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  • Current Version: 4.5.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wawa, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wawa App

New Redesigned Wawa App! Now it’s easier than ever to order, pay and earn delicious rewards with the new Wawa App! Easier to Order…..with simplified mobile ordering, it’s a breeze to browse our full menu, reorder your favorites or try out something new! Easier to Pay……you can pay for your mobile order with your Wawa Gift Card right in the app before you get to the store! Easier to Earn…..Now you can pay ANY way and earn Wawa Rewards! Just scan your new Rewards barcode from your Wawa App at checkout, pay for your order any way you like (cash, credit, debit, Wawa gift card) and start earning your Wawa Rewards! For every $50 you spend on qualifying items using the app, you earn a delicious reward! Plus you will receive bonus rewards throughout the year for just being a Rewards member! * Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Wawa app reviews

  • App not working right 2/5

    By Beloved33
    I have tried using the forgot password option and creating a new account, neither work. Please fix I’d like to use this app. Will update review when I can access app and use it. Thank you!
  • Fix 1/5

    By aubrey diaz
    It’ll ask to pick a store and I do then the next thing to know I go to pick if I want lunch or something it’ll take me back to the part where I have to pick a store first when I already clicked it multiple times
  • Sometimy 1/5

    By ShejayScar
    Haven’t been able to use this app in a while, although I try every other day. The store selection screen hasn’t worked in weeks so I can’t order a thing. It list all the nearby stores but once I select a store it keeps asking for me to select a store as if I never selected one in the first place. This app used to be good. But now..... I’m almost ready to delete.
  • Location Services 1/5

    By RT Dogg
    This app requires Location Services set to Always to be able to use it. No other restaurant app requires this. They allow me to set it to Only While Using. Doesn’t make sense to burn through battery and data just to order a hoagie.
  • Why Does Wawa Always Need My Location? 1/5

    By WMS8976
    You can’t place a mobile order unless you change the setting to Always allow the app to access your location. Completely unnecessary.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Angered resident
    Very disappointed - app doesn’t work. It won’t let me sign up...keeps saying my password is wrong. But it won’t let me reset the password - keeps saying some error in the app. So essentially, the app is completely useless!! Surprised at the terrible execution by Wawa...would have expected better from them.
  • Won’t allow sign up for rewards 1/5

    By Angry holiday player
    Love the idea but useless as I cannot get the app to progress past the second part of rewards sign up.
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By votivefire111111111111111111
    I’ve used the app twice to order in store. Apparently what is in the store isn’t kept up with on the app. The app isn’t user friendly and it’s hard to add money. Not sure why you need a gift card to load, but you all aren’t Starbucks.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Nmassey1020
    I keep trying the app hoping it gets better, it never does. It doesn’t let me into my account. I’ve tried to reset my password....it won’t let me. I tried to make another account, nope. Over trying!
  • Failed orders 3/5

    By Jdbsgidd
    Everytime i place an order on the app, when i get to the store i get a notification that the order has failed and i end up having to just order at the store instead of having it ready when i arrive.
  • Online Ordering 2/5

    By Nottobrite
    While I love the ap and use it every day when I try to use online ordering it won’t let me choose a store. When I do it kicks me back to the Choose a store screen and doesn’t let me make an actual order.
  • App crash 1/5

    By haaker393
    App won’t load any stores, won’t let me order any food, and just tells me a critical error happened. running later app firmware and latest ios on my xs max
  • Unwanted changes 3/5

    By Katsumiblisk
    The app was fine but now it doesn't order your stuff when you reach the store, you have to tell it how long you will be before arriving at the store. This is good as long as you know the area but when you're traveling you have no idea how long it will take to get to the store without going to your GPS maps app. If you're going to do it this way at least display in the app how far away the store is in the ordering page. Just not thought out enough. Get out from behind your desk devs. Also the available balance on the card never updates on the Apple Pay screen reached by double tapping the power button, plus it no longer automatically increases the brightness temporarily so your laser scanner can read it. Remember when we are in line we have an armful of stuff and can't keep jabbing away at the phone.
  • Great app 3/5

    By Sweettee774
    Great app, I gave 5 stars because it always works well for me but lately whenever I get into store the app opens up slow in order for me to pay. Thank goodness I had the cash & time to wait for my food

    By Alex Derenzo
    I reloaded my wawa app with money and now it won’t let me sign in. FIX THIS!!
  • Won’t let me sign in, or search for stores 1/5

    By peterm234
    Fix this please
  • Love Wawa, hate the app 2/5

    By jdesousa180
    This app is very far from being useful. It has too many glitches that make it frustrating. Constantly asking me to reselect a store and buttons work only to go back and have you press it again. Terrible. Needs to by fixed ASAP
  • Junky Stalkerware 1/5

    By Gerbertz Nachriya
    After five attempts to reset the password, I was finally able to log in. It demanded Background Location to be on always in order to function, which turns it into data-hog spyware. Payment was also confusing to the point of impossible: wanted me to manually enter in a credit card to buy a gift card 2x the value of the card. Nice little scam there. I don’t trust the security or operation of this app. Very fishy.
  • Super Buggy 3/5

    By BradCampbell
    I’m not sure how QA testing works there, but the app repeatedly crashes, especially if I try to add my gift or rewards card to my wallet. The flow for adding a card needs some UX work, I had no clue I could automatically reload my gift card until a coworker told me about it. The app annoyingly prompts me that I don’t have background location enabled every single time I load the app. There’s a bunch of test data that shows up any time I have a slow connection. If wasn’t for the ability to quickly pay at the register this app would probably be useless.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By KC_Allen007
    Won’t let me reset old password. Won’t let me create new account with new email. Pointless app.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By cikrjcjtrj
    This app is trash it won’t let me sigh up not log in smh🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦‍♂️ y’all can do better
  • App FREEZES at Sign-up — help!! 1/5

    By Tapalady
    I have tried 3 times to join this app, following all the requirements & it won’t move forward after I indicate my “email & notifications” option. FREEZES. Period. What can I do to get my rewards # so I can go to my new Wawa?!?
  • Meh 2/5

    By Arbiter gone
    App is functional. I would like the ability to merge balances on gift cards. I have three with a value less than one dollar each. They’re essentially useless and not worth exhausting the balance at the register.
  • No rewards here! 1/5

    By Lack lad
    I go out of my way to make sure I fuel and grab a bite at Wawa and use my REWARDS CARD. However it’s ridiculous to have rewards that expire in minutes if you don’t redeem. Also you don’t earn any if you fuel. I think reward system works for every dollar spent. So next time am stopping for gas at any gas station and a coffee shop for my coffee where I can actually earn rewards. Thanks!
  • App Rarely Works 1/5

    By wavz87
    I downloaded the app hoping to use for on the go ordering, but the app has only worked twice since downloading the other day. First, it wouldn’t allow me to select a store now, it won’t even let me log in. Not worth it, just go to the store and place an order.
  • Mobile ordering delay 2/5

    By cabshere
    This app is inconsiderate of my time. Why does it think I’m not capable of timing my driving so that my order can be ready once I arrive at the store? The fact that they don’t start making my food until the app detects I’m at the store makes it.... borderline useless.
  • Many improvements made, but location services isn’t implemented properly 4/5

    By J_in_orf
    All in all this is a pretty good app. Many of the previous issues regarding gift card access have been fixed and are much more responsive. The only issue I have is the app needing “always on” access to location services in order to order food. Your app should be able to function just fine with “while app is opened” access. Chik Fil A works just fine like this.
  • Worked great until it logged me out 1/5

    By Juan000
    Worked flawlessly since day one until a week ago when it logged me out. Now I can’t login and can’t reset my password. Deleted the app and reinstalled and now it either crashes or still won’t let me login. Completely useless to me. Still getting rewards emails though.
  • Privacy scofflaw despite decent order, pay experience 1/5

    By Bigolpoofter
    App will not function properly without ‘Always’ access to Location. Hence, you have to kill location access after using the app, or it will eat your battery life. Been this way forever and never gets fixed.
  • App stinks 1/5

    By Morningstar81
    App takes too long to load and crashes way too much
  • New bug 1/5

    By Mom2L&E
    The new update won’t let me get to the menu screen to place an order. It keeps going back to the location screen.
  • Reload Card 4/5

    By 4567rtyu
    Love this app. So easy to reload card! Would be 5 stars, except there is no way to delete a credit card used for reload that is already stored on app. I want to delete a VISA card that I no longer use. And there is no way to do that. Please upgrade app to include a delete credit card function. Thx!
  • Used to be great, now crashes when adding to Apple Wallet!!! 1/5

    By Schrute Farms
    I used this twice a day every day for 2 years. Now when I try to add card to Apple Wallet, it crashes!!!! I saw others below with same comment. Please fix ASAP and I will change rating back to a 5!!!’ Other is great app. PS- I wrote to “Lilian” at the Wawa contact URL she provided, but no response yet.
  • Why do they Always need my location? 1/5

    By Tsmith53
    Most Apps will allow you to select location only when using the app, but why does Wawa need to Always know my location whether I am in the app or not?
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By JVW3
    Am unable to evaluate the new app properly because I can’t log in with my userid and password. Old app was working fine- why mess up a good thing? What a colossal failure.
  • Flat out doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ggumberg
    Awful experience for over a week now. It won’t sign in with either my thumbprint or password. No error message. It just sits on the sign-in page whether in WiFi, cellular, in PA, MD, VA...
  • App is poorly designed 1/5

    By Matthew Momjian
    Constantly glitches out, logs you out, or won't pull up your cards. Rewards are anemic if you ever do get one. Not worth it compared to other food apps (I have a few).
  • If it works - don’t touch it 1/5

    By "magma"
    The app worked magnificently - until a recent update. Now online ordering doesn’t work, as well as several other functions. Wawa’s problem really, since now I’m just stopping elsewhere for my coffee until this is resolved, but be warned if you consider downloading.
  • Only good when it works 1/5

    By Laeb
    In the last month or so (April-May 2019) the app has only worked occasionally. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times but that doesn’t work. Wawa rewards and ordering via the mobile app are no good if the app rarely works. I used to go to Wawa several days a week. Now I rarely go. Other stores’ apps work. Wawa, I love you but you’ve got to fix the app! Thanks.
  • Can't open app 1/5

    By Tforry
    Can’t get in even with Touch ID what a nightmare Wawa resets my password it works I change to a password I’ll remember and I can’t get in again so now I have money on my card in the app and can’t access it 😡
  • No reason that you need background location turned on to order a sandwich 2/5

    By MyOtherNicknameWasTaken528402
    Dear Wawa, I opened the app and it demanded that I turn location services on even though I can search and select a store by zip code. There is no reason for that. I went to place an order and the app refused to let me place the order unless I gave it some sort of location data, so I decided that you could have my location while I used the app. However, as I tried to place the order the app popped up a warning at every screen transition notifying me that I did not allow you to collect my location in the background while I was not using the app. Every. Single. Transition. There is no reason for that. Finally I went to place the order and the app refused to let me place the order unless I allowed background location services. So I enabled background location services, clicked “place order,” and then immediately disabled location services all together. Then I got in my car and drove to Wawa to pick up my sandwich. There were a couple of people waiting for sandwiches and my order got pushed in behind them anyway. I believe that I should have just used the kiosk, and it would have taken the same amount of time. Unless you fix the app to never require location services (or at least ONLY WHILE USING THE APP), then I will probably just use the kiosk. I award one star because I actually was able to accomplish the goal of placing the order, and one star because my sandwich was delicious and affordable (Hoagiefest is an amazing deal!). Thank you.
  • What happened?? 1/5

    By Oracleunik
    It used to work beautifully, although having to have the location set to always is kind of annoying. Starting last week, all my favorites have been showing ‘discontinued’ which is weird because they’re regular lattes so somebody at the store told me to uninstall the app and reinstall it which I did but now it won’t let me login so I’m stuck out of it and it’s been like this for a couple days now. Never had an issue but the past three updates have been making my phone my app useless to completely useless now since i can’t even login
  • Worked once 1/5

    By Njcitymusic
    This app worked for pre orders only one time. Now it won’t let me change stores. Kinda pointless when ya work on over the road.
  • Annoying Location Prompt 2/5

    By bagarwood
    Can we please remove the annoying location prompt that pops up every time I open the app?! I’m not going to give the app access to my location when not open and hate seeing every time I use.
  • Flaky at times 2/5

    By Target Employees Dont Care
    Trying to add my gift card to Apple wallet and the app crashes. From time to time when I open the app in a Wawa it tells me that I’m currently not connected to the internet, yet my other apps work fine.
  • Worked great ... Last Year 1/5

    By stupidlingnickname
    Up until last year some time this app was great - then they ‘fixed’ it. Have stopped putting money on app / use for ordering for 3 reasons 1) drains battery due to 24/7 location services 2) does not recognize you have arrived even if standing in store (previously would acknowledge my order before entering parking lot) 3) cannot change credit card number more than a few times without recreating an entirely new account. I only use it now for rewards otherwise leave it (and location services) turned off.
  • Good when it works 3/5

    By Phltr
    Almost every time I try to open the app it has kicked me out. The other half of the time it wouldn’t accept my password. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the app and now it won’t even go past the startup screen without crashing. Please fix this! I love being able to pay with the app and receiving rewards.
  • Crashes! 1/5

    By Verizon customer in FL
    Im Using an IPhone SE with IOS 12.2. I added a gift card with money on it, and went to “ add card to apple pay” . And it crashes the app every time! I re-installed the app and it still crashes! Please fix this !!
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By No More Pajamas
    Garbage. Continues to ask for location after allowing access, thus can’t place mobile orders...

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