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  • Compatibility: Android
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We Heart It is a refreshing social media platform where you can explore what you love! Discover photos, videos and articles from friends that share your passion for beauty, fashion, photography, travel, music and more. Use We Heart It to: -Explore inspiring content from around the world: quotes, fashion, photography, wallpapers, travel, beauty and so much more - Create collections of the the things you love to share with your friends or save for later - Upload photos, GIFs, and videos and write articles about topics that interest you - Find like-minded friends and connect by sending messages in the app - Brighten up your day with endless inspiration - Discover new passions and learn new things - Be a part of the our community, we’re celebrating 10 years of We Heart It this year! ------------------------------------------ ADD US ON INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/weheartit LET'S BE FACEBOOK FRIENDS: facebook.com/weheartit FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: twitter.com/weheartit ----------------------------- We Heart It is available for free, but we also offer an ad-free version called We Heart Discover. We Heart It Discover is available in one-month ($1.99), six-month ($8.99), and 12-month ($11.99) subscriptions. Please note that with all subscriptions: - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. - Your subscription automatically renews for the same amount as your original subscription, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. - Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. - You can manage your subscription and switch off auto-renewal at any time by accessing your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. View our Terms of Service at: http://weheartit.com/about/terms-of-service View our Privacy Policy at: http://weheartit.com/about/privacy-policy


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We Heart It app reviews

  • No the best it could be but good. 3/5

    By Greek Mythology✨
    Is there a way to see what accounts are active? I want to unfollow people that are no longer on. And I want to be able to set my own cover from my camera roll. The way the ads are displayed is really annoying and ugly too. follow @belsea
  • Luv it❤️ 5/5

    By Gen Gen😍
    So inspirational and positive
  • I love it 5/5

    By __eMee__
    I really love we heart it and it’s been 3 years since i have an account in it And I really hope that someday we can write articles in mobile phones too 😭😭
  • :) :( 5/5

    By BryKayla🌟
    I love weheartit but the only problem I have w it is that you can’t download gifs on iphone.
  • Can’t do anything 1/5

    By kiras5
    Can’t get past the loading screen. This started happening a while ago idk what happened. Now I can’t even use the app
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Best downloading app ever
    Won’t allow me to login in at all

    By #crafty_diy_girl10
    It's a great app! I totally recommend it! I use it a lot for wishbone. There's cool editing and it's so much fun! 😍
  • obsessed 5/5

    By Kitty kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i use WHI everyday and adore it

    By Melanie Martinez💕
  • I HEART WHI 5/5

    By 💖CoCo🐮
    I absolutely love this app! It is a wonderful way to find videos, photos, and articles. People on the app come together to create an inspiring and open community. I use it all the time to write articles and post photos to my collections.
  • I Heart It 5/5

    By Libbie Nieswender
    This app has been one of my favorite it reminds me of Pinterest. Because you can make boards. Also I am loving the new update it works so well. 💖🧡
  • I love this 5/5

    By x itty bitty
    This is the best app ever because you see mine these
  • I <3 it 5/5

    By Popcorn candys🤓
    I don’t even have words for how amazing this app is. It’s like Pinterest but less “consuming my life”(sorta).
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By 05M17D14
    I use it for wallpapers and I won't ever stop! So many different collections ranging from Nail ideas to fandoms and I just can't with the overall aesthetic 😩😍👌🏻
  • Learned to hate it over the years 1/5

    By Onshwnkehnwjaynwlhs
    I’ve had this app since like 2012, I missed when this app was simplistic, I don’t use it as much anymore because everything is so squished together. The layout and format I absolutely hate. I hate the articles I hate the newest update, I want to see ALL my hearts not my uploads separately. PLEASE please for the love of God bring back the OLD weheartit!!! I can’t stand this app anymore I hate the way it functions
  • Love it!!!!! 5/5

    By Trini Girl
    This app is literally amazing!!!
  • STOP 3/5

    By WeAreTheWildOnes13
    I love this website but your mobile app really is...not the best, to put it respectfully. Collections only load about 77% of the time and it’s very, very slow. I still love using WHI on desktop, but the app is very frustrating. Please work out glitches and bugs, because they are making it almost unusable.
  • Great but 3/5

    By NavandAngie
    Nothing on my explore is loading and every time I try to search a photo it won’t load
  • I Love The Site Itself But.. 3/5

    By Nat_415
    I’ve been with WeHeartIt for over 6 years. But the app it self is soooo darn slow!!! It needs to be updated. I’ve tried everything you can imagine. No internet problems, no data problems, none. The app is sooooo slow!!!!
  • says I’m blocked 1/5

    By Portul telescope
    I made my WHI account a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t opened the app until just a few minutes ago. I did everything to set up the account and stuff. But then when I went to like a post, it wouldn’t let me because “blocked” But I don’t know how that’s even possible considering I haven’t been in the app once. Also when I go to search something, it won’t let me. Please fix this, I really wanted to try out this app, but I can’t do that if I’m not even allowed to like,save,search,or change my icon. I’m really disappointed, I wanted to enjoy this app. Please fix this.
  • Twittwr trouble 1/5

    By smfhhsmh.
    It won’t let me log back in with my twitter.
  • Doesn’t work anymore 2/5

    By donttouchme <3
    I love this app so much, but with this new update, it simply doesn’t work anymore. Please fix this soon!! It used to be very slow and laggy, but now it doesn’t do anything at all. I hope I’m able to use this app again.
  • The ads are wack 3/5

    By Omgimheya
    Every time i scroll past an ad it directs me to the app store and it’s really jancking up my we heart it experience 👎
  • Eh 1/5

    By crissyprn
    App used to be so simple and easy to use now it’s just too much ...YOUR DOING TOO MUCH GO BACK TO HOW IT USED TO BE
  • Pretty good but 4/5

    By Nansen snfkfididiehve
    I like the app very much but the pictures take forever to load with data or wifi
  • Four stars 4/5

    By Supergirl451
    I’m giving this app four stars instead of five because the images only partially load, meaning I can only scroll down so much before there’s nothing. It doesn’t scroll any more, so I can’t see any images after a certain number are displayed. Maybe it’s just my devices, but the same thing happens on the mobile website as well. Hopefully this can get fixed. Not seeing all the images kind of defeats the whole purpose of this app.
  • I like the app except for one thing... 4/5

    By Mad Person 3928
    So I just got the app today hoping it would be like Pinterest! So I guess it kinda is, like there are similarities. But I was just getting started today and like, I was just on my account, seeing how to do stuff on this app, and all of a sudden it brings me to some random persons account, and I had no idea, absolutely NO idea why it brought me there, and the worst part was, I didn’t know how to get out of it so I closed the app completely, and then I went back in and then, guess what, it happened again. So hopefully I’m just going crazy and I’m just a noob to this app but, if this is a glitch with the app, I hope it gets fixed please! Thanks!
  • Thanks for returning the logo😍 5/5

    By classyvintagelady
  • ONE much-needed suggestion 3/5

    By miss.amazingvo
    the new update is great, and since we heart it says they listen to feedback, i hope this comes across them. one of the abilities that i love about we heart it is following someone else's collections. it's very useful and handy. however, i tend to follow a lot of collections. in this current update, we are only able to keep track of the collections we are following by looking at the PEOPLE who created the collection. for instance, say i'm following two collections from @A. instead of seeing what collections are about, i am only seeing a list of accounts and not the collection itself. ex: @A 2 collections @B 1 collection this is very inefficient. i would have to click on the account to see what collection i'm following, which makes things time consuming. my suggestion? separate accounts we follow and collections we follow. the followed collections could be like: [pastel] @A a few pictures of the collection [sea] @B a few pictures of the collection that's been my only complaint throughout my time on this app, which i assume is two+ years(?). thank you, and have a nice day! :)
  • won’t open after update! 1/5

    By rachelfinneyy
    this is my go to app for editing, and now i can’t use it! please fix this
  • In love 5/5

    By aishthespice
    I discovered this app about a week ago and I have to say this is the best social media app I have ever been on. I love the new update on the phone. It is much less crowded. And on the computer I prefer the grid format. I hope they will leave the option to choose grid or feed open always

    By Liv_love_life913
    I absolutely love this app and I am thrilled to see new designs and features, but since the logo-changing update, every time I get a notification (whether it’s one, ten, or three hundred) it will appear on my phone as 101. Is this and iPhone bug (I’m using an 8) or an app bug? Please fix it if you can. Thank you!
  • I love we heart it ❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Instaragm
    This’s my best app ,I really enjoy 😊
  • Why I love it 5/5

    By Cooldude80896754/6283836476
    It’s awesome because u can admire and try new things it will make u creative and make u do new things and u can also post awesome thing that u like and no one not even one will judge and it’s just amazing to try out with.Whatever u want u can look it up and I pretty sure it will be there look at others people’s thoughts and photos and fans of you tubers like the Dolan Twins or more it’s a great app! ❤️❤️
  • “ wE lIStenEd” 4/5

    By 🤨 Articles for mobile?
    I don’t really care about the logo however what I really do care about is writing articles. I always have ideas to share but I can’t bring my computer everywhere like I do with my phone. PLEASE GIVE US THE ABILITY TO WRITE ARTICLES FOR MOBILE USERS!
  • Too. Many. Ads 1/5

    By Spookyjimmies
    I understand that you guys have to make money, but I cannot even scroll past the giant ads and every time I attempt to, I get taken to the App Store. I used to love this app, I’m disappointed :(
  • Really? 1/5

    By Dreamqueeennn
    We saw the adds in the first place you dont need them popping up every second 😒😒😒
  • Someone who used to love this app 1/5

    By dusancar
    New app has even more ads. Bravo😯
  • I came back 5/5

    By Anta✨
    I stopped using we heart it after they changed their logo, I was already annoyed with the ads and the monthly payments, but I’m really loving this new update and the return of the original logo 💖
  • I like it 5/5

    By fatoo.
    I really really like the new update 😱😍😭 But please please please “ as George Michael in -faith” Remove the ads or do something about them! Make them smaller or something I love you guys thank you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
  • This new ad update... change it 3/5

    By Ocean wave 16
    I love we heart it and can scroll through feed and homepage for hours. I’ve had my account for 5 years and am on it almost everyday. That said, I cannot stand this new add update feature. If you touch the giant square of ad space, you open the advertisement or link to App Store. IT IS IRRITATING. I have barely been using the app bc of it lately. I never posted a review for an app, so this just shows how much it’s bothered me. I remember when there were no ads on it at all, and understand the biz need for it, but this is getting worse. Please change this. Thank you.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Laytg
    I think a night mode for Weheartit would be so attractive for the app platform!
  • Horrible, better before the updates 2/5

    By m_lilly
    It was all better before the updates. They started adding bs like “articles” and irrelevant features like Reacting to pictures. It lags SO. MUCH. Now. I keep getting kicked out of the app in my iPad, and then my new iPhone gets all heated up when I use it. I can’t even scroll through the collections comfortably without an add popping in around twice every minute ! I am disappointed. This used to be a great app to appreciate aesthetic pictures in, and even communicate with fellow hearters. Now it’s way too much effort into the articles... and such a waste. I understand how they need the advertisements and what not. But if the app is not even good anymore and the features are just so... superficial... it’s not worth my time anymore. Goodbye.
  • v̫e̫r̫y̫ g̫o̫o̫d̫, b̫u̫t̫ 2 t̫h̫i̫n̫g̫s̫ 4/5

    By Natalie Pham
    Hྂiྂ iྂ lྂoྂvྂeྂ tྂhྂiྂsྂ aྂpྂpྂ sྂoྂoྂ mྂuྂcྂhྂ bྂuྂtྂ Iྂ'dྂ LྂOྂVྂEྂ iྂtྂ iྂfྂ uྂ cྂoྂuྂlྂdྂ dྂoྂ oྂnྂeྂ tྂhྂiྂnྂgྂ. Tྂhྂiྂsྂ iྂsྂ tྂhྂeྂ oྂnྂlྂyྂ sྂoྂcྂiྂaྂlྂ mྂeྂdྂiྂaྂ Iྂ'vྂeྂ hྂeྂaྂrྂdྂ oྂfྂ wྂhྂeྂrྂeྂ uྂ cྂaྂnྂ'tྂ cྂoྂmྂmྂeྂnྂtྂ oྂnྂ pྂoྂsྂtྂsྂ. Uྂ cྂaྂnྂ wྂrྂiྂtྂeྂ sྂoྂmྂeྂtྂhྂiྂnྂgྂ, bྂuྂtྂ tྂhྂeྂnྂ uྂ'dྂ sྂeྂnྂdྂ iྂtྂ tྂoྂ sྂoྂmྂeྂoྂnྂeྂ, wྂhྂiྂcྂhྂ iྂsྂnྂ'tྂ cྂoྂnྂvྂeྂnྂiྂeྂnྂtྂ. Cྂaྂnྂ wྂeྂ pྂlྂzྂ bྂeྂ aྂbྂlྂeྂ tྂoྂ pྂoྂsྂtྂ cྂoྂmྂmྂeྂnྂtྂsྂ oྂnྂ pྂoྂsྂtྂsྂ pྂuྂbྂlྂiྂcྂlྂyྂ wྂiྂtྂhྂoྂuྂtྂ hྂaྂvྂiྂnྂgྂ tྂoྂ gྂoྂ tྂhྂrྂuྂ tྂhྂeྂ hྂaྂsྂsྂlྂeྂ oྂfྂ hྂaྂvྂiྂnྂgྂ tྂoྂ sྂeྂnྂdྂ iྂtྂ? Aྂlྂsྂoྂ, pྂlྂzྂ lྂeྂtྂ uྂsྂ dྂeྂlྂeྂtྂeྂ pྂoྂsྂtྂsྂ. Wྂhྂaྂtྂ kྂiྂnྂdྂ oྂfྂ sྂoྂcྂiྂaྂlྂ mྂeྂdྂiྂaྂ sྂiྂtྂeྂ dྂoྂeྂsྂnྂ'tྂ lྂeྂtྂ pྂpྂlྂ dྂeྂlྂeྂtྂeྂ tྂhྂeྂiྂrྂ pྂoྂsྂtྂsྂ? Iྂkྂ tྂhྂaྂtྂ uྂnྂhྂeྂaྂrྂtྂiྂnྂgྂ tྂhྂeྂ iྂmྂaྂgྂeྂ rྂeྂmྂoྂvྂeྂsྂ iྂtྂ fྂrྂoྂmྂ uྂrྂ lྂiྂkྂeྂsྂ lྂiྂsྂtྂ, bྂuྂtྂ Iྂ wྂaྂnྂnྂaྂ bྂeྂ aྂbྂlྂeྂ tྂoྂ pྂeྂrྂmྂaྂnྂeྂnྂtྂlྂyྂ dྂeྂlྂeྂtྂeྂ pྂoྂsྂtྂsྂ.
  • Pretty good! 3/5

    By three stars!
    This app is great! The app only problems are, sometimes it lags, it’s search range is only so far, and I can’t search a specific picture most of the time. Other than that, We Heart It, is a great app!
  • What the heck. 1/5

    By yoongismynumberone
    I used to really like the app, I didn’t use it a lot but I used it. I was looking for some wallpapers today and it was crashing me out the app? What the heck? Definitely deleting this app now.
  • Great App‼️ 5/5

    By Mynameiwantedwastaken!
    Very pleased, the pictures are great. The heart♥️ you're able to give others is cool as is the articles. I recommend this app.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By literalwirt
    I’ve been on We Heart It since 2014 and have been loving it ever since! It’s great for discovering different aesthetics, getting inspiration, writing fun articles, and just overall expressing yourself! I really recommend it!
  • This is a dream app! 5/5

    By violet_grayfield
    I love this app! It is a great way for me to find quotes and ideas for my room and diy crafts! I always wondered/hoped there was an app like this. I am so happy I found this app!
  • It stopped working 3/5

    By fjdnfjdjfhf
    For me it stopped working please fix

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