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Weekend Read App

“Staggeringly useful.” - Dan Etheridge, producer of Veronica Mars and Carrie Diaries Weekend Read makes reading screenplays on the iPhone delightful, giving users an optimized view that takes best advantage of your retina screen. You'll never squint-and-pinch to read a script again. Whether you're starting with a PDF or a native file like Final Draft or Fountain, Weekend Read makes it look great, with a choice of fonts, sizes and Dark Mode for night reading. Created by screenwriter John August and the team behind the award-winning Highland, Weekend Read has Hollywood talking. "With Weekend Read, John August and his crafty elves have taken something that was the worst thing, namely reading scripts on a mobile device, and turned it into the best thing. I find it more pleasant to read a script in Weekend Read on my 4-inch iPhone screen than to read a PDF in proper screenplay format on my iPad. I even prefer it to reading full-sized paper scripts." - Rian Johnson, writer-director (Brick, Looper, The Brothers Bloom) "Weekend Read started as an app I didn't know I needed, and quickly became an app I can't live without. Weekend Read keeps you on top of your reading pile, not buried under it. It's seriously amazing." - Rawson Thurber, writer-director (Dodgeball, We're The Millers) "This is the perfect solution I've been fantasizing about - it makes reading scripts (or anything) on the iPhone not just tolerable, not just painless, but actually a pleasure!" - David Wain, writer/director/EP (Childrens Hospital, Role Models) Weekend Read also supports text and Markdown files, making it a perfect offline reference for notes. Features: • Optimized for reading on the iPhone • Four fonts and five sizes to choose from • Easily import files from Mail, Dropbox, and the web • Page Jumper lets you zip through long documents • For Your Consideration: Featured Writers and Shows • Dark Mode for night reading

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Weekend Read app reviews

  • Wish I could rate it higher 3/5

    By Patricklawler
    Too many bugs, if I look away for long enough for my screen to shut off, then turn my iPad back on it resets me back to the beginning of the script and I have to scroll back and find where I was. SUPER FRUSTRATING! Also for some reason any numbers in the formatting section where people describe characters, completely disappear. It’ll say “Charlie, Years old, a dead stare behind his eyes” when the number 60 should be there. So I never know how old characters are without looking up the original script. Super bizarre.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Fatforehead
    No one can touch this App. Simple. Easy to use. Great extras. Industry-standard for sure. Enjoy.
  • Please Fix 4/5

    By Can Dummins
    I want to give this five stars, but I can’t get past the errors. I can read a perfectly formatted script on say simplyscripts or script slug but as soon as I load it into the app, it comes with several problems. First is dialogue jumps to the action line if continued to a new page. Word and numbers in parentheses often come up blank. Odd symbols appear in the middle of a sentence. And still probably what inconveniences me the most is when opening the app it loses track of the placement and starts you back at the title page. However, for a free app (which I would upgrade if not for these problems) I enjoy the convenience of having a script in an app. I’m sure these problems aren’t as easy to fix as they may sound and I truly appreciate what John does for writers. I’m sorry if my criticism is a little harsh, but I’d love for this app to be in top notch condition, but again…it’s free.
  • Looks great, two big things missing... 3/5

    By JamesT.C
    I love this app. The clean design and usefulness is great! However, two features I would love to see is being able to save your place where you are reading and a simple markup tool!
  • glitchy pdf display, unreadable 1/5

    By mehwutever
    This app can’t open basic PDFs that display perfectly fine in any other application or browser. Best to just avoid this one altogether.
  • Fix the numbers problem please 2/5

    By rbilsbor
    Has problems displaying numbers in the reader view. Has had this basic problem for many versions for well over a year.
  • Problems returning to scripts 3/5

    By DiggyMills
    Great app if you are reading a script all the way through. Absolutely infuriating if you leave the app to do anything else and then return. Where you are in the script will be lost, or, the app will sit there and ‘load’ the screenplay for what feels like eternity. Hope these issues can be fixed!
  • Easy does it 5/5

    By EnriqueBossi
    Great, comfy app. It’s very friendly, lets you browse around and pick up where you left off. The design is clean and crisp, with a great visual quality than makes for an enjoyable read no matter what you’re into. Wish the in-house library was more extensive!
  • Page sync 2/5

    By seanem1467
    Aside from one issue, I enjoy the app the issue is that the app doesn’t save my place in a script I’m reading from day to day. It keeps kicking me back to the top of page 1 of the script. If this gets fixed, I’d happily rate the app highly.
  • Good app, but missing some basic functionality 3/5

    By Assist to Regional Manager
    I upgraded to pro and enjoy the app overall, however the inability save your progress when you exit the app as well as sync your progress on all devices is nuts to me. That’s some basic functionality that I expected. Hoping an update addresses this soon.
  • Bad 1/5

    By unkown missing
    Terrible idea
  • iCloud Sync Failure...again. 1/5

    By the_obscure
    I’ve used this app off and on since it was released. On because it’s a great app. Off because it’s riddled with bugs. The latest update has broken iCloud Sync on my devices. Some folders are missing, others only load a percent of the scripts. I’ve tired, Un/Re-syncing iCloud, restarting my iPhone/iPad, uninstalling and reinstalling the app on both devices. Nothing works. Looking forward to the day it does...

    By EzekielJesus
    Very practical. User-friendly. Wealth of scripts to download. etc
  • Very buggy 2/5

    By justandy
    Some scripts don’t show up at all. Sometimes SOME numbers are missing. I read a script where some zero’s didn’t show up so the ages of people were confusing. Sometimes lines will be cut in half and chunks of text will be missing. I can’t trust it to be accurate so I’ve stopped using it. It’s such a great idea for an app! Bummed I paid for pro.
  • Little app / Big impact 5/5

    By musicvideoliker101
    Funny how having one home for all scripts can so radically improve your job. If you read scripts for work or fun this app will make your life better!
  • I want this to be better than it is. 1/5

    By Utfluke
    I spent the better part of an afternoon importing a large collection of scripts into this app on my iPad. Here are the reasons I genuinely regret that. 1. Once the script goes into the app, it does not go out. There’s no way to send it somewhere else. If you delete your original copy because it’s in Weekend Reader, you’re SOL. 2. If you edit the title and author of the script in the app, that information will not be retained. Whatever Weekend Reader decided that information was when the script was imported into the app, that is what the information will be when the scripts reload from iCloud. I’m so disappointed. Don’t use this on an iPad.
  • This Team Delivers. 5/5

    By oneneonaeon
    Wknd Read is absolutely fabulous. Love the distraction free interface. On IOS I engaged the Accessibility Speech so I can listen to the script while driving or cooking and between Script Notes Podcasts. Keep up the outstanding work!
  • Great App! Needs A Couple Tweaks 4/5

    By Spearhartt
    I love it. Great experience all around. I can’t wait to see more features as you add them. There are a couple display issues on text in pop-ups and modals. Also the status pop-ups stay on the screen for too long. Check marks and such, the delay is just too much. It’s pricey, but I like that it’s a one time payment. I’d pay $10 once before I’d do $1.99/mo. So good choice on pricing too!
  • Issue with numbers 4/5

    By Scott Duvall
    Great app. I love importing my scripts to read and review while on the road. The reformatting really helps when I’m on my phone and don’t want to scroll through tiny text in a pdf. My only problem is that sometimes numbers don’t show up in the reformatted version. Switching to read the original version displays the numbers, though. It’s just a little annoying switching between the 2 views.
  • Bugs That Count 3/5

    By tclindo
    Conceptually, this app is terrific. But I’m it’s execution, it fails on a few key elements—one of which being its refusal to remember which page you were on. You could be on, let’s say, page 50, and then switch to another application to look something up, and the minute you return to the app, it not only reverts you back to the first page, but it also takes another 15 seconds for it to load up again. In an app, you want it to be seamless. But this is not. I want it to work! But alas, it doesn’t.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Christian-stone
    This is a perfect app for small devices. I’ve used it on set during a film shoot for reference and as a quick way to read scripts or just PDF books. Strangely PDFs are still a standard i our small screen culture, but this app fills a good need. Do wish there was external keyboard support for just tabbing through the pages / or scrolling the text without having to scroll on the screen. A paged flip feature would be nice (or have I missed that?)
  • This was so great 2/5

    By fosisticated
    Until the last update or so. I try to import from google drive and it doesn’t fully load the entire script. It also force closes in the middle of reading.
  • None of latest updates actually work 3/5

    By debtamintosh
    None of the latest updates work for my app and it keeps going back to page 1 in normal view every time I reopen the app or a script that I’m already several pages in to.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By EmilytheGamer
    I had zero problems with this app. Until I paid for it. Now it keeps shutting down every time I try opening a file.
  • Great, with some bugs 4/5

    By Jbkohl
    Overall the best script-reading app ever. Moves fluid and simply through scripts, the best digital reading experience I've had. One small bug that bothers me; dialogue that runs over a page break will lose proper formatting on the second page. Also important is formatting for simultaneous dialogue. Would also love it to save the page in normal pdf view. Small improvements could make this truly remarkable.
  • My Favorite App 5/5

    By ethicalsean
    Sometimes I see an app and feel like it’s a miracle that it exists. That’s the way Weekend Read makes me feel. Thank you.
  • Unmatched quality and usefulness 5/5

    By lwnh
    I recommend Weekend Read to everyone. Great for actors and anyone reading scripts.
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By Likes To Watch
    I’m grateful that the app is still being maintained. Have used it for years and recently the full screen function got buggy (prolly due to iPhone X or something). I reached out via the website, someone replied, then fixed it in a few weeks, yay! Thank you!!
  • Updated for iOS 11! 5/5

    By echose7en
    My favorite screenplay reading app on both iPhone and iPad. I use it religiously, and actually take the time to convert hard-to-read formats to .fountain and import them into Weekend Read. Don’t get me wrong — Weekend Read does a fantastic job of “melting” PDFs into a more flexible on-screen format, but some are just a wee bit too stubborn. I also write in .fountain, so being able to pop open my stories on my iPhone or iPad is immeasurably useful. For a brief period, there were some slight bugs with WR and iOS 11, but they seem to now be fixed (as of 10/31/2017). Thanks for the update, guys!
  • Non-functional and dangerous to use for work - app is no longer supported 1/5

    By yourfriendlaurie
    This app is no longer supported. Paid for premium but app isn’t functional - reached out weeks ago to developers with no response and no refund. All PDFs are missing large chunks of the script but you can’t tell it’s missing unless you switch back to the plain PDF view (with no features - just like you could view for free in any PDF viewer). Numerical digits are also missing in any description or dialogue. This unfortunately makes the app not only usable but will cause problems for you if you try to use it in an audition, a live reading, or in any work context since entire parts of the script are missing and you can’t even tell. I’ve tested it numerous scripts from a variety of sources and had this problem with all of them. It’s frustrating that there’s no way to get a refund but at least I can warn others. It’s a shame because it’s a great idea for an app and would be worth the price if it actually worked.
  • Terrible Support (even with Upgrade) 1/5

    By J. Villarin
    For months, I’ve been experiencing issues with folders in this app, and, for just as many months, I’ve gotten no substantial response from the devs after sending a detailed description of my issue. I’ve been forced to uninstall and reinstall the app multiple times to ‘fix’ the problems. After contacting John August, one of the people behind the app, on Twitter, he referred me to the support people. I contacted them promptly and said they’d look into it. I have not heard from them since. I’ve politely followed up since then, and, up to now, they have not answered. Very disappointing - purchase at your own risk.
  • Great app but needs to be fixed! 3/5

    By fjdkshafjkdlsa
    Every time you receive a text notification and respond or switch to the iMessage app back to Weekend Read the script goes back to page one. It's incredibly annoying! I'd give 5 stars if it wasn't for this. An automatic scroll option would also be nice in the next update.
  • It's great 5/5

    By craig z
    I'm reading scripts way faster since downloading this. I can't even really explain why. But for whatever reason, with this app I'm getting through "the pile" faster and not feeling like I'm completely behind all the time. If reading scripts is a big part of your career/life then I really recommend it.
  • Crashes often. Decent when it works. 2/5

    By Q.Ledbetter
    I used to use this app often, but it crashes too frequently. When it does crash, it is inoperable for a long while, even when I power cycle my phone. It doesn't happen every time, but often enough for me to search for something better. Otherwise fine, I suppose.
  • One star is too much for the free version 1/5

    By arezustylo
    You can only have 4 files in your library , ONLY FOUR I like the style and appearance but it was a huge pain in the neck to see that you cant have more than 4 files, dissapointing...
  • Best way to read 3/5

    By Sekt Tay
    This is now my favorite way to read screenplays, but needs a note function. I've tried taking notes on a separate notepad app by switching back and forth, but the script reverts to p1, which makes it unusable. This app makes screenplays so easy to read and would be perfect if I could add notes as I'm reading directly on the script- and then later be able to export a list of notes with their corresponding page numbers.
  • Probably the script reading app 3/5

    By Segosa
    It's A very useful script(screenplays) reading app, it formats the screen to your device and syncs to different devices your position. Two things missing to make it an almost perfect app are: No search function in app, or in iOS in general. So when you have many scripts it can be daunting finding a script specially that you can't rearrange them as well by date or name or format, etc. And, the other thing missing is to open or make it easy to open the last script read. It can be frustrating when you have to put the app down and come back to not remember or find the last script you were reading.
  • Add Mark-up Please 4/5

    By fighttrue
    Great app. Please add Mark-up for support of the Apple Pencil. Would save me a whole lot of paper! Please, 5 stars when it gets updated.
  • Typical pdf reader 2/5

    By nbarnes1
    The only unique tool it has in the character highlighting, but you have to pay $10 to use it, which is entirely too much when there are a million free off readers out there that actually have a ton more functionality than this. It's also crazy that the only way you can sync items in the cloud is after paying the $10 premium cost. So all in all its just an overpriced average off reader that locks basic functionality behind a costly paywall.
  • Great, great idea with a couple of flaws. 2/5

    By Uber_to_you
    This app is a great idea. However, I've noticed that the app will drop the first line of dialogue randomly when viewing in the more "readable" Reader mode. I had to switch between the PDF and the Reader modes to figure out why the first line of dialogue on one page didn't jibe with the last line on the previous page. When switching between the Reader mode and the PDF mode, the app will always take you back to the first page of the PDF or some random section of the script in the Reader mode. It would be helpful if, when switching between the two, the app would drop you into the page you were on in whichever mode you were switching from. I like how the app does away with superfluous information not pertaining to the actual reading of the script but it would also be super helpful if it did include the asterisks which indicate revisions. When I get a full revision, I'll usually skim through the stuff that hasn't been revised and key in on the stuff that's changed. Overall a great idea of an app that will only improve with time and revisions. I've suggested it to everyone I know that works in this business.
  • The best! 5/5

    By Col. Sklar
    Love this app! Beautiful interface. Easy to use. Dark Mode for night reads! It's perfect.
  • Bookmarks and Press/hold to make notes? 4/5

    By Graceintheface
    A total godsend. This is now my preferred way to read scripts. One kind of big issue is that the app keeps resetting my scripts to page one when I return to the app. I use Apple notes to make notes on scripts (which makes for a lot of app switching on iPhone.) Is there a way to fix or incorporate a bookmark feature? Which brings me to the functionality that I would gladly pay another $10-20 for...in app note-taking. I'm sure most of us like to take notes on scrips and if this could be done in app, I would be over the moon. For me, this could be the simple action of pressing and holding a word to leave a note there. I'm sure this a complicated feature, but one I would most adore and more importantly, pay for. Keep up the amazing app work!
  • Files continue to randomly disappear 1/5

    By absurdistfiction
    Files that I have downloaded through the app have disappeared from my library but if I go to add them again, it believes they are still in my library so I can't re-download them. This app is such a disappointment. Bug after bug. I regret spending the money for the "premium". Update: 10/13/15 The app still continues to make scripts disappear. This could be such a great app if we're actually useable.
  • Beautiful but needs note taking ability 3/5

    By Hello I'm a filmmaker
    Converts script files beautifully. If I could add notes directly on the page (circle, underline, arrow, comments), I would buy the full version and give it 5 stars.
  • Love! 5/5

    By xodphx
    This game is like a Sci-fi Cod game! This is love, this is life❤️
  • One of the reasons I switched to an iPhone 5/5

    By Dom Jenkinson
    Weekend Read was one of three apps that influenced switching to iPhone. Now I have it, I'm not disappointed. I read a lot on my train ride to work, and this looks great. Congrats on a great app.
  • Glitch, Please 2/5

    By MarleyMitchell
    Not recognizing my upgrade. C'mon, guys, let's fix this. I didn't mind paying for an overpriced app since the free Scriptnotes podcast is so great, but an update to debug this bad boy is very necessary.
  • No customer service response. 1/5

    By Photojuicebox
    I, too, am dealing with the "library full" bug this update was supposed to solve. I sent them a customer service report a week ago (7/23) and haven't heard a response or seen an announcement that it's being worked on. It's not worth the trouble.
  • Not working 2/5

    By tbone23
    This update doesn't fix the bug that it says it does. The "library full" error is still here. It's a shame cause this is a fantastic app when it occasionally works.