Watercolor Logo Maker

Watercolor Logo Maker

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  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tap Flat Apps, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Watercolor Logo Maker App

Watercolor Logo Maker let’s you create beautiful watercolor logo designs! Perfect for creative business owners who make beautiful products and services for their customers. Give your logo a fresh handmade artsy look! Great for: • Artists • Designers • Photographers • Event Planners • Specialty Foods • Hand Crafted Goods • Small Business Owners • Creative Products & Services Here’s how to get started: SELECT A LOGO CATEGORY - Select a logo category and start your custom watercolor logo design. START SWIPING! - Once you’ve selected a watercolor logo category then start swiping through until you find your favourite logo design style! EDIT LOGO - Scroll through and choose from carefully painted watercolor textures, foils, fonts, and artwork to create your custom watercolor logo design. 3D LOGO ERASER - Want to make a 3D watercolor logo design? Add a basic art shape frame to your logo and use the 3D Logo Eraser tool to make your logo design pop! SAVE AS HIGH RESOLUTION - Once you’re done just save your work as a high resolution PNG file. You now have a stunning, unique, and beautiful watercolor logo design! Have fun creating and good luck with your business :) LICENSE: Please review the full Terms Of Use in the app.

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Watercolor Logo Maker app reviews

  • Very little is free 1/5

    By RoxanneRMasching
    Great potential but only very few options are free.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    Easy fun to use this app is simply AMAZING
  • 🥵 1/5

  • So much potential 3/5

    By Hey_im_riley__
    The app is beautiful (expensive but beautiful) but it crashes so much you can’t even complete anything so it’s pretty much unusable:(
  • Starting over 3/5

    By denisea386
    I like the simple designs. Would have given a 5 star but the issue is have is you can’t retrieve your projects to edit. Once you save or move to another design you loose everything. I’ve saved and downloaded a couple of designs, but when I see I need to fix or add one little thing to it. I can’t go back to app and fix. Why? Because it’s not there. Know one wants to spend time doing another design. Please allow us to retrieve.
  • Cuts out a lot 2/5

    By kwimpey
    It cut out a lot and I have to redo everything
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Redfab5
    I read the reviews beforehand and purchased the unlock all anyway. There are minimal graphics to choose from. Definitely can’t find something for everyone. I do love the water color splash backgrounds and that is why I gave 2 stars instead of one. I would love to see more options in the future and also the ability to use one of my own digital drawstrings.
  • Can’t do anything without paying 1/5

    By nicole865
    Very limited things you can use without paying. The edges of words get cut off and its hard to play around with it to fix it. Over all, you can’t really do anything without paying.
  • Watercolor 1/5

    By cattttttttttttttttttttts
    To use this app you have to buy everything and it is hard to use. They might as well just have it so you buy the app because it is not free. I thought I had finally found and app to make logos for free but I was wrong. The water color does look beautiful though.
  • If you don’t want to pay, don’t download it 1/5

    By MaliaMorgan
    It has a lot of potential to help people create iconic logos for their business or brand. But if you don’t feel like paying for a buggy and problematic app (with no obvious intentions to be fixed) then your time shouldn’t be wasted when you could find a better tool
  • Just stop!!! 1/5

    By Aaron100_real
    OMG this app looks sooo cool! But everything that’s good is free and so many people have says the same thing but the app creators do not even knowledge it! Just wow. 😕
  • ℓσνє ιт вυт ωαααу тσ ℓιмιтє∂ 2/5

    By stell rodrigez 🦄❤️
    Ok I love this app but way too limited I'm young ( I don't want to put my actual age ) and I'm planning on making a youtube channel in the future so when I saw this app I thought OMG I CAN MAKE A PROFILE (logo) So download the app and then i saw how many things you had to pay for the while "trying" to explore the only reason i said trying is because there are so many things that you need to pay for and i know my parents would not pay for all of those things and if they do i'll give an update but probably not and i think it's ridiculous how you even need to pay for the eraser this app has so much potential but it is way to limited so much to the point it's like a scam well if you end up paying for all the items in this app enjoy but if no delete this app don't waste your money on this app even if it's free this could use a 5 or 7 day free trial byeee 😊💎🦄
  • Eh it was all right 2/5

    By ATCoolgirl
    I mean if you had the money it would be an GREAT app but it cost 2.99 to get most of the cooler designs😒 I wouldn’t use this app
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Maimaiari
    Wanted to make a watercolor logs that I didn’t want to pay someone to do. It came out amazing! Thank you!
  • Okay 🙃😐 3/5

    By 🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳
    I really want to give this app 4 or 5 stars but it has some problems. Number one, so many things are locked like almost all of the styles are locked and it’s the same with the colors and all of the pictures are locked so you just have to use the same stuff over and over! And number 2 I think you should be able to draw things with your finger or an Apple Pencil so you can put your own art into the logo. But don’t get me wrong other then that it’s a great app and all the designs and art are really beautiful!
  • Fine product 5/5

    By Olelonoeauaday
    I wish it had shading and the color white.
  • Crash crash crash 1/5

    By HO game enthusiast
    Have not been able to save anything because it crashes before I’m finished. Terrible. I want my money back.
  • Don't buy 1/5

    By Megz Magee
    I paid to unlock everything and for one, shapes and all the designs cannot be used. They're always on a layer over the text. So if I wanted a company name on top of a triangle, I can't do it. The solid triangle will just sit on my company name. Plus, the app crashes every few seconds and deletes whatever you were working on. I'm very disappointed.
  • It’s an ok app 1/5

    By BrYcE cOaTs
    Who’s the one that has the same number and number of people that I know who I know is a blond one who said she was a mom a number one and a blond one who was a mom who is the same and who she could do it she said she could give it to her and say oh my mom and I know that I know what I do when she said that she could give you the blond and the same number.
  • Horrible, Crashes ALL THE TIME 1/5

    By beckye0101
    I bought the full package because the app looked beautiful and promising. However, it’s very difficult to make any progress because the app crashes minutes after I open it to work on a design. There is no “save progress” button, so when a crash occurs, you have to start over from the beginning. I wish the makers could fix this bug issue, but until then, I highly recommend downloading and purchasing a different app altogether. I wish I could get my money back!
  • Legit nothing 1/5

    By poopytoot💋
    What in the China is this...? I Can’t get the things I Would like. And I ain’t finna pay 5$ for a flippin app sorry👎🏼
  • Don’t get 1/5

    By BrinBrin0505
    Don’t get everything is mostly locked. I wanted to try this out but all the cute stuff was locked and I do t recommend this app.
  • Just don’t buy this 1/5

    By 🌙🌈-B-🌈🌙
    I got this thinking I could make cool stuff for collages and a social media banners, like most people. However, all I literally does is take up space on your phone. You have to pay for basically everything and the free things you can use are limited to about 6 customizable things. You can only use one watercolor base that is just a dot, no splatter, of watercolor. You only have 4-5 colors you can even make this watercolor. The text you can put on it only has a few colors to choose from and no other fonts than a blocky cursive. You can’t choose any watercolor stickers to put on it either. Very disappointed.
  • Great but one problem 3/5

    By _kiki_18
    First of all I have had this app for a bit and it is awesome but my main problem is that you have to buy to get the good stuff I think we should get all of the watercolor fonts and shape at the beginning and we can get a little of everything not all but a little like for food animals and fun can we have the first four or something and more color options for your extra shape you get we ONLY GET BLUE can we get at least two types of each color like seriously and if you can extend how many like badges or a circle things or whatever is behind the fun food and the animals by like 1,2,or 3 that would be amazing otherwise this app is awesome hopefully you read this and if you do thank you for taking the time to
  • Not Free 1/5

    By Joeramirez1981
    Might as well as charge for the app.
  • This app has a few bugs 1/5

    By Sposteamin
    I barely have any options to work with in the free trial and every time I try to create a project it would kick me out of the app and I would have to start all over again. Happened to me three times already and I give up. I might come back in a future when all the bugs are worked out.
  • Unless you pay, it’s not worth it 2/5

    By ispendtoomuchtimeonline
    The app offers a beautiful range of tools and options, or so it seems. It does say that some affects need to be purchased, but the full extent of that isn’t really shown. If you aren’t willing to pay for the full version, you get very few options. The app is also sort of problematic with the way you created the logo. I personally experienced a lot of glitching and lagging. I would say that the app has potential and that if you are planning on paying for the full version, the app is great! If you’re looking for a free app however, there are much better options out there.
  • Not true to description 1/5

    By Rochelleobrown
    The wreaths and floral patterns are black and white.
  • I wasted my money 1/5

    By Riley Basile
    This app kept crashing and I couldn’t even make a single logo... I WANT MY MONEY BACK
  • 4 free formats 1/5

    By Jackie;)
    Lots of options for $10, but only 4 options are free. I recommend CANVA.
  • I LOVE this app! 5/5

    By 😎😎😎😎I'm Awesome😎😎😎😎
    There is absolutely nothing bad to say about the app! It’s AMAZING!!
  • Needs fixing 4/5

    By hazmen007
    I love the app it is nice and has a lot of things to choose from but the thing is that the app always crashes. I have my logo done and it has so many thing then the app crashes and my logo is all gone. You should also have all the logos in a gallery so I can go back to it.
  • Boi 1/5

    By Madi10.0
    Literally just download any art app MediBang in my opinion and you can make MUCH BETTER art and logos than this app
  • Wow 5/5

    By Mercy.Joy
    I am just amazed at how many people say they want a refund because they need to think twice, this app is amazing!!! The logos are just gorgeous and you can make so many unique beautiful peace’s but you would need to get the full version. No doubt it’s completely worth it.
  • 100% Do not recommend 1/5

    By Nicole S R
    Cannot even test functionality without having to pay to “unlock” something.

    By Jd0g512
    I’m 12, and I make silly videos with my cousins, I saw this and I was like: I CAN MAKE A LOGO FOR OUR STUDIO! I was over joyed, but when I opened the app I saw that all the beautiful designs and colors were not free, after that, the logo I made trying to work with what I had looked absolutely BORING, knowing all the other cool designs were not free made me anoid, my parents weren’t going to pay for that, just for my creativity, so I had to delete it, but other than all of that, if you are looking into making a professional logo for your website business card, or any thing else a 12 year old would not know about, I do want to say that this is a wonderful app if you are willing to pay, the art is stunning and I’m sure you will be satisfied.
  • Room for potential! 3/5

    By Nanooo48
    I see others have had the same issue with crashing so I won’t beat a dead horse. My hope would be that the developers truly have faith enough in their wonderful product that they’ll continue working on this glitch. It is quite frustrating.. My HOPE is that you will add more wonderful ART! So far everything is wonderful that you have here and I’d love to continue using this product as I’ve now invested in it. I hope to see it continue to evolve! So much potential here. More ART PLEASE! 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • Not happy with so many fees 3/5

    By clarita01
    At first I was really excited with app until there is a charge for everything want a better color charge want a better pic charge want to save and use charge I paid the first fee thinking that was it oh no many up charge your cheaper of hiring someone to make logo.
  • REFUND 1/5

    By theyboywholived
    I have to buy everything
  • Incredibly Disappointing. 1/5

    By am Doggie
    Definitely not worth it it crashes a lot and it should be free with how crappy it's made. Truly disappointing to see all these other reviews too. Just proves how bad it is.
  • Yes and no 2/5

    By school is poop
    I think this app is good because all of the designs are great and they are pretty but its really bad because it gets you out of the app then your whole thing is gone and you have to start over
  • Lot of locks! 4/5

    This app is cool, however this is a business making app right? So I don’t think there needs to be SO many things to unlock, like we are trying to make a business here we need to make the logo the best we can and we can’t do that if you lock so many fonts and colors.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By Lilyp2134
    Crashes and closes even after you pay for the full version. I emailed support and got no response
  • Stupid 1/5

    By nightflower101
    1. My friends and I were working on creating a logo for our YouTube Account, but every time I get close to finishing it, it would close and I had to start over. 2. You can hardly do anything without having to pay about 10 dollars on different colors. If you do not pay, you have very limited amounts of colors and designs. 3. The controls are awful, you have to click once to move something, but it always glitches and moves something else. The overall app is pretty much worthless. I would not recommend installing unless you are willing to pay for an app that does not work well.
  • Difficult 1/5

    By EntwoodLp
    Spend a lot of time just figuring it out. First logo was nice, but did not realize Double Tap had to be deleted. Second attempt much worse. The Logo Maker would not work.... no sizing, rotating, opacity, text, etc. I reinstalled it, still would not work. Maybe it is the developers way of weeding out those who don’t purchase the extras?
  • Do not buy this app!!!Crashes and no help 1/5

    By tiastasia
    I’m a social media expert and was going to give this whirl for fun. Been trying to make a simple logo for hours. A wasted $10. No help or instructions.
  • Not worth downloading 1/5

    By crystalchai907
    12/26/18: Not worth downloading. You only have limited chose. I recommend using photoshop instead.
  • Wowie 3/5

    By pleaseletmelive
    It’s a great app I love they way everything works but us broke people can’t live out here because we gotta pay for everything I get that you gotta make money but always let me live with more than circles
  • Meh 1/5

    By Gxbbie3
    Pretty boring unless you want to pay 9.99. Even of you did pay 9.99, you'd have to be really creative to make something actually decent. I don't recommend 👎

Watercolor Logo Maker app comments

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