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Wendy’s App

Get exclusive offers, find the closest Wendy’s, use mobile pay and explore the menu to find out what makes Wendy’s deliciously different. We’re working hard to make mobile ordering available in your area! So, be on the lookout and the next time you’re hungry, pull out your phone and give it a whirl. FEATURES • Get exclusive, in-app-only offers. • Load your gift card into the app and never forget it–or wonder what your balance is–again. • Get nutrition info for all your Wendy’s faves • No cash? No problem! Load funds and pay for your meal right from your phone • Quickly answer one of life’s most important questions: where’s your nearest Wendy’s? • Tell us your order without ever opening your mouth when you order on the app. • Support the Dave Thomas Foundation’s mission to find foster children forever homes and give back for adoption. We always love hearing from you. Feel free to hit us up at [email protected] and let us know what’s on your mind. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Wendy’s app reviews

  • Terrible service 2/5

    By wthdoesntwork!
    So i tried placing an order online and it wouldn’t allow me to add items.... so i went drive through and the location in La Quinta started my order like 6 times as for some good reason she kept deleting the order once started and as she continued to take my order and ask questions she was ignoring me as i heard the gal having a conversation with a third person and i even said out loud “she’s ignoring me” and then she said ok “im so sorry i will take your order now “ and asked me a last time to start over... finally i placed my order and maybe 20mins later i am done so i look for my items to make sure they got it correctly they not only not give me a receipt and failed to provide me one upon request they didn’t give me one burger so i had to go back inside and ask for the burger... when i said they failed to give me the receipt they just wanted to give me a double patty instead of a single that i had ordered... i did do drive through as its a school night and i have a 11yrold a 9, 7 and a 1yrold all arguing in the back seat... im definitely sticking to McDonalds tho they not as good tasting but the service complements for it !
  • Bad offers 1/5

    By The 77th Doctor
    Wendy’s needs to up its coupon game. I got great coupons once that I picked up off the ground but the app seriously lacks offers. I usually go to a competitor that is further away just because they have way more offers. Currently for Wendy’s I can save money on a salad or save $2 on a premium combo & that’s literally it.
  • Too many bugs... 1/5

    By Chi2den
    Can’t place a custom order!
  • Complete and utter dogsh*t 1/5

    By Sethmeisterg
    Ordering doesn't work, adding things to the cart doesn't work, offers don't work. I'm beyond disgusted with this piece of crap.
  • What’s the purpose of this app? 1/5

    By HoftimusPrime
    There’s literally no rewards program through this app. What’s the purpose of downloading it and taking up memory and no my device if there’s no incentive to do so?
  • Not A Lot Offers 2/5

    By Super Big Brother Bird
    The app used to offer more than the reoccurring 4 offers every week. I would use this app more often if there were different offers every week.
  • Worst fast app ever 1/5

    By Venomousrage
    I can honestly say the app does the opposite effect on what your suppose to achieve which is faster service. Instead you have 15 - 20 minutes added on your order due to the online system not showing up in the restaurants. The employees seem to hate it and I honestly can’t blame them. The service where I go is great but this app is horrendous. Just order inside and order or go to another establishment if your pressed for time. Worst app of the big 4 by far.
  • Coupons/offers won’t reload 3/5

    By StevenCooper
    I used to use this app all the time because I love Wendy’s and the app had offers for items I like (like the Chicken Sandwich and Dave’s Single). But I haven’t been able to use the app recently because for the past 2-3 months the offers tab is only giving me 2 coupons ($2 off Salad & $2 of a combo). I thought maybe I had to use the coupons to get them to reload but after using the $2 off combo coupon it reloaded that same coupon but nothing else. All of the offers are still gone except for those 2 offers that I never use. Also, now there’s a promo ad for the frosty when I open the app, but the actual offers tab doesn’t show anything about the frosty (just the 2 previously mentioned offers). Please fix the app to allow more offers like the app used to have
  • No mobile ordering northeast ohio 1/5

    By Cantchoos
    No mobile ordering in north canton ohio. Make your people Get with the times
  • App Won’t Download 1/5

    By xmasbebe
    When I try to download, message says unable to purchase.
  • Mobile Orders 2/5

    By j1mmye
    Have never even completed a mobile order, this app just takes up space due to the fact there are NO deals. If there were any I actually wanted, then maybe I’d care enough to add my card information.
  • No sweet tea 1/5

    By chillwiththenicknamesapple
    I’m from the south and sweet tea isn’t an available drink option so as far as I’m concerned the app is unusable. 💁🏽‍♂️
  • Great 5/5

    By Straps1
    Wow! What an app!!
  • U owe me $2 1/5

    By snaps on the petro
    Deals do not work. Press the deal u want and the wrong code appears on you phone. Try to pull it up again and it’s gone. Not going to fuss over it while line forms behind me. I suspect they do this on purpose.
  • Charged twice 1/5

    By nellyyco
    This was my second time ordering and I never had an issue until today. I went to go pick up the order thru the drive-thru and they had told me my order was pending and that I had to pay. The app had already taken out $13.76 when I finished my online ordering. I tried showing the page and the confirmation number but the manager still made me paid it again. I will never use this app ever again. I love Wendy’s but this makes me not want to go again. I wasted almost $30 just to get one meal. Unbelievable!! And they didn’t even want to give me a refund at all.
  • A Completely Pointless App 1/5

    By FortNinety
    I assumed the entire point of having a mobile app, to order your food in advance, was to save time. And yet... A. you still need to input credit card info when placing an order, even if it’s already stored by the app (and accessible via Touch ID) AND ALSO B. having to check in at the restaurant in order for food to start getting prepped means you’re still waiting like normal, SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE APP EXACTLY?!?!?!?
  • No delivery 1/5

    By shaysbanna
    We live in sunny isle s and I can’t walk. 3 miles away from one and no delivery ?
  • I will never use the app again! 1/5

    By Amakayg
    I ordered a meal with the $2 off any premium meal coupon. The app never gave me an order number or any indication that the order had gone through. It kept saying, “an error has occurred.” So, I checked my account and had been charged 2 times for the discounted price of $6.62 and another time for the meals full price at $8.38. I asked the manager to see if the mobile order was showing up at the Wendy’s. She told me they have no mobile orders. I asked how I could get a refund for the 3 transactions on my account sense it didn’t show up at the location. I was told I would need to wait 3 days and come back to get a refund once the transaction went through on my account. We were headed out for a weekend trip and this was supposed to be the money I fed my kids and myself on for the weekend. I will never use this app again. I haven’t had issues with any other mobile order apps until I used the Wendy’s app.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Sage19255356
    I can’t even sign up! It says password doesn’t match when I don’t even enter in the password the second time.
  • Online ordering doesn’t work at all. 1/5

    By Meredith0929
    I wanted to use the app for online ordering because Wendy’s ALWAYS screws up custom orders. I figured if they had it in writing in front of them they might be more successful. Tried to pick up order at first drive thru and they said they had equipment issues and couldn’t fulfill the order. Placed the order at a second Wendy’s. I forgot to add something, but It gives you the option to change the order. I tried to add the item I forgot, but when I tried to update the order I kept getting a message that said order ID required, but didn’t have any option for me to input the order ID. So I decided just to do without what I forgot and went to the second Wendy’s drive thru to pick up order and they hadn’t been able to make it because they couldn’t pull up the order details on screen. So now I’ve wasted a bunch of time and gas and still end up having to order at the restaurant anyways. Seriously, if the online ordering doesn’t work, don’t offer it.
  • Wouldn’t show code 1/5

    By chuckk_
    Garbage app wouldn’t show discount code when I was at the drive-thru window. Instead, an animated price tag moved on the screen for several minutes while a Wendy’s employee looked on. Eventually I gave up and just paid full price. Again, because this app is garbage.
  • Promotions don’t update 1/5

    By Faaaaaith hheeee
    I use to love this app due to their promotions. The past 2 Months I have only had the same 2 promotions show up. My boyfriend also has the app and he is frequently getting new promotions added. I tried updating it and even deleted the app to reinstall it. I got in contact with someone at Wendy’s who deleted my account to see if it will work and nothing! Very disappointed. So if you’re getting this app to help save you a few dollars it’s a hit or miss because the chances of you getting new promotions is slim
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Daves_Memoir
    Can’t use the coupons at the store. When I try the cashier would give me a attitude when I show her that the app is buggy and not letting me show the code. I had to call the district manager to get it solved. NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP!
  • A waste of an app 1/5

    By @beatznyce
    They didn't have any available stores near me so I couldn't even use the app. When I tried to get the $10 I loaded into the app returned, they gave me a terrible run around and I had to end up calling my bank. Lacking availability is one thing but the customer service is what did it. They were my favorite place for a quick bite, but I haven't eaten at Wendy's in months now. Don't waste your time with the app, whatever promotions they have to encourage you to use the app aren't worth it. Just pay using the normal methods and save your self a potential headache.
  • Not great 3/5

    By Joeyc28
    The app works fine, I’m highly disappointed in the lack of support for apply pay cash though, if I wanted to pay with my card I’d just avoid using the app and order at the restaurant. The coupons are nice when there are ones useful for me.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Shinigamifist
    I keep getting token Id and order.onlineid errors making the app virtually impossible to use anymore. Can you guys please fix these bugs.
  • No mobile pay 1/5

    By Behind Android version
    Why even have an app when you can't use it for mobile pay. Well we are on our way. It's been saying this for years!
  • Very buggy. 2/5

    By Hybrid_The0ry
    I don’t install apps like this, however this chain is my favorite fast food place. That being said I wanted to download this app in hopes I could shave some time off waiting so long at my local place when I’m on my lunch break. However this app is too buggy to use at the moment, when pressing buttons on the screen it is very unresponsive. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling. Hopefully this gets fixed soon enough
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By ghjkoojh
    I used the app for the first time and was a terrible experience. I have still yet to be refunded for the order I never received. Still out my money a week+ later.
  • Orders don’t go to restaurants 1/5

    By QuantumWorld
    What’s the point of mobile ordering if the restaurants don’t get my order? All they can say is “it didn’t pop up”. Well make it pop up!
  • Works...Sorta 1/5

    By Steve in China
    Offers show up. I can order online. I can pay online. BUT, none of that matters if it doesn’t show up at the restaurant of my choosing and then they have to search for it. Waste of time!
  • Love it 5/5

    By bugsycm
    The app worked perfect for me and I got $2 off the salad my daughter loves. She and I were both sick so my Dad went and picked up the order. This eliminated any confusion about our always special order! Thanks Wendy’s for making life tastier and less stressful!
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Marcia H1231
    Click on Find a Wendy's and the app will crash every time.
  • Offers - or lack of 3/5

    By jgffghyfdfgh
    When this app first came out it had different offers regularly. For the last few months it’s been the same old offers. Hope to see some new and additional offers in the near future.
  • Won’t be ready when you arrive 1/5

    By Bryanjeebs
    Ye have been warned. There has always been issues with Wendy’s to go accuracy, so we thought this app would remedy this. We tried this app thinking the prepaid food order would be ready and prepped accurately. First, after waiting 10 minutes in line, I am told at the register that MOBILE ORDERS are not cooked till the buyer “checks in”. 25 minutes later I am presented with my cold food in which 3 of the 5 burgers are incorrectly prepared. Just wow. Even with prepaid/preordered options, I cannot get a cooked to order Wendy’s. Disappointed in this app and Wendy’s food preparation. Do not use this app, it doesn’t help.
  • Waste of my time... 1/5

    By crumbpaw
    I get the sheet of coupons sometimes, and I downloaded the app so I could order and pay from work, and save myself a little time. The specials in the app do not match the coupons I get, and I see no way to enter the coupon code, so I have to go in and order, or use the drive through. It is slow, either way, so I’m unlikely to do it. I will just go to McDonalds, which is closer, and faster, because it has an app that works.
  • Doesn’t save you any time 2/5

    By jamgoetz
    I assumed this app would allow for my food to be ordered and prepared ahead of time. I was wrong. The food doesn’t get prepared until you “check in”. This works ok at the drive through since the time from speaker to window gives them time to get it ready. However if there is no line at the drive through, you will wait. Now, if you choose inside pickup, they expect you to stand in line and “check in” at the register. Then they will begin preparing your food. Not sure how that differs from standard ordering.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By RedXIII45
    Me and my wife share an account and I can only use it on her phone. Frustrating when she’s not in town and I want to use the app.
  • Don’t download this. Nothing works 1/5

    By 12Hello16
    I never write reviews for apps. It just seems like there are plenty of others who enjoy doing it, so I’ll leave it to them. But this app is an exception. It’s so bad that it deserves to be shamed. Wendy’s needs to fire their entire mobile app development team. Other apps might have one lingering flaw, or maybe a couple of features that don’t work. Not this app. You can’t do the one thing that the app is made for: Order food. Nothing works no matter what you try: Changing payment, changing restaurants, changing your order. Forget it.
  • Wendy’s, we need to talk... 5/5

    By Your always #1 in my heart
    Dear Wendy’s, your food fills me with joy, makes my stomach full, and brings my family members joy too. Your strawberry lemonade is like vodka going down my throat, delicious. I’m kinda sad that you didn’t hire me, but it’s okay because I’m still your #1 customer. I try to come here everyday but my mom won’t let me. I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for your service. Sincerely, Your #1
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By Msoto15
    I love any app that allows me to order food and pick it up. Almost any restaurant I go to that has an app I use the app. I’m very disappointed at Wendy’s app. Every time I finish my order and pick it up. It stays in queue on my phone so when I go to order again I HAVE to finish checking up from my last order and then cancel the order so I can start a new order. Not sure if this is the app or the restaurant as every single time I order, it’s a hassle to find it and I have gotten my food wrong.
  • False advertisement 4/5

    By Nuchia
    Wendy’s is very deceitful.i ordered for the first time.there biggie bag.the hamburger looked more like a slider.fit for a child.not an adult.. Every item in the biggie bag Small size. You pay $5 .you will get a $5 meal But on the bright side.the food was good I have to be honest.just very small.
  • Not working 1/5

    By sjones1028
    I can’t use the coupons anymore on the app. It use to work. Now suddenly it won’t. Also there’s no option to say I don’t want ice in my pop. McDonald’s and Burger King and Taco Bell app are way better and they actually WORK
  • Needs work! 1/5

    By CarlSaiyed
    Have to create an account only to find out restaurants near me don’t have mobile ordering. Password limited to 20 characters. Too many prompts about turning GPS on. Confirm account link opened from Safari to the Wendy’s app and stayed on the confirm screen.
  • Useless 1/5

    By App77
    Placed an order, the location had no idea I ordered no record of it and knew nothing about the app. Also what I ordered on the app (yes after putting in my location) isn’t what’s actually avail at the restaurant
  • $5 app credit 1/5

    By hosuer
    Don’t bother to get the app it’s a scam to get you email and receive unsolicited offers !
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By NikMont
    Despite the negative reviews I decided to download this. Now the stupid app won’t even let me set up an account. Don’t bother with this it’s a complete waste of time to try!
  • Ehh. 2/5

    By Detritus22
    The offers in the app used to be much better. Now not so much. Without them Wendy’s is one of the more expensive fast food places and the $4 or $5 deal is fine but it really is not what I want every time I go. Don’t get me wrong I love that they have the deals but it was nice to have the app and get different things on occasion.
  • Bad work 1/5

    By alexcsptbr
    I made my order and after 20 minutes when I arrived on wendy my order had not yet begun to be done. Terrible work i lost 1 hour of my time.

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