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[Features of WeComics] Updated daily: we have new webcomics updated every day! It's so easy to follow your favorite comics! Download to read:  All our comics can be downloaded for reading. Finish downloading before you go out, then wherever you go, your comics are just one tap away. Recording your history: Forget which chapter you're reading last time? No worries. WeComics can automatically record your reading history, so you can continue reading whenever and wherever you open it. [Recommendations from WeComics] Psychic Princess - romance comics - Lady Qian Yunxi from the prime minister mansion had supernatural energy since her childhood, and she was kept in Lingyun Mountain because she was considered as an ominous girl. When she was 16, she substituted her younger sister Qian Yunshang and married into the Night King Mansion. It was said that the Night King was eccentric, cool and cruel. What sufferings would Qian Yunxi encounter… Reborn To Sleep With A Star Actor - romance comics - Shen Yue died in an accident but was somehow reborn into the body of Gu Yaoyao -- a pretty actress. In order to fulfill Yaoyao's dream, she started to build an interesting relationship with Qi Guancong the star actor. Never Dead - Sci-fi Comics - A nuclear explosion resulted in the awakening of the mutants, unfolding the exciting story of fighting for peaceful coexistence! Martial Inheritance - mystery comics - A boy named Shi Shan and his little sister were offered as sacrifice to a demon that has been haunting their village. They were rescued by a martial artist who exorcised demons. He took the siblings in as his disciples and taught them the art of cultivation and about the demons that dwell in this world. Contact Us: [email protected]

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WeComics app reviews

  • Lis 4/5

    By lizz///
    I liked it
  • 😘 5/5

    By PrincessLuce
    It amazing there’s a lot of stories and they’re really fun to read
  • So cool 5/5

    By Frsttmshy
    I’ve read a few of the comics and the art style is amazing and that goes for all the comics that I favored and I favorite a lot
  • Yassss! 5/5

    By xjnsndmdmddk
    Great app totally recommend.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By 28453
  • Lovey 5/5

    By sheacap
    Everything thing is great
  • WeComics 5/5

    By kfufidijh
    Great 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  • Great stories! 5/5

    By Ro$i
    There are some beautiful stories on here! Just look for the right ones.
  • This is an amazing app❤️❤️💖 5/5

    By sammy445
    I love this app, I especially love how simple it is to use.🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️
  • Comics 4/5

    By best comic
    This app is really amazing and I love the art styles on the comics I hope soon there will be more comics :)) UwU
  • Great comics 5/5

    By 3:53AM
    This is a great way to read comics there so interesting
  • Give this app a chance 😆 4/5

    By ich pop 2664838292
    So far I really enjoy it I’m only on my first “book” but I really like it, if ur reading this I think u should give this app a chance I mean if u end up not liking it u can always delete it right.😅
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nikkie Fan
    I think this app is so cute, fun, and well made.
  • Hi 5/5

  • 😍 5/5

    By Pierretonya
    I’m loving it so far
  • IDK 4/5

    By .!?)
    This app is very good I like the comics one problem I do have is that whenever I go to a new chapter it sometimes skip to different panels at least away from panel 2
  • Thoughts 5/5

    By bri hip
    I think your app is great it has a lot of great apps but very few people reading on it I think you guys should try hard to spread the word about your app also thanks for creating such a great app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nat_alie_H
    This app is amazing I can read a lot and be entertained this app is just amazing
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By O.W.R
    As with any app there are a few bugs but they are always being fixed really quickly, the updates are mostly consistent, and it is just overall an amazing app. Props to all the writers and creators for doing fantastic jobs
  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By moonzxpie
    this is a great app the comics are FREE! it’s awesome i 100% recommend .
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dark Game TV
    Just like WEBTOON and very funny comics
  • ♥️ 5/5

    By Love Yumm
    Love it
  • Great 5/5

    By kamrim
    It’s great, only problem is that when it’s up it doesn’t show or send me a notification;-;
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Morena35
    I love the stories they sharing with us...... Keep your great work!
  • Love! 5/5

    By Autyy22
    It’s such a good app, the romance is to DIE for.
  • It’s fun 5/5

    By keke7171💗
    It reminds me a lot of WEBTOON it’s a lot of fun
  • Great 4/5

    By Cam-86
    This comic app has great comics, for free. This greatly outweighs the few bugs it has!!! Overall this is a great app, though some of the comics are slightly bland
  • What do I think about this app. 5/5

    By wolf 2007
    This app is amazing have a lot of book and went you don’t know the name of a story there are many options that they show and went you have a problem with the app you just write to them and they fix the problem for example I once have a problem with a cap so I write to them and they fixed.
  • WeComics 5/5

    By gacha__wolf
    First off I really like all of the stories even tho I one am on one but all the main characters of the cover well I feel like that’s all I can say because I’m not that not that per how rights a whole list but it’s really good
  • Such an amazing app!! 5/5

    By Savanna lovey
    I would just like to say this app is beautiful user up and I wish there was more app with such beauty !! Thank you for such an amazing app!
  • LA 5/5

    Good app to read interesting comics.
  • Good app but... 3/5

    By webcomic reader 🤗
    This is almost one of my favorite apps but when I scroll down the scenes have to load and it annoys me for some reason so I scroll down and go back up which really bothers me but besides that this app really has all you need don’t need to pay nothing just reading whatever you like thanks for the app hope you can fix this plz!!
  • a few bugs 4/5

    By G U A C
    honestly i really like the app and the stories. but there’s one big bug that has been bothering me for a while now... well first the pages i guess you could call them, they don’t load in until it’s fully on my screen, so i’ll be reading, then scroll and it’ll be black for a second and then load. it’s a bit frustrating honestly, so sometimes to make it easier i scroll to the end and then go back so that everything loads. now, the big big is that when the next “page” loads, it takes me to the next chapter but somewhere in the middle. it’s honestly really annoying but no matter what i do it doesn’t stop. hope it gets fixed soon bc i like this app to much to part with it
  • Great but can get even better! 4/5

    By BreeBrianna
    I absolutely love this app. It has a great selection of comics with good non-lazy art. These comics are better than some from the other apps as they don’t have so much cliches and they have much more development as they progress. The only reason I knocked out a star is because of two reasons. First, updates are very slow. Some of these comics take forever to update when there’s literally more episodes on other apps but for some reason they don’t update here. Some comics only update once a month which is a bit too much. Consistent one week updates would be fine as long as it remains that way. The other issue I was talking about is with the app itself. There is a lot of bugs in the app which cause comics to be completely black and not load. Sometimes I’ve had to completely close the app and go back so that the chapters would load. I hope this issue gets fixed in the future as I love this app. The way it is organized is great and the community is also very nice. If they fix these issues I’m pretty sure that soon this app will become more popular as the comic selection is one of the best!
  • Chapters 4/5

    By Lilytranss
    I've been having issues while reading where I would reach the end of one chapter and it would hop to the end of the next chapter or somewhere in the middle. I believe this is a bug and I hope it can be fixed. However, some comics are more updated on this app than on other apps so I am also quite pleased at that.
  • I recommend it 4/5

    I really love Wecomics I just started using it and I already love all the manga and the art is really good!💜 I’m just a little disappointed their aren’t that many stories 🥺 so that’s why I have it 4 stars
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By i.hate.snakeu
    i know people are having problems, but i haven’t had a problem with the app. it’s a great app :)
  • Difficulties 2/5

    By ti_pani
    Pages won’t load or it takes forever to load them
  • Has some error 4/5

    By JenniferW2
    I love the stories but the app keeps on crashing. Mine has crashed about 5 times in 25 episodes in the comic. On a good note the stories are awesome and do recommend if they fix crashes.
  • Patience 2/5

    By The duck says
    This app is fine but honestly has a lot of problems. It logs me out whenever i exit the app so i can’t keep my library nor can i like or comment. The amount of stories are very limited in not only quality but also diversity in style. I don’t know if WeComics does their own or have independent artists make their but either way the comics are unbearably similar. The girl is always this bumbling idiot who relies on the guy(s). But i do enjoy Blind date terminator and the devil plays games. Overall i don’t like this app. If you want a good app go to webtoon. More diverse stories and better overall quality.
  • What are y’all talking about?! 5/5

    By skittskat
    Like bro I’m like a fr human and like bish why is this rated 2 stars? Like bruh either u got a virus on ur phone or something messed up like ur WiFi. Because I can use this app perfectly and the stories ARE AMAZING like bish I have a iPhone 8+ and it’s doing fine!!! So y’all either got a virus or something that needs to get checked out because this app is amazing I tell you!!! Anyways I must go now and read some webcomics.
  • Weird 1/5

    By ZaraLethallan
    While reading the app jumped ahead and put me in the wrong spot. Not going to waste my time back tracking to read
  • Why is the loading slow? 2/5

    By Topflow619
    Loading a manga takes a minute or 2 and even signing in.Fix your app because it’s sad that other adds have more than you guys have yet they’re fast
  • Interesting comic list but only the app 2/5

    always crash when trying to login . so far the interface seems good (with the update)
  • Can’t browse 2/5

    By Chevy129
    I’m giving it 2 stars because I like the set up, but a major issue is that you can’t browse through all comics or even by genre. You can only search by comic name or look on the first page to see what’s been updated. So if you’re trying to find a new comic to read you have to know the name first??????
  • Promising 5/5

    By Annieluvsricky
    Love the stories available, just hoping more episodes will be uploaded soon!
  • Good free app! 5/5

    By Imachallangedperson
    It’s a great free app! Stories are entertaining and the art is good! I do wish there was a way to have the stories organized by genre instead of the current method, but it’s pretty good still! Also I’ve had no issues with crashing!
  • Connection issue 1/5

    By mvggiie
    Only giving it a one star for now since I can’t even use this app at all. I just installed it and when i open the app I keep getting a “network disconnected” message. My connection is fine but the app says a different thing. I even restarted my phone and reinstalled the app but no solutions. Please fix this ASAP!!!
  • Has good comics but the app keep crashing 4/5

    By Ken_Got_Pho
    The app keep crashing even though I have an IPhone XR it doesn’t crash while your reading but crashes while your browsing through comics. Another thing they should add a genre Tab so that we can filter out what we don’t like or like other than that the app is pretty good.

WeComics app comments

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