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WeTransfer App

The WeTransfer app is a simple way to express and share ideas - Use it to collect pictures, movies, documents, or songs from any app - Organize and view on visual boards from wherever you happen to be - Easily share boards of unlimited size with colleagues, friends or family The WeTransfer app makes the sharing of visual and more varied content easier for everyone. It can help you create a mood board for a client, inspire the wedding of your dreams, compose a storyboard for a video, or plan your business year. Boards of unlimited size can be quickly shared with a simple link. You can share boards by email, text or through any channels, such as Slack or WhatsApp, right from the app. What’s more, users can receive WeTransfer files on the app and instantly view them as visual boards. About Us Since 2009, WeTransfer has enabled the effortless transfer of ideas from one creative mind to many. Over 40 million people use WeTransfer every month to share creative ideas. With mobile redefining the way we live our lives, WeTransfer is extending its offerings with a beautiful and easy workflow on mobile.


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WeTransfer app reviews

  • Awesome! 5/5

    This sure makes things a lot easier! Great job and a great app. Thank you.
  • ممتاز 5/5

    By Eng.Bahaa Saad
    تطبيق ممتاز
  • Best photo sharing app!! 5/5

    By shazamdevotee
    We love this app. Easiest for photo sharing ever!!
  • Cancun vacation 5/5

    By skyeskittles
    5stars with them taking pictures and going on the website thanks so much
  • Lainie Smith ACTOR We Transfer rating 5 stars 5/5

    By Lainie S
    Works without fail, repeatedly storage, upload, download, copies, transmission - every time and all with ease. Life should be simple- and We Transfer helps ... 💖
  • Bad function 1/5

    By luchoforest
    Really bad functionality. I try to download in mi Mac book and doesn’t works... poor!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By wismerjimenez
    This is a FANTASTIC app.
  • N 1/5

    By nickalanb
    It’s taken literally hours to download pictures and still haven’t seen any
  • Old app easier 1/5

    By TKVideo
    I just want to transfer videos from my phone to my computer by sending them to myself. The old app made this so much easier...
  • Piece of garbage - WHAT ARE BOARDS?!?! 1/5

    By joetweber
    I have seriously gotten more use out of a pile of rotten trash than I have gotten out of this completely worthless application. The last 10 minutes of my life have been an utter waste. We pay for Plus, and still couldn’t get this thing to do the one thing it is supposed to do. “Everyone in this room is now dumber from having used it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”
  • not working 1/5

    By r&r&r&r
    the app is not working. after 12 hours still impossible to upload download a 213 mb file
  • Wish i could give I️t no stars 1/5

    By Madi430
    Has not downloaded my photos on 4 different devices
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Macfago
    First try a fail
  • Nice and fast 5/5

    By MajesticSound
    This is one of the best audio file organizer out. I use this effortlessly and transfer files from my cellphone to my laptop in seconds. I highly recommend it.
  • If you want me to continue to pay for Plus, you’re going to need to update the app. 3/5

    By ItsDEE4
    It’s not intuitive at all. I sent 19 songs to a client from my desktop computer. Downloaded them from the link to the app. Want to listen to the album - it only plays one song at a time. I could save the songs somehow to my library or find some other workaround but this is not EASY to do from the app. Make it more useful and user-friendly and you’ll have more people paying for Plus. Great potential.
  • Does not work. Not flexible 1/5

    By Fabian3sg
    Bad. Thank you. Not for me. No time fir useless apps
  • Stupid pinboard 1/5

    By dismayeddownloader
    I want to transfer documents. Not create a poster board.
  • Please answer !! 5/5

    By Arlind Vokshi
    Why I can’t download more photos?
  • Burned by boards... 1/5

    By Disgrunted Guy
    Boards removed a simple click and send setup that WeTransfer is heralded for, and replaced it with a crappy attempt to get into the community-based web era. Now it has to upload to a server before you can do anything with files. AND THEN will fail to send with any disruption, if you get that far.
  • Once great for transferring files 2/5

    By James Vanderwall
    This application used to be my go to for sending files, but since the “boards” update, it’s no longer the we transfer that was a simple file transfer Avenue. It’s become something akin to Pinterest, and sending things now requires a confusing process or posting as a board. Which kills privacy. Sticking to Hightail now.. :/
  • Too slow 1/5

    By designer898
    Too slow. I uploaded 405 images and it’s still updating at 3000%. Why???
  • The app is useless 1/5

    By Ugosound007
    Love my Plus account but the app is useless as i can not access my transfers with it...
  • Review 1/5

    By bugguy ne
    Emails for sharing do not work
  • What are you trying to do?! 1/5

    By Jeff Bodart
    Your app is useless. I just want to send a video to a friend. You asked me to download the app so I did. Instead I’m faced with a Pinterest style social media platform. What are you doing?!? You’re not social media!! I’m tired of social media anyway. Why can’t you just do what you’ve intended to do? You’re screwing up your own purpose. If I wanted to create and send a vision board, I’d make one on Pinterest!! Get it together!!
  • Not User Friendly 2/5

    By Misschantea
    I can’t load to social media, when you transfer files they disappear, the website says nearly ready them never pulls up the board!! This new update is terrible.
  • Can Send Videos Now! 5/5

    By The Queen K
    I love this app! It’s the best for sharing our memories at one shot without making many times.
  • Board??? 2/5

    By Puteolano
    What happened to just uploading and sending via the app?? Why do I have to create a board now???
  • Restarts on its own and you’ll lose what’s been downloaded 1/5

    By JohnDoeJane
    After two hours for my pictures to download right after it was finished it restarted on its own and the progress went back to zero. Frustrating
  • Worthless!!! 1/5

    By Resqboy
    Poorly developed app. Not user friendly!
  • Well... 3/5

    By fgm🙂
    Useful but won’t let me download a board bigger than I gig. Kinda annoying bc of that.
  • Don’t fix it if it’s not broken 1/5

    By Marcelete
    Really loved the old app. Send images and videos super simple . This looks like a teenager app . The older one was better and professional looking using only the email. Does this one send the original file or adds compression -won’t use it anymore- ?
  • Útil 3/5

    By cohenar
    Saca de apuros
  • With a little more effort this could be a real nightmare instead of just a bad headache. 2/5

    By Snotfiru
    Much more complicated than it needs to be, but it does seem to work.
  • Simple file transfer app now made worthless 1/5

    By GDHouse
    It used to be simple. Upload files. Get a link. Send the download link to whoever you want. Now it’s overly complicated garbage with boards. The app pauses the upload every time you exit the app or phone locks. Unless you plan to sit and stare at the upload percentage it is useless. It doesn’t upload in the background. Your entire phone is useless until the upload is done. A once great tool turned into worthless designer garbage.
  • Wack 1/5

    By Jay Albert
    It never downloads the files they send me through emails.
  • AlmostBlu 5/5

    By Boguyape
    Enjoy having all videos in one location
  • Not good for iOS 1/5

    By nosaj mc
    You have no directions. How do I use the app? What’s a board? Try making it user friendly.
  • Wish you wouldn’t have updated 1/5

    By weetyio
    Wish you guys wouldn’t have updated. Much better before adding all the board stuff. Doesn’t work half the time.
  • Inefficient 1/5

    By Anicknamethatbetternotbetaken
    How about if someone just wants to transfer files, like the full website? This app seems like it should be simple, but instead, stores and shares files in a way that is completely different from the desktop. Very frustrating.
  • Basic fail on first use 1/5

    By Gro-uch
    I tried to create a board from a few dozen photos and videos. I left the app running to upload them. When I came back the upload was done and the app was inviting me to share the board. I clicked share and it said it was creating a link, but then that it couldn’t because the WiFi connection had dropped. When the WiFi reconnected the uploaded material was gone - I had no boards.
  • Mal mala mala 1/5

    By Pindorcha
  • Awesome 5/5

    By janfitfreak
    Quality excellent!!
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By Hannah123212322
    The wetransfer app is not anywhere near as reliable as the website. It only sometimes updates videos properly and when removing videos/adding new videos to boards they only SOMETIMES upload properly. It’s SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By itband
    Awful app with no instructions. Takes place of phone Photo file- So What.
  • Music man 5/5

    By Jabriel Salaam
    Very reliable, thank you for creating such a great app....
  • Tonito guerrini 5/5

    By tonito guerrini
  • Useless 1/5

    By xcdsbt
    Downloads from we chat still not opening. Ugh
  • Why problem 3/5

    By saalukaa
    I cannt open photos
  • Can’t get my files 1/5

    By Corndiggidy
    Board doesn’t work.
  • Used to work great.... 1/5

    By bab1928
    This was a fantastic application at one time but now it takes an exceedingly long time to download and then doesn’t send!

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