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WEBTOON: Comics App

Find new stories or share your own with WEBTOON™, the largest webcomics community in the world. Home to epic sagas, short stories, manga, and daily comic strips, access thousands of creator-owned comics anytime, anywhere across 23 genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and horror. Dive into WEBTOON™ ORIGINALS, award-winning comics which update weekly. Discover new voices on CANVAS, where creators self-publish their series to a vibrant, diverse audience. Join WEBTOON™ and find YOUR story today. Follow WEBTOON™ on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to join a community of 64+ million readers around the world. Website: www.webtoon.com

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WEBTOON: Comics app reviews

  • JUST WHY 4/5

    By vm_28
    I love EVERYTHING except the new deal with completed comics. We either read it with daily pass and we get one per day for that comic, or we use coins. Basically there’s no way to read the entire comic on a spree 🥺😔
  • eh 5/5

    By pewdiepie succks
  • Update 5/5

    By cordiliaHernd
    Hi I love the app!!! But I have a problem it’s say that needs the update version but iOS doesn’t have an update Please help
  • Buggy app recently (Oct 2020) 2/5

    By Jenniferhra
    The latest event that gives 5 free coins for daily check-ins in October has been SO buggy. The app continues to crash, and I cannot even update the app to the latest version to redeem the coins because it just freezes and quits itself. Even reading the webtoons has been a little clunky with occasional freezes lately. Please fix!!
  • Coins 1/5

    By oinkonke
    Im trying to collect the coins and it takes me to a white screen???
  • I love it!! 5/5

    By onionsoup._.
    Webtoon is such an amazing platform for many small artists to share their work on. Webtoon reached out to many of these artists, giving chances for their comics to become originals and for their work to become paid. One example is that they host a contest each year so small artists have the chance to win the contest (and earn money, or possibly have a chance for their stories to be featured). Another example is the “Canvas” side of Webtoon, where anyone is free to publish their own stories. A lot of artists start their work on Canvas, and slowly work their way to finishing their stories on there.This is where a lot of distinct and creative stories gather into one place, where the audience is free to view and read any amount of stories without any limit. The fact that Webtoon has offered so many chances and opportunities for comics and artists to become featured and has offered a place where small artists can share their work is the reason why so many people are reading so many stories and why artists make comics on Webtoon as a job. Webtoon does try their best to support every artist on here; like how fast pass became a thing, and how watching ads can help support Canvas creators. It’s fair since artists work their hardest to publish comics and stories for their audience to view. thank you Webtoon for creating a platform where everyone can enjoy their time at!
  • Won’t give me my coins. 4/5

    By Bts💜Army.
    I absolutely love this app! I’ve been reading webtoons for almost a year and I’ve read so many amazing stories. The only thing I’m not the biggest fan of is fast past. But I understand bc that’s how the authors make money. Except now, with the Omniscient reward thing, it won’t let me redeem my coins bc it just makes the screen blank and tells me that there are server issues.
  • Daily pass :( 2/5

    By Atballlly
    I literally loved this app so much but with the daily pass it makes it harder to read completed content. It takes months to read the completed stuff, and some I actually waited it to be completed but now I can only access it with a daily pass. Also with the daily pass it only unlocks the episodes for 14 days, and I have to go and unlock everyday to make sure I can get the daily pass episodes for the day, but it’s hard with work and school if I miss it that day. Also some series have so many episodes so it would takes months to finish with daily pass if I don’t pay for it. Idk it just makes me really sad because the nice thing about webtoon was that it was free but a lot of series aren’t anymore, even recently completed ones. :(
  • Not as well as before 1/5

    By I hate devs
    WEBTOON is good & all, but everything was fine before the whole update happened. It’s literally pointless earning coins and keeping up with daily tasks so, webtoon you were interesting but now it’s just not worth getting.
  • Can’t redeem coins 1/5

    By Chesrin
  • Weird..? 2/5

    By carmenxnksbe
    So, I did the login check in thing right so then it’s telling me to update my app press that button I’ve waited minutes and it still didn’t work which got me frustrated and I waited again I even deleted and downloaded it back..? So
  • Can’t redeem coins 2/5

    By Hazel_ois
    I have the latest update but the app keeps telling me I need to update to redeem coins. All I get is a blank white screen.
  • Perfect app! <3 only one problem. 5/5

    By macfan2150
    It keeps on telling me to update the app when there are no updates avalible. Can someone please fix this if you can? Thanks!
  • Love it but someone please help me 5/5

    By Jefferson Pyles
    Love this app. 5 stars no brained. but. I’m done with an event. it says update the app. THERE IS NO UPDATE FOR THE APP. THE EVENT ENDS IN ONE DAY WHAT DO I DO
  • love 5/5

    By rat😛😏😁😕☺️😕
    I love this app but some of the stories have gone like downhill a little bit. but that’s ok because i’ll still read them but if you want some stories to read i’d your just downloading the app i would definitely recommend cursed princess club and off girl out. this are definitely my favorites.
  • daily pass... 3/5

    By Bananabananaluv
    I’m fine with this site. I really am. I honestly love it. But. Daily pass. Are you serious-? I’m trying to reread some of my favorite finished webtoons, and now I can only read, what, 5 episodes a day. This is absolutely stupid and I hate it. Thank you very much. Bye.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By zach herranen
    I have never in my life been into reading but thanks to this app I love reading its stupidly cool books. I just wanna keep reading I like the freaking romance, down to earth, unordinary, blue chair, and rebirth those are my favorites and suggestions so if you wanna get this app GET IT! It is amazing!
  • Not user friendly, but comics are great. 3/5

    By Supernofriendo
    I’m very disappointed in the new update. They finally made so if I was in horizontal/ landscape/ whatever you call it orientation when I went to the next comic it would stay that way. Newest update ruined it! Also, I would really like it if there were a way to make sure certain types of comics aren’t recommended. Definitely including the comics I’m already subscribed to -_- please put more time into the stream lining the algorithm for ease of use.
  • Where are my free coins?? 4/5

    By Potato bby
    I did the daily check in thing “5 day survival” I believe and it told me I needed to updated it to the latest app version I pressed it but now it took my coins and I can’t find them but overall the app is great and has a lot of talented artist and comics so do check it out!
  • YouTube all over again 2/5

    By Tulissa H
    This app was great, at least it was when I used it in early 2018. Everything was so accessible minus the fast pass. Now all of a sudden, there are ads everywhere, and you have to PAY to read COMPLETED CONTENT. That is so stupid. And the longer a series goes on, the more it will cost whenever it ends. A series about 300 episodes long will net the app, not the creators like they say the money is going to, but the app more than $100. That is literally highway robbery. Take a look at This app and all the other apps like it. Take a look at YouTube when it first launched and YouTube when Google started changing stuff. This is the future our generation has to look forward to: The entirety of the internet being a capitalist’s dream. Take my advice, and just stick to reading real books.
  • Daily pass 4/5

    By Review(:.:.:)
    Dude... really? You’re going to daily pass finished webtoons that I’ve previously read just to make me purchase coins. Why tho? For what reason??? Like I’m trying to reread and all of a sudden ur just gonna slap a daily pass.
  • I’m kinda angry 3/5

    By Elizz Rose
    Like I love the app and I love to able to read those amazing stories. BUT this is the second time I loose a reward for an app problem. The first time were like 30 coins (I don’t remember well the exact number) for being with webtoon for a long time and the second time the omniscient story check in. I had the app updated it and it went to a white screen and didn’t let me claim anything. Other than that good app 👍🏻
  • The best of the best 5/5

    By coryxberry
    The app is awesome but I was wondering if you could make a comic maker mode were you can make your own comic with the characters from other comics and you will be able to post it and other people can read it.BUT the app is still good
  • It’s awesome. 5/5

    By dannyomega22
    That is all it’s pretty great and I spend countless hours reading in my opinion there are no flaws
  • Coin Glitch 2/5

    By Sunshineplazes👩🏽‍💻
    I like the app overall but every time I try to collect coins in says update now and even if I do update the app it still doesn’t work. Hope the fix that glitch soon.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By NoObErGaNg100. :p
    I used to have this app and let me tell you.. amazing. I saw it on a TikTok add and I knew I just had to have it. If I was ever bored or just didn’t know what to do in the backseat of a car I just opened up Webtoon and scanned for comics. Sure, the fast pass is a pain but the comics are SO worth it. I’d recommend the Room of Swords; a story about an adorable kid looking for his ship or is it really a search for swords that lead to something bigger? This story is good for sci-fi geeks and people who just love action, romance, and the thrill all in one. Now I can’t just tell you every. SINGLE. ONE. Of the comics I’ve read but here are some really good ones; Mage and Demon Queen, Safely Endangered, Again the Room of swords, Blue Chair, and Mango. Anyway, Have fun with the app if you do get it!!
  • ? 4/5

    By asnowdog
    I like the app but when I try to get my coins it says to update it but I have already updated it and when I click the update now I get a white screen.

    By Somebody who buys!
    It would be great if the arrow to go to the next episode were GREEN when it requires the purchase of a fast pass
  • Idea 5/5

    By cankabd
    I hate having to wait for new episodes to come out so I pay for fast pass however I hate having to individually buy the episode I wish there was a way to pre order episodes if that makes sense
  • I can’t redeem my coins 1/5

    By étrangère1
    Every time I tap redeem coins the app kicks me out and then when I go back I still have no coins. Something is wrong and it’s super upsetting that it’s not letting me get my coins.
  • Love Webtoons but... 3/5

    By Anu1718
    While webtoon has been a great app and I have come to find so many great stories, I’m beginning to dislike how heavily coins are making an impact on reading.Specifically, with already completed stories who require a fast pass, making the books lag on for too long and make the reading process unenjouable. Not only that, but I like to participate to get free coins, but they won’t give it to me. Recently, they had one for logging in every day to promote omniscient reader and I completed it. However, they won’t distribute my coins because they said I need to update my app. However, when I do, it’s just become a white screen and I have to redownload the whole app. I have had to do this Atleast three times now and I’m honestly really annoyed of it.
  • I love this but the daily pass comics is just no- 2/5

    By WatermelonCorgi
    I’ll do a subscription sure but daily passes? I hate it so much, and it’s hard to keep up with. Just let me read the whole thing like the old days, and i’ll pay for a subsription.
  • Please fix this 5/5

    By deprsion and sadnes
    The app is great but I can’t claim my coins from the event

    By Quincxx
    just why? why do this? I love webtoon, I don’t mind waiting 7 days because the artists and writers need time to make it good quality. People rating this get mad or upset about it, which is odd because they need the time to create these. People have their own lives, it’s like watching a tv show that releases one episode a week. Anyways for daily passes I just have found out today, and I wanted to try new series and it said daily pass on multiple episodes of a series.. we should be able to binge the episodes.. please take this off
  • Love WEBTOON 5/5

    By Just ReadingWebtoons
    WEBTOON is one of my favorite apps, I would literally read for hours it can really get addicted. I’m literally searching for new comics to read everyday. Honestly WEBTOON is the best 10/10
  • I HATE daily pass! 3/5

    By Badger._.
    I was reading Noblesse and was binging it and then the app updated and now I’m going to have to wait months just to finish a WEBTOON that is already finished?!? I just don’t think it’s right to change the app like that.
  • Free and still a rip off 1/5

    By Incensed
    I enjoy the great comics but someone needs to fix the glitches in the app. I have the latest version for IOS and after checking in every day to get 5 coins to read a comic I actually like it says I need to update to the latest version to get the free 5 coins. This is the second time I wasted my time I will never get back reading a comic I didn’t enjoy just to get 5 coins I never received because of a glitch and now the pages aren’t loading on mangas. This and the censorship without an option to view mature material are why I mainly use Tapas and spend money on ink I stead of WEBTOON coins. The only reason I even keep reading WEBTOON is to support the authors I like. I will never give my money to WEBTOON and once I find other sources with the comics I like I am deleting this app. It used to be good but now it is just taking up space on my phone.
  • Daily passes😡 3/5

    By lkili
    I love webtoons and their comics, but this new daily pass thing is very very annoying. I used to love going back and reading old comics that I finished and now I cant because of the stupid daily pass.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By desnedents
    I’ve got Hooked on this one Episode on WEBTOON and I’m obsessed! Definitely worth your money and worth downloading Best app I’d say! 🥺✨💕
  • Hey 5/5

    By 111111111ggggg
    Ok so I love WEBTOON so so so very much but... I really hate the whole fast pass thing or the waiting a couple days thing it’s really annoying cuz I really wanna be able to read my favorite comic but I can’t and once again I love ur app so so very much and I just wanna know if u could maybe make the use of the coins for something else and just make the episodes be able to be viewed whenever without waiting. You don’t have to do any of this! I love ur app!
  • Amazing! One question tho 5/5

    By hjspikfljuice
    I love WEBTOON! So many great stories! One thing, I have my email and webtoon sends me emails, but it still says my email address isn’t registered? 🤔
  • I love webtoon, but the daily stamp never gave me my coins 5/5

    By mimi😱🤗
    Webtoon is awesome, and i love it so much, but recently they had a 5 day stamp to collect, and i collected all the stamps but never got my coins.
  • App bugging out after update 4/5

    By Foreverpotate
    I updated the app bc it said I needed to in order to get coins from the 5-day survival event, but after I did that I 1) didnt get my coins, 2) the app crashes when I open the event from the banner, and 3) now the Prop I ad keeps randomly popping up while Im reading a comic. Please fix this.
  • Simplified Chinese version? 3/5

    By zoewangnz
    Great but there is no simplified Chinese version of the app for iOS for people in the U.S
  • Omniscient Reader 5 Day Survival Fail 1/5

    By Naty Star
    There was this 5-day check in challenge for this webtoon called Omniscient Reader that I absolutely love. It promised 5 coins for free if I checked in on time for 5 days straight. I managed to complete the challenge and clicked redeem. It said I had to update the app to be able to receive coins properly so I did. Now, every time I try to redeem my coins the app crashes. I’ve been trying for an hour now and I feel cheated out of the prize I won for completing the challenge. Please fix this bug so I can redeem my coins, I checked my account and it STILL says 0 coins.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By merge dragon new year
    Awesome app GET IT NOW
  • Daily pass is horrible 1/5

    By RissaAlexandra
    The app works well and the content is great but Daily Pass is obscenely expensive and horrible. Even if I’ve fast passed through episodes in the past, if it’s a completed series then I have to pay to read it AGAIN or wait several days or weeks? And then there’s too much pressure to check it every day or read it on time. I’m an adult and I have a busy life, sometimes I don’t read comics for a couple months. Everyone who loves Webtoon loves to binge read them! This is a really terrible feature and no one will want to pay $100+ for a comic series they already read once for free, ESPECIALLY since they don’t get to keep the episodes they buy! They disappear after 14 days as well! I would be happier to pay a monthly fee to read as much as I like in the times that work best for me.
  • Repeats Need For Update 3/5

    By josuke best boi
    I love this app but I keep getting told to update app when it’s already completely up to date
  • It WAS good 1/5

    By Crowsky
    I have had WEBTOON for years and have been absolutely addicted to the quality content just filling it. However I’m afraid I cannot recommend this in its current form specifically due to one aspect. They have put daily limits on reading finished works, while I’m not against paying for early peaks of currently running works to go back to finished works that many people have read or were reading already is just move for greeds sake. I know similar apps have harsher or similar monetization but based on how webtoons has built its audience and advertised itself it just leaves a bad taste. The other apps are now more worth while with more reasonable subscription options.

WEBTOON: Comics app comments

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