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  • Current Version: 1.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: BENX CO., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Welcome to ‘Weverse Shop’, where you can get the official merch from your favorite artists! □ The one and only store for official merch from BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, GFRIEND, and SEVENTEEN. □ From new arrivals to exclusive items only on Weverse Shop, we have them all! □ Get the albums from your favorite artists and join the official memberships. Weverse Shop would like to access... - Device and App Activities: For checking errors in the app and improving app usability - Device ID: For identifying devices - Camera: For scanning QR codes - Photos/Media/Files: For 1-on-1 support - Location: For purchasing of certain products Follow Weverse Shop on social media! - Twitter : @weverseshop - Facebook : @weverseshop - Instagram : @weverseshop

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  • Wooo 4/5

    By Queen Bearie
    It’s great
  • limited payment methods 1/5

    By Noma1436
    I had a very bad experience, when I chose the item I would like to get then find out that the payment methods are only two! There's no VISA which is very important for global shipping. I'm suggesting to use VISA,
  • twitter: kangfully 5/5

    By kangfully!
    Ay yeah (ay yeah) Ah twenty-four 누구보다 더 빨리 어른이 된 것만 같아 My life has been a movie all the time 해 뜨는 곳으로 달렸어 every single night 누구의 내일에 가봤던 것도 같아 온 세상이 너무 컸던 그 소년 Keep on runnin' errday, mic 잡아들어 Friends ridin' subway, I'll be in the airplane mode 전 세계를 rock on, I made my own lotto But 너무 빠른 건지 놓쳐버린 흔적이 Don't know what to do with Am I livin' this right? 왜 나만 다른 시공간 속인 걸까 Oh I can't call ya, I can't hol' ya Oh I can't And yes you know, yes you know I can't call ya (I can't), I can't touch ya (I can't) Oh I can't Let me know Can I someday finna find my time (ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh) yeah Finna find my time (oh yeah) Finna find my time yeah Someday finna find my time (oh oh eh) Oh I think I was in yesterday 'Cause everybody walk too fast 나도 모르게 커버린 어린 나 (길을 잃어버린 어린아이처럼) This got me oh just trippin' 서성대는 이 느낌 Don't know what to do with Am I livin' this right? 왜 나만 다른 시공간 속인 걸까 Oh I can't call ya (yeah), I can't hol' ya (oh I can't) Oh I can't And yes you know, yes you know I can't call ya (I can't), I can't touch ya Oh I can't Let me know I can someday finna find my time (ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh) yeah Finna find my time (oh yeah) Finna find my time yeah Ah someday finna find my time (oh yeah) 때론 나의 숨 막힐 때면 모잘 눌러쓰고 계속 달려 Yeah I don't gotta know where I go Even if it's opposite of sun One time for the present (one time) Two time for the past (two time) Happy that we met each other Now til' the very end (ah ah ah) Oh I will call ya, I will hol' ya Oh I will And yes you know, oh yes you know Oh I will call ya, I will touch ya Oh I will And you know Can I someday finna find my time (ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh) yeah Can I someday finna find my time (ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh) oh oh Finna find my time (my time) yeah oh yeah Find my time oh oh oh oh oh Ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah
  • Frustrating and sad 2/5

    By hacegsklsos
    I cant pay for my ticket because I do not own PayPal. This is frustrating since on other platforms we can use our Americans express or things like that but on there you need to own PayPal. I am super sad that I cant attend the concert because it was canceled and this was the only way of going to a concert. Needs MAJOR MAJOR inprovement.
  • Global shop is pointless 2/5

    By Sketch it up Nic
    Every time there is something on the global shop I want to get ,like a ticket for Bang Bang Con ,I cant because there is no option for PayPal (even though there is for my friend). I contacted customer service who said I could pay using toss, however Toss is only in Korean with no English translation.
  • pretty sad 3/5

    By purpleyoutae
    It’s kind of unfair that they only ship more items to global but not USA, idk it seems a little unfair to me, it might me because of how far Korea is from the us, but idk atleast have a little more items for the USA :\

    By Unhappy MOA
    I was so excited when I preordered my txt albums, and they were supposed so come in yesterday. UPS passed my house, and today I realized that it’s being sent all the way BACK to California. Apparently the shipping address was invalid, and the auto fill in is most likely what caused this. Shipping isn’t cheap, and I even preordered the album. After waiting for a month, even if I buy it again from amazon, I most likely won’t get my poster and will have to pay so much more. This is the first and last time I buy off of weverse. I am so disappointed. I wouldn’t even feel comfortable buying from here ever again if this was fixed. If you want to try this out, just continue buying from your old seller.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By min2spicy
    Customer service is the worst, you don’t hear anything back until a week. Recently shipping had been bad, takes up a month or more to get your items and delaying shipping on new items. App layout is the worst. They have sold out items and won’t remove them that have been there for a year.

    By Wallpaper_vibes
    this app is pretty good with getting merch and being able to access all of the old and new albums and BT21 stuff, however they do need a bit of improvements. one thing i wish they would change is when new merch comes in they should give you a notification saying that new merch has arrived. another thing would be too not have certain items to have weverse/army membership like MOTS 7 merch because so many other armys didn’t get any of the merch. another thing would be too have a time limit of buying items like 2-3 minutes to shop for other items that way merch won’t sell out as quickly and everyone can get whatever they need. another thing would be regarding notifications when an item has sold out or is no longer in stock. also the app has been glitching recently especially when i tried looking at the 5th Muster Magic Shop box thing on the USA site. i understand that weverse shop is a new app and is still working out the kinks and everything, but i feel this would make the app even better just because it would make shopping on this app much easier than it is now. i hope the weverse company can make these improvements and it would be much appreciated by armys and other fandoms that have groupserch in weverse shops!!❤️
  • Developers need to fix a lot of things; ops also need to be addressed 1/5

    By somasoso
    The support feature within this app does not make sense. You can request 1 on 1 support, but that ticket closes as soon as they respond - there is no way to continue communicating on an issue. This has caused me to submit 3 tickets for the same issue so far. The support features and navigation in all are a mess and are not well thought through and frankly seem very amateur for a company that has the budget to do much better.
  • Won’t let me log in 2/5

    By idc im mad
    I have changed my password just to try and log in just for it to say it’s not correct but it is this app is lucky I’m giving it 2 stars
  • Lots wrong, little right 2/5

    There’s way too many cons to overlook. Every large merch drop the app slows down to a snails speed, and this last order took nearly a month to ship out. Despite claims it would ship first week of May, when it was originally April 23rd, it didn’t ship until the 13th. Customer service is nearly useless. It takes nearly a week to hear anything back, if they’re willing to help you at all. I’ve had items arrive damaged with no resolution to fix it with replacements or refunds. Next time I’ll just file a claim with PayPal. And their packaging is abysmal, one layer of bubble wrap for 7 items together. International shipping is expensive, but they have no control over that. Only good things I can say is the app itself is relatively easy to navigate, and I like the cash back program they have. I had previously amazing experiences with the Bighit USA shop website; fast customer service responses, issues were fixed no questions asked. This is a huge downgrade in nearly every way from then.
  • Not fun but a lot to look at 3/5

    By Bangtan 4 ever
    This app I sadly cannot buy anything bc I wasted my money on buying albums at Target not knowing that there was a Weverse shop😭 but I really like to look at stuff that I may buy when I get more money! U can buy anything, just somethings are sold out and others just could send it to the wrong address. That’s all for now!
  • Address Verification Failed 2/5

    By hedwig07
    *UPDATE - Weverse responded and have fixed the address issue with their last update. Unfortunately, everything I wanted to buy was sold out. I’m glad they fixed it so I can make future purchases, but unhappy that I lost the opportunity to purchase merchandise. If I want those specific items - I now have to shop elsewhere. ORIGINAL POST: I’m extremely disappointed with how things have gone since the new USA shop opened - I’ve not been able to buy anything. Don’t get my wrong, I’m happy it exists, but they have added an auto-fill element that adds more to your address than necessary. I finally heard back from them, and Weverse said to contact PayPal, and I did. Everything looks good on PayPal’s end but due the fact that Weverse adds excess verbiage in my city line - it causes an error since it doesn’t 100% match my address on PayPal. I have made many purchases in the past and never had this issue, and looking at my old purchases (before the US shop opened)...it is the same address that’s on PayPal with no unnecessary language. Please fix this. I would like to buy something, but unfortunately I cannot due to your upgrade to verify addresses...the verification is a hindrance and not a helper. If this gets fixed - I’m happy to raise the rating, but I won’t highly rate something I’m not even allowed to use. This is so disappointing.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By elmerer
    Horrible customer service. Wish they would spend more time fixing many of the issues with the app. Customer service seems only to respond with generic messages and I can’t get 1-on-1 customer service. Quite frustrating after spending $400USD.
  • Love it 5/5

    By brendaow
    The app is pretty confusing but it’s amazing
  • um ... 3/5

    By thenamesleli
    ok don’t get me wrong i love the fact that i know i’m getting official mech, it’s not fake, and the prices to compare to other online shops is immaculate but the least you could do is send me an email about my package . it takes FOREVER to ship and to buy it from global it’s $30+ in shipping and i still have yet to know where the heck my package is. i also feel like they should have like idk free shipping if you pay x amount of money .but other than that it’s a pretty good app if you want verified merch
  • ....? 1/5

    By Yerimchan
    First sad thing is that you don't even let people with shipping restrictions purchase items and then simply ship it out on a later date. Second is your customer service. I left an email in which I included both shipping restrictions and logo design error, but they only replied to logo error in the way that I should've known it was changed when I sent an email (04/27), but they posted about it on 04/30. Third are really absurd shipping prices. I find it easier to buy albums from resellers which come to my address in a span of two weeks and just buy lightsticks in front of stadiums. I can't even think about summer packages and similar :(
  • Need to restock more often 3/5

    By fkfndjdnlwjs
    Most of the merch on the shop is sold out. Even for the preorders it would be amazing if the merch got restocked more. Also for the shops that are not global don’t have all of the merch so your options are very limited.
  • Address Verification Fail 1/5

    By OCT19
    Major problem! Please fix it! I miss BH USA and Weply 😭 I missed out on buying merch due to the address fail.
  • Shipping 2/5

    By idania_lz
    The shipping is to expensive
  • Fix the address verification failed 1/5

    By Wendy👑
    Im trying to make a purchase but address verification failed keeps popping up, and theres no way to edit the address, i've contacted costumer service and they are not helping, I know im not the only one having this issue, we are just trying to buy some merch and this is the only thing stopping us.
  • Amazing! 4/5

    By bajeiend
    This app is amazing and love the fact that I’m able to buy things calmly knowing that it’s official and that I won’t get scammed...one thing though is that it’s taking forever for my army kit to arrive I ordered it on the 21 of February and it’s about to be May and I thought I’d have it by then but I don’t and I’m not sure why it’s taking so long to arrive but I’ll give it time. But overall this all is so good and I’m able to buy official goods from BTS and TXT I’m also so happy that they put a USA shop and shipping is know great at first I didn’t want to buy anything cause the shipping was so expensive but know I can buy things and the shipping will be reasonably!! So happy and I really really love this app 💜😍😍
  • I don’t get it... 2/5

    By mjvrunner
    Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge ARMY and I love 방탄 and their music, and this would be a great and amazing app...if I lived in Korea. However, I can’t help but notice the differences of prices and treatment for the Global Shop compared to the USA shop. I don’t understand why the prices for individual items such as albums and now the Map of the Soul tour merch pieces are so much lower on the Global shop compared to the USA shop. Though I can try to justify the semi-high shipping price ($15) to my house on the USA shop because yes, it is coming from halfway across the world, I can’t see why an ARMY BOMB would cost $29 USD on the global shop, but $57 USD in the USA shop (that’s $28 more)plus I have to pay the $15 shipping price... Then when I try to buy on the Global shop to get a better price, I can’t because of the currency. I just would like some sort of explanation for this...
  • Not all items are available to ship everywhere 1/5

    By brandixG
    I understand that shipping to different locations in the world is difficult but I’m willing to pay the price. However, had I known I wouldn’t be able to buy things because they don’t ship to my area (LA/United States) I wouldn’t even have bothered downloading the app and getting my hopes up. It’s cool that this has made things available for purchase from the artists however my experience is obviously not the best considering I can’t even get anything. Maybe it’ll change if things become available but until then it’s disappointing and useless for me.
  • I love this app😳 5/5

    By exoticTaehyung🤪
    I got this for app for BTS and I absolutely love it. It’s a great way for idols and fans to interact with each other! It definitely deserves a five star rating PERIODT😌💅
  • bad customer service & pricy 2/5

    By hx.nnahh
    I’ve had this app for awhile and did not get anything until I decided to buy mots: 7 merch because I would be attending the tour. My items from the first release of the tour collection went smoothly but was still ‘shipping soon’ for a week and still did not ship yet. The 2nd restock however, I bought a hoodie using PayPal since I am an us army, got declined twice and I got charged 3 times for that item, I contacted them twice once a week ago and again today and I still didn’t get a response it’s really difficult the buy from them. They take advantage of international army’s so they inflate the prices knowing we will buy it to support them. NOTE: if you do want the official merch I recommend buying from trusted secondhand shop like cokodive & kpopusa I bought from both with no problems whatsoever

    By Pattaeee
    Don’t get me wrong. I love love love love this app. The problem is when you get to checking out. I did not have a problem when I first purchased my ARMY kit and used my address. Check out went great. This was last year. The issue was when Weverse came through with the USA shop. Ever since “county” and town names were added to shipping address, it has not allowed me to purchase anything. That part does not really matter in the US. Please get rid of the autofill option because it won’t allow many to erase and fix it. Autofill just adds extra things that are not used here, since it can cause confusion occasionally when delivering a package. Sadly autofill does not allow you to manually enter your address to fix it. This is a big problem and issue for some people. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO FIX THIS. Because “address verification failed” keeps popping up this does not allow me to shop on the app when I would really like too. This will hurt business for the groups when many greatly want to support!
  • More than willing to pay the price for official merch 4/5

    By ihadhope
    It may be on the pricier side when it comes to shipping but it’s sooooo worth it to know I’m going to have 100% REAL MERCH for my faves and that price I’m willing to pay to have OFFICIAL merchandise. Thanks BigHit! 💜💜💜 *also, once you think about it, it is about the same as if you were going to buy it off a second hand shop or something, buying it from the source is the way to go for me and I’m glad it’s so much easier to do now 👍*
  • Order problem 1/5

    By World Wide Handsome❤️💜
    I payed for 73$ for the BTS 5th muster and I still haven’t gotten it and it makes me frustrated for my order and I’m still waiting since March 20th and I still haven’t gotten anything.
  • Address verification fail 3/5

    By macros1975
    I have been trying to order some items but every time I try to make the order it says “address verification fail” I’m so disappointed and the thing is that I ordered many things before and I never had a problem. This address search needs to be fixed.
  • Global Fanclub Membership 2/5

    By Yui_a
    Hate to give this such a low review... I really want to order the latest Army Bomb through the US store, but you need to be a Fanclub member in order to purchase anything... so I’ve been trying to purchase the Global Fanclub Membership for BTS, but it seems you can only pay with Korean issued cards? Am I missing something? I thought I would be able to use PayPal... and because I cannot purchase the membership, I’m not able to purchase anything on the app.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By hnnhptty
    I love getting BTS merchandise but my experience with this app has been so horrible. I was so excited to get a BTS membership only to find out I had to pay $41 for shipping ($11 more than the actual membership I was buying) We don’t get an option to track down the box and it took FOREVER to get to my house. Then I was disappointed again because they didn’t translate the book. (I know they are Korean but can’t they get a translator since most of their fans are international?) I know a lot of people complain about that issue and they still haven’t done anything about it. Once I heard they are going to have the USA weverse shop I was beyond thrilled but that quickly went away. Weverse up the price for the items and lower the price for shipping making it a little cheaper. But for some items, it’s cheaper to buy from global. And what really put me on edge was when the MOTS7 tour merchandise was released. I had everything in my cart 7 minutes after it was released. They told me they had no more version 1 hoodies, so I got rid of it and they took everything else out of my cart. I had to quickly put everything back in my cart. About 30 minutes later they restocked the hoodie?? I had to pay another $15 dollars for shipping. Overall, I never had a good experience buying stuff here. This is my first time making a bad review. I love BTS but I hate this app.
  • you can't get the army membership in the usa shop 1/5

    By felesie 💜
    I've been saving my money for the new lightstick and once you could pre-order it, you needed the ARMY membership. So, I tried getting it, but you could only get it in the global shop, and you have to pay with WON. Some people don't have won and like me, have been waiting for this lightstick. This is unfair for ARMYs who don't have lightsticks yet and who have been waiting for this lighstick to come out.
  • Goblal sucks😔 2/5

    By Queen_adrii
    So I recently wanted to buy the army membership and it was not available for usa only for global alsoUSA shop doesn’t get as many products,Merch global gets and it’s sad cuz I wanna order lots of stuff but I just can’t 😭😔🥺
  • i wish there were zero stars 1/5

    By yoonminion💛
    i don’t want to say so, but i’m highly disappointed. you can only buy albums and cd’s in the us shop. i decided to check global, and there was so many other items i could buy! why aren’t army bombs and other merch on the us shop?! i’m pretty sure that us u.s army’s would like some official merch!! i didn’t think it could get any worse, but i wanted to see how much shipping was from the global shop. i put in all my info and had a total of 20 usd. why is the shipping more expensive than the actual item? the website was better, not only for the merch, but for the payment methods as well. please add other items to the u.s shop and look into other payment methods like apple pay. edit: now the army bombs are on sale on the global shop for preorder, they aren’t even shipping to the u.s!! edit #2: they’re now selling to the u.s shop but it’s more expensive than the global even with shipping! just get it on the global shop.

    By aleyssa13
    l stumbled upon a problem while checking. Ever since Weverse shop USA has opened I haven't been able to check out because it says my "address verification failed". The autofill search for shipping address adds extra things such as 'county' even though we don't use that here in the US. (It also creates confusion when delivering a package) My friends have experienced this same problem. The autofill added 'LA county' and 'Bronx county' among other things. And they haven't been able to purchase anything. Can you please fix this issue? Please get rid of the autofill option and let us manually write our address and edit it. We want to continue using weverse shop and supporting the groups since bighit USA shop has closed but we can't do that if we can't purchase anything. Thank you.
  • great smooth app, but i have a few complaints 3/5

    By 28187hdhajkwl
    i LOVE how smooth & easy to navigate this app is. it’s all organized very very well. the app it’s self is great, modern. provides all the info & pictures of the products very well & high quality. my only complaints are there aren’t many size options with the clothes, at least not yet. i am a tall American & i like to wear my clothes oversized. i would love to buy American sized XL or XXL. i would also love to see items restocked, but i understand why they’re not, most the items i was ready to buy were sold out. i also have some friendly suggestions!! I think a wishlist option would be cool. & also an option to turn notifications on for when specific items are restocked. thank you so much to bighit, bts, weverse, & whoever else for making an effort to make it easier & safer to buy official merch. ami really appreciates it !! 💜💜 EDIT: i lowered my review a star after reading other people’s reviews. why does the US shop not have the same options as global? & why is shipping so expensive, often more than the product itself? please work on these issues. thank you for reading!!
  • Taking advantage of iARMY 1/5

    By Khanisha
    I see BigHit continues to take advantage of international fans. Despite being their biggest market, international fans are being overcharged for whatever leftover merch Korean/Japanese fans didn’t already buy out. It’s not right or fair. Orders never shop when they are supposed to and the customer service responses are not helpful. Definitely not going to be buying merch moving forward. BigHit needs to do better for international fans.
  • It needs an update. 1/5

    By moniiiique
    As soon as I updated the latest version it stopped working. Every time I go to open the app, it crashes. Please fix it. :(
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By Lizbeth__saragoza
    I had preordered the 2019 BTS 5TH MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP] DVD and it still hasn’t shipped. It’s been a month and a week and still nothing. It says I bought it from global but I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I don’t know how to get my money back.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Ricalixto85
    I just wanna say this app is amazing but the only problem I have is that you have to pay with PayPal and I don’t have that and they don’t have where you can pay with debit or credit and that the downside for me but other then that this app is amazing
  • Prices 1/5

    By Review 💯💯
    I was disappointed when I found out that the albums are more expensive in the US than the Global albums. If you try to buy from the global you’ll end up paying more than what you’ll pay in the us because of shipping but you’ll still pay a lot because of the shipping in the US plus the albums
  • Kinda sad lol 😪 3/5

    By minyoongiismine
    I’ll give a 3 :( I really wanted the new lightstick. As a army that lives in the USA, it was sad that global actually has more things :( I really wanted. Army that lives in the us want official merch too.. please fix that 🥺
  • Please restock more often. 4/5

    By •ami•
    I really love this app cause you can buy the official thing without thinking that you're getting scammed because this is the official bighit app but please restock more often i've been wanting to buy a lot of things especially the army bomb I've been waiting for 2 months for it to restock until now but still not available everything is good just please make more items available.
  • plz 5/5

  • Don’t use 1/5

    By mykiea
    So if you want an album for 25 dollars , your shipping will be 15 dollars , if you want more than one thing , your shipping will be 20-40 dollars . The reviews were right . I wish the us bight shop was not closing . I’m not using this app , I rather just buy from someone on eBay and you can only use PayPal so good luck with this site . READ THE REVIEWS GUYS , don’t use this app
  • Please help 2/5

    By dsamantha269
    I would love to order things off this app! But the USA side doesn’t have much to order and with the global side you have to hard certain cards which I don’t own. So I can’t order anything and I wish we could use any card to order things!!!!
  • Why I can’t order in Global 1/5

    By jeonvali
    I don’t know why is not working when I try to order on Global it says it cannot be shipped to your address. I really want the albums and the Army Bomb but I can’t order anything. It used to work but not not. Please do something i dont want to buy stuff frim other apps But I want the official from Bts shop

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