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  • Current Version: 7.0.2
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  • Developer: WeChat
  • Compatibility: Android
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WeChat App

WeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you to easily connect with family & friends across countries. It's the all-in-one communications app for chats, voice and video calls, Moments, photo sharing, and games. WHY USE WECHAT: • MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: Send video, image, text, and voice messages. • GROUP CHAT & CALLS: Create group chats with up to 500 people and group video calls up to 9 people.  • VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: High-quality calls to anywhere in the world. • WECHAT OUT CALLS: Make calls to landlines and mobile around the globe at low rates (in certain regions only). • STICKER GALLERY: Hundreds of fun, animated stickers to express your feelings from some of your favorite cartoons and movies. • MOMENTS: Share your best moments on your personal photo stream. • BETTER PRIVACY: WeChat gives you the highest level of control over your privacy. It's the only messaging app to be certified by TRUSTe. • MEET NEW FRIENDS: Use “Friend Radar”, “People Nearby” and “Shake” to meet others.  • REALTIME LOCATION: Instead of having to tell others where you are, just use real-time location sharing. • LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Localized in 20 different languages and can translate messages to any language. • WeRun-WeChat: Access HealthKit data and challenge friends to beat their scores via the "WeRun-WeChat" Official Account. • AND MORE: Desktop app, custom wallpapers, custom notifications, and Official Accounts.

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WeChat app reviews

  • good 5/5

    By sgnmcjfkvjhkzbHekmx
  • 抢红包一直刷新不出来 1/5

    By fhvfvhggj
  • LIWEI 3/5

    By Jujuboycat
    My WeChat is quite working after I replaced my iPhone 6s+ to iPhone XR! I remember my ID but forgot my password! I tried to recovering now the screen stay there and do nothing!
  • Can’t register 1/5

    By Zoe1244211
    Piece of crap. I downloaded the English version. Open it and all I get is a huge login screen, no way to create an account. Google how to create an account. Go to the official WeChat page. It’s ALL IN CHINESE! Can’t register, won’t use, garbage app. Wasted an hour trying to use it. LINE app is better, don’t bother with this one.
  • aon-123-89 5/5

    By aon-234-89
  • Wallet 1/5

    By fitnessjunkie131141
    So I’m planning to go to Asia and I’m going in a month or two. But now I’m in a situation where I’m trying to make it easy and won’t make it seem like I’m a tourist by blending in. I looked up and WeChat is famous to pay for things and Alipay, how am I going to pay on wechat if there’s no wallet section. I guess Alipay will get me to try their app.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Arxalan91
    Why its people near by option is not working
  • 多帳戶登陸 4/5

    By amberchen.cxp
  • I can’t find anyone 1/5

    By mooott77
    Only 3 people near to me , and only one bottle, Whats happening to searching
  • No WeChat pay 2/5

    By NYwarrior
    The US version doesn’t have “wallet” under “Me.” So I guess I can’t use WeChat pay when I travel to China.
  • Downgrade 2/5

    By thetamer
    The previous version felt better. With the new color scheme it feels the app is bland and lost its personality. If there was an option to select the previous color scheme that would be great.
  • Severe App Crash Issues 2/5

    By BruceXZh
    I have been using WeChat for years and it’s the most important communication tool for me because I am from China. However, this app crashes in a disturbing frequency on my 2018 iPad Pro. I hope they fix it. I like everything about WeChat otherwise.
  • Highly Dislike New Update 3/5

    By Braandonpaarker
    My friends and I have been using this app for upwards of 5 years now, and it’s always been great. However, the newest update changed the layout to white instead of the dark grey it used to be. Developers, please allow an option for a dark mode. It’s sleeker and easier on the eyes. 5 star app other than the new update.
  • Useless 1/5

    By china-ip-thief
    Terrible ui and ux. So unintuitive. I only use it to exchange an urgent messages with chinese workers. I hate using it.
  • When bring back callkit 1/5

    By Dead pool !
    Come on, callkit has been removed due to Chinese policy, come on, when bring it back?!
  • 非常需要完善删除好友功能 3/5

    By 需要双向删除好友
    请加入新功能,允许用户在删除好友时选择将自己也从对方好友列表里删除。Please add a new option for users to unfriend someone and be removed from their contact list as well, like Facebook. Please please please.
  • Blocked while traveling was a disaster 1/5

    By Baron Mojohito
    WeChat blocked my account while I was traveling in Asia. I couldn’t perform any of the verifications to correct the account since I didn’t have access to my USA phone number while abroad. The conference organizers and attendees were using WeChat as the exclusive method of communication, so I was completely cut off. I lost access to my collection of contacts. WeChat said that my account had suspicious activity, but I have no idea what that was, or how to correct it. Now that I’m back in the States, WeChat still will not unblock my account. It’s unacceptable for a platform of this scope, which so many people depend upon, to be cut someone off without warning or recourse. Relying on WeChat while in China was a disaster.
  • 垃圾微信 1/5

    By 一星都想给
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Hawks1153
    My account was blocked for an unspecified suspicious activity. I tried contacting the customer support team three times to get my account unblocked and find out what the suspicious activity was. I finally received an email that “Emails will not be viewed.” Instead I should read the FAQs. If the FAQs had been helpful the first time I wouldn’t have sent an email.
  • Locked out and no help 1/5

    By Kuromi1122
    The app allows one of your wechat contacts to help unlock the account. The contact I chose didn’t even get the message to help me unlock. Deleting the app since it’s useless to me.
  • WeChat 5/5

    By lllllliiiiiikkkkkeee
    It is pretty useful to chat with my friends
  • breakdownall the time 1/5

    By lessismore?
    Break down all the time
  • Oops a problem 1/5

    By bitamoptom
    For signing up , after entering the phone number and accepting the wechat policy, the error comes saying that this phone number not valid😔..I tried several times more but no result. Now I am reinstalling the wechat app again hoping its get okay You tell me what cud be the reason?
  • iPad上微信为什么不支持时刻视频? 3/5

    By nospoonben
  • 新版很差!一片白,很晃眼,一点美感都没有! 1/5

    By 美丽花2016.3
  • Do Not Install It !!! 1/5

    By bravepla
    Do Not Install It !!!
  • 小视频功能闪退!!!!! 1/5

    By Mei_meimei
  • Porquería de app 1/5

    By Gizah asmara b c
    No funciona personas cercanas se volvió una porquería ! Te denuncian sin motivo te bloquean la cuenta no responden no ayudan mal servicio!
  • Ruined my opportunity for a job 1/5

    By whitneyreckmusic
    I just got an account here and the next day it got blocked. The account was for an interview for a job I was hoping to get and because I wasn’t able to communicate they didn’t give me a second chance. I don’t know why my account was under suspicion and because of this I lost my job. I don’t appreciate the fact that this app ruined my chance for a job with no evidence because I made an account the day previous. The only reason I got on was for business and it wouldn’t even let me do that.
  • 无账号保护 我给差评 1/5

    By suckmyjiba
  • 最新版本垃圾 1/5

    By stella yum
    新版本亮的晃眼 能不能把黑色背景框还回来!
  • 账户安全保护很鸡肋 3/5

    By 可乐啦家看
    自己实名的号被盗好友都被删了邀请好友申诉都弄不回来 !!评判号码归属仅仅只是好友协助 安全方面真的不敢恭维 。 缺乏创新 守旧
  • Wallet is missing 2/5

    By weeechat
    It doesn’t have a wallet option. Never were able to upload a wallet program. So now able to use a bank account. Also not accepting international bank card. Nor I I want to pay transaction fees.
  • 稳定性太差了 3/5

    By 破评论也要名字
    本来好好的,越更新稳定性越差 还有字体能不能出再小一号。最小号的都太大了!!!!!!!太大了
  • Is it designed to blind our eyes? 1/5

    Literally, after updating the heading and bottom are so bright. Really can’t stand it. The experience is totally ruined because of that... Think about the night mode probably? I’ll change my feedback after you change the poor designing.
  • Advise that you really should consider!!! 4/5

    By ;(----------)
    As a Chinese now move abroad, I’ve joined so many WeChat groups that might help me with my life. But when I open WeChat, it’s full of groups instead of my friends which is really annoying. I’m thinking if it’s possible to have group chat and contacts separated so that I could have a choice of which to read.
  • stupid version 7.2. I do not like Vedio background 1/5

    By James5647829
    stupid version 7.2. I do not like Vedio background
  • Junk software 1/5

    By hejingang
    Garbage products open software to take photo software flashback and take pictures in a bit of dark places, photos are very dark, basically can not see the picture content is really garbage
  • Access from the USA 1/5

    By LolaXB
    Updated my new number now I have lost all my contacts and blocked from suspicion activity. Can not unlock my account & can’t open a new one. 😞
  • No Wallet section 5/5

    By Islom Tolipov
    Could not find wallet service
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By xdm4131
    Blocked my account, can’t get into it and instructions are difficult to regain access. Now I can’t talk to my contacts overseas.
  • Can’t get in and we chat anymore 1/5

    By cocosue1!123456789
    Didn’t use my account for several months now I cannot get in it I have tried to re-activate it I have emailed with no success even when I was in China tried to reactivate it and have someone verify if they’re in their shop you can’t just cancel your account and reopen it worst app ever
  • Bad app design 1/5

    By KamalDarwish
    I used WeChat before it was much better. Now to translate a Chinese text to English you have to do many steps for every reply !!! Please make translation automatic from settings or one key translation
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By mikede1973
    Does a lot... terrible to operate. Why is there no better way to switch between different functions? Need to go back back back back to reach a text so I can copy something and go forward forward forward forward to past... not a good user interface Also... why a green which is different from messages and WhatsApp. I have them in a group and it just looks ugly
  • 垃圾自闭软件 1/5

    By 蛋疼菊紧2
    没有用户自由的聊天工具 天天封锁这个封锁那个 也不知道是为了什么狗屎security 我干你娘 老子想浏览什么是老子的权利好吗 你tm凭什么
  • Wallet problem 1/5

    By Majid 82
    It is almost one month my wallet has been shut down , I'm living in China , after calling customer service they didn't say the reason and told me if I have a problem I can get a lawyer , in addition many foreigners in China have same problem
  • Wallet 1/5

    By ErfanSbt
    Wallet was closed...!! 😠😡🤬
  • Terrible 1/5

    Why the version 7.0 has removed the file function? Terrible interface!
  • bad behavior with foreigner who living in china 1/5

    By RyanRyan87654738372628
    bad behavior with foreigner who living in china

WeChat app comments

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