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Weverse App

▷ Together with the fans around the world - Create fan posts and share beautiful photos for your favorite artists on Weverse. - Show your support for fan creations with cheers and comments. ▷ Video contents about your favorite artists - From official releases to exclusive contents that you won't find anywhere else! - Watch the exciting selection of contents, handpicked for the fans on Weverse. ▷ Artists' moments of the day - See the real and latest daily stories shared by your favorite artists. - Support your favorite artists by cheering or commenting on their moments. ▷ Curious about the posts and comments in other languages? - Try the easy translation feature! It's just one tap of a button! - Artists' posts will also be translated into your preferred language. ▷Exclusive menu and contents just for MEMBERSHIP ONLY (ARMY/MOA/BUDDY) - Enjoy the exclusive contents made available for the Official Membership holders. Weverse Would Like to Access... - Device and App Activities: For checking errors in the app and improving app usability - Device ID: For identifying devices - Camera: For scanning QR codes - Photos/Media/Files: For 1-on-1 support - Bluetooth/Location: For connecting the Light Stick to sync with the application Follow Weverse on Social Media! - Twitter: @weverseofficial - Facebook: @weverseofficial - Instagram: @weverseofficial

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Weverse app reviews

  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Peapd
    Tried to create a password several times, cleared all the check marks, but it won’t create an account.
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By kpop fan 96
    I can’t login please fix this app
  • it’s alright 3/5

    By 0x0anon0x0
    i like that we have the chance to interact with our idols and other fans. however it would be nice to be able to have a profile here, like other social media. it would also be nice to be able to reply to someone’s comment or tag people. having to rely on hashtags for everything is annoying. it would also be great if we could block people from commenting on our posts, though i do appreciate being able to hide mean or irrelevant comments.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By pancakegirl17
    I really like this app, this is how many international fans can interact with their idols.. but maybe add some more groups?
  • Great app, but ! 5/5

    By Ultra Chlõe
    I am hoping you can utilize dark mode because all the other apps have it too. Also maybe add other groups since this is another way international stans can interact with their favorite groups.
  • ;-; 3/5

    By 💜Taegi🥺
    Where can I verify my email
  • Best app to interact w/ BTS 5/5

    By Bangtan 4 ever
    This app is the best for us I-ARMYS, sometimes they can talk in Korean but if u type in English they will try to type back in English. I have no problems with this app, it’s amazing!
  • :) 5/5

    By @bts_valerie IG
    It’s really nice but can you add back the stars??
  • Helping army 5/5

    By jui.s1.si
    Hey armys this is for you , to the people that can’t login or create an account because it says your password need special letters and stuff you need to ad one of these [email protected]?!/:; with numbers 28917 any of those and use capital and lowercases I hope this helped 💜
  • Add language 4/5

    By T.L.G.T
    The app is really good, but for the best, I think you should add Vietnamese language to the app for V-ARMY to be able to understand. Also for more Vietnamese ARMY to download the app. I hope you will add the Vietnamese language soon. Thank You. 😍 😘
  • Keeps saying check internet connection 1/5

    By prep23
    I would really like to watch BTS’s new content be the stupid app don’t work. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it multiple time but some results, I’m done.
  • Can’t log in !!! 2/5

    By Sun_0000
    I can’t say much about the app because I’ve haven’t logged in ,it doesn’t allow me too I’ve have put in multiple passwords but they won’t accept them when they have everything it asks for ,Can you please fix this so I can use the app !
  • Kinda annoying 1/5

    By poopoooposjsjsjsnsnz
    Every single time I try to log In it won’t let me. Also I already verified my self but I still can’t log in :(
  • Great app, but needs improvement. 3/5

    By rjjj97
    Although it’s a great app to stay connected with the artists, the app could still use some improvements.. for example: 1. Needs a reply function & an @ function on posts/ group the replies under posts. - having these functions would help make the replies under posts a lot easier to find and a lot easier to see what people replied to on posts.. 2. Really needs a separate tab for notifications regarding event / notice announcements . - Sometimes these announcements get lost in the notifications tab and it’s difficult to scroll and find them quickly. Most of these announcements are important, especially for things regarding payment and products ect. Having all these in one separate tab would be easier for people to find and view. 3. In the case where the artist leaves replies to a fan’s post, I wish the artist’s comments could be pushed to the top of the replies because it’s hard for fans to find what they replied. When you get a notification that the artist commented, clicking on the notification doesn’t show you the comment, it just shows the comment section..
  • Something that’s wrong with mine 3/5

    By mochixjungkookie
    When I try going onto weverse it always says my account isn’t verified although it is and it’s saying that my password does not match I’ve made sure it match but apparently “it doesn’t match”
  • Sign In 2/5

    By sldkjcd
    For some reason I cannot sign up it says i need to meet these requirements but im confused i already do?
  • Sign up isn’t working 3/5

    By sad, in need of weverse
    My friends have the app and I’ve never heard or seen anything negative with this app but the sing up even with all the correct requirements for the password isn’t working
  • :) 5/5

    By bts (jimin is my man)
    I love the app in all I just have a suggestion…what If Weverse had dark mode?
  • I can't even log in 3/5

    By STANTHe Banana Boat
    I of course can't really say anything about this app but, why can I not long in? I've been changing my password but it continues to say "Password must contain alphabets, numbers, and special characters" even though I have all of those.
  • great app but..., 5/5

    I love to app very very nice but i dont like the new check marks can u please change it back to the stars they were very cute before the update 🥺🥺
  • An Issue 3/5

    By Jassy~
    So... I have an issue as you can tell, so I’m use to my new phone, my old phone use to capitalize the first word of a sentence and my new phone does not, so I was putting in my password to sign up. ( and me forgetting to capitalize) it did a lowercase saying something like “no verify” or whatever. So I tried using my twitter account, my twitter sent me something saying someone was trying to log in using my account. Then I tried deleting the app and getting it again. I tried many things!! Is there anyway I can reset this app to Re-Sign up?? It would be very lovely if someone could help me find a way to get re-put my code in!!!! I got told many good things about this app!! I would love to try it out myself!! I hope someone can help with my issue!!
  • pretty cool app 4/5

    By gukpaws
    obviously there’s a few minor problems but nothing too bad. also, to carats who are giving this app a 1-star rating without an actual reason. please stop. you’re being extremely childish and petty. you’re ruining SVT’s image to, not only other companies who might want to include SVT in things like this, but to other groups as well, groups that could possibly be close to SVT. BigHit was kind enough to let SVT have another way of communicating with us. Set your pointless bandwagon hate towards BTS & armys aside and just go back to using twitter if you’re that pressed. - from a carat.
  • . 1/5

    By Nicolovelive
    I didn’t even get to use the app because I couldn’t verify my email... it would send the email but wouldn’t let me verify. I even tried twitter-_-
  • Errors 2/5

    By Jonaiicc
    Anyone else keep receiving error messages when trying to play paid-for content? I can’t watch any of the run behinds or the new break the silence episodes for bts. I emailed them on the 1-on-1 support thing and followed all the steps they told me about which was to turn my phone off, restart the app, and reinstall the app but none of it has worked and idk what to do. I’m paying for things I can’t even watch and it’s aggravating me.
  • Having problem airplay break the silence documentary 1/5

    By WeiS95
    Having problem airplay break the silence documentary
  • I just want to airplay or cast 2/5

    By Greatsure
    My only problem with this app is that it doesn’t let me air play or use the chrome cast to to mirror the doc series and I don’t understand why I can’t do it. If I airplay I can only get audio.
  • 💜💜💜Amazing 5/5

    By Akailia
    I think this app is really amazing. Fans are able to react to there favorite artist which I really like. Thank you Bighit. And it’s also amazing that new artist are joining.
  • ily bts 5/5

    By joahncena
    bts kings periodt
  • Won’t let me In 3/5

    By Add korean
    When I first entered the app everything was perfectly fine until I put my email and password.It said to enter the code but no code was sent to me.
  • It won’t work for me :( 3/5

    By Dancing olives
    I have had this app for a long time but out of no where it stopped working and I tried and delete it and redo it and it still won’t work :(
  • garbage 1/5

    By JaneJonah
    absolute garbage app, bighit doesn’t know what they’re doing. crashes regularly, servers can’t handle anything. there’s no moderation, no way to screen any person with malicious intentions from making an account, anyone can make any irrelevant/harmful posts. bighit should be ashamed for getting this developed, it’s obviously not ready. fancafe was better.
  • LOVED IT 5/5

    By Jaslene_armyforever
    I just got the app and I can’t wait to meet other army and carat, hopefully one of the idols can respond to me 😊🤞🤞I recommend this app 100% If you want to meet other fans or talk to your idol then download weverse. Good luck 👍 Thank you
  • needs a bit of improvement 5/5

    By onyeonjun🧅
    The app is really great for communicating with the artists. Just a few simple things that I’d like for them to add on is that I wish they’d add a “Sort” option (Oldest to Newest, Newest to Oldest, By Year/Month, etc) for our posts and comments, and for the artists’ posts and comments (also an area for the artists comments), and if we wanted to see an exact comment, it‘d be nice if it was highlighted. Because when I click on my comment, it only takes me to the post where I commented but it doesn’t show me where my comment is.
  • I couldn’t log in 1/5

    By jojoxmo
    It says that my email was leaked because I’ve been inactive for too long and when I went to go change my password, I couldn’t long in.
  • Good for artist communication, uncontrollable terrible ‘fan’ posts 3/5

    Very efficient and smart platform for direct communication with the artist. One thing it lacks is having more filter and authority over ‘fans’(if you behave this way, you really shouldn’t be considered one for representing the artist) don’t follow guidelines and SPAM with ‘self promoting’ hashtag posts and non-artist related contents. People need to realize that this is a PUBLIC space
  • Great App and Worth Downloading! 5/5

    By Maggie_iiii
    I like that we can communicate with the artists and I don’t have any problems with the app. This is a great app for the artists to communicate with their fans. Also can y’all carats stop reviewing 1 star. If you don’t like the app then delete it. I’m a carat too and I don’t want our reputation to be ruined because of you guys. I’m pretty sure Seventeen is happy that they can communicate with us. But if this app get taken down, I’m pretty sure Seventeen won’t be happy with that. Also you guys are making our reputation bad and now many other fans aren’t going to stan Seventeen now. As a carat I’m really disappointed about this. Think about other artists using this app and their fans. Be grateful that Seventeen was added. Just delete it and go if you don’t like this app. Don’t make this harder for anybody. Thanks💕! Also Stan Seventeen💎💕!
  • Password reset does not work 1/5

    By britRue7
    As of a few days ago, I went to buy the Beyond the Scene pre-order series and I had to log in. I had forgotten my password so I went through the reset process, however, when I tried to log in, it said, “password does not match.” I tried several times to get in, I even went to my PC. Same thing. I’ve contacted the help desk but so far there is no reply. Please fix this issue. I have items that I have bought on the app that I no longer have access to because of this password bug.
  • Good job ♥️ 4/5

    By Krisbyyyy
    Just love this app but they need to up the speed of the app it’s a bit slow
  • Subtítulos en español 4/5

    By VsV.
    Me gusta la aplicación, pero deberían ponerlo en todos los idiomas la mayoría de la gente o en mi caso no sabemos inglés, coreano, chino o japonés
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Nita2428
    Best way to communicate
  • Fans 5/5

    By hd wnx
    Connects with their fans and talk about their lives
  • More groups 4/5

    By kaye283
    I love all the groups on there but I wish it was more on there. You should add NCT all the units including WayV, Stray Kids, Twice, Red Velvet, etc But the app is still amazing!
  • My pay pal payment won’t go through 1/5

    By Miss Diva*
    I keep getting an Address verification failed whenever I try to use pay pal. I try to check out and never can I didn’t have this problem before. I reached out to weverse since I only had this problem with weverse but they told me to reach out to pay pal.
  • Just some fixes needed 4/5

    By ErynwW
    Sometimes, when I try to post multiple photos, not all of them show up once I’ve posted them.
  • A suggestion 5/5

    By Raeven98
    I love the app! There should be an easier way to find other member’s comments on another members post!
  • Cast to tv 3/5

    By ChinaRican17
    I wish we could cast videos to tv and chrome cast compatible 😭
  • Won’t let me sign up😢😢 2/5

    By lilly fowler
    When I was trying to sign up I clicked next on the last slide and it would not let me go through
  • App Crash 1/5

    By Fox53
    I downloaded the update and now the app won’t work. It crashes as soon as it opens. Please fix!
  • replies! 5/5

    By bruheverynicknameistaken
    I wish you could reply to comments on your own posts.

Weverse app comments

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