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WebComics - Daily Manga App

WebComics is the most popular comic&manga reading platform. It has the world’s hottest legitimate comics&manga, and keeps it updated daily. Over 1000 comic creators around the world work to create color webcomics for your reading in mobile phone. We want to bring you the best mobile comics reading experience! FEATURES 1.1080P HD manga&comics reader 2.All legitimate comics reading, there will be 500+ new comics released in 2018. 3.Exclusive comic image acceleration technology to save your network traffic. 4.Communicate with comic fans and creators all over the world. 5.We would welcome manga&comics creators from anywhere to submit your comic. SUPER POPULAR LEGITIMATE COMICS UPDATE DAILY "I was xxx by my idol", # Romance manga I find I was lying on the bed of my idol when I wake up. What’s happen? "Yaoi God in the Skies", # Yaoi manga This fantasy world exists Yaoi God, he blessed all the people who loved Yaoi... "Demon's sweetheart", # Romance manga The devil firmly believe that I was his lover, and I had to fight the devil for love. "Spirit Ranger", # Action manga The fight each other with powerful alien monsters between the great master. Who is the king among them? "The law of yama", # Fantasy manga People go to hell and play the game of survival with yama after death. WebComics is a gathering place for the people who loves manga&comic. More than popular Romance comics, there are lots genre of the comics here, like Yaoi comics; Action comics; Fantasy comics; Drama comics; Horror comics; comedy comics; Yuri comics; Spirit comics, etc. We are welcome to receive your suggestions and contributions, and look forward to communicating with you. E-MAIL : [email protected] Facebook : www.facebok.com/Webcomics365 Twitter : www.twitter.com/Webcomics365 Instagram : www.instagram.com/webcomics365

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WebComics - Daily Manga app reviews

  • New update 1/5

    By Danyale M
    This was free before the update. I have my phone set up to where it updates all apps as they come in. 😢 There wasn’t anything about the new changes they made. Again 😢 All comics have to be paid for with coins you can earn watching videos, signing in, or paying for them. Every chapter you spend coins. And in little tiny print it’s already set to Auto Unlock. So the chapter you left on and have already read... you just spent coins on. It wouldn’t be so bad if you read one or two of the comics. But anymore then that. And you’ll be spending money. I get that everyone needs to make money. Truly I do. And I don’t mean to come across as ugly and ungrateful. But there was an option to be a patron of the comics you liked. All those lovely artists and wonderful stories. 😢 Nope. I looked through a lot of comic apps where the set up is similar to their new one. And I didn’t joy it. You had to spend a lot of time watching videos that you wouldn’t want to see in the first place. I have deleted this app and I am soooo sad about it.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Sent With Love
    I really loved WebComics before it updated even though I’ve only been on here for 2 weeks. Having to use coins and gems really made me disappointed and now I mostly go on other apps.
  • Suddenly have to pay 2/5

    By DanceToRemember
    I have been using this app for a awhile and have a few comics I really enjoy, but with the new update they suddenly want you to start paying for every chapter. I am now seriously considering deleting it. Having a paid for chapter system in the first place is one thing but switching over from free to paid after people have already gotten used it is ridiculous.
  • Coins System?? 2/5

    By AngryPerson😡😡😡😡😡
    Before this update this app was my favorite, but after the update most of my favorite comics are now being implemented with this coin system. You now have to pay for later chapters, and even though they give you 6,050 coins for free it will eventually run out. The developers did not even mention in their update summary that they were going to implement this. I downloaded this app for the free content, and now it’s just like all the other comic and manga apps out there that tell you to buy chapters.
  • Marybeth 3/5

    By Adjfjds
    Why did you guys did a coin thing on webcomics. Me and other readers do not like it. Can you please undo it
  • It’s amazing when you’re bored! 5/5

    By blop bleep bloop
    Whenever I’m bored, which happens a lot I just go on this app and read a comic. Suddenly I’m not bored anymore! It also helps when you’re on trips, you can read an entire series on your trip!
  • Free but now need to pay for coins? 3/5

    By Vlococo721
    I used to read all of them for free but now I have to use coins to read the next chapter??? Why??
  • Not free anymore 1/5

    By Machobae
    Before this update you didn’t need to have gems or coins I don’t like that this was free for the longest time but now they do this out of no where. I do understand that we all need to get money somehow but look at lineplay you don’t see them doing this it’s unfair.
  • triggered 1/5

    By 😂👌🏻😂👌🏻😂😂😂😂😂
    Now because of the update we gotta pay coins to get comics -.- tip lol I read these comics because they were once free and now.. ouch um ... k. Nsksbdk it’s annoying bc I enjoyed reading them but now we gotta pay, so, what happens when I cant get coins no more um
  • Decent? 3/5

    By KitKat_Donut
    I got this app because it was free to read but it’s a bit disappointing. It’s Wednesday and no comics have been uploaded since Saturday. The chapters are pretty short too and mostly have the same plot.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Erza scorlet
    I love the app..it’s awesome
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Mainly Mia
    I was never really into comics before but after reading webcomics it has just been the best experience. I am in love with this app and recommend it deffinetly! Whenever I grab my phone the first thing I do on it or second thing is read one of my favs on webcomics. I love this app cause there are no glitches, the speaking between two characters really comes to life, and the artwork is beautiful! Once again, i deffinetly recommend this app!
  • This app is great 5/5

    By eirowei
    Nice app
  • I recommend it! 5/5

    By ArtofLily
    This app is so fun to read.They have all kinds of great comics.I prefer the BL section hah.But they have all types of genres and I think that all the comics are great and awesome to read!
  • The app review 5/5

    I love this app soo much all the books on here a great you can find anything your into on here and even more, the stories are like no other they are wonderful and I recommend you to read the book if you are into monga
  • Romance comics 5/5

    By qwertyuirkd
    I love me some romance comics and they have the best of the best.
  • Good Selections 5/5

    By KuroshiOwl
    I love how there’s a selection of categories and its well organized state, having not just romance but splitting into boys live and girls love, fantastic thank you! 5/5
  • Love 5/5

    By COCO GIRL!!!!!😋😋😋😋😋
    It’s butifu
  • Good 4/5

    Great story’s and drawings
  • Brutal 5/5

    By dkeelelkrkeeiiriw
  • Yaaaaas 5/5

    By monshki989
    I love it, like I can’t say anything else😂 I love it that’s like, that’s it😂🥰
  • Download This app! 5/5

    By kawwaimuffin
    This app has everything romance, adventure,drama you name it! But I feel like this app would really turn you on if your a fujoshii or fudanshii if you know what I mean. BL SISTERS REUNITE!!🤪
  • Love webcomics 5/5

    By kachakachakachacha
    A perfect app, comics are funny, love it...lolllllllll....
  • Recommend if you Enjoy Webtoon 5/5

    By 1Broke Student
    ***You don’t have to pay to read the chapters!!!*** I downloaded this app because I really enjoyed the comics on Webtoon and wanted to find another app similar to it. I struggled for a bit because most apps require you to pay some fee to continue reading which was not what I was looking for. Once I found this app it took a little getting used to the different formatting and art styles (has more of an anime/manga vibe) but I really came to love it! I personally enjoy romance stories. There are plenty here and authors update regularly. Regarding the romance comics I see that the most common themes are fake rich husband/emperor love interest, or going back in time. There’s not as much story diversity as webtoon but I like the similar plots and drama of these comics. Overall, it’s a good app for when I’m waiting for webtoon to update and vise versa!
  • Hi don’t do these kind of things cause they annoy the hell outta me 5/5

    By 😈👄😈
    Like I said before I don’t do this kind of thing, I don’t review apps because I think the user should review it for themselves, I also hate how they ask you to write a review with rating it by star’s, like, please I just want to give your app 5 stars without having to write a review every time, anyway, I should stop getting off topic, I love this app, I recommend it to anyone that wants to download it!! PLEASE GET IT!!!
  • Unfinished stories 4/5

    By L!m3Gr33N23
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. However on certain stories it’ll only let me read through chapter 30. It says there are like 80 chapters but will only go trough 30 and stops working when I click next chapter. It will refresh on the last one I read.
  • Not able to read chapter 31 4/5

    By Johnny L. Harris
    I am having the same problem as others. I am not allowed to read chapter 31. It’s like the story is stuck in chapter 30. Other that that I have absolutely no complaints. I use this app everyday and it has become an obsession. I am always finding new stories of all different genres and themes. I have to say this is a competitor with apps like Webtoon.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mariarlongview
    This is such a great app although it is a pain to wait for updates it’s so worth it. I love the stories on here
  • Ugh 4/5

    By 12344!
    stories are great. I'm disappointed I'm unable to go on to the next chapters when there's already so much chapters updated. It's been one month now...
  • Webtoons 5/5

    By NightcoreGalaxy
    This is probably the best app I have on my phone and I just love reading all the adventure, romance, drama and pretty much everything in here. Thank you.
  • Unknown 5/5

    By peachiethatgurl
    I love it and it’s awesome
  • Looovvvvveeeeeee 5/5

    By DooBooShoo
    It’s a great app and I only red one book and I love it!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😇😇🙂😘😘😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
  • A webcomic that was online isn’t in the app 4/5

    By Notingtingtang
    I was looking for the fox concubine, but I couldn’t find it in the app...
  • Points 1/5

    By MissTLin
    I have points but can't use them. I can't force my friends whom are not into comics to add the app just so that I can get to use my points. I like everything else about this app except the point system.
  • Best app for BL 5/5

    By OtakuD
    Honestly I’m a pure Yaoi otaku and this is the best app to get all my BL stories it keeps me posted when the latest chapter is out and it has many different genres to choose from I recommend this app to any truly awaome❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽☺️☺️☺️
  • Short review 5/5

    By avagio😉💝
    This app is amazing, the story in reading makes me feel like I'm the main character. This is just an amazing app that I don't know how to explain!
  • Awesome And Enjoyable! 5/5

    By Jenni808
    I really love this app! It made me stay all night my favorite Comic right now is “My Idol xxx Me” and it is amazing! My favorite Genre is Romance and all of the Comics are so cute and adorable they make me want to cry. Btw I got in trouble by my parents for staying up so don’t get to addicted to this game XD.
  • I love it 5/5

    By sweetkookiejar
    I love this app very much😍
  • Beautiful 5/5

    By I'm not a bundle of sticks
    The stories are so creative and fun I love the artwork. I’m glad I installed this app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By angel640313
    I love this app there are so many different options to choose to read. I love this app.
  • Kinda good 3/5

    By dva girl
    This has happened to a few different comics that I’ve read but it will stop at chapter thirty and won’t let me go farther even though the creator says there more and it hasn’t just happened to me it’s happening to my friends and random other people and we deserve better
  • Chapters problem 5/5

    By bvnghtu
    Some of the chapters in some mangas are not updating like the rest and I really want to read the other chapter. It says that it has the many chapter but when I go to get that chapter it’s stuck on chapter 30 the whole time can you fix it pls .
  • Great quality 5/5

    By infiresmaaannnn
    This is so far a very good webtoon app, it has many different selections. Thank you!
  • Great But Some Issues. 4/5

    By Nanami Mika
    I can read all the other comics normally but one comic only lets me go up to chapter 30 then when I press the arrow it takes me back to the beginning of chapter 30 again. Other than that this is a great app. 😊
  • Glitches to chapter 30 3/5

    By Tishykitty
    I like the comics & the updates are often, but for the last few weeks when I try to read the updates, it takes me back to chapter 30 & won't let me read past the last page I was at before the glitch. I could understand it with 1 comic, but it's happening with several comics & is really frustrating.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By park_hoseok209
    Amazing that is all cause their is nothing better than this app
  • Won’t let me read chapters 1/5

    By jakxkskqkfvgwusjcuqhbxbx
    I’ve been a user to this app for a long time but I can’t seem to read some chapters. The webcomic I’m currently reading has about 100 chapters but I am only able to read 30 and it won’t let me continue, please fix this problem.
  • Dear people, 5/5

    By A person who is kind
    You should get this because it let’s you read comics for hours and it let’s you choose between passion and action I think.
  • Great app 5/5

    By nami 🖤
    This honestly a great app but I have just one issue some of the mangas have a lot chapter but it only showing 30 of the chapter which is really annoying and when it updates it doesn’t update on my phone

WebComics - Daily Manga app comments

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