Weee! Grocery Delivery

Weee! Grocery Delivery

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  • Current Version: 15.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Weee Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Weee! Grocery Delivery App

Welcome to the largest Asian and Latino grocery store in North America, where you can explore delicious and hard-to-find items from all over the world. Shop fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, snacks, spices, beverages and more. Our diverse selection of everyday essentials and unique global foods will spark memories of home and inspire your next exciting food adventure. Save $20 on your first two orders! Featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Bon Appétit, The Kitchn, Thrillist, Saveur, and Eat This! Not That. MULTI-ETHNIC ASSORTMENT Shop a diverse assortment of fresh produce, meat, seafood, frozen, snacks, beverages, and more. We proudly feature everyday essentials and unique, hard-to-find foods from around the world — like Chinese dumplings, Korean ramen, Japanese cheesecake, Vietnamese coffee, Filipino ube snacks, and Mexican salsas. And we’re adding new items every week! AFFORDABLE PRICES Weee! sources products directly to reduce middleman costs. We pass along these savings to you. Discover everyday low prices that are competitive with prices at the store. LOCAL & NATIONWIDE DELIVERY We offer next-day, local delivery in most major metropolitan areas. We also ship coast to coast (contiguous 48 states). Track your delivery in real-time on our app. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS REQUIRED You don’t need a subscription to shop with us. Enjoy all the benefits without paying extra. FRESHNESS GUARANTEE Bruised bananas? We guarantee risk-free freshness. If you receive something you’re unhappy with, simply request a refund directly from our app. JOIN THE WEEE! COMMUNITY We’re more than a store, we’re a foodie party with friends from all over the world — and everything’s on the menu! Our growing community is full of food lovers sharing their favorite eats and recipes. Discover new flavors, new dishes, and new connections. Free to join. SHARE & SAVE Earn Weee! Points when you share your order and friends or family use your link. The more you share, the more you can save. Want to see a specific item on Weee!? Share it with us at [email protected]

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Weee! Grocery Delivery app reviews

  • 没有送货上门 1/5

    By GrantZL
  • Why are the East Asian sections highlighted more? 3/5

    By Harry Potter nerd girl
    Now I’ll start off by saying that I haven’t ordered anything yet from this app, so I won’t rate too harshly. I just wanted to mention the lack of representation on this app and on their social media accounts. Starting off with the app itself, it seems that the only foods that are really focused on are the East Asian foods. As an Indian girl, I got so excited to see other Asian cuisines, such as those from India, the Philippines, and Vietnam, get highlighted as well, since I feel like that’s rarely ever the case. However, my excitement turned to disappointment pretty quickly when I found how limiting the Indian section was compared to the Japanese and Korean sections. Going through the Southeast Asian cuisines I ran into the same problem. It just irks me to see this because of the already limited representation that south asians and southeast asians get in the media. Now of course it’s important for East Asians to have representation too, especially with the horrible ways in which they have been treated ever since the pandemic, but since weee advertises the diverse collection on their app, it seems shady and insincere for them not to commit fully to that diversity. To give them some credit, they have been pretty good about posting for latino heritage month, and the Mexican section on the app seems to be doing a lot better than the South and Southeast Asian sections, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the East Asian selec
  • Rotten food! Questionable safety 1/5

    By M.NINE
    My first order included frozen rice cake that was covered in bright green mold! So two questions. This could very clearly be seen without opening the product, so how was it not thrown out and instead shipped to me? How unsafe is their perishable food process that a frozen food could be left defrosted for so long to develop this much mold? Unacceptable.
  • Genuine Japanese goods 5/5

    By none required for this
    So far everything you could want shipped quickly. The only down side is things sell out so order what you want asap and fresh with a long shelf life on dry goods. Everything went smoothly better than insta cart where shoppers don’t understand list or pantry items are about to expire.
  • They sell expired food.他们卖过期食物! 1/5

    By ViviX67
    They sell expired food. I have bought many times and the probability of receiving expired food is too high. I'm so disappointed with them now that I've given up on the app! 他们卖过期食物!我在他们这里购买了很多次,收到过期食物的概率很高!我现在对他们很失望已经放弃使用了!
  • Amazing packaging 5/5

    By _buketiii_
    You can Find many good things and their packaging is amazing! Price also so reasonable. I love Weee!🥰
  • Great shopping apps for a lot of variety of goods 5/5

    By Yaw Liu
    Easy to order, vast varieties available, delivery is handled with care, I couldn’t say enough good things about this app
  • Amazing app! 4/5

    By Vivi109890
    There’s quite a selection you can choose from, from groceries to restaurants. I really like how for first time users, they automatically apply the coupon into your cart unlike other apps where they just make you put it in the cart by yourself. Coupons are easy to miss, especially when it’s the first time using a new app, and a lot of companies take advantage of this! One thing though, at 11am it said my groceries would arrive ten minutes later, but it then it arrived two hours later, might need to get that fixed. Edit: the app is having issues!
  • No Chinese input 1/5

    By mtele2008
    No Chinese input
  • Extremely bad experience to use RICEPO in Philly 1/5

    By applefavorite
    Extremely bad experience to use RICEPO in Philly. I will never use it if I am not a Weee membership.
  • The custom service made me sick! 客服差到爆! 1/5

    By ConnorD728
  • Delivery at midnight 1/5

    By fuermosi777
    Gosh, what a creepy culture this company has? I constantly get grocery delivered after 9pm. Last night the delivery person arrived at my house on 11:30pm, opened the front yard latch, and delivered the grocery. Imagine that. Although I respect the hardworking, but shouldn’t the management hire more people instead of pushing the delivery team to the limit?
  • 辛苦你们了!食材新鲜,品种丰富,价格实惠,安全及时送达! 5/5

    By Roseofasia
  • bananas and grapes 1/5

    By amboging
    i was expecting for a different kind of banana the latondan but you gave me the baby bananas it was totally doffeeebg from the picture! then i ordered 5 of those bananas and 3 of those are still green!!!and the grapes has mold!!!!! never again am i going to order!!!!!
  • 沒有買折扣的雞蛋,保存期限竟然還是這麼短。 4/5

    By Candid gold2021
    想說買沒打折的雞蛋,看看是否保存期限會久一點,卻還是這麼快到期。總共買了棕色18個,白色ㄧˋ打,保存期限只到09/03,09/02,失望! 還有,葉菜類是否可以放在包裝箱頂層,都被壓扁了,謝謝🙏
  • 负责任的司机,好评👍 5/5

    By uu8550
  • Tricking us to refer but not giving $20 as promised 1/5

    By fox-qy
    Referred roommate and supposed to get $20 as the platform advertised. Friend became a user via the link that I provided and made a qualified purchase. However, never got the $20. Customer service stated that they have a rule — people have the same address are unqualified for the benefit. Well, you didn’t include that in your direct page, you hide this term in your terms&conditions instead. This is tricky and people have to become a lawyer to not be tricked. I found it offensive. Definitely not buying again.
  • Busy RN 5/5

    By Ah-leo
    Very convenient, no extra charge. Highly recommended
  • Weee工作怎么样!让我来告诉你 1/5

    By Stars are Sparking
    在这家公司工作了这么久,第一次吐槽!weee给我的最真实的感觉就是不公平,第一,我们拿到所有的派单都只有一个总价,至于说送一家给多少费用,小费是多少不会告诉你!有的时候我们送五十多家只有二百多块钱,请问去掉客人给的小费,我们送每家的费用是多少? 第二派单不公平,这也是我为什么来吐槽的重要原因!很多人下午三点左右派单了到六七点又给换掉了,为什么?因为要照顾那些有关系的人,送了礼的人,拿了钱的人!你MLGB把别人都当傻子!有的天天有工开,有的人一两个星期没有工! 第三,没有给员工的医疗保险,Uber Lyft 还是Amazon都会告知你,你工作多少小时以后会得到政府规定相应的医疗费用!但是weee没有,也不会告知你! 第四,weee公司里的一个管理者AC弄了一个飞腾物流,向1099的司机每天收取20美金的保护费!
  • Missing refund - AND missing referral bonus 1/5

    By Sann1988
    Refund -Difficult! I received a delivery where the liver-packaging had been sliced/cut open. There was fluids from the liver on all my other groceries. Never received a refund as they insisted that I had to take further steps in the email they sent to my old email (no longer access). Referral bonus - don’t expect to receive it!! They refuse to provide referral bonuses if they can get away with it. I had the app and my address since I created the app. Changed my address same day as I wanted to send groceries to my friend who is also Indian. Same day I ask him to create his own instead. He does. None of us get a referral bonus. $40 they refuse to pay out in referral bonus. Reason: Their argument is that we share the same address, as I had changed my to the same. I NEVER used that address before besides adding that address to my account just that day - and I offered to send proof of my address being the same as always. But no - they kept his bonus and mine. This app is so petty and it is all about keeping as much money that belongs to the USER as possible. Don’t expect any customer service
  • Mostly good food quality but delivery is usually late 4/5

    By the_ice_within
    Mostly good food quality - there were several times the produce were a little rotten. Shipping arrives on the day always, but usually very late - later than the time given.
  • Cálida 5/5

    By ypu you
    Excelente productos para mi me es muy útil cuando deseo algo especial 👍👍👍
  • Truly professional service 5/5

    By Xiao Mei Young
    This on line shopping store is the best in the Bay Area and offers everything you can imagine!😊👍🍑
  • OK Asian grocery application 2/5

    By LuckyCat8888
    They used to be very good app with minimum purchase $35 for free shipping (like Walmart and target) but now $50 for free shipping. Some of snack you need to buy at least 2 but I don’t even know that I am gonna like it or not. They forced people to buy a lot more. Thinking to use other Asian grocery applications.
  • Love Weee!!!! 5/5

    By Sosonjia
    Weee! is one of my favorite markets. The selections are amazing. My household loves mushrooms (especially oyster mushrooms) and Weee has a huge variety at very reasonable prices. The fact that they deliver is icing on the cake!
  • 1st Order 5/5

    By JMSki890
    Very satisfied with products ordered, pricing and delivery. The whole radish kimchi is a little too vinegary or sour but other than that everything was great.
  • Video draft box features need to be improved! 3/5

    By JMW8672
    I'm a video creator, I upload videos using Weee! app, but its somewhat inconvenient for me. The features in video draft are too limited, I wish the video draft box could add new features like the Facebook do, allowing users to edit, re-upload and save changes in published posts other than deleting the whole.
  • good choice 5/5

    By Socal mom
    Quality items , very affordable
  • Worst customer service ever 1/5

    By Ailllllli
    Customer service doesn't reply when I complain about the driver, instead the driver called me immediately. I feel threatened. And they never refund me.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Bông Chị Bông Em
    Love this app since I was a student! Weee! has been carrying not only essentials and core Viet items but also nostalgic foods and exciting snacks. A wide variety of grocery items to shop! I can cook my daily favorite meal or Pho noodle by shopping the entire ingredients on Weee! without going to a local store. Excellent customer service too, if you happen to have any problem with your order or delivery, Weee! will solve it pretty fast. I strongly recommend Weee!
  • Consistent delivery experience 5/5

    By Scurioni
    I’ve been having consultant good experiences with wee. Out of stocks don’t happen as often as it happens when I buy from other stores, which is a huge plus for me! I can find all my Hispanic products and everyday essentials.
  • Five stars all around! 5/5

    By Cassandra Spann
    Very reasonable prices, lots of specials going on for free delivery, and QUICK delivery!!! I had noticed I was missing an item I had purchased and contacted them requesting a refund and was responded to within the hour with a full refund! So many food options and categories to choose from, organized by ethnicity. Wonderful app and excellent customer support. 10/10 highly recommend. They seriously have everything!
  • 圭流氏 - 🫶🏼 5/5

    By cornb8ll
    delivery is very fast ! ordered a lot of things on here which cost $36 dollars , and my order will be here tomorrow . as i said the delivery is very fast shipping ! SHOP WITH THEM PLEASE 💕
  • A great company 5/5

    By new kud
    Reliable, speedy delivery and trustworthy accounting
  • Cannot recommend for items that need frozen 2/5

    By ineedadiffnickname
    I ordered coconut water and it arrived with ice pack melted and I knew that was a bad sign. I opened one of the package to try, and of course, it has already been spoiled with a strong acidic taste . This is not the first time that it happened when frozen food arrived defrosted, thus unsafe for consumption .
  • 没折扣了 3/5

    By 小时工三万
  • My first order from wee 5/5

    By mommy Rosie
  • Very bad service 1/5

    By hqqxyy
    They can't deliver the package on time. The drivers have very bad attitudes. The old fruits and vegetables decomposed quickly. Some of vegetables are quite small. I bought a Japanese pumpkin, $4 for each. The picture shows that it is in normal size. However, it’s smaller than a apple.
  • fast shipping 5/5

    By wenzhuo wang
    I love this app so much and I living in NC and it is took like 3days shipping and super fast! foods are very good!
  • What happened to Atlanta fresh groceries delivery service? 1/5

    By Jack_945
    It seems they don’t sell any fresh stuff in Atlanta anymore
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By satiesfied costumer
    Highly recommended I enjoyed my foods i love how they do packaging arrived on time 👏👌👍
  • Mr.Su 4/5

    By safxp
    I like weee,it servise good,quick,many varieties and delivery to home
  • Amazing 5/5

    By napking33
    Saves so much time and money with their products !!
  • NOOOICE! 5/5

    By newsome is stupid
    It’s nice to see a app/service like this. It caters to my Asian persuasion needs! Reasonable pricing and a lot of variety!
  • Delivery Weee 5/5

    By Islandwaves
    Awesome Weee was right on schedule great service. Love the Weee experience!!!
  • ist time customer 5/5

    By Earl q
    aist time and it was a great experience
  • 为什么拷贝剪贴板?有什么产品需求? 1/5

    By peterobbin
  • Won’t take payment 1/5

    By dxddyyy.999
    I’ve recently gotten the app, my sister recommended I’ve been thinking of purchasing for a while now just haven’t had the time. As I was checking out to purchase it kept saying “verify card info” I checked it more the three times and everything was right, kept telling me to delete and try again, kept doing so and it kept telling my card wasn’t valid. So far haven’t been able to purchase anything. Got my hopes up for nothing.
  • 货物、运输很满意 5/5

    By liyansunyu