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  • Current Version: 4.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wawa, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wawa App

New Redesigned Wawa App! Now it’s easier than ever to order, pay and earn delicious rewards with the new Wawa App! Easier to Order…..with simplified mobile ordering, it’s a breeze to browse our full menu, reorder your favorites or try out something new! Easier to Pay……you can pay for your mobile order with your Wawa Gift Card right in the app before you get to the store! Easier to Earn…..Now you can pay ANY way and earn Wawa Rewards! Just scan your new Rewards barcode from your Wawa App at checkout, pay for your order any way you like (cash, credit, debit, Wawa gift card) and start earning your Wawa Rewards! For every $50 you spend on qualifying items using the app, you earn a delicious reward! Plus you will receive bonus rewards throughout the year for just being a Rewards member! * Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Wawa app reviews

  • Can’t pay from the app 2/5

    By ke4ukz
    You can’t pay for food from the app, you have to purchase a gift card for yourself, and the gift card purchase didn’t work for me on multiple cards.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By hallacam
    Rather glitchy app. And absolutely ridiculous that your online order doesn't go through until your 1/10th a mile from the store. Wth? What's the point of ordering online if it's not gunna go through until I'm basically at the store? No wonder when I order I still have to wait 10 minutes in the store until my order is ready. I want to walk in and grab my food and leave! I've had to wait at least 10 min every time I've ordered and I know why now. Dumb
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Cramer28
    Does not work for iOS. You can not sign in or search for wawa’s.
  • Inoperable App 1/5

    By MAC.MUN
    I keep attempting to select a store to began placing my mobile order and the app flickers and returns back to the store location list. Closed the app and tried again, no cigars. Also, no need to ask for the actual year of the user’s birthday. The birthday request should be an option when signing up, not required to create an account. Garbage app....
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Fyrefly13
    App keeps logging me out. I’ll have it open, in line, get to the cashier, and it’s closed and logged me out. Face ID only works half the time. The cashier told me to log back in and go to help in the app, but it’s greyed out and not even an option.
  • Crashes constantly 2/5

    By Doc-Watson
    You can not even place an order with out the app crashing. I takes about three times of opening the app to get an order in. It gets very frustrating.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By 72sligo
    Keeps go to select a store I pick one And it goes back Again and again
  • This app is hot garbage 1/5

    By omg kat said
    It constantly signs you out, then tells you your password is incorrect when you try to sign back in. This has been happening for at least 7 months and is an ongoing issue despite many updates.
  • Does not work!! 1/5

    By Kchacon216
    I have been in contact with their “support” team and they do nothing. I have only been able to order from the app once! I earned my free reward haven’t even got a chance to use! Might even expire before I ever get to sign into the app again. WAWA FIX YOUR APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sloppy Development 1/5

    By jtwagner75
    I have on three occasions download, register, and order a sub. I have found a bug with each attempt preventing an order. Sloppy development.
  • Broken for ordering 1/5

    By markbyrn
    Pls fix!
  • Won’t work. 1/5

    By actech94
    Downloaded app created account won’t even sign into app. Put in my email and password hit sign in it loads for a second and pops back up the sign in screen if I go to the website i can sign in no issue. This is a garbage app.
  • Order ahead just to wait anyway?! 3/5

    By Shellynay
    I haven’t quite figured out the concept of allowing customers to order through the app if the order won’t even be started until you walk through the door anyway. What’s the point? Because it certainly isn’t helping to save any time or effort if the person ordering through the app isn’t the one going to pick up the order. I ended up having to cancel the order and my husband had to re-order everything through the in-store kiosk since I wasn’t the one picking it up. Defeats the idea of ordering ahead.
  • Piece of garbage. TRACK LOCATION ALL TIMES 1/5

    By Carlos ghhj
    I couldn’t pay with a credit card online. I placed an order pay when I get there and they only place the order when you actually get their tracking and you by the GPS, they want to activate track me all the time and run the application in the background. All for nothing because I still have to wait because the only place the order when you are actually in the store. Useless, Just took memory from my phone
  • Working for now 3/5

    By thuAy x3
    App goes in and out of working. Sort of stinks that you do not get credit for using the physical gift card (versus app) during times when your phone is dead or the app takes too long to load.
  • Horrible Glitches! 1/5

    By bavera1997
    Not once have I ever ordered from the app, because it doesn’t let me! Won’t let me select a location, will let you order items that aren’t available and notifies you once you’re there, and never loads on time.
  • Great app when it works 4/5

    By Twiztem
    I have multiple times when it won’t sign in. Using the password of Face ID i it just keeps going back to the log in page.
  • Fix The Crashes: PLEASE!!! 3/5

    By Nyikia
    I LOVE the Wawa app, let me start by saying that. But as of late, occasionally the app will not open automatically and you have to log in yourself. That wouldn't be a problem if A.) It happen from time to time and B.) Even after you've put in your log in information, it either won't open or takes forever to do so. This happened to me this morning and I lost the opportunity to get points for the $7 I spent at the store. This hasn't just happened to me, it seems to be happening to others who use the app. Please fix this for us. Thanks! 😊
  • Very buggy 2/5

    By MrFreshRick
    I have to reset the app 1-3 times in order to make an online purchase.
  • Slow and Requires Constant Log In 1/5

    By dsk789
    Love the store but this app needs work. Its always freezing and I’m constantly staring at the flying goose. I also can’t seem to order remotely without the flying goose appearing and not going away. Come on Wawa. Everything else you do is quality and convenient. Please fix this app.
  • Constantly being signed out 1/5

    By Walt_B_
    Practically every time I open this app, I have to sign back in.
  • Spend $50 for a “reward” 3/5

    By fastpicker89
    Reward == a hot snack or a fountain drink. What the hell.
  • Poorly operating app 1/5

    By jake kidneybuster
    I have used this app for about a year and will delete it from my iPhone as soon as I use up my credit balance. It is slow to open in the stores and often it freezes not permitting me to pay for my purchase or to redeem a reward. I feel like a dork holding up the rest of the line and wind up paying in cash.This has happened more times than I can count. A couple store clerks told me the interference comes from other equipment inside the Wawa store thatblocks the signal.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By HarpenAnne
    The app rarely opens and requires me to reset my password almost every time. It’s clunky and unreliable. Currently have $30 being held hostage by this app. Update - Wawa contacted me regarding this review but, unfortunately, didn’t actually respond to my concern that the app says my password is wrong EVERY TIME I try to log in and then, even after I change it to attempt to access my funds, it still says the same thing. They simply responded there were no lockouts on my account. Well, thanks for nothing, I already knew that. Developers really need to fix this app and wawa needs to give me my money back.
  • Good customer service 5/5

    By Flbrad
    Had some issues creating an account. Contacted customer support and they fixed it right away. Thanks!
  • Can’t even sign in 1/5

    By Kev7999213
    I just made an account on the website and when I go to sign in it’s just drawing a blank on itself I see the bird flying and it doesn’t sign in
  • Not for me or my family 3/5

    By kimiandherissues
    Don’t get me wrong I absolute LOVE wawa and it’s MTO food, but the app is not geared toward me or my family. I am a non-coffee drinker and only get specific items from wawa. This is app is asking for a little too much from me (spend $50) for a reward that I don’t even want. We used to have a bunch of gift cards that renewed funds on this app but it just wasn’t worth it as money from gas purchases does not contribute to getting a reward. The app also offers “bonus offers” that frankly don’t seem appealing to me and most people that I know. I wish the app worked more on a point system so that I could be rewarded with the things I want rather than 3 options that I don’t.
  • Poor App 1/5

    By votivefire111111111111111111
    The app is super slow and doesn’t keep up with the stores. In the app you can get honey mustard, but store says it’s discontinued. Ordered a bowl and they didn’t have any rice and gave me TONS of black beans. CRAZY!!! The app is super slow to load and doesn’t always let me log in. It won’t let me pick a store to order unless I log in, then close the app and open it back up.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Jfr811
    Too many bugs, just does not work! Fix it!
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By MeganHiggs
    Won't let me log in...
  • Orders not submitting 2/5

    By Crazynook
    Use to work great...but last few times it didnt push my order though. Had to cancel and order on the kiosk.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By cjhmdm
    Would be nice if I could login, but for whatever reason it simply doesn’t work. I can sign in to the web version but the app does nothing... it’s 2019, iPhones and the App Store have been around for a very long time now so these kinds of issues should no longer exists... alas
  • ME4004 2/5

    By Glasswriter0928
    I am always getting this error code, what does it mean and why?!?!? It’s horrible standing in a busy line trying to sign into this app to pay only to see this stupid error message that means nothing. FIX this please!!
  • Can’t set up account 1/5

    By Mda0221a
    Tried multiple times to enter info to setup account, next button is still greyed out. App is useless to me without be able to set up account and order ahead.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Yorker2005
    Won’t let me sign in even after verifying email. Please fix.
  • They fixed the bad app 4/5

    By Danielperez134
    The app is pretty and organize but simple bad made I can’t even sign in the sign up process I had to do it through Safari and just can’t sign in in the app My iPhone get really slow when it is open. Never seen this behavior in an iphone app. A week after all that issues were solve well the one of the sign up I don’t know but finally I could sign in an order and everything. Thank wawa
  • A disaster 2/5

    By RJH 760
    Nearly impossible to sign up with this app (long story). App must have permission to access your location at all times for some crazy reason. No way to pay except Wawa gift card; and if you don’t prepay you can’t specify a pickup time. Navigation is clumsy. A mess.
  • App needs work 3/5

    By Wavridr
    This app still needs some work. There are several problems with it. I am using it on iOS 12.3.1. 1) the recent orders function only shows recent orders that were started but never actually ordered. It does not show actual complete orders. 2) recent orders also has no way to delete the “non ordered” items 3) it is very difficult to find a previously ordered menu item to save it as a favorite 4) if you toggle out of the app and back in, often it logs you out and does not allow you to login using fingerprint. The workaround is you have to kill the app, then reopen it which then prompts you to use fingerprint.
  • Annoying prompts for location access to always 1/5

    By QwertyKeyboard:)
    Even though location access is already set to “while using” it keeps prompting. Very annoy please fix
  • Location access isn't necessary 2/5

    By Whateveropolis
    You don't need to track my location in the background so I can order a latte.
  • Try testing your app 1/5

    By tripleugh
    I sign up and get verified but when signing in it does nothing. Total Mc Jerkmeoff experience!
  • iPhone XS 1/5

    By Jase757
    Does not work on iPhone. Glitches picking a location and won't offer a payment option other than a gift card. Added my card to the profile and nothing.
  • This app needs an update 1/5

    By Veete
    I always have to keep signing it because it doesn’t remember or I can’t use the Touch ID. Also, it always freezes up when trying to place an online order. Don’t waste your time downloading this app.
  • App at first didn’t work. 3/5

    By mcpo2000
    Took a few days to actually log in. Not sure if there were server issues or not
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By vistadavis
    App won’t let me sign in. Doesn’t work.
  • Wastes your time 2/5

    By Mkindc5
    I suppose the point if the app is to make ordering more efficient. I have not found this to be the case. I’ve tried twice to place large orders, and for those purposes, you’re just better off going to a grocery store. The app is confusing and does not get sandwiches out any faster, particularly if you are traveling and looking to order from a wawa on the route. In fact, I’m standing around waiting while I write this review. I suppose if you have a regular location and a one sandwich order, maybe it would work? Doesn’t seem worth the time or pain of having the wawa app and account.
  • If it would only work in the store 1/5

    By usually not a complainer
    I have been a patron of Wawa for many years. I was very excited when this app came out because I thought it would make my life so much easier with ordering but this app is so unreliable that half the time I can’t even open it in the store. When I place orders on the app and pay for them online, there are times when the store doesn’t receive my order after having been confirmed. I tried to pay online for convenience and I like when I can pick up my order and get to work in an efficient manner. Whoever updates this app needs to get it together and make this consistently reliable.
  • What good is it?? 1/5

    By Dsim259809
    What good is this app if it will not open on my iPhone using the email address and password I created. And yes, i am using the correct email and password.. it just doesn’t open the app. It tries, but then just stays on the sign in screen...
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Nstsbvrhsn
    The app is good, but it seems like I have to re-enter my password every time I want to use it, and twice I’ve had it completely crash and I can’t login at all.

Wawa app comments

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