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  • Current Version: 7.0.12
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  • Compatibility: Android
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WeChat App

WeChat is more than a messaging and social media app – it is a lifestyle for one billion users across the world. Chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay, and much more. Why do one billion people use WeChat? • MORE WAYS TO CHAT: Message friends using text, photo, voice, video, location sharing, and more. Create group chats with up to 500 members. • VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: High-quality voice and video calls to anywhere in the world. Make group video calls with up to 9 people. • REAL-TIME LOCATION: Not good at explaining directions? Share your real-time location with the tap of a button. • MOMENTS: Never forget your favorite moments. Post photos, videos, and more to share with friends on your personal Moments stream. • TIME CAPSULE (NEW!): Share glimpses of your day. Record short videos to post in your Time Capsule before they disappear in 24 hours. • STICKER GALLERY: Browse thousands of fun, animated stickers to help express yourself in chats, including stickers with your favorite cartoon and movie characters. • CUSTOM STICKERS (NEW!): Make chatting more unique with custom stickers and selfie stickers. • OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS: Tons of accounts to follow with original content and news for your reading pleasure. • MINI PROGRAMS: Countless third-party services all within the WeChat app that don’t require additional installation, saving you precious phone storage and time. • TOP STORIES: See the latest articles your friends are reading and discover all kinds of interesting content. • GAMES: Have fun and compete with friends in a huge selection of WeChat Mini Games and Tencent Games (available in select regions). • WECHAT PAY: Enjoy the convenience of world-leading mobile payment features with WeChat Pay and Wallet (available in select regions). • WECHAT OUT: Make calls to mobile phones and landlines around the globe at super low rates (only available in select regions). • WERUN: Use Healthkit and Health app data to sync your step count on WeRun, where you can compete against friends with daily step rankings. Enable WeRun in “Settings” > “General” > “Plug-ins”. • LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Localized in 20 different languages and can translate friends' messages and Moments posts. • BETTER PRIVACY: Giving you the highest level of control over your privacy, WeChat is the only messaging app to be certified by TRUSTe.

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    By Nani (nae)
    Please. I beg people to do their research. This is a Chinese app that collects data and blocks anyone who goes against the CCP or doesn’t support their false picture they try to paint of themselves. This app is dangerous. Please. Find something else.
  • The worst app of free speeches 1/5

    By The Guy Over There.
    There are so many words and phrases set as “sensitive” in this app under the Chinese government censorship. Once your words are “sensitive”, your post or your comment even your message will be blocked to show to the others.
  • 越来越烦微信 1/5

    By (≧∇≦)abcdefghijklmn
  • QwQ 5/5

    By Tailang Liu
    nice ,i like it so much !
  • App is GARBAGE 1/5

    By AppReviewerAnonymous
    Title says it all nothing more to add
  • Heavy handed by communist censor 1/5

    By THUDore
    This is a Chinese app that is under totally censorship by the communists. Use at your own risk.
  • Heavy censorship 1/5

    By qrx1-234
    This app is under the control of Chinese communist party. It should be removed from the App Store.
  • Larry 5/5

    By docklord
    Can’t find WeChat on my phone but when I go to the App Store and get the app all my information is there I have a iPhone 7 Plus help

    By Kayla N vu
    You see I downloaded the app and I tried to sign up. I did all the steps but the final step was very weird. I had no one that I knew of that had the app so I never could log in! I really want to though but every time I try I get stuck at that step. Please get rid of it!
  • 接龙用不了! 4/5

    By oksj2019
  • 很好 5/5

    By naylinsoe
  • 张小龙傻逼 1/5

    By 潛伏者
    张小龙傻逼,微信团队傻逼。 公众号文章无序推送,只有你们这群傻逼才做得出来……
  • Bad Details 3/5

    By Taracool
    I love this app but has bad features inside it. You can get removed from chats and more. Can you take this away
  • Can’t even join!!!! 1/5

    By heather custer
    Can’t even make an account without having to have someone that has an account so I can make mine I don’t know anyone that has this!!!! Why do I have to have someone who has had it for a certain amount of time basically refer me!?!!?!!!
  • I want this app 5/5

    By sahl phon
    I want this app
  • 微信功能 5/5

    By I'm 111
  • They steal your info 1/5

    By Jenjenjen123456789
    Forget about this app
  • Worst APP 1/5

    By Katherina valencia
    I believe you will lost your privacy after you download this APP. They would force you log out and close you account when you are talking with your friend. What’s Worse, they fake the reason why they banned your account that you didn’t do it at all. That’s so scary.
  • Stop the censorship, WeChat!!! Remove it from the App Store!!! 1/5

    By Lei2BoycottWeChat
    WeChat has always been a heavily censored social media platform that violates basic human right of freedom of speech. When a foreign company operating in the U.S, it must comply to the laws and regulations of the U.S. Tencent violated U.S laws by filtering its users messages and posts, restricting or banning their accounts, if they’re deemed as anti CCP by Tencent. Dr. Li alerted people of COVID19 outbreak on WeChat, and was silenced. WeChat censors messages or posts that relate to topics the CCP doesn’t like. WeChat is in fact a propaganda arm of CCP’s and only allows non political or pro China messaging. The U.S government should hold Tencent accountable for WeChat’s violation of freedom of speech, and stop it from censoring another Dr. Li!
  • Password reset 1/5

    By bucicoiu
    For three days i am trying to reset my password because I forgot it and I received no answer no email to be able to reset it So I can’t login
  • 广告太多 1/5

    By 杏林小草
    Too many ADs
  • 无法搜索聊天内容 1/5

    By xhdbdkav
  • wonderful app 5/5

    By jjjjkjiihnn
    This is the best app for communicate with other,I love it!
  • Shake problem plz help! 3/5

    By Kevin-.max..well
    I started using wechat almost six years ago and lately i’ve been getting this shake problem that shows me only asian fellows for days nothing but asians and i can’t speak their language and it’s not happening to my friends only me and some people when i looked it up so what am i supposed to do plz answer me!...if anyone know’s the solution plz text me on facebook my name is Kevin maxwell the photo is me a guy kinda blond wearing a blue suit!
  • Ishhejehsbbzbz 1/5

    By gdjirefigsjbf
    There is a problem with the program that always stops. Please fix the situation
  • Something’s happening now 4/5

    By 我C头
    App Get freezing sometimes can’t loading
  • 深色模式很鸡肋 2/5

    By 菜狗子xyk
    我觉得把深色模式设为跟随系统真的很傻,我喜欢苹果的深色模式 但不喜欢微信的 现在跟随系统的方法让我很难受 我希望可以手动调节是否在微信里用深色模式
  • 日常一星,就是看你不爽 1/5

    By ailaodao
  • Need up date 1/5

    By royjoe3
    Not working app afterupdate'
  • 能不能恢复聊天记录 4/5

    By Tjw714
  • 配色太狗屎 1/5

    By HarryTseX
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By MIHO2020
    If you have the app installed, you can literally do anything in one app. Genius design. Not mention free message, video chat, voice message, location pin, scan and pay,find friends near by, make donation to charity, selling or buying goods etc and more, I saw ppl running millions dollars business in this app. Jaw dropping..I wish we have a similar app in US, so we don’t have to download 10+apps to get our jobs done. We used to judge ppl too much ,didn’t realize that we should learn from them on some point. IMHO
  • Bad 1/5

    By alimarwan
    This program is very bad and its competitors are better than it also whenever I want to register in my account or a new account that wants to be able to delete the code or ask my friend what is this ridiculous
  • 注册不了 1/5

    By shauk hwage
  • Part of Chinese communist watchdog now 1/5

    By Big Bear Angus
    Ever since new emperor Xi took power, even if u discuss modest dislike of chinese communist party, u will get flagged, possibly blocked and harassed in your wechat group by the wechat admin, recently it happens many times that other people could not see my messages anymore in the same chat group. So be warned, wechat now is a political tool now spy on people for communist party haters.
  • Fix the dark mode already!!! 1/5

    By orangepulpfiction
  • Love 5/5

    By Vina_li15
    I loved it my whole family uses it
  • This app is a waste 1/5

    By @TwitRaddiction
    Why is it so difficult to register as a new user? Why must we jump through virtual hoops to use this app? First you need someone to scan your code. Then you need someone to vouch for you and whatnot. Really? Never mind. Deleting this useless app.
  • Do Not Disturb does not stop calls from WeChat 2/5

    By Sydney XL
    When I turn on Do Not Disturb mode on my phone, screen locked, I would still receive incoming calls from wechat. I am using iPhone Se 2020 and iOS 13.4.1 and my friend with iPhone 8 on the same version of software is also experiencing this issue. Test it for yourself. There was no way to type feedback within the app so I had to reach out through a review. I hope this gets resolved soon as being waken up at midnight is NOT fun.
  • Chinese censored app 1/5

    By LOFT2020
    It’s Chinese censored app. Monitored by Chinese political system! They allow wumao attack other people by untrue facts! But will warn you if the facts are true but unacceptable to them! I am very disappointed for this app.
  • rubbish 1/5

    By 暴躁的脾气越来越
    Tencent is a disgusting dog.
  • update experience terrible 1/5

    By Leoopld_aurora
    little video close button is below,but before version is above,why change users already existing habit, why not change your code to get frequently experience, changing experience is not making issues, your team is just making trouble too much, I don’t like the version, terribly too much.
  • Eh 1/5

    By Niall Horn
    It won’t let me sign up
  • They monitor you 1/5

    By voodomama
    In order to use this app in USA, you must sign up using a cell phone number. In China, posts that the government doesn’t like are deleted. So if you want to be monitored, give out your cell phone & open an account.
  • cool app. 5/5

    By richardl91666
    I like this app, I can find my friends 😎anywhere in the world, 24x7, anytime, anywhere. A phone call can video with my girls in one second. I really like it.😘😘😘😏😎😎😎
  • Verafication 1/5

    By thorn345
    I’ve tried getting this app to talk to some of my friends who live in China but it’s so hard because of the verification process I wasn’t able to get in and no one was able to help me get in because it wouldn’t let them
  • 一打开就发烫 1/5

    By taontech
  • no callkit 1/5

    By Rise🌗
    Why is there no callkit, it is very inconvenient, hoping to improve this function.
  • Can’t open account 1/5

    By Jogiddy
    Doesn’t work. My friends using we chat cannot verify my account as it instructs me to do. Several have tried. I tried using a different device. I also tried reinstalling the app. Looks like my wechat app is getting DELETED because it’s so bad 😂

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