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  • Current Version: 41.10.1
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  • Developer: Cisco
  • Compatibility: Android
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Webex App

The all-new Webex App brings everyone together to do exceptional work: One, easy-to-use, and secure app to meet, message, and make calls. Engaging, intelligent, and inclusive experiences make working together distinctly better, in real-time or at any time. Meet: Real-time translation of over 100+ languages, personalized meeting layouts, and background noise removal ensure everyone can be seen and heard, regardless of where they are joining from. Message: Real-time messaging connects you before, during, and after meetings. Easily collaborate through 1:1 and group messaging, and securely and easily share files with internal teams and external colleagues using just an email address. Call: With your favorite calling features built into the app, you have the power of your business phone anytime, anywhere. Instantly start impromptu conversations, access visual voicemail, and more. To learn more about the Webex App and explore our new features, visit webex.com By downloading the Webex App, you agree to the Webex App terms of service available at www.cisco.com.go/eula, the Cisco Online Privacy Statement, and the Webex privacy data sheets available at https://trustportal.cisco.com/c/r/ctp/trust-portal.html?doctype=Privacy © 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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Webex app reviews

  • Can’t login on iPhone 13 mini 5/5

    By unknowmjr693r
    When I try to login, the apps browser takes a very long time for me to be able to authenticate using my token. I can’t sign in at all. Update: Increasing rating to 5 as I am able to log in now and also this application supports voice text messages.
  • Buggy. 3/5

    By Thisnicknameistaken24
    Use this app daily for work, but the notifications in the latest release are buggy. It alerts me for messages that I’ve already read on my laptop, so I constantly have to open the app to clear them out. And now it’s sitting at 1 notification, but for no obvious reason (cannot find any new message, no highlight on a channel/space/etc). Maddening.
  • Picture in picture support 4/5

    By a3Dman
    Picture in picture support for screen sharing would be a nice addition.
  • Audio issues 2/5

    By Fristr8ed
    I have this app to connect to my office phone when I work remotely and need to make protected calls. Too bad the people I’m attempting to call can’t hear me when they answer the phone! So many calls where I cannot be heard and this is wasting my time. And no, this is not user error.. it’s not my phone, nothing is muted, not connected to any other devices.. just have issues when I use this app. How am I supposed to get my work done?
  • The absolute worst 1/5

    By cs_cabrone
    How can an application like this not have a notification schedule setting?
  • Current Version Prevents Google from Loading 1/5

    By ttiefenbach
    The current version is pinging every second, sometimes less. With the “Team” app and Meeting app installed together, it’s checking so frequently that Google is “detecting suspicious activity,” and preventing searches. 41.4.8 is Trash: Instead of notifications of messages I get notifications of errors to display a message. That’s worse than before when they added the stupid notifications to meetings that I can’t turn off and use WebEx Meetings for. Ridiculous!
  • Restore automatic dismissal of notifications 2/5

    By Silleloc
    Since the last update, I now receive notifications of my own messages. This seems completely unnecessary as I know these messages are sent. Please restore the earlier functionality where notifications would automatically disappear from my phone when I read the messages on my computer. The notifications are clogging up my screen, and I struggle to filter actual new messages from old notifications.
  • Needs Ability to change ringtone 4/5

    By Sybrsean
    Definitely working well for us in our work environment, but users on cellphones all want the ability to change the ringtone like they can in the desktop app. Strangely that’s missing.

    By Zac_K
    The voice calling feature (formerly Teams) has stopped functioning on all our iPod Touches. This calling Webex feature was working a few days ago but when we updated to the most current software version we were no longer able to make calls. I contacted Cisco and was given the answer “iPod Touch is not a supported device.” even though the App store lists iPod Touches as supported devices.
  • Useless 1/5

    By zeizbiz
    Notifications are a nightmare and now I can’t even see the messages, the app is either running a loading circle forever or closes itself on its own.
  • Instant crash 1/5

    By Establishment Clause
    Updating, reinstalling, etc. do not fix the problem. WebEx just crashes every time I launch it, including from its (working!) push notifications. The splash screen shows for a fraction of a second then dumps you back on the iOS Home Screen. Get more resources to your QA department ASAP.
  • How about remembering my settings and how long I have been using this App? 1/5

    By haymoose
    I open the app to join a meeting, and WebEx thinks this is the first time I ever used this app! I have to click thru all the starter-noob ‘okay’ nonsense to get to the meeting. This is not a one & done thing either, Cisco thinks I have to read those bits every time I launch the app, click okay EVERY TIME.
  • not syncing 1/5

    By keswani gamer
    i use Webex teams on pc along with mobile back before like 3 or 5 months ago when you see the message on pc notification that you have on mobile will be removed, right now no you have to enter the app on mobile and wait to refresh then it will be removed. please fix this issue
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Stoneclove
    Love all the enhancements! Keep them coming! Now, only if there wasn’t a separate meetings app to have to cross launch, I’d be even more ecstatic. Keep up the great work Cisco.
  • Great Collaboration App 5/5

    By srini_83in
    Best collaboration and video conferencing app out there. Having used all the video conferencing apps extensively, Webex is the best among them. Superior user experience, video quality and messaging features, while being very secure.
  • Literally don’t receive messages on it 1/5

    By >:(975
    I’ve stopped receiving any messages on this app have to look at my computer to use it. My work uses webex or I’d run far away. Completely useless
  • Unable to download the new version. Nothing happens when I click on the icon. 2/5

    By Bywayguy
    Does not download from the App Store.
  • Won’t download 1/5

    By Rachel301998
    The app won’t even download, don’t have an issue with any other apps including Webex meetings.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By AdamKP
    Use the app daily for work and even some person use! The service is great, the app has plenty of customization while staying end user friendly. Love this app and service!
  • Doesn’t download 1/5

    By Miszjls
    Need it for work, I’m on the latest update. Keeps saying need to attach to internet?
  • Does not support meetings 1/5

    By applebananacantaloupe
    Says it's one app to handle everything. When you click a join WebEx link, it tells you to install a different WebEx app.
  • Poorly designed app 1/5

    By AC Stella
    I pay a boatload of money for WebEx. How is it that they can have such a poorly designed cell phone app and get away with it? There are not enough functions available in the app. I need to be able to control all aspects of my meeting notices from my phone. What did they do, have high school kids develop this app?
  • Notifications don’t work! 3/5

    By Fan a&e
    Notifications do not work on my iPhone correctly. I have random notifications that state I received a message 20 minutes ago. We all need real time notifications!
  • Please add Apple Watch support! 3/5

    By Sillynessnine
    Watch support is the only thing missing from Webex features, the lack of which substantially complicates my life. I must carry my phone around our workspace instead of being able to answer calls on my Watch from this one service - all other services are available on my Watch. Thanks.
  • Do not disturb doesn’t work 3/5

    By BostonB
    DND doesn’t work on mobile devices
  • Needs Airplay 2 Support 3/5

    By Shep88
    App is good but needs Airplay 2 support so you can use a HomePod as a speaker phone. It works on WebEx Meetings so why not on teams?
  • Feedback 1/5

    By feedbacker1819
    I am using Webex app on mac and phone as well , it is working too slow and unable to use webex app on phone , it is also using data a lot , my MacBook always warm so badly while using webex , I do not advise this app for work neither another type of communication, even telegram better than webex for work , webex seems so useless and unprofessional, I wish I can rate zero but unfortunately I can not
  • Keyboard issue with iPad 3/5

    By Nittanyjbc
    The app works fine with the standard iPad keyboard (not external, built in) but doesn’t bring up the floating keyboard when trying to write a message if the floating keyboard is engaged
  • Worst User Experience for schools. 1/5

    By Immanuel English Academy
    Our school is in Taiwan and after looking WebX, Zoom, and Google Meet, we opted to go with WebX. It was a disaster. The system has a lot of bugs and we experienced teachers sharing their screens without hitting the share screen button and students and teachers getting muted out of nowhere. We hung onto this system for a month but in the end to no avail….we now have migrated to Google Meet.
  • Notifications worked better before update 1/5

    By nortonsson
    I used to get notifications when someone posts in a private one on one channel, now I don’t. I didn’t used to get notifications on upcoming meetings, which I get calendar notifications about, but now I do. Please notify me when someone pings me but not for meetings.
  • Notification lag 2/5

    By Jrsellers
    The notifications for messages on my phone don’t seem to consistently update on time unless I am using the app at that moment. I checked my settings and the background app refresh is turned on.
  • Worst new look 1/5

    By Get me old look
    New look is not good. Default page is very bad
  • What all-in-one? 3/5

    By honestreviewee
    I’m so confused here. You schedule a meeting through webex app and they still make you download webex meetings? This wasn’t like that before the update … as webex app worked just fine with joining scheduled meetings. I’m not sure why this is a “all-in-one” app if you’re still downloading at least 2. ???
  • Calls no longer come through on iPhone after updating to 41.6.1 1/5

    By richbkey
    While the app had tendancies to be spotty for answering calls on my iphone, now that the app updated to 41.6.1 today, i no longer get calls on my phone even though I am logged into my company’s phone services. It was working on the previous version as recently as this morning. What happened and what fix is there?
  • Notifications are broken 1/5

    By drubaum
    Please fix the notifications! They’ve been broken for months but the latest update (where the release notes only mention changing the logo?? Hello???) made it even worse. Message previews don’t work at all. It’s the least helpful thing in the world to wake up to 35 notifications that just say “you have new messages.” Maybe let’s stop focusing on new features and fix the existing ones
  • Great enhancements , much much improved version 5/5

    By ShashankT
    5 stars for all the innovation and improvements. Noise cancellation , virtual background, chatter and meeting experience have been improved and simplified.
  • Several problems 2/5

    By sjordi
    Doesn't retain themes preferences. No matter what you chose it comes back to dark theme each time you launch the app and log in. Still no way to set du not disturb time ranges It's essential to be able to set a do not disturb status between, say, 6pm and 7am as well as weekends or afternoons if you work part time etc. Now you have to logout each time and log back in when you come back which is a pain.
  • Message Previews 1/5

    By couchpotato720
    Are no longer working. Fix ASAP
  • “You have new messages” is unhelpful 2/5

    By Dangermen.
    It appears we only now see “You have new messages” instead of the content that it use to show. This make the IM client in IOS a lot less useful.
  • Notifications are terrible 2/5

    By RFluke2014
    Within the last couple of updates the app icon I longer shows the red circle with count of unread messages and notifications stay in my Notification Center forever even after I’ve read them on my computer. Also, every time I move to another app and reopen Webex it kicks me back to the main page instead of putting me back in the chat I was just in.
  • It’s OK 3/5

    By anonymous53906451
    Has some issues though: Notifications rarely show up on time if at all. Can’t clear custom statuses. Some meetings still require the Webex Meet app.
  • New issues with push notifications 3/5

    By Megzxc
    Since the last update, I’m now getting push notifications on my phone for messages that I have already read on my laptop, and I am not getting push notifications at all for some brand new messages that did trigger on-screen notifications on my laptop. I will say that the search feature seems to have improved recently. It’s not as slow as it used to be, and I can now search for groups by name whereas I didn’t used to get any results back at all when searching for group names.
  • Latest version…problem with PIN 1/5

    By lagos1380
    Latest version prompts every 10 seconds to enter a passcode.
  • WebEx and WebEx Meeting 1/5

    By Anna_Vela66
    I now have to have two WebEx apps, this doesn’t work nor does it make sense. I was able to use “WebEx” app to chat, check my work calendar, and attend meetings from one spot. Now I have to DL another app to attend meetings. Why fix something that wasn’t broken… I will not have two WebEx apps. This is an inconvenience, please revert back.
  • Cool bed no 2/5

    By Chuclee
    So Webex is a great app but if you are in LISD student your messages will always be deleted by LISD Moderator. He deletes messages and he might even remove you from a team you made sometimes he removes the people you added to your team but if you add them again he will remove them and send you a message over 3 times. If you are not in LISD staff member then he will message you operation checked requires LISD staff member in it. Even in a private chat your message will be deleted. So we rated this 2 stars. 1 is for a good app which sends messages but the other is for Messages getting deleted if you are you in LISD.
  • Notification Issues 1/5

    By jacobknowsbest7
    The app used to automatically clear the notification if I viewed the message on the desktop app, now I have to manually clear from my phone even after I view and respond on the desktop app. Major time waster.
  • Badge Notification broken 1/5

    By Corndog1031
    I consistently have a badge showing one notification even when I have none on desktop. I’ve tried everything including logging out and back in, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Even not logged in I have the notification
  • Please Add Apple Watch Support 4/5

    By Fiyer411
    WebEx (Teams) has a great iOS app. It integrates very nicely with my desktop client running simultaneously and is great for calls and team messaging. It has been my full replacement for Jabber for 3 months now and I am loving it. The only feature it is lacking is an Apple Watch App. I miss being able to change my status from my watch like I could do in Jabber. I also miss the ability to check conversation history and check for new messages on my watch. While I still get the notifications on my watch, I don’t always see those or remember if I responded or not. By having an Apple Watch App, I could see the real-time conversation history, order and read status. Thank you!
  • Near Junk 2/5

    By jess1985
    Just got this from my employer. The dial pad is delayed when typing a number in and the call quality sounds like it’s 2006 again and was calling on 3G. It’s 2021. We should have HD calling. Why is it my CISCO VoIP phone at the office is crystal clean but this sounds like garbage? Internally it’s fine. I don’t talk with internal because it’s only 3 of us and all of our calls our external clients with cellphone numbers. Get it together. Why all of the sudden dark mode has turned itself off by itself!!!