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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

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  • Current Version: 4.38.1
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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App

Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time ◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data ◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route ◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive Be prepared, drive with Waze. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy


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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app reviews

  • Where’s the GPS? 2/5

    By c_davis96
    I’ve been using Waze for years, and would swear by it to anyone who asked. I love its scheduled drive features, as they’ve been a life saver on multiple occasions. However, recently Waze isn’t locating signal or GPS. I haven’t moved, I have good cell signal, I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, and even installing all the new updates on iPhone thinking it had something to do with that but it STILL ISN’T LOCATING GPS! I don’t know what to do. I’m so sad because I love this app, but I quite literally can’t use it anymore!
  • Terrible freeway navigation 3/5

    By Yaosen1111111
    There is no indication of which lane I should use. This is ok in town but horrible on freeway. It made me miss so many exits and change lanes dangerously. The problem with in-town navigation is when you need to turn right or left, the voice reminder often happen after you turn... This is not a reminder at all! And ads start to get annoying too. But the app looks good. So three star...
  • Contacts and Friends List Disappeared 3/5

    By Karas74
    In the latest version of Waze on iOS, my friends list and contact list have disappeared, leaving a Facebook login as the only method to be able to add friends, or see the existing ones I have. I’ve no intention of logging into Facebook within Waze so these apps can share even more data about me than they already have access to.... there is simply no need. Please fix this. I can manage my own contacts, as before this happened, without the help of a social network.
  • Love the old version 1/5

    By Bauer2266
    Every time I use Waze it never can find Gps. I do what support says and it never works right away. Works 1 out of 10 times. I would give 5 stars if they would fix it. I email support and they say the same thing over and over not fixing it. Please work out the kinks please
  • V4.38.1 2/5

    By basiago
    This version is back to having gps not functioning when Waze initially maps my intended route. Why can’t a nav app sure their app can correctly use gps on iPhone6s? Thus minus 1 star Too much reliance on the average trip time rather than real time traffic - I use my gut on traffic time more than I trust Waze’s predicted travel time. Estimates on past performance is okay, real time travel time is what we expect. Thus minus another star. Not sure what you guys did to the send eta function, but the person I send an eta to the most (my wife) is now no longer the default when I’m headed home?? Come on. Minus 1 star. I seriously could have guessed traffic patterns this week better than the crowd sourced ‘app’ did this week.
  • Waze review 5/25/18 5/5

    By Trey Songz DJ [DJ QUEST]
    Its the best i’ve found thus far not perfect of-course but the closest.
  • Less happy than previously 3/5

    By RvrRunner
    Has a major glitch getting routes recently. Not enough notice for turns
  • Update Causing MPH Fluctuation? 2/5

    By Queen Kamehameha
    Just updated the app and now my MPH is all over the place. Something is amiss...
  • Not happy 1/5

    By currently fuming
    I am a teenager who plays competitive soccer, so my dad and I had to drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a tournament on Memorial Day weekend, leaving from Manhattan. We left at about 3:30 today(Friday) with an estimated arrival time of 7:00 because of the heavy traffic. Well, I learned a very valuable life lesson today. Things don’t always go as planned. It is now 6:00 and I have not left Manhattan yet. I may arrive late and not sleep at all. My teammates, however, have already arrived(leaving at the same time), but they used google maps. Now, my dad is cursing and there is a chorus of horns beeping with cars full of angry drivers. Thanks waze, we got quite a waze to go now.
  • Doesn't stay open 2/5

    By Miranda LightSpear
    I do love the idea behind this app but you must leave it open on your screen at all times. If you navigate away from the screen, your navigation is canceled. It's also a tremendous drain on your battery.
  • I used to love this app 1/5

    By Skirtberry
    Not anymore. Have uninstalled repeatedly and it keeps saying no connection even with access to my location. I’m on iPhone 8. So sad. One of my favorite apps:(
  • Deleted 1/5

    By Finder1762
    Horrible app, won’t load any addresses.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By Wilo C
    Nice aplication
  • Good navigation but could get better. 3/5

    By Shalv
    Ok navigation app excellent for police traps and short distance not so good on traffic updates are not so fast vs google maps long distance like mammoth lakes is not available or unable to connect to its server.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Bjkimmell
    The functionality of the app is amazing. However it would be nice to have the option to turn the navigation command volume WAY down. When I have my radio at a normal volume and my phone is bluetoothed to the car stereo the nav notification volume is insanely loud. Please fix this so I can use it more consistently.
  • Wheels on the bus :-) 5/5

    By caboali
    Roll’n Roll’n safe travels folks
  • Where are my points? 1/5

    By Bex Libby
    For the past few days the app has not changed my points on my scoreboard. The last time this happened it was updating that update ended up to be a nightmare. I honestly hope that this is not happening right now. You need to stop freezing the points so it can update. This is ridiculous and not to mention dumb when this happens. I also would like to say that it would be nice when it has no limits to the number of times that you can click on it. When you do not drive that much and then you do it would be nice if it was the case. The other thing is that it would be nice if you can click on it when you are walking and you can help the other fellow members in the area out when they are there. I also wish that there was something that helps with the parking lot. One I think that I will remember where I park the car and two it is really annoying when it pops up about a parking spot. The other thing is that if someone drops me off somewhere else I feel like I have to drive the car in the neighborhood just to get it back to where I live. Also to what is wrong with the fact that it needs to have wifi in order for it to work. What is wrong with the slow updates that takes three days to get any points after you have driven? Also too go back to the way that the scoreboard screen used to be. Who cares about seeing the people who I do not know and how they are ranking up to me. The other way to see it I could still see the other people that are not on my Facebook list if I wanted to do it.
  • Love waze 5/5

    By Annie in Bonita
    This is the only gps I use. Hasn’t let us down ever! Have spread the word about this awesome app!
  • Excellent is Waze 5/5

    By olemare
    Waze is the way I was very cautious about driving because I do not have a sense of direction at all I am dyslexic and 70 years old I would turn down invitations because of Fear of getting lost and if I went anywhere it had to be day hours now with Waze I am now traveling all over in state and out of state Waze gave me my freedom back I depend and love Waze
  • Please fix! 2/5

    By Yeaperss
    Alright I’m done with this app for a while. It’s constantly saying ‘routing times out’ and can’t get me a route to places over 40 miles away anymore. Don’t know what’s going on but I’m out with this app. It’s been doing this for almost a month now and the updates have done nothing it make it worse. Seriously frustrated because I love using this app. Back to medieval google maps and figuring out my own way it is for now
  • Wrong mileage 4/5

    By fouravery
    My complaint would be that when you initially put the address in and choose your destination it gives you a much shorter mileage than when you submit mileage for the actual route. It is usually off by 15 miles or more and several minutes as well.
  • Only Facebook Friends Now? 1/5

    By Hamnooks
    Can no longer see or add friends. Will go with another app.
  • I wish you had route memorization 3/5

    By Dr.shakes
    I wish Waze had a route memorization tool. Sometimes Waze does not always know the best way especially when dealing in the city and if Waze notices you go particular way all the time it should memorize that way and always appear when it’s calculating a new route
  • More useful in capitals or big cities! 5/5

    By RahBeh
    That’s an amazing App, i use it when i don’t know how I should find the address. Waze suggest users nearest route even the suggested rout was only 1 minuet short in time to reach, and it’s the only thing that make me sad!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Quinoa lover
    I will only use waze. It’s the best for people looking for the best/ fastest route! They really need to make a bike route app for bike commuters
  • Update again - Please fix bugs/issues from last update 1/5

    By Lu$Lu
    Like most of the recent reviews say, Waze is Not working properly, accurately, or timely. Gives me “Uh-Oh! Can’t find a route” when I’m going to “Work “. My “Work “ route is about 23 miles so when I have planned a drive to work and turn on the “Tell me when to leave” and then the evening before it sends me a notification that my drive will take me 12 to 15 minutes I know that is not even possible let alone accurate. Please please please update again so that Waze functions like it should
  • Been useful but now annoying 1/5

    By BillDavis
    The latest update has started making my Ford car with Sync announce that the language used by the app is not the same as the default language if Sync and that voice commands might not function. What voice commands? Why is there now a Waze app visible on my Sync app display? What does it do? Apparently nothing and Waze is locked! Useless. Fix this, and give your users a way find new features and such; this app is about to get deleted. Then damned language announcement everytimw I get in my car & plug is my phone is annoying!
  • Waze gets you there !! 5/5

    By Optical Buddy
    I have been using many navigation apps for a number of years. Regardless of which other app I use for a particular reason, I’m always coming back to Waze. I can’t figure out why they can do the things they do, but they do them and they do them well. Kudos to Mr. Waze
  • Draining Battery - iPhone X 1/5

    By San1986
    After the reason update, Just 19 mins of usage it drained 40% of my battery. Please fix this problem
  • Battery drainer, but still best maps app 3/5

    By croz44
    The latest update is a battery drainer. I use the app an hour a day and t accounts for 65% of my battery use. Ouch! Other than that, best maps app out there. Saves me time on the road every day!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By AT42
    I love this app soooooo much it’s the best app ever
  • Why does the app mess with pandora 2/5

    By Joe287321
    It pauses the music for about 1.5 seconds multiple times . I didn’t do that before
  • Erb 1/5

    By erbology
    Can no longer see or add friends. There is no option to add friends from my contacts anymore. What’s up? If all I get is the directions and traffic alerts I may need to switch...
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Asite57
    This app always sends me down the worst routes possible. It will put me in the heaviest traffic possible. It also tries to give you a "fast route" where you end up having to turn left across 5 lanes of traffic in rush hour.....it will make you late everywhere you go!
  • Latest update 4/5

    By Mary0721S
    What’s up with the scoreboard and ranking? I don’t care what my rank is compared to Everyone. I’d rather see rank compared to friends. I’d like more interaction with friends.
  • Awesome app,, lacks English US voice with street names 5/5

    By Attiq88
    This is an awesome app. Only deficiency is English US voice including street names. Hope that can be added.
  • A pure danger to drivers and completely useless 1/5

    By thefreeviper
    To start with, there is NO real time update. That was a pure joke in its own. A 21 minute drive took me right under an hour. This was because it brought me to construction sites 3 times. Each one the road was shut down and another route had to be found. One of those times the app brought me back to the same construction area. Google owns this app, and the google map app had those construction sites marked. Why wasn’t it marked on this app too? The rerouting to construction sites is nothing compared to how dangerous this app truly is! This is due to 2 reasons. 1. In order to make a mark for a construction site, or police spotting, or any mark it’s 3 steps with 5 buttons that have to be clicked. You can not make these marks after you arrive at your destination. You are only allowed to add them if you are directly next to it. I’m driving down the road, I don’t have time to pull over and make that mark. Let’s be real here, texting and driving is an issue. Do you really think people are pulling over to make these marks on the map? 2. This is the worst part of the app, and is the reason I believe Apple should pull the app off the market. If there are any updates on your route, or near you, it will send a pop up to let you know. You can’t just click away from the app. Your only options is to send the person who made the mark a thumbs up or to send them a message to thank them. Why the hell is sending a message even an option? This is a map app, not social media. Sorry, but this app needs to be pulled. I don’t understand why you can message people, and have to go through multiple screens to make an update, on an app made for DRIVING!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Foster613
    Never accurate
  • The App is NOT working right. 1/5

    By Bodhipine
    For the last month this App hasn’t worked. It faces me in the wrong direction and sends me to where I was. Ridiculous. Also— It’s WAY past time Waze fixed their “make a left turn in 4 lanes of traffic with no light” situation. So lame.
  • Recent update is horrible 3/5

    By SnazzySavy
    I used to love Waze but the recent update is absolutely horrible! I don’t like the new voice...it’s way too loud but most importantly the app now only tells you to turn left or right but never mentions the name of the street or name of the exit which is horrible! The new update tells you at the very last minute when to turn. Please update your update!
  • Last minute change 2/5

    By Yurichan326
    The app changed my route at the last minute. It had me get out of carpool, off the freeway and taking side streets. I checked and there were no accidents or slow downs on the current route. I’m now stuck in number to bumper traffic trying to get ON the freeway. Added to that, my route has now increased by 15 minutes!
  • Waze no longer shows my friends, or their shared drives 4/5

    By Lil Wazer
    Since the last update, when I get an alert that my husband shared his drive with me, it comes in as a text alert, with a link to open Waze.to. When I click the link, it tells me it can’t display, saying the sender must have finished the drive or logged out. When I tried opening the Waze app, and opened my profile and tapped ”My Friends,” looking for my friends who are online (which has always worked until the update), the only option it gives me is to “Show Facebook friends.” I prefer NOT to link to FB—is that now the only way to share?
  • Sound not working on iPhoneSE 3/5

    By VNfoodie
    Seems like Waze got worse after google bought it:(
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Beauty and Brains 24
    I think the app is amazing. It has taken me and my husband directly to places we would have been completely lost and deserted in, without it. We have had zero problems out of the app and I love how it tells you where there are cops going to be and where traffic jams are. Everytime it’s rerouted us, it’s saved us time. I have nothing bad to say about this app... just love it!
  • Clocking a lot on iPhone X 1/5

    By Chaitu B
    I just installed Waze in my iPhone X. Whatever I search it’s clocking a lot. It’s so annoying to get directions. This app showing busy clock symbol continuously not sure what it’s fetching in the background. Overall the performance is very bad on iPhone X.
  • Where’d my friends go?!?! 3/5

    By Pixelstix1224
    I love ya, Waze. But, your most recent update must have a bug. I can no longer see any of my Facebook friends. At all. Really - nothing shows up except a message that says “Check back soon. Your Facebook friends that use Waze will appear here”. But they never do. They never do :( Checked around and this is happening for others that updated to the latest build. Pleeeease fix this ASAP!!!
  • Glitches 2/5

    By Filter button disappears
    I always have to close the app and reopen it for my Bluetooth connections to play music from any of my music apps. Changes route last second without warning. Has regularly changed my destination to “work” or “home” mid-ride, making me late to meetings when it’s rerouted me without any warning. I usually check that the destination is correct every 10 minutes or so now while driving; unsafe.
  • Notified 3/5

    By gulwais
    The turns call is too close At least 100 feet away from the turns are ok not in the last second
  • Lost Friends 1/5

    By A yidel
    Since last update there is no more option of seeing Waze friends and don’t have the option to add only from Facebook
  • Could we get a watch app up in here? 4/5

    By Miotch!
    Y’all are great and save my behind on the daily. But we all know you’ve got the ad dollars and resources, could we get a watch app, CarPlay compatibility and LandRover compatibility? Why are y’all settling for your limited compatibility? Thanks!

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