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WEBTOON: Comics App

Find new stories or share your own with WEBTOON™, the largest webcomics community in the world. ​ Home to epic sagas, short stories, manga, and daily comic strips, access thousands of creator-owned comics anytime, anywhere across 23 genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and horror. ​ Featuring action-packed, international blockbusters like Tower of God, Noblesse, The God of High School, the suspenseful thriller Sweet Home, and the global rom-com phenomenon True Beauty - now adapted into major TV and streaming formats. ​ Dive into WEBTOON™ ORIGINALS, award-winning comics which update weekly. Discover new voices on CANVAS, where creators self-publish their series to a vibrant, diverse audience. ​ Join WEBTOON™ and find YOUR story today. ​ Follow WEBTOON™ on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to join a community of 64+ million readers around the world. ​ Website: www.webtoon.com

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WEBTOON: Comics app reviews

  • Ads 4/5

    By Bl00dyna1ls
    Great app for story’s making story’s yknow the deal... it’s the ads I’m not getting notifications for the ad locked episodes and when I do try to watch a ad to unlock it , it simply won’t work and this has been going on for days with many others
  • Fast Pass 3/5

    By Haydiliz
    I really do love this app a lot, but some things could change. I really don’t like the idea of fast passes, and having to wait a long time, or spending money on episodes. I would much rather like it without fast pass, I do realize this is how they make some money but it ruins the experience.
  • Ads are crashing 5/5

    By Zixici
    I love this app but lately the ads to unlock the episodes are crashing so could you please fix that? Don’t worry I think it’s temporary not permanent. Definitely enjoyed this app
  • Reward ads don’t load! 3/5

    By ew3123a5
    The reward ads won’t show up they just say they’re out of ads and it’s been like this for a week. I thought they would have fixed this by now. It’s very frustrating
  • Organizing feature and daily pass 3/5

    By stopsayingthenicknameistakenok
    I originally rated this a 4 but bc of daily pass I have to lower it, I didn’t rate it a 5 bc I wish there’s a feature where u could add folders to organize the webtoon comics, like ones I’ve read, or reading, etc. I rlly hate the daily pass feature it just makes me wanna drop a WEBTOON so bad
  • Ads 4/5

    By AnaVazz
    So, I just don’t know why, but the ads in the app are not working and if a can’t watch the video, I don’t have access to nexts parts of some of the comics. Other than that, is suuuuuper good!!
  • Ad reward problem 4/5

    By Knighttress
    I would give it 5 stars because I absolutely love this app but recently I have come across a problem, the ad rewards are not loading. This could be a problem on my end but it makes me rather disappointed that it cannot load the ads, therefore I am unable to read the next episode, please help me if you can.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By dontaskmeaboutmybread
    Many stories that are top tier! The thing is that there are so many bots that spam scammer links in the comment section. Please make people do a human verification thing before they make an account, so there wont be any bots.
  • This is honestly great 5/5

    By ok this is me
    This has been an app ive used even when i was 8. I enjoyed a lot of stories and to this day i still see some stories from weebtoon.
  • some things I don’t like.. 1/5

    By scarlett,D
    So every time I try to log in but when I don’t want to anymore I keep pressing ‘ close ‘ but it won’t work so I have to redownload it I also hate how we have to get coins for a fast pass. Also whenever I try to log in back into my old account on here it says my user name was wrong. When last time it worked perfectly fine.
  • Please 4/5

    By kirdiluwu
    I love webtoon, but please please get rid of the daily pass thing! please.
  • Video to Read Episode is Broken... 4/5

    By hdhahdnxiegdkusgdkxuwbdkagdbs
    Hi! I’m gonna try and make this quick and simple so I’ll just get straight to the point. I’m currently reading a WEBTOON titled “Love Lesson”, and I have to watch an ad to read the episode. To be honest, I have absolutely no problem watching ads to read episodes! As long as I get to actually read it I’m completely content. But when I tried to click on the episode to watch the ad, it said “Unable to load Reward ad. Please try again later.” I tried again a few hours later, still couldn’t watch the ad to read. Now there’s 3 new episodes out that I can’t read because I can’t watch the ad. Please, Please, Please fix this! I’ve been binge reading this series and it’s driving me insane that I can’t read the new episodes!
  • 3/6 3/5

    By insurgent_yeeter
    I love webtoon but you have to pay to read the storys so thats why webtoon is a 3/5
  • Bugs Need Fixed 3/5

    By ~ArkAngel~
    I want to give this app more stars, I’ve had it for years but lately it no longer saves the comics I read, which chapter I was on or where I was at in the chapter. The app used to do all of that. Please get whatever bug is causing it fixed. This has been going on for months.
  • New update is under developed 3/5

    By Witch_gamer_reviewer
    The recent update with age restriction is unchangeable if you enter your wrong date of birth you can’t change it and can’t enjoy any of the comics that you follow, please fix this
  • Great App Overall but..... 4/5

    By Hanna Jacks
    I’ve had this app for years now and really love the collection of comics. It’s 4 stars because Webtoon won’t let many of the popular series continue. Any artist who wants to publish on this app as one of their originals or get into a serious partnership with them should be aware that at any time they can stop publishing your chapters even if you submit them. Some artists have been waiting over a year or even years for their stories to come out.
  • Awesome but needs something 4/5

    By Tgoldbutterfly
    I loved this app because it has no adds!! But I wish the Webtoons you liked/hearted is in my where downloads are.
  • quit suppressing creators 1/5

    By BayouBambi
    let them post. let them come back. let Let’s Play come back.
  • WAS GOOD but GREED ruins it 2/5

    By Cherrrrrrrrrryy
    I totally understand locking new chapters behind a pay wall but for completed webtoons too?? It just becomes frustrating and discouraging to read my old favorites. It does not make me want to pay. In fact, I read less webtoons in general now. I used to read so much when I had the freedom to skip around chapters without worrying if spending my coins would be worth it or not. You end up thinking that “well I already know what happens, I shouldn’t be spending money again and again to reread.” I don’t even know if the coins will help the author. I think the paywall and daily limit on completed stories is off putting and an unwise business move. The daily limit works against the flow of chapters and is annoying! I feel bad that great stories aren’t being read again and again.
  • app is great, hate some updates 4/5

    By Isanidiot
    i hate the daily passes, and the fact that you only get 3 coins for challenges. its not even enough to buy a fast pass
  • Good but.. 1/5

    By Why No needsss
    I think webtoons is genuinely a good app to read many comics however once you log out of your account or forget your passcode, there’s pretty much no way of getting it back. I’ve tried getting my account back for the pass 30 minutes. I’ve changed my passcodes using different emails for about 20 times. I honestly give up and deleted the app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By AnaLeas
    Love it just wish that they didn’t restrict reading completed comics to only 1 episode a day (3 would be amazing!)
  • Love reading all the different comics 5/5

    By welp45
    I loving using this app and how you can use the fast pass. I accidentally screenshotted a part on the fast pass didn’t mean to I already deleted the screenshot it was just of the a scene and I had forgotten I was on fast pass cause I was amazed by the art so I don’t know what to do now though. I was going to try to email WEBTOON and let them know that it was a mistake but I could find where to do it. (Don’t wanna get sued for it :( )
  • You don’t have some of the best webtoons :( 1/5

    By SarahThePumpkin
    I would like you to include at least these best isekai/fantasy webtoons that are not recommended only by myself, but also by many other professional readers, being in top 10 BEST isekais: “Solo Levelling” and “They say I was born a King’s Daughter”. It is a big inconvenience to not have them in the app. Pleaee make my wishes come true! XD
  • a small problem 3/5

    By Supernovastar0
    i signed out of my account and now webtoon won’t let me sign back into it. i don’t want to make another account because i don’t remember everything i was reading and i don’t remember where i was in some of the things. it’s really annoying. every time i try and sign into my account it tells me that the email isn’t registered. but when i go look at the email inbox it has a ton of emails from webtoon. and if i try and make a new account with the same email it tells me the email is already being used. can you please fix this problem?
  • Really nice app but there are performance issues 3/5

    By ICICI jfu
    Opening the app, things take a really long time to load. A lot of the times when I click things, it takes a really long time to actually do the action. It’s really slow. At least show a loading indicator because if I click on something and nothing happens I feel like my app crashed or something (which in reality the app is just taking a long time to load the next page)
  • Love it 5/5

    By Rad grl 27
    One of the greatest story apps without a subscription or having to buy things
  • Why is the free coin have Expiration date??!?? 3/5

    By Slenderdeadpool
    I had 13 coin that I was saving and now it all gone!!!! Tell me why, would u do that and not tell everyone about it???
  • Webtoon Review!💚🤍💚🤍 5/5

    By 🦋Marz🦋
    Okie sooo, if ur into LGBTQ+ things, comics, drama, romance, fantasy, or any book genre... Webtoon is this the absolute perfect app to use! Some of the comics are based off of real books, and other are completely original! They’re are such wonderful and talented artists and story writers on this app, I would definitely recommend you download it! Here are some comics to get ya started 1. Not Another Fairytale Story 2. Lost in Translation 3. Secret Playlist 4. The Fever King 5. Not Even Bones 6. Freaking Romance 7. Code Adam 8. GremoryLand *this is kinda scary* 9. Death of a Pop Star 10. In the Bleak Mid-Winter

    By bbghnnkkjbgh
    I love this app I have for years but the ok my issue I have is when my story’s move to original and I can’t continue read because it diapers.
  • it’s ok but. 3/5

    By kate0182
    the app itself is very well done and all the webtoons are amazing. but what gets to me is that you have to pay or wait at least a month or even longer to read a full webtoon. i get very into a webtoon then i find out i have to wait or pay for the next episode.
  • Won’t let me log into my account 5/5

    By viv😵
  • New update?? 4/5

    By @FoxDog
    I love this app but as of today, I went into it and saw that some of the “covers” of the comics I read are changed. I was just wondering if this was a update or the writers changed there art cover.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Peissner_girl5_6
    I’ve been using it daily for a few years now and I’ve never had any problems. I’m not usually a fast passer so I can’t speak much about that but the comics are incredible and I love the layout of the app. I had actually used another web comic app in the past and I found the layout confusing. I appreciate WEBTOON for the artists it brings and how easy it is to use.
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By Maria3212
    I love all most of the stories they recommend I love how they have recommended’s for you even for art, the app is really good I haven’t had any problems yet, the stories are really good. I personally don’t mind the daily pass I know a lot of people do, but overall the app is good has drama romance thriller that’s AMAZING. 😭🤚🏼😂
  • Great App 5/5

    By NiaDuAl
    Okay you guys got me with the April Fools prank lol. Either way I love this app and would definitely recommend.
  • A Bug? 4/5

    By Vroom xo
    I was using the Webtoon app just now and when I opened my “Subscribed” board, all the thumbnails turned into weird sketches. I tried to refresh but I didn’t work. 😬what is going on?
  • Better than others 5/5

    By debdeble
    I know that the fastpass thing is kinda annoying.. but tbh there r no other legal apps that actually release all the chapters. If you start a WEBTOON on WEBTOON- most likely you’d be able to finish it (it’ll just take a while) But when you read on like... LezhinComics, there’s no guarantee that they’ll release the chapters/or even update the comics. But WEBTOON gives you countdowns, and sometimes the authors will have an upload schedule that they post on their page. I’m pretty sure that not a lot of people r gonna legit read WEBTOONs every single day/every single hour of their lives. But reading on WEBTOON is definitely worth it (If you wanna binge- they have a “completed” category that usually has a lot of free episodes- and ofc everything is free in the canvas category on webtoon)
  • I love Webtoon and have a single suggestion. 5/5

    By RebelPup
    I think Webtoon is really cool and I read comics from it daily. There’s lots of great user generated content and I love that creators can have direct feedback from readers via comments. The user interface is also very simple to use. The one thing that I think would be awesome is if Webtoon had a branch for posting light novels. For English authors, there aren’t great platforms for submitting light novels to a western audience. I think it would be really cool if webtoon had a branch that was similar to Shōsetsuka ni Narō in Japan. Considering the growing popularity of Webtoon, I think it would be really cool to see something like this.
  • It signed me out 3/5

    By KatPersona
    Hey WebToon! I absolutely love this app and find my self obsessively reading WebToon a for hours! But for some reason when I opened the app, it logged me out of my account and won’t let me back in? Can you please explain why? Other then that 5 stars!
  • ✨ BeSt GaMe ThInGy EvEr... ✨ 5/5

    By loveneat
    I am so in love with WEBTOONS!! The only thing I really don't like is the pass. I also wish for there to be less anime stories... I am not a huge anime fan. My favorite show so far is "The FOUR Of Them." I really recommend it if you love drama! ~ mOi 🙊
  • Bruh a daily pass? Really? 1/5

    By xDarkCrown
    So first we have the pass you buy with coins, and then there’s a daily pass for completed WEBTOONS? Bro what kinda wack stuff is that?
  • Episode a day 2/5

    By johnny test 🤪
    This is getting ridiculous. I was in the middle of rereading Miss Abbot and the Doctor a while ago and it became a daily pass series. Now I don’t have the ability to read it all in one sitting because the episodes expire after 14 days too. I understand the need for daily pass revenue but why have the episodes expire. It’s extremely frustrating watching this app turn into a flashier tapas. What happened to the Webtoon we had in 2018?
  • daily pass ruined webtoon 1/5

    By pissedyke
    the daily pass feature on webtoon not only doesn’t work half the time, but will create problems with saving where you left off in the book, which is annoying as a one time occurrence, but infuriating when it happens daily. half the time i’m not even able to finish the daily pass stories, which is disappointing to me and unfair to the artist themselves. Why spend so much work on a story that’s not even available to be read. i have been reading webtoon for 5 years and i had absolutely no problems with it until the daily pass feature appeared.
  • Frustration 3/5

    By ahajagsgaha
    I really don’t like the daily passes because I really loved reading these books. I just don’t get why people make you wait. It gets so frustrating to know that a book that you really love, has to wait. The stories are really great after all, and it breaks my heart to know some people just put the daily pass chapters in the book. I really recommend the story My Deepest Secret, Sirens Lament, and Freaking Romance. I also really love the book To Love Your Enemy. I would recommend WEBTOON, but please just be aware of the daily passes
  • Review 2/5

    By I want free gold
    2 chapters a day of already completed series? What an utter joke.
  • Login 2/5

    By Transfering and restoring data
    Alright here we go again so I got back into WEBTOON and I’m reading well I decide to stop reading and take a break so close all my tabs and turn off my phone well I get back late and what do you know “Singh up or login” :/ hope you can fix this.
  • Perfect App 5/5

    By Madison C. (maddie)
    This app has something for everyone, and it works out super well. I have been using this app for several years and have had no problems. I completely recommend.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Kashima Senpai
    This is a very good app, this wasn’t meant to be a review but Idk how to ask questions but I’d give this app five stars, I’m just curious if there’s a way to up the webtoons resolution on IPad because everything on IPad looks kinda crappy and my phone broke recently so It’s either my computer(meaning I can’t daily pass or fast pass) or this so does someone know how to up the res?

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