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WeComics App

[Features of WeComics] Updated daily: we have new webcomics updated every day! It's so easy to follow your favorite comics! Download to read: All our comics can be downloaded for reading. Finish downloading before you go out, then wherever you go, your comics are just one tap away. Recording your history: Forget which chapter you're reading last time? No worries. WeComics can automatically record your reading history, so you can continue reading whenever and wherever you open it. [Recommendations from WeComics] Psychic Princess - romance comics - Lady Qian Yunxi from the prime minister mansion had supernatural energy since her childhood, and she was kept in Lingyun Mountain because she was considered as an ominous girl. When she was 16, she substituted her younger sister Qian Yunshang and married into the Night King Mansion. It was said that the Night King was eccentric, cool and cruel. What sufferings would Qian Yunxi encounter… Reborn To Sleep With A Star Actor - romance comics - Shen Yue died in an accident but was somehow reborn into the body of Gu Yaoyao -- a pretty actress. In order to fulfill Yaoyao's dream, she started to build an interesting relationship with Qi Guancong the star actor. Never Dead - Sci-fi Comics - A nuclear explosion resulted in the awakening of the mutants, unfolding the exciting story of fighting for peaceful coexistence! Martial Inheritance - mystery comics - A boy named Shi Shan and his little sister were offered as sacrifice to a demon that has been haunting their village. They were rescued by a martial artist who exorcised demons. He took the siblings in as his disciples and taught them the art of cultivation and about the demons that dwell in this world. Contact Us: [email protected]

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WeComics app reviews

  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By Rublade15
    It’s a good app with a decent amount of mangas to choose from. I’m having an issue where it keeps crashing after reading every 4 or 5 chapters and I have to reopen the app.
  • Crashes are still there 3/5

    By Cure sapphire
    Because of content I am still staying on this app BUT it happening more often PER DAY! It’s annoying the hell out of me Pleas fix this
  • Good uwu 5/5

    By Gamer Anime
    Ahhhhh good
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Senpai~ꨄ
    The add I received had me fangirling so I had to download it! I love all the boy love comics! Great app!
  • WeComics 5/5

    By onnie_changdh
    The features are so nice
  • My review 5/5

    By Tamyia05&
    Love the app
  • Love it 5/5

    By babygirl what your name
    This is so amazing that app is great the art is amazing the skill put into it is breathtaking
  • I love it even though some require coin 5/5

    By Ononmay
    A lot don’t Which makes it great
  • Good app 3/5

    By bollerbabyies
    This is a good app, but the fact that you have to pay for coins to continue reading the comics is sad... There should at least be a system like Webcomics that gives you 10 coins every 5 minutes or gives you 200 coins for 30 minutes...
  • Good Job 5/5

    By Tommi Reed
    Really cool and displays comics well. Interesting selection too. 👍🏽
  • Monthly or Yearly Subscription 1/5

    By 🔥🌹BloodRose🌹🔥
    This manga app can have potential if only developers knew how to market their product to manga readers/lovers. I only gave it a star because of the preposterous and rather overly expensive manga app I have ever encountered. Paying coins to unlock every chapter is too ridiculous! I was only forced to pay because I love the Psychic Princess and that Tencent Comics closed down for US market where I could read it for free and I wonder why it’s no longer available in English and was directed to this manga app. Developers should do a monthly or yearly subscriptions to access all their paid mangas instead of robbing money from paying customers with overly expensive coins to unlock every chapters of just one story. It’s really a stupid marketing. This is even more expensive than Netflix, Hulu or other paid apps (which I would much rather enjoy than reading mangas which so much live anime and movies in there and with a fair price of just $12.99/month and even comes free with your T-Mobile network or other phone networks just to give the Developers an idea how ridiculous they are charging their readers with a few pages of a chapter in their mangas). I would rather pay a monthly subscription fee rather than pay chapter to chapter to unlock it. I will be done with this app once I’m done with Psychic Princess or if I can find another platform to read it for free or on a much less straining out of pocket payment. The Developers of this app should think beyond more to its market and make this open to access all readings for a monthly or yearly subscription fee to let me stay and the others and just enjoy unlimited readings?
  • Info 5/5

    By luca12345678920
    This game has all the things you’d love to ready like romance,sci-fi,all of the above!!!
  • One of the best 5/5

    By celestial199345
    I truly enjoy the app and al the good manga they have 100% recommend to everyone.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By brystar06
    I love it
  • Dc 5/5

    By dndee
    Really so god I love it

    By Babygirl🍒🍬
  • Getting kicked out 3/5

    By Chloe R.1234
    Idk if it’s my phone or the app but after a few minutes I get kicked out of the app and it’s really annoying
  • Kc originally Kiara 5/5

    By Kiara the demon
    Love it wow
  • Coins!!??? 2/5

    By Ansleyl033
    Ok I get that you might want to make some money because your app may be getting more popular, and the stories are so good but that doesn’t mean you have to make your loyal readers pay for it. I’m not one to get into arguments but This is really annoying I really liked your app and appreciated that it was a place where you could just have a fun time reading without paying I’m barely able to get by let alone pay 60$ for coins to read. That’s the only thing I don’t like though and I think a bunch of readers might agree.
  • Weeeewww 5/5

    By Ducky Lolo
    So far so good! I’ve only just gotten this, but I like it! I had webcomics, but they kicked me out because it suddenly became 17+ and I’m only 13. But this one is gooooooddddd I totally recommend it!
  • Good 5/5

    By Vittilioo
    It’s a good app,lots of comics , some not to child friendly but it’s cool
  • It’s great 4/5

    By kd ashton
    My fave comic book reading app
  • Love it 5/5

    By akfkidrn
    Love this soo much I will recommend it to everyone
  • WeComics 4/5

    By cant find weponds
    I actually love this considering everything else I’ve tried but the name is a little plagiarized but “I think it’s fine”
  • Liked the game 5/5

    By :^idek anymore with life
    Hi I liked the game there XD
  • It’s amazing but... 4/5

    By indxk
    There is some missing episodes/Chapters and I’m sure your all just taking your time to upload it and I’m grateful. I’m not sure how to earn coins... I recently just downloaded this app like 2 hr ago so I’m not sure how things work, I’m sure that I will live it the more I use the app. Thank You,I’m Grateful.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By peakchim
    It’s so good!
  • Love this app (I’m not payed to say this) 5/5

    By readyplayeroreo
    I think this app is super good and has lots of good stories and legendary art. (If you like romance genres you should get this) 100% recommend
  • Lv it 5/5

    By Camille(^.^)
    I really like the variety of comics here lv it
  • Great app 😊but one problem🙃 4/5

    By Shiro Yuuki
    I really like this app, it have some great comics with good story plots and great art. It’s organized well and have almost any genre I’m looking for. The only reason why I took off one star is the fact that some comics involve you to pay with coins. Now that wouldn’t be a problem, but to get the coins you have to pay with actual money. Of course I don’t mind paying at all, but I got a problem with the payment and that’s when I run out of money to allow me to pay for it. I can’t read any further in the comic I like and I won’t be able to get more money until later which I can’t wait for. So maybe you can add a system where that can watch like one full ad to get 20 coins or read a comic for 1 hour to get like 10 coins. The person can still pay if they want, but I’d prefer if there was a way for people who don’t have the money to get coins. Since they like the story so well and all of a suddenly they now have to pay which is a pain. Overall, it’s a good app,I like the quality and the comics. Thank you for reading this review.
  • Half 4/5

    By manga comic anime lover
    It’s great but needs a full screen when reading
  • Love the app 5/5

    By senonsniper
    It’s a good app to read on I just got this app and I’m all ready in loveWith it
  • I like it 5/5

    By asssssssbitch
    At the start when I first got it I thought it’s just one of those apps us get but u know ur going to delete but I kept reading and I’m in love with all the amazing tellings
  • Just horrible 1/5

    By Rushingxx
    Honestly I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone I can’t even read any of the Manga or comics without it saying WiFi error issue. Nothing is wrong with my internet because everything else works perfectly fine.
  • Read 5/5

    By Queen_foxgirl
    I love reading the story
  • Amazing 5/5

    By hyrl3015
    Best comics ever
  • Good but could be better 5/5

    By onionipig
    I really like this app but the variety of comics is somewhat limited. While this app is good I definitely could be better.
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Segon427
    Amazing is all u need to know to get this app!
  • Coins too expensive 1/5

    By manag lover
    It has good manga but some of the mangas start charging in the middle of reading them without warning. You think that you are reading a free manga then all of a sudden the chapters will lock after you have already read and gotten invested in the manga. So you get invested in a manga but then are unable to finish them unless you want to spend money. That would be ok but the coin system they have is ridiculously expensive, it may not look like it at first but it adds up quick! The whole reason I got this app was to read some new fresh comics by ordinary people. If I wanted to be charged I would go to an app with a monthly charge(at least that way I would know if the manga I am reading will charge me from the beginning) rather than having to by coins that get spent too fast for the cost. Not happy with the change at all👎
  • Comics that we love 4/5

    By jj4miles
    Honestly, I was just searching for a new site to read comics and I ran into this app. It’s got nice scrolling and constant updates. The font for the comics are really good, translations are on point, but they could go for more comics and I’m sure they’ll be more if they do
  • OMG 5/5

    By Darel_Rainbow01
    Omg i love with all my herat this app. This app makes me laugh,curious and other things. THIS IS MY FAV APP
  • rose 5/5

    By Evenwhen99$
    this app has all the comic you ever dream of
  • Dallas 5/5

    By Dallas anime
    Really good comics on this app
  • Good 5/5

    By unknow2435
    It a good app
  • So far so good 4/5

    By babayhdheixjs
    It’s alright I guess
  • Coins, Too Expensive 2/5

    By Savannah10112
    I love this app and the art and stories are amazing. When I got the app I saw an option to use coins, but I never saw any comics that required them. Now, in one of my comics I've been reading I can no longer read it.. I have to buy coins? I'm okay with there being coins because if it's done correctly it does not matter. For instance, the app "MangaToon" has a token/coupon system that allows you to read the comics. Their tokens are really easy to get through online reading or sharing. I knew this app was too good to be true. I kept recommending it to friends because I believed it was free. It's too expensive. 100 coins for $.99 looks like a good deal but that's only 4 chapters. It only gets worse from there. Unless the coins are made more affordable or a coin system is put in place like "MangaToon" I can't see myself keeping the app. Please improve the coin system.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By faifyy
    This app is coooool. Download
  • Lettibug893 5/5

    By lettibug893
    It look great so far!!
  • Ok 3/5

    By red wind 890
    Needs some work

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