Weee! Asian Grocery Delivery

Weee! Asian Grocery Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 16.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Weee Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Weee! Asian Grocery Delivery App

Welcome to the largest Asian and Latino grocery store in North America, where you can explore delicious and hard-to-find items from all over the world. Shop fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, snacks, spices, beverages and more. Our diverse selection of everyday essentials and unique global foods will spark memories of home and inspire your next exciting food adventure. Featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Bon Appétit, The Kitchn, Thrillist, Saveur, and Eat This! Not That. MULTI-ETHNIC ASSORTMENT Shop a diverse assortment of fresh produce, meat, seafood, frozen, snacks, beverages, and more. We proudly feature everyday essentials and unique, hard-to-find foods from around the world — like Chinese dumplings, Korean ramen, Japanese cheesecake, Vietnamese coffee, Filipino ube snacks, Mexican salsas and Indian spices. And we’re adding new items every week! AFFORDABLE PRICES Weee! sources products directly to reduce middleman costs. We pass along these savings to you. Discover everyday low prices that are competitive with prices at the store. LOCAL & NATIONWIDE DELIVERY We offer next-day, local delivery in most major metropolitan areas. We also ship coast to coast (contiguous 48 states). Track your delivery in real-time on our app. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS REQUIRED You don’t need a subscription to shop with us. Enjoy all the benefits without paying extra. FRESHNESS GUARANTEE Bruised bananas? We guarantee risk-free freshness. If you receive something you’re unhappy with, simply request a refund directly from our app. JOIN THE WEEE! COMMUNITY We’re more than a store, we’re a foodie party with friends from all over the world — and everything’s on the menu! Our growing community is full of food lovers sharing their favorite eats and recipes. Discover new flavors, new dishes, and new connections. Free to join. SHARE & SAVE Earn Weee! Points when you share your order and friends or family use your link. The more you share, the more you can save. Want to see a specific item on Weee!? Share it with us at [email protected]

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Weee! Asian Grocery Delivery app reviews

  • Love it 5/5

    By Tony big C
  • No Hispanic Groceries 3/5

    By Marydigital21
    Please incorporate more Latino products. The only ones I’ve seen are the few that crossover into Filipino cuisine because of Spanish influence. Still very few options. I would love to buy Latino products from here and tell my family but I don’t see any options.
  • Sold my personal information 1/5

    By dghkhrrui
    It’s a really terrible experience that you have to deal with so many spam calls and messages, because weee sold it to scammers! I used Weee a lot before, until I realized my personal information was sold by Weee! Shame on you, Weee!
  • They sell your data 1/5

    By Yannie Leung
    I have got too many spam calls after data breach. It’s too annoying
  • Leaking data 1/5

    By bbifwzcuk
    It's a small company based in Shanghai, and it keeps selling users' personal information for profit.
  • Good Service and Good Items 5/5

    By Belle Collins
    Fast Fresh and Free Delivery
  • Shame on you 1/5

    By Carolll酱
    Shame on you Weee so disappointed on data leakage
  • Love my first order 5/5

    By Shantasy16
    Great prices Beautiful produce that is fresh Will order again and tell all my friends
  • Phone number sold to fraud gang 1/5

    By Azon335
    Spam phone calls keep hitting me with known name of mine. Weee is an awful app don't use real info.
  • Great Buy! 5/5

    By LJ&Jeon
    It’s just so convenient buying what I need from an Asian grocery without driving cause the Asian market are so rare here in Deltona and trying to get to Orlando is a pain ! Thank you Weee by making it easier for me all kinds of Asian food which is not seen to other stores. Love it!
  • Sells your personal information 1/5

    By U129939665
    Terrible app! They sold my information and now I get spam text and calls everyday!
  • An apology is far from enough for the data security incident. 1/5

    By maggiece
    I will not use Weeeagain.
  • Fast great prices 5/5

    By sillywilly31
    Ordered my first box. Came right on time. Exact order. Loved the variety offered. Impressed. Sharing with all my Asian friends. Try it!
  • Personal data leak 1/5

    By k.k.100001
    Ever since the customer database data leak issue on 02/2023. I’ve been receiving tremendous amount of random text and spam messages which is super annoying! I’ve been trying to block those numbers, but it seems to be never ending. Please be aware of how this company handle your personal information.
  • Leaking user data 1/5

    By Timmy55566666
    I’ve got tons of spam calls and messages after the leaking data incident of this app. DON’T SIGN UP and be careful of your personal info!
  • Food delivery 5/5

    I ordered multiple items. The food is very fresh. The delivery is fast. Young coconut and Malaysia durian are phenomenal!!! Must try and good price.
  • Loses web page when searching through history 1/5

    By Good or bad !
    Fix it
  • Awesome selection 5/5

    By Meowlis
    Good variety fair prices
  • Compromise personal info 1/5

    By davewuteng
    Compromise personal info. Received so many spam calls/msg
  • My orders keep getting damaged, but nothing has been done to improve 2/5

    By wuuwqu
    The first time, only one item from the order was damaged. At the second time, the whole order was damaged and was not even delivered to me. I was told in email that the service would be improved in the future. However, the same thing happened again: the whole order was damaged and was never delivered to me.
  • Leak information 1/5

    By kunyu223
    Leak customers' personal information
  • They sell data to dark web 1/5

    By mhhh133'
    AVOID this app! They sell all your personal data to the dark web and all the shady sites. RUN! Don’t ever use it!!
  • Identity leak !! 1/5

    By zkjje
    Weee recently has an identity leak and I kept receiving endless scam calls and texts , they leaked my name and email address and location. I am not going to use any service form this app ,
  • Great selection and convenience! 5/5

    By Atbuzr
    Love that I can get all my childhood favorites along with my weekly groceries delivered to my door! Wish the delivery windows could be a little tighter but still have had great experiences so far!
  • They sell your personal information 1/5

    By zeerrrr29
    Receive scams everyday, 0 star
  • don’t use it! 1/5

    By 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨
    The platform is notorious for leaking and selling it’s customers’ info even to dark web. My credit card info was leaked after linking it to this app
  • I need my money backkk 1/5

    By im•tired
    I ordered then I noticed something it said preparing and I canceled it thinking they didn’t really take my money but I reordered it and I couldn’t bc I have no money😓😢
  • A company that gives out personal information 1/5

    By amy2003790
    A company that gives out personal information
  • Don’t use the app 1/5

    By JessicaTuo
    They sell your data to make money. Got 100 phishing calls everyday. Don’t ever use this app!
  • Peaches 3/5

    By No name yyyy
    Not one good yellow peach in the whole Order. They were loose in the box and had multiple bruises but they were mealy and discolored. Had no aroma. Very bad.
  • False advertising 4/5

    By Qwertyuiopoiuytreqw
    Hey! I haven’t ordered from This app but its because the shipping prices are so high! I put three things on my cart and all together it was $10.34 but with the shipping fee it was almost 31$! So I dont know the quality but the ad is false advertisement because it says no shipping fee.
  • Security breach 1/5

    By Leon Qun
    personal info is compromised
  • 还在泄露我们的信息? 1/5

    By 1881828188
    For real? 我一天接几个诈骗电话。有车被拖了的,有国际快递还有保险到期了。现在我看到陌生电话直接关
  • warring!!They sold ur information on dark web! 1/5

    By 伊伊小元子
    Garbage app! Every time when you made a purchase then you’ll receive a Spam message!! And the company sold ur information on dark web! So disgusting!!! Lots of people ‘s credit card information has been stolen, and the company just send you an email without any apologize!!!
  • Can be better 4/5

    By EF1111111
    It is a great way to shop groceries! But the packaging and shipping could be better. They sometime put vegetable with the frozen food. And that damaged the vegi. Or make them gone bad faster. The estimate time for shipping is not reliable at all. Really hard to manage if you live in a place that doesn't have front desk. I had packages stolen, And they will only refund for first stolen package... Which is understandable. But how can i manage to be at home when the delivery estimate is arriving between 5-8, And actually arrive at 3?
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Isabellawils
    Ad for the app is very misleading. You think they sell fresh exotic produce but they don’t.
  • Data Breach 1/5

    By snowbruder
    This app sells personal data. Beware when you receive bunch of suspicious text msgs or phone call from unknown number. Please leave info with disguised name. Protect your personal info!
  • Information Leakage 1/5

    By wishspamcomaniestohell
    I received spam messages and calls frequently after using this app. I found other people receiving exactly the same texts after using Weee. I don’t have the the evidence that this company sells customers’ information but at least the information leakage is related with this app. Just a reminder for those who have been using it to watch out and NEVER respond to unknown texts and calls.
  • Enjoy the app 5/5

    By Midi Bo
    I've been using this app a lot since 4 months ago. I really enjoy the emails with thoughtful recommendation. The search functionality needs to be improved, but overall it's ok.

    By Colderr
    Really bad app, steal your personal information and sell them to others. You will keep receiving spams and frauds in text and emails, such as UPS, USPS, DHL package needs to update payment. Do not use this app!!!!!!!
  • 总体 5/5

    By ChengT2017
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Nelmyrson
    Prices are reasonable
  • Shipping 2/5

    By Lao yang3
    Tracking said 2 stops and 24 minutes to arrive at 12p. 6p exactly same tracking message. Finally it arrived at 7:30p, with ice melted.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By rise me up
    Don’t use this website to purchase anything! They sold my personal information to the frauds. I got tons of fraud emails, SMS and phone calls everyday! Garbage!
  • Avoid this app 1/5

    By Taro1029taro
    I am beyond livid with this app! I used it for two whole years and what did I get in return? Chinese scammers calling and messaging me day in and day out. And to make matters worse, one of these scammers even claimed that they got my information from this app! I feel completely violated and taken advantage of. To add insult to injury, even the official Weee! email admitted that they sold our information accidentally. It's clear that this app and its affiliates do not care about user privacy or security. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this app to anyone. If you value your privacy and security, stay as far away from this app as possible. Find an app that actually values its users and takes their security seriously. This app is a complete sham and selling our privacy on dark web.
  • Be careful! 1/5

    By Laura2Laura
    The stole your info and sell to other companies!
  • Data Breach Crap 1/5

    By TruthKK
    Tons of scam calls and messages received since Weee’s data breach. You sure you didn’t sell our data on purpose???
  • Privacy leaking 1/5

    By JoJo_9527
    Weeee leaks privacy and personal info to spams and illegal, same as Chowbus. After registering weee account, I received at least one message/call from unknown phone number each day. Don’t download this app.
  • Great to have Weee 5/5

    By yesyesking
    I am a loyal customer since 2015, when this app sell black cod and we pick up from their store front in Bayarea. I am a fan since then, it brought so many things I have never had a chance to buy from local Chinese and ethnic stores. Then, Weee start their delivery service, I can see the changes in local stores, this app brought in competition and growth for all ethnic stores, and as a immigrant, my family benefit from the competition: I feel home when I eat here in bayarea. Thank you, Weee. Despite the data leak, I hate receive fishing emails and scam calls, hope you can get over these soon.