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WeChat App

WeChat, the free messaging & calling app available across all smartphones, is now available for your desktop.

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  • Can't find group video chating or calling 1/5

    By Nmlgb
    All my friends in the group can video call within a group, but I don't have the option. I would like to know why I am being left out.
  • Ok 3/5

    By fjgdskljgalkdjhtioew
    It works, nothing more.
  • Awful 1/5

    By LougeeLake
    This uses a lot of resources and runs horribly on 2012 iMac
  • 视频cpu占用太高 1/5

    By 尼玛名字为什么不能用啊。
  • system down 2/5

    By 123421342134
    Did not pay attention until recently it became frequent. I tried to upgrade the system to 10.14.5 thinking about maybe this helps, it even stops the system from rebooting (black screen but still power onj). Until I manually and have to say luckily switch off "wechat login on Mac" on my cell phone, the system is able to restart to finish the upgrade. So please fix the problem!
  • when many picture files send failed 1/5

    By AssassinLOVE
    you do click resend, and chat screen roll down to the buttom
  • rubbish!!!!!! 1/5

    By 如肉肉肉肉
  • signs out after a moment. 1/5

    By Imlikeyou
    pretty useless. it signs out after minutes so you need to get your phone to log in. which defeats the purpose of a desktop app.
  • Advise for users 1/5

    By KTR66
    First of all, I declare that using this software is a last resort. In China, quite a lot of foreign content has been blocked and can only be forced to use Chinese "domestic" software. If you are fortunate enough to have the rest, then as a Chinese citizen, I would like to provide a piece of advice here: Don't touch Chinese products. Software or hardware, you never know what traps are hidden behind them! ! !
  • Cannot make screenshot 1/5

    By xo88ox
    Trying using the screenshot feature will crash the app, please fix it!
  • Obsolete app 1/5

    By Daerios
    Both iOS & macOS version still does not provide Dark Mode.
  • Handoff between OS platforms is poor 1/5

    By plsemail
    unlike Whatsapp, logging into your account on your laptop is clumsy and requires a qr code all thetime. And the conversations do not carry over from the phone onto the laptop, it should be seamless. I used the video chat on the phone and it was okay, but could not get the chat to work on the laptop which is critical to get right
  • too bad 1/5

    By ourf
    i'm unable to download the app!
  • 无法备份/恢复聊天记录 1/5

    By CristianoYL
  • This version is SOOOOO bad! 1/5

    By chilaker
    I could not upload files, close pictures after opening them, and switch pictures/videos, etc. All of these can be done nicely in the previous version. Please get the previous version available so we can switch it back until a newer and better version releasing.
  • Dark Mode is needed 1/5

    By isczhu
    It has been a half year since the release of Mojave. The only major App on my Mac that hasn't been updated with Dark Mode is WeChat! I don't think it's technically very diffcult. But lack of commitment for the end user is always a problem with Tencent. Although tecent is such a big compamny with so much resource, it never really cared about user experience. What a shame!
  • 每次都要手机扫一下或者点一下真是有病 1/5

    By skuimsc
  • weird... 2/5

    By AnnabethChase3
    when i try to download it on a phone, it works perfectly fine. but when i try to download it on a macbook, i can't even download it!
  • App Crashes in video call 2/5

    By Bototri
    The connection drops or call is simply impossible during a video call for the desktop app. Update it ASAP please!
  • Blocked for No Reason 1/5

    By AngryPanda0031
    So was using for few weeks and suddenly for no real reason I was blocked for suspicious activity? Huh? Benighn conversation with a girl = suspicious activity? And the way to unlock is another Wechat account users phone number? That is ridiculous. I don't know anyone else. This one girl in China and I'm in the US and only started just chatting so I don't have her number and nor would she trust me with it considering we just met online. Like really?
  • Ridiculously painful account lock experience 1/5

    By Kingdaddy2000
    For some reason, their system determined my account was compromised (it wasn't), and I needed to re-verify it but the only way to do so wasn't via sending me a text message, which it did ,but to get another wechat person to verify for me. Ridiculous!

    By realZackHan
    I tried to make a video call, when the web cam was on, people can't hear my voice even though my mic was totally fine becaue it worked when I used Facetime, but weirdly, when I switched to voice call, they could hear clearly what I said. Please fix this! This bothers me a lot.
  • Video call bugs 2/5

    By uid:533231
    Cannot use video call or voice call on mac when connecting to a phone user. Situation on my side is fine, but the person I connect to cannot see and listen to me dynamically. I hope you guys fix this bug ASAP.
  • Other people can't hear or see me during video/voice calls 1/5

    By KobeDoe
    For a giant tech company, your mac pc software has a lot of bugs. When I call others on video call, they cannot see or hear me. same for voice call too. Take a look at your codes guys.
  • Crash report filling all available space 1/5

    By 光子猫与量子猫
    I had my MacBook slept for several days, and SURPRISE! Wechat filled my disk with a 389 GB single crash report. Nice job!
  • 每次都要登陆! 1/5

    By zc.l
    每次都要登陆, 实在是太糟糕的体验了..
  • Can't double click title to zoom 1/5

    By MatthewLGM
  • 为什么每次都要扫一遍二维码 2/5

    By Bai.M
  • Troublesome! 1/5

    By Simony_206
    Initially, I could log on this PC terminal by clicking Confirm button on the Ipad or the phone, but recently I have to scan the QR code each time! It's bothering!
  • Cannot vedio chat after Dec 13 update 1/5

    By Milala1234
    After Dec 13 update, I cannot do vedio chat with friends. They cannot hear me but I can hear them.
  • Lost my Memory 1/5

    By Tina Fliex
    I dont konw why my memory is so large when Wechat is opening,I cannot use my mac normally SO I uninstalled wechat Bye~~~
  • Input was fail when use Chinese input type. 1/5

    By RbBtSn0w
    The input was error when use input chinese.
  • Eat my CPU 1/5

    By Qwe233
    how can u consume 80% of my CPU???
  • Video Chat cannot hear 1/5

    By KeNKEnY
    From a macbook pro to a iphone, the macbook side cannot hear anything from the other side but the iphone can hear it. Same devices are used in facetime and works. We like to use wechat for video chat because we are familiar with the application but it has been disappointed. 电脑跟手机视频的时候,电脑那边没有声音但是手机那边可以听到。同样的电脑和手机用facetime连接交流都没问题。我们喜欢用微信因为我们比较熟悉这款软件但却问题不断,希望可以跟进
  • 各种不兼容 1/5

    By NakueE
    和系统各种不兼容 语音 输入法都无法正常使用。
  • Sending photo always fails! 1/5

    By ancccdxh
    Noticed since 18.11.2018. Pls FIX!!!
  • This app has NO GARBAGE COLLECTION 1/5

    By 找不到NK了!
    I couldn't find any apparent reason that a chatting app would allocate for 3GB of memory. 3 ggggggega bytes! This app has no garbage collection/memory management and will solw the entire system down after long time operating.

    By TheXsnaruto
  • 升级Mojave后输入法有问题 4/5

    By -xhan2
    一切本来挺好,但是自从升级Mojave之后,从别的应用程序切到微信后会发现无法打字; 必须手动选择输入法切换到英文再切换回中文输入法后才能打字,大大拉低了效率,望速修复该bug!
  • Can't group audio/video 1/5

    By joyfulget
    Can't group audio/video
  • Scroll jump BUG. Please FIX 1/5

    By snelj
    For some reason the app jumps to another spot in the chat window such that it requires scrolling down to see the most recent message. Should be a simple fix don't know why Tencent moves so slowly
  • can’t use network proxy? 2/5

    By @bobpan
    can’t use network proxy?
  • So far so good 5/5

    By qizhu8
    So far so good
  • Dark mode needed deadly 1/5

    By NeozoicK
    Dark mode needed deadly plz update quickly
  • Newest version won't sync stickers 1/5

    By oddaidea
    all downloaded stickers are gone on wechat mac.
  • NOT for MACS 1/5

    By 82Grad
    Clearly Tencent only begrudginly offers their app for Mac users. Searches for known, confirmed addresses, even in the U.S. result in a big fat ZERO. The WeChat support extension is not recognized by Safari. The required scanning via your phone is the obvious giveaway example of this. So, I will gladly pay TEN TIMES whatever these creeps at Tencent charge for a phone call to my friends in China or any where else on the planet rather than use ther service. Tencent, if you are reading this, FUAWs, comprende?
  • Features missing 3/5

    By Chikalakala
    It’s overall not so bad, but we all know it’s kind of embarassing at this stage! The PC version of WeChat already support group chat video/audio call but why not in macOS version? I don’t see any potential technical difficulties in this function. That’s super annoying.
  • Glitching... 2/5

    By sarinasyku
    All my chats on the mac version are empty... and some contacts are repeated on the sidebar 8 times without meaning. Tried resinstalling and backing up history but nothing worked... Literally cannot use the application.
  • Sometime can't input, it's an bug 2/5

    By 激励自己的孩子
    After I updated my OS to Mojava, when I switch back to wechat from other APP, I can't input Chinese. English is good.

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