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Wawa App

New Redesigned Wawa App! Now it’s easier than ever to order, pay and earn delicious rewards with the new Wawa App! Easier to Order…..with simplified mobile ordering, it’s a breeze to browse our full menu, reorder your favorites or try out something new! Easier to Pay……you can pay for your mobile order with your Wawa Gift Card right in the app before you get to the store! Easier to Earn…..Now you can pay ANY way and earn Wawa Rewards! Just scan your new Rewards barcode from your Wawa App at checkout, pay for your order any way you like (cash, credit, debit, Wawa gift card) and start earning your Wawa Rewards! For every $50 you spend on qualifying items using the app, you earn a delicious reward! Plus you will receive bonus rewards throughout the year for just being a Rewards member! * Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Merging card balances? 2/5

    By Stace709
    After loving the Dunkin app, I was excited to think that I could put all my Wawa gift cards in one spot, be able to quickly pay in line, and maybe earn some rewards for all my purchases. One of the best parts of the Dunkin app is you can merge your card balances, so you’re not left with cards that have 35 cents remaining. The app is so clunky that even though I have multiple cards, I refuse to hold up the line waiting for the app to load, then swiping to find a card with enough money on it, and so I still end up paying with my bank card. Please find a way to fix this feature.
  • Keeps signing out. 5/5

    By Deedlbug
    Seemed to have started with most recent update. It’s not every time, but always when I’m at the register ready to make a purchase...the app requires me to sign in. I sit in my car before I go in the store, sign into the app, go in the store and proceed to check out, and the app needs me to sign in again. This is beyond frustrating. I contacted support three times to provide my experiences and details. Others have this issue, so it’s not me. I don’t order online. I don’t use location services for the app. I don’t connect to public Wi-Fi as I use Verizon Wireless. I use a gift card that I reload often for purchases. Please research this issue. Thank you. UPDATE on 9/17/2019: Looks like the Wawa App Team fixed the sign out issues. App has been stable since the recent update and not signed me out once. Changed my rating back to 5 stars. Thank you Wawa. :)
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ni_esha
    When you try to login the app just shows the little red bird flying for a long time. It never connects. What’s the point? Not worth the download.
  • Endless loop selecting store 1/5

    By Kaitl
    I end up in an endless loop trying to select a store. I find the store I want, select it, and am immediately asked to select a store again. Super frustrating.
  • Cannot log into account 1/5

    By justjay811
    Cannot log onto account on the app.
  • Fantastic App Easy To Use 5/5

    By SusanVette
    Love all the updates. They do listen to feedback as I made them aware of constantly logging me out, well a week later out comes an updated app that fixes the issue. Love the design and the ease of using the app. Make it so easy to pop into Wawa with just my phone to get a snack or a full meal. Love my Wawa. Keep up the good work.
  • Good app, but... 3/5

    By Is this one taken, apple?
    Many years ago, the Wawa app made users set their location to “always.” I don’t want to set my location to always, because it uses my data plan. I complained about it here in a previous review as did many others. Then, a year ago, Wawa listened and made it so we could order, set the location services to “while using app,” and that was nice. Recently, Wawa reverted to its evil battery-draining, data-wasting, “always” allow location services ways, complete with annoying pop ups to change your settings to “always.” Can “we” stop? Leave well enough alone. Stop “fixing” what isn’t broken. Also, stop making me sign in every time I’m in the store trying to use the app. Otherwise, I love the app.
  • Not pleased 2/5

    By Zaharaluv
    This app is full of glitches.
  • Two terrible things, but otherwise great. 3/5

    By egghuntpbs
    This app is a fantastic mirror of the Wawa touchscreen, but I hate: 1. The demand that location services be always-on in order to complete placing my order. If I pay and say I want it ASAP, that’s all you need to know—you may think knowing that I am five miles away means you can stick my order to the back of the line, but that shouldn’t be how it works. I paid, now make my coffee. If it’s cold when I get there, it’s on me. 2. Making me have to reload a dumb Wawa card is BS. This is 2019. Let me pay with all the zillion ways people pay for things, including ApplePay. That’s it. Otherwise, this app is fab.
  • Can’t Load to the App 1/5

    By Falcon Craze
    I have been trying for days to load my card on the app and it keeps popping up a message! Since the new changes everything has been going wrong!
  • App log in problems 1/5

    By marktberry
    Consistently having issues logging in past month. Wrote support and zero feedback.
  • Unreliable. It has my money and rewards hostage 2/5

    By Mannd832
    I stop at Wawa every morning and in fact I am writing this review from the Wawa parking lot. This app used to work wonderfully. I would put money on the card and earn rewards. Over the last month this app freezes all the time. I cannot get to my money nor can I get to my rewards. It is very frustrating.
  • I wish I could give it a 2.5 3/5

    By matt_bark
    And that’s because the app is great! When it works, which is about half the time I actually need it to. I’ve never had more random freezes and unexplainable bugs in an app before. Trying to select a store sometimes leaves you in an infinite loop, it just keeps asking you to select a location, you’re stuck and forced to kill the app. Sometimes you sign in and it just loads forever. Sometimes you sign in and it immediately freezes. Sometimes you try to add an item to your cart and it just doesn’t do a thing.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By yankeesfan111111
    Stuck on homescreen
  • Issues upon issues 1/5

    By I don't like this lag
    App would not start sometimes at all. When it does it always lags and kicks me out of the account making me sign in. Either fix it or delete it. So annoying
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Nicole Brandy
    It does make shopping at Wawa convenient... WHEN IT WORKS. Which is about 20% of the time. The rest of the time it’s crashing, perpetually loading, or freezing. Fix your stupid app, Wawa.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Michyeggs
    I put my money on the card and most of the time I can log in. Forget about getting any help, I’ve emailed 3x with no response from them. I’ve asked for my money to be returned. I hate these apps that take your money and design buggy apps.

    By yall are bugging
    Please fix this issue!! It’s causing a lot of problems.
  • This app is awful! 1/5

    By Dana Photo Girl
    I spent 30 minutes trying to pay for my lunch only to be told by the clerk it is not possible to pay in the app? Really? Then why have this listed as an option? Then I couldn’t pay at the register for my in-app order without letting Wawa track me even when I’m not using the app. No thanks. I thought this was going to be a good lunch option but the ordering process is the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen. Going into the store isn’t any easier either. Stand in line to order on their computers THEN STAND IN LINE AGAIN to pay then my order gets processed so I have to want yet again. This has been the most frustrating experience of the year for me.
  • Why do you want to track me always 1/5

    By ChevMike
    Why does location services need to be set to always instead of only when using the app and remind me every time I use it?? I guess no one cares that you track their location all the time
  • This just doesn't work. Totally let down. 2/5

    By jaidgsbxuxjavdbz
    I love Wawa and was so psyched to see they had an app to order ahead. Too bad that when you start to order the "select a store" option pops up every five seconds so it is impossible to place an order! I am so disappointed.
  • This app needs help! 2/5

    By Joannahhh
    I LOVE Wawa but I do not love the app. In order to sign in using FaceID I have to open the app, go to the regular sign in (which won’t work even though I have the correct password), then close the app and the FaceID option is available. I lost 2 rewards when I downloaded latest update, the food ordering options on the app do not match what is actually in stock at the store so I don’t ever use that option, after being burned a few times, even though I would love to, plus it’s also buggy at times with choosing a location to order from, it goes into an endless loop of selecting the location and trying to load the menu. This app needs to be just as enjoyable as the Wawa stores are, please fix these things!! I’ll change my review to 5 stars as soon as the app is usable. I do love the rewards but notifications for those special limited time rewards should pop up, because I’ve probably missed a few, just based on the amount I’ve seen and used.
  • Won’t log in 1/5

    By assparade69$
    Made an account, attempted to sign in, goes blank after attempting to sign in. Will not sign in.
  • Wallet support 3/5

    By IdoReviews!
    Need to accept apple pay and also need to be about to add card to wallet
  • Keeps logging me out 3/5

    By SB3032
    Either keep me logged in, or allow Face ID/fingerprint. It’s Wawa, not a bank. I held up line having to sign in for my rewards. Im sure the other customers were thrilled.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By MelloSCP
    Signed up and tried to place a mobile order but the app won’t let me log in and I can’t order unless I am.
  • What the hell! 1/5

    By Aldiara
    Here we go again. A new update and a new screw up. Now you can't manage your card at all. I need to add money but all I get is a half downloaded picture of my card with no functionality at all just a blank white screen under the half picture. When are you going to fix these constant problems
  • I wish 1/5

    By hackasaurous rexx
    Love wawa coffee. Go there every day. Used to love the app, but it is horrible now. So slow to open. Once it opens, have to skip, the when opens again, have to log in....EVERY TIME. I have to try to remember it when walking in store so it will open before I get to pay line. It now is useless, frustrating, annoying, and slows me down. The exact opposite of everything an app should be and do. Can't believe it hasn't been fixed. Wawa, dont make me walk away!
  • Privacy nightmare 1/5

    Why does Wawa require that I always share my location, 24-7, if I’m ordering a sandwich? If the app would let me simply select a store, order a sandwich, and go about my day without being constantly tracked, that would great. Too much to ask?
  • All versions are broken 1/5

    By mjd9ball
    I thought the Android version was the only problem (can’t sign in) but now iOS is screwed up AGAIN. So Wawa has effectively taken many people’s money and now won’t provide a working app so we can use our own money. Don’t release minor updates if you can’t fix major problems. There are a lot of developers out there looking for contracts, try hiring a few. Next stop, Better Business Bureau and complaint to state AG.
  • Not good 2/5

    By MobileArtist
    It takes me 5 minutes to checkout because the app won’t keep me logged in anymore. What the heck happened??
  • App seems to be not working as good as before 3/5

    By Bbabsn
    Hello, I’am a worker at Wawa and I have seen many issues lately with the app. I see customers getting very frustrated over the fact that the app keeps logging them out in the store and it takes forever to load. I noticed this when I tried using the app as well and the same thing happened to me. Please look into this. You have unsatisfied customers while using your app.
  • Why can’t it use my location? 1/5

    By Vader5348
    I tried to use this app SEVERAL TIMES with no luck. I tap on the location where I want to pick up my food and it does nothing. The app does not accept the nearest location in fact it doesn’t accept any location at all just pushes you OUT! I have my location services turned on and everything. It’s been like this for months including through your updates. WHY can’t you fix this?
  • Bad update 2/5

    By CapnJack78
    Recently the app was updated and now it requires me to sign into my account every time I access it. Makes it impossible to quickly check out at the store. Why doesn’t it save my password anymore?
  • Very unreliable 1/5

    By Tooldude2222
    Have constant issues with it loading. Won’t keep a location keeps asking over and over. Half the time it just won’t load.
  • Terrible App constantly has issues 1/5

    By skoostamod
    Love Wawa, but this App is constantly having issues. Log in issues! Even when you ask for password help, the App doesn’t do anything when you click “next” to reset password. Frustrating to waste so much time to get this App to work. Can’t even add a gift card without issues.
  • “Continuous use of GPS could reduce battery life” 2/5

    By meh...Jackie
    Most apps give you the option to “allow GPS when using app”, your app does not allow this at all. It’s either full use of GPS or the application glitches and does not allow you to order or even work properly. New update looks great except, the forced GPS tracking. Hopefully you’ll consider tweaking that feature.
  • The app won’t keep me signed in 3/5

    By adfguopmbcc
    About 2 weeks ago we had an update to the Wawa app and ever since that update when you close it out it’s signed you off it does not keep you sign in anymore like the old one did how do we correct this problem
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By partridge5206
    I use this app consistently, and I love going into the store and popping it on to order and pay. Now it’s junk, takes forever to log on and Face ID no longer works. I don’t know what you did on this last update but you need to dial back to the old version till you get this thing fixed.
  • Fix the app Wawa 1/5

    By Keith 124
    This is the first review I have ever written for an app. How friggin hard is it to keep someone signed in? Soooo frustrating having to sign in multiple times during a day and even getting kicked out after a few minutes in the store while you are in line. This is costing you money as I decided not to go into the store while pumping gas. Deleted the app and reinstalled and changed my password and nothing fixes it. Can’t even sign in after 10 minutes of trying. This has happened repeatedly for months. Cmon everything else about Wawa is spot on. I thought you guys were better.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By eleazermorris
    I am an early adopter of this app because I love Wawa. However, this continues to be the absolute worst app on my phone. Endless fuss with getting logged out and being unable to get in and use my money. Simply infuriating app that is a disgrace to the company
  • Constantly asks to re-login 3/5

    By C to the L
    It used to be wonderful to just walk into the store and launch the app, but lately we get stalled, often at checkout, by being forced to login again. What’s up with that?
  • Keeps logging me out. 1/5

    By shartri101
    The app is keep logging me out. What the hack. Fix the app. It cant be that hard.
  • Terrible APP 1/5

    By Last other guy
    Can’t sign in, can’t get password help, can’t delete app in order to reinstall. What an absolute waste of time and effort. I’ll just go to Circle K! I have had NOTHING but headaches with this APP
  • Opportunity for improvement 2/5

    By Dcadguy
    Why must I constantly sign in? Why does it load so slowly Why must I enable location services I know where I am
  • Needs fixed! 2/5

    By Stephanie A S
    App used to work great, now I have to Login everyone I open it and I get error messages about locations services. I even turned them to always like the message says for location services and kept getting the error and couldn’t do my order ahead of time. Please fix!
  • Freeze 1/5

    By 1018374610197379176
    Why does it always freeze when I log in?
  • Location services are quite stupid 1/5

    By Sam9180
    Doesn't work when location services are set to 'Only while using app'. Very frustrating.
  • Awful design 1/5

    By Aaron Porcella
    This is one of the worst user experiences I’ve had on an app in a very long time. I would expect better from a company that could afford to pay for a decent app to be built. I’m a lifelong Wawa fan. I really wanted to like this app. The navigation is awful, it’s buggy, and the performance is sluggish. Step up your game Wawa - Sheetz is banging down your door in NJ and PA.

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