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WEBTOON: Comics App

Find new stories or share your own with WEBTOON™, the largest webcomics community in the world. ​ Home to epic sagas, short stories, manga, manhwa, and daily comic strips, access thousands of creator-owned comics anytime, anywhere across 23 genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and horror. ​ Featuring action-packed, international blockbusters like Tower of God, Noblesse, The God of High School, the suspenseful thriller Sweet Home, and the global rom-com phenomenon True Beauty - now adapted into major TV and streaming formats. ​ Dive into WEBTOON™ ORIGINALS, award-winning comics which update weekly. Discover new voices on CANVAS, where creators self-publish their series to a vibrant, diverse audience. ​ Join WEBTOON™ and find YOUR story today. ​ Follow WEBTOON™ on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter to join a community of 72+ million readers around the world. ​ Website: www.webtoon.com

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  • Awesome, just one fix 4/5

    By #Las Vegas
    Webtoon is amazing. I just have one Complaint. Please, please extend how much you let daily pass be reread again and again. Either increase episodes per day or increase how long you can unlock the episode. Thanks and keep being you, webtoon!
  • Automatic log out needs to be fixed 1/5

    By hh.nat
    I’ve been using the app on my IOS device for over an year without having any issues. However, recently I’ve been experiencing issues with my account being automatically logged out every time I close the app. So when I open the app I have to be constantly logging in which becomes pretty annoying, especially since it didn’t do that back then. The worst thing is that the problem has gotten worse and it now even logs me out while I’m reading a comic. Please fix this.
  • Daily pass.. 3/5

    By Walgreenphotoappisawasteoftime
    Dude. This is going WAY too far. Many people are really mad about daily pass and so am i. Daily pass is, not to be rude, but a HORRIBLE feature. I was looking for comics to read because i had finished all the ones i was reading, and then i found "Behind The Curtains"(its pretty good btw). I started reading it, then i was suddenly stopped by daily pass. I was gonna use my daily pass, but then i realized i could only read it for FOURTEEN DAYS. Fourteen. Which is basically just renting an episode. I am pretty broke and cant get coins(ofc theres the free events). Even if i were to somehow get money, there are other things i need. Webtoon, if you are reading this, please fix or remove this feature.
  • Not the Same 3/5

    By It's the Big Boi 25
    I used to think this app was perfect until they implemented Daily Passes. Now I can’t binge read any of my favorite completed series or the Daily Pass original stories. A lot of completed series are over 100 chapters long so it will take me over a month to read one series.
  • Shut down?! 1/5

    By Sk360
    No internet connection it’s says even though I am connected to my WiFi at home or at work? Also with my own data it’s the same thing? What’s going on? Is it my own phone?? Or the system having problems. This never happened before!
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By KelsoWin
    I am becoming more and more annoyed by this app. I keep getting notifications that another episode has been unlocked to find none. I know that there are available episodes but the release date keeps moving back. One of the comics I am reading has 6 chapters that I know of, I am still in chapter one and have not had a new episode become available in 2 months. If I could find the comic elsewhere I’d switch. It keeps telling me new episode in 18 days. Why not just give me an episode every week since I am so far behind?
  • Need Faster Way to Love a Comic 4/5

    By Rho232323
    I love WEBTOON, it’s amazing, because the creators are amazing. So, PLEASE give us a faster/better way to love an episode of a comic then clicking exactly on the little heart in the corner, that goes away if you don’t get there fast enough. A double tap function would be great! It’s super important that we be able to let the app know what we like, as that’s how creators get traction. Make it easier for the readers to share our likes!
  • amazing app 5/5

    By zeldalife2007
    I love the app but i think they should remove the one free episode every day it’s so annoying
  • Good app but horrible bug 3/5

    By 🌼🐝 Buzzybee 🌼🐝
    Amazing app :) I like to be able to read millions of comics of all different genres but my webtoon never loads ads? Like it’s been a full week and I still can’t read an episode because it won’t load an ad :( have tried everything on the internet and it just never works :( fix this bug please
  • Adds everywhere 1/5

    By Dhjffrrytesgjkbdsxnkgc
    Maybe I am doing it wrong? But the adds were super aggressive and distracting.
  • good but no sync 3/5

    By abbylhardy
    i use both my iphone and my ipad quite often, and reading webtoons is a pain now since i cannot sync my progress between devices. i am signed in on both— but that on syncs your coins and series as opposed to my progress in them. please make it so when you log in with your account, your reading progress is saved and you can transfer between devices!!! i have found something that works in the meantime but it still isn’t the same
  • Webtoon if for you! 5/5

    By 'O+O'
    If you like to read, went on is for you. If you don’t like to read but love art, webtoon is for you. If you don’t love reading or art and are just bored and need something to do, WEBTOON IS FOR YOU!
  • Needs updated tagging/sub category system 4/5

    By klmarcasso
    Webtoon should have an updated tagging system or sub category system for filtering BL/GL/LGBTQ/Hetero love in the romance category. I know there are mixed reviews about this, but I also know many others feel the same, so hear me out. First off, I LOVE Webtoon. I love seeing so many different beautiful artists’ work, and I could read romance on webtoon ALL DAY. I’m giving 4 stars just because I do seriously love this app and all the beautiful art people put out for the world to see, but it does need improvement. LGBTQ representation is great. I have absolutely nothing against the presence of these comics, but as a non queer person it’s not my cup of tea and I want to be able to read heterosexual romance comics—but it’s freaking hard to find. Some people like to read queer romance, but I personally prefer non queer romance. People may call me a hater for trying to “separate” love if it’s all love, but I don’t hate queer love—it’s just not what I prefer to read. Again, I’m not saying LGBTQ comics should be their own category or separated from heterosexual love because it’s “not as good” or “not normal”—it would just be cool if non LGBTQ romance was easier to find as someone who is personally not LGBTQ. LGBTQ romance makes up the majority of comics in the category of romance. It’s basically like GL and BL make up 97% of romance on Webtoon, making it extremely difficult for non queer people to find the 3% of non queer romance. That said, I think adding tags to separate hetero love from BL or GL would not only make it easier for non queer people to find non queer romance, but people could also pinpoint GL or BL if they are looking for one kind of romance specifically. This could be done with a tag system or with sub categories. And if it’s too much trouble to separate all the LGBTQ love into different sub categories, then leave it all together and make Heterosexual romance a sub category. I don’t care if straight romance is a sub category or even a minority, as long as it’s easier for non queer people to find. Sincerely, someone who gave up entirely on canvas and looking for comics to read just because non queer love drowned in the 97% of LGBTQ love.
  • daily pass 2/5

    By hrhnx
    i hate the daily pass with a burning passion. i just want to reread my favorite webtoon without having to pay money,, i know this company gets more money from the coins and it’s seriously pissing me off
  • Cant wait to try! 5/5

    By Sally-234
    Ok so I was reading this story off of WebToon for a LONGGGGG time on Snapchat and now I’m on #45 and I was like , you know what?Its time I downloaded WebToon!So it’s downloading right now and I just can’t WAIT to keep reading the story that I love with WebToon I’m sure it’ll be amazing!!!!
  • Better then getting viruses 4/5

    By Just a Bird with an Opinion
    The app’s a lot better then reading on illegal websites but it still comes with some small and understandable downsides. For some older finished series you have to either pay for every episode or check in everyday for a free pass of one episode. That’s only for series you missed though not for ongoing series. There’s still episodes you won’t be able to read without paying but they come out for free on a weekly schedule so in reality you’re only paying to read ahead. Before I get into nit picking details I’ll just give a little suggestion to people reading this before downloading the app. You can get the webtoon currency “coins” to buy episodes for free by participating in events. These events will usually be reading certain webtoons and/or webtoons in a certain category. Ok onto just a small thing I’m gonna bring up for sale of a completely honest review. Personally it’s annoying to me that you can’t scroll or interact with anything else for a full second after agreeing or disagreeing with a comment. It’s not a big deal but it just bugs me a little and maybe some other people. Anyways the app’s pretty good and mostly free if you’re patient. There’s a lot of really good stories with a wide variety of what they’re about. If you like web comics give it a try.
  • It got too much 3/5

    By EvieLemons
    A year ago I loved WEBTOON. I fell in love with the series that the app provides and it was always a delight when a new series came out, which was every couple weeks or so. But now there are about a dozen new series coming out every month and it’s getting too much. These new series, all with nearly the same storylines just with different art styles, take away from what I feel was the small, cozy community of WEBTOON. Yes, I know some people like the new series that they get to read, but I feel like 2-3 new series coming out every day for the first week of the month is moving the spotlight from older, less popular series that have been going on for a while. It used to be when a reader finished or got bored of a series, they could explore other older series and give them love and support. Now, a reader have dozens of new series to explore and it shadows older series that are struggling, because obviously readers would check out the new series rather than series that have been going on for a year. For example, I love the series “zero game” but lately it’s been struggling to get more than 3k hearts for one episode, and I feel like this is caused by so many series coming out and the reader’s interest moving from zero game to all new new romance series. And it breaks my heart to see my favorite series struggling due to all these new series taking everyone’s attention. Again, while other readers enjoy all the new series they get to read, I wish it was like how it was in the last, where readers were sort of “forced” to explore the same series and help them gain the popularity they deserve. Plus, I see many other reviewers complaining about the daily pass thing, and I hate to do the same but I will. A few months ago, before daily pass became a thing, I fell in love with the completed series “flow”. A few weeks ago I got sudden nostalgia for it and wanted to reread it again, and guess what? I couldn’t, because I could only read a few episodes for free. The daily pass allows one free episode per day, and I was honestly alright with that, but what irritated me was that each episode you unlock with daily pass only lasts 14 days. Um, what? I’m sorry, but I believe I have a right to unlock an episode and *keep it unlocked* so I can reread that episode as much as I want. And in order to unlock more than one per day, I have to pay quite a few coins, and they still only last 14 days. It’s a huge scam; like, can I not reread my favorite series without paying? Is my—and presumably thousands of other readers—affection for the series not enough support for the author? With the daily pass thing for completed series and way too many new series coming out every month, it’s sort of obvious that WEBTOON is just becoming more greedy for money. I really miss the amazing community it used to be a year ago.
  • my experience 1/5

    By momo's a lemur
    too many straight people. i want to experience something homoerotic and freaking romance didn’t really help a lot. also i know some of the authors are dealing with quick ways of making money but jesus are their stories literally dragged out. the length of their story is about the size of my imaginary di- anyways, getting back to my original point, too many straight people.
  • Keeps logging me out :( 2/5

    By kidneywong
    The app was working perfectly until a couple weeks ago where every single time I close the app, it logs me out of my account (which I sign in through via Facebook) so I have to re-login everytime. Please fix this!!! It didn’t use to be a problem. Besides this I love the app.
  • :) 4/5

    By Itz_RandomGamerGirl
    I love this app. It’s amazingly great. But I give it a 4 star for a single reason why that annoys me very much. I don’t mind waiting for chapters to be unlocked on stories. Or make an account too. But after I made an account, I learned how to use daily passes now. But it could be better if you can make the daily passes free for free readers as well. And then. The other thing. My most big problem in this great app of comics, is the comments. I never reported anyone’s comment or anything. But I have an account. Without being able to comment a single sentence that’s child friendly. It keeps popping up “Could not obtain the uploaded information” and I have no idea what it means. Next time, I hope the warning will be more understandable. Thank you. That is all. But other than that, definitely a 5-star app. And a must get for manga, anime, and comic fans! ^^
  • Make an account first or you’ll lose your coins! 4/5

    By KiberasKitty
    Everything is great but I purchased some coins and literally right after webtoons was being a butt by kicking me out of the app and showing me the sign up account when I went back in. I’ve purchased coins before and this has never happened to me before but the app basically rendered my recent purchase to nothing, literally was scammazed! Because of that, I ended up making an account. Honestly, my mistake for not creating an account first but it’s also their fault for this happening to me!
  • Add as Update pls? 4/5

    By xvwan
    I love the app and i’ve been using it throughout my high school years… but i just got a new device and signed on.. my webtoons were saved. however,, the progress was not.. i have to individually mark where i left off. It would be a great idea to make an update to synchronize your progress through each device if possible. thank you.
  • Best app I can have on my phone 5/5

    By ✨Audrey's Reviews🌸
    I love WEBTOON so much! I’ve gotten so many people into this app and they love it. I’m reading so many good comics, but my favorites are Swimming Lessons For A Mermaid, The Adventures Of God, The Dog Diaries, and True Beauty. I have no regrets getting this app! I love it when i’m on road trips and I need a place to open. Coins are also very cheap but I don’t really get them. Just get the app if you’re looking for a good comic. Way better than pocket comics trust me, 100/5 stars I love it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • ! 4/5

    By unstablepisces_
    I love WEBTOON I’ve been a user since 2016 and I haven’t had any complaints other than the coins, I think it’s a annoying how I have to pay to read a comic that was released before fast pass was even made. I haven’t used the app in a few months and I came back and saw sirens lament ended and I wanted to read the end but I have to pay or wait for the whole comic to be available again :/
  • I love love love love love webtoon 5/5

    By dirkijch
    Hi so i like reading a lot and i’m probably subscribed to over a million books on webtoon and i love every single one of them. okay that’s it bye.
  • Should have double tap feature for liking webtoons!! 4/5

    By burntboni
    It already has the scrolling feature like instagram i tend to forget to like a story i enjoyed and always double tap thinking itll like it. I wish they would translate more korean authors
  • Newer “Daily Pass” feature ruins reading experience for old and new readers alike. 3/5

    By JuK7528
    I’ve been reading Webtoons on this app since (at least) 2016. Part of what drew me to it, was that everything was free… great for a young teen. I understand the improbability of that now, since the artists most ~definitely~ deserve to be paid, and in order to do that, new “pay for play” features needed to be added. I don’t mind the fast pass/coin/subscription feature (even though it was annoying at first) since, the app has to make money somehow... But “daily pass” is a ridiculous, non-reader friendly, non-artist friendly, obvious, money grab on Naver's part. It discourages new readers, which pulls down numbers for artists, and I imagine it’s an (unfair) incentive to have artists pump out new content. It completely inhibits old fans from rereading, since it would take months of consistently reading ONE CHAPTER A DAY, once again pulling down reading numbers. Also, even if you do pay real money for "coins,” to purchase daily passes and finish a completed work, the purchase would only be available for 14 days… it’s actually ridiculous.
  • Dark/gray mode pleaseee 3/5

    By Sirroundsound117
    I love the app but please add a dark mode, I read a lot at night and im sure many other people do too
  • No…just no. 1/5

    By crzz64
    I recently revisited webtoons for the first time since 2019. The Daily Pass was so confusing, and not all of the comics were available for download. The fact that you can’t binge-read a complete series and have to pay for comics now is absurd and really money hungry. They’re just asking for piracy. Really disappointed in how far the app has fallen
  • What happened webtoon 5/5

    By clash talk
    Why did you change webtoon you were already great and popular and now you’ve ruined urself asking for daily pass for more money and ads to read on a already free story it’s just disappointing I’ve been reading on this app since you launched webtoon and today I deleted you because you took my fav storys away and turn into a money mine of daily passes and coins that people like me just can’t afford or have the time for. Hopefully one day you’ll improve for the better and not the worst
  • They will steal your coins 1/5

    By RagnarRocks 🤘
    Okay, so I have purchased coins 2 times from WebToons (cheapest packages at like 100 coins for $10). I make those coins last- I mean, the first time I purchased was in January and the second purchase was at the end of May. I got charged for another 100 coins in July on the 10th. And I was confused at first “did I buy coins and not realize it?” I looked at my coins and I only had 43 coins. I didn’t make a freaking purchase- I would have had 143 coins had that happened. I talked to Apple and they said I would be refunded but anything that was bought would be gone- okay cool but I never received the 100 coins so not a big deal. And I also changed my password in case it was a hack. So WEBTOON took my 43 coins that I had paid for back in May and had been saving. Kinda super mad about it. And there is no customer service number to talk to about it. The coins from the $10 that I supposedly bought weren’t actually there so they took the coins I actually bought back in May. Thanks, WEBTOONS 👍 Anyway- the Toons are good and there are a lot of talented artists, but this whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth. So I deleted my account and the app. I can’t support a business that does this kind of stuff. Especially when there isn’t an easy way to talk to them about it and sort it out and I had to talk to Apple about it instead. Just never buy the coins if you get this app. Never make an actual purchase.
  • Daily Pass 1/5

    By HamsterGirl1234
    I LOVE webtoon, it’s the highlight of my day! However, I absolutely despise daily pass. I want to binge read a series, not read just two measly episodes a day for 100+ days. And that’s for a relatively normal sized webtoon, not even for big webtoons such as noblesse. Please remove daily pass or at least give us 5+ daily passes a day per series.
  • Great comics but there is an underlying issue that cannot seem to be helped. 3/5

    By RamZayin
    I would like to state how dissatisfied I am with your app and in general. You have amazing content but I keep getting kicked off WEBTOON app and have to log in every other week & each time it says my password is incorrect. Now my phone is stating there is a leak from your app which is affecting my privacy from using my password anymore as well. I have even started using a new email address to try to stay connecting with your app but it seems your app cannot seem to remember the password I give and makes me renew with each email I’ve used. I hope this helps for future people using your app though it is too frustrating for me to keep having to renew my password and getting logged out every week is just too annoying.
  • great but two problems 4/5

    By azal8494
    this app helped me improve my english. it’s wonderful but i have two problems. first, it’s really hard to log in or sign up.it takes more than 5-10 min. second, patron... dollar is way tooooooo expensive in my country so i can’t afford it but the parts which are censored in webtoon are available there😐so it’s not fair at all. i know that the writer need money to live but why should the story be censored?!? please do something about this.i can’t read my favorite webtoon because of this problem.☹️(because you know...i understand nothing and i hate that people censor things) thanks for understanding🙏🏻
  • change it back to how it used to be 1/5

    By jendbebdnndndnd
    what even was the point of the daily pass thing? we didn’t used to have it before and it was fine? i don’t get it just bring back the old app the daily pass is so stupid wth?
  • GREAT except for daily passes 4/5

    By SatisfiedUser11
    I love Webtoon. It has so many comics to read and they do a great job providing a platform for all creators with their canvas section, as well as with many events that give canvas creators the chance to make their series an original. I’ve been using it for years now, and it remains a great source of entertainment for me… but I’m sure anyone and everyone who uses Webtoon can understand and possibly agree with me when I say that daily pass series are the worst scam ever seen on this app. I don’t mind fast passes and coins (I actually think it’s a great idea if you don’t want to wait for future episodes), but the daily pass series are unreasonable. These are completed series that are long finished, which most likely have 100+ episodes, yet only a few are free of purchase. Those that aren’t require a “daily pass.” Given the name, I’m sure you can already guess that you get one free each day. The problem with this is that I’m the sort of person who enjoys binging series in one go, rather than waiting and coming back. I’m impatient, and I like to read everything in one sitting, if possible, rather than sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for more for 24 hours, months on end. Though Webtoon does offer the option to use coins over daily pass, with how many episodes each series has, the expenses are too much, especially because the episodes are only available for 14 days before you have to buy them again. I wouldn’t mind paying coins nearly as much if it was a one-time purchase sort of thing, but it’s not. This app is amazing, but this is the one flaw. The daily passes need a better system.
  • Amazing app :) 5/5

    By Haset Habtamu
    WEBTOON is so amazing, you have stories for free that are great and well-written. I would WEBTOON Is my #1 app and I definitely recommend it to anyone! <3
  • Good things and about webtoon 4/5

    By Pastel_Galaxyy
    Webtoon is great it has all the comics I love, but the only wrong about it is that it doesn’t allow you to remove comics from your list but besides that I absolutely love webtoon.
  • Great! 5/5

    By blankilo
    The app is great and I love how you can get free coins. But one problem is that we need more ways to get coins because we all need them for free.
  • Free Daily Episodes Don’t work 3/5

    By 123abcihatekidsomg123
    I really love Webtoon and I’ve had the app for years. However, the daily episode thing isn’t working. I started ‘Nevertheless’ last week and I’ve been trying to read episode 5 everyday, but it won’t let me. I’ve looked at coins, which I’m not interested in, and my registration, which has never changed, and it’s all the same. Please fix this problem because it’s making me very upset with the app. Why call it ‘free episodes everyday’ if I can’t even read it any farther than episode 4.
  • App glitch 3/5

    By Court.Dunn91
    I love the stories on this app and probably spend way too much money on the fast pass but it’s okay because some of the stories are worth it and it’s not that much money. However, the app logged me out and now my coins are all gone and the stories are still there but all episodes I fast passed for are still there but the fast pass episodes are locked again so I’m a bit upset and even after reaching out to support haven’t heard anything back so that’s the reason for the bad review. I know I logged in the same way I always do because all my stories I’ve read are still there but extremely sad and disappointed that I’ve lost coins I’ll never get back and that WEBTOON hasn’t gotten back to me to resolve issue.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Allie na
    It is an amazing app,including creators updating once week,monday and all that all the genres,you get to read while seeing creator newly made series and all that i definitely love it.and this too: Recommendation(opinion too)it’d be nice if you could have multiple language choices including people that are bilingual or speak 3 or so i noticed you could only do 1 sadly but it’d be really nice!so you don’t have to change every second but its just a recommendation of mind but other then that it’s amazing.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Username25605
    WEBTOON is amazing just sometimes when you have to wait it’s boring. But the two that I’ve finished were amazing otherwise. I love WEBTOON it great!
  • Good books but.. 2/5

    By Lila jean12
    The books are great but this app keeps play random songs and ads even when the phone is locked in the middle of the night (my phone was locked) I heard and ad for dog food and I checked and it was coming from WEBTOON can someone fix this?
  • please go back to how it originally was :) 3/5

    By _jayjayfab_
    I love this app I really do, i’ve been using it to read for YEARS now. so many stories all in one app. but one thing that i hate since the new update, is that you have to wait to read the next episode in a completed story. honestly it’s ridiculous, i just want to read it all in one go. almost all my favorite story’s are completed and now i have to wait to read them. this honestly gets me so mad. please change it back.
  • :/ 1/5

    By hshfjbsgeh
    Honestly I got this app thinking it would have the great anime manga’s but it didn’t so I just deleted the app
  • Sending/recieving coins 4/5

    By Mk Loves Games
    I absolutely love WEBTOON. I’ve loved ready comics and graphic novels since I was in late elementary-early middle school so it’s an awesome app for me to find new authors! My one complaint is that you can’t gift coins to others. I completely understand not being able to straight up transfer coins but I wish there was a gift option like other apps. I’m currently on my parents family plan so everything is charged to their cards and my cousin is in the same situation. I wanted to send her coins so we could be on the same episode of our favorite stories. I had already purchased my coins before I realized there was no way to gift coins (which is completely my fault, I should have looked more closely before purchasing). I can also understand if this never becomes something you would add, I just know that quite a few users out there probably have this same problem with family accounts and wanting to buy/receive coins!
  • i love it sm 5/5

    By tini frogs w hats
    ive had weboon for like half of its existence maybe even a little more and i love it so much the og stories are amazing and canvas has so many good things to read. ive never run iut of comics to read and they have comics that have been made into shows and its just magicalskdjskhdskb (*´▽`*)
  • Limit? 4/5

    By bcanning
    WEBTOON is the best, and if you’ve read the other ratings, you’ll see they also agree with me. But also like them, I have one problem. Apparently, I’m only allowed to subscribe to 500 Canvas Creations at a time, and I reached my limit. I find this a little irritating, as I spend way too much time simply scrolling through Canvas looking for something to sub to. If this could be fixed, I know I would be much happier. I don’t care much for the daily pass or anything, but I would love to say this is by far the best app I’ve ever gotten.

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