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Watch TNT

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 5.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: TNT
  • Compatibility: Android
21,295 Ratings
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Watch TNT App

The TNT App makes watching movies, full episodes and live sports simple and easy. Sign in with your TV provider to watch all the TNT originals you love, like Animal Kingdom, Claws, and more, along with favorites like Bones and Charmed. Watch anytime, anywhere with the TNT App on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. You can also catch live sports, awards-shows and blockbuster movies on any screen. The TNT App supports most TV providers, including AT&T, Spectrum (incl. Time Warner Cable, Charter & Bright House), Comcast XFINITY, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish, Optimum, Suddenlink, Verizon, and many more. Our TNT originals include: The Alienist, American Race, Animal Kingdom, Claws, Good Behavior, The Last Ship, Shatterbox and Will. Other series available include Bones, Charmed, NCIS New Orleans, Supernatural and Unforgettable.

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Watch TNT app reviews


    By NikkiFinnxx
    Even after an update it’s non stop 😩
  • Improve live streaming video quality 1/5

    By cavalier baller
    Improve live streaming video quality
  • Not Working!!!!! 1/5

    By Gretha1002
    I downloaded the app on my iPhone 7 and it’s not working at all...all that’s coming up is TNT and then it just stays like is that????
  • Worst app of 2019 1/5

    By Shargoon
    Freezes almost every time I try to watch something
  • Needs Fixing 2/5

    By ShikaraCortney
    Initially this seemed like a very good app. Now all of a sudden when I try and open it up on my firestick it just freezes. I tried opening the app on my phone and as soon as I went to play “The Alienist” it closed out. I tried 7 times and it did the same thing each time. So frustrating!
  • Scam 1/5

    By The create nickname is stupid
    Funny how the only things I can watch are tnt shows. Non elf the movies work on this app. I choose a movie and the app closes. I choose a show and it plays. It’s a miracle!!! 👎🏽 🗑
  • Error EVERYTIME 1/5

    By Pin-ddicted
    I can’t even sign in! I’ve never been able to without getting an error. So disappointed.
  • Well thoughtout 3/5

    By brenbo_
    Great app, great feel, all it has to do now is not freeze during playback of on-demand video. I’m guessing it has to do with when it tries to load a commercial—it buffers for a second then freezes. When this happens, it looses all playback control so you have to kill and restart the screencast. This would be fine and a 4-star but it happens AT LEAST TWICE on EVERY on-demand playback.
  • Not working on iPad anymore 2/5

    By tonyb75
    This app was great (besides the 5 to 10-5 minute commercials you have to endure)until it stopped working on my iPad with no warning or update?! App on my phone works fine but not on my iPad. Please fix the issues that are keeping this from being a great streaming app. Thank you!
  • Won’t authenticate TV provider 1/5

    By BBK1811
    I have tried numerous times to sign in with TV provider and it continues to freeze up on the authentication page and I am not able to sign in. I have signed in many times previously but now it will no longer work. Tried reinstalling the app with no luck.
  • Bad 1/5

    By bobstowm
    Kicks me out of my movie.
  • Repeated movies 2/5

    By Hollyboy92
    This app works really great and all, but I am getting tired how they keep adding repeated movies every week. They need to spice it up and end some new movies
  • App not working 1/5

    By Akule
    why do I get a “AuthZ Token Failed”?
  • Terrible ! 1/5

    By NickEngland_401
    The app hasn’t allowed me to sign in and stream anything for almost a full month now. Unable to use it on my phone or any of the 3 Apple TVs I have at home. I keep getting “AuthZ Token Failed”
  • Crashes every time I try to watch a show or movie 1/5

    By SmashterG
    This app has some of my favorite TV shows and movies on it and I have a subscription through DIRECTV which I just login through the app. Recently, but then the last five days every time I open the app and go to play anything that I would like to watch the app immediately closes down and shuts off. The screen goes black then to my home screen. I don’t know if there was an update that causes this error but I would really like it to get fixed soon because I have shows that I like to keep up with i.e. Animal kingdom. Once this issue is resolved I will change my review to 5 star rating.
  • App keeps closing 2/5

    By ktnrain
    I click on a show to watch and the app closes and returns to my phone’s home screen. Unable to watch anything.
  • Come on! 2/5

    By Madia Ree
    I have this app on my fire stick, phone, iPad and roku and on all of them it closes as soon as I press play and it freezes up! I love this his channel but this app only plays when it wants!
  • Crap app 1/5

    By PDQKevin
    I couldn’t figure out how to search. Didn’t find the show that is having its latest season aired now.
  • Update Needed! 2/5

    By RäRa
    App keeps closing normally don’t have an issue but this timing is terrible! Claws Season 3 is here and I’m missing out! Please fix immediately.
  • Garbage!!! 1/5

    By JJmags80
    tvOS App constantly gets stuck when playing one of the millions of ads they play to watch a single episode of anything. Many times the dashboard stays on the screen after the a movie or show starts playing!
  • Playback on Airplay is horrible 1/5

    By AmandaKRue
    Can’t watch a full show. Ads don’t load. Phone must be open to play. So many bugs, I can’t even watch anything.
  • Always disconnects and closes! 2/5

    By Gingerbread1211
    This app won’t stay open! It takes forever to load when you open it and when I click on an episode to watch a show the app closes but is still open in the background. Please fix
  • More commercials than actual show 1/5

    By Dcr09
    There is seriously just as much or more commercial time than actual show. So frustrating... we deleted the app after two shows because it was so bad. Figure it out cause this is ridiculous
  • Sudden crash/malfunction 2/5

    By NeshaTipp
    This has now been my third attempt at redownloading the app to try and solve the unexpected error messages. The message states that there is an error with my tv provider as though the channel is not supported. However, I am able to watch the channel via my providers app with no problems.
  • Dumb app 1/5

    By Rerun 53
    Why can’t someone watch TNT on demand and live shows like Animal Kingdom on their iPad without needing to supply a cable tv provider sign in info? I have Sling TV and TNT does not accept them as a TV/cable provider on this app. Just plain stupid! You should be able to watch your shows directly on the app.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By TAmb94
    The app crashes the same second you select a movie. Has been doing this since the last update

    By rose.tya09
    This app is horrible!!! I keep trying to launch it and it just keeps closing out and not working. I am absolutely disappointed. I thought the issues were fixed but it just seems like it keeps getting worse! I’m not able to watch my shows anymore. I do not recommend this app!
  • Sign in 2/5

    By LoLoBellz
    DirectTV uses usernames to login and not emails since they connect with AT&T. I tried numerous times to sign in with my TV provider even changed my password and I can’t login. Please update your login for DirectTV to ask for usernames.
  • Horrible live streaming 1/5

    By _Dustin_
    Freezes every few minutes streaming nba games. Worst sports streaming app I’ve ever used
  • You guys need to fix this app!!! 1/5

    By talktoemkeed
    How does this app crash ONLY when I want to watch one specific show? You guys need to do something ASAP
  • AuthZ token failed 1/5

    By KeepinDaFaith
    I deleted and re-installed the app, but still keep getting this weird error message. I restarted my device also. Can’t enjoy what I can’t even access.
  • Need to be fixed. 2/5

    By paigeler
    I was very excited when i saw TNT had an app just for my expectations to be let down. For some reason so matter how many times i try this app will not let me sign into my Tv provider resulting in me not being able to watch my shows. Please fix this!!
  • TNT App 2/5

    By mtimster
    There is no way of searching the TNT library. At least I haven’t found it.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By brookeeasy
    The app never works
  • Can’t even play 1 second of the movie 1/5

    By DallasBarbie88
    Trying to watch ONE movie and this horrible app can’t even play one second of it without crashing. Tried 2 other movies. One works and one has the same problem. What good is an app if you can’t even access non-live-stream content?? Just AWFUL.
  • Crashes before watching anything 1/5

    By Crosbym23
    When it actually works I like it, this is only about 10% of the time. Frustrating that I have done everything suggested to fix the problem and it still persists. Please fix the app for the iPhone6 platform
  • Can’t log on 1/5

    By B D Kay
    I have several apps that I use to stream content. However this one can’t get pat the cable provider authentication. It freezes on the second step. I looks exactly as it does on a couple others, but has never allowed me to complete the process, just frozen non response.
  • Not working 1/5

    By MiZZQ225
    App is not working
  • Freezes 1/5

    By gr8fulp
    We just downloaded and can’t even watch a movie because it freezes at the first commercial break. On my iPad it won’t even launch the movie it just disappears and i have to relaunch. In a word it is USELESS
  • App not working 1/5

    By .steph.t
    Apple 7plus user. Have deleted app and reinstalled multiple times. Still stuck on the privacy and terms screen. It will not give an option to continue. Please help!
  • The “Update” 1/5

    By tnt fix
    Just tried it... glitches and goes back to main screen on play. iPhone 10. Got a bug. Please fix. Thanks
  • No search! 1/5

    By Btorourk
    No way to search
  • Very bad 1/5

    By sr.?.p654321
    Does not work at all, 0. Can’t go past agreement.
  • Still the worst app! 1/5

    By Kmellozzo
    I've had this app for over a year and it was always really bad! I would always have to open the app numerous times and try to stream the show that I was trying to watch before it would actually work. I saw the update for the app and thought "they finally fix this app!", but now it doesn't work at all! I don't know how they keep making this worse and worse.
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By RockSolidRC
    Something has gone awry with this app. It won’t let you select login icon or after preview select login box so all you can do is preview for 5 minutes and be cut off. The app works fine on roku devices but not on any amazon fire 5k devices, or other devices like apple, etc... for Apple it doesn’t even offer my tv provider directvnow. None of it makes sense. Roku verifies it! Apple won’t allow it? Essentially I have paid for this app for 2 years and get refused its service. It’s been a year now and they have clearly abandoned the idea of correcting the issue. Too bad it is now apparent that being a tnt customer is a waste of money.
  • Streaming 1/5

    By cripnuts
    It is terrible- difficult to stream Animal Kingdon and Claws . Ready to call it quits!!
  • Extremely poor audio syncing 1/5

    By John5617282
    App does a horrible job syncing audio when using a HomePod as a speaker. The audio lags about 3-5 seconds. That doesn’t occur with any other app I use and I watch live events often. Most content I watch in the TNT app isn’t even live, it’s on demand. And worse, every time ads play the video stops. I have to exit the app, re-enter, then fast forward. This is a clown show. I really hope we see less of this immature engineering effort in the future.

    By BearJew6'3
    I’m in Israel right now. I installed this app so that I could watch some of my favorite TNT shows while I was away. The first thing that happened when I opened the app was it asked me for a credit card so I could pay the subscription fee and then gave me a pop up that said “The TNT app is not available in your current location.” Ridiculous.
  • Worst of the worst 1/5

    By timbotantrum
    Commercial volume all over the place. Subtitles always on and have to diffuse a bomb and solve a trigonometry equation to turn them off. Returns from six commercials with the status bar permanently on screen. No way to get it off except exiting out and watching another half dozen commercials when returning. This app makes you want to kill yourself.

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