day, looking for that perfect sale. All-in-all, great app, but still could be so much better.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Chaos Kuma13
    The app allows me to control foundry and extractors, check inventory and alerts. Its good enough for my offline needs!
  • Good app but needs attention 3/5

    By Ffjbxhcucdyd
    This is app is great for keeping track of events, viewing equipment loadouts, and crafting. However, it’s missing a few things and has some issues that I would like to see fixed (posted on forums).
  • Terrible App on iPad everything is off screen 1/5

    By CorwynSMP
    This app is stuck in portrait mode with the left and right sides cut off. Unusable. Do not download.
  • Recent updates ruined this app 2/5

    By Saryn Prime
    I have had the app for awhile before the UI changes and it was awesome. Being able to manage things like foundry, companions all from my phone. Then recent updates happened. I'm not to fond of the changes made to the user interface but I can live with it. My main gripe is that I can't be logged into the app while logged into the game. I won't even be on the game and it still tells me the same message. This makes everything about the app for, in my eyes, useless. I can't manage my foundry or my companion or my extractors. The only thing it is good for right is being a mobile codex and alert tracker. Please take this to heart and fix this app.
  • No no no to UI changes! 1/5

    By nathanmikael
    Great app but the UI is ruined by this update. So much easier and cooler to swipe around the orbiter. Bring back the old UI please!!!
  • Great app with a lot of awesome info! 5/5

    By inthelittlespark
    This app is a very handy tool for me. I can check the foundry for things that I build that finish while I’m out and about as well as see what missions are going on whiteout me. The one flaw in the app is that it turns off my music when I’m in it. Other than that, it is a great app and worth any Warframe player’s time.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By KlaudeeBoyee
    Love it. Great for checking alerts, keeping my foundry going and claiming extractors. Only thing I'd like to see them add now is a Day/Night cycle tracker for the Plains. That'd be super helpful! All in all, still a terrific app!
  • Great companion app, just needs some added features 4/5

    By MasterChief2k17
    Ok the app is really helpful, I don’t have to open the game from my Computer just to pickup foundry items. But still, I wish if we could get a PoE thing as well. Aside from that it’s really good.
  • Improved 5/5

    By Krunkjuice.
    Definitely Improved a great deal. Thank you guys. Now we have a great app for a a very great game.
  • Great companion that needs a little more TLC :) 3/5

    By Nick Barbadoro
    Love this companion app, however there are some improvements that I would love to see. Most of all are the problems with chat functionality, and UI scaling/performance. On the side of chat, my friends list has not updated (even with app re-installation), and friend invitations have not gone through. I honestly believe that the app could benefit from all of these features. I use my iPad in order to do the majority of chat in-game b/c I play on console, and the iPad is my laptop that allows me to tap into deeper chat. On the side of UI, on iPad, there is also no landscape mode. This inhibits both chat and functionality (especially with an attached keyboard). On iPhone X, there are still scaling issues, as the choice between listing friends or clan for chat is obscured by the top notch. Lastly, when I claim an item in the foundry, the app freezes, and needs to be force quit then re-opened to regain functionality. Once these things are addressed, I’ll give it the five stars I know it deserves 👌🏼👍🏼😎
  • 1st useful smartphone interfaced app 4/5

    By el69fuego
    Very excited to finally have an app for a game that provides utility and allows users to substantially interact with game. I work 4x 12hr shifts which means I don’t get much gaming in, but this app actually allows me to “play the game” when I’m unable to sit in front of console. Saves SO much time especially for long construction time requirements. You can build items from Foundry, refine relics, view and filter Alerts. I would like that our credit balance would be displayed when we are building items from Foundry. Nearly emptied bank. It would be great if we could also purchase items from the in-game market. Great app
  • Awesome! Except one thing. 5/5

    By Mineitman321
    I love this app, and it’s a great way to do small things from your phone to help yourself out. I only wish that you could purchase platinum from the app.
  • iPhone X 5/5

    By NSHeaven
    The update has pleased me. Though the chat and a few things need to be scaled better for the iPhone X like the chat etc
  • Amazing application 5/5

    By Ivara Prime??????
    This Warframe app really helps with most of the weapons or Warframe I am building, since I can now quickly claim the item when I am away or at school. Just one thing, please make the app able to register riven mods, since I want to know what Rivens I have equipped on certain weapons. In addition, could you make it so that we can change our arsenal so when we’re able to play we don’t have to change our weapons on the computer or ps4 Thank you for this amazing application for Warframe.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jimbolal0
    Handy for building le forma. Also would be cool if chat worked lol. Also would be cool if rivens showed up. It shows an empty slot. I bet they’ll implement it soon!
  • Ignores cell data settings 2/5

    By Handcannon44
    Great app for alerting me while I was away from xbox to items I want but I turned off cell data on both app and iPhone settings because I didn’t need alerts when away from house but it seems to ignore thoughs setting and contour to give me notifications using cell data had to delete it to stop unwanted cell data usage real bummer
  • Nice~ 5/5

    By punipunichen
    This is great! I can’t tell if this is a good thing or not, I now carry a phone that acts as my ship management system!!! I now do the boring stuff on the go, so when I fire up the game, all the waiting stuff will be done; I can jump straight to action now if only if I can use this for trade chat... oh, one thing though, ALART pictures need to be the object, I actually want to see the mod screen shot, click to inlarge.
  • Hey Canada 5/5

    By Almonds penh
    I haven't used the app yet busy it's downloading. I'm sure it will be great and a few bugs here and there. Iv been playing warframe for 2 years now. Can you please make it so we can collect the daily reward on the app?? I know it defeats the purpose but we're already hooked!
  • Pretty good missing bounties 4/5

    By Polentaroot
    Pretty good. Only recommendation I have is to give notifications when invasions change and include current plains of eidolon bounties. Maybe day night cycles would be cool too
  • PS4 connection does not work 1/5

    I tried logging in multiple times, with verifications via pictures and audio. None of them work. Complete crap.
  • Needs to improve 3/5

    By Psykchk26
    I hate that it doesn’t keep you signed in so you don’t get alerts for alerts. I also hate that you can’t be on the app while playing the game. I wish it was more like the destiny app. I also wish we could see what is on the mods and how many of each mod we have.
  • Notification badge means what? 4/5

    By eslai
    Pretty good for me, but the app should have a notification icon over whatever section has the new item in it. Right now, my app will have a notification badge on the icon, but when I open the app I can't tell where the new thing is.
  • One Issue 4/5

    By Ro77w3ill3r
    This app it’s really really really cool, BUT, when i’m going to Arsenal i can’t change my warframe or another stuffs. But, really, IT’S AWESOME!!!
  • OP 5/5

    By Kinshadow
    I love this app
  • Foundry Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By DokRokHard
    Everything just says “none”
  • Great app 5/5

    By Itssowrong1
    Awesome utility but please update the app to support the larger iPhones properly.
  • Update it 4/5

    By Giancarleau
    Also maybe make it so we can buy platinum with our Apple ID, unless this is the same situation with Steam?
  • I love having warframe on the go 4/5

    By Twilightking32
    My only issue or request is not being able to sell any inventory items while not at the computer. Or possibly applying mods to weapons. I’m not sure of the programming behind these things but would love to see it.
  • Login 4/5

    By Huntermaster31
    This app is very handy but when I am online I want to check how much time is left building a item. I don’t want it signing me out of Warframe. It just makes me want to delete the app but otherwise it is a good app.
  • Love it, but a bit buggy 4/5

    By Dkicker43
    I love the usefulness of this app. I’m constantly traveling for work and it lets me deploy and collect my extractors and, as long as I have credits, build what I need from the foundry. All while I have no access to the game. However, this last update bugged out the graphics of items, and now in the inventory/foundry I have trouble seeing how much I have of each item, and the items required for the foundry. Otherwise, still a phenomenal help.
  • Great! 4/5

    By KRodriques99
    Updated: This app works great! Just crashes when phone goes into standby but DE will get it fixed, I’m sure.
  • No longer able to log in 2/5

    By Saiyancj2
    As much as I loved the app, I noticed that for lately I can’t actually login to my PlayStation account on it. I get an error stating kick active session and when I select both options nothing actually happens. I deleted the app and redownloaded it but no change.
  • Great app 3/5

    By Jester2500
    Loved and used this app all the time but now it won’t let me log in! Just tells me there is a session active and asks if I want to kick so I do but then it says it can’t connect!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I need this app again!!!
  • Would really love except.... 3/5

    By Kifyi
    I got this to track alerts and it doesn’t save filter settings. No matter how many times I set them and hit apply, they reset.

    By Thatguy0134
    I enjoy being able to apply extractors and build in the foundry, but I would love to be able to do everything else that u can do aboard the ordis aside from navigating, I want to change my arsenal and possibly even the decorations, make money purchases of platinum, and above all else, I WANT TO PLAY THE ZEPHER MINI GAME ON MY PHONE, please please please do this

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