Weather Underground: Forecast

Weather Underground: Forecast

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  • Current Version: 5.11.4
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  • Developer: Weather Underground, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Weather Underground: Forecast App

Weather Underground for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is your everything weather app. Powered by our network of 270,000+ personal weather stations, this app provides hyper-local forecasts and current conditions, interactive radar, customizable alerts, and much more to ensure you’re always prepared for whatever the weather brings. CURRENT CONDITIONS • Get current conditions from local weather stations or drop a pin in your neighborhood • Stay updated with the best weather data including temperature, “feels like”, wind speed and direction, today’s rain accumulation, humidity, dew point, visibility, and pressure • Swipe through hour-by-hour and 10-day forecasts including chance of precipitation and daily weather summaries • Compare today’s weather with local historical data • Report local weather and hazards to help your community • Monitor air quality, UV risk, and local flu outbreaks with the Health tile • Know when first and last light will happen with the Sunrise/Sunset tile INTERACTIVE MAP • View the weather map’s improved layers including weather stations, radar, satellite, heat map, rain accumulation, crowd reports and more • Scroll through time with our interactive play-bar for radar and satellite • Track global storms on the Hurricane and Tropical Storm tile APPLE WATCH Get all your weather data at a glance with Weather Underground for Apple Watch. Quickly view current conditions, hourly and 10-day forecasts from local weather stations, and stay ahead of the storm with severe weather alerts and radar. WIDGETS, ALERTS, & MORE! • View weather at a glance in your notification center with forecast and radar widgets for iOS 10 • Keep an eye out for extreme weather with severe weather alerts • Discover real-time weather on webcams around the world • View stunning weather photos with the WunderPhotos tile • Access Weather Underground’s wealth of online resources including ski reports, infographics, scientific discussion and more • Geek out with the weather radio tile • Customize your experience with light & dark modes, map types, units and rearrangeable tiles “Weather Underground combines a slick design with a focus on really useful weather information.” - PC Magazine “What really helps this weather app stand out is its “hyper-local” data from enthusiast weather stations around the world." - TIME Magazine About Weather Underground: Founded in 1995 as the first online weather service, Weather Underground supplies weather data solutions to the many of the leading media companies and millions of users across the globe through their mobile apps and website With over 270,000 personal weather stations worldwide, Weather Underground is able to provide meaningful and reliable weather data to people in real-time. Weather Underground is part of the Weather Company and based in San Francisco, California.


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Weather Underground: Forecast app reviews

  • Getting warmer.. 4/5

    By A. S. Hopper
    Love the new My Location feature for push notifications, been wanting this forever, but it's not quite working. As soon as you select a push notification type it automatically deselects itself...
  • Used to be the best...before weather channel bought them 3/5

    By Nycgarden
    I’ve been using wunderground since we’ll before smartphones. They were the best, and arguably are still. However, over such a long use period I’ve seen reliability go down, bugginess, more and more ads. It’s still a good app and maybe only one worth getting, but my go to for radar is now the simple and quick RadarScope. Wunderground has become my app for what temp is it, where are the fronts draped, and some scientific discussion. I’d give it 3.5 stars if I could.
  • The most accurate weather ap! 5/5

    By ilikefreestuff
    Love all the features. Accuracy second to none.
  • “Locations” broken 1/5

    By Meechity
    Choosing any location from Apple Watch causes a blank home screen most of the time (can still press for details but the “home” page is gone). Opening the phone app at this point will cause the phone app to crash, but the only way to fix the blank watch screen is to crash the phone app. Can’t rely on the watch app, sorry. :/
  • Thunderstorms until 4/5

    By rbendett53
    Why does the widget and app say thunderstorms in until when no thunderstorms are predicted?
  • Losing faith 2/5

    By Moodytx
    I have always been a fan of WU to the point of I went out and invested in a weather station so I could become part of the project. For about 6 months, life was good. Something happened and now its hit or miss if my station is reporting or visible. Check in with the forums and its not just me. I’m better off with my weather rock...
  • Much improved 4/5

    By Fly-by-night-enterprise
    Ad lockup’s are gone. Much better experience. I am back using this app as my first choice for weather. One suggestion for value addition is to show what kinds of pollen are prevalent in the local area.
  • Phishing Scam Warning 1/5

    By Bhermes123
    I was starting to use this app for the first time and had a question about a feature that wasn’t explained at all (checkbox). i clicked on the contact link and it went to a phishing warning page. i immediately deleted this app.
  • Video ads 5/5

    By Llema
    Yeah! Thanks for listening. Once again the best. Best weather app by far, but you should fire the person who recommended auto playing loud pop-up video ads. Ads are understandable, but the video and sound is a total deal breaker for me.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Peoplefixer014
    This app is excellent for my needs. It's an extension of the website on my desktop & the adds can be removed for a nominal fee. I'll take 1 flat of tomatoes😀
  • Same old 3/5

    By Ericpolish
    Still has two full page ads, lol
  • Great design, but some annoying bugs 3/5

    By Squidouche
    Well designed weather app. Front and center mini radar, graphs for temperature and precip, overall well laid out interface. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered recurring bugs in the few years I’ve been using the app. For example, the latest update added the webcams tile even though it doesn’t exist in the edit tiles settings (not the first time this has happened). And for a while now, the details section scrolls within its tile as I scroll the whole page. Still overall the best weather app I've found because of its design, but the implementation leaves something to be desired. Edit: I was able to remove the webcams by reinstalling the app.
  • Used to be a great app... 4/5

    By Chess geek
    This used to be a great app even with the low-key ads. However, recently full-page pop-up ads appear when closing the map. I’m close to saying good-bye. 3/16 edit: They removes the full screen pop-up ads. Muuuuuuuuch better.
  • It Does Everything I Need 5/5

    By Jonny Bottoms
    I love this app. It’s my go-to for all weather forecasting. Feedback: I often get generic weather alert message notifications, but when I open them the alert can not be found.
  • Most accurate 5/5

    By Sir Sawyer S
    Best weather app. Needs a better developer though
  • WU winter may be over. 5/5

    By Fraceman
    I have just scratched out my previous bad review. There is a new attitude at WU and they listened to our comments. The selling tomatoes joke is awesome. It really is telling of a change of priorities. Thank you for returning to a service for us. You guys are back on top of weather apps. I will stop by and buy some tomatoes. Sincerely Kevin
  • Fixed! 4/5

    Finally fixed the full page ad that would sometimes lock the app causing you to have to close it!
  • Ad when closing expanded no no 5/5

    By BHT1980
    Update: the ad after closing radar is gone! Well done. I like this app. I love the graph layout for temps/precipitation/winds/etc for the week, but I just noticed that when I close the expanded radar screen, a video ad pops up. Oh heck no. There are already ads on the app. But if you’re going to force me to close the app to avoid the ad, I’ll go back to accuweather.
  • Issue 5/5

    By Cooldood06472
    This app is one of the best apps I have on my phone the only issue I am having is the global 8 when I go to turn the alert on it won’t activate it goes back to the off position. Please fix
  • No more auto play of video ads 4/5

    By BonoBob
    Update: Yay! The video ads are gone. This is now the best weather app I’ve found so far. Only four stars though, because there’s always room for improvement. Every time I try to close the weather map, an auto play videos starts up instead. It is loud, takes up the whole screen, and annoys everybody around me. This is totally unacceptable. I have to force quit the app in order to get rid of the ad. If this problem is not fixed, I will be dropping the app completely.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By jlstoner
    I went from rating this app 4 stars (several years ago) as it was being developed — due to accuracy and functionality — to now being so fed up with poor performance that I’m downgrading it to 1 star. For months and months on end I’ve been dealing with this app crashing before it even opens. If it does happen to fully load/open then it’s a new set of problems: location won’t update 90% of the time, clicking in the search bar will crash the app, interactive maps won’t update and/or freeze, etc. etc. This was absolutely the best weather app available until ~6 months. Don’t bother.
  • I was promised tomatoes 5/5

    By Iloveablackmage
    Seriously love you guys and gals. Thank you for listening to us. Just cause you did I’m gonna pay to remove ads completely .. just save me some tomatoes <3
  • Garbage 1/5

    By TerraLab
    Always used this app on my phone and tablet. Now they both are barely functional. I read the add free version is not add free. Garbage. How sad, can’t even get a good weather app on the market. Worse yet having a good one turn sour.
  • Best weather app 5/5

    By SAT911
    I rated it 1 star when the full screen ads started. Back to 5 stars without. I’m betting the weather underground folks will survive just fine without selling tomatoes on the side of the road. The weather channel is a bad influence.
  • Funny 5/5

    By T-Rodd
    You’re update notes about selling tomatoes made me literal LOL. I bought the app immediately, and the ads never really bothered me before. 😄
  • Local 3/5

    By crookedsquare
    Wunderground leads the pack on local accuracy and ease of use. Forecast view in particular is dependable and at-a-glance easy. Today view widget is especially nice.
  • Flaw - nowhere to update/add info about severe wind 3/5

    By Elenita72
    I like the interactive features of this app - that I can submit a local report confirming or adding info about rain, etc. This was my fave weather app till today. We are having a severe wind storm today & the app says there is zero wind. There is nowhere that I can add information about that. I really needed to know to wear a raincoat & not bring an umbrella. Please change this - it’s dangerous!
  • App has gone downhill 1/5

    By Queen Caffeine
    Used to be the best app for getting accurate information from local weather stations here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Now most stations can’t even get their data to report on WU for some reason. I know because I’ve owned a station for years! Sad.
  • Thank you for getting rid of the ads 5/5

    By Thatguyoverthere43
    I like tomatoes, not ads.
  • This app has hit rock bottom. 1/5

    By Quentin Biles
    It went from one of the best weather apps to complete garbage. Bugs everywhere, and my ad removal does not sync between devices. Absolutely unprofessional and not acceptable.
  • Better than the website 4/5

    By -J-a-x-
    I’m disappointed at the changes being made to the wunderground website, but their forecasts are still the best and I like the graph view. This app isn’t perfect but no matter how many weather apps I try I always end up coming back.
  • Was is a vast region of Spain not updating? 2/5

    By Amazo_2
    It says “location data unavailable”, however the same “data” is available from you website and your “wunderstation” app... asking for a fiend....
  • Love this app, and no ads ever! 4/5

    By DSpaceNine
    The pittance this app asks for to block ads is worth it, especially for an app I use multiple times every day. Support your favorite apps peeps!
  • I like this better the TWC! 4/5

    By Criminal58369
    I really like this app better then Apples default & TWC. Now one problem I seem to experience in the app & on the widgets is for the high of the day sometimes it says 145F degrees was the high for today... I’m sure some areas of the world have that temp but not in Maryland where I live... I have had that happen both on my iPhone 7+ & my iPhone X... So I know it just isn’t one device... Thought I’d let y’all know... Still like the app a lot tho!!! Keep improving it, I plan on getting me a pws eventually for my house so I can check my own weather too :)
  • Mmm tomatoes 4/5

    By Salexander24
    Well it’s still my go to app, and hey look nifty push notifications … 👍🏻
  • Grace S 5/5

    By Trough as nails
    I've had this app for many years....always dependable. I love it!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jimbo865
    Works great every time.
  • Great app with features but needs further refinement 3/5

    By mvan231
    App is great as always, however, as with every version, there are issues, but really it’s great to see the data captured for weather put to work in this way. The layout is great and the map layers are fantastic. Further the WU Storm app shows even more info about the weather radar etc.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Adam6776123
    My local weather has been stuck on 42 degrees for weeks, it hasn’t been 42 in a long time guys. We got over a foot of snow today, app says 3 inches. This was once a great app but it is now junk.
  • Going down the drain 1/5

    By Bob Jones VI
    The app crashes constantly and also displays ads, despite the fact I have an ad-free subscription.
  • Fix the temperature 4/5

    I use this app all the time for weather information, but for the last year it has given me the Miami temperature as 84°F, no matter the day or time of day. Please fix this!
  • What happened to the news! 3/5

    By Capsatrr
    The news section hasn’t been updated since March 11, it is now March 14. By the way, app closes sometimes while looking at the map!
  • Used to be my favorite 1/5

    By Zack2245789
    This used to be the best weather app hands down, now I’m about to search for a new one. Crashes all the time, constantly freezing on pages, and makes you watch ads. Not sure why they messed us their perfect app, but I think it will ruin them if they don’t fix it soon.
  • Does WU Even Care? 1/5

    By thebranns
    UPDATE 3/13/18: I’ve written two emails to customer support and this review, yet still nothing in reply. I’m done for good with WU. The rating for this app has gone from 4.5 to 2.2 in the last 2 months and there hasn’t been a single reply from WU in any of the reviews I’ve seen. That should tell you something right there. This ratings freefall coincided with the introduction of forced ads when closing the radar screen. I’ve read hundreds of complaints where people are pointing to the forced ads as their reason to give up on this app. Based on the lack of response it would appear that the parent company, The Weather Channel, is letting this app die a slow death. Perhaps to nudge people toward the TWC app. I hope they fix the ad issue as I would come back to WU in a heartbeat if they did.
  • Worst app on the phone 1/5

    By 210drvr
    This may be the worst app on the planet. Pop up ads take over your phone. It’s completely useless.
  • What happened to this app? 1/5

    By GKto2
    We are having a blizzard. We have at least 14” of snow, but according to Wunderground, we have .04” of rain. I’m deleting it.
  • Dear Weather Underground... 1/5

    By Eyelids50
    I hope this finds you well. You all must have been down with the flu lately, as your app has become sick and sputtering also. What happened over there? It won’t update correctly, it freezes, I never know if the info it is giving me is current, or the exact same as when I checked it two days ago since it refuses to refresh, even when pulled down to do so. I used to use your app exclusively. It was the BEST. Now, the regular apple Weather app is superior. Please come back from the dark side folks. The weather is fine over here, at least your app says so.
  • In-App Purchase Multiply Charges Credit Card 1/5

    By DaveOnTheRoad
    Pretty good functionality after paying for advertising suppression. But now it's constantly asking me to pay for upgrade and whacking my credit card each time. Not good.
  • Not like it used to be. 1/5

    By Chileander
    Okay, bye!
  • Giving up 2/5

    By Alaska Songbird
    I’m going in search of a new weather app for my iphone. ☹️ This one used to be great, but now it takes too long to load, often doesn’t respond to my attempts to swipe, and now punishes me for indicating whether or not it really is snowing or raining where I am with an ad that forces me to close the app. I’m fed up with the frustration!

Weather Underground: Forecast app comments


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