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Weverse App

▷ Together with the fans around the world - Create fan posts and share beautiful photos for your favorite artists on Weverse. - Show your support for fan creations with cheers and comments. ▷ Video contents about your favorite artists - From official releases to exclusive contents that you won't find anywhere else! - Watch the exciting selection of contents, handpicked for the fans on Weverse. ▷ Artists' moments of the day - See the real and latest daily stories shared by your favorite artists. - Support your favorite artists by cheering or commenting on their moments. ▷ Curious about the posts and comments in other languages? - Try the easy translation feature! It's just one tap of a button! - Artists' posts will also be translated into your preferred language. ▷Exclusive menu and contents just for MEMBERSHIP ONLY (ARMY & BUDDY) - Enjoy the exclusive contents made available for the Official Membership holders. Weverse Would Like to Access... - Device and App Activities: For checking errors in the app and improving app usability - Device ID: For identifying devices - Camera: For creating posts - Photos/Media/Files: For creating posts Follow Weverse on Social Media! - Twitter: @weverseofficial - Facebook: @weverseofficial - Instagram: @weverseofficial

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Weverse app reviews

  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By Bearingles
    please add in dark mode😁
  • Good app 5/5

    By btsarmy20011017
    I rate this app five stars because it’s a great way to communicate and for artists to interact with their fans.!
  • Great app 4/5

    By 985764
    So far I’ve really enjoyed the app! But I think it needs night mode and a respond to comments option. Maybe a limited profile option as well? To look at someone’s profile but not necessarily like twitter or anything. Just a small option to look at someone’s post. It’s really hard to make friends and talk to others..
  • :) 5/5

    By stream fiesta by iz*one 😳
    felt like rating it :)
  • Love! 5/5

    By BethRambusch
    It’s so fun to see Idols interact with their fans! And I love getting notifications that someone posted. The translator tool is helpful also for people like me, who don’t speak Korean. And you can watch their other variety/reality tv shows here too! Love this app!
  • NCT 4/5

    By ItsRyuu
    can yall ask nct ot21 to be in weverse?🥺 they’d be amazing on there🥺
  • I LOVE IT💜 5/5

    By vivi.urgirl
    Y’all B**CHES(carats) or whatever, need to stop leaving bad reviews.that SH*T is mad annoying.like u all need to shut the F*CK up and get a life. Beside all that the app is amazing love 💕 u all.😜😝(Ik u all big mad ahahahah)😂😭
  • Login problem 1/5

    By sleepy._.koya
    I’ve been doing this for almost 5 months now that no matter how many times I reset my password it won’t let me login or sign up I use to have it on my old phone but eventually it let me in and now that I got a new phone it won’t let me login and it’s stressing me from deleting and resetting my password for almost 5 MONTHS now please help me I would like to get back in to my faves and see what they r doing.
  • GREAT app to interact with fans and idols 5/5

    By peachystephie
    I really enjoy this app. I personally haven’t had no problem with Weverse. The only thing is that when I get membership notifications and click to view the post. It takes too long to load. But I’m still giving it 5 stars because that doesn’t really bother me. Other than that, app is great way to interact with our idols. Even for non korean speakers. For me it really helps me to learn korean and try to communicate with my idols.
  • This is an awesome app 5/5

    By bbbbtrtttttssssss
    It’s great how you can talk to your idols and I’m so happy that we can to our idols and I hope that BIG HIT puts other idols ❤️💜😻
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Bo$$ Girl
    I really love Weverse, and I love posting on it. The only problem I have with it is that most of the time it doesn’t even translate, and it just has the loading icon. Rarely, it works, but it just doesn’t let me translate the other languages. But, overall, it’s a great app!
  • Great 5/5

    By Sandy4306
    This app is an amazing way to have fan and artist interactions. The translations are fairly accurate and comprehendible. The fans get great interactions from the artists. Weverse is an overall good app. Thank you. 감사합니다
  • Quit it 1/5

    By M.M.B.CO.
    Quit letting people use this as a platform for coordinating hatred & harassment for other innocent people. Quit treating Seventeen like garbage. Quit being money hungry monsters & suppressing the artists voices & belittling their intelligence. Quit programming garbage UI’s that negatively impact the otherly-abled & normal people. Delete & comeback smith company & artist statements addressing these concerns NOW!
  • App not flipping with phone 1/5

    By LightCooking
    The app does not flip the media when flipping the phone and stuck in one direction of view
  • To carats 5/5

    By moonbin life~
    Coming from a carat. Don’t write bad reviews just for the sake of getting seventeen onto a different platform. I understand your concerns, however that doesn’t make it ok for you to give this app a bad rating, unless you genuinely felt like the app itself needs improvement.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By mr.y-d
    It’s really nice that we get to communicate with our idols through an app!
  • great to interact with your favorite groups 5/5

    By Baby bath
    the app is amazing for interactions between fans and idols, and i love seeing idols comment on other people’s posts. my only complaint, however, is that it’s slow at translating content. it either doesn’t translate at all, or the translation is off, and is only corrected hours after the post is made. if they improve the translation aspect, (which really should be a priority because of fans who can’t speak korean) the app is golden
  • App is wonderful😉👌 5/5

    By Omgyouactuallygota
    I love how fans are able to interact with fans. It builds up the connection between fans and the k-pop groups. I’m thankful for an app like this because this app allows more interaction between celebrities and fans than other apps. And to other reviewers of this app, I heard people are making bad reviews on purpose. Please don’t make malicious comments about this app. I do get that people do have their own opinions, but being malicious is not right. There is no greater purpose to make your life better, or others’ lives better. And love you BTS😊💜
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Angeline070
    i love how i could communicate with BTS,TXT,gfriend and even SEVENTEEN!💖 its like wonderland i been using this app for soo long i love having new friends there but what will be cool if we could check eachothers profiles you know but i still love the app💖
  • Love it 😍 5/5

    By tne namjoon
    I love this app.i love that you get to talk to the artist ❤️❤️Stan seventeen,Gfriend,txt,bts
  • ??? 3/5

    By vdjbdhdjdn
    I can’t really give a review but when I try signing in it said that my email already has an account, which it shouldn’t because I never got the app until now. I just continue on to fix the situation and try to make a new password by clicking “forgot password”. However when I send the link to rest my password, the email doesn’t show up. I checked my email multiple times and sent the reset password link multiple times but I still haven’t received the email.
  • Love BTS 5/5

    By 03.dezi
    This app is amazing and I love the fact that I can see funny things for BTS and SEVENTEEN 🥺🥺🥺👏🏽👏🏽❤️
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By angie💗✨
    I love that app because they can interact whit us (bts,txt,seventeen,gfriend)
  • Glitchy but my home 5/5

    By A Zoomer :)
    This app glitches sometimes especially with bts and army but it’s a great way to connect with the artists on here and meet other fans

    By Blink/BTS
    this app is so amazing!!! i love seeing all the awesome posts by wevers and my favorite kpop groups. i really REALLY hope more groups join soon. i would love for blackpink, exo, and stray kids to join!!! this app is practically flawless!! i also love watching the awesome videos from bts, although i wish there was more to choose from on the app, and the sad thing is, most of the videos can’t be watched on weverse, and some need to be purchased. hopefully that changes one day :) besides that, i would totally recommend this app and i pray that more awesome groups join soon thank you!!! - a fellow wever
  • lovelyyy 5/5

    By Avablu02
    such a good gape to get connected with your idols!!!
  • Stan bts and txt for good skin 5/5

    By lovingkoo
  • Good but.... 4/5

    By hlynguyen
    Why is it slow? There’s nothing wrong with my internet since it’s the only app with this problem. It just load slowly but other than that, the app is pretty cool.
  • Amazing way to connect 5/5

    By YouCanAgreeWithTiffany
    This app gives an easy way for people of multiple fandoms to come together and interact with their idols and with fans of the same artist. It gives the specific fandom a sense of privacy that no one would interfere with the lovely moments our idols give us by interacting with us. This app used to be for only one fandom but it’s amazing that the app has become a safe heaven for multiple fandoms. I hope this app continues to be great.
  • Great App— lots of room for improvements! 4/5

    By xManami
    I recently started using Weverse because SEVENTEEN join and I must say I enjoy it a lot so far!! SVT seems to enjoy it so far too, which is a good sign. Some improvements I wish for is to allow artists to respond directly to comments on their posts. It gets quite awkward for both fans and artists to constantly respond to fans by commenting on their own post with no context as to what they’re responding to 😅
  • stan bts svt txt and gfriend 5/5

    By Hannasong6169
    this is such a good way for the artists to connect with their fans! i love it so much! the members all seem to have a lot of fun! i’m so excited to see who else will be brought into the weverse! thank you for this amazing app!
  • Just amazing!!! 5/5

    By validavanilla
    This app is just so cool!!! Love it so much!!!
  • Amazing app!! 5/5

    By evphormin
    I love how It connects idols and their fans together:) But it does somewhat load up slow when there’s a lot of people on at the same time but other than that it’s still the best app
  • Bug fix please!! 3/5

    Great I love the app because I get to keep up with my favorite group but sometimes it won’t translate the post or sometimes it says loading to translate for 5 minutes and I often have to keep closing the app and going back on it for it to actually translate in a matter of not even 3 minutes and I spent most of my night deleting so much things off my phone because I thought it was that I had too much used up storage but that doesn’t seem to it please fix this pleaseeee
  • don’t listen to the whining babies 5/5

    By s.t.o.b.it
    this is such a good idea for the artists to have a way to talk with their fans like bts and txt are always active on it connecting with us and it’s cute!! idk what’s wrong with those cry babies but don’t listen to them. the boys including gfriend and everyone enjoys it but just those darn “fans” want to take down the app.
  • Great stuff 5/5

    By get balls yt
    DONT listen to the crybaby haters who complain. This is a wonderful place for the groups to share content with the fans and each other.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Lag_Hater_for_Ever
    A really great way for artists to connect with fans.
  • I love the curation of content per artist. Just one thing I’d add.... 4/5

    By XxDrunkRainbows
    I love that each artist has their own curated feed and that it’s super focused on that one artist. My only ask is that a feature to reply to comments directly be added. Lol Hoshi is out here struggling and replying to his own posts trying to reply to comments lol. Other than that, I’ll patiently wait to see what this app has in store. 🥰
  • This app get me closer to BTS I love it 💜💜 5/5

    By gdgsyshwhysbsysgdh
    This app get me closer to BTS I love it 💜💜
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By 𝔷𝔞𝔦𝔫
    It’s so helpful to gets to closer with txt and bts 💜💙
  • Woooww 5/5

    By eliza. jonz
    Very good ❤️❤️
  • Really cool!! 5/5

    By mJrose203
    This app is so cool in the way you can connect with artists!! Anyone all over the world has a chance to interact with their faves!!
  • Amazing app that spreads the love 5/5

    By Aimebun
    WEVERSE is a great platform for fans to interact and share positivity with their artists. ARMYs, MOAs, and Buddies who actually use the app (unlike the Carats under here trying to sabotage it) really appreciate its existence and love using it- thanks BigHit and all those involved in the creation process!😊💓 Have a lovely day
  • Carat here 5/5

    By athayaain
    Thank you for making this app
  • Best app ever!!!! 5/5

    By Karla:p
    We love this app to communicate with our idols who are far from us in a super easy way 💜
  • Great app for Artist-Fan interacting 5/5

    By forthebees
    I installed this when it launched, and there have been many improvements. It helps me as an international stan to keep up with artists. I feel they are more themselves here than on twtr or weibo, forget insta. I havent joined multiple groups for the sake of keeping my notifs low. Maybe they’ll adjust alerts per fanbase. I really enjoy using weverse. They keep adding and improving its functionality.
  • Best app! 5/5

    By felicale001
    Love being able to interact with my favorite groups!!
  • Everything is amazing 5/5

    By Yadi_Gamer
    I love how we are able to send posts directly to the artists, how we are able to watch music videos and their other videos (like bangtan tv and going seventeen), and lastly I love how I am able to see four groups that I stan on that one app!!!
  • Do smt with yall lifes also luv u ami💜 5/5

    By LulBrownGurl
    You BONELEGGED mfs stop giving them 1 star trying to get the app to shut down.Go do something with yall life and hype ya favs up instead of trying to bring other groups down.🚬🐊

Weverse app comments

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