Webcams – EarthCam

Webcams – EarthCam

  • Category: Travel
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  • Current Version: 1.7.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: EarthCam, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Webcams – EarthCam App

With EarthCam’s Webcams app, you can travel the globe, visiting scenic and landmark destinations via our unique network of live HD streaming video and megapixel snapshot cameras. Explore the Hall of Fame to enjoy the best image archives submitted by visitors and share your favorites via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iMessage and email. Have top destinations you like to visit? Create a personalized list of favorite webcams for a customized experience! We’ve recently enhanced the user experience by including all of EarthCam’s cameras in the “Buy All” package! For one low price, you can access more than 175 webcams, as well as any added in the future. As a “thank you” to our fans who have been with us since the beginning and purchased one or more packages, we are unlocking the “Buy All” feature automatically, letting you travel to any EarthCam destination for no additional fee! Please note: some streaming cameras may take a moment to load based on your internet connection. A camera marked with “HD” denotes a live streaming camera. A camera marked with “MP” denotes a megapixel photography camera, which shows a high resolution updating image. Webcams listed are subject to availability and may change from time to time. New views are added regularly, so be sure to check back for new releases.


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Webcams – EarthCam app reviews

  • my favorite webcam app 5/5

    By bigblue-2011
    simply the best!!!
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By checkied
    This is a great app for everyone to have! I use it all the time, highly recommend to other users.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Ed011010
    Its incredible to have access to webcams all over the world from my phone. The featured cameras and hall of fame are extra features that make browsing for great views easy to find. The ability to take a picture while watching a live stream of a camera works great, it lets you capture that moment in time. The tab that lists the cameras that I liked is awesome.
  • Awesome app to use 5/5

    By earth66
    A must have app for everyone!!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Laura Heckels
    Easy to use! Super useful and convenient to show to others and an overall fun experience.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By earth33333
    This app is fantastic to use and easy to navigate.
  • Stinks.... 1/5

    By Zenmassagetherapy
    Been waiting since January 2nd for them to restore my purchase, being I have a new phone.. Emailed them through the app at least 6 times and ZERO RESPONSE... Don’t even bother with it..
  • Love Michigan snowman cam! 5/5

    By Frustratedbyit
    So fun to watch all the wildlife! Bears! Even baby bears! Porcupines, raccoons, marmots, deer, turkeys. Squirrels and birds. Especially love the outfits for the snowman and the goose! So Fun! Please bring back the temperature gauge as that is always fun to see!
  • Love the free Cams 5/5

    By 1Tigers1
    I love watching the free cameras especially the Snowman cam , I have watch bears, squirrels, porcupines, raccoons, turkeys, many birds , & I especially enjoy the deer. I have seen as many as thirty deer at one time. They are great to watch .🙂⛄️☃️

    By gymSNAKE
    Great fun to watch places, people and animals all around the world!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Egypt1995
    This app is just great! I like how u can just view any livestream of any place u want! It’s like your going on a virtual vacation!
  • Great way to view the world 5/5

    By DannyBoi3432
    Don't have the money to travel, but this is the next best thing. Like watching Times Square during my lunch break.
  • Awesome App!! 5/5

    By Cassie21088
    This app is amazing! I get to see all over the world in real time and share pics with family and friends.
  • Beautiful cameras 5/5

    By estelastar
    I love this app! I feel like I can travel around the world looking at these different views. I was in time square the other day and used the app to take a picture of me and my friends. Lots of fun!
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By reviewerzsz
    This app is great! So many different live feeds to see, liked cams get stored in the “likes” page, and the hall of fame page has truly amazing screenshots of all different cameras.
  • Fantasic App! 5/5

    By Tom Raybould
    Wide selection of interesting and diverse cameras. Love the wild life cams, especially the birds of prey. So cool!!!
  • Best app 5/5

    By ethanm2018
    Great app!
  • So happy with this app 5/5

    By drosenberg18
    Every business owner should have this!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By RobinRosenberg
    This app is great for anyone with grandchildren! They love it
  • Great great app! 5/5

    By Michele Mazala
    Love this app! Highly recommend
  • NOLA 3/5

    By WWwinner
    What happen to the camera in New Orleans? It was worked for the past week. It’s only showing archived views.
  • A+ 5/5

    By chelsea hayet
    Brilliant idea for an app!
  • Live video 5/5

    By Dacnor
    Love this app, can visit all over the world without leaving the house.
  • Always new places! 5/5

    By Tigrefang
    Love the birds and thanks for all the animal ones. I also think it’s cool what you do with national parks. I’ve never seen clearer video.
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By mw-226
    This is such an awesome app and I’m so glad a friend introduced me to it. The cameras are great. It’s a very interesting concept that you can look at different places, cities and countries at the touch of a button no matter where you are in the world. Super pleased with this app!
  • Love this amazing apt. 5/5

    By jeff Hayet
    Great quality Apt
  • All fixed after the last update. 5/5

    By BootsyM
    I normally love this app but now I can’t look at anything on my phone. It won’t restore my purchases. Update 4/28/2018.. All fixed. Thanks EarthCam.
  • Update fixed issue 5/5

    By online viewer
    The update to the app fixed to slow to load issue. Videos comes on right away. LOVE IT. Trying to get my city to get one
  • Disapointed 1/5

    By bglover4
    I'm very disappointed that you can not seem to fix the problem with not being able to post pics or comments most of the time when on iPad and that you can't seem to fix the app to work on Android phones so I can sign in with Facebook so I can post comments. If you do not fix these things in the next week then I want my money back from both purchases.
  • Slow and unresponsive 2/5

    By namdrawkcab
    Freezes up constantly, has had quite a few crashes, and cameras are extremely slow to load.
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By Casygirl
    This is now my second review. The first was done some time ago. Funny thing is, this app really hasn’t improved. It still crashes often. Still has cameras out. And now if you want to leave a comment you have to give them access to your Facebook profile and you can only leave a comment through their Facebook page. Another app (Facebook) that I don’t like. I’ve written emails to them and they can’t be bothered to answer. So they are like most other companies - out to make money and give nothing in return.
  • Review for both the IPhone & AppleTV 2/5

    By sweetviolet79
    I first bought this app to view crazy weather before it arrives here. I’m a paid customer... so when I found out the created an appletv app, I assumed my previous purchase would include access to the new Apple TV app. It does not. I ended up paying for the Apple TV app separately, assuming The Tv app would work similarly to & in conjunction with my already paid-for iPhone app. It does neither. The Apple TV app won’t let you search for cameras, it has a predetermined list that you can watch “schedule free” with payment. if the weather I’m curious to see coming isn’t in one of those predetermined locations, I’m not going to find it. Next, I hoped that since both the iPhone & TV apps are both paid for, I thought surely there must be a way to use the more navigable iPhone app to stream a specific camera onto the tv. I was wrong on that front too. This was a total waste of money, twice.
  • Not everyone is on Facebook... 1/5

    By Train *
    I’ve just noticed that I cannot post a message without using a Facebook account. So wrong, earthcam. Not everyone desires to have a Facebook account these days. Shame on you.
  • EarthCam is the best! 5/5

    By BAR112
    Some cams are clearer than others, but the sharp ones (with sound) make the app so much fun! Travel around the world real-time, enjoying nature, animals, weather, architecture, and most fun of all—people-watching! Highly recommend upgrading to get all the webcams!
  • Nasty posters 4/5

    By Bertalouise
    Negative review till you resolve issue of monitoring nasty posters on this app. Update 4-01-2018 Much better so far. Thank you. Update 4-09-2018 Really? Is this a glitch, or is someone still trolling by being able to post 20 or 25 frames of the same picture anonymous to hall of fame at one time??
  • Restore purchase not working 1/5

    By s57061b
    Please keep your end of the deal up. I paid you already restore the purchase.
  • Love but keeps closing cameras 4/5

    By KennyBookseller
    What is happening twice now over the past few days I have gone to look at cams and had no access to purchased cams. The first time after attempting to restore my purchase it didn’t happen. I looked up to verified my purchase...I did. Later when I went back I had access to all webcams. Now it is doing the same thing. Is there a problem?
  • Restore Purchases 2/5

    By Kpisme57
    Still after updating it wants me to purchase Thailand cameras again.
  • Slow loading 3/5

    By MadSoupChef
    I have had this app for about a month and with this last update some of the cameras are taking much longer to load and the app freezes. It’s worth the extra to get all the cams, but would be better if we had some control like you have with the PC site.
  • I check EarthCam everyday! 🧐🤙🏼 5/5

    By Kelly96707
    Ever since I purchased Earthcams many cams I look forward to viewing all the different places and how exciting it is for me. Especially since I’ve never traveled to anywhere in the world let alone a foreign country so I basically feel like I’m there when I look at the different people, places and things. It’s a learning experience too. Definitely recommend Earthcam!!
  • I paid the $4.99 and I don’t have access to all the cameras 1/5

    By Chuck Badia
    I just got ripped off.
  • Much better, but tab bar navigation is still awkward 5/5

    By nutella_98
    My only gripe about this app in general what I always had. The tab bar navigation is non-standard and the developer(s) seem to have invented their own navigation system, which makes it somewhat frustrating using the favorites section. When you read the HIG on Tab Bars, it says: " bars provides the ability to quickly switch between different sections of an app. ...In general, use a tab bar to organize information at the app level. A tab bar is a good way to flatten your information hierarchy and provide access to several peer information categories or modes at once. ...Always switch contexts in the attached view. To keep your interface predictable, selecting a tab should always affect the view that’s directly attached to the tab bar, not another view elsewhere on screen." With that said, I frequently use my Favorites section. When I select an item from the favorites and I use the back navigation, it should take me back to the Favorites section, NOT the Network tab. The reason tabs exist so that the user selects which tab s/he wants to interact with. When you do back navigation, you don't automagically switch to a different tab and send the user there. That is inconsistent. I understand that designers and developers can be stubborn and use the my way or the highway approach. But that is just bad UX. Look at the Music app. The Music app has different tabs: My Music, Playlist, Radio, etc. When you switch to one of the tabs and drill down in the navigation IN THAT SPECIFIC TAB, when you do a back navigation you don't magically find yourself navigated back to a different tab. As an example, when you browse your playlists and do a drill down, upon back navigation you don't magically find yourself back in the My Music tab. That is a completely different section. You could also look at the Photos app. There are two tabs: Photos and Albums. Once you select a tab and drill down in the navigation in the selected tab, upon back navigation you don't magically find yourself under a different tab. That is the user's decision. When I navigate inside my Albums tab content, I don't find myself magically navigating back to the Photos tab. These are just two examples of how the tab bar should be used for navigation. Because the EarthCam team decided to utilize their own "version" of how tab bar navigation should work, it is quite awkward to go to my Favorites tab, drill down into the content by selecting a feed, and when I navigate back, I find myself under the Network tab, and now I have to select the Favorites tab again to select another favorite. I know stubbornness rules, but please fix this and provide correct a navigation scheme when dealing with tabs. iTouch 5G / iOS 9.3.5
  • More Cameras Closer to Ground 3/5

    By GWOrangesock
    This is a great live camera app. I recommend that more cameras be added that are closer to ground level. This will allow for more action and excitement.
  • What Happened? 2/5

    By tuna16
    I’m only getting half the cameras that I’ve been getting. How many times do I have to pay...I was under the impression that it was a one time payment.
  • Not happy with the update! 1/5

    By Dkiesuydhekansh
    After I updated the app, I tried posting to the hall of fame with a message but it is now changed where you have to log into Facebook in order to post a message. If you choose not to log into Facebook, you can still post, but you cannot leave a message or even your name, it is just anonymous. I really do not like this because I don’t want to have to connect to Facebook just to post a message on the hall of fame! Really hope this gets changed.
  • Earth cams 5/5

    By Mistybrew1
    Absolutely love this site I go to it everyday, the colors are great in the photos.
  • Won’t load webcams under IOS 11.3 & update 5/5

    By Larry from Va
    Update: After about an hour of trying to load webcams and rebooting the app it suddenly came alive! and webcams started loading. Now it works as advertised! Upgraded iPad and app says data feed not turned on. It is and all other apps work OK. Tried to delete and reload and only get version. 1.5.6 instead of 1.6.4! Sent email feedback and was rejected because I don’t have a help desk account! This app worked OK on previous IOS releases. Sad state of affairs for a once great app.
  • Good app 4/5

    By LynnRMoore
    Great apps ! Very cool. I really like it a lot .
  • Great App EarthCam 5/5

    By Gal Detective
    Love this app! I enjoy seeing places all over the world in real time. Check out the weather in your favorite places. Many of the cameras are free, and a small fee for all of them! Great fun!
  • Not as expected 2/5

    By joyce ipad
    Just spent $4.99. I did not need a trip to Florida . You call it Earth Cam? Where in Uk with all their cameras and you can’t put any in . One in Greece ? Terrible waste of money

Webcams – EarthCam app comments


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