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  • Current Version: 5.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wegmans Food Markets
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wegmans App

Access your Wegmans Shoppers Club membership on the go with the Wegmans App. - Get easy meal ideas - Check out nutritional facts - Clip digital coupons to your Shoppers Club Account - View your shopping list organized by aisle - And much more!


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  • Great App 5/5

    By jeffyboiiii
    I also don’t know what the log in issues are. I’ve never had to re-log into this app since it’s been up and running. I love that it gives the aisle number of the item!
  • This app is the template 5/5

    By Xtremerick
    This app is the template all grocery stores should be based on. Not only can you search and find exact items you at shopping for but it tells you where to find them and if you shop straight down the list in the store ,guides you through the store to the aisles you can find the items in a straight line. No doubling back or searching back and forth for items. It may not be perfect, but after trying several of the other grocery chain apps this one is awesome.
  • Great 5/5

    By Carollee44
    I have been using this app ever since it was developed. I love it it’s great and helps me do my shopping because I always know where to find what I’m looking for I can refill prescriptions from her. I don’t know what the problem is that some people are having with logging in all the time I rarely login. Usually it is because I’ve gone to something different in the settings or in the options. I couldn’t do without this app
  • Undo update please! 1/5

    By elegrl89
    Please undo the recent update. The new button to add to your shopping list doesn’t work! I add and update items but my list stays empty. The app is now completely useless to me! Please undo the update!
  • Busted 1/5

    By Kevwah
    Version 5.5 is busted. It lets you put items in your list. Then when you look at your list it says there’s nothing there. In addition, having to wait after selecting an item before it’s added (assuming it actually was) is annoying and wastes 5 seconds per item.
  • Undo update 1/5

    By Megaera00
    The app was fine before this recent update. Now it freezes when I try to search for something as common as milk. And forget about trying to add anything to the list. Undo this update!
  • Use it constantly 5/5

    By Bhuff83
    We keep running lists of groceries on this app. It’s synced to my husbands phone so he can easily stop and grab stuff on the way home. It shows him the location of items in the store (though a more specific location for Nature’s Marketplace items would be nice). We use the digital coupons and card as well. It’s great.
  • Handy App but still needs improvement 4/5

    By iphone user13
    My husband and i use this app for our shopping at Wegmans and i have no complaints with using it in the store. I haven’t had any of the issues that others report so i can only guess that the issues are with the phone they are using or the cell service they subscribe to. I am satisfied with the app since it makes it easy to follow the list through the store to find the items i need. I have made several suggestions through a comment card and the programmers have added many useful enhancements (at least i think they are useful). I find it convenient to just use my Wegman’s list to add products as i discover that i need then the list is always available in the app, whether my husband or i happen to be in the store. We don’t use a paper list in the kitchen, we now only use the e-list on our cell phones. My only frustration with the app is the search engine. It doesn’t seem to be very robust and the search range is limited. I usually add a note to myself to find what i am looking for...
  • Search results 1/5

    By ash2a
    If you do not type the exact word(s) in the search bar for the item you are looking for, you will get zero search results. The search function should be improved.
  • Never had an issue 5/5

    By improbability42
    Worst thing my wife and I ever experienced is to log in every couple of weeks. That is tolerable tho we do request it be more persistent. As for the app, it puts our list in order to take us through our local Wegmann’s in a logical order. Thanks!
  • Search function useless 1/5

    By a non-emouse
    The grocery store is great. The app is the worst. The search function only works when you enter the EXACT product name. It’s a mystery why Wegmans won’t hire competent programmers.
  • Hi 2/5

    By ajquvvej
    This app is frustrating... you have the option of signing up with your shoppers club card or... create a new account...so I enter my card number and last name, hit next there they have my info, name address etc...I then enter my email and create password, go to the next page choose my store, click on done.... an alert pops up telling me I already have an account..: contact the store for a card!!!! 🤬 what the hell!!!
  • One more thing to love about Wegmans. 5/5

    By Deishu
    I don’t get the criticism I see here. I’ve used this app for years with almost no problems. I shop in many different Wegmans in 3 different cities on a regular basis. It always knows where I am and changes accordingly. I love having my items all lined up through the store especially in stores I’m not as familiar with. One add that would be nice...special orders like cakes need to be done on the web site. It would be nice to have that all in one place here. Put that’s just being picky. Keep up the great work!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By donna4957
    The cashier today told me I should use the Wegman’s app, so I downloaded it and it’s asking me to sign in with my account. I don’t have an account yet. I don’t have a password yet. So, yes, I’ll have to agree, pretty useless. Is this a bug, or is this the way it’s supposed to be?
  • Pain to keep logging in! 2/5

    By Lori1919
    I like to keep my list on it. But lately I have to log in again every time I add another item to my list. I prefer to add things as I think of them but why make me log in again and again. It is my phone and no one else uses it so why make it so secure I don’t want to take the time to log in?
  • I’m ready to delete this app 1/5

    By Bipolar Flyer
    One recent change ruined this app for me. Now I must login just to get to my Wegman’s bar code. Never had to do that before. I have to remember one more XXXX password. This is enough to make me go elsewhere.
  • Always tells me there are no coupons 3/5

    By mkb08002
    I love the Wegmans app but it always says there are no coupons available. I know the are because my gf has the app and it shows us the coupons available to clip so we always end up using her account. I've tried deleting it and re installing but keep getting the same message :( too bad - otherwise it's a great app to keep you organized
  • Requires account; uses Google maps 3/5

    By Alijah Simon
    Allow me to sign in with iCloud. I don’t need you to track all of my purchases and data. Also, switch your store locater functionality to Apple Maps, not Google maps.
  • Don’t shop without it 4/5

    By mav4run
    Making a list at home and then sorted by aisle is so great. Hate shopping anywhere else where I have to hunt. My only complaint is when app says frozen section. Hey, frozen is separated in aisles! (Oh and no log on issues)
  • No Catering Orders? 2/5

    By M. Del
    What is the point of this app if I still have to use the webpage to place orders?
  • Deleted my history 2/5

    By KarenDimi
    The latest version deleted all my purchases and frequently purchased items! It seems to also force me to log in every time which seems wasteful of my time.
  • Really Wegmans? 1/5

    By Jenn Lara
    I put a negative review on a product and it never showed up.
  • My List Flaws 3/5

    By Alexandria Shopper
    Like Ralph, I found that the latest update has messed up My List's most important feature, placing items in location order. Half of the items on my most recent list showed up at the top with no locations; the remainder were properly sorted. Please fix this promptly.
  • Frustrated 3/5

    By Ralph from Amherst
    Since the latest update, many of the products on my list will no longer go into categories or isles. They have just randomly been listed in no particular order at the beginning of the list. Other products remain categorized. Can’t something be done? Frustrating because I really loved this app until recently.
  • Pretty useless 1/5

    By Fishinggiant
    As other reviewers have mentioned sign is a pain and I can’t see much use for this app. At a minimum I want to use it to refill prescriptions. However there is no barcode scanner so I might as well pick up the phone and call it in. On the sign in screen it uses your gps location to find your store. So far so good. But apparently they forgot to connect this to the rx part of the app so I had to scroll through all of the wegmans locations on the east coast to find my store. On top of that they won’t let u proceed to fill the rx unless you also chose THE LAST STORE YOU REFILLED IT AT. More useless scrolling all over again. Deleting from device. Wegmans I hope you read some of the feedback here as it’s meant to be constructive and help make your app useful.
  • Really great app 5/5

    By Howler User
    This app is really quite good. It makes it easy to create a shopping list from a recipe and then have the shopping list indicate which aisle all of the ingredients are in. All you have to do is scan a product to add it to a list. I found this really cuts down on my in-store time. Nice work!
  • Works just great! 5/5

    By C_foodie
    This app is so helpful with shopping! I love that the list you make goes in order of the store! So efficient! People have seen me using it in the store and I have actually asked me where things are! Easy search! Thank you!
  • A suggestion 4/5

    By WickedCanuck
    Don’t make it so easy to log out of the app. It shouldn’t be at the bottom. Many times I’ve accidentally logged out of the app while shopping and it’s annoying to have to input email & PW. Could you possibly move “sign out” to a more inconveniently accessible place? Why would someone want to log out of the app anyway? Otherwise...love the app!
  • List count stopped (FIXED 2/23/18) 5/5

    By Buzzzqwert
    Why doesn’t the list count at screen bottom reduce as items are checked off? This just happened with the latest build and a pain. You start with 10 items , check off 4 and the bottom count is still 10!!!
  • Horrible product lookup 1/5

    By Mabellboi
    Using the scan tool to look up a UPC, is absolutely horrible! National brands should be automatically loaded WITHOUT QUESTION. For example, tried scanning UPC from a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. NOPE, couldn’t find it.... App is great for making a list and mostly good in pinpointing aisles in stores.
  • Updates seem to create more issues 2/5

    By Aa77D
    The latest update changes your total list number from unchecked items to total items. If there is one unchecked item in your list you have no idea unless you slowly go through list at the store. This app also never updates as a master list. Many shopping apps, have the same items on every list and can all be updated if an item is checked. So if I have 20 items on the list and I decide to check 2 items I do not want on my iPad, when I go to the store with my iPhone those items should be checked. Not in this app.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Chris5753156754
    As others said the app just logs you out whenever it fells like it. The app is pointless if you get to the register and have to find your password and username at an express line. I also find that many items are not in the find area of the app and no way to tell anyone it’s not in the app. If you look for an item and it’s not in the app and it’s in the store there should be an button saying “in store but not found in app” then the developer can fix it. The way you have it now nothing will ever change. Lazy
  • Works well! 4/5

    By Meechity
    I don’t understand what all the login issues are about… I can’t remember the last time I had to log into the app. Like a year ago? My card has always worked perfectly on my iPhone from both the Wegmans app and Apple Wallet. I love that the shopping list items show prices, aisle location, availability, and if it’s on sale. I can easily switch between the 3 stores I frequently haunt. I’m only dinging the app one star because I can’t get the store card to scan from my Apple Watch, which probably doesn’t have anything to do with the actual app, but it’s the ultimate in gluttony and I want it to work. :P #DannyWegmanForPrez
  • What broke 1/5

    By AlexH1999
    Um not sure what happened - this was linked to my account, my store and it was great. Now I have to re-enter my location and can’t get past the first screen...
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By drakkhen
    This app has been a lot more reliable the past several months. Just a few suggestions: - when price is “per pound”, quantity should also be in lbs (ex. “1/8”, “2 1/2”, etc.) - when quantify is a count, and it is not “1”, highlight it with a different color. Usually quantity is just 1 but if it’s not it would be helpful if it stood out.
  • On its way to being useful. 3/5

    By MirandaFTE
    This app makes creating a shopping list easy, what it does not do is allow you to easily check items off the list as you shop. As you check items, they should disappear instead I must scroll through my entire list to find the last item. It’s very frustrating. Please add an in store shopping feature.
  • Nice ideas but disappointing at stores 1/5

    By kaxxie
    It may be a problem with the app or with my local store, but items listed as “available” are so frequently not in fact stocked as to almost seem like false advertising. These aren’t simply cases where the items have sold out (which could be understandable) — but when items aren’t in the store, and have not been. Why bother? So much for fulfilling the list the app helps me to create, lol. Although I guess it’s helpful to have a list I can then better fill at a competitor? Would rate higher if it actually worked at store level, for actual shopping.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Jc289
    Wish you could use it with Alexa echo.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Dish220
    Love the store, but this app is useless. Have had it for a few years, and never liked it because EVERY time I open it, I needed to log in. I thought I’d give it another try since there are so many new features like shopping lists, digital coupons, and recipes. Yea, no go. Won’t work. Can’t get it to even recognize my email, says there’s a system error. It’s not my phone or iPad that has the problem. Rather disappointed.
  • Traveling 2/5

    By Cash2986
    Wait! I thought this app would provide me to make a list- submit it to wetland, pay, And schedule to come have it picked up!! So disappointed....
  • Love it but one suggestion! 4/5

    By JD10102223578
    I love this app and use it every week for my grocery list. I love the digital coupons because they just come off automatically if I’ve purchased the items, unlike paper coupons where I find myself buying unnecessary items just to fulfill the coupon. I love that if I can’t find something in the store or I want to know if my Wegmans carries a product I can search it in the app and it will tell me which aisle it’s in. I use this app all the time. My only suggestion is to please find a way for me to make a list on my phone and send it to my husband. If I’ve created my list throughout the week and then he wants to go shopping, I have to write out my list for him or give him my phone. I’d love to be able to send it, in the app, not via email.
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By Hoggdgh
    App stinks. Can’t get signed up. What are you doing? I expected better.
  • Great store, horrible app 1/5

    By Aggie Joe
    The more the do to this app, the worse it becomes. Every update requires a new manual login which may or may not take. And you can’t just search a store without logging in. Even after a login I couldn’t get anywhere on the app today. Good thing I like the store, I’ve got no use for this app though. It’s just an exercise in frustration.
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By Pammy & Jaimi
    This app was awesome to begin with. So easy to use but the fact that it specifies which aisle number each item is located AND puts your list in order of the aisle numbers just puts this app over the top of all other grocery list apps! Love it!!
  • Needs upgrade and redesign 2/5

    By kshkval
    The app asks me to sign in nearly every time I use it. I’ve suggested that the Wegmans company make it a Touch ID type app... this would keep me from spending time searching for the info and reentering it. Given how Wegmans management moves everything all the time, can it just update my favorites with the info? And why no Watch app even tho there is an app for iPad? Who takes their iPad shopping with them, Wegmans? I need to scan the Wegmans card on my iPhone then use my Watch for the Apple Pay part. Given how Wegmans insists on product placement, can the App direct me to the specific section in an aisle rather than a general aisle location like it does now? Just very underpowered and disappointingly difficult to use.
  • Great store, lousy app 2/5

    By sNickyO
    Incredibly un-friendly, unintuitive app!
  • Oh please, this is not a 5! 1/5

    By RoseAnn
    I used this in app my local store on Monday. I created a list at home and tried to use it in the store. I was forced to keep logging into the App about every 10 minutes, and each time this happened all the items I had checked off the list that were in my cart were unchecked and I had to keep stopping to check off the same things again and again. It also wouldn’t allow me to delete items that weren’t available or add substitute items. This same annoying loop just kept happening every time it forced a login and it was so frustrating. It totally ruined my shopping trip and wasted so much of my time. What good is using an App that keeps logging you out and messing with you while you are shopping! The App clearly does not work as intended. I wish reviewers would be honest. Wegmans does not walk on water and neither does this App.
  • Worst app I have seen 1/5

    By Gwogy
    They force you to give all your information like a bank. All I want to do is find your stores because I love them. Whoever made the decision to make this app so difficult needs to be fired.
  • The app is great. 5/5

    By Jeff bloch
    Not sure what the other reviewer issue is with logging on. I log on once and then do not need to log in again. I have my card scanned so I do not need to carry it. I like the digital coupons and also locating where products are. My only comment is sometimes items get moved and are not updated on app. Aside from that I have no issues.
  • Discrepancies app and availability at shelf 3/5

    By Jorgitok
    There are lots of discrepancies between what the app shows as available and what is actually available at store. Already called attention to store, but no improvement. Discrepancies last for months.

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