Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

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  • Current Version: 4.43
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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App

Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? ◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive ◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time ◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data ◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route ◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive Be prepared, drive with Waze. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy

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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app reviews

  • Helpful 5/5

    By peanutty4
    More than I expected. Quick decision making and so far 100% accurate
  • Good 5/5

    By I'd fk me
    Works great
  • Poor Service 2/5

    By Tremainebush29
    This app performed very poorly for me. I wanted to try to use the app for my evacuation from hurricane Florence and the app would not load at all. The app would start to find a route but then say something along the lines of server time out. I could not use the app at all while I was in New Jersey. The app would not start for me when I went to leave. I finally got the app to work after being on the road for five hours after using another app and the app was in accurate as to updates on my route. Now I am stuck with google map which I hate. I am running an iPhone 6s.
  • When is a update coming 3/5

    By Guess50
    When is Waze going to update like google maps so people with an iPhone can use it with car play
  • Apple Car Play pa cuando? 2/5

    By Mrnetrd
    Car play
  • Used to be my favorite 1/5

    By DizzyDaCapo
    Waze was amazing; I never drove anywhere without it. That changed at about the same time I upgraded to iPhone X last year. It started as a battery drain problem, even when plugged in. It progressed to a heat and battery-drain problem—noticeable on even short trips across town. Longer trips (3 hours or more) would result in low battery notifications while plugged in. A few months ago, I uninstalled Waze and resorted to using Apple Maps because I was taking long trips more frequently than before and I was tired of the Waze problems. No more heat and battery-drain issues. After the latest iOS came out, I reinstalled Waze and tried it again. Same problems—nothing is fixed. I no longer recommend Waze to friends and family.
  • Inefficient 3/5

    By 😀😂😂😃🤣
    This app is great for traveling. However, the estimated time is not good. At the beginning it shows one thing and ends up tacking on 7-8 mins by the end of the ride. Please Fix.
  • Apple Carplay Integration. 5/5

    By Smit93
    When is integration with apple carplay is coming?
  • Issues with WAZE 3/5

    By athroughz
    Why do you continually ask me about carpooling when I am driving? I wish I could turn this off as I will never be carpooling, sorry. Why do ask me multiple times to report an issue when I have not even touched the screen? Another driving distraction. Why can’t you hear me when I say “ok Waze” multiple times but you can pick up my radio when I am not wanting you to be listening in. This app needs some fixing of bugs.
  • Very accurate 5/5

    By Gannicus23
    A must have APP very accurate and on the dot road updates.
  • To many error messages 2/5

    By nbenton18
    Only works half of the time, other half get a message “server timed out” or “error calculating route” Would be great if it would work!!!
  • C’mon Waze -Apple Play? 4/5

    By txwlkr
    LOVE THIS APP. Can’t give it 5 stars until they make it compatible with Apple Play. I just bought a new CR-V with all the bells and whistles, and Waze doesn’t work. Apple announces in February that they would make Waze and other apps work when iOS 12 came out.its here and Waze has missed the boat. C’mon Waze. Get with the program.
  • CarPlay 5/5

    By Mardimar
    When is the CarPlay update being released?
  • Carrier service dies 3/5

    By Bomi171
    Just to note that I have a great carrier service and I almost always have LTE. I’ll open Waze and for the next few minutes it’ll constantly say no connection and my phone’s service will go from LTE to No service. This happens every time I open Waze. I love the app and it’s my go-to gps program, but the no connection is truly annoying that I’m opting in going back to Maps unless this gets resolved. This issue has been happening for the past month or so.
  • Just my opinion 5/5

    By HPdaGr8
    I love the app.. best gps app.. just a thought/request/question, maybe a truck/commercial vehicle route can/should be added to the app.. guarantee more users will join
  • Excellent 4/5

    By Rbw43
    The first time I used Waze it warned me correctly that there was an object in the road. I’ve been unwilling to drive without it ever since. I’be been using GPS navigation systems since 2001 when I bought my first Garmin. Today I tend to run my Garmin and Waze at the same time because they each bring good things. Waze has still to learn about providing notifications far enough in advance. A series of quick turns or heavy traffic can leave you in the wrong lane and you miss your best turn. However what cost Waze a star from my review is the bad way it handles road closures. They are quite difficult to mark to begin with and, for whatever reason, they get erased far too quickly. A couple years ago, we had road closures due to flooding. I carefully marked all that I ran into. About six hours later I had to drive through the same area. I saw the closures were gone in Waze so I assumed that the roads had been re-opened - NOT. And now just yesterday (9/21/2018), road closure due to construction, carefully entered into Waze, back through the area 3 hours later, roads still closed but Waze lists them as open. Waze does not work well in areas of no cell phone reception but does keep working.
  • Doesn’t work for me 1/5

    By Asizzle510
    Downloaded the app, loaded my drive 4 times, “Routing Server Error” I don’t have time for that. Never been a fan honestly.
  • Been using Waze for about 6 years 4/5

    By Benj1968
    Great app and what I would like to see added is an option to not sit in traffic delays even if it’s the fastest route. I want to be able to go around the issues like backups and then return to the road if possible miles up ahead.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By nevetsgohan
    This app used to be great... it would either get me to my destination early, on time, or never more than two minutes late. Now it’s consistently taking me on routes that adds 10 minutes. This has happened four days in a row now. Never using this app again.
  • Takes to much of my battery 3/5

    By toomuchbatt
  • Waze is a must-have 3/5

    By Bmb10419
    I have enjoyed the app for quite a while but changes were made at some point because now when I switch to another app and want waze to continue, the Waze route is discontinued and I have to start again. Liked it better before!!
  • Waze app 1/5

    By MacReady80
    Everyone is ranting and raving about this app. However, my family is displaced due to Florence and it can’t find a route my home address.
  • What happened to your wonderful app? 2/5

    By sonorasue
    Last few weeks the directions are worse than Google Maps by far. Took me a way this a.m. that put me on a road under major construction and not new construction.
  • Gets worse with each update 1/5

    By Catherine’s iMac
    I’m not sure how you manage to keep making this app less and less useful. Now it routes on main roads and highways only and hasn’t routed me around traffic in months. Also bugs galore and awful connection reliability lately. Never thought I’d be ready to return to Google Maps, but here we are. Also. IT’S NOT “UNUSUALLY HEAVY TRAFFIC” IF IT HAPPENS EVERY MORNING. 20 minutes of incorrect ETA...EVERY DAY.
  • IOS 12 for Carplay support 5/5

    By Clementec
    Any Idea when Waze will release the update that support IOS 12 with Apple Car play?
  • 2 ways to improve. Overall great App 4/5

    By cashw1394
    Waze has helped me save time with routes built around traffic several times. I give it 4 stars for two reasons. 1) it needs an Apple Watch app!!!! I think that’s one way Apple maps is beating Waze. 2) whenever you get to a turn, the voice directions should be 15-30 seconds before the turn. Most times it tells you to turn right as you pull up and it’s unsafe to whip it in so you miss the turn.
  • Routing server issues 4/5

    By Kate 8234
    For the most part I truly love this app. I just get frustrated when I get a routine server timeout and can’t get the directions I need and then have to use an alternative app
  • Can’t connect to the server 1/5

    By v10r3la
    That’s the message I am getting for the last week. Not a fun thing when you need to get directions in an unknown area. I also concur with the other reviewer that complains about last second directions and or warnings. Not safe.
  • I want to love it but ... 4/5

    By Paris1021
    Drains my battery like crazy. Please fix that for iPhones ...
  • Music playback issues 4/5

    By Formatcevt4ext
    There’s a bug in the app where it pauses music. 1) Open Music app and start playing a song. 2) Launch Waze app. It will pause music for a split second. 3) Now press home button twice to switch between apps and switch to other app or simply press home button once to exit to home screen. You’ll hear the same music pause glitch. Now, if you switch between apps while Waze is still launching your music may stop playing at all. You’ll have to kill Waze as well as Music app since music app will show you as if it’s playing. Please address this issue, Regards,
  • Why I Won’t Create a Profile on Waze App 3/5

    By Spirited777
    I like using Waze, but here’s why I won’t create a profile. I would like to create a profile, using an email and password, like various other apps, but apparently, Waze gives you just two options to create a profile; Facebook, and Google. I prefer none of those, because both of them have a hand in EVERYTHING that you do. It seems that every app gives you that option, but they also give you the option of signing in without those two. Facebook and Google feel the need to know EVERYTHING that you are doing, and who you are doing it with. #nosy
  • Messaging 4/5

    By Adamtroy
    The messaging part doesn’t (of the supposedly social GPS app) seem to work that well. I never know when somebody send me a message. When sitting in a back up the messaging part would be very useful. Please fix
  • Apple Carplay support 5/5

    By mbbx77
    Hi Waze team! Nice app, i think one of the best. Waiting for Apple Carplay support...
  • CarPlay 1/5

    By Edm1101
    Why has google maps been updated but this has not? Doesn’t google own Waze anyWAZE? Bad joke but I couldn’t help myself there. But seriously wth?
  • Beat Google 5/5

    By RetroFox11
    Guys I guarantee you can beat Google if you upgrade to Apple car play compatible
  • iPhone X not responding for 10 minutes after each time using waze app 2/5

    By dz9150078
    My iPhone will not respond & freeze up after each use of waze app. Please fix.
  • What happened?? 4/5

    By Lynn793556
    So, the stars are for past experience; I’ve been using this app for about 5 years and always loved it UNTIL all of a sudden it can’t connect with the server, at any time in any place, despite strong internet access. This prevents me from seeing alternative routes, doesn’t reroute when I have to detour due to situations it no longer shows me! Hate to say, but it’s giving me more headaches than help for the last few weeks.
  • WiFi @ home but GPS Searching for Service? 2/5

    By abananakk
    I have full bars reception and WiFi at home. I wanted to look at the drive ahead of time and location was not found. It said, “Waze is searching for connection”. I got lost two days ago because of this and I restarted my phone, updated the software, deleted the app, downloaded it again and still nothing. I tried the apple maps and it was perfectly fine. What’s going on Waze?! Not a happy camper!

    By TMB-73
    I love this app, however, I get extremely annoyed by the ads that pop up in the middle of trying to drive. If there’s one place in our culture that could do without ads, it could be thus one. Also, I don’t care that there’s other “wazers” nearby. I don’t need another social app.
  • Great when it works 1/5

    By Al123466
    But it hasn’t been working past 2-3 days, keeps being unable to locate/detect GPS (other applications having no problem at the same time—and I’m in a major city). Had to turn it off and use Google as it couldn’t navigate in real time
  • Labor Day weekend. 5/5

    By Skiman_61
    App helped me to do a back road detour and avoid some of the heavy traffic. Nothing to be done in some places as it was a very busy weekend.
  • The best navigation app!!! 5/5

    By JosueXIX
    But it seems CarPlay integration
  • Designed for taxi and Uber drivers only 1/5

    By jkeene70
    If you live in a state that separates HOV and toll road access, don’t even bother with this app. There is no way to phase out HOV access without freezing out toll road availability as well. This is a serious design flaw
  • Good for urban and suburban areas not rural 4/5

    By jcmstiles
    When I have used Waze I realized after two different instances not to use it for rural areas. Both times it took me so far out of the way it was ridiculous. One time I was trying to find an elementary school and it sent me to a farm on the other side of the county. I was almost late. The other time I was trying to find a friend’s house that I had not driven to before and it sent me to a private boat club. Now when it comes to urban and suburban areas it’s great. It gets me there pretty fast and even there when Maps led me the wrong way before it was updated.
  • Made it home safe THANKS TO Waze! 5/5

    By JRADIMUS720
    As an evacuee of Hurricane Florence, it was hard to find a app that had the best route home that did not lead my wife, newborn and I to a flooded dead end. Had to take alt highways I’d never drive on any other time, but I made it home safely with no issues. Thank you Waze!
  • CarPlay 3/5

    By MSHTX
    When will this app play through CarPlay on Sync 3???
  • Genial aplicación 4/5

    By Pabbaeza
    Posee una rápida y eficaz interfaz , seria una buena opción que hubiera mas personalización en la variedad “vehículo en el mapa” y estados.
  • Poor Updates 1/5

    By R.fioretti
    Since the last few updates, points aren’t being computed and it also lost friend’s feature on scoreboard.
  • CarPlay 3/5

    By PaPa213
    Not compatible yet but good app
  • Love 5/5

    By bbysniggaaa

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app comments

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