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Wegmans App

Access your Wegmans Shoppers Club membership on the go with the Wegmans App. - Get easy meal ideas - Check out nutritional facts - Clip digital coupons to your Shoppers Club Account - View your shopping list organized by aisle - And much more!

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  • Enough with the 2 Go shopping ad 3/5

    By LIBeaches2011
    I clicked through the ads, please stop prompting me for a service I am not going to consume. Please add a unit cost price so I can make more informed purchasing decisions before I’m in the store.
  • Such Promise 1/5

    By Me too bngth
    This was a pretty good app when I first got it. Now. Too much down time. Nothing like walking into the store and your list won’t load. Why won’t the list clear anymore? Really. Delete each item after I finish shopping? There once was a prompt to delete the whole list. Doesn’t sync very well. Need to completely close and re-open to update. Come on Weggie’s. Huge room for improvement.
  • sync across devices? 3/5

    By ipecan
    Wegmans is our primary grocery store, and the app is generally helpful. One major limitation is that my list is not synced across devices (e.g., between iPad and phone). That will be such a helpful feature!
  • Grocery list keeps refreshing 3/5

    By JestGames
    I am one of those whose app keeps logging me out. When I log back it, all of the items on my grocery list show as need to purchase. When I have 5-10 items that I need to purchase and the list is cleared out, I have to go through and remember what I really do need to purchase, and correct the list. Also, the search function isn’t friendly. You have to type in the search term slowly, or it will search for the item that the app thinks you’re looking for. Update 6/2019: this is better! The app is the worst thing about wegmans.
  • Can never log in 1/5

    By Kev in NVA
    Always logs me out. Then never sends password reset email.
  • Location Tracking 2/5

    By Tugmariner
    The app tracks your location even though you have Location sharing with the app turned off. Kinda underhanded.
  • Only the lists work 2/5

    By Winter Glass
    Literally nothing else works only the lists work. I have to comb through previous shopping lists I’ve created for frequently purchased items, etc. The app used to show coupons, not any more. I mean when I use the app literally the entire thing, except for user created shopping lists is empty. So, two stars and to think the app used to work great. I could see my frequently purchased items, I could browse recipes, etc.
  • Incorrect Product Info the Norm 1/5

    By AskaPoet
    Products are regularly not in provided location and many are not listed though they are indeed available in store. Often the name of a product must be typed in or the product will not show up in a general search. For example “roasted peanuts” will not bring up “Planters.” Also you must not have an error in spelling when searching. If you’re looking for Keebler’s, for example you better put that second “e”in there. Also, simply because an item is a “rice cake” doesn’t mean typing “rice cake” will allow you to find it. You might actually have to type in “multi-grain snack” if that’s what the manufacturer happens to call it. Although corrections to many of these errors might easily be remedied by the merchant when conscientious customers point them out, my experience indicates that Wegmans either does not care or is not set up to make such corrections and so such errors continue to be unaddressed month after month and year after year! This lack of tinkering results in a steady stream if inconvenience for the customer such as having to walk from one end of the store to the other to get to where a product is actually located or simply never being able to find a product because its not where it is listed and no one who happens to be working in the store when you ask actually knows where the product is either. The aop is sort of like a person who generally gives you the right directions on how to get somewhere, but regularly misdirects you a steady percentage of the time.
  • Used to love this app, but... 1/5

    By MR3392
    I used to love this app, but I just tried to load on my new phone and it won’t even open! Network error, repeatedly. All my other apps are fine. While I’m at it, even the list function on the mobile website is wonky (not listing in correct aisle order, as usual) so maybe they are having overall tech problems. Very disappointed, honestly!
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Ack5887
    Sorts items by row in your list and cuts down grocery time dramatically! Amazing!!! If I could change one thing it would be to show not available if something isn’t in stock when I add it to list, that way I don’t go searching For it in store. Otherwise I think it is well made :) thank you Wegmans for making a great app!
  • The BEST grocery app 5/5

    By tgbhawkins
    I’m not sure how this app gets so many bad reviews as it is hands down the best grocery store app of all the major chains I’m familiar with (shop-rite, stop and shop, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Costco, etc). In fact it’s not even close. The app tracks your purchases, keeps receipts, presents great recipes and suggests coupons. But greater than all that is the functionality around building your shopping list and searching for items in the store. The app allows you to add items to your shopping list from your previous purchases, recipes, or search function. Every item listed in the app contains the nutritional information and it’s location in your home store!!! This is literally the greatest time saving convenience and no other supermarket does it. As someone who follows a restrictive diet I find this functionality to be essential, and it is what makes me a loyal Wegmans shopper.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By eshaf41
    This app, along with this entire company, is amazing. The app is wonderful because you can add items to your list and it shows you exactly what isle in whichever wegmans you’re in, the item is located in. It also saves paper and all that good stuff. 10/10, Wegmans.
  • App is garbage 2/5

    By GerryxMartinez
    It loads just store inventory inaccurately, can’t add shoppers club card to Apple wallet app. Keeps prompting network issues on both WiFi or cellular when there’s other devices on the same network are working fine. Needs a major update, customers shouldn't be missing out on deals because the app can’t load coupons or card for savings
  • Use this app every week! 2/5

    By calliebear12
    I love this app and use it every week for the grocery list feature but lately it hasn’t allowed me to use the app unless I’m on WiFi. What’s going on there?
  • Security Flaw 1/5

    By nhburkes
    You can sign into the app. Then sign out, delete the app, reinstall. If you then reopen the app you are signed in. Even though you signed out and deleted the app! Also, Wegmans shoppers club cards fail to be added to apple wallet. They error everytime.
  • Not working... 1/5

    By Red Nance
    I keep getting a network error. I can’t add anything to my lists. All other apps in my phone work without issue. I tries to uninstall and reinstall and I still get the Network error. Help!
  • Aisles out of order 3/5

    By Robert654
    I love Wegmans. This app would be improved if the app’s shopping list showed aisles in the correct order. Double digit aisles that begin with 1 (11, 12, 13, etc) appear before Aisle 1. Can you fix this? Also, products showing up on the app are not where the app indicates. Not in sync.
  • Okay app 3/5

    By Bmcgirth
    A bit clunky but I like the running totals in lists. Wish they had a pharmacy app where you can refill and manage prescriptions
  • App suggestion 4/5

    By kathy13m
    I’m wondering if it would be possible to add items from the coupon list to My List.
  • Was good...falling behind on updates and design 2/5

    By Boater71
    We have been using this app weekly for a couple years and have noticed a steady decline in performance over the past months. Items that you add to your list randomly show up as checked-off...full lists randomly disappear. This app is not up to wegmans standards and is hurting the brand. Offer an exceptional app or none at all.
  • worthless 1/5

    By huedaman
    great store - lousy ap. I dont want to create an account just to have a shopping list. The weekly flyer isnt even sized for mobile. I tried to send feedback and that didnt even work! Do it right or dont do it. Update: I also have to create an account just to use my phone to replace the shoppers card I have ben using for years. Clearly Wegmans is NOT listening.
  • No longer shows items in order by aisle. 2/5

    By Reppohs#*^
    Please correct this
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Lse587
    This app is my favorite. I have it on all of my devices and my family adds the items they want. When I go into different stores, it automatically recognizes that they need to change the aisles to match the stores. Shopping is easier..I don’t backtrack. Love this app. Love Wegmans!
  • Good but not great like the company! 3/5

    By bwhitleygrassi
    This app works, but it’s still pretty much the same as it has been for years with little innovation. It’s also missing several key features like the ability to “favorite” and item. Something I’ve previously purchased isn’t the same as remembering what my favorite items are and some other functions don’t always work correctly. My “frequently purchased” list includes random things that I’ve only ever purchased once if they were bought recently. That’s the big issue I have with the functionality and features of the app. Ditch the frequently purchased or make sure it only includes items purchased frequently and/or add a favorites list, so I can easily see the items I love from Wegmans and quickly add them to my shopping list. Thanks!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Jcgirl40
    I used to love this app. Now I can’t add anything to my list, I keep getting an error message
  • Big asset 4/5

    By FRASIER1124
    Use this app to shop maybe 2-3 times a week. I also use the “frequently purchased and items purchased within year” because it makes compiling list much easier. Somewhere within this week it all disappeared. There is no history of anything I have purchased. I tried restarting phone and deleted and reinstalled app but didn’t help. Hopefully you can get that back. Bummer! But I love the app in general especially the aisle the product is in and the total at the bottom.
  • Good - needs key feature 3/5

    By RainKing79
    The app is pretty good - could be a little smoother and better able to predict what item you're looking for, but overall not bad. One key feature missing, however, is the ability to copy and paste items between lists. It would also be nice to be able to combine lists together into a new list so you don't have to switch between lists when you're getting things from multiple lists.
  • It WAS a great app... 2/5

    By jeel729
    And then it got buggy. It crashes all the time now. Can’t add items to your list to your list 1/2 the time. I’ll delete my list from the week before, and when I come back to the app, it’s back in there.
  • Please fix app, constantly freezing 1/5

    By Shdwbxr
    I use this app every time I go to Wegmans (weekly). In the past two weeks it freezes every time you try to add or delete an item. The wheel just spins. Please update so the app is useable.
  • Buggier than a swamp 2/5

    By dvdmgsr
    And difficult to navigate. Slow, and prone to getting stuck. Sensible search terms provide nonsensical search results. Terrible app — too bad it’s so practical and I feel compelled to use it. Other store chains have much better apps.
  • Best grocery store app! 5/5

    By mommy2sophia
    This app saves me sooooo much time when I go to Wegmans! We add in what we find we are out of throughout the week and then meal plan on Friday so we can do our shop Friday afternoon or Saturday. Then we zip around the store in no time because we know exactly what aisles we need to go to. No wasted time searching for obscure items! I love Wegmans so much!
  • Network error 1/5

    By sgcptr
    Constantly have a network error in this ap - so frustrating - I can rarely get to parts of it I would like to use - I have tried in store as well and have to get hooked into Wegs WiFi for it to work -
  • Unable to download store card 1/5

    By Des924
    I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app. I’ve Forced quit the app and the app will not load my Wegman’s card to my Apple wallet or display a bar code. Fix the bugs please!!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Irnmdn2000
    The app constantly freezes and can’t connect to anything. Lists are impossible to create.
  • Great since update 5/5

    By Mnickola
    Love the ease of making your list Love love love this app!!!!
  • Fantastic application 5/5

    By Control45
    I don’t know what the critics are talking about this application is FANTASTIC!!! Not only is it easy to use, but it allows you to make a comprehensive grocery list as well as determine the cost of your bill. It goes even further than this. If you use your shoppers club card the day of a purchase, the next day under “my receipts” you can see exactly what you bought and how much you paid. This is the best grocery application on the web and believe me I have them all. Plus there are even more advantages to using the application than I have listed here. To mention just one, Wegmans will match any price you find listed in any other store. Try it and you’ll love it!!!
  • Downloaded for Coupons, Wont Load Coupons... 1/5

    By Wertsauce
    I want to be able to use the coupons through the app, but I continually get the message unable to load your coupons. Great
  • App not working 3/5

    By Dancinshan1017
    I use this app regularly and it’s not working Very frustrating Difficult to shop without making a list!
  • I love you, Wegman’s 5/5

    By Sharky's End
    This app & Wegman’s are both amazing.
  • Was great until today 1/5

    By Nicolexamy
    Loved this app until today - stated crashing while I was making my list, kicked me out of my login and wouldn't let me back in. Until app is fixed my 1 start remains, I can not even login now
  • Poor search function 1/5

    By ash2a
    The search function does not give any relevant suggestions if you miss spell a word or if you do not exactly type a word that exists in the search database. Searching for the phrase “steri-strip” renders no results. What this app should do is giving relevant search results for the same category: strips, gauzes, bandages, etc.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Marj 1
    I love Wegmans, so this rating is only for the app. I went to return something not too long ago, and they couldn’t find me in the system. Finally they said that my card was under someone else’s name. I have use this card probably for 25 years. They issued me a new one. I want to set up the app on the smart phone and it said “hello Andrew”. I am not Andrew, but there is nowhere for me to say no I’m not Andrew, or change the number. Guess the app is useless, and now I’m going to have to go back and find out why the card still isn’t in my name even though it’s new. Extremely frustrating.
  • Despite improvements, app is still very much a work in progress 2/5

    By Siconik
    While the Wegmans app has improved over the years, there are still bugs and usability issues. 1) Often when trying to load shopping lists or coupons, the app gets stuck spinning for minutes only to come back with network or other error pop up. 2) List “sharing”, which to me would have been the most important feature, is laughably poor. The only way to share a list is via email, at which point it cannot be accessed in recipients app. This is actually worse than a normal email or text which you can copy into notes and check off. The way this feature should work to be useful is that once the list has been sent via email/text or better yet, simply shared via the app with friends (not a current feature) it were to open in the actual app, where you can check things off as you shop. If lists could be shared in real time, a while family could shop together and see what has been revived. I personally would use the app almost of the time if coming out of the office I could see a “Wife has shared ‘Monday W run’ list” notification/reminder, tap on it and be taken right to the shopping list waiting for me in app.
  • Useless for finding a where a product is across the Wegmans chain 1/5

    By BrookDK
    It will only let you look for a product in one store at a time.
  • Used to love 1/5

    By Guard1637
    We used to love this app. However, whenever we try to use it now we get errors that there is no network connection. Please fix....
  • Adored this app until a few days ago 5/5

    By TheresaMarie123
    Nothing will load properly. I can’t search items. It gives errors and then if it miraculously loads, it won’t let me add it to my cart and I get an error. It also shows ALL items unavailable no matter what it is and I know that’s incorrect. Hugely frustrating. I rely on this app for all of my lists and all shopping. Huge bummer. I hope they fix it quick.
  • Sad 2/5

    By Natasis
    Unable to retrieve receipts. Yes I have my account number and yes I always scan my membership card. Not able to retrieve one receipt and I shop there every week.

    By AlicatVixen
    The main reason this app exists is to make a digital grocery list to ease your shopping experience. The basic way people handmade lists prior to this was to have a pre-made skeleton list of common items one would get, and you could then check which items you are out of. This way all common items are listed and it would help you to not forget an important item. The reason this app is BEYOND frustrating, is because you cannot make a master list, check certain items you want to buy, and have an option to then create a list with only those selected items. PLEASE MAKE THIS AN OPTION. If this were a written list, it would be easy to just put milk, I understand. But this app was made to EASE and ENHANCE my shopping experience, and depending on which specific item I need it will then determine which aisle it directs me to, and what the item costs, to then total my entire trip for me. These are perks I value. I want to put the specific item I buy in this new list, and doing an entirely search to find each item every single time to make a new list is EXTREMELY time consuming as you sell many, many items (which is great). I want to do this one time and create a master list I can then simply check items on, and move to my new list. And yes, I know you have frequently bought items, or recent trips I can refer to, but this does not take the place of what I am asking. On my master list there are my items from essentially every category to choose from, and that way I won't forget anything. The item I want from said category will already be there, no searching, just select and put on a new list - easy peasy. This is not a lot to ask and should be the very foundation of what the app does. Please make this an option, I have commented through the app since it launched, and the fact that it still hasn't been implemented is truly MIND BOGGLING.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Slimmy918
    I typically buy the same items from Wegmans, specifically paper towels and toilet paper. Every month I would get the coupons in the mail for paper towels and toilet paper and then go buy them. Now that the coupons are digital I’ve only received them once and that was back in August. I called Wegmans to ask why I have gotten these coupons every month for over a year in the mail and now that their digital I don’t get them anymore. I was told that’s because once you use the digital ones you won’t get them anymore. What?!?!?! That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Way to make me not want to shop at Wegmans anymore.

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