WESH 2 News - Orlando

WESH 2 News - Orlando

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WESH 2 News - Orlando App

Take the WESH 2 News app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in Orlando and the surrounding area. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WESH 2 News app for free today. Our Local News, Weather and Sports App Features Include: - Orlando breaking news alerts with push notifications - Live streaming breaking news updates from our WESH 2 News reporters when it happens, where it happens - Local news submission area for breaking news, news tips and the ability to email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom to be featured on air - Ability to share stories via email or to your social media pages - Up to date, current local weather conditions, hourly Orlando weather updates, and 7 day forecasts - An interactive radar that lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity - Orlando weather alerts and updates,First Alert Weather weather videocasts and more


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WESH 2 News - Orlando app reviews

  • Pop Up Adds 1/5

    By William L. C.
    Ever since I did the latest update there are now pop up adds that repeatedly take over the screen. On average I have to close the add about 3 to 4 times each time I am reading a small article. As this is a local news channel for me and one of my most used apps on my phone it is very sad that I am putting it “away” into a folder to see if the next update fixes it. If not I will be deleting it. (Please fix this!)
  • ASG 4/5

    By 2little ones
    I’ve had this and it’s not bad it’s pretty good however I wanted the one where they did the hurricane as well as local weather because they are the best and when I’m watching the news it is WESH 2 my favorite channel
  • Thanks!!👍 5/5

    By Smalvin32163
    It’s very reassuring to know I can find any all stories happening in my area and all the way to the coast. I can’t always catch the evening broadcast, but I can always check into the app. Emergency alerts, weather, major crimes, sports, special interest, arts and happenings and all the stories that bring a smile to my face. I feel like they’ve tried very hard to give the big picture. What more could I ask for?!! Just keep up the good work!!!
  • A must 5/5

    By Skydog187
    Always keeping me informed of local happenings.
  • Weather app 2/5

    By Debbie Davis
    Ad pop ups are distracting. Wouldn’t mind once or twice but continuous, not so much. Looking for another then will delete the WESH app.
  • More local and state emphasis 3/5

    A little slow with reporting or updating local stories. A little too much emphasis on national, international, or feel good stories. I can use other sources for these stories. I expect this app to have broader and deeper coverage of primarily local and state news.
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Merge Merritt
    My husband is a news junky. I love getting the news before him. I tell him about something that occurring now. He will go and check the news on the computer and see if I am correct. He hates that I know something before him.
  • From a Newcomers Perspective! 5/5

    By Jidyoung
    WESH News app has done an Outstanding job at keeping me updated and well informed! And FAST and ON TIME! I can be at home but in my kitchen , where national news can be heard from the den but my WESH News app has ALREADY alerted me on my phone nearby occurrences!!! Coming from the West coast so much of this can be new info to my knowledge and WESH News app delivers CLEAR AND EFFICIENTLY!!! Thanx and keep up the good work!!!
  • Here’s my 2018 update... ( since you asked) 4/5

    Hello Wesh. Developers 2018 Update: The FAS adds are annoying! I realize they sponsor. We use this app everyday, so please give us the option to skip them. At this point for me at least, the adds are working against them. I will NOT be going to FAS! I liked the other alerts from the older weather app better, and easier to work with. It worked without location services, and gave me a weather voice alert once it was set up. Otherwise the app responds well, and it’s fast. Keep up the good work guys😀👍 2017 I see all of our feedback helped make the app better. The weather videos are back, the adds are much shorter, and I notice today the option to skip the longer adds too. Wonderful! Allelujah!🙏😅 I hope you also added the weather alerts by location like the old app had. I’ve not checked yet. Good job guys & gals. Thanks so much!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Hare Krishna Zombie
    The radar is great ... my only complaint is that it flashes too fast and I can’t tell what time the storm will be over my area.
  • WESH 2 5/5

    By Szzxzzzxxxxxx
    I go to WESH 2 first thing every morning. And u always have the NASA launches live. Better yet, I can get u on ROKU when I visit my home in Pittsburgh, Pa. I could follow all of IRMA even though I could not got back home to Florida.
  • WESH news 4/5

    By BetteLou
    I like receiving the latest news headlines! I find the app very helpful and like receiving the latest happenings.And I like looking at the weather information on the screen. My review will remain the same. I enjoy receiving the latest news.
  • Review 5/5

    By Annais59
    I like the news and weather
  • Too many commercials 1/5

    By Tuanis
    The amount of commercials is ridiculous. You have to watch at least two commercials before you get to the actual news. I’m done using this app.
  • Alerts 5/5

    By chkoz
    Please give the alerts for only news that is an emergency. After awhile it’s like the kid that cried wolf.
  • Non-breaking news. 3/5

    By Rusthead
    My biggest issue is that the news isn’t update very often, especially on weekends. The weather radar is very good but the forecasts don’t always match the on-air forecast.
  • Good 4/5

    By Bdmz143
    For the most part good information and provides timely alerts. Cons Not updated on weekends Still has bugs that cause the app to crash.
  • It’s ok... 3/5

    By Pokecreeper21
    There are some things that I am happy I got this app for... ex: I was going to go see a movie but I saw an alert that there was a shooting at my local theater, so I didn’t go. But other things are pointless I get alerts for things that really aren’t anybody’s concern like things about a love letter that was found from 1977 like nobody cares about that i only need this for important things and the app does that.
  • Repeated ads 1/5

    By Summerfield95
    I love being able to pick which stories I am interested in and getting the latest updates, BUT must I really sit through an ad for every story that I select? I also detest that you allow ads on your app for cigars in humidity controlled packaging. That is irresponsible!!
  • BREAKING NEWS... 1/5

    By Jonny0077
    Right after these ads. Ok now it’s raining hard over you right now.. but it’s not. Worthless tech? Radar shows I’m in the red for rain but hasn’t rained at all. Losers
  • 4-Star, but... 4/5

    By RC Mills
    I have loved WESH since 1994. The typos are excessive and some stories are too old. Let’s get this! Too simple to fix.
  • Review for 2 4/5

    By Rich the Editor
    Good Ap. Just needs quicker, more timely follow up on current local news(crime related). Sometimes, the article says more info will follow a story, and it seems not to happen very often. Otherwise, well laid out ap. Like the national news and weather, too.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By pamrn11
    I get so much news from this app! Love the alerts and the ability to watch the news from my phone.
  • Top news 4/5

    By J47R
    The alerts are way earlier than any others
  • Ad’s 😝 2/5

    By EMMIE 66
    Far to many Ad’s very loud and annoying!!
  • Your app 2/5

    By Photo Lorie
    What happened to your Wesh 2 Weather app? I still have the Hurricane tracker, but there isn’t a stand alone weather app. I see that you have to download the whole news app. Why get rid of the weather app?
  • Not Happy 1/5

    By Ibizey
    Too many adds and you keep old news when you scroll down
  • Hate this app 2/5

    By Wraith320
    When a news alerts pop up I want to see the article not advertisement. Your pop ups and number of advertisements are driving me to other apps and new stations.
  • Terrible format 2/5

    By Skj2016
    I hate the format. They keep the same stories on the app for months!!!! Im looking for a better local news app.
  • Super Bowl Justin Timberlake broadcast 1/5

    By 12Meliss33
    I have atena TV. Why was Justin Timberlake’s performance scrambled digitally ( making it difficult to watch ) an the game was not .. I am furious .. We are home owners an pay our taxes. We can’t afford cable. Why were we denied the half time show yet could see everything else?
  • So-so 2/5

    By Ang mr
    I hate how it always has a red alert, super annoying. I would check it regularly anyways but im about to delete the app. Also shuts down a lot randomly and doesnt open links to videos well. Content is good but its FL news so its basically spoon fed. So-so at best.
  • Cast Button Please! 4/5

    By Xtina0072
    I made the biggest mistake cutting off cable and switching to DirectTV NOW. I don’t get WESH2 anymore! I downloaded the app and there is no cast button so I still can’t watch it on TV. PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEE put a cast button so I can use this app everyday while I get ready!!
  • Keeps me up to date 4/5

    By Tee323
    Keeps me up to date but it does have a few too many ads.
  • No Hockey Scores! 3/5

    By Sports or Lack thereof
    The news is good but Sports Coverage? Lots of Football and plenty of basketball and baseball but where is the Hockey coverage. Florida has 2 pro teams and ECHL teams but zip for coverage. Many of us have moved from the North and would like sports coverage!
  • Quick with news 4/5

    By DeBaryTigerFan
    It’s great to get information on what’s happening before it comes on any other media source. It alerts me or advises me. I like it very much.
  • Review of Wesh 2 1/5

    By BossMan 👍
    Like your weather report is the only reason I have the app. Sports is to little and only does state news. Your station is so far liberal propaganda and news casters on on some kind of a drama trips . I give you a 25 ( quarter of a star ) You need some new personal and soon . 🤙💯
  • Miss the weather app 2/5

    By jcirwin69
    Navigating through the weather portion of this app is severely lacking...or I’m not seeing things clearly enough..all I want to do is check the weather with radar. I watch the news if i want, do not need to see it here too...very much miss the previous weather only app
  • Hate it 2/5

    By Tawny B
    Loved the old WESH weather app that is going away in 10 Days I watch the news on TV now I have to navigate through this new app when all I want is the friggin weather. Doesn’t tell me rain probability for the next 5 Days without jumping through hoops Way to screw it up guys....guess I’ll see what Tom Terry offers
  • Losing faith in this app 3/5

    By TheLunchPad
    Ever since iOS 11, this app has acted badly. Exiting completely or just whiting out the screen. No input will bring it back. Termination is the only solution.
  • News concern 4/5

    By Deacon Golden
    Really love your news especially striving so hard to get it quick & correct. Now this hurricane season has been difficult to cover however I don’t see any coverage of US Virgin Island. Overall I Thank you for your broadcast news teams.
  • Best APP On The Planet! 5/5

    By Larry Cameron, Ph.D.,MSW
    This app allows the consumer to be always plugged into local,state,and national news.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Miser 321
    I was glued to WESH2 during hurricane Irma. I thought you guys were super. The app seems very reliable and up to date.
  • WESH2 News 5/5

    By Crossstitcher63
    We moved here from Winter Haven, having watched WFLA out of Tampa. We love WFLA, but, we are loving WESH, too! Keep up the good work! We watch from 1600-1800, Mon-Fri. WESH remains our source for News & Weather. We will be moving to Va Beach in the next few months, we will miss WESH!
  • App Doesn't Stay Open to Read News 1/5

    By FloridaNewsJunkie
    Ever since the Sept 30 update, the app won't stay open for more than 5 seconds. Please fix this app!
  • Wesh one of the best in Orlando 5/5

    By Only4pets
    Crash ,It will not open since Monday
  • WESH watcher 4/5

    By WESH watcher
    Your news alerts pop up before anyone else's. I understand that you have to have ads...ads and adds- the only problem I really have is that trying to scroll down is it either doesn't want to scroll down or it's so sensitive that I lose it altogether!?! Is it from your end or mine?!?
  • Old version was better 2/5

    By Shortyn8tor
    Since the latest upgrade it is very sluggish. Scrolling through a story stops when an advertisement shows up in the middle of the story. It seems that there are much more invasive advertisements all throughout the app.
  • Ch 2 news 4/5

    By Stinky butt 327
    You need to find a way so people can stay connected to the news offline. Like with the Irma situation. We were screwed.
  • Love WESH 2 5/5

    By Wandajoy
    Keeps me up to date on happenings at home no matter where I am.
  • Old news 3/5

    By Mugger52
    WESH needs to update this site much more often. Many times what content is displayed is of news or stories that are days old or lnger

WESH 2 News - Orlando app comments


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