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Waze Carpool

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  • Current Version: 2.14.3
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  • Developer: Waze Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Waze Carpool App

Tap into your local Waze community to find friends, neighbors, and coworkers going your way. See someone you’d like to carpool with? Just ask for a ride! Why carpool with Waze? Ask our community: - Meet great people - “People are very diverse, so it’s a great experience to make friends”—Victoria Johnson - Save time & money - “It’s priceless for me to spend between $3.50 and $5 to get me where I need to be on time” - Control your commute - “I love the flexibility and control over my life” Ready to give carpooling a try? NOTE: Waze Carpool is currently available in the United States, Brazil, and Israel. Keep it installed and we’ll notify you as soon as it becomes available in your area!

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Waze Carpool app reviews

  • Best carpool 5/5

    Easy to use when you some one well and also worth getting car off the road
  • Cannot use house address to find normal carpool partner. 4/5

    By Emblot
    I cannot put my house address as my home in order to meet up with someone that I car pool with. I have to put our meeting point which is inconvenient. The crazy thing is other people come up that are not even close to my route.
  • Michaelt1961 5/5

    By michaelt1961
    Love this carpool community. It’s allowed me to not only coordinate transportation needs but meet neighbors and coworkers that live and work in my area. The cost is very affordable and I hope more people start to use this option.
  • EmilThomas 5/5

    By Emil Thomas
    Excellent service
  • Love the app more with recent improvements 5/5

    By Avsshah1
    Like one tap requests. Looks like improved algorithms.
  • Excelente aplicación 5/5

    By danfer7
    Llevo casi un año movilizándome con esta aplicación, es fácil y sobre todo económico. Aunque a veces tiene fallas pero el servicio es excelente. Lo recomiendo
  • Nice car pool app 5/5

    By srininarah
    Best car pool app
  • Transformed my long commute work days 4/5

    By DnanaV
    And the $$ promos help a lot There are a number of race conditions, glitches and unexpected scenarios in the app that need fixing though
  • Riders to choose the drivers not on Waze driver list 1/5

    By 92620-90501
    The app provides drivers to riders via route, date, and time matches. It is great, but there are often bugs Waze carpool development team does not know how to make it better. For example, I know the driver is available on certain date and time, and we agree to carpool verbally, but the driver never comes up on Waze carpool driver list. I ended up driving to office. The Waze carpool shall allow rider to choose the driver rather or not the drivers are on the list or not.
  • Love the concept but hate the app! 1/5

    By JamieC427
    There are so many glitches in the app. You can’t send offers to whoever you want even though they are on your route to work. After my app crashed couple days ago, now no driver shows up in my app. My promo code disappeared. I contacted customer service, they are being absolutely no help at all. Google needs to hire ppl who actually know how to write the program!!!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By karan.shah
    This app is super buggy. It hangs up and doesn’t work half the time. Also as a rider I need a way to end the ride if the driver forgets. Ugh.
  • Confusing interface 1/5

    By Hhhyysttdfzy cut
    Seemingly randomly changes or deletes my input. Hard to tell how to use it as a driver vs as a passenger Not sure when tasks have been completed. Can I offer drives now? No feedback as to when I’ve inputted enough info to become a driver. Someone else complained that drivers seem to be incomplete - that’s because it’s not clear what complete is. How do I actually use it? It’s just a bunch of settings, not actions. Please redesign.
  • App doesn’t let you log in with email pass 1/5

    By Hakon Hanesand
    App doesn’t let you log in with email and password.
  • Misleading app they do not pay up 1/5

    By M gan
    Drivers don’t drive using this app Poorly organized and payment do not come through Not show as payment even after completing many trips Bulls hit
  • Ok 1/5

    By half court 11
    Good deal
  • Not flexible enough 2/5

    By sunny wazer
    My job has two locations so some days I come from the office and others I’ll be coming from the factory. Not to mention I’m frequently visiting our retail partners even late in the afternoon. I can’t seem to set a date when I know I’ll be coming from any location other than the office until the day of. Also some days I may not be going straight home so in those days I have to set me “Home” as a random location, and again I have to do this on the day of as opposed to a few days in advance as I would like. I like to plan things ahead of time.
  • Great idea, but inflexible 3/5

    By thisisoneuniquenickname
    I love the concept, and the price. Matching with riders works well. However, Waze almost always suggests an unsafe pickup or dropoff location for me (eg freeway on-ramp), or suggests unsafe walking paths (busy roads without sidewalks, or car tunnels with no pedestrian access). I end up negotiating pickup and dropoff locations directly with other carpooling humans.
  • Lots of potential, Needs improvement 1/5

    By bps5175
    I want to say that this app has a lot of potential. I commute a total of 100 miles to work and back so driving everyday can be exhausting and can burn a hole in my wallet. One of the problems I had with this app was that it doesn’t let me know if the driver accepts or rejects my request. It would be nice to get a notification on my phone stating this and why they rejected my request. A bigger problem I had with this app was that they charged me for rides that I never done. So you’re essentially getting free money if you’re a driver. I tried removing my card from the app but that’s not even an option so I had to contact my bank to report the transactions and send me a new card. I also received a $30 credit of free rides but find it pretty weird how they charge my card instead of taking it out of the credit. Overall this app is a really good idea but needs a lot of improvements. I suggest: - letting the rider know via notification if the driver accepts and rejects your request and why - charge the rider once they confirm they are in the drivers car - Have an option to remove payment information - Encourage more drivers to participate and clearly state who is a driver and rider
  • No one accepts your request 1/5

    By Boccijb
    I had high hopes for this app! I work and live in SF and it showed me a handful of people near me going to and from home/work area. No one accepts - it’s like they aren’t being notified they received a request. Terrible app. Doesn’t do anything.
  • Y’all need to upgrade 1/5

    By kdash86
    Y’all really need to up grade so y’all mean to tell me that y’all waste money and time on an app where people can only drive two people a day and make money 🤦‍♀️ Lyft is out doing y’all really good that is crazy I won’t work with you all
  • App performance issue 1/5

    By Ritesh524
    App performance is horrible. Makes me to leave waze.
  • Over it 1/5

    By jazzquinones79
    Horrible!! Charges me regardless if the driver picks me up or not.. none of the drivers respond. Will be deleting this soon along with waze navigation as well 😕😕
  • Spoke too soon... 2/5

    By habits are a blessing
    I honestly thought I would love this app. Upon downloading it I’d already received $30 in Ride credits and found many drivers who matched my route. I thought I had hit the carpool jackpot. Until it actually came to using the app. You have to send requests to drivers on the same route as you, with a time and pickup/drop off spot that are convenient. The first time I sent a request to a driver 2 days before I needed the ride. The driver declined the request. Ok, surely I could contact the other matches. None have responded. I checked their profiles, and it seems all of the drivers who I have matched with (including the one who rejected riding with me) are new drivers themselves and are either inactive or not really ready to ride other people. Even as I tried changing my route destination to get more available drivers, 90% of the drivers just didn’t respond to my request at all. It’s been 2 weeks since my last request. I now feel discouraged to ride with WAZE since the ride credits will expire soon and I have not been able to communicate with a single driver
  • Generally good app but usability is difficult and it’s slow 3/5

    By rA182q
    Love the idea of the app but it’s so slow and buggy sometimes!!! Difficult and takes a while to edit a ride and sometimes just doesn’t let me edit at all when I try and tap on it
  • ¡¡¡No good!!! 1/5

    By 2-puc
    I tried setting up the app but the codes they sent kept saying “wrong code”. Whaaaat!?! After many attempts I had to cancel it. Very frustrating!!!!
  • Ghost Town 2/5

    By whocaresaboutadumbnickname
    I don’t think anyone uses this app in my area. No one ever offers rides or responds to ride invitations or requests. It feels like a failed attempt for Waze to make money from their app.
  • Drivers flake 1/5

    By michelle1350
    Every single time I’ve tried to get a ride the drivers flake. This app is useless, just use Lyft or Uber.
  • Privacy concerns 2/5

    By fulatun
    I downloaded this app to see if it’s something I could use on a regular basis, and it looks very promising up front. But when I started to sign in and enter my information like, when I leave home and when I get to work; and my origination and Destination locations, I was asked to create a profile. I’m willing to create a profile but the only two choices I had to create a profile is to create it using either my Facebook account profile or my Google account profile. I’m not interested in allowing access to any app of my Facebook or Google account profile information, but I am willing to enter profile Information directly as I see fit. Since this option does not appear to be available, I will not be using the Waze carpool app after all. Great idea, but you want too much information For my taste. Wayne
  • Do not use, scam. Charge for rides never received. 1/5

    By Wazeisfromnigeria?
    They charged me for rides I never got. No insurrections on how or when you’re charged. I think I may have accepted rides, but the guy backed out. Never got the rides. They charged my card for four rides on four future dates. How are you going to charge for rides not even done yet? So if you’re a scam artist just sign up to be a driver and you’ll be paid for rides you never have to do. Waze won’t even address my emails regarding the fraudulent charges so I have to dispute with the bank and I will also complain to the BBB. If you want to trust a stranger that they will show up and pick you up, good luck. They’re paid in advance. Completely useless. Do not use!!! PS just found out from a driver Waze doesn’t do background checks on the drivers - so don’t get yourself murdered!!!!
  • Instable 1/5

    By Nanda1989
    App crashes all the time, I can’t update my schedule, it is always “loading” available drivers. Awful.
  • Flexible for my commute 5/5

    By juhierathor
    This app is a lifesaver! I don’t have a car, and I always find super affordable rides to work with people in my area who are already going the same way as I am. I’ve met some really great people and even made some friends! My favorite part about this app is the flexibility. I’m not always sure which days/times/locations I’m commuting, which is why I love the ability to customize my schedule day-by-day for whatever works for me.
  • I’m over it 2/5

    By zzzxxxcccttggedgsh
    I love how it’s set up but the drivers don’t let you know about the ride till like right before it’s time to go.
  • Crashes all the time and makes it impossible to begin carpool because of excessive lag 1/5

    By Blanz223211
    The app constantly jumps back and forth from regular Waze to the carpool app as a driver and makes it extremely hard to accept a ride as a rider because it continually crashes.
  • What a rip off 1/5

    By SkunkDJ420
    It won’t pick me up from home. It says I have to walk over a mile to a pickup spot and wait for a long time just for a driver to pick me up. What a joke.
  • Asks the wrong questions 1/5

    By framework4
    The app is supposed to help set a carpool. Sadly it asks the wrong questions and wants you to unilaterally make decisions. So you enter what time you want to leave NOT what time you need to be at work. You decide if you want to be a driver or a rider. No option to say both, and no way to indicate that which role, driver or rider on a given day, depends on life circumstances.
  • Refund 1/5

    By zeenajay
    Worst app ever . I haven’t taken any rides and it’s been taking money out of my account . I want my money back . I don’t know who I can talk to . They still have my payment information and I can’t delete my account since I want a refund for the money I wasn’t aware was being taken out of my account
  • Uninstalling 1/5

    By jessevolx
    So much for Waze. They upped their prices tremendously. I don’t even know how many stars to give them. The app was incredible. Especially with not driving and wanting to get home at 6 it was really working out for me since I found two regular riders every day that I could carpool with. I was only paying two dollars a day to get home. Now it’s over 7 dollars. Insane!! I really loved Waze but unfortunately i won’t be using it. It’s not worth spending almost 8 dollars a day. Guess I’ll just have to split the cost with a coworker and Uber to the train station since it’s much cheaper
  • Great for carpooling, but needs improvements 2/5

    By LuvApL
    App only lets you login with a social media account. It should allow sign up with email. There should be a feature to see if anyone is even using the app in your area before signing up. Since this is a carpool service, there should be a way to see what the charges would be for your ride.
  • Useful app, reasonably accessible with voiceover screen reader 4/5

    By GrinningReaper
    I am a visually impaired iPhone user. I like Waze because I can identify where the pick up and drop off points are using voiceover. This feature is not yet accessible using the carpool options on several other popular apps. However, Waze still needs some improvements. My rider rating is not spoken properly, as voiceover does not indicate partial stars. So even though I have close to a five star rating, it tells me that I am at four. Another concern is that focus tends to be spotty on the main screen when there are incoming ride offers from drivers. Overall though, this app is very promising.
  • Useless 1/5

    By lm5262
    Useless app as there are never drivers available (even in busy cities such as Tel Aviv and Haifa)
  • Horrible 1/5

    By MB_Love
    I was charged a subscription fee idk how and why i never used the app and i would like a refund
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By plutoe422
    Cannot login and the support form displays an error when I attempt to send the support ticket
  • Bad idea 1/5

    By Dark UnHoly
    No background checks. This is a recipe for a disaster. Now another bulgur way to take away money from real chauffeurs in Uber and Lyft. Just for that I am uninstalling my Waze maps that I use with my Uber and Lyft. Unreal man. Here we are busting out as to give clean reliable and professional drivers so you can put possible victims in a would be criminals hands. I will be one of the ones who will push for this idea not to be adopted by the public. This is dangerous and you know it. People trust in the fact that Uber and Lyft drivers go through background checks. We are out there so trust in us. Just like cab drivers you my have a bad experience but your a hell of. Lot safer with us than some random possible peeve or psychotic fool.
  • Only facebook and google 1/5

    By CesarMiguel
    Add other ways to make an account!
  • Unauthorized payments 1/5

    By NARI.D
    Since using this app I encountered multiple times getting falsely charged besides rides. When I reach Waze they say it’s not them however location and name of charge points to GOOGLEPLEX. I’d not recommend this
  • Drivers aren't notified 3/5

    By Premjitger
    I have been using this app for past couple of days and have requested a ride to multiple people and none of them have declined or accepted the request. I am not very sure if they are getting notified via email or in-app notification. Disappointed 😔😔😔
  • Não está funcionando Iphone 6s 1/5

    By willnakiri
    O app não abre no iphone
  • Can’t sign in with Facebook 2/5

    By Makemelifht
    Everytime I try to sign in with FB, an error occurs. Seriously?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Gkanwjcjxbqh3
    Just downloaded app and it wouldn’t even let me sign in due to a system error, so I deleted it. Better luck next time Waze!

Waze Carpool app comments

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