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Washington Post Print Edition App

THE WASHINGTON POST PRINT EDITION Enjoy a digital replica of each day’s print edition, down to every photo and special insert. Stay informed with award-winning national and international news, as well as complete local news coverage of the D.C. metro area. Read stories wherever you are with convenient offline reading. This app brings you everything daily Washington Post readers enjoy—along with extra benefits for added mobile convenience. For our Digital Edition, please download The Washington Post Classic, now optimized for iOS 10 with multitasking, breaking news alerts, Spotlight and iMessage integration, and much more. PRODUCT FEATURES ▪ PRINT EDITION: Flip through The Washington Post right on your iPad with our digital replica of each day’s print newspaper. ▪ MYPOST: Save your must-read articles for offline reading when it’s convenient for you. ▪ INTELLIGENT DOWNLOADING: We'll learn which sections you read the most, and download them in the background every morning. Don't read a section? We'll keep it off your device to free space, and keep it available if you'd like to read it. ▪ ARCHIVE: Browse the last two weeks of Print Editions. See the top stories and lead images of the day. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS ▪ OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access for just $14.99/month (first month FREE). ▪ EXTRAS: Your subscription to The Washington Post comes with complimentary web access, as well as access to The All-New Washington Post App on all your smartphones and tablets. ▪ PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase. ▪ AUTO-RENEWAL: Your subscription will auto-renew for $14.99 each month unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. The auto-renewal can be turned off at any time in the Account Settings section of the App Store. ▪ PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.washingtonpost.com/privacy-policy/2011/11/18/gIQASIiaiN_story.html ▪ TERMS OF SERVICE: https://www.washingtonpost.com/terms-of-service/2011/11/18/gIQAldiYiN_story.html Questions? Comments? Please let us know at [email protected]


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Washington Post Print Edition app reviews

  • Best newspaper app 5/5

    By Sprucenbirch
    This app gives me the best of both worlds - I can turn the pages of the actual newspaper layout, And I can also triple tap on the article and read an enhanced digital version. WAPO also offers another app that updates the paper in real time. Well done!
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By ktownlou
    It always takes too long to connect on my iPad and “times out” before I ever get anything.
  • Prefer over digital 4/5

    By mrmrae
    I like the print version because it’s a good transition for me from paper to iPad. The only gripe I have is the turning the pages is a bit awkward. With the real newspaper you can leaf through them quickly. Here it is a bit more cumbersome and takes a little bit longer. I like seeing the full article on each page and by tapping I get the whole text which is better than having to leaf through to the continuation on another page.
  • App no longer works. 4/5

    By iamnNirvana
    App doesn’t load the newspaper!
  • A totally biased view of the news ... 1/5

    By Robert9001
    not even worthy of one star. This is a rag mag now, not a news paper. Robert9001 ...
  • It’s OK but things in Washington? 3/5

    By Hum42
    Things in Washington ain’t all that great. Over saturated with Trump... will eventually make us all numb to decency and truth. If they could filter out all Trump stories, there would be little left to read... WaPo should have an edition For non-political people like me.
  • Print edition app 5/5

    By Iwasdisappointed
    I appreciate seeing the traditional look, seeing the entire front page. I strongly dislike the abbreviated app style where only three stories are visible.
  • Why is there an alarm clock icon on top of the white WaPo icon 4/5

    By Alexboyar
    Just curious when opening up my app, that I find a old fashioned alarm clock symbol to the top right of the WP. Any answers would be appreciated I am giving a 4Star rating because the journalism is top shelf, the screen acts funky at times when I’m trying to resize.
  • Slow 1/5

    By Mansfield7
    The New York Times print edition loads in a heartbeat. The Post takes a minute or more. Irritating.
  • Post great online 4/5

    By Dctarheel1
    You can read every page. Outstanding interface. Not surprising that Bezos the Post owner has great technical talent employees to do this. Should be 5 stars.
  • Washington post 3/5

    By Gil Dowd
    i’m from California family with emigrated from Mexico before United States when independent country before the United States with independent country enjoy reading about what’s happening in Washington or in the capital of the United StatesThe distance between California Visit to find subjects of interest is easy to find subjects of interest
  • Too much commercial space 3/5

    By Matthew Machowski
    Adverts should be less in your face when you already had paid for a premium subscription version
  • Unbelievable!! 5/5

    By DaxJordan
    I can read the printed, historic, delivered paper on my phone. No one else does this. I will swallow the bias just for the beautiful print copy. I’m hooked!
  • Paper won’t load 1/5

    By Fred in Colorado
    The print edition takes 5 minutes to begin to load and 10 more to finish. This is new. Not worth the effort if this continues.
  • Excellent presentation of WAPO 4/5

    By emdru
    My only real criticism is the variability of download speed. I have a high speed Fios connection, and most times the download takes only 30 seconds for all sections. Sometimes, though, for no obvious reason, the download is as slow as molasses. If I leave the app open in the dock, the new issue ought to be ready to read as soon as I open the app, as it should be pre-cached. I wish the WSJ and the NY Times had the same digital presentation.
  • The app is fine...it’s the contents that are a problem 1/5

    By Prince By-Tor
    The app works nicely and makes reading the pro-government propaganda quite easy. The problem, of course, is the warfare, welfare, crony capitalist loving editorial staff employed by this morally bankrupt company. The staff appear to be completely ignorant of even the most basic principles of Liberty - Peace, Tolerance, individualism, Free Markets, and Limited Government.
  • A Good Read 4/5

    By Gbmick
    I enjoy reading the “print” edition much more than the on line version. It is a much better experience and for some reason make me appreciate the level of writing even more. Maybe it’s an age thing!
  • Love WP 5/5

    By Joy4400
    One of the best papers in the US. Thorough reporting on politics and current events. Also like the health and food weekly sections. Keep it up and thanks.
  • WP Best Digital Newspaper App 5/5

    By SundanceND
    Easy to use. Easy to go from one page to the next and one section to the next. Easy to email articles to friends!!
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By MyTribe2Day
    Re: Electronic Print Subscription This app is fast and intuitive. I upgraded from the electronic version to the electronic print subscription. On my iPad and iPhone: Read the headlines, select an article of interest and the article is enlarged and displayed. Very easy to move back and forth through the paper. Hyperlinks are included to previously published articles which relate to the one you’re reading. Kudos to the software and content development teams!!
  • changed interface controlling sizing and paging 3/5

    By K1t0r
    This causes pages to zoom out and turn when I’m simply trying to pan the page. Worked better before this recent (2-3 weeks?) change. I do not like this new interface. Other aspects are good, such as content and loading time.
  • Low Resolution Sample 1/5

    By Tom3.1415926
    Online sample has such low resolution, you can only read titles.
  • Best in a Show! 5/5

    By hooverlaw
    Seamlessly switch quickly between the familiar newspaper print view and the interactive video and graphics strewn digital view. Nothing better!
  • horribly unreliable 1/5

    By kgpada
    When it works this app provides a great digital version of the paper. Unfortunately it constantly fails to load properly. When it does load, the content frequently responds erratically and unpredictably. They do propagate updates fairly frequently but underlying vulnerabilities remain completely untouched. When they are having problems they do nothing to inform their users (e.g. a brief email or text message that the server is out of commission or there's a problem with data and when to expect resolution.) If you submit a trouble ticket message you get an automated response and then an anodyne 'sorry, we're having problems, try later' message. Needless to say there's never any refund of subscription fees when you can't read the day's paper until days later.
  • A touch of home 5/5

    By Lost Chord
    I’m an Army Brat, 68 years old, who grew up with the Post. Until I find a way to get it in print (on broadsheet paper!) in Duxbury, MA, the app will keep me in touch, out of the darkness, and chuckling at the best comics section on earth!
  • Partial load 3/5

    By Tom De
    Sometimes app shows full section loaded, but some pages are still blank. I like the app but it’s buggy. Couldn’t find any way to report bug.
  • Digital news 5/5

    By stevep1433
    Love the ease of use and the ability to cite and share. Also, saving trees.
  • Outstanding presentation ... the best of all worlds! 5/5

    By twhitakerz
    I love being able to flip though the paper just like a print edition (which I missed terribly with all the digital formats out there that never present the paper correctly). This is pure genius. Some may think it’s a throw back to the scanning days of old but, rather, it’s a fresh take on the way papers are written and the way editors want them read. Bravo!
  • Best WAPO app, but... 4/5

    By Zorro2998
    I wish they would add ALL Local Living Thursday supplements
  • In Depth Reporting and thoughtful commentary 5/5

    By Joshua715
    As you might expect, having the news available in the full, traditional format gives me a better way to select what I want to read. I am so pleased with the quality of reporting and commentary.
  • W-Post is not yet ready for Apple’s I-Pads! 3/5

    By Sutriv
    The tech assistance is poor. NYT is emerging as a more tech-savvy on-line paper even for Washington DC & MD readers.
  • Functional frustration. 3/5

    By Skizzledefizhlesnizzel
    The journalism and coverage is very good, but I have been reading the publication on an iPad and an iPhone and find that functions such as page turning and zooming frequently go awry on both platforms. Pages may turn when I intend to zoom in, a section often closes when I mean to turn a page, or the fuller version of an article opens when I’m merely trying to scroll within the print edition. Most frustrating is that often, when I am scrolling within an article, the app interprets intention to scroll as a command to zoom out; thus, I constantly find myself having to resize the text, which is quite annoying and distracting. Isn’t there a way to make these features behave more deliberately?
  • Online Post is a Comfort 5/5

    By pjg001
    As a Post subscriber for 12 years it’s great to have an option of lounging on ,my couch while reading The Washington Post on cold, wintry days especially when there’s ice or snow on the ground. While this doesn’t do much for my cardio, it is sheer comfort. Patrick G, Crownsville, MD
  • Latest bug 4/5

    By GrisJK1953
    After zooming in on an article in print edition, when you touch the screen to move the page it zooms out and you have to zoom back in again to see it.
  • Page manipulation issues 3/5

    By GregAndHilary
    Two annoyances: If you zoom in on a portion of a page and then attempt to move left or right it turns the page. Touch a little too hard and it is opening the article rarely do I want to do this I would welcome a “do you want to open” dialog.
  • Please tweak 5/5

    By danglars
    I’ve been using the app for years and it’s always been a fantastic substitute for the paper, er, paper. Over the last month, however, the app sometimes interprets a single finger moved across the screen to follow an article as a combination pinch to zoom out and swipe to turn the page. Any chance we can make a tweak to work out these wires that were recently crossed?
  • Latest Update 3/5

    By Talking Points
    Print edition is much improved after the latest update. Fast loading pages, smooth page turning, and option to not download sections that you don't usually read. Great job WP! Update 4/30/16: page sections or entire page blacks out frequently when page is expanded to enlarge the type for reading. This happens about every other page. The only way to read the blacked out page is to pinch down to initial type size, swipe to go to next page, swipe back bad then the original page can be read without blacking out. Update 2: moving around expanded page using finger swipes and gestures has gotten worse especially when using one finger to move around an expanded page. Sometimes it works and other times it closes the page or goes to next page. Then you have to reopen the page or page back. Very irritating.
  • Swipe gestures are broken 1/5

    By Jvjunk
    After the last update, the sensitivity and responsiveness of the app to swipes has made the app very frustrating to use. You used to be able to slide the displayed page over to read the next column but that now results in the page turning or zooming back out. Very frustrating and needs to be fixed.
  • Great to have! 5/5

    By Casey11th
    I use this on my iPad when away from home and my print edition. I like that older copies of the print edition are available here too!
  • Love the print WaPo 4/5

    By griffmayn
    The WaPo continues to please: * Faster opening of the print online edition * Shorter and more brisk sentences * Fewer cliches Thank you, Bob in Atlanta
  • Best Newspaper App 5/5

    By Association Exec
    I travel constantly, but no matter where I am, I can have a cup of coffee (or scotch depending on where I am in the world) and read the post on my iPad. I love that it’s the whole paper, ads and all. To me it’s important to see all those little stories that might become a big story. The read the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as well; the Post app is hand down the best.
  • Technically poor with biased content 1/5

    By Rjburnsva
    Too bad you can't use the app to line your birdcage. The content is a bunch of liberal drivel and talking points. Sometimes the app works.
  • Stopped working today 1/5

    By Gma Bob
    This app quit working sometime around October 2017, rendering my subscription unavailable and therefore worthless, so I cancelled. I just checked reviews by recency and the positive reviews are still lacking. I'm sticking with the digital edition (inadequate though it may be) and going to NYT e-print. This is ridiculous.
  • Excellent news app! 5/5

    By metalpin
    I love the ease of how the pgs flip an I’m able to flip back n forth.
  • Recent Changes Have Changed Navigation 5/5

    By arhutch
    In recent weeks the app has had some sort of change that has resulted in an annoyance. When pinching up (magnifying) an article in the print edition, it used to be easier to scan and scroll across the printed text. But now it seems that when I use my fingers to move across an expanded/magnified article, it reverts to the original size showing the full width of the page and rendering the article too small to read. I hope that is clear to the developers and that they can identify the change/update that caused this. Thanks
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Chitownburbguy
    This is an excellent replacement for a real paper in your hands, which is what I tend to like. I now like this virtual paper more than a real, physical paper. Navigation is easy, and turning the page is as though you have an actual paper in your hands. Great technology, guys! I'm using this on an iPad mini and have no technical issues.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By Zubeneschemali
    Pages reload multiple times so it's impossible to finish an article, and app crashes often. On IOS 9, but you need to keep apps backward compatible or say you no longer support it. Cancelling subscription.
  • News That Fits Me 5/5

    By Steve in Idaho
    I understand the stories they choose to print, they feel relevant to me, and they are presented with an intelligent style. I prefer the digital replica version because where each article is placed on the page matters.
  • Recent update causing problems 3/5

    By reengler
    I love the print edition. Unfortunately the recent updates are making the app more and more frustrating to use. First, the app frequently dumps editions, even on the same day. I assume the app is designed to conserve memory, but it is too aggressive. I would prefer an option to force the app to keep some number of days (0-3?). Also, when navigating, the app sometimes seems to hesitate. It will take 2-5 seconds to open an article. Finally, it it not unusual for the entire app to freeze. Here’s hoping for a quick update!
  • WAPO app 2/5

    By gr8cashback
    I find it very difficult compared to accessing the NYT online edition. Always go to the Times. Rarely to WAPO online.

Washington Post Print Edition app comments


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