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WeChat is more than a messaging and social media app – it is a lifestyle for one billion users across the world. Chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay, and much more. Why do one billion people use WeChat? • MORE WAYS TO CHAT: Message friends using text, photo, voice, video, location sharing, and more. Create group chats with up to 500 members. • VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: High-quality voice and video calls to anywhere in the world. Make group video calls with up to 9 people. • REAL-TIME LOCATION: Not good at explaining directions? Share your real-time location with the tap of a button. • MOMENTS: Never forget your favorite moments. Post photos, videos, and more to share with friends on your personal Moments stream. • TIME CAPSULE (NEW!): Share glimpses of your day. Record short videos to post in your Time Capsule before they disappear in 24 hours. • STICKER GALLERY: Browse thousands of fun, animated stickers to help express yourself in chats, including stickers with your favorite cartoon and movie characters. • CUSTOM STICKERS (NEW!): Make chatting more unique with custom stickers and selfie stickers. • OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS: Tons of accounts to follow with original content and news for your reading pleasure. • MINI PROGRAMS: Countless third-party services all within the WeChat app that don’t require additional installation, saving you precious phone storage and time. • TOP STORIES: See the latest articles your friends are reading and discover all kinds of interesting content. • GAMES: Have fun and compete with friends in a huge selection of WeChat Mini Games and Tencent Games (available in select regions). • WECHAT PAY: Enjoy the convenience of world-leading mobile payment features with WeChat Pay and Wallet (available in select regions). • WECHAT OUT: Make calls to mobile phones and landlines around the globe at super low rates (only available in select regions). • WERUN: Use Healthkit and Health app data to sync your step count on WeRun, where you can compete against friends with daily step rankings. Enable WeRun in “Settings” > “General” > “Plug-ins”. • LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Localized in 20 different languages and can translate friends' messages and Moments posts. • BETTER PRIVACY: Giving you the highest level of control over your privacy, WeChat is the only messaging app to be certified by TRUSTe. • EASY MODE: Clearer and larger text and buttons for better readability.

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  • 刚下载两天,没几个聊天记录,也没怎么用。占用存储已经达到了1G有多。要不是没得选,真心不想中 1/5

    By 长命百岁100
  • It May Steal Your Data! 1/5

    By The evening of drum tower
    I feel that Wechat will surveillance your chat and use machine learning models to identify those political sensitive keywords. Then they will either mark you or censor those keywords without telling you. Not sure whether they will report to the government.
  • Can someone PLSS verify my acounttt? 1/5

    By pIs h3lpppppppppppp
    my snap is aniwonsey and number 6193054675 pls text
  • LOUSY APP 1/5

    By Cathrret_
    I have created more than 3 accounts in less than a week and ALL have been BLOCKED for NO REASON. I’m fed up, If it wasn't for me, I wouldn't even use that crap app but I need it for communicate me with chinese people, because apparently the only app they know is this one; I feel sorry for them to have to use this crap and useless app
  • 微信是洩露隱私中國監控的工具 1/5

    By 阿爾法利刃
  • 垃圾 1/5

    By 高茗娜
  • Crashes on IOS 16 1/5

    By CT uh hfuh
    Crashing constantly and cannot log in with IOS 16.0.2 on iPhone 12 mini. Please fix
  • Don’t let me create account 1/5

    By docreix
    Sign up process way too complicated! Better stick to WhatsApp!
  • ios16 最新版微信 无法正确显示未读消息 1/5

    By Zroll_Spartan
    锁屏显示有新消息之后进入微信 收到了最新消息 可是所有消息都是显示已读 根本无法知道哪条是新消息
  • 13pm通知声音蚊子叫 1/5

    By 朱铭佳
  • New update requests to send user info back to China mainland servers 1/5

    By nuspi
    The new update asks users to accept a term that all the information related to commenting, subscribing, and searching in the Public Accounts (equivalent to the social media public pages) will be sent back to the China mainland servers. This is to help Chinese government better monitor, control, surveil, and even prosecute users who express opinions that do not align with the Communist Party’s narratives. Wechat is a Chinese government’s agent and pushes its agenda and ideology even beyond China’s borders. Users from the free world should be cautious about this and keep in mind how your information will be used on WeChat.
  • Ios 16 1/5

    By VV1nson
    Ios 16 update are very slow. After updated Always can’t login wx too fked up
  • Worthless unless you speak Japanese. 1/5

    By Eliot Press
    It started out in English but switched to Japanese before I could open an account.
  • Crashes in iOS 16 1/5

    By Mondaybox
    Please fix, I can see messages coming in but the app doesn’t open, I just get a black screen.
  • Cannot log in 1/5

    By Onion & garlic
    After getting a new phone my account was blocked for 3 days from logging in on new device. It's been over a week and I still cannot log in. I tried contacting them and the lady on the phone was rushing through and didn't give me usable advice. I legit would have not even use this app if it’s not to keep in touch with family. Why is wechat being sooooooo difficult!!!!!!!!!??????
  • 视频号入口😡 3/5

    By 隔壁大白鹅
  • 什么时候开通CallKit? 1/5

    By 辣鸡张小龙
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Vaticanson
    I hate how I need someone who has WeChat to verify me. I can’t talk to the people I want to because they can’t talk to me because the verification is stupid. I meet people in dating apps but I can’t message them on WeChat because the stupid verification thing and they can message me because I’m not part of WeChat and they can’t verify me because they can’t message me or see my QR code. What a waist.
  • Best Application I used ever 5/5

    By hatenfs stupidkim
    It’s long time I am using WeChat and I am using in China mainland; It’s really convenient than other communicating application.
  • Does not work with iOS 16 2/5

    By Crash Crashington
    Installed iOS 16 on a brand new 13 promax. Migrated data from 11 Pro. When I start up WeChat, I get a black screen. Someone fix please!
  • I have try everything to get in 1/5

    By Alexa3love
    I can sing up, I try everything and even WeChat support any response nothing, I had a friend from china to help with the QRcode and nothing.
  • notification 3/5

    By Ting Han Ko
    just can't get the notification... have done literally everything and all the notifications are allowed the version is also updated , also deleted the app and downloaded it again... so hopeless
  • iPhone 14 pro 2/5

    By Just an iPad user
  • Constant connection problem 1/5

    By Pentaquine
    With iOS 16
  • 消息和电话声音不能分开设置 1/5

    By abbastian
    要么开着声音 每条消息都响 要么关了声音 接不到微信电话 什么弱智设计
  • 垃圾折叠功能 1/5

    By vx的好爹
    真的很垃圾 为什么要替别人做决定 人家不乐意看自己会屏蔽 你🐎搞这些
  • 垃圾 1/5

    By ZDY_Coder
  • ios16微信后台收不到通知 3/5

    By 小籽岷
    微信刚置于后台是可以收到的 但是隔一小段时间就收不到消息通知 我在设置中已经把通知打开了
  • nmsl,赚黑心钱 1/5

    By I cannot Login
  • Unfreeze friend getting stuck 3/5

    By emmanuelahonon
    My account was freeze since yesterday, and I’m trying to unfreeze, Follow every step uploads my face recognition and it’s telling me face recognizes failed. Try help from my friend it’s same. I have contact the WeChat support and I got any answers please can someone help me get back my WeChat
  • WeChat is sending international user data to China 1/5

    By Catmm
    WeChat is forcing users in USA to agree to the updated user agreement that user data will be sent to China for data analysis. By doing this, it is exposing users to greater risks of privacy breach and political prosecutions. If you don’t agree to it, you can only have access to limited functionalities. App Store should not allow this! WeChat should be banned until this new policy is revoked.
  • search function failed 1/5

    By Lesliefans1101
    you stupid developers are just adding new bugs, isn’t it?
  • ipad版什么时候可以发布视频在视频号 1/5

    By Joy the student
  • Not good for new account 1/5

    By 热爱孙悟空的玩家
    I can add any chat group just because this account is new! In my other I can add any chat group and it has been 3 day now
  • Notifications 4/5

    By Suju Ryeowook
    I noticed that especially this year, if I do not open the app, I will not get any notifications when someone messages me. I’ve been using this app for a along time and never had this issue.
  • Search function broken after moving to iPhone 14 pro max and ios16 1/5

    By Loner810
    I’m getting issue where the search function on main page will stuck at loading after moving to new phone. Hope this get fix faster
  • App does not open 1/5

    By 曈言
    App does not work with iOS 16 upgrade. Maybe you should make WeChat only work within china with Huawei only
  • Ya no 1/5

    By GodLovesALLpeople
    I got WeChat and was so excited because I had heard great things about it. My family wanted to use it as a group chat but I’m the only one with an account and you have to have a friend registration verification and it won’t let me verify there accounts. This used to be a great app. I don’t recommend even downloading it you can’t get an account without having a friend with it and if you do get past that you’ll probably be blocked anyway. This is such a disappointment.
  • 沒有了以前能用的功能 1/5

    By m、G
    不能長按圖片添加到表情包。 不能一次將多個圖片添加到表情包。 截圖之後,選擇整頁,不能將pdf文件發送到微信。 不能直接拖拽pdf文件到微信發送。
  • iOS 16 issue 3/5

    By Lllwlisa
  • 越来越垃圾,已改用what’s app 1/5

    By 伤心QQ
    太吧自己当根葱,越来越垃圾,已改用what’s app
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Ted in Chicago
    There are bugs in this App. Also every time I open the App, a timer shows it is loading the app, it is slow. When I bought a new I phone 13, transfer all the contents including this Wechat to the new Iphone, it thinks my phone is stolen, does not allow me to log in in the new device and saying the accoiunt will be locked for 3 days. Why did they send a security code to my phone for login purpose?? The purpose of the code is to verify I am the account owner. A message says I need to use the old phone for safety. The stupid App does not meet American standard.
  • 被歧视的海外用户 1/5

    By lotus-ann
    海外游子已经够惨了。结果腾讯还来恶心我们一下。 首先,微信电脑端不能用。这是为啥?? 然后,微信支付没有身份证不能用(身份证都放在国内了)。 其他功能也是只有一半。
  • Awful 1/5

    By Syracuser
  • 更新IOS16后微信黑屏 3/5

    By Mux_1988
    请问怎么处理???? 微信打不开
  • Got banned by saying something against CCP 1/5

    By wohenyingyu01
    I live in China. The app is censored by Chinese gov, use it with caution or you will end up in jail. Don’t criticize Chinese gov, the big brother is watching you. Just try you best to act like you’re completely brainwashed then you’ll be fine.
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By yooooooo hiiiiiii
    When you try to login it tries to make you call someone to unlock your account for you if you dont you cant geg in the app don’t download this app.
  • 聊天发送 1/5

    By xpxp95
  • App doesn’t work with the new iOS 16 software 1/5

    By Anon291260
    App won’t open after I updated my phone. Just keeps on crashing.
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