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Wendy’s App

Get exclusive offers, find the closest Wendy’s, use mobile pay and explore the menu to find out what makes Wendy’s deliciously different. We’re working hard to make mobile ordering available in your area! So, be on the lookout and the next time you’re hungry, pull out your phone and give it a whirl. FEATURES • Get exclusive, in-app-only offers. • Load your gift card into the app and never forget it–or wonder what your balance is–again. • Get nutrition info for all your Wendy’s faves • No cash? No problem! Load funds and pay for your meal right from your phone • Quickly answer one of life’s most important questions: where’s your nearest Wendy’s? • Tell us your order without ever opening your mouth when you order on the app. • Support the Dave Thomas Foundation’s mission to find foster children forever homes and give back for adoption. We always love hearing from you. Feel free to hit us up at [email protected] and let us know what’s on your mind. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Wendy’s app reviews

  • Invisible location 4/5

    By sagnar
    App won’t display local stores in Huntington Beach
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Kmextra
    App crashes immediately on iPad mini. Can't get it to open at all.
  • Great coupons, easy to use 5/5

    By Itsmatthorner1
    I have been using the mobile offers once a week. There are some really great ones and the app is really easy to use. I also like scrolling through options to customize my sandwich on the app vs telling the cashier what I want. I just order a few minutes ahead and then hit submit as I’m pulling up to the restaurant and my food is ready when I get there.
  • Waste of time! 1/5

    By Rick8383
    This app is swimming in a river of nope.
  • Good on Wendy’s 5/5

    By JackWheeler
    You can check the menu, order ahead on mobile, and have food delivered to your door (depending on the Wendy’s you’re ordering from). It’s a simple app, but easy to understand and doesn’t have any buffering issues at the moment. So good on Wendy’s for keeping it updated.
  • Easy and quick 5/5

    By Gamerlife100
    No glitches and navigating the app Was easy and quick. Offers in app deals. Ordered on app before leaving work for lunch and checked in when I arrived. My meal was hot and ready. There was a large line as it was lunch time that I didn’t have to wait in.
  • So glitchy 1/5

    By mudbonerz
    App is absolute garbage, mobile pay doesn’t work and even managers just say it is what it is and try to blame it on you...then you look up the number they leave on every review and spend 40 minutes on hold and still talk to no one...McDonald’s is sadly crushing them
  • Doesn’t work fast enough 1/5

    By AndrewJSosa
    I waited several minutes to use the coupon and it never loaded. I had strong signal strength on my cellphone data, but as soon as I left it popped up. Very inconvenient and not worth the download.
  • Useless 1/5

    By AlexKost
    I just downloaded this app a week ago and every single offer listed expired eight months ago. How does that make any sense? (And yes, I checked to make sure that it wasn’t dated for 2019. It’s not.)
  • Nice for offers 4/5

    By Cmbush88
    I only use this app for the offers and for that it has worked just fine. The $5 Dave’s Double combo is a hit! I did notice I had new offers this morning but the expiration date says January 2018 and it’s September. Assuming that’s just a glitch. I give 4 stars for the offers alone. I’ve never tried ordering through the app.
  • App hasn’t worked in over a week. 1/5

    By Lcs mama
    Disappointing that the app doesn’t work to place an order, we’ve tried to troubleshoot, load and reload power off and on etc. why have offers if we can’t use them and they won’t be honored in person?!
  • App worthless 1/5

    By RiverProMRB
    App doesnt work and they dont care. Twice in two days coupon didnt show. This time they told us to bad no discount. Bye. Hello chickfila
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Morongobob
    Password requirements are ridiculous. Not worth the hassle. Zero Stars
  • Clunky Unnecessarily Complicated 1/5

    By Dankchi
    Clunky Unnecessarily Complicated I try to order online and the location of the Wendy’s I’m practically in front of is not an option. I go back, click on Free Cheeseburger link and a timer comes up with $0 balance and the location of the Wendy’s I’m front of DOES show up. Now what? Do I have to add money to a Wendy’s account? I don’t think so. Keep it simple, integrate with Apple or Google Pay. Do I get a free cheeseburger? I gave up. Take a look at McD’s app. That’s how it should be done.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By tekfoul
    I don’t store credit cards with apps but I reload with gift cards. What exactly is the “payment number?” The card number is labeled. No combination of random numbers printed on the card satisfies the request for payment number.
  • Nice offers and easy to use 5/5

    By Riuski
    I haven't had much issue using the offers in the app. Sometimes it takes a bit more time to load but that could be due to spotty reception in certain areas. The 3 Wendy's where I've used the offers all knew exactly what they needed me to press and give them the offer number. The only suggestions I have at this time: 1) Support Apple/Google Pay 2) More coupons/offers! I know this is more of a request to the marketing dept. 3) More stores to support mobile ordering/pickup.
  • Needs lots of work 2/5

    By kwadublin
    Let me start off by saying I rarely leave critical reviews. Generally I like to praise the good work of others. In this case I have to say how disappointed this app had been. I’ve tried using it several times with limited or no success. Loaded my card info. Location selected. It will not complete an order most of the time. Tried adding the free Single promo and it won’t let you do Checkout. I’m convinced no one at Wendy’s actually tests the app’s functionality for these basic functions. I live in Dublin so I’m close to your HQ. Glad to show you what I mean.
  • Restaurant didn’t understand how app order works 1/5

    By Blugrass
    I ordered and paid on the app and it worked well. When I got to Wendy’s they told me I hadn’t paid on the app and all I did was enter card info so I paid at the restaurant. Sure enough the app did charge me so I paid twice
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By printolive
    I deleted app after it wouldn’t move past the confirmation of email
  • Error 1/5

    By wrlsga
    Cannot log in. I get an error every time I try. Sad. I was hoping it would be every bit as awesome as the chick-Fil-a app
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By lhansc
    Good offers every now and then
  • Great quality 5/5

    By Mis me wit dat
    I find this app to work adequately for ordering or using some special offers. Yes it has some kinks to iron out but I find myself time and time again being presented with surprisingly quality food
  • Simply does NOT work....ever 1/5

    By Landydd
    Not user error and good luck working it out with the gang in person.
  • Not much locations that offer order thru app! 1/5

    By LordAdamMaster
    Tried searching for a location near me but to no avail! Only one or two results pop up but that’s somewhere else in the U.S.
  • No applepay? 1/5

    By DentonB
    No I don’t want yet another web service to store my credit card. DOA.
  • Free Dave’s Singles in September 5/5

    By emmsrobs
    Wendy’s is doing things right. Currently, you can get a frosty for 50 cents and get a free Dave’s Single (usually $4.49) with any purchase. Put those together, and you get a frosty & a great sandwich for 50 cents, every single day of September. Can’t beat that. App has worked great, too. 5 Stars for sure.
  • Wenders 5/5

    By 513Kernal
    Dave can put his single wherever he wants as long as it’s free.
  • Invalid Promos 1/5

    By Crogs
    The app promotes these promotions for special pricing or free items with ANY order but when you try to redeem the promotion you get an error message advising they your order is invalid.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By boxedlunch
    As much as I would like to use this app...can’t stand the bugginess.
  • Great idea, great savings, few glitches 5/5

    By Aub123456
    I love the Wendy’s app! I have actually recommend a few people to download it as it has some really great deals. However, some of the app functions don’t necessarily work as they should, such as mobile ordering or finding any Wendy’s locations near me despite me allowing location tracking. When I enter the app, I sign in and immediately click offers. I order in the drive through, show my offer number and viola! No issues, and a great discount. I think with time this app will fix major issues that it has, but for low maintenance people who just want a better deal at Wendy’s, the offer tab works great.
  • Order ahead 1/5

    By i love tots
    Come on, everybody else have order ahead function, please speed up the pace of developing.
  • Wow 5/5

  • Absolutely Unusable 1/5

    By Richard B Spencer
    Attempted to log in using my gmail account with a fail on both attempts, so I finally caved to creating an account with my email, after going through the painstaking process and inputting all my information, which should be simple, I press “sign up” and I’m met with a message “cntry is not a valid value” even though there is not a single place in the registration where I have entered that, I retried only to be met with the same message. In conclusion your app neither saved me money or time, and was a complete waste of my 15 minutes. Consider this review charity to your development team.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By OhioDad
    This app does not work as advertised. I spent 20 minutes trying to use it when I could have just driven to Wendy’s and ordered.
  • Geo location doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ddavis7777777
    I’m standing inside of the store and app thinks I’m 6 miles away... and no easy way to select store once you find I on the map
  • Can’t place order via app! 1/5

    By SGT2020
    I’ve tried on numerous occasions to place an order via the app but it wouldn’t go through. After entering my CC info and clicking the order button, I kept getting an error message. So frustrating to have glitches like this!
  • Can't even log in 1/5

    By Ame402
    Asked to change password then states have to update security info. How are you supposed to update anything when you can't log in?
  • Waiting patiently 1/5

    By Let'sDoNoHarm
    I received an invite to download the Wendy's app for the latest promo. Read dozens of recent reviews (within hrs of posting) identifying the same troubling issues over many months. That said, I'm sure it will be a frustrating task to follow in those same footsteps. Until the app is written with user-friendly modifications to correct all issues, I won't subject myself to the pain. In the meantime, please allow those of us who enjoy Wendy's meals, but won't/can't successfully download the app, to use all coupons in restaurants and at drive-thru windows. Please advise.
  • Good Coupons 5/5

    By Poppey Joe
    Keep the good coupons coming and I’ll stay happy!
  • Hot Garbage 1/5

    By thecrwng7
    Downloaded the app for the first time, got my email in seconds, then added an offer I’d never used before, a few other items, and tried to checkout. “Invalid offer.” In other words : “have feelings about your coupon that you can’t use then like, close the app bc it’s embarrassingly broken.” Tried it a few times, restarted the app... lol never mind!! (Just really don’t even bother. I have a new phone and it the app still works like garbage). I recommend taking the app off the market until it has minimal functionality. Just a thought.
  • Mobile Order 5/5

    By Kim87654321
    You should expand your mobile order option so that we can order through mobile and just pick up. But ill give you 5 stars for the awesome coupons.
  • No problems at all 5/5

    By GreatReviewer14
    Works great. I don’t understand all of these bad reviews unless major updates/changes were made in recent time. I love the way it looks on my phone.
  • Doesn’t Seem Ready For Prime Time 1/5

    By PJP4488
    I’d love to be able to write a thorough review of the Wendy’s app, but after trying for days to set up an account through the app, I’m ready to give up. Every time I submit my info it spins until it times out. Your burgers might be better than McD’s, but your app definitely isn’t.
  • This app is crap 1/5

    By Hippster89
    For me it takes bout 3 minutes to load up and when I try to log in using Facebook or google it doesn’t work just goes back to page it wants me to sign in, I even waited to see if it would just take time nope it just times out due to inactivity
  • Failed to perform as advertised 1/5

    By mike6279425
    Various functions of this app do nothing or just fail, such as store locating or signing in with Touch ID. Worse yet I installed for the daily deals that were to be available only to find this functionality isn’t working either as the deals are not updating at all.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 927192885
    Why have offer alerts if the offers are not good in my area? If you want access to my location why not use it?
  • Wow. Not happy. 1/5

    By Tipmom
    Not happy. Can’t get a confirmation email to finish setting up my app (& I have been trying for DAYS) - but Wendy’s has started sending me notifications!! Really inadequate app.
  • Great app, amazing Offers! 5/5

    By Peaky Blinder 17
    Wendy’s is our first choice pick when we are hungry and looking for a quick bite, as it seems to be the best with “clean” beef, no-antibiotics, non-GMO’s, Fresh fast food. The app works well once you get used to it and learn where everything is and how to add items to your bag first - then apply offers to them once selected. That took some getting used to, but once I figured it out - it became second nature. Love the deals that they offer quite frequently, especially the current one which has inspired me to write this review; a Free Dave’s Single with ANY purchase! You can literally order a $.50cent Frosty and get a Free Dave’s Single!!! That’s amazing!
  • I love Wendy’s 5/5

    By Love dinger
    I like their food
  • Problems continue 1/5

    By AreJayW
    Same problem as everyone else. The email even confirmed that I'm in but it will not let me log in.

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