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Wegmans App

Access your Wegmans Shoppers Club membership on the go with the Wegmans App. - Get easy meal ideas - Check out nutritional facts - Clip digital coupons to your Shoppers Club Account - View your shopping list organized by aisle - And much more!

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  • Unable to download store card 1/5

    By Des924
    I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app. I’ve Forced quit the app and the app will not load my Wegman’s card to my Apple wallet or display a bar code. Fix the bugs please!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Irnmdn2000
    The app constantly freezes and can’t connect to anything. Lists are impossible to create.
  • Where’s The Updates? 2/5

    By euphoricwho
    The Wegmans iOS app has not been updated in two months. I notice on my iPhone XS Max that, when I use the on-screen keyboard, it is big and blurry. On iPad Pro 3rd generation I get black borders around the screen. The app itself also has an outdated design, almost as if it is from 2012. Please hire a new design team for the app and give us more updates.
  • Great since update 5/5

    By Mnickola
    Love the ease of making your list Love love love this app!!!!
  • Fantastic application 5/5

    By Control45
    I don’t know what the critics are talking about this application is FANTASTIC!!! Not only is it easy to use, but it allows you to make a comprehensive grocery list as well as determine the cost of your bill. It goes even further than this. If you use your shoppers club card the day of a purchase, the next day under “my receipts” you can see exactly what you bought and how much you paid. This is the best grocery application on the web and believe me I have them all. Plus there are even more advantages to using the application than I have listed here. To mention just one, Wegmans will match any price you find listed in any other store. Try it and you’ll love it!!!
  • Downloaded for Coupons, Wont Load Coupons... 1/5

    By Wertsauce
    I want to be able to use the coupons through the app, but I continually get the message unable to load your coupons. Great
  • App not working 2/5

    By Dancinshan1017
    I use this app regularly and it’s not working Very frustrating Difficult to shop without making a list!
  • I love you, Wegman’s 5/5

    By Sharky's End
    This app & Wegman’s are both amazing.
  • Was great until today 1/5

    By Nicolexamy
    Loved this app until today - stated crashing while I was making my list, kicked me out of my login and wouldn't let me back in. Until app is fixed my 1 start remains, I can not even login now
  • Poor search function 1/5

    By ash2a
    The search function does not give any relevant suggestions if you miss spell a word or if you do not exactly type a word that exists in the search database. Searching for the phrase “steri-strip” renders no results. What this app should do is giving relevant search results for the same category: strips, gauzes, bandages, etc.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Marj 1
    I love Wegmans, so this rating is only for the app. I went to return something not too long ago, and they couldn’t find me in the system. Finally they said that my card was under someone else’s name. I have use this card probably for 25 years. They issued me a new one. I want to set up the app on the smart phone and it said “hello Andrew”. I am not Andrew, but there is nowhere for me to say no I’m not Andrew, or change the number. Guess the app is useless, and now I’m going to have to go back and find out why the card still isn’t in my name even though it’s new. Extremely frustrating.
  • Despite improvements, app is still very much a work in progress 2/5

    By Siconik
    While the Wegmans app has improved over the years, there are still bugs and usability issues. 1) Often when trying to load shopping lists or coupons, the app gets stuck spinning for minutes only to come back with network or other error pop up. 2) List “sharing”, which to me would have been the most important feature, is laughably poor. The only way to share a list is via email, at which point it cannot be accessed in recipients app. This is actually worse than a normal email or text which you can copy into notes and check off. The way this feature should work to be useful is that once the list has been sent via email/text or better yet, simply shared via the app with friends (not a current feature) it were to open in the actual app, where you can check things off as you shop. If lists could be shared in real time, a while family could shop together and see what has been revived. I personally would use the app almost of the time if coming out of the office I could see a “Wife has shared ‘Monday W run’ list” notification/reminder, tap on it and be taken right to the shopping list waiting for me in app.
  • Useless for finding a where a product is across the Wegmans chain 1/5

    By BrookDK
    It will only let you look for a product in one store at a time.
  • Used to love 1/5

    By Guard1637
    We used to love this app. However, whenever we try to use it now we get errors that there is no network connection. Please fix....
  • Adored this app until a few days ago 5/5

    By TheresaMarie123
    Nothing will load properly. I can’t search items. It gives errors and then if it miraculously loads, it won’t let me add it to my cart and I get an error. It also shows ALL items unavailable no matter what it is and I know that’s incorrect. Hugely frustrating. I rely on this app for all of my lists and all shopping. Huge bummer. I hope they fix it quick.
  • Sad 2/5

    By Natasis
    Unable to retrieve receipts. Yes I have my account number and yes I always scan my membership card. Not able to retrieve one receipt and I shop there every week.

    By AlicatVixen
    The main reason this app exists is to make a digital grocery list to ease your shopping experience. The basic way people handmade lists prior to this was to have a pre-made skeleton list of common items one would get, and you could then check which items you are out of. This way all common items are listed and it would help you to not forget an important item. The reason this app is BEYOND frustrating, is because you cannot make a master list, check certain items you want to buy, and have an option to then create a list with only those selected items. PLEASE MAKE THIS AN OPTION. If this were a written list, it would be easy to just put milk, I understand. But this app was made to EASE and ENHANCE my shopping experience, and depending on which specific item I need it will then determine which aisle it directs me to, and what the item costs, to then total my entire trip for me. These are perks I value. I want to put the specific item I buy in this new list, and doing an entirely search to find each item every single time to make a new list is EXTREMELY time consuming as you sell many, many items (which is great). I want to do this one time and create a master list I can then simply check items on, and move to my new list. And yes, I know you have frequently bought items, or recent trips I can refer to, but this does not take the place of what I am asking. On my master list there are my items from essentially every category to choose from, and that way I won't forget anything. The item I want from said category will already be there, no searching, just select and put on a new list - easy peasy. This is not a lot to ask and should be the very foundation of what the app does. Please make this an option, I have commented through the app since it launched, and the fact that it still hasn't been implemented is truly MIND BOGGLING.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Slimmy918
    I typically buy the same items from Wegmans, specifically paper towels and toilet paper. Every month I would get the coupons in the mail for paper towels and toilet paper and then go buy them. Now that the coupons are digital I’ve only received them once and that was back in August. I called Wegmans to ask why I have gotten these coupons every month for over a year in the mail and now that their digital I don’t get them anymore. I was told that’s because once you use the digital ones you won’t get them anymore. What?!?!?! That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Way to make me not want to shop at Wegmans anymore.
  • Cannot make a list. 1/5

    By mnaughty85
    Continuously gets network error messages when trying to add items to a list regardless or network connectivity (reliable wifi or LTE).
  • Needs an update bigly! 1/5

    By LUV-SWA
    I love Wegmans...for 50+years!! But..the app really needs a major overhaul. The search engine is the big issue....it won’t even recognize a product you type in....”product not found”!!!....as your standing right next to it in the store. Try the search on an item and see what you get or don’t get at all. Please revamp the his app...it’s old and outdated.
  • Needs better pharmacy functionality 3/5

    By FallBackIntoMe
    I would like to see the same pharmacy capability as on the Wegmans website, with access to all aspects of one’s account especially order status. Right now you can only order refills by rx number.
  • Problem 3/5

    By OliverTHop
    I signed up today, and tried add Shopper Club card to wallet app, but it shows cannot download pass.
  • Recipes and grocery lists nice, but... 4/5

    By jmkodc
    It won’t load shoppers card to my Apple Wallet
  • What happened? 3/5

    By Annb5
    Used to be very happy with the app but can’t find my club card anymore to scan at checkout...where did it go?
  • Poor app 2/5

    By Aggie324
    Poor app constantly having trouble loading coupons. Not user friendly at all.
  • I have problems with this app.. 3/5

    By yoon2514
    I was using the Wegmans app very well. But recently, when I try to check the coupon available, the page doesn't open. I tried to make sure the item I wanted was in the store, but I couldn't afford it. I don't think there was a problem until it was updated, but I hope the problem will be solved soon.
  • Good functionality, poor style 3/5

    By Loganrmsdl
    Let me start off that I haven’t had the login issues that seem to plague some of these other reviewers, and I use the app quite frequently. However, this app is stuck in the early 2010’s. There’s new API’s and Apple design guidelines that this app needs to take advantage of. Siri integration could be amazing, ie “hey Siri, add milk to my list in Wegmans.” It’s built into SiriKit but they don’t use it. The style is also... old. Frankly it looks like it was designed for old people, with friendly, hand drawn icons (that look like some weird clip art type of things from Word in the 90’s). But that clashes with the rest of the OS, and old people are not using an app to help with grocery shopping, period. If they followed the design guidelines for iOS and utilized the available API’s and this app would be an absolute must have for anyone who shops at Wegmans.
  • Useful 5/5

    By Belkis21
    I really like this app. No other grocery store near me has an app like this, where I can clip a store coupon, make a list, and see what aisle my items are in. When there’s a bug in the app, the developers are quick to fix.
  • Coupons Still Don’t Work - Update 5.7 1/5

    By Aeudian
    As title says coupons are still broken in iOS 12 and app 5.7...
  • Scanning items 3/5

    By InRochester
    Frequently does not recognize items when scanning bar code. Today it didn’t recognize Wegmans glass cleaner. Search isn’t very good either. Can’t recognize something like “Tide”. Good idea but needs lots of work.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By htayson
    Loved this app for years. Now it doesn’t work at all. Unable to add anything to my cart. So disappointed.
  • Great but list problems... 4/5

    By smichigankid
    Love the app but there definately is a problem in regards to the shopping list - sometimes I will get to the store and all of the items will be cleared from the list.
  • No longer working 1/5

    By Grammi55
    I loved using this app but suddenly it stopped working! Why?
  • buggy since update 2/5

    By srhnoo
    i loooove the wegmans app. but the last 2 updates have been a mess. first it was losing all the items off my list. now today the app won’t even open. please fix it 😩 i’ve lost my whole list
  • Trouble logging in 2/5

    By love wegmans
    I am a huge fan of Wegmans however it is very hard to login and create an account. The problem starts when I choose a location and then it says era. I had to delete the app😞. If possible hopefully the problem will be fix
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By BurnRN717
    I literally hate this app because when I went into another Wegmans store it wiped out my whole list. Also, there are several items that are not in the aisles that they are supposedly to be in. Get your stuff together Danny.
  • Latest update 3/5

    By jdbx2
    The latest update still hasn’t fixed the shopping list. Now it’s refreshing when you add to the cart, but loses everything I already had on the list. Please fix, we rely on this app and the shopping list!
  • Upgrade wiped out my list!!! 1/5

    By Spaga711
    I upgraded and my entire list was deleted. Very disappointed this was not thought of during the upgrade.
  • Works great on Android. better platform 3/5

    By Cheese gnome
    works great on android. no crashes. no multiple logins, etc. iOS is inferior. discuss.
  • Now Useless 1/5

    By Tatseod
    This app used to be awesome. The last few updates have rendered it useless. Last week everything disappeared from my list and, when it reappeared, all 425 items were unchecked. Today, after the last update, everything disappeared and my list is completely empty.
  • Not bad, but could use more coupons 3/5

    By BinaryPineapple
    I’m sure I’ve been spoilt by Meijer and their super useful app. The Meijer app has the weekly ad of things on sale, coupons that are tailored to your shopping habits, and deals you could unlock by meeting different metrics. The Wegmans app does have decent coupons, but only a couple really. They also provide recipes too to help you get ideas of things to make—which is handy for inspiration. Idk if I just want Wegmans to be more like Meijer or if I’m spoilt. I miss you Meijer!!!
  • Wegmans app is the worst! 1/5

    By valdostamom
    I love shopping at my local Wegmans but this app drives me nuts! It crashes all the time, unexpectedly quits or deletes my grocery lists, its very slow and everytime I update it gets worst!
  • Checking and unchecking constantly 1/5

    By Luckmanclan
    I really love this app when it’s working. Lately it has been unchecking everything or unchecking items I know I checked. It’s making me nuts. Every time it logs me out automatically it unchecks all items. I am on my 5th new list so I don’t have to uncheck hundreds of items. Also it would be better if it only totaled unchecked items instead of every one on the list. Please fix the app!!!!
  • Love this app! Plus a suggestion! 5/5

    By Jenifist
    Now that the quantity thing is fixed, this app is back to being one of my most used tools. I use it every time I shop, and multiple times a week to add things to my list. One thing I would LOVE is a weekly meal planner that could potentially link to your list, like the recipe box. It would be a big update, but it would make the lives of your shoppers sooooo much easier!
  • Was a good but not any more 2/5

    By BrainsLink
    Wegman’s has ruined this app. It’s now horribly slow, confusing and user hostile. I love knowing where items are in the store but that’s the only good thing I can say about the app. Managing lists is painful. Sharing lists is impossible. If you can’t make the app efficient, how can you run the stores efficiently?
  • Was excellent, but is buggy lately 3/5

    By Rich from Virginia
    I've generally found this app to be extremely useful. I've never experienced any login problems like other people describe, and I never get logged out of the app. I like the way it sorts the grocery list by aisle (it's not perfect—some items show up in the wrong location, but I know what those are in terms of stuff we usually buy), and I like that it remembers what brand I bought in the past. But I'm giving the app three stars because in July and August 2018 it's seemingly become rather buggy. Items I add to my list are mysteriously checked off when I get to the store. Other items I've already picked up and checked off my list get mysteriously de-selected when I'm walking around the store (yesterday, all the meat was not checked off even though I'd already checked off all those items). Then it tells me I've checked everything off my list when I can plainly see on my screen that I have several items remaining (yesterday, I still had five items I had not yet picked up when it said "Done!"). These aren't huge issues, but they sort of defeat the purpose of an app you use to check items off your list.
  • Doesn’t keep me logged in 1/5

    By eifukucho
    This app would be ok if it didn’t require me to log in and hold everybody up while I’m at the register. Since not using the app means foregoing savings, I’d rather just shop where I don’t have this issue.
  • Waiting future 5/5

    By Mr 1771
    Hope the Iwatch app is in development ??????
  • Fix bugs! 2/5

    By alyssab811
    As much as I LOVE the Wegmans app, it doesn’t ever work! Most days the “my products” won’t update, I can’t scan things, it won’t find certain products (that are common like greeting cards!). Please FIX!

Wegmans app comments

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