Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

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  • Current Version: 4.78.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App

Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time ◦ Easily listen to music - play your favorite apps for music, podcasts & more right from Waze ◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data ◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route ◦ Drive with Apple CarPlay - use Waze on your car’s display ◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive Be prepared, drive with Waze. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy Waze directions aren’t meant for emergency or oversized vehicles.

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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app reviews

  • 10/15/21-What happened? 1/5

    By kdownby
    Not sure what happened in latest update, but road names are no longer given. Just an arrow pointing right and go 0.6 miles. It would be nice to know what road I’m looking for. Same with interstate changes & exit names. So hard to navigate!!
  • Next update should make it totally unusable 1/5

    By ECPNJ
    Very update makes this app seem to get worse. What was a good app is a garbage and delete now.
  • Please take off pause spoken audio 2/5

    By semmoha
    I can’t listen to my Spotify anymore! Every time Waze start talk that’s makes songs on Spotify pause once waze talk! Before, waze was reduce the volume down for the songs when waze start talk, but now makes the song completely pause! Please fix that ASAP, thanks
  • Wrong address of business and customer service making it difficult to fix 1/5

    By ?everynametaken?
    I own a business and this app is taking my customers to another studio. The address is incorrect and I’ve emailed Waze multiple times and keep getting sent to different sites to file an official complaint. My customers are being diverted away from our business. We have had multiple complaints. I’m going to recommend my customers use google maps or another app (on our website) so they actually get to here. If anyone in customer service reads these reviews please have someone ( a live person, not a bot) contact me so we can correct this issue.
  • Doesn’t work like it used to 2/5

    By Beckkxx
    The app doesn’t function like it used to. It won’t let me control my car volume or Spotify volume. It gets stuck on certain settings and I have to close out and unplug and then it works … sometimes. Very sad.

    By ioowen
    Happens when connected to vehicles using carplay. Waze will play an “invisible” audio noise that overides music playing. The music is toned down and plays in the back speakers only the entire duration IF AND ONLY IF waze is open. If waze application is closed then the music is toned up. Open waze, instantly tones music down. Almost as if the assistant voice is going to say something, but is mute. This, again, is only solved when the application is fully closed on the user’s device. (I go to school for computer science. Hire me to fix this. You make too much $ to have this massive of a problem, frankly. I won’t/CAN’T use the app till it’s fixed).
  • Only good for cop alerts… 2/5

    By Mamashellfish
    I don’t know why people rave about this app… - clunky and hard to find what you’re looking for (like the turn-by-turn list, any back button, etc.) - ALWAYS buggy with Spotify, starts and stops music even with in-app integration… - map is unhelpful and only suggests surrounding businesses that pay for ads - ads take up 1/4 of the screen which covers directions JUST USE IT FOR POLICE RADAR - TRY A DIFFERENT APP
  • Can’t trust Waze anymore 2/5

    By jfizzjamz
    I have been a loyal Waze user for several years, and more often than the average person due to my line of work. Unfortunately, the app has recently become unreliable. It has been directing me on routes that simply were not the best to take, and ignoring routes that were obviously faster and easier to make. Also no longer can be trusted to continue updating your location in the background. combine that with several crashes in the middle of navigation and Im using apple maps now - they’ve been getting me to my destinations faster than Waze lately. What a shame. I used to love Waze.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Bearandbu
    Waze once again hijacks my volume control when using CarPlay. It doesn’t matter if I turn off sound in the app or not. This happened a few years back, then went away, but has now returned. Deleting and reinstalling the app did not fix this problem. Waze now deleted.
  • Why 2/5

    By East Penn
    After updating to IOS 15.0 and 15.2 When try to speak a destination it won’t work , The voice recognition locks up on my Nissan Rouge 2021 It worked fine until updating
  • Works for google phone well but not for iPhone 2/5

    By BYE BYE Waze. 🖕🏽
    This app is more tailored for Google phones then Apple phones.It used to work great on my iPhone and now that google took it over i have nothing but issues. I have uninstalled the app an will no longer be using Waze.
  • CarPlay bugs 1/5

    The constant CarPlay audio bugs are making it really difficult to keep using Waze. Currently Waze breaks volume control, and it fails to resume podcast audio.
  • Losing its luster 3/5

    By EleKtroMeX
    I thought I would be excited to use Waze on my CarPlay, turns out I find the iOS version on the phone better. Not only have I used Waze predominately over Apple Maps and Google Maps, it seems Waze has not moved much further along to stay ahead of their two rivals. If it’s owned by Google, why can’t both maps be a better version of what they are now?
  • How do I turn the volume down?! 3/5

    By Unatommer
    I use this app with “alerts only” on my commute and will often be listening to a podcast or music. When alerts from Waze come on it blows my ears out! Way too loud and no way to adjust the volume that I can find.
  • Downhill 3/5

    By Judy1915853
    I use to rely on this app but as of recent everytime I open it. It won’t navigate where I’m going and tells me to try again. Also it doesn’t know where it’s going half the time. It makes me take routes out of way or turns me around when not necessary
  • Dislike new update 1/5

    By @triciafb
    I am a big Waze fan. I use it several times per day, everyday of the week as I drive from home to home throughout my area for my job. The changes in the new update are making it difficult to know which exit I need to take as there is only an exit number listed on the route details vs the name of the exit now. This is makes it more difficult to anticipate the exit and to know exactly where I am going. Please go back to the previous directions!!!!!!!!!!
  • don’t work for iranian 1/5

    By ebi6370
  • Apple CarPlay issues 1/5

    By hself1995
    Every time I get into my vehicle and plug my phone in, the Waze app does not follow my location when I am moving. Location services are turned on to “always allow” and still freezes up at random parts of my drive.
  • Volume stopped working 1/5

    By Ssteinfeld
    All of sudden my radio volume has stopped working with Waze. If I close Waze, volumes goes back to normal.
  • Using waze since I got my license 5/5

    By Neal Desai
    Most stuff is disappointing in life but not waze! Apple maps I cant even tell if the map is upside down or just terrible, hopefully it improves I wrote a review because this is one of the apps im glad is still getting improved, waze is very underutilized by everyone! If more people were to transgress to waze it will be beneficial the more users, im glad its starting to pick up again. The planning for destinations ahead of time is one of the most accurate ones I have tried and has rarely failed me for making meetings or job on time. There are so many features and waze I believe will pave the path for navigation. The new interface is really beautiful and all the animations are subtle but do not clutter your screen at all. Its simple but still has many features if you need more
  • was great but the UI gets worse with every release 4/5

    By Frequent Biz Traveler
    seems like once a week I get stuck in a screen that I can’t figure out how to exit so I have to close the app and re-open it. The latest example is the carpool offering that just appears out of nowhere. The responsiveness seems to be a little slower too. Today I got stuck in this massive traffic jam on the freeway that didn’t show up on Waze until 20 minutes after I was sitting in traffic
  • Locks music to lower volume 4/5

    By breapatra
    I absolutely love Waze. I use it every morning to go to work, and it tells me the best routes to take. But recently the app has started locking the music to a lower volume when using CarPlay, which has stopped me from using the app. Please fix the problem.
  • Is no longer compatible with new IOS 1/5

    By Mowneekha
    When I use waze in my car, I can no longer increase or decrease the volume of my music or change songs. Very disappointing.
  • New update 3/5

    By friday eve
    The most recent update changes how the map looks on my screen. It’s more of a birds eye view instead of the car (me, represented by the arrow) situated at the bottom of screen facing the top. It’s very confusing looking at it and trying to figure out where I am going. Is there a way to change it in the settings?
  • Ugh 2/5

    By historysmystery
    Doesn’t load half the time
  • This app said “never mind” a few times which made me late 1/5

    By Blah laagdjd
    It took me off the highway to the backroads where we came into more traffic then it said to go back to the highway but it told me to turn last minute which would’ve caused an accident. I’m 15 minutes late to my appointment because of this stupid app. I’m going back to Google maps.
  • Had to delete it and rely on apple maps 1/5

    By Really fun but irritating
    Waze used to be reliable and a good app but unless you have a good connection your maps are going to take minutes to load as well as rerouting the maps when i haven’t even made a turn yet i had enough with this app it got deleted already use notifications maybe? I don’t drive looking down at my phone but with waze it doesn’t notify of when to turn you unless the apps open I don’t like driving w my phone in my hand 24/7 missing directions because i wasn’t in the app. apple maps could have your phone locked and still show the maps on your lock screen as well as having big headlines of where to go unlike waze needing to be literally in the app or the app freezes and the maps are stuck 5 miles back.
  • Worst GPS 1/5

    By fessjerr528
    Literally the worst GPS app you could download. You’re better off reading for yourself off of a map. Antiquated? Yes but at least it will get you to where you need to be faster than Waze. It is supposed to predict and anticipate traffic but for some reason it is unaware until you are sitting in it. If you want to be late 8/10 times than this is the app for you!
  • 👎🏻 1/5

    By BbLVS0413
    Totally disoriented it will just take you to a longer route
  • Sin voz 1/5

    By maleja26l
    No me funciona la voz , ya desinstale y volví a descargar y sigue sin darme alertas en alta voz
  • Can’t control cars volume 4/5

    By D_Purp89
    Ever since the last update, I’m unable to control my cars volume. Only Waze voice volume.
  • Stick to the map and forget the radio controls 2/5

    By Jstro410
    I like the map and all the map features but i can’t use the app because it insists on taking over my radio and screws it all up!!!
  • Keeps Quitting/Crashing 1/5

    By fraumart
    Waze keeps crashing during navigations! It is so frustrating. Please fix this nasty bug. I will need to switch to a different navigation app.
  • Volume 3/5

    By KiloSyd
    When I turn on the Waze app the volume of my radio is not load anymore.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Rhayven_99
    This app is a time saver! I just wish there was a way to save preferred routes for additional ease of access.
  • It’s almost as if 1/5

    By Yes396
    It’s almost as if someone bought this app and the original Waze routes are now referenced by someone else, I wonder why.
  • Deteriorated over the years 1/5

    By Samantha Lowess
    I have been a loyal consumer of Waze for years and years. This app used to be the best navigation system. Recently, however, Waze constantly freezes, doesn’t load, and most importantly SEVERELY underestimates your ride’s ETA every. time. I challenge you to compare Waze’s and Maps’ ETA on a long road trip, and then analyze which app was more accurate.
  • Goes in and out too often 3/5

    By Itsaplot
    Can’t rely on it to work every time
  • Waze and CarPlay 1/5

    By pollicledog
    Does not play well with others, specifically CarPlay. Voice recognition doesn’t work and interferes with the normal stereo function of the sound system. Getting assistance from their tech support is akin to pulling teeth without anesthesia. My solution? DELETE THE APP! Not even worth 1 star.
  • Street closure 4/5

    By XOLily26
    Lov the app but I wish they would let me report a road closure that’s 2 blocks away. I shouldn’t have to walk all the way to where the road closure is for Waze to let me report it… and lately there are SOOO MANY around my neighborhood and Waze doesn’t even have it reported
  • I love this app 1/5

    By Lil Glower
    But google ducked it up. They stopped developing it after iOS 15 and CarPlay is broken
  • Potential Bug? Decline in effectiveness 2/5

    By TheRaaHa
    I have noticed a significant decline in this app over the last 6-8 mos. One such trip took me off the highway (on the way home from work), bc of a nonexistent car accident, up that road only to be told to make a uturn way down the street and then to get back on the highway a mere few hundred feet from where I got off the highway. Nothing is perfect but that was infuriating and Waze didn’t used to make me makes asinine trips for the most part. I am seeing this uptick in number. MOST RECENTLY I am being told I have to go to settings and tap “Always” or “While Using” to give my precise location before I can type in my address. My settings are already “While Using,” as I want, and I cannot get past this pop up to enter the address I want to see about. So I cannot even use the blasted app?!? It’s already been an issue that it only wants to run in “Always” and I do not want that. Please fix this or give an explanation. Rachael.

    By Steffelefugus
    I have to write a review because I am SO frustrated with this app. I would delete it if it wasn’t for the fact I live in such a major city and it does help me with traffic since traffic around here is never the same. The reason I give this app such a low review is because this app crashes me on me EVERY DAY. Not only does it crash once in the middle of my navigation but twice and three to four times. All in a row and multiple times during my drive. I have contacted support MULTIPLE times and they have yet to give me an answer. They keep telling me they need “more information” and to keep sending logs. It’s been doing this for months and sending logs constantly with no fix and no answer is getting quite annoying. It also will randomly change voices? Like one time it crashed and went to some annoying voice that said “turn onto streets hopefully” why is this a voice? That’s not helpful. And no matter how many times I changed it it kept returning! How annoying. I am so frustrated by how many bugs this app has. I hate that I keep having to reopen the app in the middle of driving. I wish they’d fix it.
  • iOS 15 issues 3/5

    By Anna Boo10f
    Using Waze with iOS 15 and the radio is an either/or situation. You aren’t able to go back to what you were listening to when the prompt has occurred.
  • Location Options 1/5

    By shotta_56
    What’s the point of putting controls in place when apps are not going to give users an option to use it. Case in point, Waze no longer allows “Ask Next Time” for location service.
  • Latest update is troubled… 5/5

    By Robwithakick
    As of the current update, when I activate Waze it locks out the sound on my music apps. They play at a minimal volume and I no longer have volume control while hooked to CarPlay in my 2017 Silverado.
  • Good but could use change 4/5

    By adublev
    I personally hate the railroad tracks alert, if their could be an option to turn that off, that would be great.
  • Too loud! 4/5

    By sdragland588
    I love this app. Easily the number 1 gps option on the market. My only complaint is I wish there was an option to turn down the volume. It’s either full blast or silent. Please and thank you.
  • Sound Problems IOS15 BUG 1/5

    By Happy in Texas
    When I start Waze, it grabs found in my car like it’s going to say something. It drops the left stereo channel and won’t let go. Started with Ios15. Unusable as is. Only way to get stereo back is to kill app. Only problem worse is trying to report the problem. App no help. Internet no help. Hoping review with do something.