Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle

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  • Current Version: 10.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: IEC GLOBAL PTY LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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Water Sort Puzzle App

Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! HOW TO PLAY: • Tap any glass to pour water to another glass. • The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and there’re enough space on the glass. • Try not to get stuck - but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time. FEATURES: • One finger control. • Multiple unique level • FREE & EASY TO PLAY. • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle at your own pace!

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Water Sort Puzzle app reviews

  • I like the game but, 3/5

    By VeggieGirl30
    I just can’t believe how many adds there are.there is no such thing as that many adds. But I don’t want to be mean so I just gave it 3 stars.pls don’t waste money 💴 on no adds. Like me I was flying to Florida so I did by no adds
  • Still Getting Ads 1/5

    By TheyCallMeMuffy
    I paid for “No ads” and still get ads! I want my money back!
  • When will it all end!???? 5/5

    By Angry piggybank
    I’ve reached level 1001, this game has consumed my life and continues to consume my life
  • Full screen boards are lies 1/5

    By Ghstcat
    I play this in my down time. I’m currently above level 6000 and STILL only sorting through TWO rows of of 8-14 bottles. Full screen boards in the advertisements are lies, even after paying for No Ads.
  • Game looks nothing like photos 1/5

    By misskassisue
    Downloaded the game and played a few levels before I realized it looks nothing like the photos shown here. Looks pretty here but the game itself is ugly and so far doesn’t use any of the bottles shown and is boring.
  • Fun game can be repetitive 4/5

    By Fun ti the moon
    Fun game can be repetitive. Some of their ads for games are scams. The Bingo King is one. A friend losses every time he plays.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Twisty -
    It used to be fun but it’s ad overload now. Also by watching an ad you used to get a empty tube and now you only get part of one, stupid !
  • Game locks up 2/5

    By ButAnotherDevice
    Ads often lock you out of the game or continuously repeat with dark screens in between ad loads. Too frustrating to play.
  • One issue 2/5

    By Sperry1121
    This is my favorite game and has been, I be playing a lot throughout the day but the one thing that makes me not want to play anymore or get annoyed when I do are all the ads. There are SO many ads, you can’t even restart a level without getting an ad. They’re not even short ads, 40 seconds to a minute. Even once you click the X to get out of the ad, it loops you into that ad even furthered like a loop hole which extends the time. After every level ad, restart the level ad, so many ads. If there weren’t so many ads I would 5 star this, this game in itself is amazing. Get rid of the ads and all good.
  • i hate it 1/5

    By sisso.assia
    i actually love the game but i hate that i can’t transfer my progress to another device like now i am on level 727 i got a new device but there is no way to transfer the data to my new one
  • Ads 3/5

    By LuLu LaVerne
    I love this game. However, I purchased the no ads pack and still have ads throughout the game. Fix this!
  • Broken Feature 1/5

    By Real Estate Kate
    When I try to watch an ad for an extra test tube, it doesn’t work. A black box shows and says send below. The level I am on is almost impossible without an extra tube. I also cannot watch ads for coins to buy backdrops and tubes.
  • Not Enough Ads 3/5

    By Creativamentis
    It’s a neat game concept, but I personally think there could be way more ads than there are now [he said sarcastically]. I removed this game within 10 minutes of installing it.
  • killed my battery 1/5

    By babystreat
    I really enjoyed this game, but as others have mentioned, it caused my phone to overheat and drained my battery. So much so that I keep getting warnings that the battery has degraded and I need to get a new one installed. Not worth it.
  • Fun and all but one problem 1/5

    By BlazingSonic
    I’ve literally watched over two hours of ads playing this game simply because there are so many, every time I beat a level AD, if you want to get a level beat because you can’t figure it out AD, if you want currency to unlock anything MORE ADS, and even if you buy the No Ads you still have to watch them to get more bottles, take back moves or to get currency for the skins. Tell me if I’m wrong and I’ll gladly rate the game higher and give a better review.

    By bemmo04
    I’m reeeeally upset about the new update. It used to be an WHOLE TUBE per ad, now it’s ONE SQUARE per ad. Total garbage when the ads aren’t any shorter.
  • Looks nothing like preview 1/5

    By Naffink
    Only one, two row setup of vials (which basically doesn’t change) and I think levels might be repeating now? I’m at level 450 still waiting for more challenging setups like you see in the preview but definitely not worth paying for no ads like I did
  • Freezes 3/5

    By AgateHunterMN
    For some reason, this app freezes on my iPhone SE. No other apps do that so I'm sure it's this app. Besides that, I enjoy the game.
  • Ruined by political ads 1/5

    By CM🍳
    This was a fun game. Playing for free I was accustomed to the ads, but now they’re using obnoxious political ads. Come on! Leave politics out of mindless games we use to relax.
  • Pretty fun but has too many ads 4/5

    By Whit4234
    This game is great for passing the time! It is also very relaxing. However, there are too many ads. There is an ad for each level you complete and it makes the game almost unplayable for that. As much as I love the game I don’t care for all the ads and will not keep this for much longer if the ads don’t change. I get that’s how they obtain their money so I understand a few ads after a few rounds, but after each one is a lot.
  • Love it but… 4/5

    By Tris-game
    I love the game hate the Ads i know you can pay for ad removal but having ads after every level is really frustrating at first it was every 3 levels which i loved now it’s every level and I’m starting to hate the game.
  • So many ads 2/5

    By kayjreads
    Free version has SO MANY ADS. About to delete because of them.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By WesHAppstore
    For every ten seconds of play time there are at least thirty seconds of ads. Ridiculous. Delete.
  • game used to be fun 1/5

    By caitlynms0913
    game was so good when there weren’t SO many ads. usually it was after every other level or so. now it’s a full length ad after every level. they also changed the add a vial button. used to you watched one ad and got an entire full length extra vial now you watch one ad and get one space of an extra vial. if you want/need the full thing, you have to watch 4 full length ads to get it 😒 i spend more time on this game watching ads than actually playing and will be deleting!
  • “No ads” purchase? Psyche! 1/5

    By drscar
    Immediately after shelling out the cash for the “no ads” in-app purchase, I got - you guessed it - ads. Continuously. There goes $3 useless dollars for another in-app purchase scam.
  • Fun but scam ads 2/5

    By Businessdr
    The game is fun. However, with many false ads (like Shark Tank and Oprah Winfrey supposedly endorsing keto diet pills), I do not trust any of the ads you are forced to watch.
  • Pop-Up Ads 1/5

    By Kelseycuff11
    The gameplay is fine, but they have recently started allowing ads that open new apps/open your internet browser without you tapping on anything. I’m okay with banner ads or ads between games, but it’s a horrible user experience when you’re in the middle of a game and chrome unexpectedly opens with a new tab of some scammy ad. There are other similar apps that I’m sure don’t allow this
  • Ads use all of my data 1/5

    By Marmulka
    Playing for 20 sec and watching ads up to two minutes. 3/4 of the game you are watching ads. This is manipulation to purchase without ads. Deleted!
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By Furryfroggy
    There’s an ad every 2 levels. Very painful in the beginning when levels are short. Uninstalling.
  • Forces open browser with ads 1/5

    By thisislink
    This game used to be great when the ads only played between levels or when you wanted to undo more than 5 moves. However, now you can be playing in the middle of a level and your browser will be automatically forced open with an ad. You don’t have to touch an ad or anything. You can just sit on the level, thinking about your next move, and boom! The browser will open, feels very intrusive and like a virus. Will be deleting.
  • Purchase a no ads. Great game except! 2/5

    By Jazzy indigo
    Subjected to ads on a no ads purchase if you try to reverse back over 5 times or prompting the smaller cup subjects you to long game app ads.
  • TOO. MANY. ADS. 1/5

    By Eridez 😳🕶🤏
    I NEVER leave app reviews. There are too many ads- the game is not enjoyable. Every 30 seconds I get an ad so I can’t even enjoy the game. Horrible game DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • I like this game BUT 4/5

    By TessNY
    I paid for no ads. However, there are a few levels that can’t be won unless you have an extra tube. You get the extra tube by watching an ad. All levels should be winnable without watching an ad since that’s what I paid for.
  • Forces your web browser and App Store open 1/5

    By BarOwner98
    Firstly, this is a pretty good game… it’s very fun and it’s the good kind of challenging… HOWEVER… it constantly forces open your web browser and App Store in the middle of levels! You’ll be in the middle of a level and BOOM! Suddenly you’re kicked out and watching your browser open and load some scam website of Solar panels or weight loss pills or watching your App Store open and load the page for some weird game you’ve never heard of before! If this issue would be fixed I’d be 100% confident in giving this game 5 stars, until then, it gets 1 star from me and I warn you all to stay FAR away!
  • Ads, even if you buy the no-ads version 2/5

    By Cresent
    Oddly, I thought that when I bought the no-ads version of this app, that I could play without ads. Silly me. You still have to see ads if you want an extra vile or want to undo. Please make a seriously no-ad game. I’d buy it!
  • Don’t pay for “No Ads” 2/5

    By Fishyfan5782
    I paid for the no ads option. I like the game, been playing it a lot and thought it would be worth it. Only there are still ads! If you mess up and need to go back - which face it, it’s a puzzle game you’re going to do it a lot - you still have to watch ads! Would be 5 stars if they actually took out the ads in the no ads purchase option.
  • What is going on with the ads??? SKETCHY 1/5

    By brklyngrrl
    I’ve been playing this game for a couple years now. Never had a problem with the ads. Now all of a sudden while playing the game, my browser pops open and goes to a website I’ve never heard of almost every time I play. When I get back into the game I see that the ad banner at the bottom of the screen is the same website that just automatically opened in my browser. This is super sketchy. At first I thought I accidentally touched it but now I’m positive it’s doing it on its own. This is enough to make me delete the game.
  • Hi 4/5

    By potato,tomato 😁
    Okay so it’s great but I took off 1 star because the stupid ads it’s like I restart and it gives me an ad like GOSH I JUST WANT TO PLAY-but other than that it’s great
  • unpleasant story time 1/5

    By Crustydustylinda
    I downloaded this app a while ago because I was playing it on a friends phone and I loved it so much that I had to get it myself, he was on level 82 so when I downloaded it I told him to let me catch up! Once I reached level 85 I screenshotted it to show him that I finally caught up (I still have the screenshot). Today I open the app and I’m back at level 82???!!! Stupid game set me back three whole levels and there’s no level map so I just had to go with it. Not to mention it randomly keeps opening safari to a random website that is most likely trying to give my phone a virus so really close to deleting this game.
  • Annoying Ads 1/5

    By Willypyams
    This game has the worst ads. Happens after every level and each ad takes you through 3 or 4 windows before you can get back to the game. The game is fun but this is so obnoxious and ruins my enjoyment
  • Water Sort 1/5

    By ehdjsjababaajka
    Way too many ads After 1 round there are 2 ads that you cannot skip
  • It’s that SORT of game 🤪 1/5

    By Advocate, Devil's
    Listen, this game will tickle your chemist mind with all the SORTs of liquids and elements that you’ll be combining and contrasting within. With many levels and a skill cap that keeps raising, after you finish a hard level you’ll feel like a basketball making a 3-pointer and then saying “Water!” 💦 The game rewards you when you finish a level by showing you a fun new game in an AD. This game recommends so many other games. It does this through ADS. If you hate ADS you might have a hard time dealing with the ADS. Overall this game is simple, easy to understand, fun to play, intuitive, makes sense, not too difficult, not too easy, and simple also. I’ve played this every day for the past 5 years and it’s getting pretty difficult 😏 (I’m on level 33 😎). We reviewed this game in more detail on our podcast Free Game.
  • Preview images are misleading 3/5

    By Hughmanity
    The preview images for this app with different bottle shapes are very misleading. This is not what the game looks like. It is the standard ‘vials’ that never change. I’m on level 1,573 and I’ve never seen them change. All of the level solutions are on YouTube so I’ve looked up level 5,000 and 10,000 and it’s still the same. The levels don’t repeat in terms of color stacking but it’s very repetitive in terms of having either an 11 vial or 14 vial level, and the either you can see all the colors or you can only see the top row. So if you just want to sort colors on a repeating loop like that then this game is fine, and I’ve played a lot of it when I get a few spare minutes during the day or insomnia at night. I paid to remove ads pretty quickly and that was worth it if you’re going to play this game with any frequency. You start with 5 ‘go back’ moves and if you want more you have to watch an ad, which is fair. You can also get an extra little mini vial by watching an ad.
  • Paid for No Ads & still TOOO MANy! 2/5

    By aleahsanchez
    1. Paid for no ads and to get more redos or an extra spot it’s still costing ads so that’s no fun. 2. I’m on level 2,230 and it’s so repetitive and it doesn’t give me more tubes or anything. It’s the same amount and the levels are pretty much the same 3. Can’t change the theme or the type of tubes or anything without coins. And the only way you get coins is watching ad videos. 4. Pretty much a very boring and repetitive game, no adventure or path or map or checkpoints. Once you pass 1,000 it’s all the same.
  • The ads are too much 1/5

    By spocompton boi
    Every level ya finish there are at least a minute and a half of ads….dont bother
  • The paid ad remover is a scam. 2/5

    By Dustiauhanna
    This is a fun game, an easy way to pass the time. If you have the free version there are WAYY too many ads, so naturally I purchased the ad remover. Mistake. It only removes ads when you start over or move on to the next puzzle. You still have ads if you want to undo more than 5, ad a bottle, or any other function. If you’re making people pay, remove ALL the ads.
  • EXELLENT 4/5

    By AndClem
    It’s really good but when you sort the water sometimes it glitches. But everything than that BRAVO!! Helps calming down and kinda ADHD!
  • Omg 1/5

    By jill strempel
    I hate this app I click on the app and it exits a game I wish I could play it. I have tried everything to make it work! I was so excited to play this app.
  • Too much ads 3/5

    By Mhtbsss
    Its drove my crazy because of lots of ads and I uninstalled it