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WeChat App

WeChat, the free messaging & calling app available across all smartphones, is now available for your desktop.

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  • this is terrible. 1/5

    By zzzhahahha
    seriouly, why you guys develped this paltform on web? it is reqired with sacning rge Code from the phone. have you thought about people using the web vesrion becaue the phone died or phone does not work? this is most rediculus app ive ever used. this is really makes me stoping using the weichat. i was simply just check my weichat on the web to see if i got some messages from my family or ferinds. here is suprise, aksing for sacning the code ........ i deleted all the social media apps on my phone. how can i scan teh code for logging in? whats teh point to have the username and password ?????? this is crazy. terrible ... not gonna use it anymore. already told my family to call my phone if they have emergency. whatsapp and facebok are better than this. at least you can login in on the web page.
  • Tttttthe most horrible app in history of Mankind! 1/5

    By 禾之
    2nd to none.
  • Video call bugs with iOS/iPadOS users 1/5

    By uid:533231
    when one user rotates the screen and rotates it back during a video call, the visible area is only a long bar and cannot be recovered to normal unless you hang up and call again.
  • Please ban WeChat 1/5

    By Yuanchi-Li
    This app is controlled by Chinese Communities Party and will send your private information to Beijing.
  • 好用 5/5

    By 草莓味兔饼
  • Need sync betweeen devices 2/5

    By cygao19
    Although the app improves over time, many features need to be implemented. - Lack of support for mini programs. - Current backup & restore feature makes no sense: You cannot export messages on Mac to your phone. Similarly, you can only sync messages from your phone but not the other way around.
  • logout w/o any reason 1/5

    By ^ - ^。这
    always logout after using like half an hour :(
  • 加油,世界和平 4/5

    By 太饱—
  • Login needed every time it opens 1/5

    By Friean
    This app is so mobile-based that it NEEDS your phone to confirm the act of logging in on the computer version. So messed up. BTW, it's also got a pretty bad UI.
  • 语音bug 1/5

    By mars_hun
  • crashes every time on video chat 1/5

    By sdvnyfdwegnutv
    no volume control for video/audio chat messages sync always gets lost
  • No video on Mac 1/5

    By Basqueezer
    It’s pretty useless on Mac, no video. Works okay on iPhone except of course you are being monitored by the cop. Any foreigner in China has a cop that monitors their every move and all the companies must comply.
  • Helpful App 4/5

    By Blergfrumpus
    Living in China, the app is essential and helpful in many ways. Love the translation feature in chats and now in images. Three needed updates: -Allow images in ios laptop version to be translated as well (why only in mobile version) -Allow mini programs to be used on the ios laptop version (why only in mobile version) -Allow me to open WeChat on my ios in Chrome browser so everything can be translated, or offer the ability to translate all text (including mini programs, images, etc) within the WeChat app. Thanks for considering!
  • Video chat bug 1/5

    By JoJo_Wei417
    100% cpu usage when using video chat in version 2.4.1, and it causes the app crash and no responding. Please fix it ASAP
  • PIECE OF @#$% 1/5

    By Mikein nc
    wechat isthe dunbest program Ive tried to install… I have friends that have it and tried to scan me in… JUST does not work… Installed blue stacks as suggested… It would not even find it… If I did not have to communicate with China, I’d say the hell with it…
  • i hate it 1/5

    By 45sing
    i hate it
  • Video chat bug causing the app tp crash 1/5

    By djdongjin
    The new version has a severe bug in the video chat functionality that crashs the app whenver you have a video chat.
  • High CPU Usage of Video Call 1/5

    By Chenry Lee
    When making a video call, CPU usage is up to 120% , this bug was reported for many years, bug still not fixed.
  • Multi Devices Support Needed 1/5

    By Kison Ho
    Need multi devices support for iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, ...
  • mini program 2/5

    By caxee
    please add mini program feature
  • video no voice 1/5

    By pleasefixthebug000
    no voice during video
  • too bad after the update with notification 3/5

    By Smart Song
    Somehow, after updating to Version 2.4.1 (14485), there is system notifcaiton for message alert, but quickly disappear itself about ~0.1second. That means, within a day, there are a lot of appearing/disappearing from wechat, but distracting. Even after I musted all system notifications for wechat. Very annoying update, please addres this issue or downgrade to previous version.
  • 什么时候支持群备注? 4/5

    By Chadooooo
    手机版辛辛苦苦改的群备注,PC 版没有同步...
  • Why do I have to reauthenticate EVERY time? 1/5

    By openurheart
    Seriously. I don't really mind the subpar interface because, to be honest, the iOS app isn't much better, but why do I have to rescan my barcode every time... what other media platform makes you do that? Insane.
  • Lift the limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By wansuluo
  • Great, but needs some updates. 5/5

    By aaron dar
    The app itself is great, and the system works well. Bur it needs to have some changes for PC version. One change is that you could read Moments,and also send voice mail. It also needs other things like group voice chats and the abilty to take Red Packets. This app is great!
  • Keeps crashing we you click on the images 1/5

    By 那年秋之霜月
    Wechat keeps crashing when you click on the images to have a detailed view.
  • I got blocked! 1/5

    By Trustmeplease1234
    After using this app when I tried to log in the system said that there was suspius activity and I didn't even use my account all I did was sign into this app DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  • video chat drains too much battery life 1/5

    By Liiiroy
    Gabbage wechat drains my battery insanely whenever I start a video chat. This would never happen when I have a zoom meeting with multiple people. Clearly wechat does zero optimization
  • dark mode is only thing I need 2/5

    By Sms24sfgg
    lack of dark mode.
  • Features missing 3/5

    By Chikalakala
    It’s overall not so bad, but we all know it’s kind of embarassing at this stage! The PC version of WeChat already supported group chat video/audio call but why not in macOS version? I don’t see any potential technical difficulties in this function. That’s super annoying.
  • Dark mode is much needed 4/5

    By EastDawn.cn
    As dark mode is becoming a trend and could be really useful in scenarios, please considering a dark mode for WeCaht on macOS.
  • Why cannot sync the voice messages? 3/5

    By dypp2012
    I have trouble syncing the voice messages when I logged into my MacBook Pro. Is it because of the computer or the wechat version? I checked it is the version up to date. Can anyone tell me what is the problem? I used to be able to send and receive voice messages. Why cannot send anymore with computer?
  • Recent Update Error 4/5

    By Cottey PEO
    With the most recent update, WeChat no longer is working on my Mac. It just keeps spinning and showing "Refresh" - it does not bring up the QR code to connect it.
  • 请尽快添加windows版已有功能 4/5

    By mimanyou
    目前已知: 小程序 群接龙
  • There's a bug that wechat doesn't use external camera 1/5

    By klijia
    I used a external camera, but it doesn't work with wechat. It works for every other app. WeChat somehow automatically use the built-in camera, and just show black video. There's nowhere I can select my came in preferences...
  • Dark Mode Plzzzzzzzzzzzz 2/5

    By Mike_Xu_
    We need Dark Mode for macOS
  • infinite crashes 1/5

    By 1346789054344
    long-time user and I am so in love with the new security feature that automatically signs me out of my account for no reason whatsoever when im using it. Literally typing a message to someone and and BAM - logout! Then there's the wonderful customer support and total lack of feedback options to submit reports. AWESOME! It such a great feature to keep my account safe with random logouts and make new problems to destroy any value in this app. GENIUS!
  • Remove WeChat icon 3/5

    By DarthMaulBinks
    How do I remove the WeChat icon from the menu bar?
  • Catalina下微信视频无法使用外接摄像头 1/5

    By hhgfvjbb
  • CCP Cencorship Tool👎 1/5

    By 杂总昏
    Shame on u👎
  • Privacy 1/5

    By YourLovelyVeo
    Privacy is not good
  • 微信姓党,远离腾讯! 1/5

    By wyvernapp
    此软件不但功能简陋操作不便,而且信息同步严重缺陷。 敏感词过滤,实时监控,许多消息根本发不出去,却没有发送结果提示,仿佛进了黑洞。 果然wechat姓党,充满中国特色的流氓企业做的流氓软件。 奉劝慎用,为了自己的安全远离微信,勿用腾讯!
  • Cannot scan QR Code to login 1/5

    By Linhao
    Not work
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By limepi
    Scanning the QR code to log in does not work. Don't know if it's a problem with the iOS app or the macOS app. This app is completely useless.
  • New ugly icon 1/5

    By hemoin
    The new color used by the icon is really ugly
  • hard to use 1/5

    By Kangchow
    Scan QRCode to login, that's really easy to use
  • terrible app 1/5

    By tyonyen
  • Keeps Crashing 2/5

    By Quercus aliena
    Not sure what's causing this but for the past week it keeps on crashing and/or logging me out mid-conversation. I'd really appreciate if they could fix that.

WeChat app comments

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