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Washington Post app reviews

  • We are fortunate 5/5

    By Steven Zweig
    We are so fortunate to have a newspaper such as the Washington Post to help create the light that preserves our democracy. Well done!
  • DO NOT force a customer to click to access after update 1/5

    By jjssjjsso
    The recent update requires me to hit a button or click on “Continue” in order to read your articles. Why? We know we updated, and we are smart enough to seek out the “How To” if any new features will assist us or change our habits. So, DO NOT force us into “help” which does not help. In the alternative, show a standard Apple circle over the icon at the menu bar, similar to the “you have unread text messages” so we are prompted there when we run into a new path. We are trained, by you, by experts, by best security practices, to avoid clicking on unfamiliar and unwanted links and prompts. You completely undermine the security message when you then make it a routine practice to force a customer to make an unwanted choice in order to proceed to the product for which I entered into my subscription. That said, my personal circumstances aggravate the issue. My habit is to read your stories as I wake up and have my toast and coffee. I am not at my peak then. Frankly, I am only marginally functional. Any “help” or updated information I might glean from this unanticipated input is lost. Help a reader out. Implement a feature which flags but does not nag or force me to engage with the new process. Thanks. John.
  • Good 5/5

    By tfghjfghh
    It’s okay
  • Money for a Dog Park 5/5

    By didzze
    What planet are the Council and Mayor on? We need money to repair schools — heat, air, mold, etc. for decent learning environments. Until that is done let the dog owners figure out where their pooches play. Children come first!!!!!
  • Buggy 2/5

    By H2Odavid
    Many graphics do not show up. App keeps asking you to resign in, but fields do not show up. WP says they will share your info to others, no way to cancel. Tech support in India is clueless.
  • Thiessen is a Tool. 1/5

    By Bags53K
    Not sure what else I need to say, you don’t need a Trump sycophant on staff, dump him.
  • No Ad Free Option 3/5

    By tcarrw
    I have to pay for the subscription and I still get ads. I would prefer an ad free option.
  • BZ 5/5

    By Dunner46
    Exceptional resourcing, documentation, bundling & delivery of truth. Captain R. R. Dunne, USN (Ret.)
  • Comments; style section, facebook interface, search feature 2/5

    By Dcbridge
    I love the Post but hate the app. 1. Comments don’t show in app. No instructions on how to find comments 2. Why not have a style section and the option to view by current sections of newspaper? I don’t like an app that chooses what I might want to read. I would like an option to sort by section and scroll through like I’m reading the print version 3. Facebook interface seems odd. I click on an article in Facebook and it acts like I’m not a paid subscriber. I have to sign in again and then search AGAIN for the article 4. Sometimes searching for a article is ridiculously complicated. For example, searching for All Souls Church yields me an article about Joe Biden??? It doesn’t seem to know how to put articles with all the words in the same order first, and it doesn’t realize that a DC newspaper should reference articles about local news first. A search for Bancroft Elementary school gives me an article about a school in Alabama first rather than the school in DC 5. Why no automatic link to the weather? Isn’t that like one of the most searched items?
  • Too Many Ads 2/5

    By Exasperatd
    I prefer to read the WP online because there are less ads. I pay for news. They should pay me for the ads.
  • App is getting worse 1/5

    By sirosenberg
    They’ve taken out sections from the app (most read, business). If your phone rotates while you read, the app now loses your place and puts you back to the headline (didn’t before). And now the ads will cut off your audio from another app, so you can’t read wapo while you listen to something else.
  • They can’t manage subscriptions 1/5

    By spudlingly
    I subscribe, I can’t ever log in, I call to unsubscribe. I subscribe again. RINSE And REPEAT infinitely. Jesus, fix your back end
  • Best News Source Available 5/5

    By James Trent K
    You are the best in overall coverage, wether it be politics or social. Thanks for being there and speaking the truth.
  • Should have some free articles 1/5

    By No Way a 4 Star.
    The post, although first rate, should provide 10 free articles per month. And an ability to share news. Quality news takes priority over fake news , only when there is access
  • iOS app lacks features 3/5

    By fffcgg3455
    The paper is great the app is missing a lot (vs the android app)
  • Iran 5/5

    The views expressed on Iran are naive and reflective of wishful thinking, not of a pragmatic and well studied view of history. Journalistic analysis must be devoid of rationalization and displacement, the two most common psychological self defense mechanisms subconsciously invoked in situations that scare us and make us feel uncomfortable.
  • Login problem 1/5

    By axlenose
    I love reading the Post, and rely on it for news. However, since updating this app recently, I either can't log in, or am kicked out when I try to use the app. It worked fine before this. The other Post apps still work, fortunately, but this one is a lost cause, it appears. The error message that I get is uninformative, and is no help. Oops, problem solved. My mistake, and apologies.
  • Sweet 5/5

    By Fr0styTh3Sn0wm4n
    Very happy with this washpo app for my iPhone, but I miss the flip-board format I had on my Android.
  • I finally gave in. 5/5

    By fifi913
    For a couple years now I’ve tried to read the WashPo without paying or paying much. I paid for a kindle subscription but found the content was not fresh or didn’t have the articles I wanted to read. I finally gave in and did a full subscription after being offered a great introductory price. So glad I did. I feel the Washington Post is the most important paper to read daily in this political climate. Happy to feel like I’m supporting their writers and editors.
  • Ok but 4/5

    By bard1952
    I find it annoying that the app doesnt always hold my place in an unfinished article. Then i have to find the story that i was reading and the find my place in that story.
  • controversial. 5/5

    By REVJACK60
    don’t always agree with the content: sometimes, the Washington Post can be controversial in its writing. However, I like the way the side is laid out. it works really well when you’re using the voiceover settings. I wish the site on the computer worked just as well.
  • 2 thumbs up 5/5

    By broanx9
    A good source for straight news and progressive opinion
  • WAPO 5/5

    By lswonder44
    Timely US,world and political news.
  • So-so user experience 1/5

    By Marknitz
    Content is fine. However, it’s really annoying that the app doesn’t clearly and visually identify articles that I’ve already read. If it does try to do this already, then try again because it’s not visually clear. Put the done button back to the top. It’s not any easier to reach in lower left. I find it less easier to reach. Amazingly, the inability to visually flag articles as read is still an issue and horrificly negative user experience. Still waiting for the app to track for me what I’ve read. This can’t be that hard. Yep. Still waiting for this one. And to make it worse, publish dates are less visible in articles so it’s even harder to skip what you’ve read already. And now articles seem to just move around for no apparent reason to further confuse readers. Seriously, what is the motive here?
  • No high school sports stats online. 2/5

    By Rrrrricardo
    Little high school sports coverage any more. Less online than hard copy. Slanted political coverage. If WP was unbiased, they wouldn’t “endorse” political candidates before elections. What aspect of objective journalism does that employ?
  • Great journalism, terrible app 1/5

    By feddup
    I’ve been a WAPO subscriber for years. I’ve canceled my subscription however because the app is terrible, and the customer service is even worse. The app sends you in endless loops of signing in and showing credentials, but you never get anywhere. And customer service keeps asking for the same screen shots over and over. Clearly if they could solve the problem they would. But because they can’t, they wait for you to give up. I’d be happy to pay for this news if I could only access it. Because I can’t access what I have already paid for, I am canceling my subscription.
  • Love WaPo 3/5

    By cicickb
    However I re-upped my subscription yesterday and I am not recognized as having an account. It’s maddening! I have tried everything I can, and no luck. Help please.
  • New version is much improved 4/5

    By EV-traveler
    It would be great if there was a button on the screen that would simply speak the text in the stories. No one has this that I know of, and it could be very useful.
  • Exclusive new tools to keep up with the news? 3/5

    By SocratesSeven
    Since the update today the app does not open/simply crashes every time I attempt to open it. Is that one of the exclusive new tools? Just wondering.... When I attempted to open the updated app, the app would show the opening screen (grey page with “Washington Post” in the center of the screen). This remained for roughly thirty seconds after which the app would suddenly close. When double-clicking on the iPhone home button following the crash, a “ghost image” of a page from a Washington Post article that I last read before the update would show as one of the open apps. I assume—but cannot say with certainty—that this article was open when the app updated. In order to resolve the situation, I deleted and then re-downloaded the update app. After signing into my Washington Post account via the reinstalled app, I successfully regained access to the app/Washington Post content. I’ve not encountered further issues with the updated app since that time.
  • Excellent. Much improved since its initial release 5/5

    By resin007
    Very good app. This is an excellent news app for an excellent news source.
  • Ignatius’s Demons 1/5

    By Yellow Dog #12
    David Ignatius recommends that liberals stop “demonizing” and reach across the divide to understand other viewpoints. This is another unfortunate example of both-sider-ism, the eternal view if pundits that Both Sides are at Fault. When your neighbor is Tony Soprano, or your Senate majority leader is McConnell, there is little common ground to be found — unless your goal is to join forces in fleecing the public. We live in a moment when the Oregon legislature allows itself to be shut down by terrorist “militia” — some of the real demons haunting our nation. Other terrorists in public office shut up children in cages and inflict lifelong damage on them and their families. We have a rapist as President. There really are Demons abroad, and we don't need to understand them. We need to name them, shame them, impeach them, and remove them from public life, prosecuting them as appropriate.
  • News is fine, ads block printed recipes. 2/5

    By mmbrownie
    I appreciate the news sections & read all the time. But I also subscribed for the recipes. Unlike many other sites that are more professional, WP doesn’t allow for printing recipes WITHOUT ads slapped in the middle of the ingredient list or the instructions. I have written to them & they won’t do anything to update/improve the recipe options, which Martha Stewart, NYT, Food 52... many others are able to figure out- without ads in the middle. I’ll stick with other recipe sites.
  • WINNER 5/5

    By Maga-Knot
    It beats the NYTs in my opinion, I read both.
  • POST Delivers the News 5/5

    By Chips Stewart
    The POST keeps us up to date. Reporters re relentless in pursuit to f the story!!
  • Sick and tired of sign-in requirement 1/5

    By RDJ2595
    Everyday I get this login BS...I pay for the friggin ‘right’ to view your articles, I ain’t trying to steal anything from you, but Hugh Hewitt should be exclusively FOX! Greed isn’t Good!
  • Late “Paper” 2/5

    By wynnwagen
    I never thought I would see this again in a digital world, yet this morning, 6/24/19, all of the stories are 1-3 days old.
  • App is good but can’t see comments on articles 4/5

    By globulen
    I like the app but don’t understand why you can’t find the readers comments or a place to leave a comment, as you can do through a browser.
  • Read to know the FACTS! 5/5

    By Freethinker!
    This is the scariest time for our democracy and the WP helps to make sense of what our government is doing and why. If I didn’t have the WP, I’d be totally confused and I feel it’s my duty as a citizen to support and read the WP; the Post brings sanity into my life!
  • Terrible app. No excuse 2/5

    By Dewdness
    Terrible app. No excuse. Just copy the Guardian and NY times app. Will cancel subscription.
  • My go-to 5/5

    By annegb
    I always check the Post for the truth.
  • My contact with reality 5/5

    By JMCK44
    I am so beyond grateful for the Post and to be able to read it online. I have children in D.C. so I doubly like it and don’t have to miss a thing when I leave their house to return home.
  • App versus paper 5/5

    By frustrated by this process
    I like the paper and the screen ... they augment one another
  • An unknown error has occurred 1/5

    By 75f$8-6
    How do you piss off your subscribers? Tell them They have read all the “free“ articles they can read when they are paying subscribers. Oh and also make them hunt for a unique name for 10 minutes before they can post any kind of complaint.
  • I can’t figure it out so 5/5

    By dsflihg
    I am doing it here. I was interviewed by a post reporter about softball at west Potomac park. She interviewed me between innings so I had about 3 minutes to chat. So I talked about the existing league, that I have played on since 2006. Had she stuck around until after the game, she could have heard the of the navy fast pitch league, which dominated that now allow slow pitch softball. I recommended she call me before she publishes her story. She has my number.
  • Biased reporting 1/5

    By Toler Rance
    Sad that the Washington Post does not report straight news but rather advocates and colludes to produce propaganda for the Democratic Party. Where journalism goes to die🤷🏿‍♂️
  • Embarrassing typography 1/5

    By XChris1000
    Any time a quotation mark starts a line, even mid paragraph, it appears outside the margins. major newspaper's app should not have such typography problems. Big has existed for years. Tech support gives the response “out other apps do that” as if that makes it right. Come on. You are a major newspaper. Typography basics should not be an issue.
  • The best 5/5

    By occubart
    The Post is the very best newspaper I have ever read. I really like quality and you will find nothing but in the pages of the nation’s finest paper.
  • Go To start of day 5/5

    By GYSBayArea
    Well curated and topical pieces. Easy to read format and great national coverage and opinions.
  • Trump doesn't want you to read the news! 5/5

    By Pakistani Tony Montana
    The Washing Post represents everything good that Journalism can be. Support freedom of speech, support WaPo.

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