Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

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  • Current Version: 4.45
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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App

Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time ◦ Easily listen to music - play your favorite apps for music, podcasts & more right from Waze ◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data ◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route ◦ Drive with Apple CarPlay - use Waze on your car’s display ◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive Be prepared, drive with Waze. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy

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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app reviews

  • Failed to communicate with routing server 2/5

    By GothamHoody
    I get this about 70% of the time making the app useless for finding alternate routes.
  • Free to use? 3/5

    By Samwise the Stouthearted
    Is it free to use this app or is there a monthly fee? I have never used the app so I will give it a 3 star.
  • Buggy and crashes 1/5

    By Anonymous 750
    Ever since last year, this has been the least reliable app to use. If it loads my route at all, it will crash for other reasons or does not allow me to fully use its features like “plan drive” or forecasting traffic later in the day. No amount of updates has fixed this. I’m disappointed because I know how great the app was.
  • Lilymaysson 5/5

    By lilymaysson
    An amazing Ap. Has saved me hours on the road, rerouting me to miss traffic jams.
  • Disappointed Waze User 1/5

    By Try A Gin
    I’ve been on Waze since the beginning. It definitely isn’t what it used to be. Rerouting is slow, information is inaccurate, and it’s starting to lead often lead me INTO traffic. This has been going on for a while. I’ve asked other users who I know have been using it for a while, and the majority are having the same issues while others have just completely given up on it. This app used to get 7 out of 5 stars from me, but now I’m having a hard time giving it 1. I know it’s awesome history so I continue to give a chance, but at this rate I’m not sure how much longer it will be before it’s deleted from my phone.
  • Used to be great. Now bad. 1/5

    By Patricio199054
    Crashes all the time right after opening the app. Sometimes it won’t even give you an error and just won’t begin navigation. Have to close and re-open frequently to get navigation to start
  • Daughter's voice is gone😢 3/5

    By JoMommee
    My daughter and I used to drive all over together. She was always my"co-pilot" unfortunately, her job took her very far away. Before she left she recorded her voice on Waze, so I could feel like she was still with me. After the last update, her voice is now gone from the app. I'm devastated.
  • Was great/now terrible 1/5

    By 16shots
    It’s confounding...asks how to connect to car audio (previously automatic) gives one option–spotify, which I don’t want...many settings to select before you can get on the road/time consuming. Should be able to input address & go. Half-way through my Miami trip, message read “Oops - can’t connect”. I was in Pinecrest!!! It kept doing that (7 or 8 times) so I opened Maps (Apple). It instantly located me and told me where I needed to go and what time I would arrive. Voice over was clear and concise. Option to mute – simple, nothing tricky, it just works. Why did I ever leave Maps?
  • Waze is awesome!!! 5/5

    By Fayoka
    Always tells me the best/easiest route and where all the cops and traffic are at. You can really customize and rely on this app. Just wish I could add more favorites to my iOS widget besides home/work...
  • Something to add 5/5

    By Go to maps
    This is a great app. Have you thought about adding a scenic route feature so couples could have a romantic ride around the city or town they live in or are visiting?
  • Music Shortcut for Apple music is missing 5/5

    By Luv iOS
    It would be good if apple music app Shortcut will be added into waze just like Google map
  • Love it more than any other navigation tool, but.... 4/5

    By hippychic
    I am hoping you can: - integrate satellite weather😁 - reduce # of clicks to start navigation! - make it quicker/easier to recall scheduled trips - when I search for them, prioritize destinations (like restaurants or gas stations) along my route, not necessarily near me, now... for when I need to get gas near the airport that still is an hour away, or need to plan lunch or dinner for later, or not. Thanks for the app! I really do love it!
  • Where is the ELVIS voice?! 5/5

    By Dances with fairies
    I love and depend on this app. I have ended up a dead end road and and a residential cul-de-sac instead of a business only 2 times... My only complaint is you took away the Elvis voice and I really want it back! May I please have it back?
  • I need Waze 5/5

    By Runtonistop
    This is way better than any GPS map! This App has help me in many different cities!
  • App issues 2/5

    By farandhappy
    I’ve been using Waze for a couple of years now while driving a service truck and for personal travel, over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed regardless of location that it’s had my location way off and taking long periods to update my location
  • Love it when it works 4/5

    By Jlhoover123
    I’ve been using waze for several years. I love it. I swear by it. But lately... in the last year, I’d say, there are MANY times where it says network can’t be found or won’t pull up directions or just crash. I’ll switch to Apple or Google maps and those work fine but Waze still isn’t connecting. That’s frustrating, especially for a directionally challenged person, such as myself. I also wish (and it may...) it had walking directions and commuting (ie metro, bus, etc) directions. I usually switch to Google maps for that. Overall, I’ll keep using Waze and I love it but there are still improvements to be made.
  • Great navigation 5/5

    By M Murf
    Love this app. I live in NY and It has saved me so much time from sitting in unnecessary traffic. Mostly helps with out of state travel to get me around cities.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Shugabug
    I just wanted to say that this was a timesaver I was on my home from Illinois to Atlanta when I saw signs for delays on I-24 headed to Chattanooga. Waze gave me alternate route that saved me over 90 minutes of sitting in stopped traffic. I kept moving toward my destination without having meltdown in a traffic snafu Thank you to all use & post.
  • Great 5/5

    By RP Houston
    Best way to deal with ever changing traffic congestion.
  • 👍👍 5/5

    By Black Derv
    Is an outstanding App! The alerts have assisted me many times in getting home safely as well is not grabbing a ticket thank you ways
  • Cannot update Work Address 2/5

    By cacofonix1
    Takes for ever to find server Will not update address
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Rockport Harvey
    Used and depended on Waze for several years. Really buggy now, crashes, direction not working, warnings late or not at all, thinks you are a newbie everytime you get a new device even though you use your old login. I could go on....
  • Great! 5/5

    By Jmoney916sc
    Waze has been one of the best GPS systems I have used.
  • Can't open after update 1/5

    By Shapshifting reptilian
    Won't work with IOS 9.1. Please fix
  • Love the CarPlay integration 5/5

    By The Magman
    About a month ago from this review Waze quietly added (or at least in my mind) apple carplay integration! Thank you!!!
  • I guess it’s still good... 3/5

    By Mattis777
    Waze has some unique features but I can’t remember the last time something unique was added. I don’t understand why there has been no feature added so I can lock my phone yet still see my directions. I don’t understand why they have not made the user interface more accessible and easy to use when needing to post something on road or police ahead. This is the same old Waze it was like 5 years ago. I find myself using google maps because the innovative features but Waze has the large community constantly helping commuters which really gives Waze it’s usefulness.
  • Rarely works, poorly designed 1/5

    By mama brinz
    9/10 times I try to use this app it crashes, freezes doesn’t work. The one time it actually works is after multiple “can’t connect to server” messages.
  • There are still problems with this app!!! 1/5

    1) Waze DOES NOT find the fastest route! They removed that option. 2) Waze notifies you of accidents 1/2 mile or less when you’re already committed to the route even though the accident/slowdown had happened before you started driving. 3) Waze lies to you about the number of traffic problems on the route it tells you to take by showing less than there actually are. 4) Waze always wants me to take I-95 and in Northern Virginia it is the worst highway in America- it’s been rated that! Going the Waze route is at least an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes. Google Maps shows me faster routes at 30- 50 minutes! 5) Waze gives you turning directions as you pass the turn! 6) The Carpool BS needs a way to turn it off! I have nearly had an accident because the stupid Carpool screen covered my turn when I needed the map! HOW TO PRACTICALLY USE WAZE: 1) Find the best route on Google Maps or any other alternative. 2) Use Waze for Police locations. 3) Get home quicker and safer. 4) Die a slow death waiting on these developers to fix the algorithm.
  • Bad updates 2/5

    By williamlarock
    Updates have made the app more unstable. Sometimes my phone won’t charge when the app is open. The volume is so low I cannot hear it. Also app shuts off for no reason when using it. Often I cannot connect to the network when I have a perfect signal. Please fix these issues. Used to work fine and then with the updates came poor performance.
  • So Thank 3/5

    By gveqhmyk
    Fe end lingctrj,to,jvfckeubbrmnhbgb
  • Helpful but 1/5

    By nsa110
    Often will change destination to home instead of input address.
  • Dangerous App, Also terrible support Google, you should have left this one alone! 1/5

    By N6UBO
    Another Christmas comment. I can turn off the "child in back seat reminder" but I can't turn off the "Carpool" icon? Talk about having your priorities screwed up! I want the old Waze back. You know, when it was new. ******** New issue. Police do not pop up until you are right on top of them. Need more advanced notice. Now there are pop up ads while you drive! This is not just distracting, it's DANGEROUS! If you have to look away from the road to cancel the dam ad, it's DANGEROUS! Also, lousy support. Nothing but forums with little to no knowledgeable people available. Lots of questions, NO answers. It was great before, but the last few updates have gone completely in the wrong direction. I use to recommend it to everyone. Now I tell people to find another app. ************************* Update. The new revision has made it worse. More crashes, more battery drain and less intuitive with every new version. Google, in true corporate fashion, you bought something great and ruined it. Congrats. DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE FUN APP THIS USE TO BE????!!!!!!
  • Favorite don’t work properly 3/5

    By Rsowder
    I would really like to love this app, but one problem I have are the favorites. It keeps duplicating favorites and keeps re-arranging them. I wish they would just stay where I leave them and quit duplicating locations. Fix that, and I’ll give it 5 stars.
  • Too confusing to use now, please tone it down. 1/5

    By TommyVassiliades
    This app is like Google Maps on drugs, and not in a good, increased productivity and usability type of way. I used to love using Waze a year or so ago, but recently this app is so difficult and troublesome to use because there is way too much going on—way too many features, buttons and options for you to accidentally press. My biggest frustration: To prevent a family member from using their phone while driving, I input their location and arrival destination into the app and tell them over a phone call if they should take an alternate route due to traffic. Waze wouldn’t let me plug in their current location and arrival destination, the app only gave me the option to use my current location. Something as simple as plugging in location A to get directions to location B shouldn’t be this difficult.
  • After years of use the app crashed and lost all saved data. 1/5

    By aacarbob
    My son was a big fan of this app, and was scoring really high their point system, then the app crashed and he lost everything and has not used it since. I’ve been using it for years and never used the points feature, but over the years it has saved a lot of different addresses that I go on a somewhat regular basis. The app crashed and all of that was lost also. I’m giving up on the app now also.
  • Getting worse 3/5

    By ig_glam
    The app has been really sucky lately. It won’t load or the server will time out while I’m trying to get directions. I can’t search for stops on my route because nothing loads properly. It needs a major update for sure
  • Love Waze so easy to use 5/5

    By letta G
    Love Waze. So easy to use.
  • They should add satellite mode 3/5

    By Highstorm1955
    This is a great app, but if it had satellite mode, that would be much much better then staring at a screen trying to figure out where exactly to turn.
  • Waze is awesome, but... 4/5

    By Coop'sCook
    I wish it was compatible with the Apple Watch!!!
  • El uso de Wase 5/5

    By Erith t
    Una aplicación muy fácil de usar , con una presicion increíble, con muy buenos alertas , te avisa de cómo está el tráfico, si hay Policías adelante, si hay algún accidente y otros muy bueno me gusta!!!
  • Unable to turn off carpool mode 1/5

    By NSADrone
    Giant slide in for a carpool mode that takes up the entire edge of screen. I will never ever be in a situation to carpool because I use the app only for personal drives. It’s ludicrous that we can’t disable this. E: still one star for carpool spam. I literally don’t own a car that can carpool.
  • I always use it but... 5/5

    By Doggymama76
    I like the app, it's very useful and relatively easy to use. However, I’m not sure how sending my location works, at least when it comes to sending myself a message to remind myself where I parked. Sending my location to someone else who has the app works, but I sometimes need a reminder of where I parked, now that I live in a place that has horrendous parking on the streets. Sometimes The app will show where I parked but only once I get to my car, so it’s not really helping me. Another problem is that I have to select my phone for the speaker each time I open the app. It use to keep that setting but since the update, i have to always go into the speaker settings and change it back from my car to the phone. And yet another thing they need to add is a setting for people who have iPass to go through the tolls, very annoying to have to get over when there is traffic because I think I have to exit at the cash tolls when I don’t have to exit but the app thinks I have to pay cash.
  • A+ 5/5

    By bertbond
    One of the best apps that I have ever used.
  • incorrect routing 1/5

    By deathraylabs
    Not sure what happened but Waze has been completely off the mark these last few days. On wednesday it routed me to a deserted stretch of road that was a couple miles away from the actual destination, which google maps correctly routed me to. Strange because I thought google owned waze. Cut to today and Waze had a 3 mile stretch of freeway marked as closed, even though traffic was flowing smoothly both on the freeway and the frontage road. Sorry but two major screw ups is a deal breaker for an app like this which requires trust on the part of the user. I would recommend against using this app until the next update. even then I would double check the route guidance a few times before relying on it to navigate you to any time-critical appointments.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Tiffany127655
    I really believe this is such a great app. It took regular maps and combined it with a traffic map to create the perfect destination app.
  • Directions 1/5

    By crazy boy click
    You guys need to fix it to where it tells the name of the street. Plz and thank you
  • I don’t carpool, dang it 1/5

    By iJerald tm
    Get rid of the stupid pop up asking me to carpool. People hate it. I am not the only one. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. No longer using the app.
  • Great Navigation app! 4/5

    By TheRealBowser
    I find this app to be tremendously helpful while driving compared to the default map app. While the GPS tracking feels less accurate, the sheer amount of community participation (and perhaps even improved navigation algorithms against traffic!) make this app far superior. For instance, if there is an object on the road, someone can report that and waze will notify me as I come up on this. Furthermore community involvement points out traffic better. The GPS system isn't perfect; it thinks I am on a highway while on a feeder road. This is one of the few things the default app handles better. Worse yet, despite its nagging insistence (which I do agree with) to not type on the app while driving, it constantly pops up a “Join the Waze community!” window that is highly disruptive while driving. This a “feature” I’ll never use; the odds of me carpooling with strangers on an app is 0%. (Due to how often this pops up, I have taken off a star. It’s *that* bad.) Lastly, I will note that while Waze has ads, they are fairly unobtrusive. In general, I highly recommend this app in its current state, though be aware it has some minor flaws that may prove to be mild nuisances. Its a significant improvement over the default navigation app.
  • How do you end the route? 3/5

    By Scottyvillage
    I like this app. It keeps track of traffic and warns of slow-downs. Unfortunately I found that if I arrive at my destination, the app may not know I have arrived and will keep giving me unneeded directions. I had to turn my iPhone off when that occurred. I turned my device back on and the app is okay for another destination, if desired. All in All, much better than Apple's Siri. All of a sudden, the volume shut off. I cannot be driving and have to keep looking down at the screen. There must be a way to make sure Waze speaks. Regardless of the volume settings - it should inform the user and the user has the choice to override the device’s settings thru the app.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app comments

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