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Westworld App

Welcome to Delos. As a Trainee at Westworld, you’ve been granted access to the official Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS), developed to help you learn all aspects of park operations and Host maintenance. Build and control the park, create and evolve Artificially Intelligent Hosts, and indulge the many human appetites of your Guests. Prove yourself as an employee, and you'll gain access to the park in ways only Westworld's creators could have designed. BUILD AND CONTROL WESTWORLD Upgrade the Delos facility to build, optimize, and unlock park locations such as Sweetwater, Escalante, Las Mudas, and more. CREATE THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION OF A.I. HOSTS Manufacture, collect, and upgrade over 170+ Artificially Intelligent Hosts as you create the ultimate experience for Guests. DELIGHT GUESTS & SATISFY THEIR DESIRES Our Guests want to “live without limits.” Match the right Hosts with Guests, in order to satisfy their every desire with these violent delights. DIAGNOSE AND EVOLVE HOSTS TO THE LIMITS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Improve and upgrade A.I. Hosts by performing diagnostics, addressing glitches, and unlocking reveries. HAVE YOU EVER QUESTIONED YOUR REALITY? Start your career at Delos and become who you’ve always wanted to be. Westworld’s creators have a plan for you.


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Westworld app reviews

  • This game only rewards players that can afford to drop $$$. Cynical stuff. 2/5

    By ZapruderSays
    Honestly, unless you can afford to drop hundreds of dollars on gems and hosts, don’t bother with this game. It takes weeks and weeks to develop higher ranking characters through regular play. There is little skill involved. Once again this is an example of a game that rewards rich people and cheats.
  • I refuse to play this 1/5

    By NM8R
    This company is being sued for stealing code for this game! I don’t support thieves.
  • Good game, but Leveling roles needs an update 4/5

    By MrsCobb7
    I’ll give it 5 stars when I can use a leveled up 1-2 role host to level up the matching roles on higher level hosts (Like using Carmen to rank up Teddy’s Gambler role). Otherwise I really enjoy it, just like I enjoyed Fallout Shelter, which is similar only in terms of the graphics really
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Datamanlv
    I enjoyed Fallout Shelter and I think there is enough variance in game mechanics here. There are a multitude of missions, activities, and other things to keep you very entertained. Leveling up stars was not very intuitive.
  • Meh 2/5

    By T Cronus
    It’s not too bad to play and pass the time. Once you unlock reveries though, leveling them is a complete joke. They’re already expensive AF to level, and on top of that, there’s a super high chance they won’t even increase level when you pay a ton of gold to level them anyway. Either lower the cost, or take the chance of them not leveling away. So stupid. Obvious pay walls once you play long enough. Also, constantly having to analyze your hosts just to keep using them is so pointless.
  • Repetitive play starts to make you feel like a host yourself 1/5

    By MarcusAreolus
    There’s not much to do after you max out your Mesa departments and raise some strong high-level hosts. Beyond that, I simply deleted the app after the interaction initiations would bug out and crash the game.
  • Fun at first, but a money dump 1/5

    By Kandy Kid Saturn
    This game is great at first, but in order to gain levels with your characters at all, you have to spend money - and a lot - to get anywhere in this game. You end up with one or two high level hosts with no mid level hosts and a ton of low levels. It has zero balance in the game. So unless you have a bunch of money to spend ($20+ to get a decent package) skip this game and find another one.
  • Cheesy Character graphics. 1/5

    By TVAudio256
    Oh common guys really?
  • Needs a Collect All button, battery drain 3/5

    By Brit_76
    Tirelessly tapping to collect each time is frustrating. Battery drain is HUGE when playing, and when in background? (44% of my battery used by this app while it was in the background!). Hope they find ways to reduce it in future. Rebuilds was confusing, I had to google and read a Reddit thread to find out how to do it correctly, so before then I wasted a lot of resources and hosts doing it wrong. You have to spend so much time in Sweetwater to level hosts, the other locations given to you early on are useless to you as their requirements are so high.
  • Fun at first, hilariously high priced ‘micro’ transactions 3/5

    By BadLarry1
    If you like Fallout Shelter, you probably will like this management sim. Neat ideas and well suited for the show. I fully understand the whole “freemium” or “pay to win” model, but come on! 69.99 for one character??? That’s clearly hoping to cash in on accidental purchases.
  • Ca$h grab and nothing else 2/5

    By Rough Sax
    The game is just a cash grab from the plot of Westworld but none of the context that makes it great. They sell $50 packs that do almost nothing and you hit a wall where you can’t do certain mission without buying special hosts. Can’t upgrade traits unless you have multiple of same host. Good luck getting another Teddy just to get to level 2 trait. Game needs more than simply pleasing guests on a timer.
  • I like it, but bored now. 2/5

    By teh.FunKiller
    I played for a while, I even purchased the .99 introduction thing. But, now I’m bored. It feels more like a chore to do anything. You just place people where they need to work, then wait, then collect, then repeat. I feel like I got bored because it feels more like a boring job rather than a fun game. What’s so fun about placing people where they need to go? Also, you can’t really move everyone you got anyway because they don’t qualify. So, if you want more work to do, then you give the developer more money so you can do more redundant work. Boring.
  • Having fun 5/5

    By Durnlur
    Good game
  • Ripoff fallout shelter 1/5

    By Nsncndnfndnd
    Just do yourself a favor and play the real deal
  • App now freezes on load 1/5

    By PCTakeDown
    Spent a lot of time in this app and all of a sudden I can’t even open the game. Support told me to close background apps, restart phone and put phone in airplane mode for a few seconds. Doesn’t work still. Very disappointed I wasted my time with an app that doesn’t work.
  • Has potential; needs some good updates! 3/5

    By McRizza
    I’m an avid gamer and I love a game with leveling and building goals like this one. Here are my thoughts on this one... • Layout is cool although I agree with a previous reviewer that the zoom in/out could be more seamless. • The cartoon versions of each character are fun, but when you add a prop to each character they don’t change. It would be a nice addition to visually be able to see an added prop. • Need quicker updates. I’m now just waiting for an update so that I can upgrade my control center to the next level (which is a listed task). It just keeps saying I have to wait to upgrade the control center and it will be coming soon. You’re going to lose gamers fast if you’re not able to keep up with their progress. Same with all that space under the ground - there’s so much empty space...is it eventually going to be used and how long do we have to wait for each addition? Really fun game - just needs some tweaking to keep me interested.
  • It has potential 4/5

    By Angrywendybird
    I’m generally enjoying the game but there are some improvements to be made. The hosts glitch a lot, they could make that a bit less frequent, also it would be nice to be able to use coins to get extra slots in the diagnostic and repair rooms. Also the quick turnover buildings like the mariposa in Sweetwater could use some automation either by maxing out the building or staff. Also there are many features that could use information text (what the hell do I do in the analysis room.)
  • Bug problems 3/5

    By Dr quatto
    #1 this game is less stable than Trump. Constant restarts, especially this last month. Lower tier characters glitch too frequently and take really long to level
  • The monotony is killing me! 1/5

    By Amusedagin
    Slow, grinding gameplay with few rewards. The monotony is killing me. Servers constantly time out, reboot. It appears beta testing on this product was insufficient or feedback was ignored. I want my money back!
  • Server keeps disconnecting and game crashes 2/5

    By Iconic78
    Good addictive game but really annoying that it keeps crashing.
  • The game glitches more than the characters 2/5

    By rziegle
    The game is constantly crashing. It often takes 3-4 tries to even get in. Then it crashes on the first click. Frustrating!
  • Glitching 1/5

    By Gissel Astrid
    It’s glitching and not letting me play. Keeps telling me it’s my internet but it’s not
  • Won’t load - 2nd review 1/5

    By OldFool
    Love the show, hate this app. It hangs saying “initiating security panel” over and over forever. Wrote to support. They were very unhelpful basically telling me to repeat the same useless steps I had done in the past. I have an un-jail broken iPhone 6s+ with plenty of available memory. I can’t believe I am the only person with this issue. And the “answer/response” below is the same bs they keep spewing. 🤬
  • Wow 5/5

    By aister joe
    Y’all just did a great job with this game.
  • Kicked from servers 3/5

    By 1472053
    This is very fun and addicting, but I keep getting disconnected from DPTS servers. If this keeps happening I will uninstall.
  • Needs Fixing 1/5

    By lorid2018
    Great show, terrible game. If game you mean loading screen then it’s a 10/10.
  • Please don’t let Bethesda screw this 5/5

    By Hunter critic for real
    Loving it MORE then fallout shelter and I sunk enough into that to know the good n bad. Great game that improves on what fallout shelter I think was trying to be. Keep it up guys n gals this baby gots some more growin up to do
  • GO AWAY 1/5

    By Galah she!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a pretty blatant copy of Fallout Shelter. Also, for those of you that don’t know Bethesda the creator of Fallout Shelter. Good luck winning that lawsuit. 🙄
  • Fun but recent update doesn’t work as advertised 4/5

    By resin007
    Update is supposed to have a confirmation before you spend gems on anything. Nope. Still the same. So be careful: you will spend days building up your gems only to blow it all on an errant thumb tap. It’s almost as if they WANT us to buy gems!! That said, this game is fun, and you should play it. Good balance of gameplay and management that does not really require you to purchase extras.
  • Fallout shelter reskin 1/5

    By GoldenDragonLG
    It’s a good game but sadly I agree with Bethesda it’s a fallout shelter reskin.
  • Fun but repetitive 4/5

    By Dvskugai
    Early on the game has lots of activity like most story driven stories, but after a few days you’re sending the “hosts” on repetitive quests to build em up but not a whole ton of fun stuff to do after that. Would be nice if they allowed you to name your account. Other than those negative aspects, the game is very well made and well animated
  • Fun but punishing 3/5

    By Deadboxmike
    I really like the gameplay but the grind is really punishing. To level up your character you have to sacrifice other characters of the same level. So you are taking one step forward by taking up to 4 steps back. I probably won’t be playing for long because of this and the premium characters cost waaaayy too much. So enjoy the early levels then probably just leave this game alone.
  • Had to start all over 2/5

    By code red 2025
    I played this game for a month so and after get back on to day. I lost everything. I got rest to the beginning. what the hell. I have to start all over
  • Edited Review 4/5

    By Emy2386
    After the game was fixed and I was able to finally log back in, I’ve been enjoying wasting my time on this. :D My biggest gripe with the game, however, is with the diagnostics. I spent 40 gems to have 2 slots to diagnose hosts and they don’t get diagnosed simultaneously. One needs to finish before the other starts so what was the point of unlocking another slot. I feel like I got cheated out of 40 gems and I really hope they fix this so that 2 hosts can be diagnosed at the same time.
  • Fun at first, not very balanced 3/5

    By DrZow
    I only found out about Westworld after Bethesda sued them for copying fallout shelter. Well, fallout shelter is my favorite contemporary game (I've spent more on it than any other modern game) and I like the show (yet I never heard about this game... terrible marketing), so I had to check it out. First off, while there are some graphic elements similar to fallout shelter (the 2.5d view), that's where the similarity ends. It's like saying super Mario brothers copied Sonic the hedgehog just because they're both scrollers. Yes, I said that as I mean it because just as SMB isn't as nice as Sonic (because it's older), WW doesn't do the 2.5d interface as nicely as FS -- in particular it doesn't zoom seamlessly. More importantly, the gameplay is completely different -- the leveling is different, the character attributes and interactions are different, the gameplay is different, and overall, WW didn't do a great job of these things. There's lots of great attention to detail that fans of the show will love, but after that wears off it becomes really monotonous to level characters, especially with them glitching from regular use and then having to analyze them. Some of the elements like critical analysis are really poorly integrated, and the 40 host limit is stiffiling to progress. It's a fun distraction, but I probably won't be playing it after I catch up with the S2 finale.
  • It has potential but needs a LOT of work. 1/5

    By Drummin
    At first, this game is fun to tap through for a while, but you’ll soon realize that the leveling system is flawed and pacing is terrible. I unlocked all regions of the game and constructed all buildings before my hosts could participate AT ALL in the second region (Abernathy Ranch). Furthermore, the cost to build a host using host codes is laughably high - you’ll spend months playing this game before you even get to unlock a host from the show using “code fragments.” Reveries don’t really make enough difference to be effective so that element is useless. The e-mails send me the same messages everyday just like real junk mail and it’s annoying. The “social” aspect is confusing and there’s no reason for its existence. This game could really be great if the developers fix the pacing. Aside from the criticisms listed above, I would love to see more variety of hosts (I feel like there are only about 10 different host to build). Kudos to the art team - the visual aspect of the game is wonderful. What’s going on with the App Store star rating display? Most of the reviews have many of the same criticisms that I have (if not more) and very few people are giving this game five stars, yet the App Store is displaying the game as receiving nearly all 5-star reviews. Something is very fishy here.
  • Gets stuck on loading screen 4/5

    By hdhdjkdk
    I’ve played this game since it came out. For the past two days it’s been getting stuck on the loading screen. iPad restart, reinstall game and no luck. Probably has some glitch with the new iPad update. Contacted customer support....so far they take longer than 24 hours to respond. Cool.
  • DPTS Error 3/5

    By Smc50322
    I love this game and now I’m getting the DPTS Cloud error and cannot load. I was rocking the current challenge. Hope this is fixed quickly.
  • No game reset button?! 3/5

    By C4qtus
    I downloaded the game. Became excited with the concept. Went to watch the show. Came back after finishing season 2. Want to replay the game with all the knowledge i got from show. Let me. Please
  • Great, if Confusing Game 4/5

    By leisuresuitlenny
    Really well-constructed and highly detailed game. There's always more to see, do and manipulate which makes it consistently engaging. The music is incredible and really tied to that of the show. The graphics are great, though the characters are a little cutesy and detract from feeling true to the world. If the game is confusing and the rules aren't clearly explained, well, that is at least true to the series.
  • Did you steal a game? 1/5

    By Negitiveland
    Is this a fallout shelter clone
  • A lot of potential 4/5

    By espy423
    Great concept - everyone who has played Fallout Shelter will draw similarities but both games have its unique aspects that make them both fun in their own way. Getting that out of the way, the stat system needs to be hashed out a little bit more, as far as ranking up traits and why ranking up a host to a higher version (2.20 to 3.01) may bring a trait down to some sort of a baseline number. I may be misunderstanding but I feel like there could be a better explanation because the design is there, but like the show, some holes that are open to interpretation LOL. All in all, huge fan, one suggestion: use coins as a currency to buy things, I understand the concept of keeping certain hosts rare, but the pricing for gems is pretty ridiculous considering I have 60K in coins and everything is basically leveled up.
  • Clinic Waiting Room Simulator 😴 2/5

    By Quiet Dotard
    The Hosts that you manage have the constitution of a side-swimming Walmart goldfish and need rehabilitation if they work too hard, otherwise known as “regular play.” This can be fixed with long waits at the host repair area or, you guessed it, with in game currency that costs real money. This game could have been fun but it’s more like a naggy second job where you have to pay to work there.
  • Fallout shelter rip off 1/5

    By Renegade_walrus
    Download fallout shelter instead
  • Don’t download! 1/5

    By Switch Chillex
    This game is a blatant rip off of Fallout Shelter, a much superior version of this sellout app. Please, go give the original creators your time instead of downloading Warner Bros. Crappy excuse of a game.
  • Really Fun 5/5

    By Nabbazabba
    Quality game. Especially fun if you’ve watched the series.
  • Could be a lot of fun 3/5

    By JGarcia606
    I like the game but as some have mentioned, it’s too hard to please guests outside of sweet water. It takes too much to level up hosts and the frozen screens make it less fun. Almost every other minute of playing, my screen freezes up and there’s nothing to do but wait until it unlocks. This game needs lots of updates to make it enjoyable. Maybe the pending lawsuit from Bethesda is keeping the developers from updating but something needs to be done soon or people will stop playing.
  • Copy 1/5

    By FakeButtCheek
    It’s just a ripoff of fallout shelter which is better
  • Need confirmation! 1/5

    By LoodahChris
    You need to implement confirmation for gem spending throughout the entire app, not just slot expansion! I’ve lost so many gems accidentally speeding up host recalibration and other actions!
  • Better than fallout shelter. 5/5

    By Nacht Krieg
    Just glancing at the game I thought fallout shelter ripoff. After playing I found it much better and nothing like fallout shelter. Be sure to read the pop up screens so things don’t appear to be random.

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