Weather Dock: Desktop forecast

Weather Dock: Desktop forecast

  • Category: Weather
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  • Current Version: 4.5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Voros Innovation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Weather Dock: Desktop forecast App

Weather Dock puts the weather right on your desktop. With a glance at the dock icon, you can see the current weather conditions, today's or tomorrow's forecast. With a single click you can access detailed current conditions and 7-day weather forecast. Detailed weather forecast: • Access the detailed current conditions and 7-day weather forecast window with a single click • Detailed 3-day two hourly forecast • Multiple forecast location support • Forecast window has animated icons • Imperial or Metric units  • Weather updates every 60 minutes.  • Updates Weather automatically if update was missed due to sleep or lack of internet connection Animated Customizable Dock Icon:   • Icon badge shows: Current temp, wind or feels like temp or today's/tomorrow's min/max temp   • Displayed weather can be: Current Conditions, Today's or Tomorrow's forecast   • Weather Conditions text color: Black, White or White with Gray background   • Adjustable animation speed (can be turned off) Very accurate weather information supplied by The Weather Company. If you experience any issues please contact us directly using the "Contact Us" button/menu item and specify your forecast location.

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Weather Dock: Desktop forecast app reviews

  • Works better than others 5/5

    By BrianSoFl
    This little program works just fine for my needs - I have more in-depth apps for digging down into various weather issues (e.g., hurricanes, droughts, etc.) but this one is perfect for just showing the basics of what's going on. I do wish it had an option to show heat index in addition to true temp.
  • Useful 5/5

    By Shellyjas
    A seven day outlook for planning. App in not bothersome and very easy for me to check. I have not had any problems with this app, acurate for my locations
  • Good until it was caught slowing down network speed 1/5

    By Winter Jedi
    That “Weather Dock” app slowed down the iMac internet connection. I closed it and voila! The internet speed is back up on the iMac. My first clue was that my iPad’s speedtest was high. So it is uninstalled.
  • Very nice weather app 4/5

    By C6/Z06
    Sometimes the colors are a bit too difficult to distiquish on the lighter background to read easily. I'd give it 5-stars if not for that.
  • it does what it says 5/5

    By Nicholas m sobo
    I like how it shows the temp as a notification and the app icon is whatever the weather is. example is clouds for clouds, sun for sun etc... does what it says
  • Useful app 5/5

    By awsom2143
    Very convenient way to check the weather. Nice graphics. There's a button to check the hourly forcast.
  • 4 stars 4/5

    By JohnEEADBL
    If they had a half-star capability, I'd have given it 4.5. But, really, it lacks weather images, satelite, radar, etc. So, 4 is all it deserves. Nice app, tho.
  • Well Done!!! 5/5

    By JoeyGordon19
    It has taken hundreds of thousands of years but finally we can kinda check if its gonna rain today without getting out of bed. Worth the investment!
  • I Dunno 3/5

    By SmartLLashramCreator10
    This app works, but if you are someone who needs a good weather source get another app. It is annoying that this app takes up your entire desktop page and to get it off the desktop you have to force quit the app. It works but it IS NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's a bit over the top 4/5

    By EvilJam
    with the graphics - and lacks a Favorites bar thingy (sigh), but it works just fine otherwise. I rate it a 4.

    By teejaychampagne
    I only rated this 4 stars because you have to pay to show multiple cities weather. But other than that its perfect! It shows the weather in my dock and it's very accurate. get this if you just want to know the weather.
  • delicious 5/5

    By JOHN1234567896969
    love it.10/10. couldnt ask for a better weather app. makes my mouth water.
  • A 5/5

    By Siackness
    Simple and easy
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By CCATTRN95
    Very useful. realtime data. I often use it to track weather over a 48-72 hour period.
  • I like the Weather Dock 4/5

    By Georgrapher
    It is conveinient and acurate. I like the graphics. It is not busy, but there. Well done.
  • Not Very Accurate 1/5

    By Timo in Alto
    I downloaded this app a few days ago. When the app initally opens, it displays temperatures for each day in the next week as 108 degrees farenheit. When it corrects it self, it shows the weather for the coming week in a way that seems to be a day behind, according to the weather apps I use on my phone. For example, today is says showers. We had storms before midnight last night. Now it is partly cloudy, with all the other apps stating it will become sunny by afternoon. It seems the only accurate information I get from this app, after it gets correctly started, is the temperature.
  • It gives me a quick glance at the weather 4/5

    By ChicagoMcCay
    I think it is fine for what it does. It gives me a 5-day forecast. But, honestly I find the ads more annoying than the app is appealing. So, I didn't pay the $3 fee to remove ads, cause it's just not that good. I can get that info elsewhere, easily. I'd have paid $.99, though. I'll use it for now until MacOS brings something better, as a native app. This is good, as a general overview.
  • installed april 2020 on OS 10.13.6 HiSierra - seamless good result 4/5

    By thomasdmiller
    From search, to study, to download, I got sucess the first time, basically frictionless, which is beoming more and more appreciated. App does exactly what site says, no more, no less, so it met expectations there. Very simple, not too many features, also not distracting and, so far, plays well with others. Pony up and pay the developer 1/2 a beer, it’s earned. And, ads … I’d rather never see another ad - or have it see me… Glad to recommend this app.
  • It's Easy But Is That All You Want? 5/5

    By ChicagoBluesboy
    A lot of people continue to complain about the weather but still, no one does anything about it. The same is true of this app. I like this app but I have to admit, it's not the most intuitive. I expect it to understand me more. Isn't that a hallmark of intuition. I want the output of any app that I use to be more consistent with the results that I am hoping to obtain. I have resorted to using this app like a millenial would use Pokemon Go. For instance, if I'm not achieving the desired results, I start walking. More often than not, I have to walk considerably further than Pokemon Go to achieve the desired outcome. But that's okay. At least, I'm doing something about it.
  • Weather Dock 5/5

    By LarryYFI
    One of the best apps for weather I have had on my Mac. Gives you every thing you need to make decisions about what plans you make for the week. I use this every day to keep up on the weather. Found it to be nearly 95% accurate. Fpr the price you can do better.
  • Doesn’t give much info 2/5

    By Hudfan
    Much prefer Accuweather, where I can get an ACCURATE hour by hour (even minute by minute) forecast. Weather Dock has been quite inaccurate. It will indicate that it’s sunny while I’m looking at rain for a while…
  • Weather Dock 4/5

    By oldguy 2
    A handy app which keeps the weather available for viewing. Depending on what happens to be on the desktop, the temperature numbers can be difficult to read. It might be handy to be able to adjust the size and/or weight of type in preferences.
  • love it 5/5

    By srose7294
    love it
  • best app for weather 5/5

    By Andrew Carey20
    Have to say this is very good weather app for mac book to know the weather in the morning very acturate.
  • Restore 3/5

    By 46DVS
    A decent weather app; however I keep having to restore my purchase each time I turn on my Mac. Quite inconvenient. May abandon this app for another.
  • Please give users the option to keep the window open in the background. 4/5

    By B_E_A_M
    My one request is that you allow users to keep the app open when using other programs, so you don't have to click in the dock if you want to return to Weather Dock.
  • weather bug-r-us 5/5

    By trailheadseeker
    quick and simple. gives us a snap shot of what's happening and what's ahead. how can you go wrong with that?
  • Weather Dock 5/5

    By 47dme
    I haven't had this app a really long time but it is really neat. It sits on the dock and I can glance down and see the temperature and an icon showing sunny, rain, etc. Then I can click on it for more information if I choose. Adds a little fun to my dock.
  • fast info on weather 5/5

    By Gpb59
    I really like coming into my home office before I leave, get a quick update on weather for the day works great for me
  • everyday use 5/5

    By Colleenwl
    pleased I found this weather app with screen saver. especially use the hour by hour forecast for two different locations. screen saver pics are fantastic. just wish there were more. thank you for creating this for all us "what's the weather like out there" here there and everywhere
  • Weather info is good 4/5

    By PaHiker
    Overall I like the app, gives me accurate weather info and allows me to set more than one location. I only have one issue that I would like to see addressed: when you switch to a different app (ex: mail) then come back you have the Weather Menu bar but the window isn’t there. To get the weather window you have to go to the menu bar and select Window -> Weather. It would be ideal if either the window would pop up when the app gets focus, or if you could do a cmd-W to open the window.
  • Great weather app 5/5

    By Msp730
    Very nice looking and accurate. I highly recommend.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Chino kid
    Very good graphics. Haven't spent much time with it.
  • Good app but older version is better 4/5

    By Terrorinmi
    Does a good job of putting weather at your fingertips, but the older version had a preference setting to place it on the desktop which is no longer available. I really liked that feature.
  • Nice looking app! 5/5

    By SadSonosUser
    I would have preferred to just pay the $3 upfront rather than doing the in-app purchase, but it's well worth the cost. I have been missing the old Konfabulator weather widget. This is a worthy replacement.
  • Great concept, meh accuracy 3/5

    By Scobek
    Whereever the weather is sourced is poor (e.g., it's currently been snowing where I am for several hours and that's not what it tells me the weather is). Visually, the temps are key, the verbiage below doesn't provide a lot of direction. Could be awesome. Also, location / prefs buttons at top are quite small.
  • Works as Expected 5/5

    By AlbertK1
    Nice clean and well functioning app. It does all it's supposed to do and w/o a hiccup!
  • As promised 4/5

    By 5678ES
    Displays high/low and image of sun/rain/clouds for 5 days. Wish free version also gave hourly temperature forecast for the day and left smaller footprint on screen when open. Prefer Weatherbug in that respect as it gives temp/forecast in upper right corner of Mac and upon expansion, shows temp every 2 hr with radar
  • Good but slow 4/5

    By bobc47
    This application does what I want but it’s slow to display the weather for my location, untill then the temp is displayed as 108 degrees
  • Simple enough and serves us perfectly 5/5

    By N F Light
    Not too technical but serves for daily planning... Thank you! Works well on Catalina 4 Mack Book Pro
  • Annoying 2/5

    By ArkieRedneck
    Pretty nice app, but its annoying how it pops up on the screen everytime you log in o your mac. It didnt seem to bad at first, but I finally just deleted the app because it got annoying.
  • Nice App, what you would expect! 4/5

    By PunCrocs_805
    For the cost it's well worth it and it does exactly what I need it to do and would expect it to do for reporting the weather. I wish there was a way to view the weather at the additional locations you select a bit more easily. You can view the but it took me a second to figure out how to do that but I think it should be easier to view them. But overall I'm pleased with the app and would buy it again knowing what I know now.
  • its good, but... 3/5

    By Niqo'
    Im a truck driver, and i cant seem to get it to update to my current location when I stop. Thats about the only problem I could see for now.. but besides that, it would be great if the location auto-updated!!!!!
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By HannibalStorm
    Great app, and very useful.
  • Real helpful 4/5

    By JAKE650
    Great! Like to check weather first thing in AM
  • Weather Dock Design 5/5

    By dingfud
    Weather Dock is quickly and easily understood. I had to study my previous weather app to get the information I needed. I appreciate the simplicity.
  • Too Tiny 3/5

    By darn747
    The preference tab for selecting cities is WAY too small.
  • Replacement Forecast 5/5

    By Billeeeeee
    This is a better forecast than the local TV or radio channels. And you don't have to watch the dancing chickens.
  • Clear, concise but detailed! 5/5

    By KJohn 22
    I haves used many weather apps, this is the best . Since I travel a bit I need updates to different locations, all the data needed is presented is a clear, fun window. Thanks

Weather Dock: Desktop forecast app comments

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