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Wegmans App

With the Wegmans App we’ve made shopping easier! You can: Browse Digital Coupons and clip to your Shoppers Club Search items you’ve previously purchased (My Items) Build a list organized by aisle Place an order for delivery & curbside pickup View your receipts and online orders And much more!

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Wegmans app reviews

  • Best Grocery App 5/5

    By RocknJazz
    Hands down best grocery app. Only thing short of being perfect is limited ability of ordering butchered products.
  • Fix it! 2/5

    By HJCrooks
    Used to work great, now it’s completely buggy and doesn’t work half to time
  • Wegmans delivery 4/5

    By Nfjrow8475
    Used this service about 5 times. Happy with the service, only a few missteps which Wegmans credited our debit account. Only concern is service fee (in addition to delivery fee) is a bit steep. We always indicate no substitutions so shopper texts any changes and requests agreement or not.
  • Awful search 2/5

    By Bmore Bill
    Some items are impossible to find with the search. Popular stuff that I’ve bought before. They even prompt you, ‘oh did you mean: laughing cow babybel cheese?’ Yeah, that’s what I want. ‘Sorry, never heard of it.’ M&M’s, what’s that? Dry basil? Bread flour?!?! Come on guys!
  • Won’t allow landscape mode 2/5

    By Alex DeLucenay
    In addition to the other complaints, it won’t allow landscape mode, which is frustrating when you set it down on a countertop. You cannot search “your items” which the old app allowed. In addition, the search function isn’t adequate as it pulls up incorrect things. Further, items are blatantly missing when you search. Understanding this wasn’t really developed by Wegmans, I hope that Wegmans brings this back in-house to make it back to the Wegmans-standard.
  • Great experience 5/5

    By poopooo!!!!🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
    Excellent service.
  • Shoppers club discounts 4/5

    By yfbdbwi
    I’m not sure if I missed it but I didn't see anywhere in my cart or after I submitted my order that I had saved any money with the shoppers club card.
  • Review 4/5

    By DoodleJumpAddiction
    Sometimes it hard to find items , by there name. Example , I buy Diet Pepsi in the bottles , and it didn’t come up, only cans or bottles wrapped in clear plastic, not the kind with the rings around the top
  • Upgrade is terrible 1/5

    By Just a normal shopper
    Wegmans “upgraded” app is slower to load, slower to search and terrible at finding products. They are so focused on pushing the user to online purchasing and their prepared menus they have developed a product that is completely inefficient for finding and purchasing the products that I want to buy. Their initial app was fantastic. Their current option is terrible.
  • Hate the new version 1/5

    By cobrie10
    One of my favorite features was the ability to have multiple lists saved in the app and then switch between them. I have a list saved for our annual trip to the beach and I switch to that list when I’m shopping. The list is still there but you can no longer switch to it and make it the active shopping list. It’s INCREDIBLY frustrating. The features are also less intuitive than the original versions. Plus, receipts are no longer saved as digital versions. So you can’t use them for returns. Overall, not a fan at all
  • Good start. 3/5

    By JimmyJames1214
    This app seems like a good start, but has many bugs and doesn’t have standard spell check and auto populate features of other apps. This appease enough to navigate, but could still be streamlined.
  • They need to improve the error messages 1/5

    By a customer in upset
    I was unable to make an order. The app and website both were saying “Something went wrong “.
  • Good, could be as great as Wegmans 4/5

    By L&Lcrashtestdummy
    App is not intuitive. Simple back button would do a world of good. But it gets the job done.
  • Best for curbside pickup 5/5

    By bjmc1980
    App works great and play by play texting from Instacart on potential substitutions are top experience for all grocery stores during pandemic.
  • I love the delivery option 3/5

    By Lindy218
    But the checkout was confusing
  • Easy App 5/5

    By JeansGina777
    I love the ease of this app! The only thing that is missing is the easy of finding recipes.
  • New app poor performance 2/5

    By AMBTPL72
    The new Wegman’s app does not work well. It logs me out abruptly, sometimes while I’m trying to use it in store. Coupons won’t show up. Different option pages think I’m not logged into the app when I am. Very frustrating and confusing.
  • Updated app is terrible 1/5

    By sapphire1618
    Please just bring back the old app. The updated one is terrible. My husband I use to keep a running grocery list on the app, and now we can’t - it deletes things, doesn’t update between the two devices. You can no longer clear your whole list when done you have delete each item individually. The search function is atrocious - retuning item not even remotely related to what I’m looking for. The Wegmans app doesn’t live up to the quality that Wegmans is.
  • I Heart Wegmans 5/5

    By divaDog23
    I love basically everything about Wegmans, their food, prices, pickup services, friendly and professional employees...and their new shopping app follows right along with their other GREAT services! The new app is uber easy to use and a good improvement over the previous one. This one even allows you to make changes to an order after it was placed (before pickup, of course). You can also add special notes, like if substitutes are ok or not, and if they are, what substitutes would be acceptable. The Wegmans great service rocks on with their new app...and I am very grateful!
  • Asbury Park 4/5

    By saw doos
    So nice of Wegmans
  • Happy Customer 5/5

    By Hillary, buffalo
    Have not had a bad experience sailer happy with the service! Thank you
  • Bad upgrades 1/5

    By Carl McG
    The last version of you app was much better. This one takes too long to load, does not synch with multiple devices and my grocery list is constantly lost. Can we have the old version back? This one is not up to Wegmans standards.
  • Good but they can improve 4/5

    By Sasha JC
    I love it for getting things that are packaged. However I can’t get produce because they always seem to give me fruit that’s already expired. And sometimes I didn’t even get the receipt. So ordering a watermelon that’s mushy that you can’t take back is no fun. and also, It does deliver faster than it says and that’s a plus for me.
  • David’s Help on phone 5/5

    By epk46
    He was amazing and walked me through the whole crazy process! Thank you David! He deserves a gold star and then some! Ellen Kass
  • Appreciation 5/5

    By HapKlein
    I tried to order groceries around Easter and the app was overloaded so I did some early shopping. But at age 85 I am trying to stay as isolated as possible. Today I was amazed how quick and accessible filling the list has become and highly recommend it, especially to careful older folk which I know is redundant. People get older with great care.
  • Revuew 2/5

    By Vickileaks
    This is a terrible app. It’s nigh on impossible to maneuver. I simply want to make a list. No. There is nothing simple about it. I start a new list, call it by the date. First message you don’t have anything on your list. No. I just started it. The list has running comments such as you need 35.00 for free delivery. I just started the list! I also don’t want it delivered a choice I made weeks ago but now can’t get out of. Moving around in the app is also difficult. I searched for lettuce and got kale?! Ugh! I’m going back to notes for my list. I liked the original app much better!
  • Great abilities..a couple nuances 4/5

    By hehshebsi
    Great search abilities! Could be a little more user friendly.
  • Fantastic improvements! 5/5

    By Deborah122
    Having one app to manage grocery lists, check availability of items, schedule delivery or pickup during lockdown, and manage prescriptions is genius. Thank you!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By vladreyes
    Convenient, easy to use and secure!!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Manny A-town
    I always loved the store but this app makes it even better
  • Easy to use app 5/5

    By Woodland Dwellers
    Well designed!
  • Layout is nice - search is a train wreck 2/5

    By toddvernon87
    The search function of the app is unusable. It autocorrects to whatever it seems to want to display, won’t lead to a known item etc Please fix the search function, it’s so bad
  • Review 5/5

    By Bdecosmo
    I am thrilled with Wegmans. Especially during these times. Instacart, on the other hand is not great. Can’t wait till you can cut them out
  • No Apple Pay 4/5

    By Alteleid
    I’d give the app 5 stars if I could pay for my delivery order with Apple Pay. The help section says you accept Apple Pay but it’s not an option during checkout.
  • Items disappear if out of stock 4/5

    By bbelzner
    I have noticed that items I place on my list that I know I added disappear and reappear which the only reason I can think of is if it’s out of stock which is annoying because if it was at least still there I could find another brand hopefully. I then get home and realize things I forgot but knew I had on my list.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Klisciana
    The Wegmans app is so user friendly and fast. Extremely happy with my shopping today for curbside pick up. This is why Wegmans is so successful!
  • Erases items without warning 2/5

    By Balyash
    Several times now, we have items on the list and they mysteriously disappear. Quite frustrating when it's used as a shopping list between the family, and we don't realize it's missing until after we get home. We have contacted the developers, and they said it could be because that item is not in stock. WELL, THEN FIX THE APP SO IT WARNS US AN ITEM HAS DISAPPEARED, SO WE CAN CHOOSE A SIMILAR ITEM OR THE ITEM IN A DIFFERENT SIZE.
  • Editing payment 4/5

    By Aime319
    I wanted to change credit card used and was unable to do that
  • Things keep disappearing from our list 1/5

    By Persnicketyone
    This has steadily gone from my favorite app to being a dog. This week we went back to a paper list. The tipping point was when we realized things we both remember going on the list had disappeared from the list. Fortunately I remembered some of them, unfortunately, I didn’t remember all of them. Whenever I go into the store to use it I have to stand there waiting for it to connect (“Still cooking...”). It is slow at everything. Little conveniences keep disappearing. Why can’t the “add to list” button be on the first page? For example: when I search for and add an item, I now have to manually clear that item from the search bar before I can add another; I used to be able to clear all checked items (leaving the items that were out of stock on the list for next time), now I can clear the whole list or delete items (manually). Then there are the missed opportunities like if I want to buy a pomegranate, I can filter by name or “ relevance”, but not department. Pages of pomegranate lipstick, no actual fruit. I previously wrote the search engine is so bad I can’t get a complete list. But it seems the problem is it is too good— I believe that why stuff disappears. We like plain deli cream cheese. I went to add it to the list for the next trip, it’s not there. It seems that out of stock items are no longer shown to add to the list. Veggie and lox deli cream cheese are available, but not plain. I can add one of those as a “ placeholder” and buy plain when I am there. But I don’t plan to shop until next week, so if veggie goes out of stock in the meanwhile, I think cream cheese goes off my list. If that isn’t why it disappeared, what other bug did it? We are going back to a paper list that I might put into this app right before I shop. This is ridiculous. Do you people alpha test these “improvements”? Have you tried the old app (that customers were satisfied with)? Have you taken a workshop in design based thinking?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By PattiF85
    The new version is awful. I really can’t find one good thing to say about it. Everything is harder to find now. You can’t delete only checked items from your list so you have to delete as you go in case you don’t find everything and want to leave something on the list. The aisle layout doesn’t follow the flow of the store. It’s too hard to see your previously purchased items. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Since 8.0 version, items are in wrong isle 3/5

    By ad3m229!
    The isle locations for all products in the niagara falls blvd. store are all incorrect. Its like the data is from a different store. Its not just one or two items, everything is shifted by A few isles. It makes the app unusable except for digital coupons.
  • New Version is Awful 1/5

    By @nickpeer
    Wegmans should be embarrassed by the latest iteration of their app. The app is essentially a container for the website. If I wanted your website I’d go to the website. In a day and age when most companies are embracing native applications, Wegmans decided to release a website, and a bad one at that. The experience is slow... very slow. I hope whoever said “let’s get rid of our native app and just containerize our website” is no longer employed.
  • If I could give it zero stars, I would 1/5

    By pbreindeer
    I had been using the old Wegmans app for a number of years...loved the old app. Loved it so much that I used to show it to customers in the store while I was shopping, show them how to find it and use it-and show them how to connect to Wegmans WiFi so they didn’t burn their data. I touted it on Facebook. It was fabulous...it made shopping convenient and efficient. It listed an aisle number and indicated all the items in my list that I could find on that aisle....no wondering from aisle to aisle....did I mention I loved it? This “improved” version is clunky and slow. It is extremely slow to load and the little “working on it” sign, though cute, doesn’t assuage my annoyance. It now organizes items by department. Most grocery items are listed in ‘other departments’....not helpful. To make it even less efficient your shopping list is organized randomly within the ‘department’ so your first item may be on aisle 1, your next item on aisle 10, and your third item on aisle 1 again.😖 Marathon grocery shopping is not my idea of fun. Nothing done to this Wegmans app was an improvement. Except for price checking, using a pencil and paper list is faster.
  • New version is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By fmxer92
    I despise the new version of this app. It’s pathetic how flawed all the features are, in comparison to the original version. Little to no coupons, list maker doesn’t work, search tab is useless... bring the original version back
  • Bummed out 2/5

    By debbyangry
    Why design a new app that doesn’t work as well?
  • Boots you out 3/5

    By 716Heidi
    Each time I open the app, I have to sign in again. It doesn’t keep you signed in but it should, just like other apps.
  • Slow to load 3/5

    By Crzyl0v3
    The app is slow to load pickup times
  • Wegmans app suggestions 4/5

    By JackieSG
    I insider myself tech savvy but found it difficult to use the app initially. I recommend some instructions. I have been using curbside pickup. Apparently Instacart does the shopping and there is no where to tip the individual. I’ve been looking for weight watchers ice cream bars and aren’t on the site, but are in the store. I wish you could click on the product and be able to see details ( for example zoom to view hair color better and the before and after colors on the back of the box) It would be nice to have an option to shop as if walking up and down aisles.
  • New app is difficult 2/5

    By Bmcgirth
    The new app is far from user friendly and the pharmacy link is useless. I’ve had a notification reminder for 2 months with none reminder available. The turn on notification links don’t work. I constantly have to call to find out if prescription was called in. Love the store, hate the app

Wegmans app comments

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