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WEBTOON: Comics App

Find new stories or share your own with WEBTOON™, the largest webcomics community in the world. Home to epic sagas, short stories, manga, and daily comic strips, access thousands of creator-owned comics anytime, anywhere across 23 genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and horror. Featuring action-packed, international blockbusters like Tower of God, Noblesse, The God of High School, the suspenseful thriller Sweet Home, and the global rom-com phenomenon True Beauty - now adapted into major TV and streaming formats. Dive into WEBTOON™ ORIGINALS, award-winning comics which update weekly. Discover new voices on CANVAS, where creators self-publish their series to a vibrant, diverse audience. Join WEBTOON™ and find YOUR story today. Follow WEBTOON™ on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to join a community of 64+ million readers around the world. Website: www.webtoon.com

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WEBTOON: Comics app reviews

  • Important 4/5

    By hneshi
    I need IOS 14 ver😭😭
  • Poggers 5/5

    By shankquo
    This app is the best. If u like to cry like me I definitely recommend Days of Hana.If you like romance the I recommend I love you or true beauty.
  • THIS APP IS GOLD!!! 5/5

    By heyyyyyyy11111
    Omg! Before I tell you about how much I love this app, make sure you always check the reviews to know if a scam or not stay safe!! Okay so when I first download, it was amazing 🤩 but then when I continued reading I could not put my phone down like, the drawings are so beautiful 🤩. And I understand that I have to kinda wait a couple days for the next chapter/episode not sure cause you know it’s takes a while to draw like that like I can’t even draw a straight line. After I had to tell my sister to download this since it’s has romance stories and that’s all she cares about she loved everything about it expected for how she had to wait, I told her stop being a baby and appreciate how who ever made this app ( thank you so much) told there time to make those drawing there FREAKING AMAZING! My favorite stories are “True Beauty” and “Freaking Romance” but I also have a question. So one day I left the app to go to bed but the next day I had to start my stories all over again, why is that? Okay forget that at least I got to read my favorite stories over again!!! God bless who ever made this app 💕💕💕❤️😇! I can’t wait to start reading more stories everyday take your time I don’t mind waiting I am a very patient person! Keep living your dream😫! Man you don’t know how many people I told about this app (6) then they told more and more people and they also loved it! Anyways I have to go to bed before I get caught and get in trouble with my mom and she gonna use the 🩴 on me😂. When I tell you it’s painful it’s painful, it’s more painful then sitting in a car with 15 siblings! Sorry what are we talking about again?........... OH RIGHT WEBTOON.
  • Love it, but need a save 5/5

    By mimi for game
    Love the app and the people on there, the comics are amazing and the they are drawn. But I wish if the app was deleted I would have all the data on it, I say this because my sister deleted it in rage from our fight and I lost everything...
  • Daily pass is terrible 1/5

    By Blackflame46
    Get rid of daily pass and I might rate higher.
  • Webtoon 5/5

    By taeeee333
    Truly this is the best book app out there like comics anime u name it
  • Daily Passes Deters Reading 1/5

    By BlueCookieMonstaz
    I’m more inclined to binging a completed series. I get that it’s to support the author but I think that it’s more damaging from prevent future viewers from reading. Another way for supporting the author is to simply keep the ads at the bottom of each chapter like other WebToons. REMOVE DAILY PASSES.
  • Quite nice 4/5

    By maii11waifuu
    The contents good and all but the only problem I have is when you log out/delete the app it resets all the webtoons you read which I find really triggering.
  • Pls 5/5

    By vęrøńįçå
    Can u add painter of the night pls :)
  • Great but 4/5

    By cazzzzi boi
    It’s a great app but it has a lot of login problems with apple because it would just forget all my subscriptions and my coins entirely even though i was logged in with the correct email
  • Idk if it’s the app or the story 4/5

    By needs a new feature
    I was reading down to earth episode 51 and when I had finished it and went to go click on episode 52 it told me I had to put in my email address and it really hurt me because I don’t really have a an email address and idk how long ima have to wait to read episode 52 but other than that it’s a really good app definitely recommend it!
  • Good but 1 problem I didn’t like 4/5

    WEBTOON is a good app lol. when I deleted WEBTOON and downloaded it again, I had to restart from page 1 and it irritated me. But yet it’s good so far (I just don’t what pages I’m on -w- that’s all)
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Rowlan736
    My app keeps crashing when I’m on it for more than two minutes as well as I shouldn’t have to pay 100 dollars for a single story.
  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By haihai03
    It amazing 5 stars for me how come its not on the best apps i love reading comics so I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE IT
  • If EA made an app 1/5

    By floralplasm
    I have been using web tune for a long time and fast pass was OK, I personally never used it but I understood waiting a week for episodes. Now they've had a daily pass and upped the price of episodes from two coins to three per. Some are generous and give you two 🙄🙄🙄daily passes but most give you one. Garbage 🗑
  • The best comics app 5/5

    By Hamody771
    The best comics in the world
  • Story’s are woke garbage 1/5

    By Itsyoboiiih
    90% of the comics that are on this app are either Lgbt,romance,fantasy it’s all catered around young girls are fruit cakes nothing is good.
  • No longer free 1/5

    By NoMoreDailyPass
    A few years ago I would have rated this 5 stars but WEBTOON got money hungry. There’s nothing wrong with paying to get an episode early for ongoing stories but the daily pass system is a joke. The best part of WEBTOON was rereading my completed favorites or binging recently completed stories so I wouldn’t have to wait for new episodes. I could just read it all at once. Now you only get one episode a day and it expires after 2 weeks even if you purchase more passes. This is even on WEBTOONs with 300+ episodes that would take forever to finish. They claim it’s to support the authors that finished their stories. If I want to support any other author though I’d just BUY the whole book and then it’s mine forever. I can read it whenever I want, not buy it again every 14 days. And this is on a site that proclaims itself to be FREE. If they really want my money I’d gladly buy the whole series to reread again and again but the daily pass is stupid.
  • Wonderful but one problem 4/5

    By supasudi
    The Children’s Privacy Policy. It makes sense. Anyone who is younger than 13 needs a parents verification before getting on webtoon and there’s a whole children’s privacy policy ( I’ll just call it cpp to keep it simple) to stop kids from reading comments or whatever. That makes sense, but there’s one major flaw. See, I was on punishment from webtoon for a long time (don’t ask why) and I was able to get it back as a birthday present. My parents let me get it early before my actual birthday, when I was still 12 and boutta turn 13. So when I put my age in it said I needed verification unless I’m 13+. So I waited until my actual birthday to try again. At that point I couldn’t reenter my age so I just tried logging in again, but it still said I wasn’t old enough even though I was. I’m guessing it takes your age once and decided whether or not I’m old enough or not at that moment but doesn’t keep track of it later. So now I’m being treated like a child when I really am old enough. My suggestion is that you should keep track of that persons age so that when they are old enough they can unlock privileges to read like a teenager and not like a child. One more problem is that the chapters that I left off on aren’t saved anymore, and I was reading multiple webtoons with insane amounts of chapters. I can easily go back and find where I left off though, but the main issue was the one I first addressed. Other than that, great app. Just please fix the issue where my age always stays the same on webtoon regardless of how old I really am. Thank you for reading this and I hope you found it helpful
  • Amazing! With a problem or two.. 4/5

    By Yourgurleatspotatochip1p1
    So, I really love Webtoon! I read everyday and always find new stories to read. The authors write so well and the events to get free coins are extremely convenient for people who aren’t allowed to buy them with money. Except.. I have two problems. My first problem is Daily pass for completed Webtoons. When I found out that Yumi’s Cells was getting daily pass like other of my favorite completed Webtoons, I was really sad. I don’t know if Webtoon understands that readers like to go back to their favorite completed stories. Having to wait until 10:00pm everyday just to read two episodes kind of ruins the reading experience. Especially if the series you want to reread is longer than others. Sorry if I’m rambling, I wanted to go in detail about my problems😅my second problem is that my old Webtoon account was randomly deleted. So, I use my Apple ID fingerprint to sign into my account. One day, I had accidentally deleted Webtoon and when I downloaded it again and signed in, the app made me make a new account! So I lost all the stories I was reading and had to find them all over again. It doesn’t really help because I mostly read Canvas stories. So, I hope that gets fixed. Over all, I love Webtoon and I spend so much time on it!
  • Daily pass needs to go, incredibly disappointed 3/5

    By Taytay06708425
    I don’t read a lot of webtoons, but I used to LOVE this app! USED TO. An old favorite of mine is Hooky. I love this webtoon with my heart and soul, and I used to look to it for artistic inspiration. I read the whole thing already, so the fact that now I have to go through some daily pass garbage just to LOOK at it is ridiculous. The worst possible addition to what was originally a wonderful app, and incredibly disappointing... Honestly, I know a lot of people who used to like Webtoon, and they all share this disappointment. Please Webtoon, fix this.
  • Best webcomic ever 5/5

    By Flying_Panda09
    Having this app for a few years now and I can proudly say that it is ONE of the only webcomic I can confidently recommend. It has a wide arrange of comics for your taste. And their mascots (Skeddy, Wyatt, and Wiggle) helps new authors to be quickly recognized and becoming a original. I love their work and that’s why I’m giving 5 stars. Will strongly recommend this app!
  • I think this should be put on Webtoon! :) 5/5

    By .Gintoki.-.Sakata.
    I feel like webtoon should have a place where you can see ALL the series you subscribed to that updated on that certain day I understand that there’s already a thing like that on the home page but I’m subscribed to so many I can’t even see all of them that updated that day so I miss out on some webtoons! I think it would be a good idea for something like that :)
  • Cndncndnf 3/5

    By kill this all life 360
    WEBTOON used to be my favorite app you didn’t have to pay for anything but now it takes like months to finish the story I really like if you don’t have coins that you pay for
  • deleted my account 2/5

    By goldcnroses
    i really do like the app, but i logged out of my account and when i tried to log back in using my apple id (which is what i used to create my account originally) it created a whole new account and it took away my coins and i don’t know what to do
  • The app is great but 1/5

    By tttrrrtttlll
    You guys need to get rid of the daily pass, especially on the classics that for many people is what drew them to your app. For example oh holy and girls of the wild both will take about a year to read. The decision to make people pay for them is just gonna drive people away
  • Eh 4/5

    By leavemehalonephatty
    Great app but recently it hasn’t been letting me read as much. The servers randomly crash leaving me unable to read for 30-60 minutes. I have no idea what happened because 2 months ago, I had no issues with this.
  • Webtoon used to be perfect 4/5

    By MatureSterben
    (Sry I was just rambling most of the time so if something doesn’t make sense I’m sorry but everything that makes some sort of sense I mean) I used to think this was perfect, I could read new comics every week and not really have to pay anything and then the daily pass and etc showed up and honestly I didn’t realize that until I tried to reread a series I had fully read and this happened today so I haven’t really kept up with what they added since most of the comics I read are unfinished but ok listen, I am a bulk reader ok I read 212 eps of the series Unordinary and 495 eps of the series God of Highschool in less than 7 days and etc. ok that might be a lot but as I said I’m a bulk reader I read a lot of things and don’t have many series to read so I run out of reading material really quickly and then I end up not reading for half a year and some other comics finished and I wanted to finish reading them but I like reading a lot in big amounts so I checked them and there was the daily pass waiting to ruin my lifestyle by making me read one episode a day which makes me freak out a lot cause I go from reading a lot to being forced to read one a day which makes me a bit annoyed if I could read them before without having to go and click a button to read one a day this is why I took a break from reading for half a year so I could have more stuff to read but it backfires since they added the daily pass I spent half a year waiting but for nothing cause of that daily pass that they added.
  • Something wrong 5/5

    By the map idea
    So I was longed in to I can comment and I opened the app one day and it’s was like put in parent’s email and it’s not working and it starting to annoy me I will right a bad review on this if u don’t fix it I’m not happy!!😡🤬
  • Finished WEBTOONs 3/5

    By Kool_Dood_098
    I am a person who loves to go back and read old and finished webtoons. For example, I want to read noblesse. However, I can’t do that because I have to have a daily pass. I don’t want to pay money or anything like that to read finished webtoons. I can understand if you want to read ahead of some, but needing daily passes to read a finished WEBTOON is kind of crazy to me.
  • Great stories, kinda glitchy platform 4/5

    By camille jn
    I love the stories on webtoon but I hate how when you scroll through sometimes it shoots back up to the top multiple times while I’m trying to read
  • This app is really good 5/5

    By Haru J
    This app is really good
  • What happened to my account?? 1/5

    By Maxine Laws
    I pay for coins, I have so many comments all over the place, tons of subscriptions AND THEYRE ALL GONE. What is going on WEBTOONs?! Give me my coins and account back or give me all the money I spent because this is seriously not fricken cool! I can’t remember everything I was subscribed to or what chapters I was directly on. Fix this immediately. My account has been registered to the same device, same email, same username for 3+ years!
  • Great app, but.. 4/5

    By Jubali6
    So I love this app so much I have had it for years one of my favorites was Gourmet Hound and I love it so much that I would always download it but when I tried downloading it because it had expired it never let me download it again and access so I can’t download one of my favorites and I really wish I could. And I also had deleted an episode from another series and the second I did that I instantly regretted it because you can only download it once 😭
  • Me mad WEBTOON 4/5

    By siah sis
    I really love WEBTOON but I don’t like the fact that we have to keep getting coins just to get on the next episode some people just don’t have the money to do that and I was on the greatest story I sat there and said bruh I’m so mad right now
  • Amazing but...... 4/5

    By :(@!/-?
    I LOVE this app it is so fun to pass time getting lost in the story but once in a wile it will glitch and on the episodes that u have to wait to get a free pass won’t let u read them after the first time but it happens very rarely but it is kind of frustrating but 9-10% do recommend to anyone who loves comics and anime.
  • I just lost OVER 300 COINS. Webtoon refund your readers. 1/5

    By juliapandabanana
    I just lost OVER 300 COINS. After this last update, I log into my account and ALL of my coins are GONE. I’ve been using this app for over 2 years and this has never happened before. I read some of the reviews and many other people have also have all their coins removed. Webtoon fix this problem and refund your readers. This is absolutely unacceptable.
  • iPhone support/Daily pass 4/5

    By KvngKenzie
    To start off with, I absolutely love WEBTOON!!! There’s nothing I love more than to sit and enjoy new comics. The only issue I’m having is the notch on my iPhone 11 Pro Max covering some of the content. I know this is a very minor flaw but extremely inconvenient and aggravating at times. When I’m reading a long scene with dialogue at the start of an episode, I have to hold down on the comic to read the beginning of every episode. It’s simply frustrating sometimes. Same issue with reading in landscape mode (which in my opinion is a much better experience). The notch on whichever side of the screen will cover content and or dialogue. Secondly is the daily pass. I understand that it’s a way of keeping content from being sped through and actually think it’s a good idea. But I think it should be upped to three episodes a day. Hopefully this review is seen and taken into account. Thank you content creators and developers of WEBTOON!!! Your hard work doesn’t go unappreciated!
  • Ugh fine a downloaded it 5/5

    By XhanitaXx😉
    ..... I downloaded it finally hahaha
  • GL genre 5/5

    By jgfkiygouyfoyu
    Their should be a GL comic genre for this app
  • Dreamteam 5/5

    By valentinawastakken
    I’m just here to read dreamnotfound fanfic I saw on tiktok😍

    By aim gurl
    This app makes fun of people religions and beliefs and on top of that has more than several bugs that need to be fixed and don’t even get me started with what happens with daily passes! Moral of the story DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!
  • App issues 1/5

    By PleaseLetMeContinueToRead
    I’ve been using the same device since I switched my iPhone but it is asking me to deregister a device. I don’t know what they want me to deregister since I don’t want to loose my coins but I still want to view the novels in reading. May I have help? There seemed to be no other way to ask for help for this app. If it wasn’t for this I’d give the app 5 stars.
  • Daily Pass 1/5

    By HeavyBladeGamer
    I can’t read 15 episodes of Home Sweet Home without a premium membership. What a stupid idea. There are people out there that want to actually follow a series.
  • Suggestion to Improving the Daily Pass System 4/5

    First things first, I am a huge fan of this app and many stories that have been published here. The only critique I have is that the daily pass. I understand that it is meant to get people to buy coins and therefore make the company more money, but I think there is a better way to do this. A better daily pass would be one where instead of waiting a day for free episodes, webtoon could just run and add when you go into the episode. Then they could get rid of the coin system and instead have a “Webtoon Premium” account which is like a monthly subscription to get unlimited add free webtoons. This would make the company more money because they would be making money off of both the “free to read” people and the people who are willing to pay money. Crunchy roll has proven this as a viable business strategy with the similar service they have which is free to people who are willing to watch the adds and add free for people willing to pay. This is a necessary change because many people are displeased with the daily pass system, and in the end this would lead to more webtoons being read and therefore, more money being made by the company. Completed webtoons aren’t getting the exposure they deserve due to people not wanting to go and check every day for new episodes, proven by the fact that basically the only critique of the app in reviews is the daily pass. In conclusion, revise the daily pass system into a add free subscription based service for these reasons, it will make the company more money off of “free to read” readers, it will lead to more webtoons being read because of no more pay wall, and it will silence the criticism of the daily pass, which is the main reason people don’t read series and are complaining in the app reviews.
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By HermioneGranger5412
    I highly encourage you to get this app! If you do I would really recommend these webtoons: The prysomiss (it’s amazing) Castle swimmer (come back to this review when you know who kappa and siren are. Trust me. You’ll love them) Heartstopper (nicks dog is a real cutie) Anyways, what I mean is you shouldn’t be reading this review right now. What you should be doing is CRAZILY DOWNLOADING THE AMAZING APP AND RUSHING TO CREATE AND ACOUNT TO READ ALL THE AWESOME WEBTOONS!!! JUST DO IT! PLEASE TRUST THIS WEIRD RAVING REVIEW AND INSTALL THE FREAKISHLY AWESOME AND EFFECTIVE APP!!! DO IT! STOP READING THIS!! YOUR STILL READING IT!! GO GET THE FLIPPIN APP! ITS AMAZING!! I repeat the webtoons I suggested: 1. The prysomiss 2. Castle swimmer 3. Heartstopper Please please please do yourself a HUGE favor and get this app. Thank you to all the people who run it I love the app! <3
  • It’s amazing but there’s one thing... 5/5

    By chelsey sauceman
    I love the app it’s great and free (except dads pass of course) the stories are just awesome. But when you get a new device you can’t transfer the coins you do have to your new one and that’s very annoying I lost over 20-30ish coins because of that. You awesome can’t get the coins you got from a free coin rebate if you get a new device and that’s very aggravating. Please find a solution for this.
  • I was good 2/5

    By 🤔😆
    The app was great before they added daily pass comics I would sometimes reread a comic but I have to wait a month so I can finish
  • Okay app, but the popups need to stop 4/5

    By CubeAl53
    It’s a good app, been using it for four years or so without complaint (aside from daily pass, but others have leveled their complaints and i understand why creators want it). My main issue with this app right now is the event popups. No one wants to get a popup every time they finish an episode. There should be a way to turn those off (if there is, it’s not obvious). It completely kills the reading experience.

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