Weber® iGrill®

Weber® iGrill®

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  • Current Version: 4.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Weber-Stephen Products Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Weber® iGrill® App

Backed by over 65 years of grilling know-how, Weber takes grilling to the next level with app connected technology. No more wondering if your food is done or when the perfect moment is to flip your steak. It’s time to take the hassle out of grilling with Weber’s newly redesigned Weber iGrill App. Let us focus on the key to a perfect meal- time and temperature- while you spend time with family and friends. The Weber iGrill App provides quick, no hassle, finger-tip access to timers, temperature monitoring, and more. Products compatible with the Weber iGrill App: ● iGrill Mini ● iGrill 2 ● iGrill 3 ● Pulse 1000 ● Pulse 2000 ● Kitchen Thermometer ● Kitchen Thermometer Mini
 ● iGrill Classic Weber iGrill App Features: ● An all new look and user interface ● Easy in-app connection through Bluetooth® ● Simplified grilling setup straight from the Home Screen ● Extensive temperature preset library for various cuts of meat and fish ● Updated time and temperature graphing ● Grilling by temperature range ● Custom and preset temperatures ● Ability to set up multiple timers at once. Track your grilling session in minutes or hours ● Ability to export temperature graph data ● Custom settings allowing you to name your device and set the probe color indicator to make keeping track of your devices simple ● Access to Product Manuals, Quick Start Guides, and Customer Support ● In-app feedback form Languages Supported: English (UK), English (Australia), German, French (Canada), French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Portuguese (Brazil)

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Weber® iGrill® app reviews

  • App is Good, but could be Great 4/5

    By pendrag00
    The app provides great intuitive help for setting up for a single protein. But, if you are cooking different proteins and are using multiple Bluetooth temperature probes, they each have their own screen. No way, that I have found, to monitor all of the temperatures from a single screen. A grid view with Probe Name, Food, Set Temp, and Current Temp showing all units would elevate the app for just Good to Great.
  • I grill system 5/5

    By all mames are taken
    Best thing since sliced bread
  • I love my Weber 5/5

    By CheapWaterMover
    Perfect steaks and chicken every time
  • Lousy app 1/5

    By old creek griller
    You cannot set the temperature! App navigation is impossible !
  • Don’t work 1/5

    By Jim in Derby KS
    After 6 months it will not register accurately. Just put strip on grill and reads 520 degrees
  • Chillin & Grillin Pork Tenderloin 5/5

    By Bevo's I-Tunes Account
    Hadn’t used the temp probes that much until this evening. They were spot on. Grilled a pork Tenderloin to medium at 145 degrees. Took it out and let it rest. It was spectacular! I confirmed the temp with another thermometer. Thanks for having such a great feature on my Weber!
  • Not Good with multiple probes. 1/5

    By RickInKC
    Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I have two probes. One of them is set up for meet, the other one is set up for the grill temperature. When I try to smoke something, it sets the higher temperature, no matter if I switch them around or not, as being for the meet. And constantly telling me that it’s done I don’t need an alarm going off every minute on my phone telling me that the meat is done when I clearly no it’s not.
  • Terrible waste of money 1/5

    By apsmoke
    Used once probe is in accurate. See no damage in the wires, but yet it will register 555° and not even being in a smoker.
  • Pretty good with room for improvement. 4/5

    By Gr8movie1973
    I’ve been using this app for about a year. And it’s great most of the time. Here are a few feature requests: 1) it would be great to be able to set a target temperate to trigger an alert that’s below the actual cooking target temp. For example: when I’m cooking a filet, I set the temp to 140 for medium. However, I need to flip the filet over at about 100 degrees. So now I have to sit here and watch the temp go up and then turn the meat at 100. If I could set a temp alert at 100, I could do other things in the meantime and just return to the grill when the temp is right. 2) I’d like to be able to pick the actual cooking temp I want. When I want 145, I should be able to set it to 145. As is, I cannot do that. It’s either 140 or 150, which is frustrating. Other than that, I’m very happy with this app. Now, developers, let’s get those features going!
  • False reading 2/5

    By Kckdive
    So apparently my IGrill probe cannot be in the sun
  • So annoying 2/5

    By drh jc
    Two of the four probes just refuse to reset when you start a new grill. They start with the temperature that they finished with the last seasion i.e. I haven’t even started yet and they’re already showing temps like 140 degrees. No amount of rebooting or resetting solves the problem. They’re useless.
  • Worry free cooking! 5/5

    By TommyCaller
    Just set it and forget it! Seriously, it’s that easy. Food cooked to perfection every time!
  • Review 3/5

    By skippy823
    Needs better distance
  • Temp probes 1/5

    By vickysplace1
    Not consistent
  • So poorly designed 2/5

    By scottreynolds
    The only thing I want to do when I open my Weber® iGrill® app is to cook my food. I cook mostly the same food all the time. All I want to know is when it will be done. The weber grill app doesn’t let you do any of this. Each time you start it you have to remember to use your preset or not or start grilling or use the grill temperature menu which then you get lost in and you need to figure out how to go back and use your presets. Then you look at the graph a view of the temperature and it won’t show the intersecting estimated time so you’re just guessing how long your food may be. Just simplify this thing
  • Perfect ribs 5/5

    By Dr.Willya
    Used this on my ribs and they came out perfectly! Built in settings! Love it!
  • Ok 5/5

    By Doug Harper
  • Great Program, However? 4/5

    By Bill 51773
    I use this with the iGrill 2 with 4 probes; one for ambient temperature and 3 for food temperatures. I had no problem assigning a color to each probe. I want to give each probe a name, but I haven’t been successful. I following the instructions in the manual (Tap the probe# on the left and change the name), but no success. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled and reset the iPhone. I have also tried it on my iPad. I know this is trivial, but I would like to use all features in the app. I was able to change the name of the iGrill2, but no luck with the probes. Thank you.
  • The best 5/5

    By mgd896
    The best for all my grilling needs.
  • Please see my Jan 16 question 5/5

    By Clyde's dollface
  • Great!! 5/5

    By CrossBone08
    This app iPad with your iPhone makes drooling so much easier. You don’t have to burn your hand trying to measure the temperature. I really like this app and the connectivity it brings.
  • SmokeFire to iGrill mini hand off 5/5

    By Pack-attack
    I recently purchased a SmokeFire grill, and use the Weber Connect App for monitoring the temp. Everything works great, but when I’m doing a big cut of meat like a prime rib, pork butt, or brisket, I like to keep monitoring the internal temperature while it rests. Bought this so when I bring it in, I unplug from my SmokeFire, and plug into this (same probe). Launch the iGrill app, and don’t miss a beat. Works great!
  • Got Beef 4/5

    By M03eee
    This is a good app however it should have beef ribs on it. If you have spare ribs why not have beef ribs.
  • Brisket 5/5

    By Teojans01
    Absolutely spot on all the time!!
  • Background app needed. 4/5

    By Bigbobwilliams
    I use the igrill a lot! It’s very good and very accurate. The magnetic base is great. I attach it to the front of my Traeger and can keep an eye on it. The one thing that took it from 5 stars to 4 is its inability to function in the background on my iPhone. With that ability, it’s an easy 5!
  • Love this device. 5/5

    By Idaho family camping
    I have been using this for 5 plus years. It works get has great range for the Bluetooth. Very accurate for the best food. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to simplify things and be the best cook.
  • Very convenient! 5/5

    By JimmyGriller
    This is a delightfully convenient device. Works great in the oven, and I’m sure would take the guesswork out of grilling!
  • Needs update 1/5

    By jst220257
    Constantly disconnects from Bluetooth connection.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Truncher
    Cooking a turkey to perfection right now and it’s so simple using the iGrill 3.
  • Miss the widget function 3/5

    By brock samson the one and only
    Would also be nice to have function to add personal notes. Also, I can’t see any letters while writing this review.

    By Mr. Griller
    One of the best tools we have in our Weber Arsenal! Yes 💥❤️
  • Does work 1/5

    By TexasPete23
    The probs don’t give a good reading the range is bad. You have to stay 10’ from it or the Bluetooth loses connection.
  • Great concept but poor execution 1/5

    By Touchy guy
    I loved this so much after my first use on a new grill that I bought a second one to go on another grill. Too bad I didn’t wait to really see how it worked (and doesn’t). The biggest problem, because it can’t be fixed in software is that it connects via Bluetooth. So your phone has to remain within that limited range. If you wander away, it disconnects and usually for me that requires power cycling the unit to get it to reconnect. Second problem is that it crashes frequently. Tonight, 4-5 times during my 1 hour grilling. That meant multiple times an alarm didn’t sound when the grill got too hot or too cold. And even when it hadn’t crashed, the alarm on my phone sometimes didn’t go off, though it was beeping outside on the sending unit. That’s a big FAIL. Also, the graph of temp, which tell you much more than the single point in time temperature, seems to lag a minute or two behind. It’s been months since an update so it seems like Weber isn’t really committed to this. Count this as a cheap (in quality, not price) toy that will hinder your grilling.
  • The popular for review the app are annoying 3/5

    By leavemealone77
    The popular for review the app are annoying
  • Best thing for beginners 5/5

    By davemill9191
    Jumping from a propane grill to a kettle I ruined one too many cooks. Went out and bought one of these and it’s done wonders.
  • Somewhat underwhelmed 3/5

    By Nuhuhmufu
    I mean, it works ok but you have to keep the app open the entire time in order to know when you’ve achieved temp. Also the constant alarms that you’re “almost there” are really annoying, ok I get it but that means nothing to anyone, thanks.
  • Just wondering 3/5

    By Radar bug
    Does the timer have an alarm at the end of the time set??
  • The best cooking tool in my house 5/5

    By Steve Miller - Band
    This is the best grilling thermometer ever. Set the temp and leave the steaks on my Traeger to cool. Perfection every time.
  • Select Multiple Probes 4/5

    By Srtn8
    Would be nice to be able to select multiple probes for the same temp during setup. App will only let you select one, then you have to start over for each additional probe.
  • Love it 5/5

    By pete 45k
    Love it
  • Nice app but needs some other inhancements 4/5

    By appReviewer1992
    Can you guys add the ability to add notes to each grill session. would like to add what temp my grill is and how i prepared meat and so forth. other than that, i love this app and device. PS: if you can add notes and i am just not seeing it, please let me know what to do
  • Loses connection 1/5

    By nicmcc522
    This device constantly loses connection and I’m literally steps away from our smoker. Looking forward a different product ASAP. Sorry honey, I bought you a crappy meat thermometer. ☹️
  • Drains Battery in Background like Zombie 1/5

    By Sleezly
    Even when not in use the app drains battery constantly resulting in a dead phone a few hours later. Must proactively terminate the app when not in use to preserve battery life.
  • Great 5/5

    By seejay F
    I love this thermometer it has changed my grilling experience! It literally took all the guessing out of it. My wife and daughter bought me the igrill 2 for Father’s Day and pretty much everything I grill and definitely everything I smoke I use it. It’s awesome because I can have 4 probes going all at once if I have different meats I am grilling at one time I can monitor the temps and I can also monitor the grate temperature. All around I think it is a great product and would recommend it to anyone that grills from the seasoned veteran to the newbie that just started grilling.
  • IGrill 5/5

    By Onenottaken
    I love my iGrill. Ability to get meet at just the right temp. It really helps when I have multiple temp requests and want to make sure I get them all right!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Shshshskajsxjdocfhdhedjdns
    Great product (s) would buy again
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By ohio513person
    Complete waste of money. App continuously “restarts” multiple times during a cook. I have to reprogram my cook some 5-6 times during 3 hour cooks. Poor experience with this app. Tried something new because MEATER app was not great and the range was poor. Range on this guy is better, but still the app is just really, really bad. Why do you allow a “cook” to expire? I should have to reprogram every 30min. Really poorly coded.
  • The best..... 5/5

    By Jnix17
    .....don't smoke without it!
  • Needs notification ringer customizations 4/5

    By DivineEden
    This is a great little app to help my novice smoking skills get more refined. I wish their was a way to change the “beep” notification so that they make different sounds. One for “too cold”, a differentone for “in range” and another for “too hot.”