Watchla for Tesla

Watchla for Tesla

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  • Current Version: 2.95
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Villegas Ventures LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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87 Ratings
$ 4.99

Watchla for Tesla App

Watchla delivers full control of your Tesla to the convenience of your wrist. With a beautiful, clean & effective UI, Watchla is a watch app for Tesla that aims to replace your phone for most of your remote access needs with your Tesla. No more pulling your phone out of your pocket every time you want to check on your Tesla or tell it to do something. With Watchla all you have to do is raise your wrist to start interacting with your Tesla. Watchla, being a fully capable app made for the everyday Tesla owner, can: - Check various vehicle statuses (charge, climate, etc) - Perform vehicle commands - Offers an array of complications to keep you up to date with your Tesla right from your watch face - Notify you of critical vehicle alerts While also supporting: - Siri Shortcuts - Custom layouts - Keyless driving - Homelink - Sentry Mode - Multiple vehicles - User-set vehicle wake preferences - & much more! Watchla is also supported by a robust iOS companion app that you can use to enrich Watchla’s experience. Use Watchla’s iOS companion app to: - sign in: - either with Tesla - or with a Tesla token - customize Watchla’s Home Screen layout - add & customize Siri Shortcuts (for both iOS and WatchOS) - select vehicle - manage app settings - manage vehicle settings - act as a backup for unlocking/locking vehicle and activating remote start - & much more! Keeping your account safe: Watchla holds your privacy and it’s transparency to the highest level and therefore Watchla has decided not to even accept your account credentials as a form of sign in. In fact, Watchla will NEVER see your email and the only time Watchla will EVER process your password is to verify with Tesla to authorize Remote Start, which is required by Tesla when authorizing Remote Start. As an alternative to credential sign in, Watchla offers the ability to Sign in with Tesla right from Watchla’s iOS companion app. Sign in with Tesla is a secure method of signing in that allows you to authenticate your Tesla account directly on Tesla’s website. No more inputting your email & password on 3rd party app text fields. Once authenticated, you will be automatically signed into Watchla with your Tesla account both on the iOS and watch app. Your account credentials are never processed or saved by Watchla. As an alternative, you can also sign in to Watchla using your Tesla API access token. Just paste it in and you’re good to go! We recommend using our Tesla token management app, Authla! Looking into the future: Watchla is always evolving in an effort to deliver a top-quality Tesla watch app experience. In the future, Watchla will be seeing many upgrades like: - Smart Summon - Watch gesture initiated commands - Even more watch face complications - A wider array of critical vehicle alert types that are customizable so you can be informed on the specific issues about your Tesla that matter most to you. - And a ton of more watch focused features that will elevate your Tesla experience on your wrist. In addition, Watchla is always listening to users and any user can request a feature they think will fit nicely into the Watchla experience. Many user-submitted features have already made it to Watchla and it is likely that there are many more to come. If you would like to request a feature for Watchla, you can do so here: Download Watchla, the ultimate watch app for Tesla and experience total control over your Tesla, from the convenience of your wrist. To read more about how Watchla takes privacy seriously, see our privacy policy at Disclaimer: Watchla is an independent Tesla watch app and it is not owned or endorsed by Tesla Inc. Watchla utilizes Tesla’s open API to safely & securely provide you with remote access to your Tesla vehicle from your watch. Watchla is an independent watch app and (aside from signing in) doesn't need its iOS companion app to perform normally.

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Watchla for Tesla app reviews

  • Do what you need to do 5/5

    By 奈、、
    Have all the basic function that 99% of people need. I do wish they can put an image of my car in the interface, should look little more appealing.
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By Slingshot1679
    It’s working now just fine. I think it’s a great addition. I recommend this for any user. It’s cool it works and it’s quick so you don’t have to pull out your phone. Love it!!!
  • Working OK 5/5

    By Jimt29
    3/9/22 I configured settings to my personal preference on the iPhone app. After a few tries the setting change took effect. Stupid me assumed the settings would apply to the watch app. They do not. Disappointing. I can’t see using the iPhone app instead of the Tesla app but using the Watch app would be a plus. I have left feedback so I wait for an answer. 3/12/22 Working again. Good tech support. My thanks! 4/26/22 Only seems to work if I stop and then start the iPhone Watchla app. 5/12/22 This app is now fully functional and working properly.
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Sevein
    This app constantly kicks you out. I have to sign in too often. I can’t trust it to work if I lock my phone in my car rendering pretty much useless. That is the only reason I got it.
  • New version keeps having connection errors! 1/5

    By Armand Agopian
    Ever since the new iOS app launched, the watch app keeps having connection errors that only get fixed when opening the iOS app. The iOS app works fine. The watchOS app can’t keep a solid connection no matter how many relogins I try.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Sahlore
    Selecting “support” on the watch app brings up a QR code and says to “scan” it, with no instructions as to how or where to send it. Useless. Update: because I liked the app when it worked, after having tried all the fixes for the cryptic “Tesla token” (Elon’s crypto currency??) error and been scolded by support for not having followed proper channels, I decided to try the obvious: delete and reinstall. It seems to have worked! If success continues, I’ll consider updating my rating. I hope this saves someone else from frustration!
  • This app is useless 1/5

    By Im That Girl
    I wanted to love this app so bad but it’s useless. I always get “Vehicle Wake Error” messages and then the app spends several minutes trying to wake my car. For all that, I could fish my phone from my pocket or handbag and just access my vehicle’s controls much quicker. Also the controls on my watch are showing my car is open but my Tesla app is showing my vehicle is locked. It just doesn’t work. I want my $5 back…
  • Edit: wasn’t working right 4/5

    By Pixelleration
    Amending my review, because the customer support is great so far. Got it working on a beta program so fingers crossed. I just bought this app and installed it and followed all the instructions. The watch app doesn’t connect. Keeps asking to authenticate through the iPhone app. Which I did And the GitHub troubleshooting solutions were useless
  • Lisa 1/5

    By leezbe
    This app works great. It allows me to drive my car. I can do almost everything including to open, close, turn on the the heat, air, etc. Nice app. Thanks
  • Great app! 5/5

    By carlos_fb
    Very nice and intuitive design. Works as intended.
  • Stopped working after 1st use 1/5

    By artlm2003
    Installed it, opened the frunk. So far so good. Next time opened the app it opened a screen for turning on/off Sentry Mode. Tried it, it didn’t change the Sentry Mode. Could not get past the screen - even rebooted the watch. Good response from developer- can close window by “blind” tap in upper corner. Something they plan to fix. Response sometimes very slow. The app is handy and I look forward to sw upgrades and giving more stars. Update: really wanted this app to work but finally gave up after it stopped working and said I needed to resubmit the Token, requiring an unknown process that I think included magic potions and 5th dimension operations.
  • Worked and Stopped 1/5

    By L Bostick
    It worked well for a few months and then it stopped working altogether. A complete waste of money.
  • Siri commands 4/5

    By derry house
    Hi how do I add more Siri commands other than the ones that are pre-programmed in your app?
  • Great app, great price 5/5

    By Alecoco1
    I purchased this as a backup key to my Tesla, specifically if my phone battery dies. It's one of the few apps that supports keyless entry on the watch that also isn't overpriced. It works great at this, but has other added benefits such as advanced Climate access and battery control. The developer did a great job of keeping this an Apple Watch only app, which I know was an initial motivation. Login does use the Authla app, which I've used 1,000 other times for apps like Teslamate and personal projects. Great work on this app! Also, it's frequently updated which is awesome. One request is to ask people for reviews, because I don't think a 1.8 star rating is an accurate representation.
  • Worked a couple of times 1/5

    By Bill V. in FL
    After only a couple of times the app stopped working. Not worth the money.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By Jaysin1977
    I’ve had this app for awhile now and even after all the “fixes” they’ve added via updates over that time…it rarely works. It seems every time I have grocery bags in my hand it doesn’t want to connect lol. Now it just keeps saying it can’t connect (has a pop up that won’t go away and just keeps popping up, even after rebooting the watch and phone). I guess you get what you pay for and now I’ll just have to drop $60 on the Stats app. Not knocking the developers as I’m sure it’s very complicated and they’re smarter than I am for sure. But again, it rarely works so it’s kind of pointless. I’ve given it a go for 8 months and all it does is frustrate me. Time to go another route I suppose.
  • Can’t upload the app after resetting my devices.!!! 1/5

    By Xae08
    I got the app. and was really excited at first! Then I realized seri wasn’t responding, it kept asking me to allow that setting on my I phone…. which has no controls for the app. Seri was the main reason I got the app. Cannot reinstall and in my account it’s like it never even happened except that I purchased something I don’t have!!! What?
  • Lots of potential but slow to respond 3/5

    By Scooter1015
    I feel like the app itself has so much good potential, but any time my car has been parked for a long time, the app will take over a minute to load. Often times I wait 20 seconds, then default to pulling out my phone and getting the actions complete there before the app has connected or returns with an error. I'm really excited about what it can do, just disappointed in performance. Will keep using it with hopes for improvement.
  • Remote Start 4/5

    By Bwitty26
    I am enjoying the app, other than the remote start. The first time I tried it, I was promoted to enter my password, which I did. Following and ever since, I get a message saying “Error sending command to vehicle. Please check your internet connect and try again.” If I can fix this issue, then it’s a 5 out of 5 for me.
  • It works 5/5

    By MJ-hakem001
    You can see the app is fairly new, but there are rapidly updating the app to fix bug issues and for the most it works for me!
  • Not great 1/5

    By Jake13578
    This app constantly has connection errors. If you want to have to see connection errors every time you look at your phone to see the status of your Tesla, then this app is for you. Additionally, when I installed this app, a number of other watch functionalities stopped working. After I deleted this app from the watch, said missing functionality came back. And guess what? I can’t reinstall this app now to try it out a second time. The button to install it in the App Store just says purchased and is greyed out.
  • Siri on watch isn’t working 3/5

    By GreenFam12
    When I try to use Siri commands it says it needs to access watchla data on my iPhone. It’s not an iPhone app so I’m not sure where/ if it’s possible to do. Thoughts?
  • Great Watch Interface and Complications 5/5

    By KurtSanders
    This watch app has all the features one would want in the initial offering. The initial setup is very nicely done and secure on the iPhone. Plenty of complications for the watch face. The developer is working with his customers to resolve some initial issues, and this will resolve some car connection issues.
  • Consistently inconsistent 3/5

    By Trinkby
    As often as not, this app gives me a data error message and fails to connect. I wrote to the developer about the problem but haven’t received a response yet. Even when the app opens properly, completion of Siri commands are also hit or miss. I’m on the fence about whether to ask for my money back or wait and see if updates fix the problems. I’m sure this is an ambitious project for the developer and I wish him or her luck in ironing out the kinks. Update- the developer did respond with a few helpful (but unsuccessful) ideas to avoid the error message, so I’ve increased the star rating to three stars. When it connects, the app is quite handy, and I’ll stand by hoping for reliability improvements.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Tsongkify
    For $5 suppose to do good keeps on getting error getting vehicle data and not connecting works fine at first but now it lags a lot and unable to connect really cool to have it on your iwatch but needs a lot of improvement right now the battery percentage on the watch keeps on loading and not getting the right data .