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Warship Rising

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  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Six Waves Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Warship Rising App

Real-time, fast-paced multiplayer eSports battles - play anytime, anywhere! Captain, enemy fleets have been sighted off the coast, all friendly units be prepared for attack! In a team of 10 fleets, take down your enemies head on in real-time battles at sea. Take control of your own customized battleship, strategically plan your line of attacks and blast away! Head out to the battlefield at sea today and experience naval warfare like never before. This is not your battle alone, your country needs you! 
 Aim, Shoot, Sink!
 Take precise control of your battleship with intuitive touch screen controls and lead your crew to victory as Captain. Maneuver your battleship with accurate and realistic controls, gain strategic advantage over the enemy, take aim and shoot down the enemy fleets all in real-time! 
 10 v.s. 10 Real-Time Battles
 Engage in breathtaking sea battles with 20 real-life players on the map! Compete against players from around the world and rise up the ranks. Shooting action mayhem and realistic battle quality made for the eSports fanatic! Your phone is your battlefield, ready for action anytime! 
 Sick of Solo Battles? Co-op With Actual Teamwork! Communicate with friendly fleets in real-time during battle with the in-game smart commands and work strategically towards your goal. Streamlined quick commands and pings for clear, instant communication with teammates even during the most chaotic fights. Need support? Capture the battlefield point? Target a certain enemy ship? Communicate all these with the touch of a button! It’s your call, Captain. 
 Defend Your Country, Battle Globally
 Represent your country with your country’s flag and battle players globally! Choose from a wide array of ships unique to every country. Form your own teams and bring honor to your country! The battlefield is in your hands and victory is just a tap away! Iconic Ships From A History Of War At Sea Your own realistic battleship based on actual ships from WW2. Bask in the glory of controlling beautifully crafted replicas of these ships and enjoy the unique experience of being the captain of each one of them on the battlefield. Over 100 different warships including the Bismarck, Admiral Hipper, Tashkent, HMS HOOD and many more. Whether it is cruisers, destroyers or submarines, we have them all! Variety Of Game Modes and Battlefield Maps Hone your skills across a range of different game modes and battlefields. Switch up between playing offensive and defensive, strategically plan your routes, master the unique landscape of each battlefield and gain the upper hand over your enemies with your superiority! Weapons, Armors, Abilities And More! Battle and unlock new weapons, ships and armors! Level up and customize your gears and ships. Be a real captain of your very own unique battleship!


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Warship Rising app reviews

  • Dont waste your time 1/5

    By ya boy lando
    I played since it first launched and its literally boring now not even worth grind plus its a pay to play game so not even worth it
  • Excellent game! 5/5

    By jeep_dog
    Superb balance among different classes of ships, realistic WW2 ships, and smooth graphics. Community is decent, with typical rude or crass players here and there. Enjoyable without paid upgrades in game, you can be competitive without paying a lot - just takes a while to save resources. Comments about being blind or overwhelmed by paying players is bullocks. Before paying I was competitive and winning. After 3 months, only VIP 2 and have no resource issues or problem being competitive. Pay to play a lot more fair in this game than most others. I’ve paid over $100 in world of tanks and am beat down by super paying to win players. Warship Rising in same period perhaps have paid $15 and doing well. I don’t think supporting devs with $5 a month is unreasonable.... UPDATE 01/24/2018: Drop from 5 to 4 stars, strongly considering 3 or even 2 stars. Game play and mechanics, and opponent matching is far better than WoW Blitz. However, with latest update on 1/18/18, the revised AI with bot opponents takes gameplay when with bots on team from awkward and at times disruptive to now nearly all the time disruptive and downright frustrating. Bots go through and shoot through land, turn on a dime, and will ram you to a dead stop - multiple times. If you disable them, there is no effect. Then new maps with annihilate and hunt modes, with large maps, when actual players find each other on the maps, bots cruise in and disrupt the battle. At least with capture the flag the bots had a goal other than disrupting their own team players. Finally - on 1/22/18. Server crash and the game down for at least 7 hours before 6waves responds to their players. Almost a day passes, game back up, but account problems. Back down for at least over two more hours. Universal compensation for “inconvenient”, which is their version of inconvenience, but nothing for paying customers who lost a day of play and paid game perks. If this happens again, will definitely file a complaint with Apple for not getting what paid for - although I doubt much will come of that. All of this aside, the game down has given me time to evaluate WoW Blitz. While WoW is undoubtedly mor stable and less susceptible to developers lurching clumsily about with ideas (at least they are trying!), WoW gameplay in battle is far less smooth and fun than Rising. Rising has so much potential! The deva need to leave alone what works and focus on features such as guild play, arena play, and other promised features that would take the game to the next level. Modes such as Hunting and Annihilation work with full player teams, but not in solo play. New players to the platform are hence at a disadvantage as most experienced players team at 4-5* level.
  • Good 5/5

    with the maintenance all my game was deleted and my base was 5 stars and it was VIP 3. I would like to know how I could recover my account?
  • Help 2/5

    By rlmilan1
    Why is it suddenly saying cannot connect to servers?!?!?
  • Server 1/5

    By medic319
    Haven’t been able to connect to server all day. Any info?
  • Great game but needs work 4/5

    By Palomar79
    I have put in countless hours in this game, I am rated in the top 5 players. Yes VIP is s huge perk, the better the VIP the more gold and fuel you get. Just like any free game it’s always a catch. People are stupid to know the devs need to make money. Even if it’s kind of greedy. Pros, get graphics, if you have an iPad even better looking, Very fun game,lots of cool people in the game Cons, server issues needs work, sometimes you can’t hit in the game cause of bug, or get kicked out of game, the bots in the are horrible,they run into you or steal ur kill. Needs heavy work on A.I. Not to many maps and they to work on good maps ASAP. Needs 6* already. Conclusion, should you play? Yes you should play, I have faith this game is going to shine.
  • Match making 3/5

    By Leviathan!!!
    When I want to play the Arena mode it takes to long to get in matches and it goes way pass 9m as it says up to 9!!! Please fix this in next update! Otherwise game is great
  • Poor support, issues not fixed 1/5

    By anthony2823
    Customer support is non-existent. Cuts and paste typical tier one help desk messages with out even reading your concerns. Issues with game. Tiers in arena are broken. Top tier people can hammer new players and gain points. Bots fire torpedos in front of their ship Bots go through islands Bots go through your ship Skip this game and find a better supported game... save your money.
  • Scale of 1 to meh 4/5

    By Ssaturdee Entertainment
    Honestly I was really looking forward to this going in because I like World of Warships but then you get into it... the first two “levels” were too easy to pass, and the third to get to a four star bad takes forever, as this is a mobile game, like any other, when you play it it’s usually when you have nothing better to do, so trying to get to the four star base so you can unlock submarines takes way too long as I have been playing it for about 5 months and have yet to get it. Then there’s the weapons, while I get that your not supposed to make one weapon too high leveled, after a point there’s no reason to have that much in game currency or weapons but to stop you from wasting all your silver they have special items that you need to every 10 levels, you could buy them with the rare currency of gold but then it’s well over 50 gold per item, not to mention that gold is also used to buy more fuel so you can actually play more if you want if you don’t have VIP, or the lottery system where you can win just about anything in the game including ships you can only get through the in game lottery or special gold ships, all round it’s a good concept but not so great of your a casual gamer who doesn’t spend money on games for your phone or tablet.
  • Must have. 5/5

    By im hiding2
    This by far is the best game I’ve played in some time. A must have for those that enjoy playing on line games not say new maps, and you also get to shoot the chat with people from other countries.
  • BEAR-USMC 5/5

    By FuzzyBear0331
    Badger nipple
  • Glitches 1/5

    By IceShadow69
    Why is it that when I am fighting another ship that I cannot see them ? Knowing that they r well within my range, be it a cruiser and a destroyer that I am in. Even a battleship I cannot see my enemy. Thx
  • Really fun game 4/5

    By Firefighter2188
    I really like this game but the HUGE downfall is you have fuel supply so you can play like 4 or 5 games and then you have to wait for 8-10 hours just to play like another 3 games 🙄
  • Good Game 4/5

    By BadgerDeacon
    Enjoying this game but it’s a strange approach. In some ways the devs have been very realistic but in others the game feels like PacMan. It would be better if the ship movement was more realistic.
  • Good game 2/5

    By Fhd600
    Very nice game with a lot of fun but it has to many bugs that make you mad for some reason enemy ships suddenly disappear and some other minor bugs if these are fixed it would be a great game , until now the bugs aren’t fixed to bad
  • Games awesome - needs work on very little 5/5

    By gamerstats
    The below reviews slandering this game being about spending money are incorrect. Games last about 8 mins each and you get enough fuel to play a few times a days and not have to worry about fuel. Only thing that needs to be worked on is more honors points!!!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By T-Mobile tftj
    Why can't I battle? I press battle and it never lets me battle.just says in combat next to my ship
  • Not good 1/5

    By Melon2336
    Had high hopes for this game, but just not as good as expected. Very buggy on top of everything else. Oh well
  • Ok needs a ton of work 2/5

    By acelineman
    This game Warship Rising is OK. Nothing special about it. Pros: low wait time Its on your phone Decent community Cons: You can be less than 3KM away from a ship and not see it!! Not alot of ships Terrible people on team most of the time You have to have fuel to fight, and it has a long generation time Way to much time to level up Pay to win mostly They dont seem keen on listening to their community To expand of the spotting issue, they say BBs have poor spotting, ok that understandable because they have a ton of fire power, to off set that they nerf the spotting. Im ok with that infact I think its a good idea. They just didnt get it right! I was in a battle and literally a destoyer was firing at me from less than 1 km away and i still couldnt see him, it refused to spot him, and i get torpedo runned and we lose, literally a captain or a freaking private could look over the railing and see the dang ship, i could understand if the ship is behind a rock less than 1km away, but in the open, its kinda hard to miss a destroyer especially if its firing at you. So i can not recommend this game because there is just to much that needs work.
  • Needs a over haul 3/5

    By Otis and Dover
    Needs to be more realistic better physics and graphics I have a game called navel creed its 100 times better then this
  • iPhone 7+ PRODUCT (RED) 5/5

    By Bvh01
    So i have been playing now for about 2 weeks and I love it. I don’t really like games either. Takes a while to figure everything out and to upgrade each individual weapon constantly all the way to level 10 is exhausting. The paint is hard to come by, and the disappointment that ensued when I found a paint mod I wanted and to get it right now would cost me over $120.00 American dollars to obtain. Really?
  • Super amazing 4/5

    By RoboWarrior92
    I love this game so much I play it almost everyday but I was wondering. 1. Will u guys add more ships? 2.will u add more sign ins not just Facebook?(because I don’t want face book and I want the same account on other devices) 3.thank you for making the game and respond back if possible thanks.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By pokeamango
    But it would be cool if the bots on my team didn’t spend the entire round sabotaging me. Please fix this! Best game in App Store.
  • Just not for me 3/5

    By Dougbred
    Appears to be constant pvp ship battle. Good quality. Just not my style of game
  • Fun game play, terrible balancing. 2/5

    By Grimmz27
    Great so you downloaded the game and payed the $2 to get VIP (bc $1=45 and u need 50...). Now you start trying to upgrade your ships and oh nope you need to spend more money for VIP 2 so you can play more than two games a day. And to get any upgrades you gotta burn fuel to spin the wheel which also costs you... Everything about this game is about spending money. Eventually you end up in games where one team spent an entire month of lunch money on the game and can shoot halfway across the map taking you out in a single hit... excellent. That’s assuming you don't lag out and see enemy ships steered around like a drunk Jack sparrow is at the helm. Fun for a few days but you’ll quickly learn the balancing and business plan make the game less appealing. Enjoy spending $$$... To the admins, if you would simply be upfront about being compensated (read possible monthly VIP fee) you might go farther instead of nickel and diming players by forcing them to upgrade ships to have an enjoyable experience. I suggest you rethink the business model and align it to other successful games.
  • Awesome game but 4/5

    By Dstar2026
    You guys should add patrol crafts that have depth charges so you have a better chance of destroying submarines and add depth charges to the destroyers and maybe make one normal sub three stars like not the ones you win in the lottery and stuff ps what is the lottery?
  • Yes!!!! 5/5

    By DBZ person
    The addition of aircraft carriers is the best thing to ever happen on this game and it makes it more fun and better.
  • Cool game 5/5

    By Fnudseedggjh5543
    It's pay to win, but there's plenty of opportunities to get premium items and even gold (premium currency) for free. Excellent graphics, lots of attention to detail and lots to do in the game. Lots of fun overall. Don't mind the bits of broken English, it doesn't affect the gameplay at all!
  • Good Game, Can’t Play 3/5

    By stricklando
    Recently got this game. Looks good, the tutorial was fun, and the gameplay looked easy to learn and fun to play. Unfortunately, for some reason, both times I entered a match, it was laggy, my shots didn’t register and I randomly disappeared and reappeared in a different spot. Eventually I was disconnected. An unfortunate beginning to what looked to be a good game.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By PlumGaming
    Best game on the App Store in my opinion. Beautifully well made, and runs super smooth. I wish it went more in depth with the Guilds. For example Captains of Guilds should have a different title since it can be confusing since they are already called captains. For example, the founder of the Guild in my opinion should be called the Commander, or maybe Paladin. I also suggest more ranks in Guilds other than just Mate and Crew. It would be a nice add on and I believe it would make everyone who isn't a Captain in their guild more active. P.s. You guys seem to be really involved with your community, which is pretty dope. You don't see that often. :))
  • Good job 5/5

    By Bluedukie
    Awesome game.....graphics are good gameplay is simple and overall a fun game to pass the time throughout the day!
  • Great Game 4/5

    By Fishes ain't easy
    I have really enjoyed playing this game so far. The wait time on fuel is a little ridiculous, that would probably be my only complaint. Great job developers maybe one day I will see it on a console. World of Tanks did you should too
  • Invisible ships gota love em. 2/5

    By vasyawrx
    Great idea, graphics but horrible mechanics. Ships disappear and all you see is a light bulb bot no ship leaving to a huge lop sided advantage. Please fix this.
  • By Chris21. It's best app game👍👍👍 5/5

    By Sgtchris537
    I love this app game.👍👍👍I can't for the aircraft carrier to be add in the game
  • Fuel!!! 2/5

    By GatorUF2000go
    This game is fun for the few amount of games you can play before you have to wait for your "fuel" to replenish. I have spent some money on this game and I will NOT spend anymore due to having to wait to play again so my "fuel" can replenish. This should have already been addressed since so many others have already mentioned it.
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By -SFNative-
    Great graphics and concept but the other team keeps disappearing yet able to fire making for a lopsided battle with an unfair advantage. It's also a bit busy on the home screen. Confusing to tell where the guild button is, Market and also where your naval yard is. I've seen too many messages asking how to level up their naval yard not realizing that's basically you. I actually like the game besides these glitches. Hopefully they get fixed so I can re download load the game.

    By Tfgamer3
    I love the game and it amazing but I have poured a ton of time into this game for because I wanted an aircraft carrier, and I think that they will add a little variety and make the game even cooler and I just really want one so get cracking😁
  • Good game but the fuel system 4/5

    By Herobrion93
    This is a good game but the fuel system is kinda annoying because there are other games doesn't have the energy system so that people could play as long as they can so it would be fun and for the next star like you are a 2 star and you want to level up to a 3 stars it will take to much experience and time and also where is the aircraft carrier taps where you can buy one or you have to earn it I don't know how to work it and I am at least a 3 stars captain.
  • Aircraft carriers 4/5

    By GeoArtillery
    Where are the aircraft carriers? Other than that, great game!
  • Fun game 3/5

    By K5 Sparky
    Thank you to the developer for getting back to me and fixing the problem! This is a really fun game. The game ends when you are out of fuel though😔. Can you please make fuel regenerate faster? Maybe watch a video for fuel? If so I would say this is a five star game for sure.
  • Really good 5/5

    By Phantom739
    I'm not good with this review, but the game seem pretty good so far and addicting too. I can't wait for airship carriers to come. :D I don't see anything bad on this game, but still good luck on improving it. 😊👍
  • Good game 5/5

    By isabellezy
    This is the first time I play the warship game. It's very interesting and I love to play it from time to time. The menu is a bit complicate but overall it's a very good game!
  • Great 4/5

    By Mcfallenogbest g
    When's the update coming for aircraft carrier?
  • Excellent mobile entry in warship combat 5/5

    By Ry3Guy
    So not to make a direct comparison because it's unfair to do so, but if you enjoy World of Warships, this is simply the closest you can currently get on iOS. The combat flows very well, lots of opportunities for meaningful upgrades, new ships, and rewards for achievements and success in battle, which can be very satisfying. I think this game could be in a great position for a longterm mobile presence for fans of the genre. A couple of things to consider for later versions, for the ol' backlog: •routinely adding new ships would be great. I'm a battleship guy so to name a few: South Dakota, North Carolina, Iowa, and one of the pocket battleships Graf Spee would be my choice •a few new maps is probably a bit more pressing however •on the same line, a few more gamemodes, maybe a conquest, like with multiple flags or zones to capture •the main menu area can be a little difficult to understand with so many options, especially when finding rewards you've earned or want to check the status of, as there is probably 4-5 places where you can do this for different types of rewards •I'm not sure if it's feasible, but I think 6v6 or 7v7 would be ideal for maps these size •it would be cool to see secondary weapon upgrades affect their range as well, haven't seen that just yet if it is in the game •another would be nice item, a little bit more reflection of ship damage or evident flooding would be great •lastly, ship movement is slightly unnatural at times. Ships turning on a dime or reversing direction kind of ridiculously fast, especially in larger ships. This is probably my biggest pet peeve Overall love the game so far though, keep supporting it and I'll keep playing it
  • Prepare to grind it out. 1/5

    By bwa veteran
    It takes way too long to rank up or get materials. Don't bother spending to pay to win, it's useless. Fuel consumption is huge and naval base upgrade is like pulling teeth.
  • Good game, but could be better. 3/5

    By MartinT18
    I have had a great time playing this game, however the fuel thing is a real let down. Only being able to play about 10 or 12 games is very annoying and I believe many more people would play if this was taken away. Fun, addictive game but the fuel thing is a shame...
  • To creators 5/5

    By williamhastings
    Can u make it so we players require less exp to lvl up to get better ships
  • War ship riseing 5/5

    By Irene 13
    This game is really fun!!!! I love the way the ships sink in the sea!!!! Great game 5 stars for sure!!!! Love it!!!!❤️
  • BROKEN 1/5

    By Player!!!🍔
    Ok let's get started! I can't actually kill anyone because the game doesn't work! Whenever I play the ships always have light bulbs over them but I can't shoot them because they are invisible! It's not my internet it's your crappy servers! Fix this game! I will continue to spread the word of this non responsive developer and waste of time game.
  • Game is good 5/5

    By 8362926
    The game is cool now. Idk what happened but it froze and I got back on the other day i was able to get on it.

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