Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

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  • Current Version: 4.37
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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App

Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time ◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data ◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route ◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive Be prepared, drive with Waze. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy


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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app reviews

  • Best Map app ever 5/5

    By Alw75
    I have Apple maps, google maps, but nothing is better than Waze. I am so glad to have this app to save me time and help avoid bad traffic. They also have a really cool ride share you have to try super cheap for a ride/carpool.
  • Buggy! 1/5

    By Mike's iPhone 6
    Waze has been very unreliable lately. Seems to take forever to calculate a route and now currently is having trouble planning a future drive. Very frustrating. I noted turning instructions are at the last minute lately; many times after you passed your road. Something isn’t right with this app. Constantly have to reboot iPhone 8. I don’t have issues with other apps.
  • Talk to me! 4/5

    By smkhi
    Sometimes the directions are not spoke out loud. It’s very random and frustrating.
  • Not satisfied! 1/5

    By jhdfjufguigehhvk
    Google f****ed it completely!!!
  • Great reliable app 5/5

    By Joscci
    I’m not the type who needs GPS. Give me the exact address and an old fashion paper map and I’ll find it. Still, Waze is a solid app who does the job not only in unfamiliar places, but even familiar ones. Before going to/from work/home I check the app to see if there will be issues along the way. The only thing I wish I could do is make my own preferred routes even if via laptop on web browser like you can with Google maps.
  • Stops adding points 1/5

    By marcstephen
    This is a good mapping program but the feature to accumulate points stopped working. I drive everyday and send traffic and hazard reports every time I drive. The system stopped calculating the points two weeks ago. To follow up, Whenever I open the program it puts me enroute to one of my favorites. STOP THIS!!! It really screws me when I need to put in a new address. I know where I want to go!!! Don’t try to guess where I want to go. IT JUST PISSES ME OFF!!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By lobeymom
    Best map app I have ever came across! I travel daily and this has saved me from hidden cops, accident traffic, construction traffic or whatever else that might disturb my route. I love that you can report things and make comments on a report as well. Just love it!
  • Review 5/5

    By Kopisan
    I like Waze telling me if there is a police recorder, debris, vehicle on the shoulder...
  • Such a garbage experience setting up 1/5

    By LarryKinobi
    I setup my account, uploaded a picture, chose my username, then when I tried to enter my email address, I kept getting getting error alerts about network connectivity even though I had full service, the app then crashed and logged me out. I reopened the app, and it doesn't even recognize that I was logged in previously. Tried to recover my account via email address, didn't work. Tried recovering my account via phone number, but the Waze app didn't even recognize the link that was sent to me. I tried to recreate my account but then it says that my chosen username was already taken by somebody else, which was literally me not even 10 minutes ago! Such a garbage experience! Almost like they're trying to keep new users away.
  • Fkn Redirects 1/5

    By BrewsNJews
    Fk You Waze you made me late again
  • Best App Ever Made 5/5

    By vogelblick
    The best app ever made! Well done use every day!
  • Great so far! 5/5

    By LoriD60
    I'm a new user. Seems to be doing fine. Is up to date for all the places I have gone so far. For the wish list, it would be nice to see a review of the reports around me before I select a route.
  • Bad 2/5

    By GKnightman
    Sorry so so bad I was heading north but it toke me south. ridiculous
  • Makes me late 2/5

    By Jillcjdjs
    Started with arrive time at 8:55, went down to 8:45 , got there at 9:10. Not reliable
  • Great App 5/5

    By Baba Jaye
    They help get to work faster
  • Great App 5/5

    By Vijay Peddimsetti
    The design is so neat that I cannot drive without it. Great work and awesome interface.
  • Waze Works! 4/5

    By Spike918
    One of the best travel APPS out there, would be nice for a temporary pause button, for pit stops. Would also be nice t have a set route that one would use regularly (the route it uses for me sends me on a longer travel than what I know). Good detours and delay info!
  • What happened 1/5

    By driver A 17799
    This used to be the best Navigation app Since being bought this has turned into the most worthless
  • Wrong way! 1/5

    By Ben144948484
    Waze is awful in NYC. It constantly tells you the WORST way to go. Currently stuck behind a garbage truck, stuck on the same side street for 10 minutes.
  • Won’t work on morning commute 1/5

    By Unhappy IPhone 5s User
    Not sure what’s happened, this was a great app.
  • Hate the update 2/5

    By Bsb123
    Total fan here! But hate the update! It freezes or will recalculate randomly to a wrong direction. A lot of sudden glitches. Please fix these so I can keep the app!! I love y’all and don’t want to leave.
  • The app clears itself before destination 3/5

    By Fog Head
    I like this app more than any of the other apps. However, know that it does not always play nice with other audio apps. If I want to listen to music or audiobooks this app clears out my appointed destination. I have to constantly pull over to reenter my destination so I don’t cause an accident. To fix this issue, I set up my audiobooks/music app first and make no changes like fast forward. Update: on top of the issues listed above, the app works even worse. I plug in addresses, including my home address, and it says it cannot find them. It wants me to connect to the internet sometimes , which is totally ridiculous. The app is meant to be used while driving, and I do not know anyone who is connected to the internet while driving. Plus it will not work when it picks up a weak internet signal. I read another review that said it now tells you changes at the last second, and I have experienced this as well. Another problem, a couple times it has told me to turn onto streets that are at least a mile away. Google Maps and Maps work much better. It is so sad, because I used to love this app. It was so amazing. Whatever updates they have loaded to this app has now made it terrible. I do not usually write negative reviews, but I am hoping these problems can be fixed.
  • Crash ahead 4/5

    By Pretzelpete
    What are the chances that the voice warning for crash ahead happen sooner, 2 miles maybe?
  • GPS 3/5

    By Delights Desserts
    Great App!! However, I’m having problems now with app working with the GPS
  • Waze for Pioneer Car Stereo 4/5

    By Gpa Gregg
    When will you and Pioneer fix it so I can use Waze to navigate on my AVH-4201 car stereo?
  • No map, no road, no direction. 1/5

    By GioSimple
    Hey application editors, there’s a glitch in the map. No street, ave, etc. just a blank screen with my icon and my final destination. What happened???
  • Almost useful 1/5

    By bigreen505
    I want to like Waze, but in cities, particularly in rush hour traffic, it doesn't give the driver enough warning to follow its directions. By the time it acknowledges my location and tells me where to go, it is already too late to be able to do it. On the highway it does a good job of routing around traffic. Any city smaller than about a thousand people it is clueless.
  • A+ App 5/5

    By Nana Morenita
    Love this app it’s helps me while driving telling me what’s ahead and giving me heads up. The best!!!!!!
  • Avoid Difficult Intersections?? 3/5

    By compwiz
    Took me to a one way stop turning left onto a major road. Was excited to see the feature until it failed me several times the same way.
  • WAZE 3/5

    By Mallwanter
    My Maps that Comes with the iPhone 7plus works so much better than Waze
  • Review 5/5

    By Judzo1234
    Excellent highly recommended.
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By Timmay4Life
    Worked perfect until new update and now Waze can never find the gps??? O.o This makes the app literally unusable. After getting all my friends to switch to waze from Apple/google maps, ironically, looks like I’m going to be the one using google maps now xD
  • Love It! 5/5

    By gjamrok
    Love It!!!
  • From Lynne 5/5

    By eight+1
    Awesome directions! Love the police ahead and traffic notices.
  • Waze 5/5

    By David T B
    This is a great app!
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By Blessed to b me
    I tried three times to get directions to Florida and it kept saying Router Server Timeout... If I am traveling and don’t know where I am going I don’t have time to deal with the server issues.. Nor do I hAbe time to enter small locations a little at a time. Don’t like it.
  • No GPS; Unusable 1/5

    By Dillybird
    Since the last update, Waze is unusable due to "no GPS." I followed the instructions for a hard reset on my phone, and signing in and out of Waze. I know GPS is working, because other apps use it. Of course I have location settings entered correctly. Please fix Waze!!
  • Wrong directions 3/5

    By ilanagavra
    Sometimes the directions are not correct Wrong wrong ways, and not always people have money to pay tolls roads!
  • It keeps exiting, it plays the radio instead it’s audio 2/5

    By Samflus
    It keeps exiting while driving which is very annoying. The audio most of the times will switch on the radio while it plays the audio on the device. So, the audio, in most of the times, will be played from the device & switches on the radio, on & off. Its better in routing & navigation but it’s not usable.
  • Best GPS app out there 5/5

    By AshTheEmoBoy
    This app has saved me multiple times by finding faster routes, letting me know when there are police/potholes/stopped cars/objects in road. My only complaint would be that there are some newer addresses I can find on Apple Maps that don’t show up on Waze.
  • So many issues lately 1/5

    By katie 518931
    I’ve been an avid user for the past 2.5 years. The past few weeks, waze gives me a routing error when I enter my destination every morning, won’t pick up my location for a mile or 2. Starting on Sunday, the map appears strange, the prompts off center, and does not give an accurate eta. No idea what’s going on, but a google search tells me others have the same issue.
  • Great guidance to everywhere you go! 5/5

    By MamaW10501
    This app is simple to use and provides easy and clear directions to your destination. I like it reminds you of your departure time and when there’s heavy or light traffic.
  • Last April 2018 Update 5/5

    By Last April 2018 Update
    I love this app. However, since the last update I frequently find that the app either gives mer the “Uh oh, can’t find a route!” error or it’s stuck searching for network. What gives? Since when can’t it find a route I drive every day? Why can’t it find the network, when all my other apps can?
  • Lately its a let down 3/5

    By kfsthfnkjf
    Over the past month and a half to two months id say waze has let me down. It constantly says "oopssomething went wrong" when searching routes to an address i input. It is slower lately, and i find that it has lost its reliability. It sometimes shuts down on its own, and it doesnt always reroute well. Used to be a great app. Nt sure whats happening lately but the app is now pretty useless.
  • No good 1/5

    By roma roma 38
    No good
  • When it works it’s good ,BUT 1/5

    By Allsuaveee
    a lot of times you’ll run across issues like “Oops Something went Wrong” and you won’t be Able to use it.
  • New update is causing app to not work 1/5

    By blkshadow4
    Please fix. I love Waze and I use it everyday however. The new update has caused this app to not be able to communicate with my phone and keeps advising no GPS. I have done all the troubleshooting methods and still nothing. Please fix!!!
  • Bad version 1/5

    By Mznewy
    It updated now all it does is search for network and crash. It can’t find any routes👎 it’s TERRIBLE
  • Stanley 5/5

    By Stanley011387
    The Best GPS, I love it 👍🏻
  • Waze 5/5

    By Wicker01
    Love it! Love how custom you can make it with all the settings

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